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									 co n n e c t
               The Mortgage Alliance • December 2010

              THE WINTER ISSUE

your key to mortgages... and so much more

    A very warm and festive welcome                              This year in particular TMA
    to the last edition of Connect for                           has responded to some of
    2010, TMA’s broker magazine                                  these challenges by creating a
    aimed at keeping you informed                                proposition to support Directly
    about latest news, products and                              Authorised (DA) brokers across
    services from TMA Mortgage                                   a number of areas so that if
    Club.                                                        mortgages are difficult to come
                                                                 by then income can be generated
    Please accept my thanks for
                                                                 from a range of other products
    using TMA’s range of products
                                                                 that intermediaries can promote
    and services again this year, it is
                                                                 to clients. I honestly believe that
                                                                 to survive in financial services
    As seems customary, this last                                nowadays we all have to think very
    12 months in financial services                              broadly how we can win and retain
    has flown past and as I look                                 more cost effective clients across
    back many of the threats and                                 a wide spectrum of products.
    opportunities apparent last                                                                                                 All of this adds up to TMA being
                                                                 Throughout this magazine                                       more than just a mortgage club
    Christmas are still around today.
                                                                 there are examples of such                                     and an organisation you can
    Firstly the size of the mortgage                             diversification and one area alone                             trust to be associated with for a
    market has shrunk to levels of                               stands out to me as a prime                                    range of products and services in
    c£139bn of lending and forecast                              example of how to cross sell and                               addition to mortgages.
    to remain at that sort of figure for                         become involved in a lucrative
    a year or two yet.                                           market.                                                        Thank you very much for the
                                                                                                                                business you have placed through
    Mortgages approved by lenders                                Details of this are on page7 with                              TMA in the past and hope we
    through direct channels remain                               an example of just one broker who                              can continue to assist you going
    at about 50% of the market and                               has turned his business around                                 forward.
    opportunities for re-mortgages                               by looking for opportunities from
    are reducing.                                                existing clients but outside of                                Finally, I would like to wish you
                                                                 mortgages alone.                                               all a very Merry Christmas and a
    Couple this with the possible                                                                                               happy and prosperous New Year.
    impact on intermediaries from the                            Other products have been
    FSA’s Mortgage Market Review                                 launched this year and again of
    (MMR) then significant challenges                            note is the general insurance
    remain ahead for all involved in                             proposition whereby Safe and
    the mortgage market.                                         Secure sell on your behalf but you
                                                                 still get great commission up front
    If intermediaries have not yet                               and on renewal.
    read the various publications                                                                                               Phil Whitehouse
    and documents issued on MMR                                  To assist intermediaries with                                  Head of The Mortgage Alliance
    I would urge you to look at these                            regulatory requirements TMA
    quickly to judge the potential                               recently launched a very cost
    impact on your business and way                              effective file compliance checking
    of working.                                                  facility and I would again urge you
                                                                 to look at this important area as
                                                                 TMA’s proposition is expanded.

    Connect is published by The Mortgage Alliance, part of Santander Group, and is intended solely for professional mortgage introducers and not for private customers. TMA can be
    contacted at 301 St Vincent Street, Glasgow G2 5HN. Tel: 0845 605 0067 www.themortgagealliance.com TMA is a member of The Association of Mortgage Intermediaries.


    In this edition…

    New business partners                                                                                         4
    Partner update                                                                                                6
    Case study                                                                                                    7
    Products to earn income from:
           Mortgage customers                                                                                     8
           Specialist lending opportunities                                                                      10
           Customers with difficult circumstances                                                                12
           Overseas, savings & investment                                                                        13
           Products to help you do business                                                                      14
    Exclusive product update                                                                                     15
    Market update                                                                                                16
    How to register and do business with each of TMA’s lenders                                                   17
    Proc Fees                                                                                                    18

    Get in touch

                                                                    The Mortgage Alliance
                                                                    301 St Vincent Street
                                                                      Glasgow G2 5HN

                                                                     Tel: 0845 605 0067



                                                       Phil Whitehouse                                Jaime Harris
                                                         Head of TMA                               Sales Consultant
                                                      Tel: 07917 158284                          Tel: 0845 605 0067
                                              phil.whitehouse@themortgagealliance.com      jaime.harris@themortgagealliance.com

                                                                               Lesley Law
                                                                        TMA Operations Manager
                                                                          Tel: 0141 275 2999

    New business partners

                                                                                  AN EYE FOR DETAIL

    A Changed Regulatory World
    The FSA has taken little time to show its enthusiasm as a more intrusive and intense regulator
    following a noticeable increase in fines and enforcement actions handed out this year.

    In March, IFA Park Row was ordered to pay £7.8m in redress to customers and its former
    CEO fined £49,000. The FSA stated it recklessly failed to ensure proper advice was given on
    pensions, mortgages and investments – a clear indication the IFA failed to meet best client
    outcomes under TCF. The IFA had also decided in 2008 to reduce the percentage of file
    checks it carried to save money.

    The steady stream of news that smaller firms are not        Many firms have increased file checking to 100% of
    immune is also a sign things have changed forever.          all business, whilst others are applying a risk based
                                                                approach. Whatever you decide, the challenge is how to
    So the message cannot be any clearer. Firms must
                                                                utilise limited resources effectively to adapt and manage
    ensure they have robust systems and controls in place.
                                                                business risks.
    But more specifically, it does raise the question whether
    firms are doing enough when it comes to monitoring          Compliance specialists also have to recognise the new
    unsuitable advice risks on new business.                    challenges. Historically relying on expensive office based
                                                                visits to carry out file checks; this model is no longer
    So how should firms respond?                                cost effective for firms who need to increase the number
                                                                of file checks earlier in the sales process.
    Increased and proactive file checks earlier in the sales
    process must be stepped up, coupled with more robust        As a business owner, you must surely want to know that
    record keeping practises. A simple test is - would what     any unsuitable advice and consumer detriment risks are
    the regulator considered TCF a few years ago still apply    removed before they are crystallised. It can be of little
    today? Don’t allow yourself to be in any doubts.            comfort knowing that a percentage of your business
                                                                contains unsuitable advice and you can do nothing
    Proactivity is the new imperative. Monitoring and           about it.
    reporting activities must be stepped up.
    To illustrate this point, Sesame Network reported an        How can Compliance Checking help?
    increase in file checking from 15% to 40% on new
    business cases in the last 12 months’. Positive Solutions   We have developed a unique file checking service which
    also reported undertaking a review of its previous          uses technology to keep our charges significantly below
    business in direct response to the FSA’s new approach       industry levels.
    and expects 5% of these cases to fall within the            Our Compliance staff also access files and basic client
    unsuitable advice category.                                 information remotely, which protects your business from
    The FSA has already demonstrated its willingness            any risks of identity theft or Data Protection failings
    to force firms to redress consumer detriment due to         created by sending or emailing files for review.
    unsuitable advice on past business. So standing still is    Our service is currently tailored to Mortgages, Protection
    not an option.                                              and GI products.

    So what to do?                                              Complete the Enquiry Form on the TMA
    The imperative is to reduce the incidence of poor client    website or alternatively contact us on
    outcomes resulting from unsuitable advice.                  0117 370 3083 for more information.
    Whilst FSA Best Practise Guidelines state firms should
    carry out 10% file checks on competent advisers, we
    don’t believe this is anyway near sufficient anymore.


         New business partners

                                                                                                   For the use of mortgage intermediaries and other professionals only
                                          C O N V E YA N C I N G
                                                                                                             All you need to drive your business
                                                                          C O N V E YA N C I N G

                                                                   Welcome to our new conveyancing service!
                                                                   The simple, slick and efficient way to refer your clients to
                                                                   a conveyancer. . . and an extra income stream for you -
                                                                   one client a week could earn you an extra £10k per year.
                                                                   Simply log on via the TMA website, register your
                                                                   details and you will be mailed with your username
                                                                   and password. Easy!

                                                                       Quick and easy registration process online
                                                                       Create an additional income stream, up to £200 per
                                                                       Choose the law rm based on price, location or client
    A LITTLE EXTRA INCOME                                              rating . . . excellent exibility

    TO LIGHT UP                                                        Embraces ‘Treating Customers Fairly’ ethos
                                                                       No completion, no legal fee charged. Peace of mind for
    THE ROAD AHEAD.                                                    your client
                                                                       Online case tracking available for you and your client
                                                                       Dedicated BM Solutions Conveyancing support via
                                                                       telephone or email
                                                                       Online demo and training available

                                                                      Help and support is available to you
                                                                      Call the dedicated BM Solutions Conveyancing helpline on:
                                                                      Call the TMA on:
                                                                      0845 605 0067
                                                                      or visit
                                                                      or email:
                                                                      or speak to your Business Development Manager

                                                                      * Opening times: Monday - Friday 8am-8pm Saturday & Sunday 9am-4pm. Calls
                                                                      may be monitored and recorded for security and training purposes.Your clients
                                                                      may have to pay the amounts paid to others, for example searches. Information
                                                                      correct as at February 2009.

                                                                      The Old Grammar School, Church Road,Thame Oxfordshire, OX9 3AJ
                                                                      Registered in England and Wales No. GB 825 3486 19

      Partner update


       Looking for revenue? Don’t forget the exclusive large mortgage                                       who might have lent on the house declined because they wanted a fuller
                                                                                                            overall relationship.
       loan referral service for TMA Mortgage Club members. Award-
       winning specialist broker, Largemortgageloans.com, specialises                                       The solution
       in mortgages of between £500,000 and £50 million and has                                             Largemortgageloans.com found an offshore private bank who was willing
       expertise and experience in creating tailored private banking                                        to take the loan up to 70% of the value, releasing £450,000 of equity in
       solutions for you and your clients. You will be able to earn a                                       the house. This, in addition to the £200,000 he was able to bring to the
                                                                                                            bank for management, meant that he was able to invest about a quarter
       commission rate of 47.5% of the procuration fee.
                                                                                                            of the loan with them. On further discussion, the client felt that this was
       Here are the details of a recent Buy To Let case that                                                the right course of action for his own investment portfolio, as he realised
       Largemortgageloans.com has arranged on behalf of an                                                  that he was over-exposed to UK property. He is now working with the
                                                                                                            bankers to create a portfolio with the £650,000 which acts as a balancing
       introducing adviser which we thought you might find useful.
                                                                                                            to his exposure to UK property. Therefore, he was able to repay the Bank of
                                                                                                            Ireland, as well as obtaining valuable advice regarding the diversification of
                                                                                                            his investments.
       Financial adviser uses Largemortgageloans.com referral
       service to earn over £10,000 commission                                                              Deal highlights
                                                                                                            The mortgage was negotiated at attractive terms, when compared to other
       The proposition                                                                                      BTL deals in the market, on an interest-only basis at 2.75% above 1 month
       A London-based financial adviser needed specialist help to fund a complex                            LIBOR, giving a current rate payable of 3.3% with early repayment charges
       mortgage solution for his high net worth client who needed to quickly                                of only 1% in year one, and 0.5% in year two. It was negotiated on a three
       refinance his let property from the Bank of Ireland, to whom he owed £2                              year term, which the bank will probably renew as long as the relationship
       million from a development deal which needed to be repaid, or they might                             with them is a good one.
       force a sale at a loss.
                                                                                                            There is no need to register or login. To make a specific case
       Case profile                                                                                         enquiry, download and print the application form from TMA
       Although the LTV was only 57%, the case fell through the cracks with many
       banks; it was too large for the high street and some private banks were
                                                                                                            website (http://www.themortgagealliance.com/TMACMS/
       reluctant to lend because the house was outside a prime central London                               media/DocumentLibraryFiles/Large-Loans-Application-Form.
       postcode. The client could only provide 10% of the requested loan amount                             pdf), complete it and fax it to 020 7519 4910 or call TMA
       for a bank to manage for him and this meant that many other private banks                            on 0845 605 0067.

         together                                                                                                         If you have a client whose personal finances are heading
                                                                                                                          in the wrong direction, there are dozens of companies
                                                                                                                          who are only too happy to help. But it may well be a costly,
                                                                                                                          “one size fits all” solution.

         to turn
                                                                                                                          Invocas Financial is different.

                                                                                                                          At the heart of what we offer to TMA members and their clients
                                                                                                                          is our ability to turn debt around. Quite simply, tda offers
                                                                                                                          support that’s fast, flexible and sensitive. We work quickly,

                                                                                                                          with streamlined digital processes and offer value for money.

                                                                                                                          Make a positive choice. Have your debt services powered by
                                                                                                                          tda from Invocas Financial and get the tailored support that
                                                                                                                          you and your clients deserve.

                                                                                                                          To find out more about our partnership
                                                                                                                          with TMA call us today on 0845 60 60 661
                                                                                                                          or visit themortgagealliance.com and click
                                                                                                                          on the debt solutions page.

         Invocas Financial and Powered by TDA are trading names of Invocas Group plc, Company No. SC295886, registered in Scotland at 2nd Floor, Capital House, Festival Square, Lothian Road, Edinburgh
         EH3 9SU. Invocas Group abides by the rules and regulations set by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland (ICAS) and the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales (ICEAW).
         The Group’s Office of Fair Trading Consumer Credit Licence number is 0585039.

    INVOCAS 2108 • Press Ad 140x210_TMA.indd 1                                                                                                                                                     13/12/2010 14:43


                             The stunning Dunas Beach Resort represents a truly world class investment opportunity and is
                             currently one of the fastest selling developments in the global overseas off-plan property market.
    Case study               There has never been a better time for you to take advantage of this opportunity, with excellent
                             commission available and full sales and marketing support.

                                    ARE YOUR CLIENTS HAPPY WITH                                        DELIVER A PENSION SOLUTION
                                         THEIR INVESTMENTS?                                                 FOR YOUR CLIENTS
                               Every successful investor is looking to make their money          In today's climate it's unlikely that your clients are happy
                               work harder, at The Resort Group we make this so simple           with their pension. It may be underperforming or perhaps
                               by maximising the returns on cash or assets used to buy, as       they don't feel in control of how it's being invested for
                               well as covering the costs of borrowing. So whether a client      your future.
                               uses cash, assets, or borrows money to purchase a property
                               they can be sure the returns are worth it.                        The solution is a property purchase on Dunas Beach
                                                                                                 Resort using a SIPP (Self Invested Personal Pension).
                               Investing in Dunas Beach Resort offers the following benefits:    The benefits include:
                               • 6% p.a. interest paid on any cash used to fund the
                                                                                                 • The opportunity to transfer and consolidate
                                 purchase of a Dunas Beach Resort Property – payable
                                                                                                   underperforming pensions
                                 throughout construction.
                               • No need to worry about the cost of borrowing, as                • Incredible tax benefits
                                 The Resort Group will service the interest costs up to
                                 10% p.a. on any loans used to fund the deposit                  • Increase your investment potential by borrowing up
                                                                                                   to 50% against the value of your pension
                               • We also offer a significantly enhanced guaranteed rate
                                 of exchange from Sterling to Euros. As well as FREE legal       • Straight forward process with full expert
                                 services and GUARANTEED Mortgages                                 support throughout

    Income earning opportunities
                       On an average property sale brokers
    Given the well documented issues facing of £130,000 you
                            could earn up it seems one main
    involved in the mortgage market to £10,000 commission
                      To find out volumes and more, simply call
    way to survive these lowerabout all this and activity is tous on
                                  01332 851 477
    diversify and seek additional income streams.

    Therefore earlier this year TMA launched a proposition                                and seen the quality of the development from The Resort
    with an overseas property service to provide alternative                              Group and the fact all the projections on capital growth and
    pension and investment opportunities in a 5 – star stunning                           yields had been provided independently and that the biggest
    development on Sal Island, Cape Verde.                                                resort hotelier in the world, Sol Melia, is managing the resort
                                                                                          gave me all the comfort required to sell this to my clients.
    Right from the start, the help and support available from
    The Resort Group was first class and TMA was impressed                                A specialist SIPP firm is available to assist with client advice
    with the way business is done, the broker support and                                 and so far I have sold 9 properties and have had fantastic
    commission terms for intermediaries.                                                  support from The Resort Group. The commission rates
                                                                                          secured by TMA also means that this is a very useful income
    One of TMA’s first members to take advantage of this new
                                                                                          source away from the tradional core business which as we all
    service was Barry Naziri of DMC ( barry.mortgages@hotmail.
                                                                                          know is still under a lot of pressure.
                                                                                          I would certainly urge any broker to look at this proposition
    To obtain leads for overseas investment, Barry re-visited
                                                                                          for selected clients because there is a big demand for this
    some of his self employed clients who may wish to consider
                                                                                          sort of service out there and I would be delighted to offer
    moving part of their pension funds into an approved SIPP
                                                                                          any further back ground to TMA members who may wish to
    investment scheme. The client is then passed to The
                                                                                          get involved”
    Resort Group who explain the proposition in greater detail,
    complete the necessary paperwork and then a specialist                                Following on from this initial success TMA has negotiated
    SIPP Pension Consultant deal with any pension advise.                                 an uplift on the standard broker commission terms of up to
                                                                                          7.25% for fully broker fulfilled sales.
    The scheme is also open to any client who may wish to
    simply invest in the traditional way without the need to                              Further details of this exciting and rewarding
    transfer pension funds.
                                                                                          proposition can be found TMA’s website or
    Barry says “I had looked at overseas property investment
    before but never had the confidence in the developer, the
                                                                                          ring 0845 607 0047.
    product or the process. Having visited Cape Verde however


         Pure Protection
        TMA has teamed up with LifeQuote to offer free access to a simple quotation system and also ‘Intelligent
        Protection’ software designed for advisers to use in consultation with customers to arrive at a model protection
        recommendation which can be tailored to individual circumstances and budgets. By using the LifeQuote
        proposition, time-consuming administration is taken from your hands, leaving you more time to sell.

        Key benefits                                                                                            Commission levels
        • Free simple to use quote system                                                                       For policies with a term of 12 years or more:
        • Excellent commission with any claw back pro-rata                                                      – *171.75% api - 48 months claw back period
        • LifeQuote complete life proposal forms & case administration                                          – * 153.75% api - 24 months claw back period
        • Panel of leading insurers and access to broadest range of
                                                                                                                • For commission terms relating to policies of less
          protection products
                                                                                                                  than 12 year term, please visit the TMA website
        • Ability to protect advisers from potential non disclosure claims

         Conveyancing                                                                                    Private Surveys
        Are you really getting the most from your Conveyancing                                           Surely most people want to know the condition of a
        referrals or even worse, not making referrals or letting your                                    property before they put in an offer to buy it?
        clients choose their own conveyancer?
                                                                                                         TMA has teamed up with national surveying firm,
        By instructing a conveyancer you not only can earn valuable                                      fastsurveyors to generate you £50 per case for a
        referral fees but instruct and keep in control of the process                                    simple referral. A fastsurveyors property survey will
        with case tracking so you are always up to date with your                                        give your clients the facts and insight they need to
        clients transaction.                                                                             negotiate a better price and reduce risk in a property
        TMA has partnered with two leading Conveyancing                                                  purchase. In this day and age the last thing your
        companies - BM Conveyancing and Goldsmith Williams                                               client should do is rely on the vendors or Estate
        to give you a great choice of supplier and a user friendly                                       agent's opinion.
        process - and typically you can add your own fee to the
        transaction and earn up to £200 per transaction!                                                 Key benefits
                                                                                                         • Avoid defective property with serious structural
        Key benefits
        • Choice of two leading firms offering different models to
          suit requirements                                                                              • Independent and accurate survey and valuation
                                                                                                         • Peace of mind, no nasty surprises
        • Immediately instruct law firm based on price, location or
          client rating.. excellent flexibility                                                          • Solid facts give the ultimate negotiating weapon
        • Ability to use known firms                                                                     Commission levels
        • Keep more mortgage transactions flowing and better                                             • £50 per case
          chance of conversion of cases to completions
        Commission levels
        • Earn up to £200 per referral Quick and easy registration
          process online with BM Conveyancing
        • Earn up to £300 with Goldsmith Williams

       To register for the above products and services and to do business, visit
    All information is correct as at time of publishing. TMA cannot accept responsibility for error or omissions. Fees quoted are subject to change without notice. It is your responsibility to
    check with the Lender/Product Provider/on the KFI(s).


     General Insurance                                                                               General Insurance
    Santander Additions via Abbey
    for Intermediaries
                                                                                                     "we sell it for you"
    TMA has linked with Santander to offer                                                           Do you prefer to let someone else sell General
    customers a wide range of products so whether                                                    Insurance on your behalf but you still earn
    your clients are first time buyers, landlords                                                    valuable commission at 17.5% of the annual
    or more established home owners looking for                                                      premium? TMA offers Safe&Secure Insurance
    quality and value for money, they access to a                                                    who focus on selling General Insurance on
    product that suits their needs.                                                                  behalf of Intermediaries.
                                                                                                     Key benefits
    Key benefits
    • Exclusive access to the range of Additions                                                     • Compliance - full responsibility for the sales
      insurance products                                                                               advice is undertaken by Safe&Secure
    • Quotes saved and fully editable before                                                         • Product Features and Benefits – in order
      submission                                                                                       to meet customer needs a range of market
                                                                                                       leading 3 star to 5 star Buildings and
    • Fully FSA-compliant with Demands and Needs
                                                                                                       Contents policies are available.
      letters and Point of Sale documentation
                                                                                                     • Price Beating` and renewal Price Control –
    • Dedicated IT and Sales support provided by
                                                                                                       Safe&Secure has the ability to beat any UK
      PlusOne Services Ltd.
                                                                                                       household insurance quotation or renewal
    • Continued support from your Regional sales                                                       premium and additionally can provide price
      teams                                                                                            caps on policy renewal premiums.
                                                                                                     Commission levels
    Commission levels
    • Santander Additions –                                                                          • Earn 17.5% commission on indemnity and
                                                                                                       17.5% commission on renewal
    • Bedroom Plus - 25% initial and 20% renewal
    • Landlords – 20% initial and 20% renewal
    • New Build – 25% initial and 15% renewal
    • Additions MPPI - 27.5% initial and
      27.5% renewal

Step 1 Use TMA’s panel of lenders to place your mortgage cases, selecting
TMA Mortgage Club as your payment route.

Step 2 For every housing transaction your clients require related products.
Maximise your income for every case with the following products & services:

   To register for the above products and services and to do business, visit
All information is correct as at time of publishing. TMA cannot accept responsibility for error or omissions. Fees quoted are subject to change without notice. It is your responsibility to
check with the Lender/Product Provider/on the KFI(s).


     Are you making the most of all opportunities that come your way? Are you missing chances to earn
     income from all enquiries? TMA Mortgage Club can provide support and training to help you in the
     specialist market, where it can be more difficult to source and place the best deals.

          Bridging Loans                                                                                  Self Build
         TMA has arrangements in place with Affirmative                                                   Don’t ignore this growing area of the market as
         Finance and Cheval to assist intermediaries in short                                             help is at hand to maximise opportunities. TMA has
         term finance deals.                                                                              partnered with Buildstore who are specialist providers
                                                                                                          in this market.
         Key benefits
         •   Easy to register and conduct business                                                        Key benefits
         •   Simple referral process                                                                      • Ability to assist clients in complex/self build
         •   Ability to deal with unusual property types                                                    enquiries
         •   Help clients who need speedy transactions                                                    • Get involved in a growing market to diversify
         •   Potentially save abortive property transactions                                                opportunities
         Commission levels                                                                                • Up front stage payments and finance for renovations
         • Intermediaries add own fee income to each plan                                                   may be available depending upon geographical area
           by negotiation with Affirmative/Cheval. This is                                                • Save more transactions where traditional finance
           typically 1% of the loan amount                                                                  arrangement not available
                                                                                                          Commission levels
                                                                                                          • please see TMA Procuration fee guide for current

          Packaged Mortgage Products
         The packager market still has access to many specialist products and lenders to assist clients in those ‘difficult’
         mortgage cases. Make the most of all enquires by contacting TMA's packaging Partners - All Types of Mortgages
         (AToM) and The Mortgage Trading Company (TMTC)- by contacting TMA so as not to lose any client enquiries.

         Key benefits
         •   Easy referral system to two leading Packagers (TMTC and AToM)
         •   A wide panel of lenders covering most circumstances
         •   Exclusive products available
         •   Ability to help more clients with unusual mortgage queries
         Commission levels
         • Procuration fees vary per lender on the panel but could be up to 1%

        To register for the above products and services and to do business, visit
     All information is correct as at time of publishing. TMA cannot accept responsibility for error or omissions. Fees quoted are subject to change without notice. It is your responsibility to
     check with the Lender/Product Provider/on the KFI(s).



           Commercial Lending
          Commercial mortgages can be daunting if specialist help is not available.
          TMA has relationships with commercial lenders and specialists – AToM, the Commercial Mortgage desk and Santander
          Commercial – to handle your leads whilst you earn valuable commission and still retain your customer for other business.
          Key benefits
          •   A wide panel of lenders and specialists
          •   Easy referral system to minimise broker’s work
          •   Expert help at hand for those difficult cases
          •   Be as hands-on as required or save time by simply passing the case to experts
          Commission levels
          • Terms will vary depending on each transaction but typically 1% of the mortgage advance

           Complex Prime                                                                                    Large Loans
          It is worth noting that there are still lenders in the                                           Do you have a client looking for a mortgage of £500,000
          market who will manually underwrite cases and take                                               or more? Do you need the support of a specialist
          an individual view on each case.                                                                 large mortgage loans broker, someone with first-hand
          Have you enquiries that you give up on assuming                                                  experience of arranging high value mortgages every day?
          that no-one will lend on those unusual cases?                                                    TMA have launched with Largemortgageloans.com,
          Help is now at hand through an arrangement TMA                                                   someone who knows the whole of the market and has
          has with AToM who are a specialist company dealing                                               built up long term close relationships with the private
          with complex prime cases.                                                                        lending divisions of investment banks.
                                                                                                           With the high street lenders making sweeping cuts to
          Key benefits                                                                                     their product ranges and criteria, even treating bonuses
          • easy to use referral system for speedy decisions                                               differently, you may be finding it hard to place large
          • Ability to help more of your customers                                                         mortgage loans at the moment, with a resulting loss in
          • Earn income from cases that previously were                                                    revenue. That's where Largemortgageloans.com can help
            declined                                                                                       your business and boost your revenue. There is no need to
          • Competitive commission terms                                                                   register or login – see our website for more details.
          • Ability to add own fees to cases
                                                                                                           Commission levels
          Commission levels                                                                                You will be able to earn a commission rate of 47.5% of the
          Competitive procuration fees paid, Income varies                                                 proc fee.
          per case

      To register for the above products and services and to do business, visit
    All information is correct as at time of publishing. TMA cannot accept responsibility for error or omissions. Fees quoted are subject to change without notice. It is your responsibility to
    check with the Lender/Product Provider/on the KFI(s).


     TMA offers a choice of lending solutions for your customers with difficult circumstances and can provide
     support and training for these products and services as we know they are new to many of you. We are keen to
     help you help more of your clients and open up new income opportunities.

         Secured Loans                                                                                     debt Solutions
       Are you thinking about Secured Loans as a possible                                              This maybe a growing area of business activity for
       solution to your clients requests for re-financing? TMA                                         many intermediaries.
       offers Secured Loans through a panel of master brokers                                          TMA have partnered with Invocas Financial and
       – Colonial Secured Loans and Promise Solutions – to                                             Promise to offer a wide range of possible solutions for
       create choice of possible lending solutions.                                                    your clients affected by debt issues.
       Key benefits                                                                                    Key benefits
       • Instant decision in principle                                                                 •   Instant decision in principle
       • Easy-to-use quotation and submission systems                                                  •   Easy on-line submission process
       • Solutions for clients who cannot re-mortgage or                                               •   Free advice for your clients
         obtain further advance                                                                        •   Dedicated intermediary support team
       • Help clients who need funds quickly (10/12 days
         with client co-operation)                                                                     referral Terms
                                                                                                       • Referral terms are available from each provider.
       Commission levels                                                                                 Please refer to TMA website for current details
       • Generous commission terms are available from
         each provider. Please refer to TMA website for
         current details

         Sale and rent back                                                                                unsecured Loans
       It’s not always possible for you to find a ‘traditional’                                       An Unsecured Loan maybe the right solution for some of
       mortgage or loan solution for every client or buy to let                                       your clients who require re-financing. TMA has partnered
       landlords needs? When most other routes have been                                              with Promise to help you meet your clients’ needs.
       exhausted there maybe no other option but to consider a
                                                                                                      Key benefits
       Sale and Rent Back arrangement. But who in the market
                                                                                                      • Loans from £500 to £15,000 generally available
       can you trust?
                                                                                                      • Terms from 12-60 months
       TMA has linked with residential Property Solutions (rPS)                                       • Direct lender scoring available, get a decision in
       the market’s leading ethical company.                                                            90 seconds
       Key benefits                                                                                   • Ideal for clients with little or no equity
       • Assured shorthold tenancy agreements for periods                                             • Medium adverse considered
         up to 5 years                                                                                • Homeowners only
       • Property and rental valuations based on two                                                  • Quick payouts available
         independent assessments                                                                      • Rates from 14.9% (Typical APR 19.6%)
       • £500 contribution to legal fees                                                              Commission levels
       • All clients encouraged to take independent advice                                            • Introducing brokers will be paid 1.65% of the loan
       • No application or administration fees to pay                                                   amount on Blackhorse unsecured loans
       Commission levels                                                                              • Terms with other lenders may vary
       • 1% of the agreed purchase price on each completed                                            • Full commission terms will be quoted by Promise
         transaction per introduced client                                                              Solutions upon enquiry

         To register for the above products and services and to do business, visit
      All information is correct as at time of publishing. TMA cannot accept responsibility for error or omissions. Fees quoted are subject to change without notice. It is your responsibility to
      check with the Lender/Product Provider/on the KFI(s).

ceptional overseas
estment proposition SAVINGS & INVESTMENTS
     PrOduCTS - OVErSEAS,
esents a truly world class investment opportunity and is
opments in the global overseas off-plan property market.
 you to take advantage of this opportunity, with excellent
marketing support.

 H                    The Resort Group
                    DELIVER A PENSION SOLUTION
                         FOR YOUR CLIENTS
oney         In today's climate it's unlikely that your clients are happy
                       TMA in conjunction with The resort Group bring                                           Commission
 imple       with their pension. It may be underperforming or perhaps
  buy, as               feel an exciting overseas investment opportunity!
             they don'tyou in control of how it's being invested for                                            • Where the broker has introduced a client, The Resort
  a client   your future.                                                                                         Group will pay the broker 5% of the agreed purchase
                       In today’s climate it’s unlikely
             The solution is a property purchase on Dunas Beach     your clients are                              price of the overseas property
             Resort using a SIPP (Self Invested Personal Pension).
benefits:              seeing the returns they would
             The benefits include:
                                                                    want from their                             • Where the broker executes the sale of the property
                         pensions and investments and the Resort Group                                            directly with the client, The Resort Group will pay
             •   The opportunity to transfer and consolidate                                                      the broker 7% of the agreed purchase price of the
                         can now offer
                 underperforming pensions you the solution. Dunas Beach
                         Resort & Spa, on Sal Island in Cape Verde                                                overseas property
             •   Incredible tax benefits
                         is 5-star development with a stunning range                                            • In addition until 31st december 2010 - any cases
p to
             •           of luxurious properties available off-plan for
                 Increase your investment potential by borrowing up                                               submitted will through TMA Mortgage Club will get
                 to 50% against the value of your pension                                                         a 10% uplift on deposit!!
 rate                    exceptional return on investment.
E legal      • Straight forward process with full expert                                                          So TMA members introducing clients will receive an
               support throughout
                       Key benefits                                                                               additional 0.5% and for direct sales will receive an
                                                                                                                  additional 0.70%!!
                       • Your clients can benefit from an excellent range
                         of payment offers and incentives, including the                                        • Commision paid on deposit
                         opportunity to invest using their pensions
                       • You can earn fantastic rates of commission
                       • Dedicated account manager and sales support staff
                       • Comprehensive marketing materials that can be
                         tailored to your needs

of £130,000 you
e, simply call us on

                      Savings Opportunities
                     An increasing number of providers are willing to pay very competitive commission terms for generating savings to
                     help them fund mortgage activity.
                     To find out what savings opportunities are currently available through TMA Mortgage Club please ring our
                     Helpdesk on 0845 605 0067.

                  To register for the above products and services and to do business, visit
             All information is correct as at time of publishing. TMA cannot accept responsibility for error or omissions. Fees quoted are subject to change without notice. It is your responsibility to
             check with the Lender/Product Provider/on the KFI(s).


     TMA are working hard in the intermediary market to provide products and services to make your life easier.

         Sourcing                                                                                         Lead Generation – PAA Leads
       Intermediaries rely on mortgage sourcing systems                                                 Are you using all the tools available to find new clients? TMA
       to research the market and provide an audit trail of                                             has linked with paaleads.com who have exclusive access to leads
       recommended products.                                                                            from moneysupermarket.com. More advisors take leads from
       TMA is delighted to have teamed up with two market leading                                       paaleads.com than any other lead provider.
       partners, Mortgage Brain and TrigoldCrystal to offer fantastic
       rates on sourcing systems for TMA members.                                                       Key benefits
                                                                                                        • UK’s only single source provider
       Key benefits
                                                                                                        • All leads are compliant and actively looking for advice
       • Product guarantee (available only from Mortgage Brain)
                                                                                                        • 614 territories for maximum choice to suit all business
       • Browser functionality
       • True cost calculation
                                                                                                        • Flexibility puts advisers in control of lead flow
       How much does it cost through TMA?                                                               • Auto-bidding or bespoke plans mean never paying more
       • Mortgage Brain                                                                                   than is necessary for leads
       – NEW Mortgage Brain users - Enjoy ALL NEW MortgageBrain for just                                • Leads delivered by email & FREE text message in
         £15 per month plus VAT per license! If, for some reason, you wish to                             real-time
         cancel your subscription within the first 90 days – we provide a 90                            How much does it cost
         day money back guarantee!                                                                      As a member of TMA Mortgage Club you could benefit
       – EXISTING Mortgage Brain users - Enjoy ALL NEW MortgageBrain at                                 from various discounts, please see our website for
         no extra cost! Upgrade today!                                                                  more details
       • TrigoldCrystal
       – free to new users for 3 months* then £17.50 plus VAT per month*
         terms & conditions apply

          Client Management Systems                                                                       Compliance Checking
       A client management system gives you the ability to keep track of client
                                                                                                        TMA has formed an exclusive partnership with
       data, view and manage your pipeline of business, track key stages on
                                                                                                        Compliance Checking Ltd to offer our members access
       the sales of all products from start to completion
                                                                                                        to a unique file checking service which can be tailored to
       and ensure you cross sell all other products to your client data base.                           your firm's compliance needs.
       TMA has teamed up with two leading partners for this product,                                    File checking has become an important tool to proactively
       Mortgage Brain THE KEy and TrigoldCrystal.                                                       manage unsuitable advice risks, even more so now with
       Key benefits                                                                                     the inevitable implications of MMR and wider regulatory
       • Improved sales concept – multiple sales for one client
       • Insurance links integrated – increase your revenue stream                                      Key benefits
       • Monitor important FactFind changes – helping you to stay                                       • System identifies risks at any point in your sales
         compliant!                                                                                       process
       • Online FactFind for clients to part complete – speeding up the sale!                           • Flexibility to change risk categories and intensity of
       • New prospect functionality – record new prospective client deals!
                                                                                                        • Market leading charges to minimise costs
       How much does it cost                                                                            • Enhances your monitoring activity around unsuitable
       For existing users:                                                                                advice
       • Prospector £17.50 plus VAT per month                                                           • Increased Data Protection
                                                                                                        • Enhances Disaster Recovery Plans
       • CRM £29 plus VAT per month
       • THE KEY and Mortgage Brain combined offer is £45 per month                                     How much does it cost through TMA
         – if THE KEY is purchased separately it is £35 per month.                                      • Initial set up Fee of £250.00 then £34.95 per case
       3 months FREE trial for non-Trigold/Crystal users for both                                       • Monthly Maintenance Fee £14.95 – covering daily
       Prospector & CRM.                                                                                  backup and ongoing security of server

        To register for the above products and services and to do business, visit
     All information is correct as at time of publishing. TMA cannot accept responsibility for error or omissions. Fees quoted are subject to change without notice. It is your responsibility to
     check with the Lender/Product Provider/on the KFI(s).

Exclusive product update


    Don't delay, get this great product /                                                                                        2 Year tracker rate
    rate through TMA Mortgage Club –                                                                                                 2.35% variable
    it's NOT available from AFI direct…                                                                                 Available from 26th November 2010

    • Available to Remortgage customers only                                                    • Maximum loan £550,000
    • Initial rate 2.35% variable available until 2nd anniversary                               • No Higher Lending Charge
    • Tracks at 1.85% above base rate                                                           • No product completion deadline
    • Reverts to SVR, currently 4.24%                                                           • Product ERC -2%
    • APR 4.0%                                                                                  • Standard legal fees ERC (max £200) repayable to 2nd
    • Up to 70% LTV                                                                               January 2013
    • Free valuation(1) and standard legal fees paid                                            • Product code V496R
    • Total Booking fee £995                                                                    Note 1: Up to a maximum property value of £2.5m

   This exclusive product is available through TMA so
   please ensure you select TMA Mortgage Club as your                                                                         To register with AFI via TMA
   payment route of choice.                                                                                          simply call 0141 275 7900
   To register with TMA is FREE!                                                                                                   and quote your Abbey log on details

        Congratulations to…
        Eileen Kennedy from EMK Mortgages who entered the
        TMA & Halifax Prize Draw and won a Red Letter Day to
        the value of £600!

                     For further information contact TMA on 0845 605 0067
All information is correct as at time of publishing. TMA cannot accept responsibility for error or omissions. Fees quoted are subject to change without notice. It is your responsibility to
check with the Lender/Product Provider/on the KFI(s).

     Market update

     Market review…
     by Martin Ellis, Housing Economist - Halifax

     An increase in the supply of properties for sale in
     recent months, together with a decline in demand,
     has put modest downward pressure on prices.
     An increase in the supply of properties for sale in recent                                      There are, however, a number of factors - modest earnings
     months, together with a decline in demand, has put modest                                       growth, tax rises and significant public sector job losses
     downward pressure on prices. Prices in the three months to                                      - that will constrain the market, dampening both house
     October were 1% lower than in the preceding three months.                                       prices and the number of sales. The more challenging
     This rate of decline, however, is markedly less than the                                        funding environment for mortgage lenders, coupled with
     quarterly declines of 5%-6% during the second half                                              increased capital and liquidity requirements, are likely to
     of 2008.                                                                                        have implications for mortgage rates. They also suggest that
                                                                                                     the total amount of mortgage finance available will remain
     But where does this leave us in terms of the market's
     prospects for the year ahead? We expect interest rates to
     remain very low for some time with no more than one rise                                        Taking all these factors into account, and accepting the
     in Bank Rate likely during 2011. This will underpin the                                         greater than usual levels of uncertainty, we expect house
     favourable affordability position for those able to enter the                                   prices to remain broadly stable during 2011. The level of
     market. The low interest rate environment has reduced                                           transactions is similarly expected to be largely unchanged
     the burden of servicing mortgage debt. Typical mortgage                                         compared with this year, therefore remaining low by
     payments for a new borrower have fallen from a peak                                             historical standards.
     of 48% of average disposable earnings in mid 2007 to
                                                                                                     Bank rate at the end of 2011: 0.75%
     around 30% now, which is an important factor supporting
     housing demand. There are some early signs that the recent
     downturn in house prices may be deterring people from
     trying to sell now. This development, if sustained, should
     also help to support prices.

     All information is correct as at time of publishing. TMA cannot accept responsibility for error or omissions. Fees quoted are subject to change without notice. It is your responsibility to
     check with the Lender/Product Provider/on the KFI(s).


      How to register and do business with each of TMA’s lenders

    COMPANY                             How to register with lender                                 How to select TMA as                        How to add TMA if you are            How to register for        When are Proc
                                                                                                    payment route                               already registered with the          online services            fees paid
    Abbey For Intermediaries            Call 0141 275 7900 or visit website and download            Select from Drop down box for online        Call 0141 275 7900 to have           Visit website, select      Every Thursday
    www.abbeyforintermediaries.co.uk    form from mortgages/literature. Make sure to select         application or for paper application tick   TMA added                            'Log in to Abbey's
                                        The Mortgage Alliance (TMA Mortgage Club) under             box for 'The Mortgage Alliance (TMA                                              Introducer Internet'
                                        mortgage club section                                       Mortgage Club)' under procuration fee                                            and then register.
                                                                                                    payment section                                                                  Follow on screen
    BM Solutions                        On website click on 'register' fill in details and          Select The Mortgage Alliance (TMA           Select The Mortgage Alliance         See "How to register       Within 7 days of
    www.bmsolutions.co.uk               nominate The Mortgage Alliance (TMA Mortgage Club)          Mortgage Club) from the drop down           (TMA Mortgage Club) from the         with lender"               completion
                                        as payment route. You will be shown your username           menu with each application                  drop down menu with each
                                        and your access token will be e-mailed within 2 hours.                                                  application
                                        If you are not shown your username then further
                                        checks are required
    C&G                                 You can register for C&G’s online application system,       When promoted to select the Mortgage        When promoted to select the          Follow the link to         Weekly on
    www.cheltglos-intermediaries.       CASEFLOW, at www.cheltglos-intermediaries.co.uk/            Club you wish to apply through. Scroll      Mortgage Club you wish to            www.cheltglos-             Wednesday
    co.uk                               caseflow . You will be asked for an individual reference    down and select The Mortgage Alliance       apply through. Scroll down and       intermediaries.co.uk/
                                        number; if you have used C&G previously you can             (TMA)                                       select The Mortgage Alliance         caseflow .You can
                                        obtain this from your Business Development Manager                                                      (TMA)                                then register for
                                        or if you are new to C&G you should create a new                                                                                             e-mail alerts, text
                                        reference number for yourself                                                                                                                message updates and
                                                                                                                                                                                     RSS feeds
    Coventry                            Call the Intermediary Support Team on 0845 7573612          TMA as a submission route needs to be       Call the Intermediary Support        Once registered you        Within the first
    www.coventryintermediaries.co.uk    or send your full details including BACS by secure          nominated at initial registration           Team on 0845 7573612 and             are given a user ID        7 working days
                                        email to intermediaries@thecoventry.co.uk.                                                              have TMA added as a payment          and password to            of the month
                                                                                                                                                route                                access online facilities   after completion
    Furness                             No need to pre-register                                     Attach TMA sticker to application           Attach TMA sticker to                N/A                        Within 14 days
    www.furnessbs.co.uk/                                                                                                                        application                                                     of completion

    Halifax                             To register online, click the 'login' button which can be   Type TMA into the 'name of mortgage         Go to 'amend company details'        Once registered you        Paid the month
                                        found at the top of every page and select 'register now'    club' box at time of registration           on the website and type TMA          will be e-mailed log       after completion
                                                                                                                                                into the 'name of mortgage           on details to access       (usually around
                                                                                                                                                club' box                            the online services        the 15th)
    Leeds                               Via registration process on the website. Tick 'The          The Mortgage Alliance should be              If already registered and want      Via registration           15th of month
    www.leedsintroducer.co.uk           Mortgage Alliance'                                          selected from the drop down box             to add TMA you need to ring          process on the             following
                                                                                                    during application                          the online helpline (details on      website                    completion
                                                                                                                                                website) - process may take
                                                                                                                                                24 hrs
    Nationwide                          Register on-line for e-services, there is an option to      Select with each application                If already registered, when          Register on-line, there    Around the
    www.nationwide-intermediary.        select TMA as the payment route                                                                         logged on to e-services, use         is an option to select     15th of the
    co.uk                                                                                                                                       the manage my details option         TMA as the payment         month following
                                                                                                                                                to update TMA as chosen club         route                      completion
    NatWest Intermediary Solutions      Complete on-line registration form. It will ask you how     This can be done by simply registering      For new or existing users fill in    See "How to register       Weekly
    www.rbsip.com                       you would like to be paid, simply type 'The Mortgage        online and stating payment route is The     registration form available on       with lender"
                                        Alliance' into the club box                                 Mortgage Alliance. NIS will then email a    the website
                                                                                                    form, asking for account details for the
                                                                                                    proc fee to be into direct
    Newcastle Building Society          Register online - www.newcastleis.co.uk                     Call 0845 6022338 or contact your           Call 0845 6022338 or contact         Register online            Within 14 days
    www.newcastleis.co.uk                                                                           BDM                                         your BDM                                                        of completion
    Northern rock                       Visit website, select register, complete the registration   Select TMA from the list during each        Call 0845 600 1516                   Call 0845 602 8348         Monthly
    www.northernrock.co.uk/             form and follow instructions on the form                    application
    Nottingham                          On website - www.thenottingham-intermediaries.com           N/a                                         N/a                                  See "How to register       Within 7 days of
    www.thenottingham-                  under home page 'join our panel'                                                                                                             with lender"               completion
    Platform                            Phone 0845 0701999 or register at website                   Use the mortgage club dropdown box          Use the mortgage club                Via Website                Weekly on a
    www.platform.co.uk                                                                              to select TMA on each application           dropdown box to select TMA on                                   Monday
                                                                                                                                                each application
    Principality                        To register by phone call 0845 330 5565. Alternatively      You need to select TMA as payment            If you are already registered for   See "How to register       "10th of each
    www.principalitybrokerpoint.co.uk   download the application from the website. You can          route at initial registration. They will    2 clubs you will need to replace     with lender"               month"
                                        send this as an e-mail attachment to brokerpoint@           only allow 2 clubs to be used by a          one of these with TMA by
                                        principality.co.uk                                          broker. An introducer number would          contacting Principality
                                                                                                    need to be set up for each club
    Scottish Widows                     Register online                                             During initial registration TMA can be      Note/sticker on the application      On the website click       Every Thursday
    www.scottishwidows.co.uk/                                                                       selected as mortgage club. This can         front page using TMA as the          on register to obtain a
    extranet/bank                                                                                   also be selected on each application        Introducing source                   customer ID and PIN
    Skipton Building Society            Through the eMortgages facility on www.skipton-             Choose TMA from Mortgage Club drop- Choose TMA from Mortgage                     Through the                Within 10 days
    www.skipton-intermediaries.co.uk    intermediaries.co.uk                                        down menu on initial registration   Club drop-down menu upon                     eMortgages facility        of completion
                                                                                                                                        submitting applications                      on www.skipton-
    The Mortgage Works                  You can register on the website. Enter TMA as the club      This can be selected from drop down         Contact sales support on             You can register on        14th of every
    www.themortgageworks.co.uk          you wish to use                                             menu on each application                    0845 6010763 and ask for             the website. Enter         month
                                                                                                                                                registrations, they will add TMA     TMA as the club you
                                                                                                                                                to your profile                      wish to use
    Woolwich                            "New registrations are done online or by contacting the     Online, The Mortgage Alliance should        Online or by calling 0845 070        Via website                The week
    www.woolwichintermediaries.co.uk    Intermediary Mortgage Centre on 0845 070 1567               be selected from the drop down and          1567. The Mortgage Alliance                                     following
                                                                                                    also clearly marked in the “Details of      should be selected from the                                     completion
                                                                                                    Mortgage Club or Network”                   drop down and also clearly
                                                                                                                                                marked in the “Details of
                                                                                                                                                Mortgage Club or Network”

      All information is correct as at time of publishing. TMA cannot accept responsibility for error or omissions. Fees quoted are subject to change without notice. It is your responsibility to
      check with the Lender/Product Provider/on the KFI(s).

     Proc fee update as at 1st November 2010

      Lender                                        Gross Fee      Fee you         Min            Max         Comments
                                                    paid by        receive
      Abbey for Intermediaries - Local Business Development Unit / www.abbeyforintermediaries.com/partners/TMA
      Standard                                      0.34%          0.34%           No Min         No Max      Min Loan is £6,000
      Flexible Offset                               0.44%          0.44%           No Min         No Max      Min Loan is £25,000
      5yr Fixed                                     0.35%          0.35%           No Min         No Max      Plus £150
      BM Solutions - Broker Helpline 0845 850 5000 / www.bmsolutions.co.uk
      Mainstream                                    0.35%          0.31%           No Min         No Max
      House 2 House / Self Build                    0.55%          0.46%           £200           £5,000
      BTL                                           0.50%          0.46%           £200           £5,000
      Buildstore Buildloan - Broker Desk 0870 870 9499 / www.buildstore.co.uk/buildloan/
      BM Solutions                                  0.45%          0.43%           No Min         No Max
      Melton Mowbray Building Society               0.30%          0.28%           No Min         No Max      Currently this is only available
                                                                                                              to self builders within a 70
                                                                                                              mile radius of Melton Mowbray
      Buildstore Buildloan - Broker Desk 0870 870 9499 / www.buildstore.co.uk/buildloan/
      BM Solutions                                  0.45%          0.43%           No Min         No Max
      Melton Mowbray Building Society               0.30%          0.28%           No Min         No Max      Currently this is only available
                                                                                                              to self builders within a 70
                                                                                                              mile radius of Melton Mowbray
      Cheltenham & Gloucester* - Contact your local BDM or visit www.cheltglos-intermediaries.com
      Mainstream                                    0.35%          0.34%           £175           No Max      Minimum loan of £25,000
      5yr, 7yr & 10yr Fixed                         0.40%          0.39%           £175           No Max      Minimum loan of £25,000
      BTL                                           0.50%          0.49%           £175           No Max      Minimum loan of £25,000
      "Coventry Intermediaries* - Coventry Mortgages & Godiva Mortgages - Tel. 0845 757 3612 / www.coventryintermediaries.co.uk
      Coventry Residential/OffSet/FTB               0.33%          0.32%           £200           £3,000
      Godiva BTL                                    0.33%          0.32%           £200           £3,000
      Furness Building Society - 0800 220568 / 08.00 - 19.30 Mon to Thurs / 0800 - 1800 Friday / 0900 - 12.00 noon Saturday / www.
      All products                                  0.35%          0.35%           £100           £1,750
      Halifax - 0845 850 0212
      Residential                                   0.32%          0.31%           No Min         No Max
      Leeds Building Society - For details of your local Development Manager see website : www.leedsintroducer.co.uk or call 0121 476 5194
      All Products                                  0.32%          0.30%           No Min         £2,400
      Lloyds TSB Scotland* - 0131 260 0732 / www.lloydstsb.com/about_ltsb/lloydstsb_scot.asp
      All Products                                  0.35%          0.35%           £150           No Max      Minimum loan £10,000
      Nationwide for Intermediaries - Newcastle (0845 6093407) - England & Wales cases / Glasgow (0845 6093420) - Scotland & N Ireland
      cases / www.nationwide.co.uk/intermediaries
      All Products                                  0.35% +        0.35%           No Min         No Max
      Natwest Intermediary Solutions - 08459 00 11 10
      Residential - Purchase & Remortgage           0.32%          0.32%           £250           £6,000      Minimum loan amount of
                                                                                                              £25,000 for Residential & BTL
                                                                                                              / £10,000 for Remortgage
      BTL                                           0.35%          0.35%           £250           £6,000      Minimum loan amount of
                                                                                                              £25,000 for Residential & BTL
                                                                                                              / £10,000 for Remortgage
      Newcastle Building Society* - www.online.newcastle.co.uk/mortgage/index.htm
      All intermediary products                     0.35%          0.35%           No Min         No Max


    Lender                                                 Gross Fee          Fee you           Min                Max           Comments
                                                           paid by            receive
    Newbury Building Society** - 01635 555777 / www.newbury.co.uk
    All Products (except Lifetime)                         0.25%              0.25%             £125               No Max
    Lifetime                                               0.50%              0.50%             No Min             No Max
    Northern Rock - Local Service Centres / Nearest Business Development Manager 0845 600 1516 / www.northernrock.co.uk/intermediaries
    Residential (purchase & remortgage)                    0.25%              0.25%             £175               No Max
    BTL                                                    0.25%              0.25%             No Min             No Max
    Nottingham Building Society* - 0115 956 4404 / www.thenottingham-intermediaries.com
    All Products                                           0.35%              0.35%             £200               £1,500
    Platform - 0845 170 1999 / www.platform.co.uk
    Buy To Let                                             0.45%              0.45%             No Min             £6,000
    Principality** - Residential & BTL 0800 328 1717 / www.principalitybrokerpoint.co.uk
    All Products                                           0.40%              0.40%             No Min             £2,500
    Scottish Widows Bank - 67 Morrison Street, Edinburgh EH3 8YJ / 0845 845 0110 / www.scottishwidows.co.uk/bank/mortgages
    Residential & BTL :                                                                                                          Minimum loan size is £50,000
    Loans up to £50,000                                    £200 +             £200              No Min             No Max
    Loans £50,000 to £150,000                              £400 +             £400              No Min             No Max
    Loans £150,000 +                                       0.40% +            0.40%             £600               £1,500
    Lifetime                                               1.00% +            1.00%             £300               £2,500
    Skipton Building Society - Local Sales Manager via www.skipton-intermediaries.co.uk
    Residential                                            0.35%              0.30%             £87.50             £3,500        Min £25,000
    The Mortgage Works* - AIPs 0870 270 7070 - aip@themortgageworks.co.uk / Sales Support 0845 601 0763 /
    BTL & Let to Buy - Fixed & Tracker                     0.55%              0.45%             £100               No Max
    Prime & Guarantor Mortgages                            0.35%+£25          0.35%             No Min             No Max
    Woolwich - Resid Processing : Mortgage Loan Services, Barclays, PO Box 8575, Leicester, LE18 9AW
    BTL Processing : 1st Floor, Drake House, Anchor Boulevard, Crossways, Dartfore, DA2 6QH / 0870 240 1030 /
    Residential                                            0.35%              0.34%             £200               No Max
    Offset                                                 0.40%              0.35%             No Min             No Max
    BTL                                                    0.35%              0.30%             No Min             No Max
    *Not Northern Ireland **Not Northern Ireland or Scotland
    Note: The procuration fees paid are correct as at 1st November 2010. The fees are liable to change at any time and without notice. TMA cannot accept any
    responsibility for any reliance placed on this list by any intermediary.
    Fees may be subject to lender restrictions such as minimum loans and maximim payments and are subject to change without notice. Fees are not normally
    available on further advances. This bulletin is not intended to form an advertisement in terms of the Consumer Credit Act and must not be shown to
    members of the public. We, The Mortgage Alliance, do not accept responsibility for the communication of information on lender products or fees, nor can
    we guarantee being able to secure a loan offer according to product details and interest rates disclosed at the time of the application. It is your responsibility
    to ensure the correct gross procuration fee is displayed in the KFIs issued to clients.

Aimed at intermediaries and investment professionals only; not for public distribution.

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   ■   Providing you with full details of everything that’s required.
   ■   Allowing us to provide you with a quicker offer so you can look
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