Central Alberta Men's Basketball Association by ajizai


									                                            Central Alberta Senior Men’s
                                              Basketball Association
The winning team is to fill out the following form and email a copy within 24 hours to:
     - CASMBA email address - casmba@shaw.ca
     - the team contacts of the opposing team - http://members.shaw.ca/casmba/team%20contacts.htm
     - The Red Deer Advocate – Danny Rode sports@reddeeradvocate.com

                                           Date of Game

                                          Home                         Guest
Team Name

Final Score
Leading Scorers                           1)                           1)
First, Last Name and points               2)                           2)
Players of the Game

                                Number of officials            On time Yes/No

Player/Team ejections/technical fouls

    - Do Not drop off or fax score sheets to Red Deer Advocate, but please keep until end
    of season.
    - Any emails regarding officials or facilities should be emailed to league only.

    - Failure to have this form completed and sent in within 24 hours of that game
      will result in a forfeit of that game and loss of future game.

                                          Central Alberta Senior Men’s Basketball Association

                                          3943 40 A Ave.
                                          Red Deer, Alberta
                                          T4N 2W9
                                          Website - http://members.shaw.ca/casmba
                                          Email - casmba@shaw.ca

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