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					         SPEAK UP                                                                                                                                                                                 Mumbai,
                                                                                                                                                                                  Friday, February 19, 2010

Is Thane railway station crying for a revamp?                                                                                                                                                                                                                         PICS: GK BAIG.DNA

Echoing sentiments of most
commuters, member of
parliament Sanjeev Naik said that
despite being the first ever
passenger train terminus in India,
Thane station is
neglected. DNA
Conversations elicits
views from commuters

       COMMUTERS’ DEMANDS ARE JUSTIFIED                                                                                                                                   FOOT OVERBRIDGES ARE TOO NARROW
                                                                                                WHAT COMMUTERS WANT?
                                                                                          All long distance trains to Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh,
                                                                                          Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi should have a halt
                                                                                          at Thane or Bhayandar railway station
                                                                                                                                                                                The foot overbridges (FOBs) at the station are narrow and hence
           Though Thane station is visited by nearly 6 lakh commuters daily,              A population of over 50 lakh people in Thane city has                                 cannot handle the increasing passenger load. If a train is halting at
           the railway authorities have done nothing to fulfill their basic               just one railway station. To cater to the ever
                                                                                                                                                                                both platforms, there is tremendous chaos. Daily, a commuter
           needs too. Declaring it to be a heritage structure could help, but             increasing demand, the service of 9 coach trains
                                                                                                                                                                                spends more than 15 minutes to cross the FOB during the rush
           the proposal has been refused by the railways claiming that there              should be converted into 10 coach and 15 coach trains
                                                                                                                                                                                hours. Moreover, besides being a big security risk it is very trau-
           is no particular structure to Thane station. So, the railways need to          An additional railway station at the Thane Mental                                     matic for working women to protect themselves from unwarranted
           work towards developing it on international standards. During my               Asylum land that belongs to the Central Government                                    stares and eve-teasing. One wouldn’t be surprised if some day
           surprise visits to the station, I have been able to seek suggestions                                                                                                 there is a stampede at Thane station. The authorities, I guess, are
           from commuters. I have conveyed the issues to the railway minis-               Several students travel by suburban trains in the
                                                                                          morning and evening. Peak hours pose a lot of                                         waiting for an incident to begin work. The Kopri mishap which was
           ter and the prime minister too. The demands of the commuters                                                                                                         one of the major ones is not forgotten by people. Whatever plans
           are justified as they are facing several hassles on a daily basis. So,         difficulties and dangers to the students. So, a
                                                                                          compartment in each suburban train should be                                          the authorities make should not remain just on paper but be put to
           if the station is developed as per international standards, it will                                                                                                  practical use. Increasing the number of FOBs and widening the
           certainly alleviate their woes. Hassle-free modern infrastructure is           reserved for students during the peak hours
                                                                                                                                                                                existing ones is the need of the day.           — Pradeep G Nair,
           the need of the residents in a fast progressing city like Thane.               Widen the foot overbridge at the railway station to                                          Active resident from Hiranandani Estate and daily commuter
                                                    — Sanjeev Naik, MP, Thane             facilitate the large number of commuters using it
                                                                                          Increase the frequency of Kalyan, Badlapur, Titwala
                                                                                          local trains
         THERE IS ONLY ONE WAITING ROOM                                                   All suburban trains to Karjat, Kasara and Panvel                            POLITICIANS JUST GIVE FALSE ASSURANCES
                                                                                          should have 12 coaches
                                                                                          A Thane-Panvel train service every 10 minutes
                                                                                          Increase the frequency of Thane-CST fast trains
           The railway authorities should first strengthen the infrastructure             All mail and express trains to Nashik should halt at                                  Thane city is growing rapidly in terms of population and infra-
           in the station premises. A perfect station is the one that has ade-            Thane railway station                                                                 structure. But sadly, the station from where the first rail service
           quate facilities such as drinking water huts, urinals, waiting rooms           Despite the fact that all railway tracks upto Panvel                                  started, has gained no attention of the authorities. Despite lakhs
           and others. It is really surprising that such a big station has urinal         have been electrified, diesel engines are still brought                               of commuters visiting the station daily, the authorities have failed
           facility only on three platforms. Same is the case of waiting room.            to Mumbai. This causes harm to the environment.                                       to provide basic amenities such as sanitation, seating arrange-
           A station from where more that 6 lakh people travel daily has only                                                                                                   ment and water. The toilets on the platforms are in a pathetic
           one waiting room. Ideally, as several long distance trains halt at             At least one suburban train should be run between                                     state, whereas most platforms don’t have the facility. Secondly,
           this station, the railways should make provision for good waiting              Thane and Karjat in the evening                                                       there is no drinking water facility. The drinking water taps too are
           rooms. Besides, all long distance trains should halt at Thane sta-             The mail and express trains to Konkan region reach                                    surrounded by stains of pan and muck. Also, there are hardly any
           tion as people from different areas can catch train from this sta-             Panvel via the Kalyan-Diva route. If local trains are                                 seats on the platforms and consequently old persons and females
           tion instead of going to Kalyan or Kurla. Above all, the most essen-           started on this route, it will save passengers’ time and                              have to stand at the station. Several authorities including the
           tial point remains the Disaster Management System.                             also decrease the pressure on Thane railway station                                   politicians do pay a visit to the station and talk about the com-
            — Ramchandra Karve, secretary, Mumbai Marathi Pravasi Sangh                   A Thane halt for Amravati-Mumbai train will help                                      muters’ problems. But sadly they fail to do anything.
                                                                                          passengers alight at Thane and reach their homes                                                     — Navratan S Dhingra, chairman, Thane First Forum
                                                                                          early with little hassle instead of alighting at Kalyan
                                                                                          and travelling longer distance
                                                                                          Mumbai-Kolhapur, Sahyadari Express, Kurla-
     DECENTRALISING COULD BE A GOOD OPTION                                                Bangalore trains should halt at Thane railway station                        WE ARE TIRED OF THE SERPENTINE QUEUES
                                                                                          All fast trains departing from Vita to Kasara / Karjat
                                                                                          should be extended upto Ambernath / Asangaon
                                                                                          instead of Kalyan
           Thane station has been neglected since long. Providing facilities,
           increasing number of trains or making arrangements of more                                                                                                           The long queue at the Thane railway station is like a nightmare.
           booking windows is not the only answer to the increasing crowd at                                                                                                    Even while the station has more than 10 ticket windows still the
           the station. Instead, the authorities should think of decentralisa-                                                                                                  problem of long queue prevails to a large extent. If we go to buy
           tion by building another station near it. Earlier, Kalwa was being                                                                                                   tickets then one has to stand in queue for very long. Even if there
           planned as the terminus for Vashi route but the line extended to                                                                                                     are options such as coupon vending machines and pre-paid ticket
           Thane station resulting in concentration of crowd at the same sta-                                                                                                   cards still the problem remains the same as very often the
           tion. Kalwa could be a good option to reduce the crowd at Thane                                                                                                      machines don’t work. There is always some technical problem.
           station. Since long, we have been hearing that a railway station                                                                                                     Looking at the increasing number of commuters from Thane sta-
           will come up near Government Mental Hospital between Mulund                                                                                                          tion, the authorities should take all these things into
           and Thane. But strangely other two stations Nahur and Kopar Road                                                                                                     consideration and try to reduce the chaos. Also, the FOBs on the
           on the same line got sanctioned earlier and are now functional too                                                                                                   station should be increased as during peak hours the rush on the
           whereas the idea still remains on paper.         — Nitin Deshpande,                                                                                                  bridge increases and one has to at least wait for 15 minutes to
                         Founder member, Forum of Alert Citizen, Thane (FACT)                                                                                                   cross the bridge.
                                                                                                                                                                                    — Anil Ailani, daily commuter and Hiranandani Estate resident

                                                        Woman held for                                      MNS activists mob                                                                                                 GET IN TOUCH
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                                                        torturing minor                                                                                                                             on or Also, if your

                                                        Devendra T Goregaonkar                              Thane civil surgeon
                                                                                                            Devendra T Goregaonkar
                                                                                                                                                                             GK BAIG.DNA
                                                                                                                                                                                                    residential society has any issue that needs to be addressed you can call
                                                                                                                                                                                                    us on 41614500. We will try to get answers from the authorities for you

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                                                        The Kasarwadavali police, on Thursday,
                                                        arrested a middle-aged woman from Green-
                                                        land Park Housing Complex in Thane for              To ensure that action is taken                                                                        Fill each of the blank boxes with the number grid from 1-9, and the
                                                                                                                                                                                                       How to     letter grid from A-I with no letters or numbers repeating in vertical,
                                                        allegedly employing a 10-year-old girl as maid      against careless doctors, Maha-                                                                       horizontal rows or 3x 3 grids. Do not repeat any letters in a line.
                                                        and torturing her. The officials from labour        rashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS)
                                                                                                                                                                                                       play       Each puzzle has only one solution.
                                                        commissioner office, Thane, in association          activists mobbed the district civil
                                                        with NGO Oasis, rescued the girl who is a           surgeon at Thane civil hospital
                                                        native from Bihar.                                  on Thursday.
                                                           According to police, the woman Asha                  On January 29, 25-year-old
                                                        Vinayak Verma, 35, a resident of Krushna so-        Meena Kamble, resident of Patli-
                                                        ciety in Greenland Park at Kasarwadavali in         pada in Thane was admitted to civ-
                                                        Thane, belongs to Chhapra district in Bihar.        il hospital. On January 30, she gave
                                                        While Asha is a homemaker, her husband              birth to a male child. After two        NEED AN ANSWER: Meera Agnave
                                                        works with a private firm. Nearly three             days, she was discharged from the       at civil surgeon SM Tompe’s office
                                                        months ago, Asha brought the girl Reshma            hospital. “Three days later, she
                                                        (minor’s name withheld) from her native             started complaining of pain in her      listening to me, he with other doc-
                                                        place. Reshma belongs to a poor family and lost     private parts and foul stench ema-      tors Yogesh Yerulkar and Mad-
                                                        her few months ago. Rekha told the NGO              nating from her body,” said her sis-    hukar Shinde abused me and drove
                                                        members that Asha had assured her mother            ter Meera Agnave. She was taken         me out of the hospital,” said
                                                        that she will take care of her.                     to a private doctor and her treat-      Meera. “She then approached our
                                                                                                                                                                                           Yesterday’s solution

                                                           Ajitsingh Sambyal from Oasis said, “Some         ment continued till February 17.        local leader Manoj Thakur for
                                                        residents from the society had informed us          But her medical condition didn’t        help,” said Rajesh More, city co-or-
                                                        about the girl being tortured.” Acting on the       improve. Finally, on Thursday           dinator of MNS. According to him,
                                                        tip off, government labour officer, AB Sawalkar     morning, the doctor examined her        when they approached the civil
                                                        and his team raided Verma’s flat on Thursday        and was shocked to find a cotton        surgeon, he was not ready to listen
                                                        morning and found the girl working as maid in       pad in her private parts.               to them. So, they mobbed him. “Fi-
                                                        the flat. Police arrested Asha Verma who was            “I immediately rushed to the civ-   nally, he agreed to take action
                                                        later released on bail. The girl has been sent to   il surgeon SM Tompe and narrated        against the reckless doctors with-
                                                        the Children Remand Home in Bhiwandi.               the entire incident. But, instead of    in 15 days,” he said.

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