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Datawarehouse is a great source of data but also a bit fiddly to work with.
These notes are a patchwork of advice and information to help get
started. Before dealing with TDW it is first necessary to talk about ASH
(ASCH, Training Hours). There have been subtle differences between
differing versions of measuring ASH but for the most part all measures
are equivalent.

It is very easy to say but critical to know what ASH means.

First, it is basically:

 Nominal Hours per Unit (Module) x number of students enrolled

But notice that this refers to a unit of a training package (or module of a
course). We don‟t however set ASH targets by unit. The ASH targets are
actually set as Course ASH.

What is Course ASH? Basically it is all of the module or unit ASH summed.

TAFE Datawarehouse
Many businesses have a datawarehouse – it is essentially a large
database that gathers business statistics. TAFE Datawarehouse is often
referred to as TDW, Datawarehouse or sometimes WOW – „Warehouse on

What is in the TDW?
Obviously it has statistics but what exactly?

You can find the following:
ASH                       Ultimo Clusters          Country of birth
RAM                       Fund                     Home Language
Subram                    Age Range                New/re enrolments
Field of Education        LGA of home address      Withdrawals
Course                    Disability help          Completions
Unit/Module               English help             Exemptions
Enrolments                Gender                   Employment status
Functional Unit           Aboriginality            Unit enrolments
Award                     English help             Year
College                   Child care               Semester

Not all these dimensions are available in one cube and it may be that you
cannot output all you require in a single cube. Quite often thought is

 needed to establish the best mix of data to get the desired output. This
 will be especially true when fund codes are involved.

 TDW Toolbar

                                                                                                   80:20 Suppression

                                                                                                                       Custom Exception
                                                                                Zero Suppression

                                                                                                                                          Custom Subsets
                      Display Options

                                                                                                                                                           Drill Through


                                                                                                                                                                                   File Export



Crosstab                                 formatting the data appearance
Chart                                    creates a graph from the selected data
Display Options                          Title, split graph/data, Get Data Later, Reset, Options
Swap                                     Swap Rows and Columns
Hide/Show                                Select the data that is displayed
Calculation                              add a calculation to the data
Rank                                     Select column heading to rank, labels & gives a list in rank
Zero Suppression                         removes rows or columns with zero data points
80:20 Suppression                        removes zeros from columns/rows or both
Custom Exception                         custom highlights ranges of data
Custom Subsets     selected data subsets in ranges
Drill Through      not active
Agent              not active (method of tracking selected data with trigger)
File Export        PDF, CSV, XLS, bookmark (browser URL)
Help               useful to explain operation but a little basic
  Use often Use sometimes Use infrequently

Right Click menu for columns

             Adds the level above
             Removes the data column
             Moves the data column left
             Moves the data column right (greyed out-can‟t swap right)
             Moves down a level in nested data
             Moves up a level in nested data
             Explain – outlines the data set in use

Error Messages:

Did this happen when you had a big datasheet nearly finished?

Solutions – cry, have a coffee ....... helpful maybe but none of these
work permanently. This was caused by using the Back button on the
browser. You can‟t use the Back button on your browser as it will crash
the cube you are working on. If you made a mistake it is either start
again or very carefully modify what you have already AFTER saving your

Timeout Errors
Sometimes the cube will not respond and you will get a nice page with
red lines saying something like “Something unexpected happened” or
“Action prohibited” or some other arcane comment.
This generally completely crashes your cube and you have to go back to
the main menu or perhaps even go out and log in again.

Solutions - cry, have a coffee ....... helpful but again, none of these work
permanently. Do your work and close the cube you are using and you will
avoid timeout problems that

Hide /Show Dialogue box
You can elect to use the Hide/Show to select a mix of dimensions for
display. Be careful to note that the scroll bar does not always roll to the
top and you will have to scroll right up each time you delete some content
to make sure what you want is still there.

Display Options
Rearrange the screen slightly with these but most important is the Get
Data Later option.

This is a display option that affects appearance more than anything else:

Opening a TDW Excel File
Did TDW not open in Excel? – it may be that you have not responded to
this error message. Minimise the Excel window to see if you can find this
error message. Then just click Yes.

Did you get this error message?
You did nothing wrong. The format of the download from TDW always
confuses Excel and it gives the warning below. Click on Yes.

When saving there is sometimes an error message

If you click No you will see a dialogue like:

You don‟t want this: it is trying to save as html not Excel.

Use Save As to get the suitable file type.
Choose whichever Excel file type suits:
.xls, .xlsx, .xlsm

Enrolment Statistics Menu Page for reference:

Note: some of the other options (eg Finance) are out of date and do not
appear to be maintained any more. May be useful for reference but take
care to review the information about the old data.


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