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Premium List Irish Wolfhound Club of Canada


									                                                                                             OFFICIAL PREMIUM LIST
      Information from the Canadian Kennel Club
                                                                                        IrishWolfhound Club of Canada B.C. BRANCH
A ‘Listing Fee’ must accompany the Entry for a dog that is eligible for, but does
not possess, a CKC Individual Registration Number or, for foreign born, foreign
owned dogs, an Event Registration Number (ERN)

Every foreign born and owned dog that is entered in a Canadian Kennel Club
event must obtain an Event Registration Number (ERN) within 30 days of that          21st. REGIONAL SPECIALTY SHOW
event. An Event Registration Number Application must be completed and
submitted along with a copy of registration documents from a CKC recognized                                            with
foreign kennel club and the required fee. Download the Event Registration                       CONFORMATION, SWEEPSTAKES,
Number Application from the online forms section under CKC Services or con-                     ALTERED & UNOFFICIAL CLASSES
tact the CKC Order Desk at 1-800-250-8040.                                                   JUNIOR HANDLING - CONFORMATION

                        Notice to Canadian Exhibitors                                        Saturday 14 May 2011
                      who are NOT members of the CKC
                                                                                                      PEACE ARCH PARK
                  Non-Member Participation Fee
a)An annual non-member participation fee for awards and titles will be charged                         White Rock B.C. Canada
to a Canadian non-member of CKC. ($57.60)                                                                 OUTDOORS, RAIN or SHINE
b)In order to protect the awards/titles earned, the non-member will have a
choice either to become a CKC member or to pay the non-member participa-                                   ENTRIES CLOSE
tion fee. Failure to comply within 30 days of notification will cause all awards
and titles to be canceled.                                                              Thursday 28 April 2011 at 6pm pdt
                                                                                        to comply with CKC instructions we cannot accept, cancel or substitute
These fees apply only to dogs wholly owned by non-CKC members and are not                  any entry reaching our Show Secretary after the close of entries.
applicable to CKC members.”

For the 2011 BC Regional Specialty                                                     CONFORMATION                                   SWEEPSTAKES
The CKC has approved 3-6 month Puppy class for our Regional Specialty, with
3-6 mth puppies not competing for Championship points, but competing for                Susan Wilkinson                               Jodi Allward,
Puppy in Breed and onto Best Puppy in Specialty judging.                                 Hunacres IW                                    Wolfdane
                                                                                    Wickham, Hamps. England                        Elora, ON. Canada

                     Web Site:                                                                      Show Secretary
                         Canadian Kennel Club                                                                  Brenda Clark
                        200 Ronson Drive, Suite 400,
                                                                                                          9533 - 139th. Street,
                                                                                                      Surrey, BC, Canada V3V 5X7
                         Etobicoke, ON. M9W 5Z9                                                 Tel - 604-581-1958, Fax 604-582-7591
                             Tel 416-675-5511                                                           E-mail -
                             Fax 416 675-6506
                                                                                          This event will be held under Canadian Kennel Club Rules.
                                                                                                         Unbenched and Unexamined
Irish Wolfhound Club of Canada                                                                                               IWCC BC BRANCH PERPETUAL TROPHY LIST
President - Suzan Humphreys. Secretary - Christine Cardwell Treasurer - Brenda Clark
1st Vice President -Susan Prokopenko, 2nd Vice President - Judith Callender                                   The Perpetual Trophies listed here will remain the property of the IWCC BC Branch and will be engraved with the
3rd. Vice President - Fran Briscoe, Directors: Katy Albrecht, Anne Brockett, Judie Orsi, Guylaine Gagnon.     winner’s name. These perpetual trophies can never be won outright. Challenge Trophies have individual regulations
                                                                                                              which are stated in this list.
Alan McLeod
                                                                                                              BEST OF BREED: A Perpetual trophy is offered by the IWCC BC Branch for competition at the IWCC
BC Branch                                                                                                     BC Branch Annual Specialty. A keeper trophy will be offered by Fran & Peter Briscoe.
Secretary                            Pauline Dunn, 604-581-1958
                                                                                                              BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX: The Rainvale Perpetual Trophy is offered by Karen Brumpton for
Treasurer                            Brenda Clark, 604-581-1958                                competition at the IWCC BC Branch Annual Specialty Show. Karen Brumpton will offer a keeper
Show Chair 2011                      Sally Bradbury, 604-530-6361,
                                                                                                              BEST OF WINNERS: The Cnoccarne Perpetual Trophy is offered by Emma Ross for competition at
Show Committee                       Katy Albrecht, Ken & Alison Albrecht, Jim Bradbury,                      the IWCC BC Branch Annual Specialty Show. Emma Ross will offer a keeper trophy.
& Volunteers                         Fran & Peter Briscoe, Brenda Clark, Pauline Dunn, Eve Fleming,
                                     Jerry Holmes,Gavin Johnston, Cassandra Mann, Emma Ross,                  WINNERS MALE: The Jhanarh Kennels Perpetual Trophy is offered by Linda Rooker for competition
                                     Shirley Stokes, Carol Petersen, Carole Conlin- Peterson,                 at the IWCC BC Branch Regional Specialty Show. Jill Johanson Benoit and Dreamacres IWs will offer
                                     Helen & Brent York.                                                      a keeper trophy.

Trophy Chair                         Cassandra Mann, 250-743-3051                              WINNERS BITCH: The Greymist Perpetual Trophy is offered by William and Susan Turczyn for
                                                                                                              competition at the IWCC BC Branch Specialty Show. Bill and Susan Turczyn will offer a keeper trophy.
Equipment Manager(s)                 Brent York, Peter Briscoe, Jim Bradbury
                                                                                                              RESERVE WINNERS MALE: This Perpetual Trophy is offered by Katy Albrecht for competition at the
                                                                                                              IWCC BC Branch Specialty Show. Katy Albrecht will offer a keeper trophy.
Hospitality                          Pauline Dunn & Brenda Clark 604-581-1958 fpdunn@shaw,.ca
                                                                                                              RESERVE WINNERS BITCH: The Haro Irish Wolfhounds Perpetual Trophy is offered by Haro Irish
Advertising                          Brenda Clark, Fran Briscoe,              Wolfhounds for competition at the IWCC BC Branch Annual Specialty. The IWCC BC Branch will
                                                                                                              offer a keeper trophy
Sales & Auction                      Fran Briscoe 604-826-9149
Raffle/Baskets                       Katy Albrecht 604-434-8587                           BEST PUPPY: The Dey Perpetual Trophy is offered by John & Pauline Govaert in “Memory of
                                                                                                              William F Dey” for competition at the IWCC BC Branch Annual Specialty Show. The Govaerts will
Show Superintendent                  Karsten Kaemling, 75 Miner St, New Westminster, BC. V3L 5N2              offer a keeper trophy.
                                                                                                              BEST VETERAN : Cnoccarne Irish Wolfhounds is offering in memory of Ch. Bearnabui Tessagh of
Ring Steward                         Bev Atchison, 5943 - 252nd St. Aldergrove, BC V4W 1T4                    Cnoccarne a perpetual trophy for competition at the IWCC BC Branch Annual Specialty Show.
                                     604-856-8017                                                             A keeper trophy is donated by Jim and Ellen Kroll, August Irish Wolfhounds, in memory of
                                                                                                              Am Can Ch Kellcastle’s August Magnolia, FCh.
Official Photographer                Carol Petersen, Petersen Photography. Asst - Wendy Clack
                                                                                                              BEST CANADIAN BRED: The Garran Na Cu Perpetual Trophy is offered by Tim and Cassandra
Official Piper                       Dr. Roy Strang                                                           Mann for competition at the IWCC BC Branch Annual Specialty Show. Tim and Cassandra Mann
                                                                                                              will offer a keeper trophy.
Official Veterinarian                White Rock Veterinary Hospital, Dr Ross.
                                                                                                              BEST IN SWEEPSTAKES: A perpetual trophy is offered by Robert Ricard for the competition at the
                                     2460 - 152nd St. White Rock, 604-536-7618.
                                                                                                              IWCC BC Branch Annual Specialty Show. George & Judy Venikouas will offer a keeper trophy
Canadian Kennel Club                 200 Ronson Drive, Suite 400, Etobicoke, ON. M9W 6R4                      BEST BROOD BITCH & BEST STUD DOG: The Celticwind Irish Wolfhounds perpetual Trophies
                                     Tel. 416-675-5511 Fax 416-798-9671                                       will be offered by Carole Borgens for the Best Brood Bitch and the Best Stud Dog entered in the
                                     Interim CEO - Mrs. Leila Bahorie                                         appropriate class, at the IWCC BC Branch Specialty Show. Carole Borgens will offer keeper trophies.

CKC Director Zone 11 BC, SW          Margaret S. Jones.                                       ALTERED BEST OF BREED: The Lady Emma of Tyrconnell Memorial perpetual trophy is offered
                                     Phone - 250-743-4812 Fax 250-743-4807                                    by Brenda Clark and Pauline Dunn for competition at the IWCC BC Branch Annual Specialty Show.
                                                                                                              Brenda Clark and Pauline Dunn will offer a keeper trophy.

Contents                                                                                                      ALTERED BEST OF OPPOSTE SEX: A perpetual trophy in memory of Celtic Mystique will be
                                                            Page 9 - Sales and Trophy Fund Information        offerd by Shirley Stokes for competition at the IWCC Branch Annual Specialty Show. Shirley Stokes
Page 2 - IWCC Officers, BC Branch & Officials
                                                            Page 10 - Junior Handling Info and Entry Form
Page 3 - IWCC Classifications                                                                                 will offer a keeper trophy.
                                                            Page 11 - Catalogue Advertising Information
Page 4 - Info on Sweepstakes and Unofficial Classes
                                                            Page 12 - Information for US Exhibitors
Page 5 - Rules Governing the Specialty                                                                        BREEDER OF THE BEST OF BREED: The Wolfkin Perpetual Trophy in honour of CH Wolfkin
                                                            Page 13 - Entry Fees and Payment Information
Page 6 - Maps & Directions to Site from Peace Arch Border                                                     Zydeco BISS is offered by Casey Nesbitt for competition at the IWCC BC Branch Annual Specialty
                                                            Page 14 - Trophies and Prize List
Page 7 - Accommodation & Camping Information                                                                  Show. Casey Nesbitt will offer a keeper trophy.
                                                            Page 15 - IWCC BC Branch Perpetual Trophy List.
Page 8 - Lunch with the BC Branch Information
                                                            Back Cover - CKC Information for Exhibitors
                                                            IWCC CLASSIFICATION
                                                            The following OFFICIAL CKC classes are offered and WILL be divided by SEX
        TROPHIES AND PRIZE LIST                                   3 - 6 Month old Puppy (Special Class for 2011 only, no points awarded)
                                                                  JUNIOR PUPPY - 6 Months of age and less than 9 Months of age
                                                                  SENIOR PUPPY - 9 Months of age and less than 12 Months of age
                                                                  12 - 15 MONTHS - 12 Months of age and less than 15 Months of age
         TROPHIES, ROSETTES and SASHES                            15 - 18 MONTHS - 15 Months of age and less than 18 Months of age.
                 commemorating the
                                                                 CANADIAN BRED – For Dogs Born in Canada, Champions in any country excluded.
      IWCC BC Regional Specialty will be offered for
                                                                 BRED BY EXHIBITOR – For dogs owned and handled in the ring by the Breeder/co-breeder.

              BEST IN SPECIALTY (Best of Breed)                  OPEN – Shall be for all dogs.

                    BEST OPPOSITE SEX                            VETERANS – all dogs 7 years of age or over on the day of the show. (Specialty Shows only) Spayed or
                      WINNERS DOG                                neutered dogs may compete. Veterans Class entrants compete for regular placements and the 1st Place dog
                                                                 and bitch will go on to compete for Best of Breed.
                      WINNERS BITCH
                     BEST OF WINNERS                             SPECIALS ONLY – This class WILL NOT be divided by sex. A dog may be entered for “Specials Only” and
                        BEST PUPPY                               such a dog will compete for Best of Breed & Best of Opposite Sex Awards. Dogs must have a recorded CKC
                                                                 Registration or Event Registration Number (ERN). All Awards earned at the show will be canceled if, at the
                       BEST VETERAN                              time of closing of entries for the show, the dog was not registered individually in the records of the Canadian
                  BEST CANADIAN BRED                             Kennel Club or has not completed the requirements for a CKC Championship.

                    BEST SIRE AND GET                       NON-REGULAR CLASSES – dogs must be also entered in a regular class or for exhibition only.
                 BEST DAM AND PROGENY
                  BEST ALTERED IN BREED                          EXHIBITION ONLY - Dogs entered in this class may not compete in any of the regular classes.

                   BEST IN SWEEPSTAKES                           BRACE CLASS – shall be for two dogs of either sex. Dogs must enter one of the Regular classes, Specials
                        BEST BRACE                               Only or Exhibition Only. A Brace Team must be handled by one person on one lead.

                        BEST TEAM                                TEAM CLASS - shall be the same as for Brace Class except that four dogs are entered.
                 BEST THREE GENERATION
                                                                 STUD DOG/BROOD BITCH – for Stud Dogs + 2 or more of their get, for Brood Bitch + 2 or more of her
              BREEDER OF THE BEST OF BREED                       progeny.

                                                                  One exhibit from each generation, regardless of sex or ownership, exhibited from oldest to youngest.
                RESERVE WINNERS DOG, &                            Neutered or spayed, CKC or AKC registered Irish Wolfhounds are eligible. Each entry must make up
                RESERVE WINNERS BITCH.                            a three-generation pedigree. eg.:   IW#1 – a sire or dam of IW #2,
                                                                                                     IW #2 – a sire or dam of IW #3, son or daughter of IW #1
                   BEST VETERAN MALE                                                                 IW #3 – a son or daughter of #2, grandson/daughter of #1
                  BEST VETERAN FEMALE
                                                                 PARADE OF VETERANS – For any dogs over the age of 7 years old. Spayed or neutered dogs may
                    AWARD OF MERIT                          SEXUALLY ALTERED DOG CLASSES (Specialty Shows only)
                                                                These classes are judged by the Conformation Judge at the completion of the of the Best in
                                                                Specialty and before the Unofficial Classes. There is only one class for each sex.
               FIRST through FOURTH PLACE                       These classes are open to sexually altered Irish Wolfhounds over the age of 6 months.
                                                                All rules and regulations of the CKC Dog Show Rules shall apply to this class. All disqualifications shall
             in Regular and Non-regular classes                 apply (except for those which disallow sexually altered dogs from regular conformation competition). Judges
                                                                shall judge this class as though judging regular conformation classes. Withholding awards for lack of merit is
       and all entries in the PARADE OF VETERANS.               encouraged. Points may not be carried from the regular competition judging to the Altered Class judging

            (Parade Rosettes - Monogrammed)
                                                               CHAMPIONS AND CHAMPIONSHIP POINTS (CKC Chapter 20, Secs -1 &2)
           BEST OVERALL JUNIOR HANDLER                         A dog awarded WINNERS at a Championship show shall be credited with a number
                                                               of champion-ship points (ranging from 0 to 5) and the determination of the number of
            A Keeper Trophy is offered by the                  championship points to be credited to a dog awarded WINNERS shall be as provided
        MidWestern Branch of IWCC plus a Rosette               hereunder.
                                                               Number of Dogs Competing*                        1        2         3-5      6-9      10-12          13+
     A small prize will be offered to the Junior Handlers                   Points Allocated                    0         1          2       3         4            5
             First through Fourth Place Classes                *Includes the dog awarded winners
14                                                                                                                                                                               3
                                   SWEEPSTAKES                                                                    ENTRY FEES in C$ (send to Show Secretary)
                                                                                                               Brenda Clark 9533 - 139th Street, Surrey, BC Canada V3V 5X7
                              (Use the Official Entry Form)
                              JUDGE: Jodi Allward                                                    Regular Classes, Entry for Each Hound                                                   $27.00
    All Dogs over Three Months and under Eighteen Months of age on the day of the                    Sexually Altered Hounds, Entry for Each Hound                                           $25.00
    show shall be eligible to compete. All dogs entered in Sweepstakes must be entered               Puppy 3 - 6months                                                                         $8.00
    in a Regular Class at this Show.
                          Classes (Divided by Sex) will be as follows:                               Junior Puppy Class            6 - 9 months                                              $15.00
                           Over Three Months and under Six Months (NB - this class in 2011 only)
                                                                                                     Sire/Get & Dam/Progeny Classes                                                          $12.00
                           Over Six Months and Under Nine Months
                        Over Nine Months and Under Twelve Months                                     Brace, Team, 3 Generation Classes (each Class)                                           $12.00
                        Over Twelve Months and under Fifteen Months
                                                                                                     Unofficial Classes (Head, Gait, Fore Quarter/Hind Quarter etc.) - each Class             $12.00
                       Over Fifteen Months and under Eighteen Months
                                                                                                     Parade of Veterans (Please attach a tribute to your Veteran for the catalog)                 N/C
                                             PRIZES                                                  Exhibition Only (listing Fee required if applicable)*                                      $7.00
                                 25% of the Entry Fee
                                                                                                     Listing Fee*       for ERN Entries - see below                                             $8.30
                   will be retained by the Club for Administration
          BEST IN SWEEPSTAKES - 25% of the Entry Fees, Rosette & Trophy                              Sweepstakes - All Classes (except 3 - 6mth. puppy - $8)                                  $15.00
                     BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX IN SWEEPSTAKES                                             Prepaid Catalogue (NB $15 on site)                                                       $12.00
                         20% of Entry Fees, Rosette & Trophy
         FIRST IN EACH CLASS -5% of the Remaining Entry Fees & Rosette.
                    Ribbons Awarded for 2nd - 4th in each Class                                        * See the BACK COVER for important information re
                          There will be Prizes awarded for:                                                      Listing Fees , ERN & Tracking Fees
                      Best Junior & Best Senior in Sweepstakes
                          and Best Overall in Sweepstakes
                                                                                                                                 PAYMENT METHODS
                                                                                                       total fees must accompany your entry(ies). Calculate them carefully. No refunds for overpayments.

                                                                                                                    by CHEQUE OR MONEY ORDER WITH ENTRY -
                                   INFORMATION FOR                                                    please make payable to: IWCC BC Branch A penalty of C$35 charged on NSF Cheques
                           UNOFFICIAL CLASSES                                                                                 by PAYPAL at
                                Judge of Unofficial Classes                                                     (this payment goes directly into the IWCC BC Branch account)
                                        Jodi Allward                                                                    please put “Entry Fees’ in the message area and
                    These classes will be judged after the completion                                                 ADD $2.00 to total amount to cover handling costs
             of all the CKC Official Classes, Altered and Non Regular Classes                                                  by VISA (NB - only VISA accepted)
                                   Classes offered are:                                                               Enter your VISA information on the Entry Form and sign.
                         Best Fore Quarter - Best Hind Quarter                                                      Note: $5 will be added to the total amount to cover processing
                                  Best Gait - Best Head                                            You might prefer to FAX your entry form to 604-582-7591 Make sure it is legible and follow
                                        Best Type                                                  up with a telephone call or email to ensure hat we have received and can interpret it.
                                                                                                   Tel - 604-581-1958 or
               All dogs entered in these Unofficial Classes must be entered in
                        a regular class or exhibition only on this day,
                                                                                                                                 US Exhibitors - please read
               Rosettes and Prizes will be offered for the winner of each class.                                        US personal cheques must be for the full amount in US funds.
                                                                                                              Please do NOT mark personal cheques “Payable in Canadian Funds” or ”at Par” or
                                                                                                                               discount cheques or money orders. Thank you.

4                                                                                                                                                                                                          13
      INFORMATION FOR US VISITORS - PASSPORTS!                                                                    RULES GOVERNING THE SPECIALTY SHOW
    BORDER CROSSING by Vehicle. With ever increasing Security Measures at our                            Please Note - all communication regarding entries should be addressed to the Show Secretary.
National Border Crossings everyone in the vehicle is advised to carry at least two ‘proof                        No entry will be accepted unless all particulars called for on the Entry Form
of identity’ papers with picture ID. When entering into Canada, all persons must present                                   are completed in full. Incomplete Entries will be returned
proper photo identification and/or a valid passport to Canada Customs and Immigration                        Handlers and Agents please note name & addresses of all owners must be filled in.
                          at a border crossing or airport terminal.                                                                  d d d d d d d d d d d d d
     NOTE: A Rabies Certificate is required to bring a dog into Canada. Government                     The "Show-Giving Club" reserves the right to remove any person from the Show. The Show
Regulations require that this certificate MUST be dated at least 30 days prior to re-entry             Superintendent shall have full control of the event which will be governed by Canadian Kennel
                                                                                                       Club Rules. The Authorities of this show may decline to accept entries and may refuse to receive
                                        into the US.
                                                                                                       or may remove any dog from the Show on account of disease or viciousness.
        Please consider the possible increased “wait” times for border crossings both N. & S. Bound.
                                                                                                          No entry fees will be refunded if the Show cannot open or be completed by reason of riots,
                                                                                                       civil disturbances, fire, an Act of God, public emergency, act of a public enemy, strikes or any
                                                                                                       other cause beyond the control of the Club.
                                                                                                          The "Show-Giving Club" will use due care and diligence for the welfare of dogs and exhibitors,
                                                                                                       but will not be responsible for, or assume any liability in the event of accident, loss or other
                                                                                                       misfortune to either dogs, exhibitors or patrons.
                                                                                                          The welfare of an exhibitor’s child is assumed to be the responsibility of the exhibitor. It is
                                                                                                       distinctly understood that exhibitors will exercise control and restraint over their children during
                     A Reminder -                                                                      these shows.
                                                                                                          The owner of a dog entered in the Show is entirely responsible for any error in entering the
   that using this park is a privilege for our club.                                                   dog, regardless of how or by whom the entry was made.
                                                                                                          Exhibitors are solely responsible for the conduct or actions of their animals while they are on
   Please live up to our reputation from previous                                                      the show grounds. All dogs must be kept on leash.
            years, and leave the site in the                                                              Exhibitors are responsible for cleaning up after their dogs.
                                                                                                          Dogs are to be exercised in DESIGNATED AREAS only.
     same wonderful condition that we find it.                                                            Any dog excused by the Show Superintendent or the Veterinarian for any reason shall not, after
                                                                                                       being excused, compete in any class for any award for the balance of the Show.
                                        Thank You                                                         Any person, either within or outside the judging ring, who does anything calculated to attract
                                                                                                       or distract or otherwise affect in any way the attention, or deportment, or performance of a dog
                                                                                                       under judgment, may be disciplined by the Discipline Committee in whatever way it considers in
         For directions to the Peace Arch Park see pages 6 & 7                                         the best interests of the Club, or the Judge may take summary action.
                                                                                                          Dogs need only arrive 15 minutes before scheduled judging of their breeds and may be
                                                                                                       excused when not required for further judging. Exhibitors are reminded that they must have their
                                                                                                       dogs at ringside when needed for judging. If a dog is not at ringside after being called 3 times it
                                                                                                       will be marked absent. No ring will be held up waiting for exhibitors or handlers.
                                                                                                                                    d d d d d d d d d d d d d
                               PLAN NOW FOR 2011
                              Come to the                                                                                               CKC Dog Show rules state that:
                                                                                                          a judge officiating at a show held under these rules shall not be subjected to indignities of
                   Irish Wolfhound Club of Canada                                                          any kind during the progress of the show. It shall be the duty and obligation of the Club
                          40th Specialty Show                                                                           holding the show to see that this rule is effectively carried out.

                       September 17 & 18, 2011
                                                                                                          NOTE: It is the responsibility of the exhibitors to be familiar with the Canadian
         Back at Southside Park and the Quality Hotel & Suites                                          Kennel Club Show Rules pertaining to the event in which they are competing. The
                         Woodstock, Ontario.                                                            Conformation Show Rules and Regulations are available from the Canadian Kennel Club,
                                                                                                                            Email - Website
                       Specialty Judge - Ika Peiler                                                                                Tel 416-675-5511 Fax 416-675-6506
                                                                                                                                        200 Ronson Drive, Suite 400,
                   Sweepstakes Judge - Robin Pline                                                                                   Etobikoke, ON, Canada M9W 5Z9
                          Contacts for details:
            Web page - IWCC or                                                           The show precincts are 30 feet outside of the Outdoor Rings.
                                                                                                                  The Show Precincts are all areas & facilities reserved for
                                                                                                                        the exclusive use of the IWCC & BC Branch
12                                                                                                                                                                                                        5
         DIRECTIONS TO PEACE ARCH PROVINCIAL PARK                                                  Catalogue Advertising
    This park is situated on the Canada U.S. Border at Hiway #99
                                                                                               ‘Advertising’ in the Catalogue can encompass
    To access it from the South, cross the International Border at the Peace
                                                                                      a wide variety of uses in addition to Commercial Advertisments
    Arch Crossing, and once into Canada, turn left (West) at the first corner
    you come to (less than 1/2 mile). After you have turned, the gate to the    As an Irish Wolfhound lover you can
    park is approximately 200 yds on the left.                                     - send Greetings, Best Wishes and Challenges to Fellow Competitors
    To access it from the North, head south on Highway 99 and take the exit        - advertise your Kennel, your Web Site
    marked for the Peace Arch Park, head west for about 200 yards, and you         - show your past IW Champion(s)
    will see the gate on your left.                                                - show us your ‘new kids’
                                  See you at the Park                              - pay a memorial tribute to a hound you have lost.
                                                                                   - provide pleasure with a beautiful ‘IW moment’ photograph
                                                                                   - advertise a service or product you provide or reccommend

                                                                                The cost is not high
                                                                                   Full Page (7”x10”) with one photograph $30.00
                                                                                   Half Page (7”x43/4”) with one photograph $20.00
                                                                                   Extra photographs $8 each Business Card $10.00
                                                                                   Inside Covers - $50.00. Ask re reproduction in colour.

                                                                                Sending your copy for reproduction
                   Watch for the Rt.turn
                   onto Beach Ave -------->                                        Submissions for reproduction may be sent as:
                 Beach Ave
                                                                                   Hard copy- eg a photograph for scanning with written message
                                                                                   Digital - on a disk
                                                                                   Digital - via email as an attachment
                                                                                   Photos as - tiff .jpg .eps or
                                                                                   We will set up your ad and submit to you for approval.
                                                                                Send your Advert material to :
                                                                                   Brenda Clark,                               Fran Briscoe,
                                                                                   9533 - 139th Street, Surrey, BC.            34637 Timbercove Road,
                                                                                   Canada V3V 5X7                      OR      RR#3 Mission, BC Canada V2V 4J1
                                                                                   604-581-1958                                604-826-9149

                                                                                   Your full name and address,including Postal Code,
                                                                                   Telephone number and Email.
                                                                                   Cheques made payable to: IWCC BC Branch
                                                                                   PayPal - to (please mention ‘Advert’ in the message area)

                                                                                           Deadline 28 April 2011
6                                                                                                                                                                11
                                                                                                                               ACCOMMODATIONS NEAR THE BORDER
                                  BC Branch Specialty
                                           JUDGE - Jodi Allward                                                           Pacific Inn, 1160 King George, Hwy, White Rock, BC. 604-535-
Without Fee - only dogs entered in this show or “for Exhibition Only” are eligible to be entered in the Junior Handling   1432 Langley Motor Inn, 21653 Fraser Hwy.Langley, BC. 604-533-
 The junior handling competition for conformation is offered just prior to or after, the lunch break.
                                                                                                                          Ramada Inn, 19225 #10 Hwy, Surrey, BC 604-576-8388
 The Judge is Jodi Allward. Entries will be accepted by mail or fax until April 28, 2011 at 6pm to the
 show secretary or at the desk prior to 11am. on the day. Junior handling is open to all persons                          RV CAMPSITES
 from four years up to but not including eighteen years of age. All dogs must also be entered in an                       Hazelmere RV Park, (
 Official Class or Exhibition only at this Specialty Show and Trial. The dogs need not be owned by                        18843 - 8th. Ave, Surrey, BC. 604-538-1167
 the junior handler.                                                                                                      Pacific Border RV Park (www.pacificborderrvparkcom)
 Pee Wee                 4 to 6 years of age as of December 31st of the competition year.
                                                                                                                          67 - 175A Street, Surrey, BC. 604-538-1727
                         OPTIONAL & NON-COMPETITIVE.                                                                      Peace Arch Park, (
 Junior Novice           7 years of age and up to and including 11 years of age as of December 31st of the                14601 40th. Ave, Surrey, BC. 604-594-7009
                         competition year who have not won 6 first places in the same class with competition.
 Junior Open             7 years of age and up to and including 11 years of age as of December 31st of the
                                                                                                                          Seacrest RV Park, 865-160th St., White Rock, BC.
                         competition year who have won 6 first places in the Novice Class with competition or             604-531-4720
                         any handler wishing to enter this level.
                         It is understood that once the handler has entered and competed in the Open Class he/
                         she may not compete in the Novice Class again.
 Senior Novice           12 years of age and up to but not including 18 years of age as of December 31st of the
                         competition year who have not won 6 first places with competition in the same class.
 Senior Open             12 years of age and up to but not including 18 years of age as of December 31st of the                                                                 HAZELMERE RV PARK
                         competition year who have won 6 first places with competition in the Senior Novice
                         Class, or handlers who have been previously classified as an Open Handler
                                                                                                                                                                                along 8 Ave.    >
                         (for the Junior and/or Senior Open classes), and for any handler who has progressed                                                                    at 188th Street
                         through the Junior Open level and feels that he/she has enough experience
                         to compete at this level. This class is also for handlers who have
                         received some type of monetary consideration for showing a dog
                         (at the Junior or Senior level). Once a handler competes in the Senior
                         Open Class he/she cannot compete in any other level.

                       Prizes will be awarded to all competitors in the PeeWee Class
                                             BEST OVERALL
              A Keeper Trophy is offered by the MidWestern Branch of IWCC plus a Rosette

                       JUNIOR SHOWMANSHIP ENTRY FORM
                                IWCC BC Branch Saturday 14 May 2011
      Name of Junior Handler


      Tel # & Email

      Class                                                  Sex

       Date of Birth

10                                                                                                                                                                                                  7
                         IWCC BC Branch                                                                   Things Irish and Wolfhound

                    Irish Wolfhound Specialty
                         Saturday 14 May 2011
                    Peace Arch Park, White Rock, BC
                                LUNCH with the
                                 BC BRANCH
               We are really looking forward to seeing you at our Specialty
                        and hope that you will join us for lunch.
     Metro Catering, an experienced Dog Show group, will once again be providing
     service throughout the day. Starting at 7am have a hearty breakfast and coffee for
     $5.00 from the Metro Catering trailer situated in the parking lot.
     Then join the BC Branch for a Buffet Lunch with choices to suit all tastes and ap-      Fran has been searching for enticing,appealing and
     petites. Such things as Barbequed Salmon & Chicken, Chicken and Veggie Wraps,               interesting items. She has found some too!
       Lasagna, Salads and more plus Desserts, Fruit, Yogurt and a selection of drinks.
       Eat what you like, as much as you like and enjoy a picnic at Peace Arch Park.                 We urge you spend some time at our
                                                                                                Sales Tables and be tempted by what you see.
                    A lunch ticket will cost you $20 (CA & US$)                           Lots of choices for the IW owner and lovers of Celtic Art.
                        Children under 10yrs $10 (CA & US$).
                      purchased from the IWCC BC Branch
          Although Lunch tickets will be available at the site on May 14 from our
    Wandering Hospitality Ladies it is helpful to have some idea of numbers before that
    date. Please Email me at or telephone 604-581-1958 or Fax 604-
           582-7591and let me know how many of you will join us for Lunch.
     OR fill in the reservation below and mail to me with your cheque made out to                         IWCC BC BRANCH
                          IWCC BC Branch. Thank you so much.
                                                                                                            Trophy Fund
      Please reserve Lunch for _______ persons                        Brenda Clark             We thank you heartily for your support in the past.
                                                                     9533 - 139th St.
      Names ______________________________                                                             Your generous donations have helped
                                                                   Surrey, BC, Canada                        defray our trophy expenses.
      ____________________________________                               V3V 5X7          We hope for and welcome your support this year so that we may
                                                                    Tel. 604-581-1958
      ____________________________________                                                           continue to offer trophies worthy of the
                                                                    Fax 604-582-7591
                                                                                                        Irish Wolfhounds that receive them.
      ____________________________________                           Thanks                  To donate to the fund please make your cheques payable to
      ____________________________________                          everyone.                             “IWCC - BC Branch” and send to
                                                                    See you on                                    Cassandra Mann
      Total Adults _____@$20 = __________                                                                    2353 Renfrew Road, RR#1
                                                                     14 May
      Total Children ____@$10 = ___________                                                           Shawnigan Lake, BC, Canada, V0R 2W1
                                                                                                Telephone - 250-743-3051 Email -
8                                                                                                                                                         9

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