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									Program Rationale

          Inseason training goals are maximizing power, speed, rugby endurance/ stamina, and positional skill while
maintaining strength. Overtraining is a high risk with rugby due to short recovery times, substantial
musculoskeletal stresses with practice and games, and the necessity of aerobic endurance requirements of the
sport. Therefore attempts to hypertrophy or grow muscle size and strength will hinder the training effect and
performance of the rugby athlete. Muscle endurance and hypertrophy are goals of offseason strengthening
cylces. Position specific training will occur during positional practice and agility drills. Due to the nature of our
style of rugby, all players require similar lower body, upper body strength and power. Individual workouts are
unnecessary, but specific positions can benefit from additional strengthening exercise or drills. The specific
exercises and cycling of exercise groupings are modified from an elite rugby union in season strength and condition

Utilizing the training schedule

          This is the basic construct for the in season strength and conditioning training. It is specifically designed
to allow for the fullest volume of training with tapered intensity to allow for healing and match preparation. 2
strength days weekly target the lower body, upper body, and 1 strength day targets supporting muscle health of
the shoulders. Strength workouts are detailed below. 3 cycles with changing repetition max (RM) will allow for
variety, prevent plateau. 3 conditioning workouts are provided, with instructions for recovery workouts post
match day. Each conditioning workout specifies which activities to include corresponding the period of the week
approaching our match preparation.

Charleston Outlaws RFC
Inseason Training Schedule 2011

M                T                 W                 Th                F                Sa                Su

Strength 1       Team              Strength 2        Team              Strength 3       Match             Recovery
                 Training                            Training                                             Session
Condition 1                        Condition 2                         Condition 3

         Those able to commit fully will benefit substantially. Those that are unable to commit fully, are well
served to remain within the construct and adapt the program to suite their individual time alotment. This season
our commitment is to the 3 C's, 100%, and then 10% more. Individual differences exist, but if we each must
commit to our fullest in our preparations, our onfield performances will excel. I encourage teammates to work
togethor in local training groups as much as possible to improve workout energy and compliance.

Important side notes:

1. Injuries require special attention and likely rest. Talk to the trainer, Lance, or myself. See a professional.

2. Form is critical with the power lifts especially. Don't risk injury by powering through poor form or working
through growing joint or muscular pain.

3. Please let me know if you need some assistance with clarification of exercise or other technical questions.
4. Most importantly, don't discourage this program because of its incompatibility with your gym or schedule. If
you have something that works out well for you already, consider integrating this with your current routine as
much as possible.

Conditioning Sessions
Conditioning 1                           Conditioning 2                          Conditioning 3
Agility drills                           Plyometric training                     Light Jog
15-30 minutes                            10-20 minutes                           20-40 minutes pregame
Calisthenic Circuit                      Power hops in place 3x10                40-60 minutes on bye weeks
Pick 2 position specific drills          Squat jumps for distance 3x10           Stretching
                                         Bounding 2x10-15                        (30 second holds)
Rugby Running                            Power skip 3x10-15
15-30 minutes
Interval running                         Speed training
Jingle Jangles                           20 minutes

Recovery Session                         Missed Team Training                    Position Specific Considerations
Light Repetitive Movement                10 min warm up                          Positional specific drills, skills fit well
30-60 minutes                            20 min agility training                 into the agility workout with
-Light Jog                               10 min Burpee challenge                 conditioning day 1.
-Swimming                                20 min interval running
-Nordic trac or Elyptical trainer        (sprints 100%)
-Rowing machine                          10 min Jingle Jangles
Stretching                               10 min Stretch
15 minutes (30-60 second holds)
-Static Stretching

Strength Cycle 1
January 31-March 6                  * to be done as a circuit if possible, core work to be done after each circuit.
Session 1                                 Session 2                                Session 3
Week 1-2 6RM                              Week 1-2 6RM                             Weeks 1-2, 8RM
Weeks 3-4, 5RM                            Weeks 3-4, 5RM                           Weeks 3-6, 6RM
Week 5, 4RM                               Week 5, 4RM                              2-3 sets
3 sets                                    3 sets
Clean pull                                Bench Press                              Power clean (<6reps)
Push press                                Barbell Bench Row                        Ballistic push-up
Parallel back squat                       Standing dumbbell shoulder press         Resisted hip/knee drive
Lunge                                     One-arm dumbell row                      Incline Dumbell front raise
Romanian Deadlift                         Dumbell bicep curls                      Resistance tubing shoulder rotations
                                                                                   Single-leg calf raise
Strength Cycle 2
March 7- April 10                        * to be done as a circuit if possible, core work to be done after each circuit.
Session 1                                Session 2                                  Session 3
Weeks 1-2, 6RM                           Weeks 1-2, 8RM                             Weeks 1-2, 8RM
Weeks 3-4, 5RM                           Weeks3-4, 6RM                              Weeks 3-5, 6RM
Week 5, 4RM                              Week 5, 5RM                                2-3 sets
3 sets                                   3 sets
Power clean                              Incline dumbbell bench press               Split Jerk
Resisted hip/knee drive                  Bent over barbell row                      Bench Press
Push press                               Standing dumbbell shoulder press           Overhead full squat
Deadlift                                 One arm dumbbell row                       Bent over dumbell raises
Back extensions with barbell             Dips                                       Resistance tubing shoulder rotations
Dumbell step up                          Dumbell upright row                        Dumbell bicep curl

Strength Cycle 3
April 11- May 15      * to be done as a circuit if possible, core work to be done after each circuit.

Session 1                                Session 2                                Session 3
Weeks 1-2, 5RM                           Weeks 1-2, 6 RM                          Weeks 1-2, 8 RM
Weeks 3-4, 4RM                           Weeks 3-4, 5 RM                          Weeks 3-5, 6 RM
Week 5, 3 RM                             Week 5, 4 RM                             2-3 sets
3sets                                    3 sets
Clean pull                               Bench press                              Push Press
Overhead Squat                           Barbell bench row                        Ballistic push up
Split jerk                               Standing dumbbell shoulder press         Bent over barbell row
Parallel back squat                      One arm dumbell row                      EZ bar pull overs
Split squat                              Dumbbell bicep curl                      Dumbbell lateral raise
Romanian deadlift                        Dumbbell upright row                     Resisted tubing shoulder rotations
                                                                                  Single leg calf raise

Strength Cycle 4                         Strength 1p                              Strength 2p
Extended Playoffs                        3-5RM, 2-3 sets                          4-6RM, 2-3 sets
                                         Clean pull                               Power clean
                                         Overhead squat                           Ballistic push up
                                         Push press                               Split jerk
                                         Bench press                              Romanian deadlift
                                         One arm dumbell row
Conditioning Details
Rugby running
20-40 minutes

Interval Runnning
sprint:jog distance ratio initially 1:5 (tight five), 1:3 (backs, loose forwards) to 1:3 and 1:2 respectfully.
 (1:5= sprint 10m, jog 50 m)
*recommended sprinting distances 30-100m.


Jingle Jangles

Agility Drills
* more specifics coming for position specific drills.

Calisthenic circuit            Cone weave                      Cone Box Drills                 10 meter forward burst,
- high knees                                                                                   5 meter backpedal
-heel kicks                                                                                    Ladders.
- karioke
-drum majors
-reverse striders
-forward striders

Plyometric Circuit

Power hops in place 3x10
Squat jumps for distance 3x10
Bounding 2x10-15
Power skip 3x10-15
Speed work
20-30 minutes
* more specifics to follow

Sprint, walk to start, sprint 10,20,30,40,50 meters. 2-4x each.

Resisted running
Partnered short bursts 10-30 meters. Alternating position. 100 meters. Walk to start. Resume. 10 x 100 meters.

Mid to longer range speed
4-6x400 yds with 2 min rest between, 8-10x200 yards 1 minute rest between, or combinations.

Uphill running or stairs
1:3 work to rest ratios.

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