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                       LORNE COMMUNITY HOSPITAL
                           NURSING DIVISION
                         POSITION DESCRIPTION

Registered Nurse Grade 5

Position Title             :   Registered Nurse Division One (After Hours Co-
Classification                 Registered Nurse Grade 5 (25-50 Beds)
Appropriate Award          :   In accordance with the Nurses ( Health Services)
                               Award 2007 2011 & current EBA
Qualifications             :   Registered Nurse Division 1
                               ALS current
                               Desirable to hold tertiary qualifications or working
Responsible to             :   Director of Clinical Services
Hours of Duty              :   As per contract of Employment
Liaison with               :   Members of the Organisation Team
                               Visiting Medical Staff
                               Allied Health and other Health Professional
                               Hospitality Manager
                               Administration Officer
External Liaison               As per contracts with other agencies
                               Regional emergency service providers (RAV, CFA,
                               Emergency Departments at major hospitals
                               Major Events Medical Teams
Appraisal Process          :   Performance review within first 6 month then
                               annually or as determined by the Director of Clinical
Position Objectives        :   Responsible for the management of the organisation
                               in achieving the organisations objectives. To ensure
                               resources available are utilised effectively for the
                               delivery of all services, consistent with policies and
                               procedures of the organisation and utilise the
                               flexibility of resources within budget constraints.
                      Leadership and Planning
                      Personnel Management
                      Patient Care
                      Clinical standards
                      Customer service
                      Resource utilisation
                      Quality & Risk Management
                      Infection Control
                      Occupational Health & Safety
                      Equal Employment Opportunity
                      Personal and professional development

KEY RESULT AREAS will be jointly set with Director of Clinical Services and will form


   1. Leadership
         a) Key Statement The After Hours Nurse Co-ordinator will exhibit
            leadership behaviours and provide a professional role model.
         b) Key Tasks Ensure that every staff member is treated fairly, equitably and
            not subject to any form of harassment.
            Ensure all staff are aware of appropriate and acceptable standards of
            behaviour considering rights and responsibilities under the state and
            federal legislation.
            Ensure that open communication occurs between all levels of the
            Support the role and values of all staff within the organisation.
         c) Key Indicators Evidence of positive contribution to operational plans.
            Provide monthly reports as per individual portfolio.
            Each position to be delegated an organisation project / portfolio which
            supports organisation vision and strategy, will provide evidence of
            Implement changes to achieve the organisations vision in relation to
            Portfolio / Quality Improvement Activities.
            Evaluate project / portfolio that individual staff member has led to achieve
            organisation’s objectives.
            Bi annual leadership and management audits and action plans.

   2. Planning
         a) Key Statement After Hours Nurse Co-ordinator will work collaboratively
            with all employees to assist with operational plans.
         b) Key Tasks Responsible for planning, coordinating and evaluating
            individual portfolios.
            In collaboration with other staff members participate in the development
            of operational plans.
            To identify key planning issues and scope best practice in relation to
            service delivery for the organisation.
       c) Key Indicators Takes part in developing the organisation’s operational
          plans supporting the Lorne Community Hospital strategic direction.
          Assist with evaluating the operational plan and reporting outcomes.
          Report on the portfolio progress monthly with an annual evaluation and
          action plan.
          Written report on all scoped projects as allocated.

3. Personal Management
      a) Key Statement After Hours Nurse Co-ordinator will act in a professional
         and ethical manner at all times whilst on duty, whilst maintain
         confidentiality of all organisational information.
      b) Key Tasks Evaluate own practice through annual performance planning
         and review.
         Practicing in accordance with the philosophy, objectives, policies and
         procedures of the Lorne Community Hospital.
         Being an effective and positive role model for staff.
         Effective communication and liaison with all service staff and other health
         Attend and actively contribute to the proceedings of multi-disciplinary
         team meetings.
         Ensure that appropriate standards of services are maintained through
         active participation in Quality Improvement Programs.
         Contribute to the well-being of people in the local region through
         participation in Counter Disaster Activities. Attend and assist in the
         facilitation of training sessions and exercises to develop the necessary
         skills required in the event of a disaster and or major incident is

       c) Key Indicators Document annual performance of professional activities.
          Evidence of practice within the requirements of relevant legislation and
          the philosophy, objectives, policies and procedures of this Service.
          Evidence of active participation in Quality Improvement Activities.
          Record of all activity of Counter Disaster & Mock role plays and training.
          Maintain an up to date written record of self development activities.

4. Patient Care
      a) Key Statement After Hours Nurse Co-ordinator will facilitate and co-
          ordinate patient / client / resident care whilst on duty.
      b) Key Tasks Treat all patients with care, compassion, dignity and respect
          at all times and without compromise
          Ensure that all patients receive timely, accurate, up to date information in
          respect of their overall health status and health management plan.
          Ensure that all residents / patient’s & clients are involved in the decision
          making process about their health management program, and maintain
          Privacy and Confidentiality.
          Ensure that effective communication occurs with all patient and their
          relatives in relation to their health management from staff and health
       c) Key Indicators Demonstrate key role in reviewing clinical policies and
          procedures as scheduled.
          Undertake clinical audits as allocated and report to Best Practice
          Committee / Clinical Services.
          Evaluate compliance and effectiveness of at least five clinical polices and
          procedures per annum following review process – e.g. individual
          questionnaire for staff.
          Report results of questionnaire too appropriate committee (As above).
          Facilitate review of current policies and procedures and report, to the
          appropriate committee to maintain best practice of clinical delivery.

5. Clinical Standards
       a) Key Statement After Hours Nurse Co-ordinator will encourage on going
          review of the effectiveness of care admission and discharge planning.
       b) Key Tasks To be familiar with and review nursing practice policies and to
          make recommendations for their expansion and revision as necessary.
           Maintain current clinical nursing skills in all areas.
          Assist as required in patient care in ward areas.
          Resolve patient problems and complaints ensuring relevant
          documentation is completed and communicated to the Director of Clinical
       c) Key Indicators Maintain annual competencies and provide evidence on
          annual basis.
          Record clinical activity and case studies as highlighted in education
          Document any clinical complaints, and actions that have been taken to
          address the issue at the time of complaint.

6. Customer Service
      a) Key Statement After Hours Nurse Co-ordinator will address all customer
         issues out of hours and report each issue to the Director of Clinical
      b) Key Tasks Take responsibility and action for customer complaints and
         forward to appropriate Executive Sponsor (CEO or DCS) as soon as
         Attend and participate in operational meetings as a member of the Senior
         Nursing Team.
         Liaise with external agencies as required to maintain day to day
      c) Key Indicators Complaints / reportable events in relation to customer
         feedback in reported is a timely manner.
         Positive resolution of issues / complaints evident.

7. Resource Utilisation
      a) Key Statement After Hours Nurse Co-ordinator shall assist in the
         planning for material resources, in collaboration with Director of Clinical
       b) Key Tasks Ensure appropriately qualified and experienced staff are
          rostered on the shift to match the clinical requirements within the
          allocated budget.
          Ensure appropriate supplies are available to maintain the efficiency and
          effectiveness of the organisation within the allocated budget.
          Assist in the development of operational plans.
          Ensure that operational plans are implemented in accordance with
          executive directive.
          Demonstrate skills in budget management, principles and practice.
          Participate in determining the needs and selection of, new additional or
          replacement equipment.
          Monitor sick leave and absenteeism and prepare report to Director of
          Clinical Services
       c) Key Indicators Report variations in supplies, or stores processes, and
          action taken.
          Variation report to be provided if clinical resources and skills mix are
          compromised due to mismatch of current workload, action taken is to be
          Active participation in operational business plans.
          Skills in budget strategies demonstrated in decision making eg: co-
          ordination of portfolio’s.

8. Quality & Risk Management
     a) Key Statement In line with Lorne Community Hospital policies and
          After Hours Nurse Co-ordinator is responsible for maintaining quality and
          controlling risks throughout the service during non- business hours.
     b) Key Tasks Ensure quality patient / resident / client care, and customer
          satisfaction through the monitoring of accepted guidelines and standards
          adopted by Lorne Community Hospital.
          Ensure regular and effective audits are undertaken that are relevant to
          service delivery.
          Ensure that safety systems are in place throughout the service
          Ensure true causes of work- related injuries or near misses are identified
          through relevant processes, and a preliminary report is to be forwarded to
          Director of Clinical Services
     c) Key Indicators Percentage of workplace incidents reported according to
          policy standards
          Report on regular clinical audits and outcomes from those
          Evidence of all quality improvements projects lead or team member

9. Infection Control
       a) Key Statement After Hours Nurse Co-ordinator is responsible for
           minimizing exposure to incidents of infection / cross infection to residents
           / staff / visitors and general public outside of business hours.
       b) Key Tasks Ensure that all employees minimise incidents of infections
           and are aware of all Policies and Procedures as set out in the Regional
           Infection Control Manual and DHS reference material.
           Ensure that all infections / incidents are reported as per Infection Control
           Policies and Procedures, and that reporting is completed in a timely
           manner and at the appropriate level in the organisation
          Maintain knowledge and skills in the area of Infection Control.
       c) Key Indicators Report on any incidents or Infections as per policies of
          the organisation.
          Demonstrates participation in operational Infection Control planning and
          achieving minimum infection control incidents.

10. Occupational Health & Safety
      a) Key Statement After Hours Nurse Co-ordinator shall adhere to the
         principles of Occupational Health & Safety and ensure all appropriate
         actions are taken by implementing OH & S policy and procedures.
      b) Key Tasks Ensure all appropriate actions are taken to implement OH&S
         policy, procedures.
         Monitor activities, review and report OH & S performance within area of
         Review any OH & S related reports
         Actively consult with staff OH & S representatives, particularly on any
         workplace changes which have an OH & S component.
         Actively initiate actions to improve OH & S. & participate in the resolution
         of OH & S issues.
         Hold staff accountable for their OH & S responsibilities as documented in
         position descriptions and monitor their OH & S performance.
         Initiate actions to improve OH & S, actively participate in the OH & S
         program and promote a culture of safety.
         Actively encourage safe practice and promote a safe environment.
         Knowledge of all emergency and evacuation procedures and ability to
         instruct other staff member of these procedures e.g. fire & emergency
         Participate in workplace inspections and audits for the organisation
      c) Key Indicators Monthly report will reflect OH & S issues that have
         occurred during shifts responsibility, and action taken.
         Riskman items are to be managed in a timely & appropriate.
         The action taken following evaluation of OH & S identified issues.
         The reduction of OH & S employees injuries by 10% per annum.
         Quality Improvement activities that highlight OH & S issues and the action
         taken to reduce risk.
         Induction documentation, training content and records of employees.
         Seventy five percent of attendance to OH & S, Best Practice and Clinical
         Service meetings.
         Report on the number of Mock Emergency conducted, and outcomes of

11. Equal Employment Opportunity
      a) Key Statement After Hours Nurse Co-ordinator shall maintain a sound
          knowledge of and commitment to the Lorne Community Hospital’s Equal
          Employment Opportunity policies and procedures.
      b) Key Tasks Demonstrate an understanding of the Lorne Community
          Hospital Equal Opportunity Policies and Procedures.
          Demonstrate suitable behaviour towards fellow employees being fair, non
          – discriminatory and free of harassment.
          Take early corrective action for inappropriate behaviour and handle
          complaints promptly, seriously and confidentially.
       c) Key Indicators Prompt reporting of EEO incidences.

12. Personal & Professional Development
       a) Key Statement After Hours Nurse Co-ordinator shall demonstrate
          professional and personal development.
       b) Key Tasks Contribute to educational programs in accordance with
          experience and knowledge.
          Maintain and promote awareness of the ethical and legal implications of
          nursing practice.
          Maintain current professional knowledge and skills.
          Participates in the annual appraisal process or at intervals as deemed
          necessary by the Director of Clinical Services.
       c) Key Indicators Participate in annual appraisal
          Evidence of all education conducted and attended annually.
          Evidence of articles and text read and summary of each (12).
          Maintain an up to date written record of self development activities.


   Registered Nurse (AHPRA)
   Advanced Life Support Competency
   Well developed communication and interpersonal skills
   Take a leadership role in daily issues
   Well developed problem – solving abilities.
   Demonstrated ability to manage change and ambiguity.
   Commitment to flexibility and innovation in practice including an evidence –
   based approach to care.
   Demonstrated ongoing commitment to professional development.
   Demonstrate intermediate computer skills.
   Demonstrated reporting ability, including both written and verbal presentation

   Relevant tertiary qualifications or working towards within 6 months.
   At least one year experience in Emergency Nursing.

   Experience in a middle management position (Grade 3 or greater) in the Public
   Five years clinical experience within the Public Sector.
   Management experience within acute ward area.

    Appointment shall be provisional on the successful outcome of a police check
    and will be subject to a 6 month probationary period.
All employees are required to abide by the rules of the Lorne Community Hospital Code
of Conduct.

Position specifications are subject to review at the time of appraisal or at any other time
mutually agreeable whilst the incumbent occupies the position.

   The Australian Council on Healthcare Standards
   Aged care Standards
   Lorne Community Hospital Policies and Procedures
   Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency

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