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									                     20s/30s Review Questions

1. Why was Henry Ford able to build cars       He used an assembly line.
cheaper and faster than before?

2. Who were the immigrant anarchists who       Sacco & Vanzetti
were executed despite lack of evidence?

3. Who was the single person most people       Herbert Hoover
blamed at the beginning of the Depression?

4. Who was the most famous crime boss in       Al Capone
Chicago during Prohibition?

5. Who was the famous trumpet player who       Louis (“Louie”) Armstrong
helped spread Jazz from New Orleans to the
North (his nickname was Satchmo or Satchel-

6. Who was President during the 30s and most   FDR (Franklin Roosevelt)
of the Great Depression?

7. Who was President at the end of the 20s     Herbert Hoover
when the stock market crashed?
8. Why were the 1920s called the Roaring 20s?     -- the number of changes

                                                  -- the reactions to changes

                                                  -- the economy was booming

9. Who challenged tradition in the schools by     John Scopes
teaching Evolution in the 1920s?

10. Who challenged tradition in society           Flappers
through fashion and behavior (group)?

11. Which President declared a “Bank           FDR
Holiday” and gave Fireside Chats on the radio?

12. Which is NOT true of Social Security?         a…

       it’s funded by income tax every April      The funds come out of workers’ regular
                                                  paychecks, NOT income tax filings
       it still exists today

       it pays old-age pensions to retirees

       it is in danger because of the Baby

13. Which “First Lady” was also a social          Eleanor Roosevelt
activist and acted as the eyes and ears for the
14. What were Roosevelt’s Three “R”s of his      Relief, Recovery and Reform
New Deal?

15. What was the Harlem Renaissance?             African-American expression through the arts
                                                 (starting in New York’s Harlem neighborhood)

                                                 Renaissance = rebirth (of culture)

16. What was (and still is) the purpose of the   Protects banks; restored the public confidence
FDIC?                                            in banks

17. What is the purpose of the SEC (Securities   They watch the stock market
and Exchange Commission)?
                                                 (notes “New Deal Reform Today” OR Chapter
                                                 26, Sec. 4)

18. What is purchasing stocks with borrowed      Buying on margin
money called?

19. Name two ways that people “escaped”          -- moving West from the Dust Bowl
from the Depression even if only temporarily?
                                                 -- they went to movies

                                                 -- they listened to radio

                                                 -- they went to amusement parks and sporting
20. Besides being “Flappers” what is another     They voted
way women’s lives changed during the 20s?
                                                 They worked more than before

                                                 They drove cars and went to college more than

21. Who had the most effective response to the   Answers will vary (choices are FDR, Hoover
Depression and why?                              or citizens) Make sure to give supporting
                                                 reasons why.

                                                 depression responses worksheet.doc

22. Harlem map                                   Harlem Renaissance Worksheet.doc

23. Crash to Depression chart                    See worksheet

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