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december news


									                    St. David 4/5 Class
December/January 2011/2012                                                                   Miss Rea
Dear Parents/Guardians,        dents are learning how to             Every Friday stu-
                               construct and interpret       dents are learning about a
        Christmas is upon                                                                    Volume 1, Issue 3/4
us and the snow is start-      pictographs, bar graphs       new grammar rule and are
ing to fall. Don’t forget to   with intervals, and circle    applying the rule to many
                               graphs. They will be given    different writing pieces.       December 2011
dress warm and spend
time with family and           a quiz on Dec. 9.             Every 3-4 weeks we will         January 2012
friends.                                Students will ex-    have a grammar test which
                               press their dramatic abil-    will focus on all the gram-
         Over the last few
                                                             mar rules taught up until
                                                                                             Special Dates:
weeks, students worked         ity in drama over the next
                               few weeks. I have divided     that date. Spellings prac-       Mass on Wednesday
very hard on their ecosys-
                                                             tice and tests have also
tem diorama for our unit       the class into small                                            December 14, 2010.
                               groups. Each group will       been going very well.
on Habitats and Communi-
                               present a skit on anti-               This month we are        Spirit Day (wear red
ties in science. Students
demonstrated a good un-        bullying. Students will       focusing on the Write Trait       and green) and movie in
derstanding of the inter-      practice tone of voice and    “Organization” and the im-        the gym on Dec. 23.
actions that take place in     facial/body expression.       portance of keeping your
the ecosystem they re-         Students will read from a     details organized and on
                               script and incorporate        topic with the main idea.       Each student will be creating a
searched. We also had
                               props into their dramatic                                     healthy menu at the end of
students from another                                        Students have been reading
                               presentation.                                                 this week. Their menu will in-
classroom visit our room                                     a variety of narrative texts
                                                                                             clude healthy meal choices
to view the amazing visual             In Social Studies,    and identifying the charac-
                                                                                             from all the food groups. This
representations of the         the grade 4’s have been       teristics of a story
                                                                                             activity is teaching the stu-
different ecosystems stu-      learning about different      (characters, plot, setting).
                                                                                             dents about media literacy and
dents created.                 landforms and will con-       Now that they know the
                                                                                             healthy living.
        In Math, students      tinue to study all the im-    characteristics of a story,
                                                                                                     Our new unit in Family
have been working on chal-     portant aspects of our        they are being challenged to
                                                                                             life focuses on each and every-
lenging tasks related to       beautiful country Canada.     write a Christmas story in-
                                                                                             one of us being a unique gift of
our new chapter titled         Our Medieval Times unit       cluding all the characteris-
                                                                                             God. Students will reflect on
“Data Management.” Stu-        will begin after term 1       tics. Students will take
                                                                                             the uniqueness of their family
                               report cards in February.     their writing through the
                                                                                             and the importance of the
                                                             writing process and will
                                                                                             friendships in their lives. In
                                                             even practice peer-editing.
      Thank You                Please Remember                                               Religion we are reflecting on
                                  To send a cheque with             Students have been
   For the Kleenex box                                                                      Advent and stories of the vir-
                                                             learning about nutrition and
    donations. There are           your scholastic orders.                                   tue hope.
                                                             exercise during Phys. Ed and
    many runny noses in            Scholastic does not
                                                             Health. We have been dis-
    our classroom                  accept cash.                                              Please remember to visit our
                                                             cussing the effects of
                                  Phys. Ed clothes on                                       classroom website on a daily
   For signing agenda’s on                                  healthy eating and the impor-
                                   Tues. and Thursday’s.                                     basis for homework updates.
    a regular basis.                                         tance of eating a variety of
                                   Library books are due     foods from all the food
                                   on Wednesday’s.           groups.               

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