Information for Virginia Non-resident Agents

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					                 Information for Virginia Non-resident Agents

The Virginia Continuing Education program currently does not require agents to
submit a letter of certification as proof of their good standing in their home state
(along with a fee) in order to be compliant with their Virginia CE requirement. The
CE Board’s administrator, Pearson VUE, will verify an agent’s status through the
NAIC’s Producer Database (PDB).

This procedure is detailed in the Virginia Continuing Education Information
Handbook, which is available to non-residents online at or upon request.

In addition, the Virginia Continuing Education Board has implemented a
procedural change that enables non-resident agents to pay their fees online at The payment will trigger an automatic PDB look-
up by the Pearson VUE staff. If the agent is in good standing, a compliance
confirmation will be released either by email or in hard copy. If the agent is not in
good standing, the agent will be informed either by email or hard copy, with
appropriate guidance.

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