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					                                                                 AS Vocabulary Quiz

          The following words are perhaps not as difficult but still problematic for some students.

                                                         access                   modify
                                                         approach                 orient
                                                         assume                   perspective
                                                         attitude                 policy
                                                         challenge                portion
                                                         coast                    prior
                                                         code                     range
                                                         conduct                  rely
                                                         consume                  reverse
                                                         gender                   subjective
                                                         inequality               supplement
                                                         instruct                 transform
Education            Science and         Business             Social issues        The arts             Your IRP topic

          Choose 10 vocabulary words from the list above. Using correct
                   word form,
                   spelling, and
                   collocation and
                   appropriate definition,
          write a sentence using one of the IELTS topic headings OR your IRP topic. You are encouraged to use as many different topic
          headings as you can.
          Each sentence will be worth two marks based on the criteria above. You may use your notes but not a dictionary.

IELTS/IRP topic       word                 Sentence (underline word and , where necessary, collocate)

Example:              approach             The Singaporean approach to substance abuse is simple: they hang all drug traffickers.
Social issues
1. Historical         assume               The ancients assumed that the globe was not round.
2. Social issues      challenge            It is really a challenge for a 5-year old child to take care of himself completely.
3. Biology            interpret            Scientists had been trying to interpret the genes to codes for hundreds of years.
4. Health issues      supplement           Multi-vitamins is a kind of helpful supplement of vitamins that are necessary for a
                                           human being
5.   Social issues    gender               Everyone in society is equal whereas what gender he/she is.
6.  Natural           rely                 Human beings are exploring too much energy sources that they have been relied on for
    issues                                 thousands of years.
7. Geography          coast                People living in the coasts of seas enjoy a rainy weather.
8. Psychological      attitude             The efficiency of a team-work partly depends on the attitudes of its members
9. Psychological      subjective           There are subjective causes of his mental desease.
10. Social issues     range                The age of this people who commits this activity ranges from 10 to 23.