Job swap by gegeshandong


									                         Job swap

                         A secondment is the temporary transfer of an employee to
                         another section within a department, another department of
                         the organisation or an external organisation. A job swap is
                         effectively a two-way secondment, usually involving
employees on similar grades. The purpose of job swapping or shadowing activities is
to learn actively from a colleague or partner about their job.

Secondments and job swaps offer staff the:
        chance to develop new skills and knowledge
        opportunity to take on more challenging responsibilities
        potential for career development.

They contribute to:
        developing the knowledge and skills base
           of the workforce
        developing new ways of working to
           provide new or improved services
        improving contact and communication
           between sections, departments and
           external organisations.

What factors should managers consider when deciding whether to support an
employee seeking a job swap?

        the objectives of the job swap: e.g. transfer of expertise, project
           assignment, personal/career development
        the potential benefits to the department/organisation
        the potential benefits to the employee
        any adverse effects on service delivery (e.g. current staffing levels, work
        whether the job swap could provide development opportunities for other
           team members
        the need to maintain a fair and equitable approach to these opportunities
           amongst staff.

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