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					                                             * This Highways Infrastructure Assets data will not be audited in 2010-11 *
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                                                     Additional Information - Highways Infrastructure (21)

Highways Infrastructure Assets

    Refer to the L Pack guidance and the WGA timetable paper "Accounting for Highways Infrastructure Assets in the Local Authority Sector on a Depreciated Replacement
    Costs Basis: Interim Accounting Arrangements for the Period up to 2012-13". This paper is available on the WGA page of the HM Treasury; DCLG; Scottish Government;
    and Welsh Assembly Government websites, and is based on the decisions made by the CIPFA Project Implementation Steering Group (PISG).

    The original timetable required an audit review of GRC data in the 2010-11 Return. However, given the resources and cost involved in auditing the data in this era of
    substantially tighter public spending, the first audit review has been delayed until the more complete and full dry run year, 2011-12. This should not detract from the worth of
    the Highways Infrastructure work and the improved services and efficiency savings that will result. We stress the importance of providing the data below to the same quality
    that would have been given had the audit review been going ahead, given the size and complexity of the task, and so that the momentum of the work is maintained.

    All estimates should be calculated on the basis set out in the CIPFA Code of Practice on Transport Infrastructure Assets - Guidance to Support Asset Management,
    Financial Management and Reporting (published March 2010).

                               Code and information on it's development                              
                               Supporting materials and spreadsheet                                  
                               WGA timetable paper and guidance (HM                                  

    IMPORTANT: Figures should be rounded to thousands (£'000s), and the 2010-11 figures in PP&E that feed into the Balance Sheet should still be Historic Cost in the L
    Pack and Statement of Accounts. Columns D, G and J MUST have a value in order for the Pack validations to pass. If you are a body that does not have Highways
    Infrastructure, or if you are unable to obtain the data to complete certain mandatory cells, please enter zeros in order for your Pack to validate. Please provide an explanation
    to support the entry of zero balances.

    This is for information purposes only, and is to capture the progress being made by local authorities on revaluing their Highways Infrastructure Assets for Gross
    Replacement Cost (GRC) and Depreciated Replacement Cost (DRC). Please be aware that in many cases local authority staff outside of the central finance team, such as
    asset management and engineering staff, are undertaking this work.

DATA REQUIRED: GRC, DRC & lands data estimates
    [These figures will be used as prior year comparatives in the 2011-12 full dry-run year (para 15 & 16 of WGA timetable paper)]

                                                                                                                       GRC less Depreciation (DRC)
    Highway Asset Types: (Level 1 categories                 Gross Replacement             Underlying               Depreciation            DRC estimate             percentage of
         defined in Table 4.1 "Classification of                Cost (GRC)              calculation basis                                                                work
         highway assets", para 4.2.3, pgs 24 to 26,               estimate             (select from drop-                                                             completed
         of the transport Code)                                                             down list)
                                                                     £'000                                              £'000                    £'000                      %
                                               Carriagewa                      -                                                                           -
                                               Footways +                      -          Default values                                                   -
                                               Structures1                                                                         -                       -
                                               Lighting1                                                                                                   -
                                               Traffic                                                                                                     -
                                               Street                                                                                                      -
                                            Land1                                                                         NA                               -
                                            Total                              -                                                   -                       -
                             Rounding Validation check: Ok

    1 These values are not populated from this spreadsheet
    * Structures depreciation data is not required in 2010-11 as the Structures DRC toolkit was not available at the time of preparation of the L Pack.

    Please provide an explanation of the plans and progress on the valuation work, including any comments you have in respect of the above. (Please keep within the space

CIPFA Questionnaire

    Please respond to the questions in respect of the CIPFA Code of Practice on Transport Infrastructure Assets and supporting materials below, using a scale of 1 to 5 as

                                       1 = Strongly Disagree; 2 = Disagree; 3 = Neither agree nor disagree; 4 = Agree; 5 = Strongly Agree

                                                                                                                                            Answer 1 to 5
 1. The tools to support the implementation of the Code are helpful and appropriate.

 2. All those who ‘need to know’ at this authority are aware of the Code and its requirements
    and implications, including senior management, finance practitioners and asset
    management/engineering practitioners.

 3. The financial and technical practitioners are clear about their roles and work together to
    produce the required information.

 4. This authority is actively working with other authorities in a regional group (or similar) to
    support and benchmark our work on asset valuation and implementing the Code.

 5. This authority will be able to fully implement the Code to the published timescales including
    a full, audited dry run in 2011-12 and full implementation in 2012-13.

 6. This authority has sufficient, appropriate and robust inventory data to implement the Code
    on the following assets:
    • Carriageways
    • Footways & Cycletracks
    • Structures
    • Lighting
    • Traffic Management
    • Land

 7. For the areas in question 6 where appropriate inventory data is not yet available, this
    authority is confident that plans are in place to gather this data and it will be available
    to fully implement the Code to the published timescales.

 8. This authority has sufficient, appropriate and robust condition or age data (as appropriate)
    to implement the Code on the following assets:
    • Carriageways
    • Footways & Cycletracks
    • Structures
    • Lighting
    • Traffic Management

 9. For the areas in question 8 where appropriate condition or age data is not yet available, this
    authority is confident that plans are in place to gather this data and it will be available to fully
    implement the Code to the published timescales.

10. This authority has a fully developed and implemented TAMP/ HAMP.

11. Are there any further issues arising from the Code or where more detailed guidance or exemplification would be helpful?
    (Please keep within the space provided)

                                                                                                                                                                                        End of Range
                                             Carriageway and Footway Gross Replacement Cost (GRC)
                                      to be used where footway extents are not assessed separately from carriageways

Notes for users
The spreadsheet uses HAMFIG default rates and widths, by inserting lengths of carriageway from your inventory the GRC is calculated
1. The R199B lengths should be inserted into the yellow boxes
  If a known length of dual carriageways is included within the R199B length - add this length to the R199B length to allow for the second carriageway
                                                                                                                                                                                             Notice for compilers - ONLY use this sheet if FOOTWAY extents are
 Any lengths of detrunked 'A' roads, which are not included within the R199B figures, should be added.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         not known
2. The HAMFIG default values for the GRC rates should not be varied.
3. The HAMFIG default values for widths may be altered if good, traceable, inventory data is available.
4. The rates are for a complete construction
   Carriageways - include all elements associated with the area of the carriageway and an allowance for footways associated with the road hierarchy
                   Carriageway unit rates are composed with an allowance for slip roads, roundabouts and other such features and therefore fully inclusive
   Linear items - include for kerbs, drainage, line marking etc associated with that road hierarchy - refer to Code for full list (Note this is different to Street Furniture)
   (Note that Linear Items are a different category to Street Furniture; Linear Items are calculated on this sheet and reported as part of the CW GRC whereas
   Street Furniture is a different asset type, calculated separately and included as a separate line on the Lpack return)
5. Fees for design; supervision and other costs associated with the construction element are included within the HAMFIG default rates
6. The GRC figure calculated is adjusted by selecting the 'Regional Factor' from the drop-down list.

Using This Sheet
            First a reminder:
               This is the sheet to use if you don't have good footway inventory. This sheet uses you carriageway inventory to produce an estimated footway value.
               This is the last year when this option will be available; in future years you will need to provide your own footway inventory information as defaults are withdrawn

                   Go to the 'Carriageway incl footway' tab
                    Step 1 Enter your R199b information with appropriate adjustments into the yellow cells in Column C
                    Step 2 Select your region in the Yellow cell that says 'Pick your region'
                    Step 3 The spreadsheet will automatically calculate your carriageway and footway GRC values these are displayed in the Summary box and automatically populated on the 'Add info - Hways Infr' tab
                              Note that Land unit rates and calculations are not provided in this spreadsheet. We are hoping to make these available soon but work is still in progress on this at the time of publication
                              HAMFIG will give further guidance on the use of the Land values as and when centrally provided rates are available
                              In the event that centrally provided rates are not available in time to support this year's WGA returns, you may either make local estimates of Land value or provide a 'null return' for this
                      Tip:    You MUST include a value in all yellow cells on this sheet
                      Tip:    You CAN change values in the blue cells IF you have good robust carriageway average width values for your network; otherwise you should continue to use the defaults provided
                      Tip:    You CANNOT change other cells on this sheet.

                   Go to the 'Add info - Hways Infr' tab
                              Note - this tab is a copy of the appropriate data entry sheet from this year's L Pack - the information request that HM Treasury will have sent to all LA finance departments asking for
                              Whole of Government Accounts information. This tab is designed to look exactly like the L Pack sheet so that information can be transferred from one to the other in the right format
                              to help eliminate some of the reporting errors that crept in last year.
                    Step 5 Transfer the information on this tab exactly as it appears to the appropriate sheet in the L Pack.
                      Tip:    You may choose to populate the rest of the data (structures, land etc) on this sheet or, if calculated elsewhere, you can put it straight into the L Pack
                      Tip:    If you are a highways team preparing returns to pass to your finance colleagues, you may find it easiest to fully populate this sheet, including the answers to the CIPFA questionnaire,
                              and pass the whole thing to your finance team for inclusion in the WGA returns. However you do it, engineering and finance staff should work together on this process.
                      Tip:    The Carriageway and Footway figures are automatically populated on to this tab but the other values such as structures and land must be entered manually

Version 1.1c - HAMFIG-2010/11

Version History:
                   Version 1c - Published April 2011 - first published version of the 10/11 sheet. Filename 2010-11 Cway incl Fway v1 rev9.xls
                   Version 1.1c - Published 3rd May 2011 - corrected error in one default width on v1. Filename 2010-11 Cway incl Fway v1 rev10.xls

                   Note this is Version 1.1c (Combinied) to distinguish it from Version 1.1s (for 'Separate'), the difference being the way in which the footways are handled, as described above.
                         INVENTORY DATA                                                                                                              CALCULATIONS
                    To be completed by compiler                                                                     Default extents should only be replaced by good quality, traceable, inventory data
                                                                                                                                     HAMFIG default GRC rates should not be varied

         CARRIAGEWAY                           FOOTWAY                          CARRIAGEWAY INCLUSIVE OF FOOTWAY                                           Linear items                                        FOOTWAY

                                                                   Carriageway                             GRC                                        GRC
                                                                      Width           Calculated           Rate                                       Rate
       Road                                                                              Area             HAMFIG             GRC Value               HAMFIG        GRC Value
   Classification                                                  Either default
                                                                                                        Default value                              Default value
                                                                   or own data
                                (Km)                                    (m)              (m2)              (£/m²)             (£,000s)                 (£/m)          (£,000s)

        M (All)                                                              10.8               -                160.91                    0              715.13                 0

       A Urban                                Good quality,                   8.7               -                158.39                    0              604.60                 0
                                           traceable footway
       A Rural                            extent inventory is                 8.0               -                112.85                    0              457.98                 0
                                          not available at this
                                                                                                                                                                                           Included within carriageway values because footway
       B Urban                              time, so footway                  7.2               -                151.72                    0              554.47                 0                   extent inventory is not available
                                          gross replacement
       B Rural                                cost has been                   5.2               -                100.16                    0              255.15                 0
                                           determined using
       C Urban                                default values                  7.2               -                133.80                    0              482.58                 0

       C Rural                                                                5.2               -                 79.92                    0              217.98                 0

     U/C Urban                                                                6.4               -                129.71                    0              352.39                 0

      U/C Rural                                                               3.8               -                 74.87                    0              166.08                 0

      TOTALS                      0.00                                                              -                                      0                                     0

Regional factors                                                                      SUMMARY
Northern Region                                           94.675    Inflation - 1st Quarter 2010 to 1st Q 2011                     1.03756
Yorkshire and Humberside Region                           95.725
East Midlands Region                                      94.675    Regional Factor
East Anglia Region                                        94.125    select Region
South East Region (excl Greater London)                  107.775     Region                 Pick your region                            0.000
Pick your region
Outer London boroughs                                    116.598                                                               £,000s
Inner London boroughs                                    124.502
Central London boroughs                                  131.419    Carriageway GRC (including linear items)                               0
South West Region                                         98.325
West Midlands Region                                      95.425    Footway GRC                                                            0
North West Region                                         93.900
Wales generally                                           97.325    Land                                                                   0

Version 1.1c - HAMFIG-2010/11

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