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PLC Agenda _ Minutes


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									PLC Name: Chemistry                                           AGENDA                                                PLC Focus
Date: 7/19/11                                      1. Create CFA#1                                              Common Learning
Attendance:                                        2. Discuss CFA#1                                               Targets
Jewyl Alderson Clarke                              3. Work with Sub on lesson                                   Common Lesson
Sabina Fresquez                                       planning                                                    Planning
Melizza Lozano                                                                                                  Common Strategies
                                                   4. Discuss common strategies to
Duke Raley                                                                                                      Common CFA’s
Mr. Gillchrest (SUB)                                  use this week
                                                                                                                Data Analysis
                                                                                                                Re-Teaching
Missing: Price (in physics PLC)                                                                                 Interventions

Action Steps
 Task (Target Sub-Groups)                      Products/Summary of Findings

 Create & Discuss CFA#1                        We created our first CFA and discussed the questions, deciding
                                               which standards to cover.

                                               Taught sub the lesson for tomorrow & Friday
 Work with Sub

 Common strategies                             Today we all used Think-Pair-Share. We discussed other
                                               strategies, and how we would use them like “My Turn, Your Turn”
                                               , “Tap Reading” “vote with your feet” “own your pen” and how to
                                               use the whiteboards.

 Next Steps (by next week, at the next meeting, and beyond; whole group or individuals)
               Task                                     Who                                              By When
  Find a date for a Chem Pullout                   Team & Lizarraga                                 Suggest by next PLC

      Create versions of CFA                                  Duke                                     Next Wednesday

              Copy CFA                                  Each Teacher                                     Next Thursday

  Enter CFA into Data Director                                Duke                                     Next Wednesday

         Tutoring Schedule                               Admin Team                                             ASAP

Reflection Step 1: individual’s think and ink below.   Step 2: share out in structured discussion to take up to ______ minutes. Please

 We need to know about tutoring right away. At a minimum we need one 1.5 hour tutoring for Lab
 Makeup. We would like to have this tutoring on Thursdays with Mr. Raley. Last year we were allowed
 to have 2 after school tutoring sessions and 2 lunchtime sessions, so we know there will be cutbacks, but
 the Lab Makeup needs to be a priority.

 We also need a class set of whiteboard markers for Ms. Lozano so she can use her whiteboards.

 Our current Science Budget is about 1/3 of Bonita’s budget. Why? Where is the money going? We
 should have the same budget as a similar school just down the road.

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