Beer Glycemic Index

					                                 THE GLYCEMIC INDEX
           The best way to keep insulin and blood sugar levels low is to eat carbohydrates that
rank low on the glycemic index. This index shows the rate at which carbohydrates break down as
sugar or glucose in the bloodstream. Foods with a high-glycemic index release glucose into the
bloodstream quickly, causing a rapid rise in blood sugar and a subsequent rise in insulin. Low-
glycemic foods usually contain more fiber and release glucose into the bloodstream at a slower
        When you eat high-glycemic foods, enjoy them— just be sure to mix them with healthy
fats, protein and lower-glycemic carbs so you can prevent insulin spikes. If you do that, you’ll not
only preserve your insulin, but your HDL “good” cholesterol will become higher and you’ll pro-
tect your blood vessels. And here’s an added bonus: You’ll lose weight!
                                     High                         70 percent and up
                                     Moderate                     40 percent – 69 percent
                                     Low                          39 percent and below
   Note: There’s a 10–15% variation in these numbers, depending on the standards used to define the index.

       RAPID INDUCERS         OF INSULIN                           MODERATE INDUCERS OF INSULIN
 Glycemic index greater than 100 percent                     Glycemic index between 60 and 69 percent
   Puffed rice              40 percent bran flakes                Raisins                   Pizza
   Corn flakes              Rice Krispies                         Oranges                   Couscous
   Beer                     Rice Chex                             Spaghetti (white)         Wheat kernels
   Puffed wheat             Tofu (frozen dessert)                 Spaghetti (whole wheat)   Beets
   French baguette          Millet                                Pinto beans               Apple juice
   Instant white rice       Cheerios                              Macaroni                  Applesauce
   Jelly beans                                                    Rye (pumpernickel)        Popcorn
                                                                  Full-fat ice cream
       Glycemic index of 100 percent
   Glucose                  Whole wheat bread                Glycemic index between 50 and 59 percent
   White bread              Bagel                                 Potato chips              Sucrose
                                                                  Barley                    Yam
Glycemic index between 90 and 99 percent                          Green banana              Custard
   Raisins                Watermelon
                                                                  Lactose                   Dried white beans
   Grapenuts              Muesli
                                                                  Peas (frozen)
   Carrots                Shredded Wheat
                                                                  Par boiled rice (Uncle Ben’s)
   Parsnips               Apricots
   Barley (whole meal)    Corn chips                         Glycemic index between 40 and 49 percent
   Nutri-grain (Kellogg)                                          Sweet potato              Apples
   Puffed Wheat (Quaker Oats)                                     Navy beans                Baked beans
                                                                  Peas (dried)              Butter beans
Glycemic index between 80 and 89 percent                          Lima beans                Rye (whole grain)
   Rolled Oats              Corn
   Oat bran                 Rye (whole meal)
   Honey                    Ripe banana
                                                                     REDUCED INSULIN SECRETION
   White rice (long grain)  Mango                            Glycemic index between 30 and 39 percent
   Brown rice               Papaya                                Pears                     Milk (skim)
   White potato (baked)     Bran Chex                             Tomato soup               Milk (whole)
   Orange juice (concentrated)                                    Black-eyed peas           Yogurt (low fat)
                                                                  Chickpeas                 All-Bran
Glycemic index between 70 and 79 percent
   All-Bran                 Buckwheat                        Glycemic index between 20 and 29 percent
   Kidney beans             Oatmeal cookies                       Lentils                   Peaches
   Wheat (coarse)           Waffles                               Fructose                  Grapefruit
   Oatmeal                  Kiwi                                  Plums                     Cherries
   Chocolate                Fruit cocktail (Del Monte)            Dried peas
                                                             Glycemic index between 10 and 19 percent
                                                                  Soybeans                  Peanuts

                                                     HeartSense                                                 1

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