5th PRIVATE BANKING SUMMIT by linzhengnd



28th and 29th August 2006 | Kongresshaus, Zurich                                               30th August 2006 | Kongresshaus, Zurich

PA N E L I S T S AND S P E A K E RS                                                               POST-CONFERENCE DAY
                 [ K E Y NO T E ]                              EDUARDO LEEMANN
                 CLIVE C R BANNISTER
                 HSBC Holdings plc,
                                                               AIG Private Bank Ltd., Zurich
                                                                                                  FAMILY OFFICE
                                                                                                  Challenges in Succession,
                 BENOÎT DUMONT                                 HANS NÜTZI                         Governance and Issues
                 J.P. Morgan (Suisse) SA,                      Bank Leu Ltd, Zurich
                 Geneva                                                                           for the Ultra Wealthy

                 BÉNÉDICT G.F. HENTSCH                         ALAIN ROBERT                       SPEAKERS FROM
                 GEM Global Estate                             UBS AG, Zurich                     Baker & McKenzie, Zurich
                 Managers SA, Geneva                                                              Farrer & Co, London
                 Banque Bénédict                                                                  Fleming Family & Partners, London
                 Hentsch & Cie SA, Geneva                                                         Herbert Smith LLP, London
                 MAG. SUSANNE HÖLLINGER                        ERIC G. SARASIN                    Maslinski & Co Ltd, London
                 Erste Bank der oesterreichischen              Bank Sarasin & Co. Ltd, Basel      Privatbank IHAG Zurich AG, Zurich
                 Sparkassen AG, Vienna                                                            Scorpio Partnership Ltd, London
                                                                                                  Whitehead Mann Ltd, London

A D D I TI O N A L S P E A K E R S F R O M                     [CHAIR]                            [CHAIR]
                                                               PROF. TEODORO D. COCCA             NICHOLAS DALE
ABN AMRO Private Banking, Amsterdam
                                                               University of Linz                 HSBC Guyerzeller Bank Ltd, Zurich
Accenture AG, Zurich
                                                               PROF. XAVIER OBERSON
Bank Julius Baer & Co. Ltd, Zurich
                                                               University of Geneva
Bordier & Cie Banquiers Privés, Geneva                                                            Knowledge Partner
Coutts Bank von Ernst Ltd, Zurich                                                                 of the Post-Conference day
Credit Suisse, Zurich
EFG International
KENDRIS private AG, Zurich
Rahn & Bodmer Banquiers, Zurich
Royal Bank of Scotland Asset Management Ltd, London                                               FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT
Simon-Kucher & Partners, Zurich                                                                   WWW.PRIVATE-BANKING-SUMMIT.COM
                                                                                                  OR CALL US +41–44–288 94 53

Sponsored by                                          Co-Sponsor                                  Media-Partner
Introduction                                                                                                                                2

GROWTH AND COMPETITIVENESS                                                                   Panelists, Speakers and Chair

         From both the domestic and the international perspective, private banking                      Clive C R Bannister
finds itself in the midst of ruthless competition. The efficient exploitation of new                    Group General Manager and CEO,
markets in Europe, South America, the Middle East and Asia requires onshore                             HSBC Group Private Banking,
strategies that offer greater flexibility than any traditional offshore approach can                    London
provide. Where is an onshore strategy necessary and how can it be implemented
in a cost-effective way? Does the future, in fact, belong to the niche providers?                       Martin H. Bidermann
Or are there better ways to achieve differentiation and sustainable growth?                             Partner,
                                                                                                        Rahn & Bodmer Banquiers,
        Data from authoritative sources indicate that by 2008 the world’s weal-                         Zurich
thiest families will control more than USD 40 trillion – equivalent to 10% of the
world’s gross domestic product (GDP). Where will this new growth come from?                             Gregoire Bordier
How will the demands of this sought-after target group develop? Which strate-                           Managing Partner,
gies are most likely to win their confidence – and their business?                                      Bordier & Cie Banquiers Privés,
       Attend and take advantage of an unparalleled chance to learn about
these new and emerging opportunities.                                                                   John Carrell
        We are looking forward to welcoming you.                                                        Farrer & Co,

                                                                                                        Prof. Teodoro D. Cocca
                                                                                                        Chair for Wealth and Asset
                                                                                                        Management, University of Linz,
Claudia Gabriel                                           François Schaller                             Linz
Editor in Chief, Schweizer Bank                           Editor in Chief, Private Banking
                                                                                                        Nicholas Dale
                                                                                                        Member of the Enlarged Executive
Agenda PRIVATE BANKING SUMMIT 2006                                                                      HSBC Guyerzeller Bank Ltd, Zurich

  The future of global private banking – Strategic issues                                               Sebastian Dovey
  National and international growth opportunities in private banking                                    Managing Partner,
  (Eastern Europe, BRIC countries, Middle East and Asia)                                                Scorpio Partnership Ltd,
  Generate new money                                                                                    London
  Customer segmentation and pricing
  The future belongs to niche players                                                                   Benoît Dumont
  Optimal cost management strategies                                                                    General Manager,
  Industrialization in private banking                                                                  J.P. Morgan (Suisse) SA,
Explore practical examples of successfully growing private banks and family offices
and exchange ideas with their top executives.

Agenda Post-Conference Day FAMILY OFFICE

  Where will the new growth come from?
  The experience of two families
  Identifying the real needs of high net worth families
  Planning for wealth succession
  Planning structures and governance

For more information call +41–44–288 94 53
Panelists, Speakers and Chair                                                                                                                                3

                 Eftychia Fischer                                     Michael Maslinski                                     Dr. Heinz Stadler
                 Head Financial Market Services                       Director,                                             Chief Executive Officer,
                 and Treasury,                                        Maslinski & Co Ltd,                                   Privatbank IHAG Zurich AG,
                 EFG International, Zurich                            London                                                Zurich

                 Bénédict G.F. Hentsch, Co-Founder,                   Dr. Thomas R. Meier                                   Andius Teijgeler
                 GEM Global Estate Managers SA,                       Member of the Private Banking                         Global Head Marketing,
                 Geneva, and Chairman, Banque                         Management Committee,                                 ABN AMRO Private Banking,
                 Bénédict Hentsch & Cie SA, Geneva                    Bank Julius Baer & Co. Ltd, Zurich                    Amsterdam

                 Mag. Susanne Höllinger                               Hans Nützi                                            Rupert Ticehurst
                 Head of Private Banking,                             CEO,                                                  Partner,
                 Erste Bank der oesterreichischen                     Bank Leu Ltd,                                         Herbert Smith LLP,
                 Sparkassen AG, Vienna                                Zurich                                                London

                 Andrew Hutton                                        Prof. Xavier Oberson                                  Dr. Burkhard P. Varnholt
                 Managing Director,                                   Professor of Swiss and                                Member of the Global
                 Royal Bank of Scotland Asset                         International Tax Law,                                Executive Council,
                 Management Ltd, London                               University of Geneva, Geneva                          Credit Suisse, Zurich

                 Prof. Hans Rainer Künzle                             Dr. Stefan Reinholz                                   Penny Webb
                 Partner,                                             Head Segment Management,                              Managing Partner,
                 KENDRIS private AG,                                  Credit Suisse Private Banking,                        Whitehead Mann Ltd,
                 Zurich                                               Zurich                                                London

                 Eduardo Leemann                                      Alain Robert                                          Dr. Stephan Wernli
                 Chairman, AIG Private Bank Ltd.,                     Member of the                                         Head Business Development
                 Zurich, and Head AIG Global                          Group Managing Board,                                 Private Banking, Accenture AG,
                 Wealth Management                                    UBS AG, Zurich                                        Zurich

                 Penny Lovell                                         Thomas Schmidt                                        Dr. Georg Wübker
                 Head of Business Development,                        Deputy CEO and                                        Managing Partner,
                 Fleming Family & Partners,                           Head of Private Banking,                              Simon-Kucher & Partners,
                 London                                               Coutts Bank von Ernst Ltd, Zurich                     Zurich

                 Philip Marcovici                                     Eric G. Sarasin
                 Partner,                                             Member of the Group                  For more detailed information about speakers,
                 Baker & McKenzie,                                    Executive Board,                     panelists and chairmen please visit
                 Zurich                                               Bank Sarasin & Co. Ltd, Basel        www.private-banking-summit.com

Reasons why you do not want to miss this conference

Improving performance and ensuring sustainable        Get hands-on, practically-oriented information and discuss new opportunities for growth with top
growth in an increasingly competitive global          management executives. They know the challenges and look forward to you bringing your thoughts
market will be the issue of the future.               and questions into the discussion. Seize this unique networking environment.

Program                                                                                                                   4

Monday, 28th August 2006

   8.30                                                   11.00
   Reception with Coffee, Tea and Croissants              Pricing of Private Banking Products and Services
   Distribution of Conference Documentation               [Practical Example]
                                                            Increasing importance of pricing
   9.00                                                     Pricing process – From strategy to implementation
   Welcome and Introduction of the Conference Theme         Pricing process example
     Prof. Teodoro D. Cocca, Chair for Wealth and Asset     Conclusion
     Management, University of Linz, Linz                  Dr. Stefan Reinholz, Head Segment Management,
                                                           Credit Suisse Private Banking, Zurich
                                                           Dr. Georg Wübker, Managing Partner and Head
   INTERNATIONAL COMPETITIVENESS                           Financial Services, Simon-Kucher & Partners, Zurich

   The State of the Private Banking Industry              CONQUERING (NEW) MARKETS
    Overview of market developments
    Industry leadership                                   11.45
    Competition leadership                                Onshore in the Far East – A Must for Swiss Private
     Prof. Teodoro D. Cocca, Chair for Wealth and         Banks? [Practical Example]
     Asset Management, University of Linz, Linz            Attraction of the onshore growth potential
                                                           Conflict of onshore versus offshore
                                                           Why Julius Baer believes in an offshore approach
   CUSTOMER SEGMENTATION AND PRICING                       Dr. Thomas R. Meier, CEO Asia, Middle East, Aegean & Eastern
                                                           Europe and Member of the Private Banking Management
   9.45                                                    Committee, Bank Julius Baer & Co. Ltd, Zurich
   It’s all About Emotion! The Private Banking
   Perspective [Practical Example]                        12.15
      Buying behavior of consumers                        Questions/Discussion
      Private clients and their buying behavior
      Role of the investment advisor and private banker   12.30
      ABN AMRO Private Clients: It’s all about emotion    Lunch (sponsored by ERI)
     Andius Teijgeler, Global Head Marketing,
     ABN AMRO Private Banking, Amsterdam                  14.00
                                                          Global Wealth Advisory in Rising BRIC Countries
   10.15                                                   Bénédict G.F. Hentsch, Co-Founder,
   Questions/Discussion                                    GEM Global Estate Managers SA, Geneva,
                                                           and Chairman, Banque Bénédict Hentsch & Cie SA, Geneva
   B r e a k ( C o f f e e a n d Te a )

For more information call +41–44–288 94 53
Program                                                                                                                                      5

Monday, 28th August 2006

  14.30                                                                17.15
  Private Banking in Eastern Europe –                                  Questions/Discussion
  The Austrian Experience [Practical Example]
    Overview on Eastern European private banking markets               17.30
    Challenges and opportunities for established private               Summary and Conclusion of the First Conference Day
    banks in Eastern Europe                                            Followed by a Networking Reception
    Possible development path in that region (in terms of              (sponsored by BT)
    product offering, service levels, onshore/offshore
    business)                                                          BT invites you to the reception at the conclusion of the conference
    Mag. Susanne Höllinger, Head of Private Banking,                   day. Take advantage of the opportunity to compare experiences
    Erste Bank der oesterreichischen Sparkassen AG, Vienna             with speakers and participants.


  B r e a k ( C o f f e e a n d Te a )

  Private Banking Potential in the Middle East –
  Key Success Factors [Practical Example]
    Business environment and potential of UHNWI in the
    GCC and Dubai in particular
    Outlook for private banking in the Middle East
    Bank Sarasin-Alpen (ME) Limited – Entrance to the
    booming market and Sarasin’s approach
    Eric G. Sarasin, Head Private and Institutional Clients Division
    and Member of the Group Executive Board,
    Bank Sarasin & Co. Ltd, Basel

  Panel Discussion
  Conquering New Markets – Opportunities and
    Moderator: Dr. Daniel Hügli, Financial Journalist,
    Handelszeitung, Zurich
    Gregoire Bordier, Managing Partner, Bordier & Cie Banquiers
    Privés, Geneva
    Bénédict G.F. Hentsch
    Mag. Susanne Höllinger
    Eduardo Leemann, Chairman, AIG Private Bank Ltd., Zurich,
    and Head AIG Global Wealth Management
    Dr. Thomas R. Meier
    Alain Robert, Member of the Group Managing Board and Head
    of Wealth Management Switzerland, UBS AG, Zurich
    Eric G. Sarasin

Program                                                                                                                                 6

Tuesday, 29th August 2006

   8.30                                                               11.30
   Reception with Coffee, Tea and Croissants                          Keynote Speech
                                                                      The Future of Global Private Banking –
   9.00                                                               Strategic Issues
   Welcome and Introduction of the Conference Theme                    Clive C R Bannister, Group General Manager and CEO,
     Prof. Xavier Oberson, Professor of Swiss and International Tax    HSBC Group Private Banking, London
     Law, University of Geneva, Geneva
   9.15                                                               Lunch (sponsored by ERI)
   Private Banking and Financial Planning
     What the client relationship managers should know                13.45
     How financial planning departments can assist                    Successful as a Niche Player in Onshore and Offshore
     Cooperation with external experts                                Markets [Practical Example]
     Some good and bad cases                                           The either fish or fowl theory
     Prof. Hans Rainer Künzle, Partner, KENDRIS private AG, Zurich     Small is beautiful
                                                                       Avoid the conflict of interest
   9.45                                                                Martin H. Bidermann, Partner,
   Mapping the Future of Clients’ Wealth:                              Rahn & Bodmer Banquiers, Zurich
   Concentration, Friend or Enemy?
    A great way to amass wealth: A few examples
    The single greatest risk to sustaining large fortunes             14.15
    Wealth allocation and diversification strategies                  Achieving Synergy Benefits by Consolidating
     Benoît Dumont, General Manager, J.P. Morgan (Suisse) SA,         Private Banking Services [Practical Example]
     Geneva                                                           Attaining comparative advantages from
                                                                        Client and market proximity
   10.15                                                                Superior advisory and
   Questions/Discussion                                                 Asset management approach
                                                                       Hans Nützi, CEO, Bank Leu Ltd, Zurich
   B r e a k ( C o f f e e a n d Te a )
                                                                      OPTIMIZATION OF COST-INCOME RATIO

   GENERATE NEW MONEY AND                                             14.45
   NICHE MARKET STRATEGIES                                            Structured Products in a Private Bank Context:
                                                                      Strategy and Execution
   11.00                                                                Purpose: The role of structured products in a private
   Global Investment Themes 2007                                        client portfolio
    Global macro                                                        Sourcing: The in- and out- debate
    Commodities, interest rates, currencies                             Delivery: From market to client can be a long way …
    Equities                                                            Outlook: What future for unstructured products?
     Dr. Burkhard P. Varnholt, Global Head of Financial Products       Eftychia Fischer, Head Financial Market Services and Treasury,
     & Investment Advisory and Member of the Global Executive          EFG International, Zurich
     Council, Credit Suisse, Zurich

For more information call +41–44–288 94 53
Program                                                                                                                     7

Tuesday, 29th August 2006

                                                              Who should attend this conference?
  Questions/Discussion                                        From private banks and family offices:
  15.30                                                         Chief Executive Officers
  B r e a k ( C o f f e e a n d Te a )                          Managing Partners
                                                                Chief Investment Officers
  16.00                                                         Heads of Business Development
  Optimize Cost-Income Ratio Through IT                         Heads of Marketing
  [Practical Example]                                           Heads of Client Relationship Management
    Trends in breaking up the value chain                       Relationship Managers
    Requirements for successful industrialization               Investment Managers
    Case Study                                                  Wealth Advisors
    Dr. Stephan Wernli, Head Business Development               Chief Economists
    Private Banking, Accenture AG, Zurich                       Financial Analysts and Research Managers
    Co-Speaker: Special Guest Speaker from a Bank             as well as Independent Financial Advisors.

  Interview: Cross Selling within a Financial
  Conglomerate [Practical Example]
    Andrew Hutton, Managing Director,
    Royal Bank of Scotland Asset Management Ltd, London
    Thomas Schmidt, Deputy CEO and Head of Private Banking,   For further information please contact
    Coutts Bank von Ernst Ltd, Zurich
    Moderator: Claudia Gabriel, Editor in Chief,                           Stéphanie Reimann,
    Schweizer Bank, Zurich                                                 Conference Assistant
                                                                           phone: +41–44–288 94 53
  17.00                                                                    e-mail: stephanie.reimann@euroforum.ch
                                                                           Claudia Pfenniger,
  17.15                                                                    Conference Manager
  Summary and Conclusion of the Second Conference
  Day Followed by a Networking Reception
  EUROFORUM cordially invites you to the reception at the
  conclusion of the conference day.
  Take advantage of the opportunity to compare experiences
  with speakers and participants.

                                                              Sponsoring & Exhibitions

                                                              The conference also provides an opportunity for you to present
                                                              your company, products and services to an exclusive gathering
                                                              of clients. For further information on exhibition capacity,
                                                              target-group analysis and the development of a personalized
                                                              sponsoring plan, please contact:

                                                                            Beat Stampanoni
                                                                            (Manager Sponsoring & Exhibitions)
                                                                            Telefon: +41–44–288 94 73
                                                                            e-mail: beat.stampanoni@euroforum.ch

Program                                                                                                                         8

Post-Conference Day

FAMILY OFFICE                                                   Wednesday, 30th August 2006

      Meeting the needs of ultra high net worth
families and responding to the challenges of                      8.00
succession, governance and wealth preservation.                   Reception with Coffee, Tea and Croissants
                                                                  Distribution of Conference Documentation
       Data from authoritative sources indicate that by
2008 the world’s wealthiest families will control more than       8.30
USD 40 trillion – equivalent to 10% of the world's gross          Welcome and Introduction of the Conference Theme
domestic product (GDP).                                            Nicholas Dale, Member of the Enlarged Executive Committee,
                                                                   HSBC Guyerzeller Bank Ltd, Zurich
        This growing wealth is accompanied by changing
attitudes, as ultra-wealthy clients come to perceive preser-
ving families as important as preserving asset values.            THE EXPERIENCE OF TWO FAMILIES

        The winners in attracting the lion’s share of this        8.45
growing market will be the professionals who develop              Succession Planning [Practical Example]
the profoundest understanding of these clients’ concerns           Maintaining family involvement and control
in order to design and deliver the services that truly meet        Dr. Heinz Stadler, Chief Executive Officer,
their interests and needs across successive generations.           Privatbank IHAG Zurich AG, Zurich

        Where will this new growth come from? How will            9.15
the demands of this sought-after target group develop?            The Fleming Multi Family Office – Its Roots
Which strategies are most likely to win their confidence –         What are the benefits for family members and clients?
and their business? Does the future, in fact, belong to            The family office as an efficient use of resources
the niche providers? Or are there better ways to achieve           The power of cohesion
differentiation and sustainable growth?                            Philanthropy and its significance
                                                                   Penny Lovell, Head of Business Development,
         This special post-conference session will cast fresh      Fleming Family & Partners, London
light upon changing attitudes among ultra-wealthy
families. By illuminating the key issues that motivate these      9.45
clients it will enable professionals in the family office         Questions/Discussion
sector to gain a greater share of this increasingly valuable
market.                                                           10.00
                                                                  Break (coffee and tea)

The post-conference day addresses                                 IDENTIFYING THE NEEDS AND CHALLENGES
the following topics:
 Where will the new growth come from?                             Strategic Challenges for the Family Office in Today’s
 The experience of two families                                   Market
 Identifying the real needs of high net worth families              Understanding the current client motivation for a family
 Planning for wealth succession                                     office
 Planning structures and governance                                 Evaluating the institutional responses to the segment
                                                                    Challenges in the MFO, SFO model – for the client, for
Knowledge Partner of the Post-Conference day:                       the institution
Key Trust Company Ltd                                               Thought leadership comments: The family office world
                                                                    in the next decade
                                                                   Sebastian Dovey, Managing Partner,
                                                                   Scorpio Partnership Ltd, London

For more information call +41–44–288 94 53
Program                                                                                                                         9

Wednesday, 30th August 2006

  11.00                                                          14.30
  Identifying the Real Needs of High Net Worth                   How Family Firms Choose Service Providers
  Families                                                        What do they look for?
    Wealth preservation                                           How are decisions made?
    Confidentiality/security                                      Pitfalls
    Mitigating tax                                                Recommendations
    Migrating families                                            Penny Webb, Managing Partner, Centre for Family Business
    Families with members in multiple jurisdictions               Excellence, Whitehead Mann Ltd, London
    Controlling the devolution of wealth
    Charity                                                      15.00
    Rupert Ticehurst, Partner,                                   Questions/Discussion
    Herbert Smith LLP, London
  11.30                                                          Break (coffee and tea)
  Panel Discussion
  Where Will the New Growth Come From?
    Moderator: Nicholas Dale, Member of the Enlarged Executive   PLANNING AND STRUCTURES
    Committee, HSBC Guyerzeller Bank Ltd, Zurich
    Dr. Heinz Stadler, Chief Executive Officer,                  15.45
    Privatbank IHAG Zurich AG, Zurich                            Why Every Family Needs a Trust
    Penny Lovell, Head of Business Development,                   Tax and non-tax reasons for trusts for multi-jurisdictional
    Fleming Family & Partners, London                             family offices
    Sebastian Dovey, Managing Partner,                            When do trusts meet family needs?
    Scorpio Partnership Ltd, London                               Leverage service value and increase prices
    Rupert Ticehurst, Partner,                                    Philip Marcovici, Partner,
    Herbert Smith LLP, London                                     Baker & McKenzie, Zurich

  12.15                                                          16.15
  Questions/Discussion                                           International Tax Planning Issues for Families
                                                                   Growing opportunities for tax saving
  12.30                                                            Conserving wealth for the multi-national family
  Lunch                                                            The increasing burden of disclosure
                                                                   Need for an integrated approach to tax planning
                                                                  John Carrell, Partner,
  INVOLVEMENT WITH FAMILY BUSINESS                                Farrer & Co, London

  14.00                                                          16.45
  Inherited Family Business and Prudent Asset                    Questions/Discussion
  Allocation – Issues of Conflict
    Defining the risks and potential conflicts                   17.00
    Making the right decisions                                   Summary and Conclusion of the Conference
    Managing expectations
    Protecting the vulnerable
    Michael Maslinski, Director,
    Maslinski & Co Ltd, London

Sponsoring                                                                                                                                          10

Main Sponsor

                             Accenture is a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company. Committed to
                             delivering innovation, Accenture collaborates with its clients to help them become high-performance businesses
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                             Accenture AG                                      Contact: Beat R. Monnerat (Partner)
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                             Hewlett-Packard (Schweiz) GmbH                    Contact: Fritz Maier (Director Financial Services Industry)
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Knowledge-Partner of the Post-Conference day

                           Key Trust is an independent fiduciary licensed by the Jersey Financial Services Commission and a pioneer of the
                           Multi-Office Family Office concept. Key operates a unique business model that delivers fair value for a personal
                           service. Each family engagement has its own administration manager and relationship manager, creating a
                           2-person, personal service with the value advantage of a pre-agreed fixed fee.

                           Key Trust Company Limited                       Contact: Brian Clarke, Managing Director
                           PO Box 116, Hilgrove House,                     phone: +44–1534–630 500
                           10 Hilgrove Street,                             fax: +44–1534–639 669
                           St Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands JE4 8SU      e-mail: brian.clarke@key-trust.com
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                           port of complex asset management applications.

                           Profidata Group                                 Contact: Mario Solenicki (Executive Board)
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                                                                                             e-mail:               anmeldungch@euroforum.com
                                                                                             internet:             www.private-banking-summit.com
                                                                                             postal:               EUROFORUM Handelszeitung Konferenz AG
37 VM
                                                                                                                   P.O.Box/Seestrasse 344, CH-8027 Zurich

                                                                                             ADDRESS AMENDMENTS
                                                                                             phone: +41–44–288 94 70
                                                                                             fax: +41–44–288 94 71
                                                                                             e-mail: infoch@euroforum.com

                                                                                             QUESTIONS / CONTACT
                                                                                             Stéphanie Reimann (Conference Assistant), phone +41–44–288 94 53
                                                                                             e-mail: stephanie.reimann@euroforum.ch
                                                                                             Claudia Pfenniger (Conference Manager)

   Yes, I wish to participate in the PRIVATE BANKING SUMMIT and in the post-conference day FAMILY OFFICE
   from 28th to 30th August 2006. CHF 3,590 p. p. (value of EUR 2,315*)                                                                                             [P5100051M013]
   Yes I wish to participate in the PRIVATE BANKING SUMMIT from 28th to 29th August 2006. CHF 2,690 p. p. (value of EUR 1,735*)                                     [P5100051M012]
   Yes I wish to participate in the post-conference day FAMILY OFFICE on 30th August 2006. CHF 1,650 p. p. (value of EUR 1,065*)                                    [P5100051M300]
   I will not participate. Kindly send the conference documentation to the following address. Cost: CHF 590 VAT included (value EUR 380*)                           [P5100051M700]
   I am interested in exhibition and sponsoring opportunities.
   Please amend my address as shown. (Should you wish to change your address by telephone, please call +41–44–288 94 70.)

                                                                                             DATE A N D PLACE
 name 1:
                                                                                             28th to 30th August 2006
 position:                                                                                   Kongresshaus Zurich
 department:                                                                                 Claridenstrasse 5, CH-8002 Zurich
                                                                                             phone: +41–44–206 36 36, fax: +41–44–206 36 59

 name 2:                                                                                     HOTEL ACCOMMODATION
 position:                                                                                   Hotel Glockenhof Zurich, Sihlstrasse 31, CH-8023 Zurich
                                                                                             www.glockenhof.ch, phone: +41–44–225 91 91, fax: +41–44–225 92 92
                                                                                             Hotel Glaernischhof, Claridenstrasse 30, CH-8002 Zurich
                                                                                             www.hotelglaernischhof.ch, phone: +41–44–286 22 22, fax: +41–44–286 22 86
                                                                                             A limited number of rooms are available at the hotel Glockenhof or hotel Glaernischhof.
 contact:                                                                                    Please contact the hotel directly to make your reservation, stating that you will attend
                                                                                             the «PRIVATE BANKING SUMMIT».

                                                                                             CONDITIONS OF PARTICIPATION
                                                                                             The conference fee per person is payable upon receipt of the invoice. This fee includes
 phone:                                 fax:
                                                                                             conference documentation, lunches and tea/coffee. You will be sent a confirmation slip
 e-mail:                                                                                     and invoice upon receipt of your registration. Registrations can be cancelled (in writing)
                                                                                             without penalty up to 14 days before the event. For cancellation after this date half the
 number of employees                                                                         conference fee will be reimbursed. The full fee will be due if participants do not attend
 up to 20 21–50   51–100   101–250    251–500    501–1000    1001–5000   over 5000
                                                                                             the conference, or cancel on the conference date. The registered participant may of cour-
                                                                                             se send a substitute. The organizers reserve the right to amend the program of events if
 invoice to (name):                                                                          necessary.

 department:                                                                                 CONCEPTION AND ORGANISATION

                                                                                             EUROFORUM Switzerland facilitates the exchange of high-value business information,
                                                                                             content and networking opportunities amongst decision makers in various industries,
                                                                                             governmental organisations and academic institutions by providing dedicated platforms,
 date, signature:
                                                                                             such as premium conferences and seminars.

FAX REGISTRATION: +41–44–288 94 71                                                           *Exchange rate based on spot rate on invoice date.

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