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					             Guelph Figure Skating Club
                 Boots and Blades
                               Winter Session 2007 – 2008

           elcome to our Winter Session! We
                                                     We will be looking for volunteers to help in a
           have over 350 skaters enrolled in our
                                                     number of areas, all of which are necessary for
           winter session. We offer the
                                                     the success of this show. These areas include:
opportunity for all skaters to learn how to skate
                                                     publicity, costume distribution and repairs,
in a positive and fun environment.
                                                     ticket sales, picture day organization, ice
                                                     captains, den parents, props and more.
We thank our team of dedicated and hard
working coaches for their contributions to our
Club program.                                        Dates to Remember for 2008
                                                     Rhapsody on Ice
Rhapsody on Ice                                      Registration begins November 17th

Over the next few months we will be gearing up       Practices will take place during the month of
for our 53rd Ice Show taking place Sunday,           March 2008.
March 30, 2008 at the Sleeman Centre. The
Ice Show has long been a tradition of our Club.      Mark Sunday, March 30, 2008 on
It allows all our skaters the opportunity to         your calendar!
showcase their skating skills for their family and

The GFSC will be operating a coffee table, with
some great treats for sale upstairs Saturday
morning November 10th, November 17th,
December 1st and December 15th. We will have
information about the ice show and registration.
                                                     How would you like to be an instant star by skating
                                                     a solo number in our Ice Show???
For those new members who are not familiar
with our ice show, it’s a very special end of the    It could be a dream come true if you are the
year event in which we showcase all skaters          winner of our Star Search Raffle.
from the KidSkate, CanSkate, AdultSkate,
STARSkate and competitive programs.                  Anyone registered in the Ice Show, from
                                                     Intermediate to Competitive is eligible for the
All club skaters are eligible and invited to         raffle.
participate. There will be a registration fee,
which covers practice ice, Sleeman Centre ice,       The lucky winner will perform a solo in the Ice
coaching, and costume rental.                        Show in addition to their group number. This
                                                     solo number will be choreographed by a
                                                     coach during the 3 weeks of ice show
                                                   Louise Enns             Paige Gibson
New to the Club                                    Tamara Jean Graham      Becky Hill
   •   Make sure your child has a helmet,          Mikayla Hooper          Melissa Huang
       mitts, splash pants, and skate guards.      Justin Macorin          Amanda Pifko
   •   Remember to take your child to the          Rebecca Nelles          Claire Sheehy
       bathroom before they get on the ice.        Ryan Sheehy             Meagan Turcot
       Coaches cannot take them to the             Nicole Turcot           Carla Zonneveld
   •   Parents are asked to stay in the upstairs
       viewing room while their kids are on the    Bursary Show
   •   The coaches will indicate to you if your    On Sunday, October 28th at the West End
       child needs you.                            Recreation Centre, the GFSC held its 10th
   •   Please make sure you child wears            annual Bursary Show. In attendance that
       his or her name badge every time he         evening, were families and friends of the
       or she skates.                              GFSC’s competitive skaters who compete at a
   •   When you registered you paid for            sub-sectional or All-Ontario level as well as
       fundraising tickets. Please return the      those participating in the Western Ontario
       stubs to the black box in the viewing       Development Program and the Club’s Fast
       room.                                       Track program.
   •   No gum or candy on the ice.
   •   You will notice that the KidSkate           Bursary Awards were given to Matthew Raco,
       CanSkate coaches are helped out by          Britney Hogg, Sarah D’Aoust and Rebecca
       older Program Assistants (PAs) who          Nelles.
       volunteer their time. These helpers
       receive instruction with regards to their   Raffle Prize Winners:
       duties on the ice and are there to help
       the on-ice coaches with the younger         Blue skating dress - Alexandra Hooper
       skaters.                                    Entertainment gift basket - Noah Ghomeshi
                                                   Food gift basket - Anna Li
                                                   Bar fridge - Don Creed
Program Assistants                                 Purple skating dress - Zoe O'Grady
                                                   Custom made dress - Rianna Fadelli
Thank you, to all the wonderful Program
Assistants (PAs), who help keep our KidSkate                       Our Stars
and CanSkate sessions running smoothly. Not
only do these skaters give our coaches a hand
in demonstrating skills and teaching our new
skaters how to skate, but they are also
excellent role models for many of our future
skaters. The Guelph Figure Skating Club
appreciates the hard work of all our program
assistants and considers them a great asset to
our group programs.

A great big thank you goes to our program

Emily Birkett
Sarah D’Aoust
                         Katie Butt
                         Alyssa Durigon
                                                   CanPower Skate
Guelph Figure Skating Club offers the only                 quickly and you will have lost your
national regulated power skating program in                investment
Guelph.                                                •   Moulded plastic or vinyl skates are not
                                                           recommended-they are cold and don’t
CanPower Skate is an action-packed, high                   offer the support that is needed
energy instructional power skating program             •   If buying used skates, make sure there
geared to hockey and ringette skaters that                 are no wrinkles
focuses on balance, power, agility, speed and
endurance. Skills, techniques and conditioning         How they should feel
drills are taught in a progressive format that
emphasizes how the skills apply to game                •   Skates should fit snugly around the
situations. CanPower Skate provides an                     ankle and heel with some room to
alternative to figure skating and is an excellent          wiggle your toes
complement for those athletes playing on               •   There should be no looseness or
hockey or ringette teams. Its unique skill award           creases in the boot
program provides incentives and motivation for         •   The tongue should be well padded and
skaters to continue to achieve.                            wide enough to cover the front of the
                                                           ankle and stay in place
CanPower Skate is geared to skaters aged               •   Walk around in the skates off the ice;
approximately six or older who already have                they should feel comfortable.
basic forward and backward skating skills.
They must be able to skate the length of the
                                                    Taking care of your skates
rink using alternate strides and are able to stop
on command without the use of the boards.
For safety reasons participants should wear full       •   Moisture should be wiped off the
hockey/ringette equipment that is CSA                      blades, soles, and leather uppers of
approved. The coach to skater ratio is 1:10.               skates after each skating session in
                                                           order to prevent rusting and maintain
                                                           the leather.
                                                       •   Skates should be allowed to dry
                                                           thoroughly when not in use, do not keep
                                                           skates in a sealed bag between
                                                       •   A beeswax preparation can be applied
Tips                                                       periodically to help “waterproof” leather
                                                           soles, such as Sno-Seal.
                                                       •   Scuffs to leather uppers can be
Whether you’re buying new or used skates, the
                                                           minimized by use of boot covers or
proper fit is imperative. Your skates are your
                                                           removable tape, such as SK8tape.
only piece of equipment so the fit, comfort and
                                                       •   Always wear skate guards to protect
support are essential to your skating
                                                           your blades when walking on hard
enjoyment. There are many brands of skates
on the market each with different features and
benefits. Also every skater has a different            •   Cloth blade covers should be used to
preference. Be sure to try on as many as you               protect blades when skates are not in
can so that you find the perfect pair.                     use.
                                                       •   Remove skate guards when skates are
   •   Never buy skates more than ½ size
                                                       •   As a rule of thumb, blades can be
       larger than your foot measures -
                                                           sharpened after 25-30 hours of use.
       otherwise the skate will break down too
   Frequently Asked
How old should my child be before he or
she starts skating?

Generally most children are ready to learn to
skate between the ages of 3 and 5. The
decision to start them in a program depends on
their attention span and their level of interest in
skating. It's important to make sure that the
skates fit them properly and that their ankles
are well-supported.
                                                      Family Funskate
How often should my child be skating?
                                                      Tuesday, December 18th
This depends on the program. It is enough for         5:30 pm – 7:30 pm
children in the KidSkate program to skate one
half hour per week to introduce them to the love      Come out and enjoy the family Funskate,
of skating. Ideally, skaters in the CanSkate          Yummy Treats and a visit by someone special.
badge programs should skate at least twice a          Each family attending is asked to contribute to
week in order to make progress. Generally,            the Food Bank basket upstairs in the viewing
these skaters are working towards some                room.
personal goals which may involve figure
skating, hockey or ringette. Senior figure
skaters will train more often, and sessions will      Volunteers Needed
be longer depending on training goals.
                                                      Volunteers are the backbone of our Club and
                                                      unfortunately, they are declining in numbers.
Santa Claus Parade                                    We recognize that with the increasing demands
                                                      on families, it is difficult to find time for yourself,
On Sunday, November 18th, the Fast Trackers,          never mind finding the time to volunteer.
Star A, Star B, and Competitive skaters entered
a float in the Santa Claus parade. We would           There are many ways in which to volunteer at
like to thank the Raco family for donating the        our Club. Volunteering does not require a large
use of their trailer and truck for the parade.        commitment, just any spare time you are able
                                                      to give. There are many different ways to
                                                      volunteer without leaving your home. Often
                                                      time volunteers are need to do phone work,
                                                      count Zehrs or Ultra Mart tapes or contact
                                                      sponsors to solicit donations.

                                                      There are many benefits to volunteering with
                                                      the Guelph Figure Skating club. Volunteering
                                                      can bring you into contact with all kinds of
                                                      people and the opportunity to make some new
                                                      friendships along the way.
By volunteering you will not only be helping the
Club but you will be helping your child in this        Looking for Skating
                                                       Supplies and
                                                       Here is a listing of businesses in the area that
                                                       provide skating services:

                                                       Skates and Apparel
                                                       Edee’s Place – 1180 Wallace Ave N, Listowel
                                                       Edith Adams

Don’t forget to put the return stubs from the          Apparel
fundraising tickets you received the first night of    Sue’s Place
skating into the black box upstairs at Exhibition      259 Grange Rd, Guelph
Arena. You don’t want to miss out.                     519-836-8609

                                                       Skate Sharpening:
Fundraising                                            Edee’s Place – 1180 Wallace Ave N, Listowel
Thank you to all of you who participated in our
Elmira Poultry fundraiser.                             Edith Adams

                                                       Daniel Porty – 17 Chesterton Lane, Guelph
The Elmira Poultry orders will be delivered
Saturday, December 1 in the morning. More
details will follow on the time.
                                                       Good’s Pro Shop/Central Auto Supply
                                                       27 Fountain St E

                           On Ice Etiquette
                           Right of Way Etiquette
                              1. Skater having solo played has right of way
                              2. Private lesson skater
                              3. Group lesson skater
                              4. Skater not in Lessons

                           Spins practiced in the middle of ice
                           Jumps performed near the end of ice
                           Common respect for all
                              Non Skating Days
    Saturday, November 24th

    Saturday, December 8th 9:30 am – 12:00 pm (KidSkate & CanSkate)

    Holiday Break:

    Friday, December 21st through to Friday, January 4, 2008

    Skating resumes on Saturday, January 5, 2008

Emma Chiera         Cassandra Pakula-Martin   Aidan Delodder    Kassia Morgan
Daniel Fadelli      Abby Keesmaat             Myles Smith       Iman Aziz
Emma Keesmaat       Alec Digby                Garrett Smith     Cheyanne Page
Alex Cattran        Peter Vorvis              Emma Tutt         Olivia Zhang
Kyiah Marroni       Siena Davidian            Jacky Luo         Bridget Wilson
Ashton Sutherland   Derek Stulp               Connor Mulder     Liam Zonneveld
Sydney Watson       Sascha Woolcott           Kathleen Zhang    Ella Cummings
Alex Klassen        Aidan Marroni             Cole Bromley      Ben Potter

Emma Chiera         Garrett Smith       Cheyanne Page     Cassandra Pakula-Martin
Henry Peirson       Peter Vorvis        Jacky Luo         Bridget Wilson
Connor Mulder

Emma Chiera         Joanna Hui          Jessie Lu         Annette Whitaker
Peter Vorvis        Theodora Peirson    Lisa Yan          Aspen Hall
Conner Mulder       Lauren Zonneveld    Vanessa Garaffa   John Raggente

Yi Li Xu            Theodora Peirson    Sophia Klassen

Sydney Zonneveld
Summer Skate 2007
Thornhill, Ontario - August 16 - 19, 2007

Juvenile Pair
Aveline Pearson & Matthew Raco - 1st

Fall Festival Invitational
Hamilton, Ontario September 28 – 30, 2007

Emilie Renaud - 8th

Juvenile Pair
Aveline Pearson & Matthew Raco - 1st

Sarah D’Aoust - 8th

Britney Hogg - 1st

Octoberfest 2007
Barrie, Ontario October 11 – 14, 2007

Juvenile Pair
Aveline Pearson & Matthew Raco – 1st

Pre-Novice Women
Sarah D’Aoust - 8th

Pre-Novice Women
Rebecca Nelles – 9th

Charles Dover Memorial Invitational
Norwich, Ontario November 3 – 4, 2007

StarSkate Junior Bronze
Victoria Clayton – 1st
       Inclement Weather Information              Safety, not just on but around the Rink!

Snow storms or hazardous driving conditions       Please be aware of the area at the back of the
may result in cancellations to program            arena where the zamboni enters and exits the
sessions. Please tune in to CJOY (1460 AM)        ice. To avoid an accident, keep your children
or Magic 106 FM (106.1 FM) for GFSC news          away from this area at all times.
about cancellations. Updates will also be
posted on our website and on the club’s           A reminder that NO skaters are to be on the ice
voicemail. Refunds or “make-up” sessions will     during flooding.
not be given for cancellations due to inclement

 Board Members
 President                     Kirsteen Birkett
 Vice-President                Jennifer D’Aoust
 Secretary                     Vacant
 Treasurer                     Manuela Sheehy
 Can-Skate Liaison             Dallas Hall
 Coaches Representative        Wendy Dempsey
 Test Chair                    Lynn Harrison
 Fundraising                   Vacant
 Skater Development            Vacant
 Publicity                     Vacant
 Director At Large             Vacant
 Administrator                 Chris Turcot

 Upcoming events

                                                   •   Week of December 10th - Red or Green
 •   Test Night – Monday, November 26              •   Ice Show – March 30, 2008
 •   Family Skate Night – December 18th

           Guelph Figure Skating Club
     P.O. Box 774, Guelph, Ontario N1H 6L8
             Telephone 519-763-8500
              Fax 519-763-4182

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