Minutes of a meeting of the Consultative Committee held at Enterprise
       House, Stansted Airport, on 28 July 2010

       The meeting commenced at 2.00 p.m.


       Chairman - Stewart Ashurst*

       Users of Airport
       Freight interests (1) – David Leigh*
       Passenger airline companies (2) – Bob Wainwright/TBA
       Business passengers (1) - Peter Odrich*
       Passengers with (or with an interest in) restricted mobility - (1) Richard Boyd
       Non Business passengers (1) Rufus Barnes*

       Local authorities
       Braintree District Council (1) - Nigel Harley*
       East Hertfordshire District Council (1) - Ralph Gilbert*
       Epping Forest District Council (1) - Mary Sartin*
       Essex County Council (1) - Gerard McEwen*
       Harlow District Council (1) - Mark Gough*
       Hertfordshire County Council (1) - John Barfoot*
       Uttlesford District Council (1) - Jackie Cheetham (substitute Peter Wilcock*)

       Organisations with a locality interest
       Environmental interests (1) - TBA
       East Herts Association of Local Councils (1) - Duncan Peek
       East of England Development Agency (1) – Steve Cox
       NWEEHPA (1) - Brian Ross*
       Commerce and Business interests (1) - TBA
       Tourism interests (1) - Peter Cansick*
       Surface transport interests (1) - TBA
       Uttlesford Association of Local Councils (1) - Keith Artus*

       (* present)

       Also present at the meeting

       Mr S Bailes, Hertfordshire County Council
       Ms Z Oates, Essex County Council

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Representing Stansted Airport Limited (STAL)

       Mr D Johnston             Managing Director
       Mr N Barton               Commercial and Development Director
       Dr A Jefferson            Head of Environment


       Mr G Redgwell             Secretary to the Committee


       The Committee noted that one new Member had been appointed since the
       last meeting, as follows:

           -   Passenger airline companies – Bob Wainwright

       It was confirmed that John Clayton had stood down as the representative of
       Commerce and Business interests.

       It was also confirmed that, in the light of the discussion at the previous
       meeting, the Environment Agency would be invited to send an adviser to
       meetings where appropriate but would not be asked to appoint a
       representative to serve as a Committee member.

       Finally, Zhanine Oates was welcomed as the adviser from Essex County
       Council. The previous adviser, David Dash, had retired recently.


       Apologies for non-attendance were submitted from Steve Cox and Duncan
       Peek, and from Frank Evans (DfT) and Martin Peachey (Adviser).



       The Chairman introduced the second Public Question Time. Two questions
       had been received. Questioners were invited to put their questions in the
       order that they had been received by the Secretary.

       Questions and Answers

       (A) The Managing Director‟s Report states that there are 155 destinations
           served by Stansted Airport. It would be helpful if the list of current
           destinations was attached to his quarterly report. Could this please be
           considered? (Peter Riding)

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       Answer from Nick Barton:-

       As agreed at previous meetings, the changes in routes served or withdrawn
         during the previous quarter are set out in the Managing Director‟s report.
         Airlines would often add or withdraw routes at short notice. It was therefore
         entirely possible that the situation would change from day to day. Some
         destinations may well be served by more than one carrier.

       Providing a full list of routes served was possible (a list was made available
         for perusal at the meeting) but was time consuming and not a sensible use
         of resources. Full information would also show destinations of cargo and
         private aircraft which were not available to the general public.

       At the suggestion of the Chairman, which the Committee agreed, the
          Managing Directors report would in future say „xxx destinations served on
          the day the Report was prepared‟. These would be those scheduled and
          charter destinations listed on the Stansted Airport website that day for
          which a member of the public could have purchased a ticket (for either
          flight only or as part of a package tour).

       (B) It is reported that, under special circumstances, Stansted Airport is allowed
           to handle very large aircraft such as the A380 and Boeing 747-800.

       (a) what are the circumstances?
       (b) are fully/partially loaded aircraft allowed to land and take off?
       (c) during take off, at what distance from the Airport do the aircraft reach 3,000
       (d) what are the noise levels on take off at the end of the runway and at 3,000
       (e) are there any other issues, such as noise, engine emissions, etc. that the
           community should be concerned about? (Ray Woodcock)

       Answer from David Johnston and Andy Jefferson:-

       (a) At present the Airport was designated as the nominated diversion for
          Emirates aircraft in the event of them being diverted from Heathrow.
       (b) The Airport could cater for a fully laden aircraft.
       (c) This would depend on the weight of the aircraft, weather conditions, etc.
          All departures would have to comply with the Airport‟s Noise Preferential
       (d) This would depend on the aircraft‟s weight and weather conditions. Both
          aircraft types are designed to meet all current UK airport noise regulations,
          including compliance with noise preferential routes. STAL will continue to
          monitor each aircraft departure to address, fine and report any infringement
          as may be required.

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       (e) The community should be aware that the noise classifications for the A380
          were QC2 for departure and QC0.5 for arrival. The projected figures for the
          747-800 (currently in design concept) were QC2 and QC1, respectively. As
          a comparison, the noise footprints for a Boeing 747-400 were QC4 and
          QC2, respectively. The A380 is also more fuel efficient than the previous
          generation of large aircraft. The amount of CO2 emitted by the Airbus A380
          is less than the amount that can be emitted by a vehicle exempt from the
          London congestion charge. Further information is available on websites –

50.    MINUTES

       The minutes of the meeting held on 28 April 2010 were confirmed as a correct

       The Managing Director undertook to respond to a Member direct regarding
       issues raised in respect of the Meet the Buyers event (Minute 40/10).


       A note of issues raised at the Annual Liaison Meeting of Airport Consultative
       Committees, held on 2 and 3 June 2010, was submitted (available on website

       The Meeting had been attended by the Chairman and Secretary. It was noted
       that this Meeting had been held soon after the General Election and that a
       number of aspects of Government policy had been clarified since then.

       Three matters were discussed further at the Committee‟s meeting:-

       (a) South East England Airports Taskforce/Improving the Passenger

       The Government had announced the creation of this Taskforce, chaired by
       the Minister of State for Transport, Theresa Villiers MP, to help shape the
       Government‟s thinking on how airports could be made “”better not bigger””
       and from there suggest how the Government might formulate future regulatory
       practice. The inaugural meeting had been held recently. The Managing
       Directors of Stansted, Heathrow and Gatwick Airports were among the
       membership and David Johnston commented on issues discussed so far.
       This activity would continue for some time and would involve a number of
       work streams, covering every aspect of the passenger experience and
       seeking clarity about who was responsible for each stage of the process.

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       The Chairman reported that the chairs of the three Airport Consultative
       Committees had proposed that the Committees should also be represented
       on the Taskforce and submitted a letter he had sent to the Minister of State on
       the subject. The Committees collectively felt that they could play an important
       role in putting forward data and evidence about the passenger experience.
       Unfortunately, it looked unlikely that this request would be met. The only body
       currently in membership clearly representing the interests of passengers was
       the AUC.

       It had also been confirmed recently that the Government would not be
       pursuing the proposal that Passenger Focus should be involved in
       representing the interests of airline passengers. The Government would be
       coming forward with revised proposals in due course.

       The User Experience Group was leading on behalf of the Committee in
       monitoring a range of issues around the Through Airport Experience for the
       passenger. This would be the main focus of its work over the next 12 to 24

       (b) Noise Action Plans

       Recent advice from the DfT had confirmed that these Plans would not be
       signed off „until the autumn at the earliest‟.

       (c) Stansted Express

       It was noted that some adverse comments had been made at the Liaison
       Meeting regarding the standard of this service. This had been backed up by
       the Managing Director at the Taskforce meeting.

       It was confirmed that the new rolling stock would be delivered (it had been
       ordered prior to the Government cancelling any new orders) and should be
       operational by March 2011.


       The Committee considered the Managing Director‟s written Report, which was
       supplemented orally at the meeting. The Report is available on the website

       Issues arising from the Report are set out in Minutes 53 to 59 below.


       A chart showing the current Leadership Team was circulated at the meeting.
       Interviews for the vacant post of Communications Director would be held
       shortly. It was confirmed that Ron Haws was currently filling the post of Chief
       Information Officer.

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       In response to a question by a Member, the Managing Director confirmed that
       he took a direct interest in health and safety issues, with Dr Andy Jefferson
       reporting to him.


       It was confirmed that Stansted now operated as the nominated diversionary
       airfield for Airbus A380 aircraft of Emirates should they need to be diverted
       from Heathrow in an emergency. This action had been approved by the CAA
       and followed a request from the airline (it having previously nominated
       Gatwick). Singapore Airlines had also expressed an interest in Stansted
       becoming its nominated diversionary airfield.

       The DfT would be willing to grant full Operating Rights for Emirates to use
       A380s at Stansted and some preliminary discussions would be held with the
       airline to ascertain whether scheduled flights to its Dubai hub might be
       possible in the future.


       As the Government had abolished both the Regional Strategy and the
       Regional Transport Strategy there were now no policies in place requiring
       Stansted Airport to act as a regional transport node. It was confirmed
       however that STAL was not looking to cut back any services currently
       provided. Research had shown that only a small minority of passengers used
       the Airport as an integrated transport hub.


       In response to a question by a Member, it was indicated that the design
       process for the introduction of 12 car trains had commenced. At present
       Network Rail had no start date for the construction work, although it was
       anticipated that the work will have been completed by the end of 2011.


       It was AGREED that Mary Sartin be appointed as the Committee‟s
       representative on the Trustees of the London Stansted Airport Community
       Fund , with Rufus Barnes to act as her substitute.

       It was noted that the Stansted Airport Community Trust Fund was time limited
       and would conclude its work in 2011.


       It was noted that the decision would come from the Court of Appeal, not the
       High Court as stated in the written Report. This was not now expected until
       September at the earliest.

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        The Committee had been made aware previously that the planning
        applications for Generation 2 had been withdrawn.

        In response to questions by Members, STAL indicated that:-

               (a) the future ownership of the properties bought by BAA in anticipation
                   of Generation 2 proceeding would be considered by the BAA main
                   board at its August meeting; and

               (b) claims for compensation could be made at any time but STAL
                   reiterated that it would reject these until the Echo taxiway and cul-
                   de-sac had been completed. At that time STAL would invite claims
                   from interested parties. The facilities would not be built until
                   demand required it. The Committee would be aware that STAL had
                   paid out millions of pounds in compensation at earlier stages of

        A Member drew attention to recent correspondence that indicated that the
        work mentioned in (b) above would not be completed until 2019/20. He
        regarded the situation as shameful and encouraged other Committee
        members to lobby their MPs to seek a change to the current legislation
        relating to compensation payments and (particularly) timescales.


        The air traffic data for April to June 2010 was submitted.

        Major details were as follows:-

MONTH              Total number        Load factors    Passenger        Total ATMs
                   of passengers                       ATMs

APRIL              1,233.309           75.8%           9,126            10,614
MAY                1,824,879           77.0%           11,903           13,754
JUNE               1,746,806           81.4%           12,129           14,114


        It was indicated that the CRR was now available on the Stansted Airport
        website. A hard copy would be sent to each Committee member.

        The Environmental Issues Group would undertake a monitoring role of the
        CRR implementation on behalf of the Committee. The Chairman of that
        Group invited Committee members who had any questions or queries to
        submit these to him via the Secretary, so that they could be answered at the
        Group‟s meeting next month. Members were also reminded that some issues
        came within the remit of the User Experience Group.

e02ed9dc-b153-4a64-9204-8b601cb768b1.doc       7

       The Committee noted the matters discussed by the Environmental Issues
       Group on 16 June and the User Experience Group on 7 July (papers available
       on website

       Matters arising are dealt with in Minutes 63 to 65 below.


       A Member referred to an issue relating to the complaints data for 2008, which
       had been questioned by a member of the public. This issue had been
       pursued subsequently by members of Uttlesford District Council.

       On behalf of Stansted Airport Dr Andy Jefferson made the following

       “During 2009, following discussions with members of the local community, it
       was agreed that there had been differences in the total number of noise
       complaints received in 2008 at the Airport as measured by the community and
       Stansted Airport. Moving forward, Stansted Airport reviewed and improved its
       noise complaint handling procedures in 2009 and independent audits have
       shown this to have resoled the issue”.


       Further meetings of the Environmental Issues Group were confirmed for 18
       August and 17 November 2010.


       It was confirmed that some members of the User Experience Group would be
       visiting colleagues in Edinburgh during November to share information on
       matters of good practice and mutual interest.


       A report of the NTKWG meeting held on 15 July was submitted and noted.

       Cumulative data on noise complaints during 2010 is annexed to these

       The Environmental Issues Group was monitoring the NTKWG‟s work on
       behalf of the Committee and would consider this report further at its meeting
       on 18 August. This would include, inter alia, matters discussed at the public
       meeting in Hatfield Heath on 23 July.

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       It was AGREED that the next meeting be moved from 27 October to
       WEDNESDAY 3 NOVEMBER 2010, starting at 2.00 pm.

       The meeting ended at 4.20 p.m.


e02ed9dc-b153-4a64-9204-8b601cb768b1.doc   9
         2010             Number of     Number of individuals        Number of         Number of      Total        Total Complainants (inc    %age    %age
                        Complaints (exc making complaints (exc        Multiple          Multiple   Complaints (inc        Multiples)         Runway Runway
                          Multiples)          Multiples)             Complaints       Complainants   Multiples)                                 23     05
                                                                                                                                             Movemen Moveme
                                                                                                                                                ts     nts
         Q1                    81                   46                                                   81               46                    47     53
       January                 63                   31                                                   63               31                    54     46
       February                65                   45                                                   65               45                    66     34

         April                 104                  74                    39               1             143              75                      62     38
         May                   143                  83                    67               1             210              84                      39     61
         June                  178                  98                    79               1             257              99                      45     55




Note, definition of multiple complainer = 30 or more complaints on 1 calendar month

      All Figures to be confirmed.

e02ed9dc-b153-4a64-9204-8b601cb768b1.doc                                   10

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