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					                          Joint Unified Maritime Protection System
                                          (JUMPS)                                                                            FY06 ACTD
  • Problem: Joint Warfighters require an integrated C2 and          • Technologies: Leverages GOTS, COTS and emerging
    C4ISR capability both in/out of CONUS/OCONUS harbors to            technologies that amplify and complement each other providing
    coordinate the supply and re-supply of critical National           an integrated C2 and C4ISR system built on approved combat
    Defense infrastructure support items. They require a system        systems that are low-risk, cost-effective and user-friendly. The
    and associated architecture that provides timely, accurate,        system core technology is IWCC, a Navy program of record
    synchronized and relevant information to the operators in the      combat system. JUMPS, using the QuIPS data fusion engine,
    harbor littoral areas through the global information grid to       integrates data from acoustic, sonar, optical, radar and passive
    perform their missions.                                            detection devices creating a common operational picture
  • Objectives: Provide the ability to coordinate safe harbor          enhanced by decision support and anomaly detection algorithms.
    activities and shipping movements in support of US and
    Coalition strategic objectives and missions.                     • Residuals: Two deployable, scaleable Joint Unified Maritime
  • Vision: Our vision is to create JUMPS as an adaptable,             Protection System suitable for transition to:
    scalable Littoral and Harbor Operations C2 and C4ISR system            OCONUS JUMPS supporting Joint Operations
    that will integrate all maritime domain operations and missions.       CONUS JUMPS for training and spiral development
  • Proposed Participants:                                          • Comments: Components of JUMPS have been successfully
    Joint: EUCOM, CENTCOM, SOCOM                                      deployed in OIF and OEF; during the October 2003 fires in
    Army: CASCOM, CERDEC, CECOM-SEC, NJ                               Southern California; and in Exercise Seahawk 2004 with the
    Navy: SPAWAR San Diego, NAVSEA Keyport                            Canadian Navy & USCG. The Norwegian MOD is seeking
  • Schedule:                                                         participation in the JUMPS ACTD to secure their littoral.
    Spiral 1 - 6 months: Leverage “Best of Breed” Mature              JUMPS provides capabilities by integrating selected emerging
    GOTS/COTS to create initial baseline capability                   technologies in order to: 1-Minimize development time, risks and
    Spiral 2 – 12 months: Integrate Semi-Mature Technologies to       costs in today’s cost-constrained environment; 2- Promote
    refine joint C2 and C4ISR capabilities                            interoperability among the DoD and HLS forces to prevent
    Spiral 3 – 6 months: Integrate New and Emerging                   fratricide; 3-Share situational awareness; and 4-Provide a
    Technologies and deliver JUMPS system                             common logistics base.
12-Jan-05 (Rev 3)                                                                     POC: Larry Lashine, (732) 532-8351,

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