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					                                        Plante Moran Financial Advisor
                                               Financial Planner

   If you are looking for a JOB, try another firm. We ONLY offer CAREERS.
            WARNING: Be sure to read through the following in its entirety. After all, this is only your career you’re working with.
                            We don’t play around with something as fragile as this. We care about your CAREER!

Finally, a place where you can safely invest in your career…
For 13 consecutive years, Plante & Moran has been recognized as one of the nation’s “100 Best
Companies To Work For” by FORTUNE magazine — providing unsurpassed opportunity and an
unequaled culture to talented, self-motivated individuals who have a passion to serve and a hunger to
thrive. It's hard to explain what makes a great firm. We think it has to do with the people, our benefits,
and the overriding culture that guides them. It's a unique balance of achievement, teamwork, caring, and
an unofficial "relatively jerk-free" policy. It makes us different. It makes us better. It helps us thrive.

There’s no place like Plante & Moran.
Outsiders know Plante & Moran as the 12 largest public accounting and business advisory firm in the
nation. Insiders know us as the place where opportunity thrives. At Plante & Moran, we define
“opportunity” with three simple words: Challenge, Experience, and Growth. By diligently finding ways to
insert these concepts into our work, we keep staff at every level of our firm on a steady path to the top of
their game and the realization of their professional and personal goals.

Check out what’s involved in the position!

With $6.7 billion of assets under management, Plante Moran Financial Advisors is one of the nation’s
largest independent registered investment advisors according to Financial Advisor magazine’s 2011 RIA
rankings. Plante Moran Financial Advisors serves as a trusted advisor to high net worth individuals,
family business owners, and corporate retirement plans helping them build, manage, and preserve their
wealth. Its integrated affiliate services include investment consulting, financial planning, trust, insurance
consulting, estate planning, business succession, and tax planning. Plante Moran Financial Advisors is an
affiliated entity to Plante & Moran, the nation’s 12th largest certified public accounting and business
advisory firm, providing clients with financial, human capital, operations, strategy, technology, and family
wealth management services.

Full time entry level positions for Financial Planning will be based throughout Michigan and Ohio.


       Generating and reviewing performance reports and presenting recommendations to Relationship
       Performing recurring quality control procedures on account activity (assuring mutual fund trades
        and wires with appropriate custodians have taken place, distributions to the client, etc.)
       Developing documentation required by Relationship Manager (asset allocation schedules,
        detailed/summary performance statistics, comparison of actual performance to client policy,
        graphs of performance history and other related schedules) on a timely basis
       When appropriate, attend client meeting to present recommendations
       Handling of miscellaneous Family Wealth Advisor team assignments. May also participate with
        various practice development, resource gathering and research assignments

Do you have what it takes?


       High integrity
       Strong client service orientation
       Self directed; displays initiative; self-starter with entrepreneurial spirit
       Professional and approachable demeanor with a friendly interpersonal style
       Assertive, self-confident, must be objective and able to take development feedback and learn
        from it.
       Organized; high attention to detail; likes to prioritize and multi-task
       High energy and ability to thrive in a challenging environment characterized by interruptions and
        multiple competing demands


       Knowledge of financial markets, stocks and investment strategies is highly preferred. Must
        display leadership skills and interest in investments & financial planning through coursework and
        school affiliations (finance association, mutual fund/stock projects, etc...)
       Interest and goal to achieve CFP or CFA certification after graduation.
       Candidates are required to be enrolled in a four-year university with a concentration in Finance,
        Economics, Accounting or other business related curriculum. Personal Financial Planning
        coursework is highly preferred. Expected graduation date with bachelor’s degree should be winter
        2011 or spring 2012 to coincide with beginning career in January 2012 or August 2012. Minimum
        GPA preferred is 3.5.


The skills, knowledge and abilities that are desirable in a candidate that would enable an individual to
excel in this position include:

       Computation skills necessary to review, monitor &/or generate on a daily, monthly, quarterly &/or
        yearly basis:
             o performance reports and schedules
             o tax returns
       Analytical ability required to:
             o understand capital markets, mutual funds and other investment portfolio tools
             o review and comprehend strategic and tactical investment strategies (including goals, time
                  horizon and risk tolerance)
             o comprehend financial independence projections and assist the relationship manager with
                  the development of the Investment Policy Statement -review, recommend and establish
                  accounts with institutional sources
             o coordinate/follow-up with mutual fund transfers
       Ability to coordinate information flow with multiple sources (relationship managers, senior
        financial planners, operations, researchers, clients, bankers, attorneys, other CPAs, etc.)
       Technology skills including those required to be proficient with portfolio management software
       Strong interpersonal and communication skills required to:
             o promote positive working relationships with diverse personalities/roles at all levels in the
                  firm and among clients
             o explain and interpret accounting/financial information to non-financial people
             o communicate opinions in a fact-based manner and ask concise targeted questions
So, what’s the catch…

Of course, that’s not all! You may have what it takes, but as with any career opportunity, there are
expectations of the position.


We are looking for those who are willing to spend the time and go more than the extra mile. If you are
willing to comply, then move on to the next step.

                                          Inquiring Within
Why wait, when you can play a major role in developing your career!
If your background experience matches the qualifications of this position and you are interested in
pursuing this career, then inquire within. You never know where the next click may take you; it could
potentially lead you to the career you have always desired!

Last, but not least…
The specific statements shown in each section of this description are not intended to be all-inclusive.
    They represent typical elements and criteria necessary to successfully perform the job.
    We only accept electronic applications. Therefore, only those who apply following the two step
       process will be considered:
            o EMAIL your resume to UT COBI Business Career Programs via Dr. Terribeth Gordon-
                 Moore at referencing Financial Planner
            o Submits their resume at; uploads their unofficial transcripts; fills
                 out the assessment; and completes their Candidate Information Form.
    Plante & Moran does not accept unsolicited resumes from search firms or employment agencies.
       Plante & Moran will not pay a fee related to unsolicited resumes received from search firms or
       employment agencies and the unsolicited resumes will become the property of Plante & Moran.
       Plante & Moran will not agree to any contrary terms related to unsolicited resumes.
    Only candidates selected for interviews will be contacted by a staffing consultant.
    All candidates must be legally authorized to work for any employer in the United States without
    Plante & Moran does not discriminate in employment opportunities or practices on the basis of
       race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, disability, or any other characteristic protected
       by law.

Thanks for expressing interest in this career opportunity and also interest in Plante & Moran.

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