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									                            Fox television                                                            Wish granted,                                             Green means go on
                          show’s return has                                                         Aladdin comes to                                            Earth Day; celebrate
                            HCC gleeful.                                                               HCC in May.                                                    at HCC.
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                                                                                                        NO LONGER ‘INVISIBLE’
                                                                                                        Student’s family offers hope to ex-child soldier
                                                                                                        By John Morin
                                                                                                        Features Editor
                                                                                                                                                        According to Invisible Children,
                                                                                                            Lawrence Nyanzi was eight-              the war in Northern Uganda
                                                                                                        years-old when he came back from            between the LRA and the Ugandan
                                                                                                        school and witnessed a large group          government has been going on for
                                                                                                        of Ugandan rebels attacking his             23 years. Initially, it was started by
                                                                                                        village. At the sight of his mother and     a woman named Alice Lakwena.
                                                                                                        sisters being raped, he ran off into        Feeling she was inspired by the Holy
                                                                                                        “the bush” and stayed there for five        Spirit, she began a movement to
                                                                                                        months.                                     overthrow the Ugandan government.
                                                                                                            “The LRA has been unstoppable.          She was eventually exiled, and a
                                                                                                        This is the longest running war in          man named Joseph Kony took over.
                                                                                                        Africa and one of the, if not the most,         The Holy Spirit Movement was
                                                                                                        overlooked humanitarian crisis in           changed into the LRA, but the
                                                                                                        history,” states Valeria Swartz, a          Acholi people did not support it as
                                                                                                        student at HCC taking sign language         much. The LRA then turned to the
                                                                                                        classes.                                    abduction of children to fill their
                                                                                                            The LRA stands for the Lord’s           ranks. Estimates suggest that more
                                                                                                        Resistance Army, a rebel movement           than 90% of the LRA’s troops were
                                                                                                        in Uganda that has abducted,                abducted as children. In 2001, the
                                                                                                        tortured, and killed hundreds of            LRA was declared to be a terrorist
                                                                                                        thousands of children like Lawrence.        organization by the U.S. Patriot Act.
                                                                                                        The children often become guards,               “One in three boys are abducted
                                                                                                        concubines, or soldiers.                    as child soldiers and one in six girls
                                                                                                            Invisible Children, Inc., a non-        [are abducted],” Swartz continues.
                                                                                                        profit organization, shed light on this     “Everyone there has a story; they
                                                                                                        topic back in 2003 when a group of          are just waiting to be heard.”
                                                                                                        young filmmakers traveled to Africa.            When friends of Swartz came
                                                                                                        They discovered a greatly disturbing        back from Uganda last summer,
                                                                                                        and little-known crisis in which            she learned about Invisible Children
                                                                                                        “children are both the weapons and          though them. They had met a house
                                                                                                        the victims.” Their documentary,            full of boys and gave Swartz their
                                                                                                        Invisible Children: Rough Cut,              emails.
                                                                        contributed by Valeria Swartz   highlights the painful truth about              “I started to email them. I have 11
 Lawrence is pictured here with his pet monkey, Oscar. Lawrence was one of many ‘invisible
         children’ forced to fight in the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) in Uganda.                       child soldiers in Uganda.                                 >> continued page 3

John Schwarz slams his way to All-Conference team
By Cliff Dodd
Staff Writer

   Harford Community College’s athletic department                        goal percentage.
has had numerous recognized athletes, including one                          Schwarz’s               many
who stands out due to his talent, teamwork, motivation,                   accomplishments        led    to
and overall exceptional performance. This outstanding                     a recent selection to the
athlete is John Schwarz, a power forward/center for The                   Maryland      Junior     College
Fighting Owls’ basketball team.                                           First-Team      All-Conference
   John Schwarz, 20, has had many accomplishments                         team. Even after such a great
in the realm of basketball. This is not a surprise since                  personal achievement, he still
he has been playing this sport since his dad taught                       remains modest by saying he
him more than 12 years ago, and he has taken every                        feels he did well, but could’ve
opportunity he had to play and better himself. John                       done better.
has also continually participated in AAV, a summer                           John is a business major
basketball league.                                                        and plans on transferring from
   Straight out of high school, Schwarz was accepted                      HCC to a four-year Division One
to Mt. St. Mary’s University on a basketball scholarship.                 college. Eventually, he says, he
Schwarz says this accomplishment, along with his score                    would like to go overseas and
of 42 points and 21 rebounds in one game, were two of                     play for a professional team.
his proudest moments during his basketball career.                           If his past performance is
   This season, Schwarz had the highest points per                        any indication, expect to hear
game average for the regular season at 14.2 points per                    the name John Schwarz in the
game. He was also second on the team with an average                      professional arena within the                   John Schwarz showcases his dunking ability which led        Bobby Parker
of 8.1 rebounds per game and third with a .503 field                      next few years.                                 Harford’s basketball team this season.

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 4 01 Thomas Run Road                                                                    B e l A i r, M D 2 1 0 1 5                                                w w w. h a r f o rd . e d u
 2/EDITORIAL                                                                       APRIL 15, 2010                                                        The HARFORD Owl

 From the Editor’s Desk: The elements can’t stop adventure!
By Rebecca White
Editor In Chief
                                                        ideas and discuss the diversity of
   New York City: flashing lights,                      our newspaper.
soaring      buildings,     congested                      Perkins affirms, “Everything
streets; this is truly a city that nev-                 seems so much bigger from such
er sleeps. Home of the New York                         a small world like Harford County.
Times, the city hosted a college                        All the students who attended
media conference at an extrava-                         came from different walks, and it
gant hotel directly in Times Square.                    made it all the more interesting.”
Several members of the staff of the                        Attending the conference was
Harford Owl had the incredible op-                      a tremendous opportunity to gain
portunity to attend this conference.                    suggestions and knowledge from
   Managing Editor, Stephanie Per-                      some truly remarkable individu-
kins and I were able to attend the                      als with experience and exposure
Newsroom Management for News-                           to the demanding, yet exciting
paper Editors workshop, run by                          world of journalism. As newspa-
Mark Witherspoon, editorial advisor                     pers transition from print to online
to Iowa State Daily, and Bill Elsen,                    and the world explodes with cur-
former editor in chief of the Wash-                     rent events, this is truly the most
ington Post. We had the opportu-                        exciting time in journalism.
                                                                                                                                                                               Andrew Windham/Harford Owl
nity to meet with other editors from                       As Editor in Chief, I was able         The torrential rain in New York City did not stop Rebecca White, Editor in Chief, and Stephanie
around the country and absorb                           to obtain some useful tips to fur-        Perkins, Managing Editor, from attending the College Media Conference.

                                                                                                                  ther increase the quality of        learn more about preparing photos
                                                                                                                  our newspaper concerning            to print and how to prepare for the
                                                                                                                  depth of content, visual dis-       inevitable change to online news
                                                                                                                  play, the importance of ac-         pages. My workshop was special-
                                                                                                                  curacy and delegating, and          ized and informative, but it was also
                                                                                                                  other essential factors that        a whole lot of fun. New York was
                                                                                                                  an editor should compre-            definitely a perfect setting, despite
                                                                                                                  hend and value.                     the consistent downpour. Every
                                                                                                                     According to Mark With-          time I go to New York I remember
                                                                                                                  erspoon, “Great journalism          learning about the fathers of yellow
                                                                                                                  is providing people with            journalism: Pulitzer and Hearst. The
                                                                                                                  the information they need           conference was definitely the expe-
                                                                                                                  to make educated and in-            rience of a lifetime.”
                                                                                                                  formed decisions about                 The members of the staff who
                                                                                                                  how to lead their lives indi-       took part in this conference were
                                                                                                                  vidually and communally.”           able to gain a valuable experience
                                                                                                                     Andrew Windham, who              to individually enhance their skills
                                                                                                                  attended Photo Prep Web             and strengths. Not even torrential
                                                                                                                  and Print, affirms, “The            rain could dim the lights of this in-
                                                                                                                  conference was definitely           credible city nor the knowledge we
                                                                                                                  a unique and beneficial             returned with and experiences we
                                                                                     Andrew Windham/Harford Owl
Not even rain can dim the lights of New York City.                                                                experience. I was able to           gained from this conference.

Make Harford count: Why the census matters
By Sheila Terry
Assistant Director for
Marketing & Public Relations                            guardians’ household, you should              States, citizens and noncitizens, to             College and community. The data
                                                        be accounted for on your parents’             be counted. Every year, the federal              also give us a voice in Congress as
   The census forms for 2010                            or guardians’ household form.                 government distributes more than                 it is used to determine the number
have been mailed to each of our                             The ten-question form takes ten           $400 billion to state, local, and                of seats each state has in the House
households. Since the Census is                         minutes to complete and this makes            tribal governments based on the                  of Representatives.
so important to our community,                          it the shortest in the history of the         count – fundings used for new                        Please complete and mail back
Harford       Community     College                     Census. By law, your responses                roads, schools, hospitals, and                   your form and encourage your
wants to make sure you and                              cannot be shared with anyone,                 the enhancement of important                     family, friends and neighbors to do
your household are counted by                           including other federal agencies              community programs.                              the same. For more information,
completing the form and mailing it                      and law enforcement entities.                     Organizations like HCC often use             visit or www.
back. If you commute to school and                          The U.S. Constitution requires            Census data to apply for grants for    
reside full time at your parents’ or                    every person living in the United             programs that are important to our                   Source:

   the                                                               Chief Designer: Taylor Lambert

   HaRfoRd Owl                                                       Editor in Chief: Rebecca White                                  Chief Advisor: Claudia Brown
                                                                     Managing Editor: Stephanie Perkins                              Circulation Managers: Blair Brugh &
                                                                     Business/Ad Manager: Marissa Horsey                             Jovonne Skinner
   The Harford Owl is published eight times a year by the                                                                            Business Advisor: Joseph Cunningham
   Visual, Performing and Applied Arts Division through              Opinions Editors: Ryan Langrehr & Bailey O’Malia
   participation of students in journalism courses. This             Entertainment Editor: Nadia Kaczkowski                          Freelance Contributors: Sheila Terry, Kayla
   newspaper is published as a learning tool for those
                                                                     Features Editor: John Morin                                     Cross, Madelyn Danner, Erica Dunsen, Eva Jones,
   students. The Owl accepts letters-to-the-editor, up to                                                                            Cathy Boston, Erin Stanley, Ralph Aquino, Valerie
   300 words in length. All letters must be signed. We               Sports Editors: Kiel Campo & Wendell Gowie
   reserve the right to edit letters, if space is a consideration.   Photo Editor: Andrew Windham                                    Swain, Mary Austin, Nancy Dow, Sharoll Love,
   Advertising will be accepted as deemed appropriate
                                                                     Staff Writers & Photographers: Amy Kreisel,                     Jessica Ambrose, Bryan Merlock, Paul Valle,
   to the mission of this institution. Students interested                                                                           Valeria Swartz, Bobby Parker, Chris Heard, Chrissy
   in participating as staff contributors can contact the            Alexa Geuss, Cliff Dodd, Arline Bazemore, Marissa
   Editor in Chief, Rebecca White or the Managing Editor,            Gallagher, Andy O, Sarah Smith & Alyson Ballard                 DeHaven, Leslie Connery, Robert Parrott, Rachel
   Stephanie Perkins at or the
                                                                     Technical Advisors: Julie Cioccio                               Vrankin, Jim Alley, & Laura Hutton
   advisor, Claudia Brown, at
 The HARFORD Owl                                                                               APRIL 15, 2010                                                                  news/3
Serving the Lakota in South Dakota
By Rebecca White
Editor in Chief

   “This spring break was an eye
opener. I could not believe what I
was seeing: houses with no win-
dows or doors and some without
roofs,” comments Stefanie Leone
after her class spring break trip to
the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation
in Rapid City, South Dakota.
   The class spent their spring
break serving the residents of this
area, focusing on the rehabilita-
tion of homes and learning about
the Lakota culture.
   Some of the projects students
took part in were building wheel-
chair ramps, re-roofing, window
installation or building and install-
ing outhouses.
   Leone says, “My group was
working on a woman’s house,
[named Gene] that was burned
down and it took the fire depart-
ment three hours to get there. I

                                                                                                                                                                                      photo contributed by Chris Heard
                                                                         HCC students Kevin Miksis, Nicki Byrne, Aubrey Smith, and Stefanie Leone enjoy a hike in the Badlands with fellow volunteer, Molly
                                                                         Carter (center) from Allegheny College.

                                                                         could not believe how                 We visited Wound-
                                                                         much we got accom-                    ed Knee, the bad-
                                                                         plished, and the smile on             lands, schools, a
                                                                         her face and seeing how               church, and a re-
                                                                         happy she was to see a                straunt called Bet-
                                                                         roof on her new home was              ty’s Kitchen.”
                                                                         the most amazing feeling.”               While the stu-
                                                                            Additionally, the class            dents shared their
                                                                         visited the historical site           time and energy,
                                                                         Wounded Knee to reflect               the Native Ameri-
                                                                         on Native American histo-             cans of Pine Ridge
                                                                         ry. They stayed at volun-             shared their cul-
                                                                         teer dorms and prepared               ture and wisdom.
                                                                         their own meals and ate in            The saying “mita-
                                                                         a communal setting                    kuye oyasin” truly
                                                                            Leone adds, “A quote               brought     different
                                                                         that I really liked was ‘mi-          people together to
                                                                         takuye oyasin,’ which                 rebuild a commu-
                                      photo contributed by Chris Heard
 Kevin Miksis builds a roof truss for the home of Jean                   means we are all related.             nity in need.                                                          photo contributed by Chris Heard
                   Jumping Eagle.                                                                                                             Stefanie Leone installs roof trusses at a home near Wounded
                                                                                                                                                                  Knee, South Dakota.

Bringing visibility to the ‘Invisible’                                                                         they were tossed into a pit filled with             Invisible Children is having a
>> continued from page 1                                                                                       decaying corpses.                                10-week American “Legacy Tour”
                                                                                                                   “Whenever I remember this, I                 in which these people who have
                                                             pen pals in total, and I immediately              cry and ask God for forgiveness,”                overcome so much can share their
                                                             connected with Lawrence,” Swartz                  Nyanzi wrote. “I was in pain and                 stories, as well as a screening of
                                                             relates.                                          regretted [that I had] been born.”               their films. Colleges can book a
                                                                In a letter written to Swartz’s                    Eventually, they were rescued                screening and learn more at www.
                                                             parents, Lawrence Nyanzi shared                   by the Uganda People’s Defense         
                                                             the rest of his story. When he                    Forces (UPDF). For a while Lawrence
                                                             returned to his village, everyone                 lived on the street of Mbale, until he
                                                             had been killed and the village burnt             was taken to a safe house run by
                                                             down. Left alone, he traveled forty               Active Blessing. Nyanzi is now 14,
                                                             miles to a camp outside his village.              and after the Swartz family heard
                                                                One night, however, rebels                     his story they decided to adopt him.
                                                             attacked the camp, killing some                   They have to go through background
                                                             and abducting others, including                   checks, health and mental health
                                                             Nyanzi. They had to march through                 examinations, as well as a home
                                                             the forest to Sudan, where the                    study to see how they react with one
                                                             rebels resided. The child soldiers                another.
                       courtesy of Invisible Children Inc.   were forced to cut the breasts and                    “I am happy now and pray every
    According to,                  sometimes lips and mouths off of
250,000 children in Northern Uganda receive no
                                                                                                               day,” Nyanzi continues. “I am happy
education. Sixty percent of the schools are non-             women. They were also forced to                   God placed me in a family, [and that
 functional because of the war, leaving schools              eat human feces. When a group of                  He has] removed all the wounds
 that are functioning grossly overcrowded, with              boys refused to eat a dead human,
       300 students for every one teacher.                                                                     from my heart!”
4/AD   APRIL 15, 2010   The HARFORD Owl
The HARFORD Owl                         APRIL 15, 2010   ad/5

       6 Harford County locations
       1 Baltimore County location
     Career opportunities
 Entry level and management opportunities
            PT and FT positions
  Flexible hours – day, evening, weekend
          Equal Opportunity Employer
  6/news                                                                                  APRIL 15, 2010                                                  The HARFORD Owl

                                                               Paralegal professor lays down the law
                                                               By Alexa Geuss
                                                               Staff Writer                               witness preparation, preparation             coordinate placements for the interns
                                                                                                          of court documents, knowledge of             with local law firms or government
                                                                  Paralegal studies is one of the         technology, [and] knowledge of court         agencies. During the semester, I
                                                               fastest growing industries in today’s      rules, procedures,” Profili states.          monitor their work performance and
                                                               legal profession. In our nation’s              “I came to paralegal studies             meet with the supervising attorneys
                                                               capital alone, there are over 40,000       because I am interested in the               to evaluate the intern’s experience,”
                                                               attorneys who have at least two            analytical aspect of law and research        she states.
                                                               paralegals each. That means there          and writing. Paralegals provide a               “I find the most rewarding part
                                                               are approximately 80,000 paralegals        tremendous wealth of resources to            of my job is placing interns into
                                                               in Washington D.C. alone.                  the legal profession, so I feel it is an     the workplace and seeing them
                                                                  Paralegals act as the liaison           especially important area to work in.”       perform their duties responsibly and
                                                               between the attorney and the client.           Professor Profili has not always         professionally,” Profili states.
                                                               Paralegal studies is the field where       been interested in paralegal studies.           Professor Profili shares, “I enjoy
                                                               students learn to perform duties           “In college,” Profili begins, “I always      comedy and am a Seinfeld junkie.”
                                                               that assist legal professionals. They      wanted to be a news reporter, so             She also is a native of Harford County.
                                                               help provide cost-effective legal          I worked for the campus TV and               She graduated from Edgewood
                                                               services. Areas of work can be highly      radio station. I haven’t worked as a         High School in 1984. She went to
                                                               specialized, such as bankruptcy, or        reporter yet, but maybe someday!”            the University of Maryland, College
                                                               more general.                                  Professor Profili has worked for         Park and got her Bachelors degree
                                                                  At Harford Community College,           the state legislature, law clerking for a    in Journalism. She now resides on
                                                               Anne Marie Profili is a professor for      judge in the Circuit Court for Harford       a family farm in Fallston with her
                                                               the Paralegal Studies department.          County, at a private law firm in Bel         husband and three sons.
                                                                  “Paralegals work for government         Air, and being a sole practitioner for          Teachers at HCC have interesting
                                                               agencies, federal, state and local         the past 13 years.                           past experiences. Professor Profili
                                                               governments, private law firms and             As a paralegal professor, Profili        studied in London in 1987, went
                                 Andrew Windham/Harford Owl    private industry. Duties include legal     has many duties outside of the actual        to school for Journalism, ended
 For Professor Profili, the most rewarding part of teaching
in the Paralegal Studies dept. is placing interns and seeing
                                                               research and writing, discovery,           teaching. “In addition to teaching,          up becoming a paralegal, and is
    them perform duties professionally and responsibly.        communication        with      clients,    I supervise the paralegal interns. I         teaching full time at HCC.

Open forums introduce presidential candidates to community
By Rebecca White
Editor in Chief
                                                               BSW in Social Work from Western            ences and methods,
                                                               Maryland College. However, af-             as well as his plans for
   In pursuit of a new president for                           ter the open forum held at HCC,            Harford. Dr. Talley as-
the college, the campus hosted                                 Dawn Lindsay accepted the Presi-           serts, “We need to give
open forums at various times to                                dency at her very own college.             the students the tools
provide students, faculty, staff,                                 Gaining her first teaching expe-        they need to create
and the community an opportunity                               rience at the University of Texas,         their future… We need
to meet the final candidates and                               Dr. Danette E. Toone has accom-            to meet students where
pose questions to better under-                                plished countless undertakings in          they are.
stand the experience each can-                                 her position, such as enhancing               According to Bradley
didate has, as well as their future                            the library, working side by side          Stover, Chair of Harf-
plans for the college.                                         with the community, and develop-           ord Community College
   Dr. Dawn Lindsay, Interim Pres-                             ing the bioscience institute, which        Board of Trustees, three
ident of Glendale College, served                              she says is “outside of the box            supplementary candi-
Glendale College since 2007 and                                thinking; education that isn’t nec-        dates were requested                                           Andrew Windham/Harford Owl
became Executive Vice Presi-                                   essarily traditional.”                     to participate in open Two of the final candidates address the campus community.
dent in 2009. Gaining a Doctor-                                   Dr. Frederico J. Talley, Vice           public forums and view
ate in Organizational Leadership                               President and Dean of the Leon-            the campus, as well as meet with          The new President of HCC will
from Pepperdine University, Dawn                               ardtown Campus of the College              the Board of Trustees. Dr. Myrtle be announced following a final de-
Lindsay received her Master’s in                               of Southern Maryland and for-              Dorsey, Dr. Dennis Golladay, and cision made by the members of
Educational Counseling, a Bach-                                mer President of Olivet College,           Dr. Bradley Ebersole are the addi- the Presidential Search Commit-
elor’s degree in Psychology, and a                             shared some of his past experi-            tional candidates.                    tee, led by Dr. Jay Valdes.

    Reconnect Alum advises students and coaches tennis
    with Harford:                                                                                                                                                           By Kayla Cross
                                                                                                                                                                          Special to the Owl

                                                                  Academic advisors at Harford            University in 1996, where he double-         they should start at a community
                                                               Community College listen to                majored in marketing and sports              college. Especially when you live
                                                               students’ stories and career goals,        management. His love of sports is            in Harford County, you should start
                                                               but rarely have an opportunity to          what originally led him to work at           right here, even if it’s just for a year.”
                                                               share their own stories. Many, such        Harford Community College as a                  While he may potentially want
                                                               as George Budelis, who attended            tennis coach in 1998.                        to move up in the advising or
                                                               Harford Community College as a                 Budelis is still a tennis coach at       athletic departments, Budelis said
                                                               student, return later to help out future   the college, and says he really enjoys       he is happy with his job now. A job
                                                               students.                                  it.                                          change would require him to put
                                                                  Budelis, 40, graduated from                 While coaching tennis at Harford,        in more hours away from home, a
                                                               Harford Community College in               he eventually got into the advising          commitment he is not willing to make
                                                               1991, with a degree in business            sector and is currently a student            yet.
                                                               administration.                            development specialist. This career             “I like the ability to go home and
                                                                  “I just kind of picked a major,” he     field has given him the opportunity          spend time with my kids right now,
                                                               said. “I didn’t really have a reason for   to help students attending Harford           but maybe one day…,” he said.
                                                               picking business and when I got to         Community       College,     and    he          When not working, Budelis
                                                               my bachelor’s degree I realized that       recommends the college to those              spends most of his time with his wife
                                                               wasn’t the best major for me and I         who aren’t currently attending.              of five years and two kids, one-year-
                                   contributed by Marketing
                                                               added a second major in sports                 “I think people at 18 aren’t ready       old Lillian and four-year-old Austin.
 George Budelis is dedicated to helping HCC                    management when I got to Towson.”          to move away to four-year schools            He enjoys playing poker in his spare
   students determine their career paths.                         He later graduated from Towson          for the most part,” he said. “I think        time as well.
 The HARFORD Owl                                                                   APRIL 15, 2010                                                   OPINIONS/ 7
                point //counterpoint
Small businesses as American                                                                                                               Small businesses,
as apple pie        Small Businesses vs. Corporations
                                                                                                                                                small profits
By Bailey O’Malia                                                                                                                                                     By Ryan Langrehr
Opinions Editor                                                                                                                                                          Opinions Editor
    America’s economy was founded on                                                                                                              What’s so wrong about making
small businesses. Back in the day, you                                                                                                        money? American small businesses
used to be able to walk into your local                                                                                                       blame corporations for siphoning
store and be greeted with familiar faces                                                                                                      customers and profit, but would any
and familiar products. But somewhere                                                                                                          of them feel guilty if they were as
along the line, the personal connection                                                                                                       successful? The truth is, complaints from
was lost.                                                                                                                                     small businesses stem from something
    Today we see giant corporations like                                                                                                      familiar to everyone – jealousy.
Wal-Mart and Target move into small                                                                                                               Corporations are so prevalent in the
towns and destroy the market for small                                                                                                        modern world because they do business
business owners. The main problem                                                                                                             efficiently and profitably. For example, a
with corporations dominating the mar-                                                                                                         large chain store like Target has security
ket is that the money spent is not put                                                                                                        to prevent theft, and Human Resources to
back into the community.                                                                                                                      address their employee’s problems. They
    When you spend money at your local                                                                                                        are also an equal-opportunity employer,
business, 100% of the money is put in                                                                                                         preventing racism, bias, and conflicts of
their hands and will be spent through-                                                                                                        interest.
out the local area. But when you spend                                                                                                            Small businesses are vulnerable to
money at a larger corporation, you can                                                                                                        theft, whether it’s from shoplifters or
only hope their employees will spend                                                                                                          employees skimming from the register.
their paychecks in a way that will ben-                                                                                                       Also, a good portion of small businesses
efit the local economy. This means that                                                                                                       are family-operated, which may put
a huge portion of profits will never be                                                                                                       money back into the community, but it
seen by anyone in the surrounding area.                                                                                                       also breeds conflicts of interest within the
    The small business is crucial to Amer-                                                                                                    workplace – working with people you live
ican society. The National Telecommu-                                                                                                         with or have to get along with definitely
nications and Information Administra-                                                                                                         creates problems.
tion reported that small businesses are                                                                                                           While small business profits may find
responsible for 52% of all U.S. sales                                                                                                         their way back into the local economy,
and contribute about 21% of all man-                                                                               Andrew Windham/Harford Owl large corporations often donate small

ufactured U.S. exports. Even more surprising,                       in this equation is 1-800-flowers. Customers are percentages of their multi-billion dollar profit
small businesses pay 45% of total U.S. payroll                      also getting the short end of the stick because towards local schools and communities.
according to Small Business Notes. Therefore,                       the florist is forced to under-fill the order and the            Corporations also benefit from their established
if small businesses are failing, so is the United                   customer almost never receives what is pictured. success – having a successful brand name and
States economy.                                                     This is only one example of the numerous issues an appealing store attracts customers. To suggest
    It is not hard to find injustices in big business.              within the corporate world.                                  that successful companies should be looking out
I work in a small florist shop where we are forced                      It is important for consumers to consider for local small businesses is ridiculous; remember
to take orders from corporations like 1-800-flow-                   where their money is going when they make a that corporations were once in the same position
ers because they dominate the market, but we                        purchase. Americans need to realize that the as the businesses they have a significant
are lucky to make a mere $5.00 per order. The                       country as we know it cannot exist without the advantage over.
really unfair part is that the only one benefiting                  presence of small business.                                      Years of continued profit and growth elevated
                                                                                                                                 them to the status they are today, so why can’t

Children create restaurant chaos
By Stephanie Perkins
                                                                                                                                 small businesses strive to follow that example? If a
                                                                                                                                 business makes good money, attracts customers,
                                                                                                                                 works efficiently, and manages its employees
Managing Editor                                                                                                                  successfully, they’re not siphoning business.
                                                                                                                                 Corporations attract customers and money, with
                                                                    ing, whining, crying, making unnecessary mess- one of the founding principles of the basis of this
                                                                    es, and generally being annoying, just to name country – capitalism.
                                                                    a few. I cannot even fathom the amount of food
                                                                    wasted by kids dumping or throwing it onto the our meal. We were never, in any way, rewarded
                                                                    floor and at each other.                                     for bad behavior.
                                                                        More often than not, kids decide to run around               Just the other day, there were two young girls
                                                                    and be loud when we are most busy. I can re- with two women, who I would assume were
                                                                    member countless young children who would their mothers, at my counter. Between the two
                                                                    wander around the dining room, bothering and of them, they were terribly rude to me and their
                                                                    bumping other patrons and employees.                         mothers. While one girl was talking to the other,
                                                                        The question that comes first to my mind is, one of the mothers corrected her, to which the
                                                                    “Where are their parents?” Unfortunately, a trend girl replied, “I corrected myself, mom, so zip it!”
                                                                    when going out to eat lately is to let kids be ob-               I think a part of this problem stems from par-
                                                                    noxious, rude, and messy among many other ents giving their children whatever they want, and
                                                                    things.                                                      then the kids going ballistic when they don’t get
                                 contributed by Stephanie Perkins
                                                                        Not too long ago, my co-workers were telling what they want. I remember watching part of an
    “Kids eat free on Tuesday” or “Family Night                     me about a table that sounded too rude and evil episode of My Super Sweet Sixteen, and this girl
Wednesdays” are a few ways restaurants bring                        to be true. Although the parents complained and never worried about how much anything cost be-
in families, especially ones with young children.                   demanded the entire check be “comped,” what cause her mother was right behind her with her
Though business is booming, advertising a night                     absolutely floored me was that even the children credit card or she just lent her daughter the card.
especially for young and sometimes intolerable                      told my general manager that he was terrible at I don’t remember if it was the same episode, but
children doesn’t seem like such a good idea.                        his job and demanded he take their horrible food another girl practically made her father take her
While the average family eats out at least once                     away.                                                        brand new car back because of something trivial
a week, according to Sandelman & Associates,                            Parents are exceptionally important in teach- like paint or interior color.
children can make the dining experience less                        ing their kids just about everything, but especial-              I don’t think I’ll ever understand why some of
than enjoyable through their uncorrected behav-                     ly in how they interact with others in public. In his this new generation of parents seems to not care
ior.                                                                life, my father never let myself or my siblings act how their kids act. I do know, however, that I will
    Common actions of kids that come into my                        out in public without consequence. We did not never pass this lack of social respect onto my
place of employment include running, scream-                        get dessert if we didn’t finish a select portion of          own children.
 8/OPINIONS                                                                    APRIL 15, 2010                                               The HARFORD Owl

                                                    sk the Owl
                Why is there no one around to direct traffic
                flow during peak times on campus? -Victoria Corkran
                According to Security Officer Ruark, implementing someone to direct traffic at the main entrance (Entrance three by Edgewood Hall) would
                actually slow down the speed at which you are able to exit the campus. “While seeing an officer may make you feel better it is really only
                an illusion” says Officer Ruark, it was found that directing traffic extends the back up along Thomas Run road and increases wait time by
                up to two-three minutes during peak hours (11 a.m.-2 p.m.). HCC plans on extending parking lot A (the lot in front of the Aberdeen Hall)
                over the summer so that you will be able to exit directly onto Entrance Six (near Wawa) this also means the addition of a potential 50-60
                parking spots. There is also the possibility of putting a traffic circle at Entrance Three to increase the flow of traffic onto Thomas Run. For
                now, the best option is to utilize alternate entrances like Entrance Six.

                                                                            Why can’t students use the theater in the
                                                                            Chesapeake Center for free? -Kirby Kelbaugh
                                                                             According to Dave Dunaway, superviser of the Chesapeake Center’s theater bookings,
                                                                             “Student groups get rooms rent free, but there are charge backs. We really could not op-
                                                                             erate efficiently if we allowed unexpected costs to come up time after time, so we could
                                                                             not give the theater away, without recovering those costs.” Some of the unexpected costs
                                                                             can include operation and maintenance of the theater during and after any kind of event.
                                                                             “In this case, we would have to hire custodial and technicians who would not otherwise be
                                                                             on duty, which is another unexpected cost. “We attempt to break even,” says Dunaway.

Throwing salt on snail mail
By Cliff Dodd
Staff Writer
                                                  United States Postal service has been       suggestions that is being brought up      cell phone or that familiar voice saying,
                                                  purging more and more money. It is          to the Postal Regulatory Commission       “You’ve got mail.”
                                                  putting the USPS in the same, if not        later this month is to stop mail             We need to support the USPS. It
                                                  worse, position than AIG and any of the     delivery on Saturdays in addition to      is a service we have come to expect
                                                  other major failing companies, except       Sundays. This, of course, is causing      and depend on for the last 235 years.
                                                  for one big difference: a government        quite a ruckus among a few people         Allowing them to move forward is vital to
                                                  bail out would not be a permanent fix.      to say the least.                         ensure that this service, which we take
                                                     According      to     two     outside        One thing is painfully clear; the     for granted, can continue and thrive.
                                                  consultants to the post office, they will   times, they are a-changing, and              Snail mail, as we so affectionately
                                                  lose almost a quarter-trillion dollars      traditional methods of meeting the        called it, has been loyally serving us
                                                  over the next decade. That is an            need for service must evolve. If this     through rain, sleet, and snow. But now,
                                                  average of 25 billion dollars a year or     means that we can only get mail five      after all this time, we are not even willing
                                                  68 million dollars a day. Any company       days a week in order to save this         to let the beloved mail person take an
                                                  that is losing this much money,             institution, then so be it.               extra day off so we could keep him (or
                                                  no matter how big, must change                  I’d have to admit that one of my      her) for a few more years.
                                                  something to fix it. Not doing so would     favorite parts of the day is going to        So I say, let the post office deliver
                     Andrew Windham/Harford Owl
                                                  not only be bad business sense, but         the mailbox and getting that package      five days a week so they can stay
    The U.S. Postal service is officially         complete madness.                           that I have been waiting for or that      in business long enough for our
in trouble.                                          There have been some suggestions         letter from a loved one that I didn’t     grandchildren to know the feeling of
    Since the growing popularity of               though that may be able to fix the          even expect. This I can appreciate a      running to the mailbox and getting that
instant messaging and email, the                  problem for the time being. One of the      great deal more than a beep on my         special letter.

Foster parents, stepping stones in student’s life
By Chrissy DeHaven
Special to the Owl
                                                  my adoption, but eventually released        and a few years later my Mommom           I love my parents deeply and can
   My mother died a day after I was               his parental rights; I was adopted in       joined him.                               never repay them enough for giving a
born; my life would change from that              October 1978 by Gene and Joan                  They were the stepping stones          little curly haired blond girl a chance at
moment on.                                        Gall. They had already adopted one          of my life, and I truly believe I would   a better life.
   My parents were never married.                 daughter, who was six at the time.          not be who I am today if it were not
My father had my two-year-old                     I was raised in the same house my           for them. I was their only foster
brother, and employees at Social                  parents still live in today.                child; it broke their hearts that they
Services were not confident he could                  As I grew up, I continued to visit      couldn’t adopt me.
handle a toddler and a newborn. I                 my foster parents for holidays or just         Mind you, they both lived
ended up in a foster care home at                 whenever I wanted. My Poppop was            until I was in my early 20’s. At
four days old; the owners were Ross               actually the person who taught me           my Poppop’s funeral, I was
and Margaret Caudill, or to me, my                how to drive in a little yellow truck       offered any of his belongings as a
Mommom and Poppop.                                that he had. I remember roasting            memento. The only thing I wanted
   They lived on a small farm in Havre            chestnuts in his basement in the fall       was a brown, oval, almost flat rock
de Grace and had grown children.                  and collecting fresh eggs with my           that I had found when I was two, and
Their home was off the main road                  Mommom.                                     my Poppop carried it in his wallet
and had three gardens, a chicken                      My Poppop was able to see my            until he died. Unfortunately before
coop and a pond. They nicknamed                   first son; he would reminisce about         I had been offered mementos, the
me Sissy, I was born Voneta Marie,                how he was “into everything” just like      rock had been thrown away, as no
and I was adopted as Chrissy Laurel.              I was. My Mommom was eventually             one knew its true meaning.
Ironic that Sissy and Chrissy rhymed.             moved to a nursing home as she                 My story is a very happy and                                 contributed by Chrissy DeHaven
   The Caudill’s were considered too              suffered from Alzheimer’s. It broke         fortunate one. I am one of the good       Chrissy DeHaven, shown here, was adopted
old to adopt me. My father fought                 my heart when my Poppop died,               cases that came out of the system.        shortly after this photo was taken.
 The HARFORD Owl                                                                    APRIL 15, 2010                                                        OPINIONS/9
From the desk of... Professor Danner
Should MD legalize medical marijunana? By ProfessorSpecial to the Owl
                                                    Madelyn Danner

                                                     that of a recreational user.
                                                         Is “medical necessity” for real,
                                                                                                          induced nausea and vomiting.
                                                                                                             However, those suffering from
                                                                                                                                                    What are the best
                                                     or is it a scheme developed by                       these maladies say it is not enough.      April Fools’ pranks
                                                     those seeking to decriminalize
                                                     marijuana? Although the evidence
                                                                                                          Only 10-20% of the administered
                                                                                                          dose of Marinol reaches the                 you’ve seen?
                                                     is more anecdotal than research-                     systemic       circulation.   Inhaled
                                                     based, there is documentation to                     marijuana bypasses the liver, thus
                                                     support its use in some medical                      reaching the circulation in higher
                                                     conditions.                                          concentrations to greater effect.
                                                         The cannabinoid in marijuana                        The medical community is
                                                     latches on to receptors in the brain,                conflicted about its legalization.
                                                     spinal cord, and peripheral nerves.                  Because of regulatory and ethical
                                                     Here they can alter nerve sensation                  concerns, there are few controlled
                                                     to decrease pain, increase gastric                   studies on marijuana; those
                                                     motility to decrease nausea, and                     that exist are inconsistent as to
                                                     inhibit the vomiting center in the                   its effectiveness. Due to lack
                                                     brain. The Institute of Medicine                     of standardization of potency,
                                                     found therapeutic value in the use                   available dosing guidelines are
                                                     of cannabinoids for pain relief,                     difficult to apply.
                                                     nausea and vomiting, and appetite                       There are also concerns about
                                                     stimulation.                                         side effects. Although advocates
                                                         Patients      suffering     from                 say it is safer than many prescribed
                                                     chemotherapy-induced nausea and                      drugs, according to research by J.
                        Andrew Windham/Harford Owl   vomiting, severe weight loss due to                  Seamon, Jennifer A. Fass, Maria
Prof. Danner is an Asst. Professor of Nursing.       anorexia, or muscle spasms due to                    Maniscalco-Feictl, and Nada A.
   In January, bills were introduced                 multiple sclerosis are just a few of                 Abu-Shraie, it causes dizziness,           “I heard the fountain
into the Maryland General Assembly
that would allow doctors to legally
                                                     the patients marijuana is purported
                                                     to help. “Medical Marijuana” is
                                                                                                          induces       psychosis,     memory
                                                                                                          defects, and bone loss among other
                                                                                                                                                    outside the library was
prescribe marijuana for patients.                    technically available now. Two                       things. Smoking marijuana may                 filled with soap.”
Current Maryland law allows a                        pills formulated with synthetic                      also lead to respiratory disease.             Professor Sara Cole
claim of marijuana for “medical                      cannabinoid, Marinol and Cesamet,                       Will Maryland become the 15th
necessity.” Although still illegal, the              are FDA approved for appetite                        state to legalize marijuana for
penalty is reduced compared to                       stimulation and chemotherapy-                        medical purposes? Should it?

                                                     Death of a dialect
                                                     By Erica Dunsen
                                                     Special to the Owl
                                                                                                          taking her civilization with her. Her
                                                                                                          husband had passed away years
                                                                                                          before her and they did not have
                                                                                                          any children.
                                                                                                             She was called Boa Sr. by the
                                                                                                          people that discovered her before
                                                                                                          her death. Boa Sr. was 85 years old
                                                                                                          and the last person in the world who
                                                                                                          spoke the 70,000 year old language
                                                                                                          that many believe was spoken
                                                                                                          before people migrated from Africa.
                                                                                                             This really disturbed me to know
                                                                                                          that a culture is actually extinct in     “I gave my friend a lotto
                                                                                                          this day in age especially since there      ticket and said it was
                                                                                                          are so many organizations that have
                                                                                                          been established to preserve the           the winning numbers.”
                                                                                                          cultures around the world. I was in              Ethan Gilbert
                                                                                                          complete shock to know that there
                                                                          contributed by Leslie Connery
                                                                                                          isn’t really anyone left of these
                                                        There are so many characteristics                 people.
                                                     that make up one’s culture. One of                      It made me wonder how I would
                                                     the biggest characteristics is one’s                 feel if I was the last person in
                                                     language. But what happens when                      Maryland. I think I would feel lonely
                                                     a language is gone forever? What                     more than anything else. Also it
                                                     happens when everything you once                     would depress me to know that
                                                     knew is no longer existent and                       every moral that was passed down
                                                     cannot even be a memory because                      from generation to generation as a
                                                     everyone that you identified with is                 code of ethics to live by would no
                                                     gone?                                                longer exist. My people would be
                                                        That’s just a ridiculous thought in               gone forever.
                                                     this day and age because cultures                       Boa Sr. certainly isn’t that last
                                                     have been diffused tremendously                      person to live in a civilization that
                                                     and there has to be documentation                    will be extinct. I feel that it is our
                                                     from where everything started from,                  duty as citizens of the world to
                                                     right? Surprisingly this is incorrect.               have documentation and education
                                                        India’s Andaman region is the                     available for cultures that will one
                                                     home of many ancient languages                       day be lost. This information will help
                                                     like the Boa language. The Boa                       countries make decisions about
                                                     language was communication for                       many things such as agriculture,          “I once filled my friend’s
                                                     the Great Andamanese and it is
                                                     now officially distinct as of February
                                                                                                          ethics, war, etc.
                                                                                                             I hope that this event will open
                                                                                                                                                       car with golf balls.”
                                                     2010. This is because the last                       of the eyes of many and a call of              Dustin Horsman
                                                     woman of the tribe passed away                       action is enforced.
10/AD   APRIL 15, 2010   The HARFORD Owl
 The HARFORD Owl                                                                           APRIL 15, 2010                                 ENTERTAINMENT/11
restaurant review:
La Tolteca: Cultural experience and a vegetarian fiesta
By Robert Parrott
Special to the Owl
   My girlfriend is vegan. This                            only vegetarian, not as pure, but
doesn’t mean she’s from another                            somehow she overlooks that and
star system, though people often                           still goes out with me.
look at us like she is, but that’s                              We love Mexican, and our
probably because she’s so cute and                         favorite local spot is La Tolteca in
elf-like. But really, it only means she                    Bel Air, which also has a location a
doesn’t eat animal products. I’m                           little closer to HCC that gives a 10%
                                                                                   discount to students.
                                                                                      Just entering this
                                                                                   place lifts your spirits
                                                                                   with the colorful
                                                                                   piñatas, Aztec-style
                                                                                   murals, and hand-
                                                                                   carved,       brightly-
                                                                                   painted chairs. The
                                                                                   Mariachi music is
                                                                                   upbeat almost to                                                                                             Robert Parrott
                                                                                   the point of silly, but    Exciting entrees please customers of all ages at La Tolteca.
                                                                                   has the friendliest         feeling, even in February.                       summer squash, onions, tomatoes,
                                                                                   staff you’ll find in a          Mexican food is great for                    mushrooms, and bell peppers.
                                                                                   restaurant.                 vegetarians, and we can’t help                      And did I mention the sauce?
                                                                                      We start with the        sharing La Tolteca’s veggie fajita,              With flavor like this, who says vegan
                                                                                   complimentary fresh         priced at $7.99, a dish that makes               cuisine has to be dull? I’m talking so
                                                                                   tortilla chips and          my mouth water just thinking about               delectable I can’t imagine leaving
                                                                                   salsa, plus a side          it.                                              even a drop behind.
                                                                                   of their excellent              Our waiter, Beto, brings it to our              When our check comes, it’s so
                                                                                   guacamole, priced           table with a proud flourish, veggies             low I want to throw my hat down on
                                                                                   at $2.99. Here the          sizzling on a cast-iron platter that             the floor and do a Mexican dance
                                                                                   atmosphere colludes         wafts a great cloud of happy steam.              around it while my girlfriend plays the
                                                                                   with the fun flavors to     Simmering in savory sauce, ready                 maracas. But even for omnivores,
                                                                    Robert Parrott
                                                                                   transport us south-         to be rolled into fresh flour tortillas          and those who relish the salt-rimmed
 La Tolteca offers the perfect atmosphere to indulge in delectable veggie          of-the-border for a         that can hardly contain their juicy              Margarita, this place offers the whole
               platters, savory fajitas, fresh salsa, and more.                    refreshing tropical         goodness is a plethora of zucchini,              enchilada. ¡Olé!

C r i t i c ’ s c o r n e r
The future of movies: To 3-D or not to 3-D? Muse rocks out at First Mariner Arena
By Andy O                                                                                                      By Stephanie Perkins
Staff Writer                                          those darn glasses, its going to be                      Managing Editor
                                                      cumbersome to have to keep 3-D                                                                            but little did I know they would play a
   Have you noticed that within                       glasses around the TV and to wear                            This concert can only be de-                 bigger role later in the night.
the last year the movie industry                      them all the time.                                       scribed as the most epically visually                As I was talking with other concert-
has revolutionized 3-D films for a                       The place where you watch                             appealing concert I have attended,               goers, the buildings started to light up.
new generation and now television                     TV will have to change with                              and that’s saying something.                     People were walking and falling down
manufactures are gambling by                          recommended distance from the                                I was barely lucky enough to get             the stairs in the building in a most ar-
bringing these 3-D experiences to                     screen and positioning to be directly                    these tickets, considering general               tistic fashion. Suddenly, the sides of
your home? This year Avatar has                       in front of it, meaning viewing 3-D                      admission tickets without seats were             the buildings drop, and each member
become the highest grossing film                      from side angles you will lose the                       sold out by the time I had enough                of Muse was a good 10 feet in the air
of all time and Alice in Wonderland                   true effect. The fact that five to ten                   money. Muse is a U.K.-based band                 on a platform.
is raking in money with a heavily                     percent of people can’t see 3-D                          that rarely tours in the United States.              Being their most popular song, they
hyped 3-D marketing campaign.                         and others have noted dizziness                          For those of you who are not familiar            started out with “Resistance.” They of
   Disney is making a interesting                     and headaches there is a risk that                       with the band, their most recent pop-            course included other hits such as “Su-
decision announcing the DVD and                       a large chunk of us just can’t enjoy                     ular single is entitled “Resistance.”            permassive Black Hole,”“Undisclosed
Blu-ray as early as June hoping to                    the technology.                                              For whatever reason, Muse was                Desires,” and “Starlight.”
capitalize and start 3-D in the home.                    The content will be a major                           touring with Silversun Pickups and                   The show itself was just visually
As for 3-D televisions, they will be                  hurdle since only two networks                           only them. It’s understandable be-               stunning. This huge cube that had
hitting stores everywhere soon and                    ESPN and Discovery will have 3-D                         cause they’re both on the indie                  multiple screens on its faces always
the question is “Is it worth it?”                     channels ready in June and those                         scene, but just two bands can be re-             had some visual such as one of the
   The ability to have immersive,                     will be subscriber based packages.                       ally boring.                                     guys playing, lyrics, or just some
entertaining        and        unique                 3-D content will also come this year                         I was disappointed that I didn’t             beautiful imagery.
experiences in the living room does                   from Blu-ray movies and expect                           make the beginning of Silversun                      After they originally ended, every-
sound interesting and promising;                      3-D enabled games on the PS3 and                         Pickups’ set, because they played                one screamed for them to come back.
however, the cost efficiency and                      Xbox 360.                                                my favorite song, “Little Lover’s So             After a few more songs, they finally
technology may not be there yet.                         Yes, I will admit that movies                         Polite.” Besides that, they played an            ended with possibly my favorite Muse
   Only 62% of televisions in                         have gotten a bit more impressive                        amazing set. You could tell a lot of             song, “Knights of Cydonia.” It capped
America are even a HD model, and                      and immersive in 3-D, but that                           people weren’t there to see them in              off the end of one of my most favorite
this change is asking consumers                       doesn’t necessarily translate to                         particular, but they were trying to get          concert experiences.
to spend thousands more for an                        the home due to the costs and                            into their eclectic rhythms and Brian                So I’ll admit, the tickets were kind
even newer television that only                       inconveniences.                                          Aubert’s strange yet soothing vocals.            of pricey, but the show is worth it.
comes with one to two pairs of                           I did enjoy both Avatar and Alice                         While they were playing, I noticed           Even if they’re not your genre, give
3-D glasses. That’s right: on top of                  in Wonderland in the IMAX 3-D                            these humungous props on stage.                  them a chance. The time and effort
the cost for a new TV you will also                   theaters and recommend spending                          These giant building-looking struc-              they put into these visually stunning
need few hundred for extra pairs of                   the extra money for these two hour                       tures that you could tell were made              effects and also considering how far
glasses.                                              experiences, but I feel we are not                       of cloth stood in the background                 they have to come to make all this
   So that’s my next thought for                      ready for that kind of investment in                     and blended in well. I personally just           happen just for some American fans
why this isn’t a great idea yet it’s                  the home.                                                thought it was part of Silversun’s set,          makes it all worth the while.
 12/ENTERTAINMENT                                                   APRIL 15, 2010                                                        The HARFORD Owl

April brings Glee back to Fox
By Stephanie Perkins
Managing Editor

    On December 9, 2009, more than eight million
Americans were left wondering what’s next for
McKinley High School’s Glee Club. Season one’s
first half ended with McKinley’s New Directions
winning sectionals, despite the foul play within
the other schools. With this victory came the
downfall of the Cheerios’ coach, Sue Sylvester,
played by Jane Lynch, who has been trying to
stop the group from its very beginnings.
    So what is next for this hit musical-comedy?
    Since as early as October, there have been ru-
mors of an all-Madonna episode. Well, they are
more than rumors now. Planned to be the sec-
ond airing episode this April, “The Power of Ma-
donna” is to contain hits such as “Vogue,” “Like
a Virgin,” “Crazy for You,” and “Like a Prayer.”
This episode is also said to feature Lynch, and
possibly even Madonna as performers this time
    Creator Ryan Murphy will keep the audience
seeing stars as compared to the first half of Sea-
son one. Olivia Newton-John is rumored to be
performing “Physical” with Lynch. Jennifer Lopez
has shown interest in doing the show, but has
not confirmed to be on board just yet. How I Met
                                                                                            photo created by Jim Alley
Your Mother’s Neil Patrick Harris finally has the                                                                                                       photo created by Rachel Vrankin
                                                     HCC students and Graphic design majors, Jim Alley and Rachel Vrankin, are self-proclaimed “gleeks” and created these photos.
green light from CBS to perform in an episode on
the Fox network. Surprisingly, executive produc-     bers with the pair and is set to air fourth in the                  website.
er Brad Falchuk is very gung-ho about bringing       new line of episodes.                                                  As far as the new episodes go, they plan to air
Bruce Springsteen to McKinley High.                      Looking ahead to Season two, producers an-                      from April 13 to June 10, 2010 on Tuesday nights
    Remember when Rachel and Puck were briefly       nounced that they are holding completely open                       at 9 p.m. For hardcore Gleeks and the rest of the
together in the “Mash-Up” episode? By popular        auditions for three new roles, including a boy-                     masses alike, the new episodes of Glee will bring
demand from internet sources, Murphy decided         friend for Kurt. Video auditions can be submit-                     hope and promise for New Directions reaching
to write another episode to include musical num-     ted through Glee’s section of the Fox Network                       unimaginable heights.

Go green, go out; experience HarCo
By Amy Kreisel
Staff Writer
                                                                                                                         Love You Hate You Miss You
                                                                                                                         encourages teens to move forward
                                                                                                                         By Marissa Horsey
   Well, spring is finally here and                                                                                      Ad Manager
in full force. If you’re thinking of
ideas to swing into for the month,                                                                                           Remember back to high school. Think about
then pull a Happy Gilmore and                                                                                            some of your college fantasies: dreaming of
visit Churchville Golf. With your                                                                                        sleeping in late and partying all night without any
choice of an original putt-putt                                                                                          consequences. We all think we are invincible;
course or challenging putt-putt                                                                                          that nothing could or ever would happen to
course, the price is $5.00 for                                                                                           us, but what happens when something does
adults and $4.50 for children un-                                                                                        go wrong, something that you can not control,
der 12.                                                                                                                  something that you can not change?
   Instead of trying your hand                                                                                               What started off as a simple party, ended up
                                                                                                                         as the worse night of Amy’s life. After forcing
at putt-putt, how about hitting                                                                                          her best friend, Julia, to leave, a tragic accident
it like the pros at the driving                                                                                          occurs that kills her best friend and forces her
range? A regular bucket of golf                                                                                          into rehab.
balls costs $4.00, a large bucket                                               Rebecca White/Harford Owl                    Directly after leaving rehab, Amy is forced to
costs $8.00, and a jumbo bucket For a night out, go clubbin’.                                                            write a journal about the past and the upcoming
costs $12.00. After working up a                                                                                         future. Although she is convinced that she does
sweat, visit the snowball stand, which will be on Wheel Road in Abingdon, Waldo’s Snow-                                  not deserve a future, nor that she deserved to
up and running by mid- spring.                    ball by the Harford Mall, or Sharon’s Shaved                           live through the accident, she is forced to keep
   Trying to get your grub on? Check out Buf- Ice, located right across from HCC on Route                                moving forward.
falo Wild Wings, a great place to fill up on 22.                                                                             Throughout this novel, you see into the eyes
some munchies. They offer a variety of differ-        The month of April has a lot to offer with                         of a girl that realizes the past with her best friend
ent wings to accompany the perfect taste for the fantastic weather. This is the month to                                 may not have been exactly what she thought
your taste buds. They also offer great burg- “go green” and there are many options                                       and that the future may turn out to be even
ers and wraps and some outrageous blends around. Try saving some money and check                                         better.
of lemonade, everything for a reasonable out the local parks like Rock State Park in                                         After reading through Amy’s journal, you will
price.                                            Forest Hill or the Boardwalk in downtown                               realize that you have much in common with a
   After drenching your mouth in buffalo Havre De Grace.                                                                 girl you thought you were going to hate. Love
sauce, head over to your local snowball stand         Spring provides countless opportunities                            You Hate You Miss You by Elizabeth Scott is an
to cool off. Harford County offers a variety of to go out, enjoy the weather, and explore                                addictive book written by a talented author that
different stands such as Emmorton Snowball Harford County.                                                               you will hate to put down.
 The HARFORD Owl                                                                    APRIL 15, 2010                                          ENTERTAINMENT/13
Jam on in honor of Jazz Appreciation Month
By Nadia Kaczkowski
Entertainment Editor                                  power of now. There is no script. It’s the direction of Marianne Pastelak
                                                      conversation. The emotion is given to performing an Evening of Jazz on
                                                      you by musicians as they make split- Friday, May 14 at 8 p.m. in Joppa Hall,
                                                      second decisions to fulfill what they located on the HCC campus.
                                                      feel the moment requires.”                      Benny Russell assures, “Jazz              Chinese Acrobats of Hebei
                                                          “If one has never heard jazz, then musicians listen to everything. It is                Friday, April 16 at 7:30p.m.
                                                      my suggestion is to start off with the nature of the music. [They] have                         HCC Amoss Center
                                                      Kind of Blue by Miles Davis and listened to everything from the rhythm                     Assigned seating: Premier (All
                                                      listen to other musicians afterwards,” of trains traveling over tracks to                 Ages) $30, Adult Orchestra $24,
                                                      suggests Benny Russell, who has heartbeats to find inspiration.”                                Youth Orchestra $14
                                                      been the director of HCC’s                                     Thelonious Monk, an
                                                      own Instrumental Jazz Free your mind, innovative and creative                                 Angels in America:
                                                      Ensemble for the last five                                 jazz musician enjoyed            Millennium Approaches
                                                      years.                          open your mind, taking a break during                       Friday, April 16; Saturday,
                                                                                                                                                     April 17 at 7:30p.m.
                                                          Prior to the HCC
                                                                Ensemble,     they     jazz it up.               his jamming to seize
                                                                                                                 the moment and dance            Sunday, April 18 at 3:00p.m.
                                                      were known as the Blue                                     around on stage, while the       HCC Chesapeake Theater
                                                      Connotations and were started by Paul other musicians carried on the music,                General Admission: Adult 7$,
                                                      Labe, who is now our current Dean the feeling; and then, he would jump                    HCC Students & Employees $5
                                                      of Visual, Performing, and Applied back onto his instrument and continue
                                                      Arts. Thirty-two years later, they’re still the musical conversation. He once              Student Gallery Exhibition
                                                      wailing away.                               advised, “Jazz is freedom. You think                April 21-May 20
                                                                                                                                                   HCC Chesapeake Gallery
                                                          Up until about four years ago, they about that.”                                            (Student Center)
                                                      performed classics by Miles Davis,              Free your mind, open your mind,                  Free Admission
                                                      Charles Mingus, and others, but have jazz it up.
                                                      now added originals to their repertoire,                                                  Tales of a 4th Grade Nothing
                                                      and can be seen performing at least
                                                      once at the end of each semester. This        AUDITIONS                                   Friday, April 23 at 5:30p.m. and
                                                      semester, they will also be playing an             what: Sweeny Todd: Demon                     HCC Amoss Center
                                                      outdoor festival at HCC along with                       Barber of Fleet Street            Assigned Seating: Premier (All
                                                      other community colleges.                                                                  Ages) $11, Adult Orchestra $9,
                                                          Spontaneity and surprises run               when: May 15, 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. &          Youth Orchestra $7; Call for dis-
                                                      rampant in the jazz world as well as                    May 16, 1 p.m. - 4 p.m.               count on groups of 10+
                                                      locally for the HCC Jazz Ensemble.
                    photos contributed by Marketing
                                                      When asked about the most interesting                  where: Amoss Center                 Emile Pandolfi in Concert
                                                      and memorable experience since he’s                                                          Sunday, April 25 at 3p.m.
   Jazz is a sound of its own. It merges              been directing, Russell replied, “When             who: all those 18+ years old                 HCC Amoss Center
and molds into a mélange of musical                   my childhood friend and world-famous                                                       Assigned Seating: Premier (All
notes, a concoction of spontaneous                    drummer who is currently playing with          additional info: Bring sheet music &       Ages) $26, Adult Orchestra $18,
sound.     Jazz    is     improvisation,              Carlos Santana, Dennis Chambers sat                prepare to sing 16-32 measures          Youth Orchestra $10; Call for
innovation, and feeling at its finest.                in with the band. What fun!”                                                                discount on groups of 10+
                                                                                                       Performance dates: Sept. 10 - 19
Jazz is conversation beyond words.                        Be sure to catch the HCC
   Wynton Marsalis, a notable                         Instrumental Jazz Ensemble under                  contact: Jessica Brockmeyer             Sunday Afternoon Concert
jazz and classical trumpeter and                      the direction of Benny Russell, and           (443) 412-2217 or   Series: Classical Guitarist
composer believes, “Jazz music is the                 the Vocal Jazz Ensemble under                                                                   Jeremy Lyons
                                                                                                                                                   Sunday, April 25 at 3p.m.
  Emile Pandolfi: Pianist                                                                         Aladdin                                           HCC Joppa Hall, J108
                                                                                                                                                 Bel Air Community Band
                                                                                                                                                   Sunday, May 10 at 7p.m.
                                                                                                                                                     Bel Air High School
                                                                                                                                                       Free Admission
                                                                                                                                                        An Evening of
                                                                                                                                                       Chamber Music
                                                                                                                                                   Monday, May 10 at 7p.m.
                                                                                                                                                    HCC Joppa Hall, J108
                                                                                                                                                     General Admission:
                                                                                                                                                 Adult $5, Youth $1, Students
                                                                                                                                                 free with valid HCC ID Card
                                                                                                                                                 Thursday, May 6; Friday, May
                                                                                                                                                 7; Saturday, May 8 at 5p.m. &
                                                                                                                                                   HCC Chesapeake Center
                                                                                                                                                  Assigned Seating: Adult $9,
                                                                                                                                                           Youth $7
                                                                                                                                                       Applied Music
                                                                                                                                                       Student Recital
                                                                                                                                                 Wednesday, May 12 at 7p.m.
                                                                                                                                                    HCC Joppa Hall, J108
                                                                                                                                                     General Admission:
                                                                                                                                                 Adult $5, Youth $1, Students
                                                                                                                                                 Free with valid HCC ID Card
                                                                                                                                                    An Evening of Jazz:
                                                                                                                                                “Second Shift” & “HCC Jazz
                                                                                                                                                   Friday, May 14 at 8p.m.
                                                                                                                                                    HCC Joppa Hall, J108
                                                                                                                                                     General Admission:
                                                                                                                                                 Adult $5, Youth $1, Students
                                                                                                                                                 Free with valid HCC ID Card
   Emile Pandolfi performs live and charms audi-                                 The classic favorite will be performed by the
         ences at HCC on Sunday, April 25.                                          Harford Dance Theatre on May 6 - 8.
14/AD   APRIL 15, 2010   The HARFORD Owl
The HARFORD Owl                   APRIL 15, 2010   AD/15

                    be a part of
               the Harford Owl
                    staff this fall
MC 208
Face-to-Face: M/W from 1:40 - 3:00 p.m.
Online class now available!

  sign-up in the Student Center
 16/ Features                                                             APRIL 15, 2010                                                             The HARFORD Owl

REACH oUT!                                                                                                                                      opportunities
                                                                                                                                                here in Harford
Help others, help yourself
By Eva Jones
                                                                                                                                                By John Morin
                                                                                                                                                Features Editor
                                                                                                                                                Anna’s House: This facility offers housing,
                                                                                                                                                both transitional and permanent, to the
Special to the Owl                                                                                                                              homeless women and their children in
                                         during the Great Depression in                    helping others, which can                            Harford County. For information about
   You may be surprised by               the 1930’s.                                       make you feel good about                             volunteer opportunities, call Cindy Hanley
the research devoted to the                 Different         explanations                 yourself and promote feelings                        at 410-803-1729. Or go online to www.
discovery of the benefits of                                                                                                          
                                         have been postulated as to                        of accomplishment.” When you
volunteering.     The     obvious        why America’s youth is more                       volunteer and help those less                        Boy’s and Girl’s Club: The Club’s
benefits are for those receiving         depressed than ever, but most                     fortunate than yourself, it lifts                    mission is “to enable all young people,
the help. However, the volunteers        agree on the fact that reaching                   your spirits.                                        especially those who need us most, to
themselves gain tremendously             out and helping others positively                    A volunteer may also gain job                     reach their full potential as productive,
as well.                                 affects one’s mental outlook.                     worthy skills, build confidence                      caring, responsible citizens.” For
   Like the unemployed, a similar           A study conducted by the                       and get hired as a result of                         more information, go online to www.
feeling of helplessness can              University of Texas at Austin and                 showing initiative. This could             
overwhelm college students.              Duke University showed, “after                    be     accomplished       through                    Give Blood: When you donate blood, you
They can become depressed                about eight years of volunteering,                internships such as those                            can save a life. According to the American
from the pressures they face on          seniors had significantly lower                   offered at HCC or volunteering                       Red Cross, only 3 out of 100 people in the
a daily basis, like the rigors of        risk of depression compared with                  at one of countless community                        U.S. donate blood. It is a small act, but one
study, or poor grades causing            those who never lent a hand.”                     organizations.                                       that can make a big difference. To learn
loss of funding, or just trying to       Even though the participants                         President Obama shared the                        more about blood donation opportunities,
keep up with school and work, in         were seniors, age is certainly not                many benefits of volunteerism                        visit or call
general.                                 a determining factor; anyone can                  and announced the start of                           1-800-GIVE-LIFE (1-800-448-3543).
   According to a study lead by          benefit from lending a helping                    the monetary backing entitled
Professor Jean Twenge at San             hand.                                             the Social Innovation Fund.
Diego State University, American            Dr. Charles Garfield, a clinical               He believes so thoroughly in
high school and college students         professor of psychology at the                    volunteerism, he proclaimed
face more anxiety and depression         University of California, San                     National Volunteer Week the
than that of the same age group          Francisco     confirms,    “You’re                third week in April of every year.

Changing lives through foster care
By Alyson Ballard
Staff Writer                             are “screwed up,” but in fact that               more challenging, but could also
                                         couldn’t be further from the truth.              help give the child closure and
   Foster care is a wonderful and        These children are in need of                    answers
rewarding experience for a family        attention and love like any other                   Professor Hutton adds, “Like
searching for a new addition. The        child and this may take extra work at            us, the vast majority of families                                               Andrew Windham/Harford Owl
                                                                                                                                                HCC hosts many blood drives.
goal of foster care is to care for a     first but they are worth it.                     who adopt from foster care are
child temporarily with the hopes of          There are many government                    happy with their decision to do so.                   Habitat for Humanity: HFH builds
eventually reuniting the child with      programs to help support these                   However, it’s important for families                  houses for those in need all over the
the birth family or to adopt him or      children while in your care.                     to understand some children come                      world. To get involved or to learn more,
her into your family.                    According to Maryland’s Department               into foster care because of abuse                     go to For the Bel Air
                                         of Human Resources, “The foster                  and/or neglect. Furthermore, it is                    affiliate, call 410-638-4434.
   Professor Laura Hutton from
HCC has been a foster parent for         care program expenditures for FY 08              important for adoptive parents in
                                         were $350,000,000. Foster care is                this situation to remember that                       Humane Society of Harford County:
multiple children over the past nine                                                                                                            To help and care for the needy animals
years, adding two foster daughters       funded with a combination of state               most biological families are not                      of Harford County get in touch with the
permanently to her family through        and federal funds and child support.”            “evil” regardless of what the child’s                 Humane Society. See them online at www.
adoption.                                    One thing to keep in mind is that            past may hold.”                              or for more information
   Hutton states, “I strongly            many adoptions and foster situations                If you are interested in                           on volunteer opportunities email them at
encourage        anyone      who    is   are now “open,” meaning that the                 becoming a foster parent, call              
interested in expanding their family     birth family still has a part in their           1-888MDKIDS2 or 1-888-635-
to consider adoption from foster         child’s lives. This could make things            4372.                                                 Maryland DNR: If you are interested
                                                                                                                                                in preserving and enhancing the
care. There are many children out                                                                                                               environment, consider becoming a
there who are waiting for a loving                                                                                                              volunteer for the Department of Natural
family.”                                                                                                                                        Resources. Go online to www.dnr.state.
   According        to     Maryland’s                                                                                                  or call 1-877-620-8DNR.
Department of Human Resources,
at the end of January 2009, there                                                                                                               Meals on Wheels: This association
were 9,074 children in foster care                                                                                                              plans to see senior hunger end by 2020.
placements. As stated by the U.S.                                                                                                               According to the MOWAA, 6 million
Child Welfare Services, almost half                                                                                                             senior citizens in the U.S. face the threat
of all children who are put into the                                                                                                            of hunger. For more information on how
                                                                                                                                                you can help fight senior hunger, go to
foster care system spend less than                                                                                                    
one year in it. Furthermore, 70% of
children who are taken from their                                                                                                               SARC: SARC’s mission is to “work to
family and placed into foster care                                                                                                              end domestic and sexual violence, to aid
are returned to their family.                                                                                                                   its victims, and to create a society free
   According to the Harford County                                                                                                              from abuse and fear.” They offer a 24-
Health Department, the list of                                                                                                                  hour helpline, safe houses, legal services,
regulations that an adoptive or                                                                                                                 among other things. For more information,
foster family must follow in Harford                                                                                                            contact SARC’s volunteer coordinator by
County alone is a page long and                                                                                                                 going online to
includes such things as shot                                                                                                                        For additional information on
records for all the pets in the house.                                                                                                            volunteer opportunities in Harford
   The immediate thought of                                                                                                                       County, go to the Harford County
most people is that something is                                                                                  contributed by Laura Hutton
                                                                                                                                                   Volunteer Connection online at
wrong with these children or they        Professor Laura Hutton, pictured with her family, lauds foster care involvement.              
 The HARFORD Owl                                                                APRIL 15, 2010                                                      features/17

Retail Therapy: Harford students reach out to
                orphans in Uzbekistan
By Marissa Gallagher & Sarah Smith
Staff Writers

                                                                   Imagine not living with your parents and             to collect at least two or three big boxes of
                                                                family, but in an orphanage, not knowing who            children’s clothes to send away, and any other
                                                                your family is, and hardly having an arm-full           kind of donations are welcome as well. “I think
                                                                of clothes. In Tashkent, Uzbekistan, there is           we can make it, because everybody in the class
                                                                an orphanage with nearly 200 children under             took this project very seriously and everybody
                                                                its roof, and it is asking for clothes or other         is making the effort to get it done,” Tillyabaeva
                                                                necessities.                                            says. The class is spreading word about the
                                                                   Lola Tillyabaeva, a business management              project, Swaddle a Baby, by handing out flyers,
                                                                major at HCC is originally from Tashkent,               word of mouth, and posting bulletins at local
                                                                Uzbekistan and had lived there for 18 years             churches, as well as on Craig’s list.
                                                                before coming to the United States.                        Tillyabaeva says this is her first time doing a
                                                                   Tillyabaeva’s project management class               project like this, and the project is supposed to
                                                                had to choose a project for an assignment,              teach them the steps necessary for understanding
                                                                and they chose to try and help a local baby             project management. The class meets Mondays
                                                                shelter in Uzbekistan called Baby’s House.              and Wednesdays from 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. in Bel
                                                                   The project’s assistant manager, Daniel              Air Hall, room 202. Students, as well as others
                                                                Edwards states, “This is more than just a               outside campus, are able to drop off clothes in
                                                                regular project- it is a lot more sentimental.”         the classroom or at the drop off box in the student
                                                                   Tillyabaeva says that although there is no           center. They are also working on having a drop
                                                                personal connection with the shelter, “we               off box located in Joppa Hall. Tillyabaeva and
                                                                decided to do something helpful, and I know             her classmates are very passionate about this
                                                                this place exists and they need help.”                  project and really want to succeed in meeting
                                                                   Classmate and fellow project helper, Larry           their goal, so any donations are welcome and
                                                                Owens, expresses, “This is a bridge too far.            very much appreciated.
                                                                We have a student in our class that potentially            The project management class has a
                                                                has direct contact, which is Lola Tillyabaeva,          Facebook page that you can contact if you have
                                       John Morin/Harford Owl
   A young woman sorts through possible donations.              so the path ahead is clear.”                            any questions. You can also e-mail them about
 Lola Tillyabaeva’s project management class chose to              Tillyabaeva and her classmates are trying            the project at
 help a baby shelter in Uzbekistan called Baby’s House.

Make a difference on Earth Day
By Cathy Boston, Erin Stanley & Ralph Aquino
Special to the Owl

   Earth Day falls on April 22 each year                          States Environmental Protection Agency and
and this year marks the 40th anniversary                          the passage of the Clean Air, Clean Water,
of the birth of the modern environmental                          and Endangered Species acts.
movement in 1970. Its founder was a U.S.                              This year’s week long celebration includes
senator from Wisconsin, Gaylord Nelson,                           restoring/replanting plants damaged by
who proposed the first nationwide                                 our winter’s snow, historically accurate
environmental protest “to shake up the                            landscaping of the Hay’s Heighe House, an
political establishment and force this                            evening documentary and discussion, Spring
issue onto the national agenda.” The first                        Fling, Earth Day lunch with information
Earth Day led to the creation of the United                       fantasia, and posters.
                                                                              America alone produces roughly
                                                                          250 million tons of waste annually—a
                                                                          weight equivalent to that of 2,500
                                                                          aircraft carriers combined.           It is
                                                                          tempting to think that as an individual,
                                                                          you are unable to make a meaningful
                                                                          contribution to the welfare of our
                                                                          World. One of the easiest steps is
                                                                          through reducing the amount of waste
                                                                          you produce and recycling what is left.
                                                                          Recycling is easy – we all know how
                                                                          it’s done – all that remains is to actually
                                                                          do it.
                                                                              For example, our neighbor, Baltimore
                                                                          County, a 640 square mile area with a
                                                                          population of approximately 800,000
                                                                          people, collected 1.7 billion pounds                                                      John Morin/Harford Owl
                                                                          of recyclables over the 12 year period        HCC’s celebration of Earth Day involves the restoration and
                                                                          from 1995 through 2007. That means            replanting of plants damaged by the winter snowfall.
                                                                          that each individual collected 2,125
                                                                          pounds of recycling during that period
                                                                          – that is over 177 pounds of recyclables         no act of
                                                                          per person per year.
                                                                              Walking the halls of the buildings here
                                                                          at HCC, it is evident that enthusiasm
                                                                          for recycling has continued to increase                              no matter how
                                                                          – with about 8,500 students, we have                                                           small
                                                                          the potential to prevent a colossal
                                                                          amount of recyclables from ending up
                                                                                                                                               is ever wasted.
                                                                          in landfills.                                                                                   -Aesop
                                                                              To learn about this and much

                                                                                                                        REACH oUT!
                                                                          more you can visit
                                            contributed by Leslie Connery GreenHCC or email the sustainability
Katie Bielecki’s poster, shown above, won the 2009 Earth Day
poster contest.
                                                                          committee at
 18/AROUND CAMPUS                                                         APRIL 15, 2010
                                                                                                                                               The HARFORD Owl
                                           Spring Fling: Rock out & test your balance
By Josh Vecchiolla
Special to the Owl
    The      Student      Government
Association would like to invite you
to meet the delegates of the 2001
SGA Candidate Debate and offer
you a chance to cast your vote in
the 2010 SGA Candidate Elections.
    The Debate will be held on April
19 in the Globe and the Elections
will start April 19 and end April 21
at 7 p.m. following Spring Fling.
This is your opportunity to help us
decide who will represent the voice
of the students for the 2010/2011
school year.
    Come join us for Spring Fling,
our biggest event of the year.
Spring Fling is our chance to give
something back to the students by
providing a fun-filled day featuring
live bands, outdoor attractions,
free food, a t-shirt giveaway, and
a chance to cast your final vote for
the future SGA Executive Board
members. Spring Fling will be held
on April 21 from noon – 4:00 p.m. on                                                                                                                          Andrew Windham/Harford Owl
the field in between Edgewood Hall
and the Chesapeake Center. The            SGA officers prepare for the upcoming elections and Spring Fling.   Andrew Windham/Harford Owl       Share responsibility
two bands that will be showcased
are Testing For Echo, a finalist in       physical strengths and weaknesses,              volunteers for Spring Fling, or if you
                                                                                                                                               for campus safety
MTV2’s Rock Band Contest in               and a volleyball court for all you              have any questions in regards to the                 By Mary Eilerman
NYC, and Tears of Mars, four locals       beach bums just trying to get a tan.            Debate, Elections, or Spring Fling,
who have rocked out at some of the        So come on out to Spring Fling; we              feel free to visit us in the SGA Office                 As we move full speed
Baltimore/D.C. areas’ top venues.         hope to see you all there. In the               on the lower level of the Student                    through the spring semester,
    In the midst of this jam session,     case of inclement weather, our rain             Center, or call (443) 412-2332. If                   please remember the speed
there will be a gladiator joust to test   date will be April 28.                          e-mail is more convenient you can                    limit on College roadways is 15
your balance and self-defense, an           We could really use any help                  find us under the College Life tab on                MPH and pedestrians have the
outdoor rock wall to determine your       or support so if there are any                  OwlNet.                                              right-of-way at all times.

Accreditation essential for
                                                                                                                                                  Safety on campus is
                                                                                                                                               everyone’s         responsibility.

student & college success                                                                   SGA candidates                                     Always be aware of people
                                                                                                                                               around      you      and    your
                                                                                                                                               surroundings. If you learn of

By Lisa Tittle & Valerie Swain                                                                                                                 anyone who may be exhibiting
Special to the Owl                                                                                                                             any form of behavior that
                                                                                                                                               is troubling or concerning,
   The next two years will be an          process. The Steering Commit-                     candidate                                          such as severe depression or
                                                                                                                                               unusual levels of anger, contact

exciting time for Harford Com-            tee and eight working teams,                                                                         College Security at X2272 so
munity College as it prepares             comprised of faculty, staff, ad-                                                                     we can investigate and offer
for re-accreditation from the             ministration, community mem-                                                                         appropriate assistance.
Middle States Commission on               bers, and students, will address                                                                        Disabled parking violations
Higher Education (MSCHE).                 each standard and then con-                                                                          are being strictly enforced.
   Without accreditation, HCC
would lose its ability to award
federal funding to students,
which means many students
                                          duct research to find evidence
                                          to support the results and help
                                          the teams draw conclusions.
                                              In the spring of 2012, a vis-
                                                                                            Miksis                                             To legally park in a disabled
                                                                                                                                               parking space, Maryland law
                                                                                                                                               requires drivers to be the
                                                                                                                                               disabled person or have the
would be without the means                iting team of five or six people                                                                     disabled person in the vehicle
to attend college. In addition,           from other colleges in the region                  Vice Presidential                                 with them.
credits must be earned at ac-
credited institutions in order
                                          will come to Harford to examine
                                          all aspects of HCC, affirming
                                                                                             candidate                                            If using the hang card, it
                                                                                                                                               must be current and properly
                                                                                                                                               hung to be considered valid.

to transfer to other accredited           HCC’s Self-Study report. Later                                                                       The operator must display
colleges and universities. Main-          that year, the Commission will                                                                       upon request the issued card
taining accreditation is essen-           decide whether Harford has                                                                           indicating that he/she is the

tial for Harford.                         met the accreditation standards                                                                      individual to whom the permit
   The process, called a Self-            and what improvements, if any,                                                                       was issued.
Study, is very detailed; the Col-         must be made.                                                                                           Those individuals found
lege must write a 200-page                    The campus community, in-                                                                        in violation will be issued a
report that addresses how it              cluding students, can get in-                                                                        $150.00 College citation or
                                                                                                                                               a $250.00 State of Maryland
is meeting students’ learning
needs by responding to The
                                          volved by serving on teams and
                                          by attending open forums held
                                                                                             Vice Presidential                                 citation.
Characteristics of Excellence,
fourteen standards that cover
                                          throughout the next two years.
                                              The Self-Study website at
                                                                                             candidate                                            Those who are parked in
                                                                                                                                               disabled parking spaces may
everything about Harford, from                           of student activities                             be issued a notice that explains
                                                                                                                                               the motor vehicle law in an

distance learning to gover-               tion/selfstudy is updated regu-                                                                      effort to educate the College
nance to the library and student          larly. Also, anyone can email                                                                        community so that these
services.                                 the Self-Study co-chairs at                                                                          spaces will always be available

   Because the report is so ex-  with any                                                                       to those truly in need.
tensive, several committees               questions or comments or to
were formed to complete the               volunteer to help.
The HARFORD Owl             APRIL 15, 2010   AD/19


   Register today for classes at
   where a complete schedule of courses
   is available.
20/CALENDAR                                           APRIL 15, 2010                              The HARFORD Owl
April 15                                                       April 25

Sex Signals - Back by Popular Demand ∙ The real life, funny,   Sunday Afternoon Concert Series ∙ Guitarist Jeremy Lyons
sort of-improv show about dating and other stuff ∙ Edgewood    Joppa Hall ∙ 3 p.m.
Hall, Room 132 ∙ 5 p.m.
                                                               April 26
One Stop ∙ Required for new students between the ages
of 16-19. Schedule your session: 443-412-2301 or email         Ideal Leadership Challenge ∙ Teri Parker ∙ Professionalism ∙ Student Center ∙ 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. &     and Social Networking in the Job Search ∙ Student Center,
12:15 p.m. – 4 p.m.                                            Room 243 ∙ 11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m.

April 16                                                       April 27

The Art of Recycling: Used Book Sale ∙ Library 2nd Floor ∙ 8   FREE Ice Cream Giveaway ∙ HCC Students can come and get
a.m. – 4 p.m.                                                  a free treat ∙ Library Fountain ∙ 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

                                                               One Stop Session∙ Required for new students between the
April 17                                                       ages of 16-19. Schedule your session: 443-412-2301 or email
                                                      ∙ Student Center ∙ 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. &
Service Learning Club ∙ Habitat for Humanity ∙ Limited to      12:15 p.m. – 4 p.m.
10 participants ∙ sign-up and safety briefing are required∙
contact Jackie Ekstrom for more information: jekstrom@                                                    April 29

The Art of Recycling: Used Book Sale ∙ Library 2nd Floor ∙     Open Mic ∙ Express yourself! ∙ Globe Café ∙ 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.
10:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

                                                               May 4
April 18
                                                               SGA Meeting ∙ Havre De Grace Hall, Room 212 ∙ 2:30 p.m.
The Art of Recycling: Used Book Sale ∙ Library 2nd Floor ∙
12:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.
                                                               May 5

April 19                                                       SGA Evening Appreciation ∙ Library ∙ 6 – 8 p.m.

SGA Candidate Debate ∙ Globe Café ∙ 12 p.m. – 1 p.m.           Cino de Mayo Celebration ∙ Globe Café ∙ 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Voting begins online after debate and runs through April
                                                               May 6
April 20
                                                               Student Recognition Banquet ∙ Award Ceremony and Dinner
SGA Meeting ∙ Havre De Grace Hall Room 212 ∙ 2:30 p.m.         Globe Café ∙ 5 p.m.

One Stop Session ∙ Required for new students between the
ages of 16-19. Schedule your session by calling 443-412-       May 11
2301 or email∙ Student Center ∙ 9 a.m.
– 12 p.m. & 12:15 p.m. – 4 p.m.                                Last Day of Classes

                                                               Study-A-Thon ∙ Student Center, Room 243
April 21
Spring Fling ∙ Sponsored by SGA, Free food ∙Live music         May 12
Rock Climbing Wall ∙ Games! ∙ Open fields between
Edgewood & Fallston Halls ∙ 12 p.m. – 4 p.m.                   Final Exams

                                                               Study-A-Thon ∙ Student Center, Room 243 ∙
April 22
                                                               Free Massages for Students ∙ Globe Café ∙ 10 a.m – 1 p.m.
Earth Day

Service Learning Club ∙ Earth Day at Jacob’s Well ∙ contact    May 13 for more details.
                                                               Final Exams
SGA 2010 – 2011 Officer Announcement ∙ Globe Café ∙ 12
p.m.                                                           Study-A-Thon ∙ Student Center, Room 243 ∙

One Stop Session ∙ Required for new students between the       Free Massages for Students ∙ Globe Café ∙ 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.
ages of 16-19. Schedule your session: 443-412-2301 or email ∙ Student Center ∙ 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. &
12:15 p.m. – 4 p.m.                                               Dear summer,
April 24                                                          CHECK OUT WHAT’S 4U?
                                                                  WHERE ARE YGOING
Inspiration Walk
Special Olympic Inspiration Walk & Run∙ Registration at 8:00
                                                                                                           Love, HCC
a.m. ∙ 9:00 start
The HARFORD Owl                                      APRIL 15, 2010                     DEAN’S LIST/21
Hard work pays off; congratulations to those on the Dean’s List
 Tony Abboud               Sven M De Melker          Candice C Hofmann        Katie A Meyers             Alex Schafer
 Deborah L. Abell          Jane Denisyuk             Morgan L Holter          Gary E Miller              Brandon S Schneider
 Jennie T Acker            Panagiota Dermatis        Lauren C Horne           Justin R Miller            Courtney L Schneider
 Mackenzie K Adams         Nathan R DeRose           Shayya Hough-Hines       Albert D Miller            Danielle M Schocket
 Oluwaseun I Ade-Fabunmi   Michael J DeZinna         Christine V Hryncewich   Joshua L Miller            Joshua D Schreck
 Shamirrah A Afzal         Gina M DiCarlo            Alexandra Ibewuike       Kristal C Miranda          Samantha D Scott
 Samantha M Amend          Kelly Dobosh              James L Jagodzinski      Rachel A Mitchell          Nicholas Sheets
 Danielle E Anderson       Jun X Doerr               Star V Jimenez-Rivera    Suzanne M Moffit           Caroline R Shelley
 Linda L Anthony           Julie E Douglas           Tammy M Johnson          Kelly A Moore              Ryan Shenk
 Melanie L Antonelli       Victoria H Dunaway        Grayling E Johnson       Allison P Morann           Daniel J Shephard
 Kimberly A Arvey          Danielle M Durrance       Laura C Johnson          Matthew E Morkosky         Genavieve M Shipley
 Nathan M Atkins           Chad W Eberly             De’Shawn M Jones         Meredith Morris            Rubab B Sidik-ayub
 James P Avery             Shauntella M Edwards      Morgan N Jones           Sean C Morter              Allison M Skovira
 Frances D Baker           Rebekah K Eikenberg       Andrew Jones             Kirsten R Mosca            Stacy A Slevin
 Robert B Baldwin          Christopher E Eller       Nadia M Kaczkowski       Joy A Moultrup             Eric T Smith
 Lauren M Banner-Russo     Joshua S Eller            Margaret T Kaiser        Ashley E Moyer             Holly A Smith
 Amber A Baynard           Mary A Emery              Heather A Kampe          William E Muller           Christina B Smith
 Joshua W Baynes           Jayme J Evans             Kalliope Katsaros        Emily B Nelis              Irene I Snyder
 Kourtney M Bennett        Paige N Fahr              James J Kaufman          Kaitlin A Newton           Peter C Soprano
 Mary C Bernoski           Elizabeth M Fairbrother   Bevin Keefer             Amanda N Norris            Dickson W Soroye
 Irvin J Betch             Stacie C Fairchild        Courtney L Keithley      Adam E O’Brien             David P Sovinsky
 Sarah J Bickel            Michael A Farruggia       Karen W Kellenberger     Amanda P O’Connell         Ralph J Sporay
 Nicole E Bigelow          Cassandra L Fewster       Ruby P Kelly             Bailey M O’Malia           Lauren V Springel
 Kyle W Blackburn          Sarah C Filkil            Courtney N Kempa         Nina R Ostrowski           Andrew P Stavros
 Andrew Blasco             Cian J Finch              Adam C Kidwell           Lydia N Owusu              Christine L Steen
 Shawn P Blevins           Kevin P Fitzsimmons       Caroline E Kight         Heather A Pan              Andrew C Steigauf
 Jessica L Borleis         Emily Flaherty            Rachel V Kirk            Amanda M Pattison          Eeva M Stenger
 Olivia R Bowman           Amber L Fleagle           Amanda B Kline           Christopher Payne          Tyler J Stetz
 Jessica N Boyle           Donald Fleck              Joshua R Klug            Ashleigh M Pennington      Kathleen A Stevens
 Jennifer L Brilhart       Maria R Fleischmann       Philip J Komenda Jr      Katelyn M Peter            Lawrence M Stevenson
 Ashley N Brinegar         Tara E Flynn              Matthew Krawczyk         Brooke M Peterson          Eideann Stone
 Julia M Brocato           Timothy W Forloine        Alexandra N LaComb       Christopher A Phelps       Timothy S Stone
 Nathan A Broemm           Tracey D Forwood          Ronald Lagos             Samantha I Phillips        Allison M Stoneham
 Scott E Brown             Mary M Fox                Benjamin M Lamb          Maria M Pielert            Jessica L Strozier
 Lindsey R Buettner        Habern Freeman            Donna L Lamon            Stephanie K Piet           Brendan T Sturges
 Lindsay M Burch           Tiffany L Galbraith       Kurt R Lang              Constance N Pilachowski    Erin M Sudeck
 Laurie M Burke            Marissa L Gallagher       Ryan M Langrehr          Tyrone O Pleas             Christopher A Sulin
 Agnes V Burke             Arturo Y Garcia           Emily L Lasher           Christopher M Powell       Rajeshkumar R Surti
 Charles D Burton          Megan M Gasper            Kelly M Lazier           Amber R Prata              Melody Taylor
 Kristen A Burton          Angela N Geer             Kaitlyn E Lee            Nicole W Quick             Lindsey A Temple
 William M Burton          Kevin Geiwitz             Allistair C Leffler      Mark Quinlan               Shana M Thomas
 Ashley J Byrd             Tara L Gemmill            Ethan D Lerner           Courtney J Raimondi        Jasmine N Tildon
 William M Byrd            Kelly J Ghiorse           Ivy J Lewis              Kristina L Ramirez         Tamara K Toney
 Jessica L Byrne           Sarah E Gibbons           Michaela K Lintz         Kimberly B Ramsey          Leslie D Trafton
 Jesse K Calabio           Harry H Giles             Sarah E List             William A Ramsey           Charles R Travis
 Jennifer M Calary         Katelyn Giordani          Lakeisha M Little        Miranda L Ray              Michael P Tserkis
 Ryan C Caldwell           Yuliya P Glagolyeva       Zachary C Lloyd          Patrick R Redding          Juan S Vargas
 Courtney Callaghan        Stephanie Glover          Alexandra M LoVullo      James P Redmond            Charlie M Vasilakis
 Michele A Calvert         Elise A Gonzalez          Lyndsie K Ludwig         Kaitlin E Rew              Cameron R Vaughan
 Kelly L Campbell          Christopher J Grabowski   Andrea G Lynch-Pyon      Michelle R Richardson      Tatiana M Velasco
 Bonny E Campbell          Jessica J Gray            Devin J Madden           Tamara B Riddell           Jeremy L Walker
 Donald J Carnohan         Jennifer E Gray           Savannah M Maggio        Mary C Ridenoure           Nora S Wallace
 Anthony Carr              Jessica E Greenburg       Matthew D Magness        Jennifer L Rill            Kaitlyn N Walters
 Travis Carvell            Fannie A Greenhow         Kara M Majewski          John C Rinker              Andrew M Watkins
 Christopher A Celestina   Danella Griesinger        Yvonne Majewski          Sean B Riordan             Stephanie L Weber
 Malia M Chapman           Leah A Griffin            Courtney R Marsiglia     Rayneika S Robinson        Caitlyn E Welch
 Troy Claiborne            Brigette E Griffin        Bradley P Mascari        Latoya P Rogers            Sarah L Wiley
 Zachary R Cloyd           Daniel D Hackbarth        Amber N Massoni          Katie M Rohrbaugh          Michael J Williams
 Annie Coccia              Caitlyn A Hammond         Taylor McCombs           Caitlyn A Rok              Brynn A Willig
 Bristol G Cole            Christopher G Hart        Sharon D McCrae          Jaclyn M Rosenkrans        Jordan R Wills
 Kayleigh L Cole           Jonathan Hartman          Adam G McDowell          Sharon Rowe                Kristin M Winter
 Amanda I Conte            Marc J Hemling            Jason L McFillin         Paul M Rowe                Ryan A Wirth
 Amanda R Cook             Cora S Henderson          Sean P McGlumphy         Mallory P Ruff             Kellie J Woodell
 Marisa A Cook             Jacklyn R Hendrix         Samantha P McGrady       Evelissa Sanabria          Diane Worthington
 Amy N Costa               Tiffany N Hensley         Lesli R McLaughlin       Tracy S Sandridge          Brittny S Wrzesien
 Jennifer R Crabb          Thomas B Hickey           Robert L McNally         Melanie Sauers             Kayla D Yi
 Meghan E Creighton        Kristin O Hilberg         Nicole L Meadows         Cynthia N Saxon            Kimberly D Younger
 Jason D Crowl             Stephanie R Hill          Jordan A Melhorn         Megan E Sayler             Julie Zwiebel
 Lesley C Cyford           Kayla A Hines             Kristin D Mercer         Kristopher T Scarborough
 Larissa A Dahlke          Jonathan D Hodges         Jaclyn A Mertz           Heather E Schafer
 22/AROUND CAMPUS                                                              APRIL 15, 2010                                                                  The HARFORD Owl

                                                                                Increase employment
 “What do you want to be when you grow up?”
                                                                              chances with 5 easy tips
                                                                                                                                                                                    By Mary Austin
                                                                                                                                                                                  Special to the Owl
    Prepare. You’ve heard it a mil-      both pieces clearly ar-
lion times, so why aren’t you doing      ticulate that you have
it? Research your company and            the experience, skills
include that knowledge in your           and qualifications they
cover letter and on your interview       desire for the posted
if offered. You have to be able to       position. If invited to
clearly articulate why you want to       interview, be sure to
work for that company, so come           practice responses to
prepared with a solid base of in-        anticipated interview
formation about that company and         questions so that you
questions about the position.            are able to communi-
    Tell The Truth. In a 2008 Ca-        cate those responses
reerBuilder survey, 49% of hir-          confidently and clear-
ing managers reported that they          ly.
caught a candidate lying on his or           Don’t Badmouth
her resume, which resulted in an         Previous Employers/
automatic disqualification. If you       Co-workers. Be very
think the information on your re-        careful that your cover
sume won’t get you in the door,          letter and interview
seek help. The Career Counselors         responses do not put
in Advising, Career and Transfer         your previous experi-
Services here at Harford Commu-          ences in a negative
nity College can help you develop        light. If asked why you Career advisors Allison Thornton and Mary Austin reveal insight to ensure career success.                              contributed by Mary Austin

a professional and truthful resume       are looking to leave
that highlights your skills and qual-    your current position, you know ing for an opportunity to broaden                                                   apart from the competition wheth-
ifications.                              it’s because you don’t like your my skills and contribute my talents                                                er you aced your interview or not
    Communicate Well. Your inter-        boss, but don’t share that dur- with your team at (insert potential                                                 – send one every time!
view for a position actually starts      ing an interview. Instead say, “I employer here).”                                                                     The following was adapted from
when employers review your re-           have advanced as far as I can with                     Follow-Up. Thank You notes                                   information found on Careerbuilder.
sume and cover letter, so be sure        (current employer), so I am look- are professional and truly set you                                                com and

        Youth conference & Study-A-Thon stress value of education
        By Sharoll Love
         Special to the Owl              tion activist, and athlete named Jordan                   Children’s Health Magazine, he was                        brary, continues to provide excellent
                                         Coleman. His documentary Say It Loud                      featured on CNN’s Young People Who                        space and resources. Room 243 in the
            The Rites of Passage Men-    explores the importance of education.                     Rock series. The conference is for any                    Student Center becomes available to
        toring Program in partnership        Say It Loud includes appearances                      student grades 6-12 and will be held on                   provide additional study space with
        with the Harford County Alli-    by Michael Strahan, Kobe Bryant, Lu-                      Saturday, April 24 in Edgewood Hall.                      access to old exams from selected
        ance of Black School Educa-      dacris, Newark Mayor Cory Booker,                         Any HCC student interested in helping                     classes, computers, tutors, door prizes
        tors, FACE IT, and the Harford   Rev. Al Sharpton, Jadakiss, Ben Wal-                      with the event contact the College Life                   and snacks.
        County Office of Drug Control    lace, Terrence J and others who talk                      office located on the lower level of the                     Thank you to all of the students who
        Policy are sponsoring a youth    about their own educational experi-                       Student Center or call (443) 412-2224.                    responded to the Black History month
        conference titled Unleashing     ences. Jordan is also the voice of the                        The Study-A-Thon will begin May                       “Emancipation” poster challenge. The
        Power, Promise and Poten-        moose on Nickelodeon’s animated se-                       13 (see ad, page 5). This provides an                     top three respondents were Cora Hen-
        tial. The conference keynote     ries The Backyardigans.                                   opportunity for students to focus on                      derson, Churico Hythe and Ashley
        speaker is a 14 year old ac-         Named one of the 25 Most Influen-                     exams. The Math and Communica-                            Curtis. Each will receive a copy of the
        tor, filmmaker, author, educa-   tial People in Our Children’s Lives by                    tion skills centers along with the li-                    poster and a companion booklet.

                                                                                                       Notes from the
  Blue skies, baseball,                                                                                                                                      Library
  By Nancy Dow                                                                                         Become a fan of the
  Special to the Owl
     April means blue skies,
  baseball and benefits! Yes, it’s
                                         costs and meeting times, will be
                                         mailed to eligible employees’
                                                                                                   HCC Library on Facebook                                                     By Jessica Ambrose
  that time again when all full-         homes. Information will also be                                                                                                         Special to the Owl
  time, benefits-eligible employ-        posted in OwlNet on the Ben-
  ees have the opportunity to            efits Channel of the Work Life                               Do you have a Facebook account? If so, you can now fan the Li-
  make changes to their benefit          Tab, and GroupWise reminders                              brary on Facebook ! If you do not have an account, signing up is free.
  selections. We will hold our an-       will be sent. To attend an infor-                         Stay abreast of upcoming Library events, contests, and new resourc-
  nual Open Enrollment meetings          mation session, simply access                             es, such as online databases for conducting library research. Other
  in mid-April. This will give em-       the Training Calendar via Owl-                            features will include factoids of the day, bios from your friendly HCC
  ployees a chance to hear about         Net and sign up for a time that                           Librarians, book reviews, and search widgets like WorldCat that will
  what is new, such as the new           fits your schedule.                                       allow you to search for print items in libraries around the world. You
  Debit Card option for the medi-            Should you have any ques-                             can also post comments or questions you have for the Library, or join
  cal FS, and to ask questions           tions during this process,                                in on any of the Library related discussions. We hope to see you online!
  of Human Resources and our             please contact your Benefits
  vendors.                               Specialist, Nancy Dow, at 443-
     Packets regarding Open              412-2378 or ndow@harford.
  Enrollment, including benefit          edu.
 The HARFORD Owl                                                                        APRIL 15, 2010                 SPORTS/23
                                                                                                             Woody homers twice in
                                                                                                                    North Carolina
                                                                                                             By Bryan Merlock
                                                                                                             Special to the Owl

                                                                                                                 The Blizzard of 2010 was one of      a cold day, this game will be a lot
                                                                                                             the highest producing snow storms        warmer, probably making the field
                                                                                                             in Maryland history. With over 40        softer and easier to play on. This
                                                                                                             inches, the storm closed colleges        double-header is rescheduled on
                                                                                                             across Maryland for an entire week.      April 28, at Cumberland.
                                                                                                             According to Harford Athletics,             Harford played their first four
                                                                                                             Coach Tim Eller was not anxious:         games away in North Carolina; the
                                                                                                             “I think [the snow] going to set just    Owls won three of four. In the first
                                                                                                             about everybody back, but it won’t       game, Woody Wlodarczyk homered
                                                                                                             affect us as much since we have so       twice in his first two at bats. He
                                                                                                             many sophomores.” Not only have          also had five RBIs out of Harford’s
                                                                                                             they missed time to practice, but        six during this game. During the
                                                                                                             they have missed games as-well.          week, the Owls won Saturday with
                                                                                                             Starting February 20, the Owls have      outcomes of 6-4 and 2-0, while
                                                                                                             missed eight games; half of them         on Sunday they went one for one,
                                                                                                             were at home.                            losing the first in a close 4-5 game,
                                                                                                                 One game that was of importance      then winning the next game 4-2. The
                                                                                                             was the matchup against Allegany.        Owls are now 5-2 for the season.
                                                                                                             With postponement of this game,             Enjoy the spring air, watch the
The men’s baseball team practice for a conference game against Cecil County.   Arline Bazemore/Harford Owl   there is going to be a change of         men play, and support your Harford
                                                                                                             conditions. Instead of playing on        Owls!

Women’s softball check list: Win first two games, check
By Bryan Merlock
Special to the Owl
                                                      say yes.
    After a delayed start to the 2010                    Sarah Cooley says, “We have
season, the Lady Owls win their                       so many new talents, I’m really
first double header of the season.                    confident this year.”
Amber Thompson led the Owls                              Sarah Morrill adds, “I think we
in game one, going two for three                      are a lot better than last year, way
with a double, two RBIs, and a                        better.” Wondering how different
run scored. Captain Sarah Cooley                      high school was from college, I
pitched a complete game, giving                       ask freshman Natalie Baker how
up only two runs in seen innings.                     different Aberdeen was then
The second ended in a forfeit.                        Harford Community.
The Owls were leading 7-6, when                          She laughs and then states,
the Patriots catcher was ejected.                     “The girls here are a lot better” also
Having no substitutes, the Patriots                   having “a lot more competition and
had to forfeit.                                       more organization.”
    The Owls lost practice time                          Make sure you support Harford’s
earlier in the year, when the Blizzard                softball team; the Sarahs would
of 2010 hit Maryland.          Asking                 love to see you all here.
Coach Cooley if this concerned                           Sarah Cooley states, “It’s
him, he responds, “Oh I think it will                 exciting, it’s fast, and it’s a quick
affect it (the games), but most of                    game!”
the other schools are in the same                        While Sarah Morrill adds,
boat.” It looks like the snow didn’t                  “Why      would       people    rather
affect our softball team that much,                   watch guys instead of girls?
these first two games, however.                       That’s    what      I   don’t    get.”
    Asking Captains Sarah Morrill                     Looks like there’s a little gender
and Sarah Cooley if the team has                      rivalry between these sports, in
made improvement from last year                       any case, come watch some Lady
to this year’s season, they both                      Owls softball! You’ll enjoy it!

               HCC 2010 BASEBALL SCHEDULE
   Home vs Dundalk at 6:30 p.m.............................. 4/15
   Away vs Chesapeake at 12:00 p.m.......................4/17
   Away vs Prince George’s at 3:00...........................4/20
                                                                                                                                                                          Marissa Horsey/Harford Owl
   Away vs Cecil at 3:00 p.m.....................................4/22                                         Mariah Ripkin warms up to throw down.

   Home vs Hagerstown at 12:00 p.m...................... 4/24
   Away vs Brookdale at 12:00 p.m.......................... 4/25                                                           HCC 2010 SOFTBALL SCHEDULE
   Away vs Delaware County at 3:00 p.m................. 4/29
   Home vs Delaware Tech-Owens at 3:00 p.m........4/30                                                          Away vs Frederick at 12:00 p.m............................ 4/17
   Away vs Mercer 12:00 at p.m............................... 5/2                                               Away vs Prince George’s at 2:00 p.m................... 4/21
   Away vs Montgomery County (PA) at 4:30 p.m.... 5/5                                                           Home vs Notre Dame (MD) at 3:00 p.m................ 4/23
   Region XX Tournament Opening Round TBA........5/8                                                            Away vs Catonsville at 12:00 p.m......................... 4/24
   Region XX Tournament (Dundalk, MD) TBA.......... 5/14-16                                                     Region XX Opening Round Game TBA................. 4/28
   District Tournament TBA....................................... 5/14-22                                       Region XX Tournament (Frederick, MD) TBA........ 5/1-2
   NJCAA Tournament (at Enid, Okla.) TBA...............5/30-6/5                                                 NJCAA Tournament (Normal, IL) TBA.................... 5/14-16
 24/SPORTS                                                                 APRIL 15, 2010                                                        The HARFORD Owl

Optimism runs high for men’s tennis
By Paul Valle
Special to the Owl
                                                  we can beat Rockville and play
   With all the buzz surrounding                  better against Gloucester, we
women’s tennis, it can be easy to                 have a chance to win our region
overlook Harford’s Men’s tennis                   and go to Nationals.”
team.    Coach George Budelis’                       Led by freshman Cory Litke,
squad is looking to make sure                     a transfer student out of East
you don’t make that mistake.                      Stroudsberg, at no. 1, and
Facing     stiff   competition  in                sophomore Josh Meier at no. 2,
Rockville (ranked 2nd nationally)                 this team should only improve as
and Gloucester (4th nationally),                  the season goes on.
Men’s tennis finished 2009 with                      In speaking of his number one
a respectable 5-4 record, and                     and two players, Coach Budelis
beat Rockville for the Region                     had this to say: “Cory Litke has
XX Championship (albeit by a                      the highest ceiling of any number
technicality     which  prevented                 one I have ever had. Usually,
them from going to the NJCAA                      when you have a number one,
Tournament).                                      they have reached their peak,
   Despite a season opening loss                  but Cory has tremendous athletic
to Gloucester, optimism runs                      ability and still has a lot of room
high for the team. When Coach                     to grow. Josh Meier at number
Budelis was asked if his team                     two is going to be tough to beat.
has similar expectations to that                  He is a very good player.”
of their national championship                       The Harford Owls are looking
caliber female counterparts, he                   to make a name for themselves
responded by saying, “We have                     around campus as well as
similar hopes for the men. The                    nationally. With such high ceiling
competition is tougher, but if                    players, it would be hard not to.      Steve Heagy practices his forehand.                                       Andrew Windham/Harford Owl

Cold weather, warm hearts: Winter Olympics recap
By Kiel Campo & Taylor Lambert
Sports Editor & Chief Designer
                                                  about, I am, of course, talking         was indeed relaxing. The redhead
   While every sport had at least                 about the snowboarding god,             took the gold and left his watchers                     ...there were three
one huge moment (yes I’m also                     known as Shawn White. In his            in awe.
including you, curling), there were               first run, he managed to wow the           Here’s another thing to think                        moments that kept
three moments that kept everyone                  judges, earning him a 46.8 out of       about; you are training for your
on the edge of their seats: One                   50, securing his spot for Olympic       Olympic ice skating performance,                       everyone on the edge
made us cheer, another made us                    gold. One would think he would          which is in four days, and then
cry, and the last left us in awe.                 just relax on his second run, right?    come to find out that your mother                       of their seats: One
Let us start with one moment that                 Well, if you call landing a Double      has died suddenly from a heart
involved a halfpipe, a snowboard,                 McTwist 1260 and earning a near         attack. Would you still be able                       made us cheer, another
and a flying tomato. If you haven’t               perfect score of 48.4 relaxing, then    to perform? Just ask Canada’s,
caught on to what I am talking                    you can safely say Shawn White          Joannie Rochette. With a heavy                         made us cry, and the
                                                                                                                                                   last left us in awe.

                                                                                                                                               heart, Rochette performed her
                                                                                                                                               routines beautifully always ending
                                                                                                                                               each with her hands towards the
                                                                                                                                               sky remembering her mother. Her
                                                                                                                                               emotional connection with the
                                                                                                                                               crowd, through her performances,
                                                                                                                                               won over fans from all countries.
                                                                                                                                               Her amazing spirit won her the
                                                                                                                                               Terry Fox award, given to those
                                                                                                                                               who embodied determination and
                                                                                                                                               humility in the face of adversity.
                                                                                                                                               Futhermore, Rochette was also
                                                                                                                                               presented the bronze metal, which
                                                                                                                                               she dedicates to her mother, who
                                                                                                                                               will always be in her heart on and
                                                                                                                                               off the ice.
                                                                                                                                                  If you watched the gold medal
                                                                                                                                               hockey game that featured Canada
                                                                                                                                               against USA, you can agree with
                                                                                                                                               the fact that it was played out like a
                                                                                                                                               classic sports movie. The American
                                                                                                                                               team was losing to Canada 2-1,
                                                                                                                                               Zach Parise of the USA team
                                                                                                                                               scores a goal, with only seconds
                                                                                                                                               left in the final period, forcing an
                                                                                                                                               overtime. But it was Canada’s very
                                                                                                                                               own Sidney Crosby, who scored
                                                                                                                                               the game-winning goal, making
                                                                                                                                               Canada the first host nation to win
                                                                                                                                               gold in hockey, in over 30 years.
                                                                                                                                                   Let us hope that the 2014 Winter
                                                                                                                                               Olympics are just as exciting.
This year’s Winter Olympics were a close shave.                                                                   Andrew Windham/Harford Owl
 The HARFORD Owl                                                               APRIL 15, 2010                                                                        SPORTS/25

Harford golf swings into the season
By Arline Bazemore
Staff Writer

   Harford’s golf team has been
long overlooked. Last year the
Owls sent three players to the
national tournament, and had an
overall team accomplishment of
6-1-1. That’s a great success, and
deserving of more praise than the
team has received thus far. After
talking with the sole returning player
from last year’s squad, Jacob Bays,
the least I can say is that I may be
spending some extra time on the
green this spring.
   The men’s golf team is comprised
of five players this year, which is just
about perfect for what the game
calls for. Unlike the team sports
you are probably familiar with, such
as soccer or basketball, golf is an
individual sport.
   The five players on the roster
this season will take their best shot
at beating par on familiar courses
around Maryland, including Ruggles
which is their main venue. The best
four scorers will record their numbers
for the team, and these results will
compare to the other competitors at
that particular match.
   The great thing about golf is that         Local driving range, Arctic Circle, in Churchville, helps the Fighting Owls with their precision on the golf course.     Marissa Horsey/Harford Owl
you are your best competition. Most
people argue that it’s really man vs.          in your short game is incomparable.                 The ability to slice a drive into              draw up.
the course, but I believe man vs. self            In contrast to men’s lacrosse,                the rough, make up ground with                       So who else is sick of hearing
is more appropriate. Golf takes an             for example, this game is more                   a solid play onto the fairway with                about Tiger? Get your golf fix this
enormous amount of composure,                  intellectual than athletic. However,             your favorite wood, come up short                 spring by heading out to Ruggles
self control, and discipline. The              don’t think golf lacks a display of              with your iron and still be able to               Golf Course, just down the road
dedication it takes to pin-point your          physical fitness. Let’s talk muscle              sink a 20-foot putt for par is more               at Aberdeen Proving Ground, to
putting game, unload the power in              memory, endurance, upper-body                    impressive than any 3-point-play                  support your Harford Fighting Owls
your drive, and read the landscape             strength, and will power. That’s golf.           your favorite basketball team could               on the green.

NCAA football deserves more support
By Wendell Gowie
Sports Editor

                                                             Pro days, huge upsets              because they love the sport. As in                quarterback of all time.”
                                                          and triple overtimes! If              the NFL, athletes play according                      Honestly, who would your rather
                                                          you hadn’t caught onto                to how well they’re paid. For                     watch play, Pryor or Russell?
                                                          what I’m referring to                 example, Ohio State University’s                      College football games are
                                                          than you may not be a                 quarterback Terrell Pryor had been                more intense than NFL games.
                                                          follower of NCAA college              playing weekly although he had a                  In 2001 a game against Ole Miss
                                                          football.      Unfortunately,         slight tear in the posterior cruciate             and Arkansas ended in regulation
                                                          this is completely normal             ligament (PCL) of his knee. That                  with the score tied 17-17. By the
                                                          at    Harford     Community           goes to show that Pryor has heart.                time the game officially ended,
                                                          College. After taking a walk             Anyone who would play injured                  Arkansas had won 58-56. NFL
                                                          around campus trying to               to help his team win is a true                    games only have one overtime and
                                                          interview students about              soldier and loves the game. In the                if no one scores than the game
                                                          college football, many told           NFL, when players don’t receive                   ends as a tie. How boring is that?
                                                          me that they didn’t follow            the amount of money in which they                 The NCAA lets its athletes battle
                                                          football much or they only            feel they deserve, it always seems                it out until one team comes out
                                                          watch NFL games.                      to lead to a holdout. A holdout is                victorious.
                                                             It was appalling to hear           when a player doesn’t contribute                      Once again, what would you
                                                          majority of Harford students          to the team until his contract is                 rather watch, two teams fight it
                                                          say they didn’t know much             improved. Holdouts suggest that                   out until one is victorious, or two
                                                          about     college   football.         players are in the NFL not for the                teams fighting it out until they run
                                                          Collegiate sports are one             game, but for the money.                          out of time?
                                                          of the most entertaining                 Oakland Raider’s quarterback                       If you haven’t watched a college
                                                          and unpredictable levels              JaMarcus Russell was one of the                   football game before than you’re
                                                          of athletics. Some even               best quarterbacks to graduate                     missing out on a lot of action. Yes,
                                                          say that collegiate football          from Louisiana State University.                  you may find NFL better because
                                                          is better than the NFL.               After being drafted number one                    it’s a pro league, but remember,
                                                          Honestly, there isn’t much            overall in 2007, Russell held out,                your favorite stars in the NFL all
                                                          to argue about because                due to a bad contract. After a                    came from college.
                                                          there are plenty of reasons           couple of weeks, Russell received                     So when you watch your favorite
                                                          to back up that statement.            the contract that he wanted, but                  player run over a defender or sack
                                                             The biggest reason is              ironically, he wasn’t the same                    a quarterback remember they did
                                                          that college athletes do not          Russell from LSU. Instead of                      the same (if not more) in college.
                                                          get paid to play the game,            playing like the All-SEC star that                My advice is to give it a chance,
                             Andrew Windham/Harford Owl   they’re    playing    simply          he was playing like “the worst                    you won’t be disappointed.
 26/SPORTS                                                                   APRIL 15, 2010                                                           The HARFORD Owl
Spare confidence anyone?
By Kiel Campo
Sports Editor
                                                  solved soon.
   Ever get the feeling that you’re                   As for the players, they
too scared to do something? That                  are still confident in one
you are just missing one certain                  another. Captain of the
kind of quality about yourself,                   team, Melissa Warczynski,
that can help you overcome your                   is confident in her team.
anxiety? Well that quality is most                    “I believe that our team
likely confidence.                                will do a great job this
   After speaking with Coach                      season. We are going to
Brian Evans during one of the                     beat last season’s record,”
women’s lacrosse, he made it                      says Warczynski. Shana Hall
clear that there is one main thing                also believes that her team
he is going to work with his team                 will bounce back from the
on, after what he saw from the                    Catonsville game.
Lady Owl’s 18-6 lose against                          “The season is still early
Catonsville on March 2.                           and we still need to get
   “The game we played against                    more on field experience.
Catonsville was a very tough                      We will bounce back and
game, but it showed me that we                    just become an amazing
were not confident with the shots                 team in the end.”
we were taking,” says Coach                           With attitudes like that,
Evans. But it’s hard to make any                  it is almost hard to imagine
kind of “problem list” by only                    this team without any
watching one game. The lady                       confidence. Still have your
lax teams still have a handful of                 doubts? Well only one way
games to play. But if shooting                    to find out when the team
confidence is the problem, then                   faces a number of teams left
this is a problem that needs to be                in their season.

                                                                                                                                                                           Andrew Windham/Harford Owl
                                                                                                 The women’s lacrosse team practices their skills to bounce back this season.

                                                                                                  Finish the Attack
                                                                                                   By Kiel Campo
                                                                                                   Sports Editor
                                                                                                                                                   up scoring seven goals.
                                                                                                       There are moments in our lives                 I spoke with head coach,
                                                                                                   where we feel on top of the world.              Ed Augustitus, about his team
                                                                                                   From beating your older sibling in              finishing shots. “After watching
                                                                                                   a footrace, to winning an award                 that game, it became proven that
                                                                                                   that required beating multiple                  we have to finish our shots. If
                                                                                                   people. But for the men’s lacrosse              we’re taking 30 shots, 15 of those
                                                                                                   team, it comes from winning your                should find the net.”
                                                                                                   first couple games, and starting                   But our men’s lacrosse team
                                                                                                   off undefeated.                                 doesn’t only have weaknesses,
                                                                                                       But just like any other team                they have plenty of strengths.
                                                                                                   in the early stages of its season,              “I believe that we have the
                                                                                                   there are problems to be solved.                best attack in the entire JUCO
                                                                                                       It is always common for teams               conference. If we keep that up,
                                                                                                   to have health issues on the team.              I can see our team making that
                                                                                                   But take into consideration the                 50% winning percentage at the
                                                                                                   fact that for the Williamson Free               end of the season,” says Coach
                                                                                                   Trade game, only two out of the                 Augustitus when asked about his
                                                                                                   seven players were ready for the                attack.
                                                                                                   game. The missing five players                     Let us not forget that it is still
                                                                                                   were plagued with injuries such as              early in the season. There is plenty
                                                                                                   broken jaws, and ineligibility.                 of room for this team to improve,
                                                                                                       There are also problems with                on the things they need to work on.
                                                                                                   the team finishing their shots.                 The men’s lacrosse team is full on
                                                                                                   Referring back to the Williamson                talent and passion. Expect they’re
                                                                                                   game, the Harford Owls took 35                  undefeated record to continue for
The men’s team blazes through another practice.                     Andrew Windham/Harford Owl     shots at the net, but only ended                quite awhile.

          HCC 2010 WOMEN’S LAX SCHEDULE                                                                         HCC 2010 MEN’S LAX SCHEDULE
   Away vs Anne Arundel at 7:00 p.m.............................. 4/15                              Home vs Catonsville at 7:00 p.m............................. 4/16
   Home vs Brookdale at 1:00 p.m.................................. 4/18                             Away vs Rockville at 4:00 p.m.................................. 4/21
   Home vs Howard at 3:30 p.m...................................... 4/21                            Away vs Anne Arundel (Towson, MD) at 2:45 p.m.... 4/24
   Region XX Opening Round Game TBA........................ 4/27                                    Region XX (at higher seed) TBA................................ 4/27
   Region XX Tournament (Catonsville, MD) TBA............. 5/1-2                                    Region XX Tournament TBA...................................... 4/1-5/2
   NJCAA Tournament (Herkimer, NY) TBA...................... 5/8-9                                  NJCAA Finals (Herkimer, NY) TBA............................ 5/8-9
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