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American Society of Safety Engineers


									                                          Snake River Chapter
                                              Monthly Newsletter
                                                       February 2006

                                                                      Monthly Chapter Meeting
          In This Issue
    Upcoming Meetings & Technical            Meeting Date & Place: February 21, 2006 at WGI Plaza
     Sessions                                 Call to Order: 11:30 a.m.
    Calendar of Meetings for the Year
                                              Membership: 85
    Advertisements & Information on
     Placing Ads
                                              Financials: Checking - $7,129.64      Savings - $5,349.96
    Chapter News
    Upcoming
     Classes/Seminars/Conferences             Intermountain Northwest Safety Conference – has been moved to October 4 – 6,
    Positions Wanted                         The annual Recognition Party will be a “Spring Fling” event organized by
    Job Openings                             Wendy York.
                                              Elections for chapter officers will be held at the April meeting. The position of
    Newsletter Distribution                   Chapter President is still open for nominations.
                                              The winner of the NAOSH Poster Contest, age group 7 – 8 years, was sponsored
   You can receive your newsletter via
 Email by contacting Wendy Campbell at:
                                              by a Snake River Chapter member, and will be recognized at the March meeting.
                                                                         Upcoming Meetings
     Technical Sessions
                                                Board Meeting:                          Chapter Meeting:
     Chris Brown - Coordinator                  Friday, April 7, 2006                   6:30 p.m. Monday, March 20, 2006                  11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.                  Idaho Pizza Co. 7100 W. Fairview
                                                WGI Plaza Lunchroom
     SRC Board Members                                                                  Tuesday, April 18, 2006, 7 – 9 a.m.
Board General Contact E-mail                                                            WGI Plaza
                                                                         2006 Meeting Schedule
Michelle Steeler – President                    Date, Time & Place                         Technical Session Topic
                                              3/20/06, 6:30 p.m., Idaho Pizza Co., Fairview     Scaffolding Safety
Louise Auchampach – President-Elect
                                              4/18/06, 7:00 a.m., WGI Plaza              TBD
                                              5/16/06, 11:30 a.m., WGI Plaza             TBD
Wendy Campbell – Secretary                    6/20/06, 6:30 p.m., TBD                    TBD                        7/18/06, 7:00 a.m., WGI Plaza              TBD

Jeff Miller – Treasurer                       Your Board of Directors hopes each of you can join us for the above listed                 meetings. If you have suggestions for technical sessions, please contact Chris
Steve Manning – Past President
                                              Brown. His contact information can be found to the left.
Ernie Harper - Delegate

                                          AMERICAN SOCIETY OF SAFETY ENGINEERS
                   Chapter News                              The docket of potential nominees for the Snake River
                                                             Chapter board was discussed at the chapter meeting.
Intermountain Northwest Safety Conference                    Michelle McMullen was approached for the position of
Planning – The number of vendors, sponsors, and              President, but declined due to focusing her attentions
registrations received to this date for the Intermountain    on her new job. A message was e-mailed to the
Northwest Safety Conference were discussed. The              Chapter at large advising the need for a candidate for
members present at the meeting voted unanimously to          president and outlining what the qualifications are for
reschedule the conference for later in the year. The         president as well as the president‟s duties. The Chapter
new dates are October 4 – October 6, 2006. The               will vote for the officers for 2006 – 2007 at the April
facility location and agenda will remain the same.           chapter meeting.
Updates have been sent out to Chapter members and
other interested parties. More information on the            Ada County Kids’ Safety Day – June 3, 2006 – The
changes is available at the chapter website:                 first planning meeting for Ada County Kids‟ Safety                                  Day was held on February 24, 2006, at the Ada County
                                                             Courthouse. The chapter voted to make a monetary
ASSE National Poster Contest Winner Age Group                donation again this year. A chapter volunteer is also
7-8 Years Old - Michelle Steeler announced that              needed to help with Kids‟ Safety Day poster contest
Abigail Chiles, 8 of Eagle, Idaho is the winner of her       which is part of this event. The next planning meeting
age group in the NAOSH poster contest. Her winning           will be held April 1, 2006.
poster is titled "Be a Stranger to Danger!” Abigail is the
niece of Wendy Campbell, the Chapter secretary.              Spring Fling – Chapter Annual Recognition Party –
Abigail has won a $1,000 savings bond from NAOSH.            Wendy York is planning the annual recognition party
The Chapter will present her with an award at the            for the chapter. Several ideas were discussed,
March Chapter meeting. ASSE‟s national office will           including holding a barbecue at the Doubletree
be doing a press release – both general and individual –     Riverside or dinner at a Boise Hawks baseball game.
in the next few weeks announcing the contest winners.        The budget for the event is $1,250. No date has been
Also, the NAOSH „06 poster with their entry will be          set yet, but different days in April or May are being
distributed worldwide the first week of March –              considered.       Please contact Wendy York at
including out of one of our partner offices in N.C. if you have any questions.
Everyone is invited to attend the events in D.C. on
Monday, May 1st where Jack Dobson, the OSHA                  Certified Safety Professional Prep Course – Van
administrator, will be announcing the winners.               Howell from Boise‟s OSHA office is interested in
Immediately following, ASSE will hold a reception in         working with the chapter to put together a CSP prep
the LBJ room at the U.S. Capital for all ASSE                course in late October, 2006. The course may also
members and their families and NAOSH event                   provide an opportunity to get OHST certification.
participants.                                                Watch the newsletters for updates on potential dates for
                                                             the course and other information.
New Officers for 2006 – 2007
Nominating Committee for New Officers:                       2006 Highway Safety Kids Calendar - The Idaho
Chair – Michelle Steeler; Committee - Steve Manning,         Transportation Department has just completed the 2006
Ernie Harper, Willie Piispanen, Richard Fesler               Highway Safety Kids Calendar and they are available
                                                             for order. This calendar is produced in dedication to
Members Under Consideration for Nomination:                  Idaho‟s law enforcement officers and emergency
President - Open                                             service providers who risk their lives every day so that
Michelle Steeler, Washington Group International –           we can get to work, to school and home safely. The
Vice-President                                               artwork presented on the calendar was created by
Wendy Campbell, BMHC – Secretary                             elementary school children from around the state and
Chris Brown, IHR (Industrial Hygiene Resources) –            their artwork was selected from a large number of
Treasurer                                                    competitors. Their message reminds us to be
Ernie Harper, Hewlett Packard – Delegate                     responsible for our personal safety every day, on every
Alan Quignon, Retired – Officer at Large                     trip, and throughout the year.

                                     AMERICAN SOCIETY OF SAFETY ENGINEERS
You can request the calendars by sending Mary Hunter       on mine sites. Unguarded equipment also presents risk
an email including your name and address                   for personal injury. Proper guarding, warning systems, These are great calendars       and maintenance of equipment all provide margins of
and this year they are on standard 8.5 x 11 pages in       safety in mining operations. While mining is often
color so they take up a smaller spot on your wall. You     perceived as a high-risk operation, significant
will want to get some so let Mary know how many she        improvements have been made in mining safety
should send your way!                                      management systems and regulatory enforcement
Seat Belt Convictions for 2005 – The Idaho State
Supreme Court released a report on the numbers of seat     It's a win-win
belt and child passenger safety convictions statewide      situation
                                                                                          Recruit a Friend For a
by county of conviction. This report does not identify
                                                                                            Chance to Win!
the issuing agency, but rather the county of conviction.   Get your friends and
The top numbers of convictions are as follows:             colleagues to join
Ada                        7,357                           the American
Canyon                     5,278                           Society of Safety
Bonneville                 4,478                           Engineers by
Bannock                    3,167                           March 31, 2006
Bingham                    2,113                           and be entered into a
Kootenai                   1,837                           drawing to WIN an
Nez Perce                  1,722                           Apple 30 GB iPod with
Twin Falls                 1,617                           Video Playback.

Canyon County and Bannock County both doubled the          Stores up to 7,500
number of convictions for 2005 from 2004.                  songs, 20,000 photos,
Convictions in Bingham County more than doubled            or 75 hours of video.
from 943 in 2004 to over 2,000 this last year. And         Plus your name gets
convictions in Twin Falls County almost doubled from       entered into the
970 in 2004, to over 1,600 in 2005. Please encourage       drawing with EVERY
employees and co-workers to wear their seatbelts           person you sign up!             Click Here to Apply
whenever they are in a vehicle, whether they are
driving or a passenger. Not only will they prevent a       Double your winnings!
possible citation for seatbelt violations, they will be
much safer in the event of a vehicle crash.                These new members also count toward
                                                           your Membership Recruitment Challenge
March Chapter Meeting – Please note that the               numbers…boost your chances to win an
March Chapter meeting will be held on Monday,              iPod while boosting your chances to win the
March 20, 2006 at 6:30 p.m. at the Idaho Pizza             grand prize of $2,000.00!
Company, 7100 W. Fairview Dr., in Boise.
                                                           Hurry – this offer is only good through
               Technical Session                           March! Have your friends call ASSE's
                                                           customer service department today for
                                                           more information or to join 847-699-2929 or
Ronald J. Jacobsen from the Boise Field Office of the      forward this newsletter and tell them to click
Department of Labor/MSHA presented information on
MSHA accident investigations and enforcement
programs. The program included a number of lessons         When your peers join online be sure they use code
learned and high-risk activities that are correlated to    06201I4 to be entered to win! Offer Expires March 31,
serious accidents on mining site throughout the United     2006
States. With mining operations, the risks of a high wall
collapse and heavy vehicle contact accidents are both       Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. Only
                                                           new members are eligible.
considered prevalent on many sites. Proper training
and assessment of proper clearance and equipment
positioning are critical to maintaining safe operations
                                    AMERICAN SOCIETY OF SAFETY ENGINEERS
                   Advertisements                                    The board members of the Snake River Chapter of ASSE have
                                                                     the right to refuse any advertisement, which they deem
A variety of industries such as construction, healthcare,            inappropriate. The Snake River Chapter also does not support
manufacturing and many others receive this newsletter                or endorse any service or product that is advertised in the
every month. By advertising in this newsletter, you can              newsletter.
increase your company‟s exposure and sales.

For a minimal cost of $25.00 per month, you can place
a ¼ page ad for your company in the Chapter
newsletter. All advertisements will appear after the
                                                                                         Job Openings
chapter information section and before the job                       P.S. Associates, Inc. – visit the Paul Shrenker
opportunities section of the newsletter. Discounts are               Associates, Inc. website for a complete listing of job
given based on the duration of your advertisement:                   openings.
10% discount for advertising for a quarter, 15%
discount for 6 months, and 20% discount for a year.                                POSITIONS WANTED
ASSE members get an additional 5% discount. In
order to be included in the newsletter, ad copy must be              Each month we will publish, for members of the Snake
received by the first working day of the month and                   River Chapter, ASSE, positions wanted ads. If you are
should be in PowerPoint, Word, or Publisher. Payment                 interested in advertising yourself, please submit an ad
is required by the 10th of the month, or the                         to Wendy Campbell, by
advertisement will not be published until the following              the 15th of the month. Feel free to cut and paste the
month.                                                               format below.
For more information or to place your advertisement, please
contact: Jeff Miller, Treasurer; Email: Phone: 208-230-6295.


                                      We proudly introduce Mr. Chris
                                      Brown as a new member of IHR‟s
                                      professional EH&S team. Chris is a
                                      certified safety professional with
                                      25+ years in industry, construction
                                      and mining. His expertise includes:
                                         OSHA/VPP                        Chris Brown, MS, CSP
                                         Safety for Lean Manufacturing
                                         Behavioral Based Safety
                                         Construction Safety
                                         Tire and Automotive Safety
                                            For your safety needs contact:
                                            Chris Brown MS, CSP or
                                            Harry J. Beaulieu, PhD, CIH, CSP
                                            206 Murray St. Boise, ID. 83714
                                            Tel: (208) 323-8287 - Fax: (208) 323-0783
                                                           or email us at:

                                        AMERICAN SOCIETY OF SAFETY ENGINEERS
                                               SAFETY AND TRAINING OFFICER
                                                             City of Boise

Opening Date: March 9, 2006                                                                    Closing Date: March 27, 2006

A Criminal History/Driving Record Check form must accompany your completed application in order to be considered for
this position.

OVERALL RESPONSIBILITIES: Administers a department-wide safety program; assesses and coordinates the employee
training needs for assigned departments; develops and maintains a plan to prepare for and respond to emergencies and disaster
situations; performs special projects as related or directed. Position is a part of the Safety Services Team and reports to the City Safety

Safety Administration: Plans, develops and implements department-wide safety programs designed to promote safety attitudes and
prevent personal injuries, accidents and property losses; conducts research and maintains a current knowledge of new developments
concerning safety; works closely with the City Safety Coordinator in conducting periodic inspections of department buildings and
equipment and observing employee work habits and matters of industrial hygiene; reviews traffic safety concerns as related to
construction and maintenance practices; advises staff on traffic safety procedures; investigates accidents involving department
vehicles and equipment, ascertains the cause of the accident, documents findings, recommends preventive safety measures and
compiles and forwards incident and injury reports to the Safety Coordinator; evaluates the effectiveness of the safety program;
develops and recommends policies, training, controls, procedures and standards as needed; assists with workers‟ compensation,
aiding employees and supervisors with conditions for returning to work safely, and other programs as needed. This position is
assigned to Public Works and requires the incumbent to frequently work, inspect, consult and train in numerous locations and
environments including: sewage treatment plants (two of these properties are large campuses with numerous buildings), one large
farming operation, miscellaneous administration buildings and construction sites scattered throughout the city, and lift stations and
pump stations at various locations in the impact areas. To reach all these locations requires frequent driving and many locations can
only be accessed on foot. Locations may be above or below ground.

Training: Confers with management and employees to assess the training needs of the department; examples of training may include
new employee orientation, security procedures, on-the-job training, health and safety practices, and refresher training; schedules and
organizes training seminars and classes; may conduct actual training for a variety of work shifts and schedules; selects or develops
teaching aids, such as training handbooks, demonstration models, multimedia visual aid, and reference works using PowerPoint,
desktop publishing and FrontPage software; works with the City Human Resource Department and providers of training; tests trainees
to measure their learning progress and to evaluate effectiveness of training; handles a variety of intra-department correspondence and
prepares instructions, reports, analyses and statistical compilations for information and use in the overall safety and training programs.
Due to the varied work schedules of Public Works employees, the Safety and Training Officer may need to periodically adjust
working hours to train employee workgroups and inspect work locations and/or work processes.

Emergency Response: Participates in City Emergency Plan development and coordinates respective department activities in
preparing for emergency or disaster situations in accord with local needs and State and Federal policies; maintains and updates
emergency response plans; works closely with Civil Defense Officer and maintains contact with federal, state, and local agencies,
construction companies and suppliers to assist in local emergency planning; inspects and maintains inventory of emergency supplies,
equipment, heavy equipment and other vehicles needed during an emergency; addresses interested civic and social groups to stimulate
awareness of emergency preparedness activities; may assist in providing warnings and survival information to communities before,
during and after community emergencies.

REQUIRES: Knowledge of state and federal safety codes and regulations; of current safety principles and techniques; of a variety of
industrial hygiene equipment and its operation; of safe operating requirements of equipment, machines and tools; of measures for
detecting hazards and preventing injuries; of the general standards of the life-safety codes; of PC operating systems and software used
in word processing, spreadsheets, databases, email, presentations and the internet.

Ability to direct and measure effective safety and education programs; to develop and implement safety related training in conjunction with
the City Safety Coordinator; to apply standards set forth in the Idaho State Safety Regulations, to interpret

                                         AMERICAN SOCIETY OF SAFETY ENGINEERS
technical codes, structural diagrams, plans and specifications, to recognize possible safety hazards and initiate corrective action; to research,
develop and provide educational materials and inform others; to utilize training methods such as individual coaching, group instruction,
lectures, demonstrations, conferences, meetings, and workshops; ability to develop and maintain plans and procedures in response to
disasters and emergencies; to obtain cooperation from property owners, civic leaders and professional groups in providing facilities and
services for emergency preparedness; to maintain supplies, rations, tools, and inventory necessary in responding to emergencies; to
maintain records and prepare clear and concise reports; to communicate effectively orally and in writing; to develop and maintain effective
working relationships with employees, supervisors, other agencies and the general public.

To carry out the duties of the position, physical demands require the incumbent to navigate a variety of walking surfaces, including but not
limited to: uneven surfaces, slippery surfaces, stairs, ladders, heights, areas under construction, confined spaces, indoor and outdoor
locations, and be exposed to temperature extremes, unpleasant odors and environments, reduced air quality, hazardous chemicals and
infectious substances.

QUALIFICATIONS OF THE SUPERIOR CANDIDATE: Bachelor‟s degree in industrial safety or related field plus five years
experience including two or more years of direct experience conducting safety training; or an equivalent combination of experience
and education.

ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS: Since the class includes operation of City vehicles, the ability to obtain and maintain a valid
Idaho driver's license is required. Must be willing to obtain certification to instruct various safety-related educational classes, such as
CPR, First Aid, and Defensive Driving. Due to the nature of the work, the Safety and Training Officer must respond to call-in when
accidents and injuries occur.

STARTING SALARY RANGE: $3,002 - $3,503 per month.

BENEFITS: Membership in the Public Employee Retirement System of Idaho; group life insurance for employee and family; group
health and dental insurance for employee and family beginning the first of the month following sixty (60) days of employment with
the City; flexible spending account; long-term disability plan; ten (10) paid holidays annually; sick leave accrual at one (1) day per
month; vacation leave accrual at one (1) day per month; deferred compensation plan; employee assistance program; employee
wellness program.

HOW TO APPLY: Applications may be obtained at Boise City Human Resources, 601 W. Idaho St., P.O. Box 500, Boise, ID
83701, or online at A Criminal History/Driving Record Check form must accompany your application in
order to be considered for this position.

FILING DEADLINE: Applications must be completed and received by Boise City Human Resources by 5:00 p.m. on Monday,
March 27, 2006.

SELECTION PROCEDURE: Human Resources will notify all applicants of the status of the recruitment process within 3 weeks of
the application deadline. The initial screening of applications will normally occur within 2 weeks of the closing deadline. All
applications will be assessed. War and disabled war veterans residing in the State of Idaho who provide required documentation, will
receive credit in accordance with Idaho State Law. The top rated group of applicants will proceed further in the hiring process. A
referral list of qualified applicants will be established for consideration in filling future openings which may occur within six (6)
months following the list's development.

                                          EMPLOYMENT ELIGIBILITY VERIFICATION

As required under the Immigration Reform and Control Act, any person wishing to work for Boise City, regardless of the nature of
the job or the number of hours or months employed, will be required to show proof of identity and work eligibility.


                                           AMERICAN SOCIETY OF SAFETY ENGINEERS
Snake River Chapter
PO Box 45878
Boise, ID 83711


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