Increased Authentication for Online Banking by liamei12345


									Increased Authentication for Online Banking
Your Credit Union is committed to helping members keep their Online Banking experience secure and to
safeguard them from fraud. For this reason we are implementing an enhanced feature to our online
banking system. This new system will provide you with an additional layer of protection for your
personal and financial information – without complicating your experience.

This feature requires you to select an image, write a security phrase, and select three security questions,
answers to which only you would know. This feature will work when you sign in to online banking from
any location; whether you are signing in from a public computer at local library or from your personal
computer in the comfort of your home; the increased security is there. This feature is mandatory for all

Getting Started
Registering for enhanced login security is quick and easy – just follow these steps on the computer you
use most often the next time you login to online banking:

1. Choose a personal image and caption for your account.
2. Choose three challenge questions and answers from the list provided.

You may also register the computer that you are using to login to online banking. When signing into
online banking on a registered computer, you will not have to answer your challenge questions. This
option is only recommended for computers that are not shared ie. Personal or Work computers
3. Verify your security image and questions and


Note: You may change your security information at any time after enrollment. There is a change option
under the Member Services Tab in Member Direct.

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