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									         Minutes of the
      154th Annual Session
             of the
      Mt. Zion Missionary
       Baptist Association
       Messenger Meeting

          Hosted by:
     Hopewell Baptist Church
        October 1, 2010
          155th Session
Carthage Missionary Baptist Church
         Carthage, Texas
        September 30 2011
         Time: 8:30 a.m.
20010-2011 Officers................................... 2
Order of Business...................................... 3
Doctrinal Statement.................................. 4
Articles of Agreement............................... 6
Minutes of the 154th Session................... 9
Local Missions Report............................ 11
General Missions Report........................ 12
Texas Mission development report........ 12
Texas Mission Builders report............... 13
History and Archives Report................. 13
Youth Report........................................... 14
Christian Literature Report.................. 14
Computer Technology Report............... 15
Deviant Lifestyle Report........................ 16
Committee on Committee Report......... 17
Obituary Report…................................. 17
Treasurer Report..................................... 18
Resolution Report................................... 18
Church Directory.................................... 19
Historical Roll of Association................. 29
Associational letter forms....................... 38

                               OFFICERS FOR 2010-2011

Moderator ------------------------------------------------------------------- Dale Reed

Assistant Moderator -------------------------------------------------- Matt Gholson

Treasurer ------------------------------------------------------------- Michael Roberts

Assistant Treasurer ------------------------------------------------------ Dale Walker

Clerk --------------------------------------------------------------------- Don H. Shultz

Assistant Clerk ---------------------------------------------------------- Ron Witcher

Annual Sermon --------------------------------------------------- Bro. Mike Gribble

Alternate----------------------------------------------------------- Bro. Dale Walker

                                  2011 MEETING PLACE
                             Carthage Missionary Baptist Church
                                      Carthage, Texas

                                 ORDER OF BUSINESS

Friday 8:30 A.M.
1. Call to Order
2. Welcome from Host Church
3. Hymn
4. Request for Petition of New Churches
5. Appointment of Committees
    A. Obituary
    B. Committee on Committees
    C. Resolutions
6. Local Missions Report
7. General Missions Report
8. Texas Mission Development Report
9. Texas Mission Builders Report
10. Other Missions Report
11. Election of MBA of Texas Missions Committee
12. Hymn
13. Selection of Next Years Meeting Place
14. Nomination for Next Year's Annual Message
15. Selection of Mission Project
16. Hymn
17. History and Archives Report
18. Christian Education Report
19. Youth Work Report
20. Christian Literature Report
21. Alternative Reports
    A. Media in Ministry
    B. Use of Computer Technology
    C. Deviant Lifestyles
22. Benevolence Report
23. Miscellaneous Business
    A. Treasurer's Report
    B. Set Salaries for Clerk and Treasurer
    C. Committee on Committees Report
    D. Obituary Report
24. Election of officers for 2010-2011
    A. Moderator and Assistant
    B. Clerk and Assistant
    C. Treasurer and Assistant
25. Resolutions Committee Report
26. Hymn and/or Special Music
27. Annual Sermon
28. Adjourn
29. Announcements and Prayer Requests
30. Closing Prayer

                             DOCTRINAL STATEMENT

We believe in the complete verbal inspiration and inerrancy of the whole Bible as originally
written, and that the Bible is the all-sufficient rule of faith and practice. (Psalm 119:160; II
Timothy 3:16,17)
We believe in the personal triune God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit equal in divine perfection.
(Matt. 28:19)
We believe in the Genesis account of creation. (Genesis 1, 2)
We believe that Satan is a fallen angel, the archenemy of God and man, the unholy god of this
world, and that his destiny is the eternal lake of fire. (Isa. 14:12-15; Ezekiel 28:11-19; Matt.
24:41; I Cor. 4:4; Ephesians 6:10-17; Rev. 20:10)
We believe in the virgin birth and sinless humanity of Jesus. (Matt. 1:18-20; II Cor. 5:21; I
Peter 2:22)
We believe in the Deity of Jesus Christ. (John 1:1,14; 10:30; 14:9; II Cor. 5:19)
We believe that the Divine Administrator for Jesus Christ in His churches is the Holy Spirit.
(Luke 24:49; John 14:16,17; 16:13; Acts 1:4,5,8) Whose work as such began on the first
Pentecost after the resurrection of Jesus Christ with the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, which event
occurred only once and is not repeated. (Acts 2)
We believe that the miraculous gifts of the Spirit listed in I Corinthians 12:8-10 were done
away with when the Bible was completed (I Cor. 13:8-10), that the gift of apostleship ceased
with the death of the last apostle chosen directly by the Lord Jesus (Eph. 2:20), and the abiding
gifts adequately equip the churches for service to God. (Romans 12:13; I Cor. 13:1-13; Eph.
4:7-16; I Peter 4:10-11; II Timothy 3:16-17)
We believe that man was created in the image of God and lived in innocence until he fell by
voluntary transgression from his sinless state, the result being that all mankind are now sinners.
(Genesis 1:26, 3:6-24; Romans 5:12,19)
We believe that the substitutionary suffering and death of Jesus Christ was sufficient to
propitiate for the sins of all humanity, thus making salvation available for all mankind. (Isaiah
53:6; Hebrews 2:9; I Peter 2:24; 3:18; II Peter 3:9; I John 2:2)
We believe in the bodily resurrection and ascension of Christ and the bodily resurrection of His
saints. (Matt. 28:1-7; Acts 1:9-11; I Cor. 15:42-58; I Thess. 4:13-18)
We believe in the pre-millennial, personal, bodily return of Christ as the crowning event of the
Gentile age. We further believe that at His coming the righteous dead will be raised, and with
the living saints will be translated. We also believe that after the Millennial Reign of Christ on
earth the unrighteous shall be resurrected unto eternal punishment in the lake of fire. (John
14:1-6; I Thess. 4:13-18; II Thess. 2:8; Rev. 19; 20:4-6, 11-15; 21:8).

We believe that the depraved alien sinner is saved wholly by grace through faith in Jesus
Christ, and the requisites to regeneration are repentance toward God and faith in the Lord Jesus
Christ (Luke 13:3,5; John 3:16,18; Acts 20:21; Romans 6:23; Eph.
 2:8,9), and the Holy Spirit convicts sinners and regenerates, seals, and secures, and indwells
every believer. (John 3:6; 16:8,9; Romans 8:9-11; I Cor. 6:19,20; Eph. 4:30; Titus 3:5)
We believe that all who trust in Jesus Christ for salvation are eternally secure and shall
persevere in Him and shall not perish. (John 3:36; 5:24; 10:27-30; Romans 8:35-39; Hebrews
10:30; I Peter 1:5)
We believe that God deals with believers as His children, that He chastises the disobedient, and
that He blesses the obedient in this life and reserves rewards for the future. (Matt. 16:27; 25:14-
23; John 1:12; Hebrews 12:5-11; II John 8; Rev. 22:12)
We believe that Jesus Christ established His church during His ministry on earth and that it is
always a local, visible assembly of scripturally baptized believers in covenant relationship to
carry out the Commission of the Lord Jesus Christ, and each church is an independent self-
governing body, and no other ecclesiastical body may exercise authority over it. We believe
that Jesus Christ gave the Great Commission to New Testament churches only, and that He
promised the perpetuity of His churches. (Matt. 4:18-22; 16:18; 18:15-18; 28:19,20; Mark
1:14-20; John 1:35-51; Eph. 3:21)
We believe that there are two pictorial ordinances in the Lord's churches: baptism and the
Lord's Supper. Scriptural baptism is the immersion of penitent believers in water, administered
by the authority of a New Testament church in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy
Spirit. The Lord's Supper is a memorial ordinance, restricted to the members of the church
observing the ordinance. (Matt. 28:19,20; Acts 8:12,38; Romans 6:4; I Cor. 5:11-13; 11:1,2,17-
We believe there are only two divinely appointed offices, pastor and deacon, to be filled by
men whose qualification are set forth in I Timothy 3:1-16 and Titus 1:5-9)
We believe that all associations, fellowships and committees are, and properly should be,
servants of, and under the control of, the churches. (Matt. 20:25-28)
We believe in the complete separation of church and state (Matt. 22:21) and affirm our belief in
civil obedience unless the laws and regulations run contrary to the Holy Scriptures. (Romans
13:1-7; I Peter 2:13-15)

                              ARTICLES OF AGREEMENT

                                    ARTICLE I -- Name
This association shall be known as the Mt. Zion Association.

                                   ARTICLE II -- Object
The object of this Association shall be to awaken a deeper interest in the welfare of the
churches, to cultivate a closer fellowship among the churches, and to encourage and
perpetuate the very greatest possible activity in missionary, educational and benevolent

                              ARTICLE III -- How Composed
Section 1. This Association shall be composed of regular independent Missionary Baptist
churches which accept these Articles of Agreement.
Section 2. The Messenger Assemblies of this Association shall be composed of
messengers elected by the churches composing it.
Section 3. Each church choosing to represent in this Association shall be entitled to three
Section 4. Each church shall be the sole judge of the qualifications of her messengers.

                                   ARTICLE IV -- Nature
The Messenger Assembly of this Association shall be, in nature, formed as a council in
matters pertaining to missionary, educational, and benevolent work.

                                  ARTICLE V -- Principles
The Messenger Assembly of this Association shall recognize the freedom of speech as
essential to the highest achievement in its work. It shall stand or fall on its own
conformity to the truth. It shall exercise no ecclesiastical authority, but it shall, by every
precaution, recognize the independence and sovereignty of every individual church. It
shall also encourage on the part of the churches and the messengers the greatest possible
freedom of expression in discussing matters pertaining to its work.

                                   ARTICLE VI -- Powers
The action of the Messenger Assembly shall be limited to the work of awakening
enthusiasm in missionary, educational, and benevolent enterprises, receiving and
distributing funds for the same, and rendering such advice and recommendations for
consideration by the churches as the messengers deem appropriate.

                                  ARTICLE VII -- Funds
Section 1. All funds of this Association shall be raised by the voluntary donations
secured solely upon the merits of the cause in the interest of which appeals are made for
gifts; provided, this is not to prevent the use of any income of any property that may be
acquired by donation or by purchase.
Section 2. Distribution of funds shall be authorized by an act of this Messenger
Assembly, but in no instance shall the assembly use means in violation of the expressed
preferences of the donor.

                                 ARTICLE VIII -- Officers
Section 1. The officers of this Messenger Assembly shall be a Moderator and Assistant
Moderator, a Clerk and Assistant Clerk, and a Treasurer, and Assistant Treasurer.
Section 2. All officers of this assembly shall be chosen annually, and shall hold their
offices until their successors are elected. All officers shall be elected by a majority of the
messengers voting. No moderator shall succeed himself more than one year.
Section 3. The duties of all officers shall be such as usually devolves upon their offices,
and any other duties as may be directed by the Messenger Assembly, unless otherwise
directed by the churches.
Section 4. It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to take charge of money and valuables not
specifically entrusted to someone else, and to dispose of same as he may be directed by
this Messenger Assembly. He shall make an annual report to this assembly of all monies
received and disbursed.
Section 5. The clerk, in addition to keeping the record of this Association will
superintend the printing and distributing of minutes of such regular meetings as the
messengers may direct.
                              ARTICLE IX -- New Churches
Messengers of new churches which choose to fellowship in this association as provided in
Article III will be seated by the moderator after he extends them the right hand of
fellowship on behalf of the Messenger Assembly.

                                ARTICLE X -- Missionaries
We hold that the authority of execution of the Great Commission was given to the New
Testament church, and the authority must remain forever with the churches. Therefore,
the right and privilege of every church of the Association to endorse, set apart, or send
out missionaries shall ever be respected. Each church may support missionaries of its own
choosing, and the act of one church in sending out missionaries can in no way bind or
obligate any other church. The churches shall be free and there support of missionaries
shall be voluntary on their part.

                                    ARTICLE XI -- Meetings
The regular meeting of the church Messengers shall be at such time and place as the
assembled messengers may appoint.

                               ARTICLE XII -- Amendments
The Messenger Assembly shall have no power to change the Articles of Agreement. Any
church desiring a change shall send to the annual meeting a copy of the proposed
changes; the Messenger Assembly will then submit the proposed change to each
cooperating church; IF two-thirds of the cooperating churches vote for the change, then
the Article of Agreement shall be amended to conform to the proposed change.


Bro. Charles French prayed the opening prayer. Moderator Bro. Dale Reed called the meeting
to order. Host interim Pastor Darrel Owens gave the welcome. Hymn, “Victory in Jesus” was
sung led by Daniel Dawson, accompanied by Bro. Johnny Williams.
Moderator Reed called for petitions of churches wishing to fellowship with the association.
There was none. Visitors were welcomed.
Moderator Reed appointed Bro. Daniel Davis and Bro. Dale Walker on the obituary committee;
Bro. Matt Gholson and Bro. Mike Rice to the committee on committees; and Bro. Pete
Thompson and Bro. Mike Roberts to the resolution committee.
The local missions report was given by Bro. Charles French. A motion made and seconded to
adopt the report. Brethren Marlin Freeman, Marion Reed, James Taylor, Mario Gamez, and
Hiram Melton spoke to the report. The motion carried.
The general missions report was discussed by Bro. Mike Rice,
Bro. Roy Culley, Bro. Corey Page, Bro. Wayne Stringer, Bro. Ricky O'Neill and Bro. Jimmy
The Texas Mission development report was given by Bro. Dale Walker. A motion was made to
adopt the report. Bro. Jim Slocumb spoke to the report. He reported that $105,000.00 was
received this year and distribute to four churches or missions.
The motion to adopt was passed.
The Texas Missions Builders report was sent by Brooks Chapel Missionary Baptist Church
which reported it had helped nine churches or missions in building projects. It was discussed
by Bro. Jim Slocumb and Bro. Ron Wicher.
A motion was made, seconded and passed that Bro. Matt Gholson be the Mount Zion
Missionary Baptist Association representative.
A call was made by Moderator Reed for invitations to host the 155th messenger assembly.
Carthage Missionary Baptist Church extended an invitation and was selected.
Nominations were received for an annual sermon speaker. A motion was made seconded and
passed that the one receiving the highest vote be the speaker and the second highest be
alternate. Bro. Mike Gribble was elected for the annual sermon speaker and Bro. Dale Walker
A motion was made and seconded and passed that he local mission project be Bro. Pedro Pina
sent out by the Corinth Missionary Baptist Church.
Bro. Daniel Dawson led the congregation in hymn “We Will Work until Jesus Comes,”
accompanied by Bro. Johnny Williams. Bro. Robert Brock led in prayer.

The History and Archives report was given by Bro. Matt Gholson. A motion was made,
seconded and passed that the History and Archives committee stand as nominees with the
privilege of substitution. There were no substitutions offered. The present committee was
       Matthew Gholson, Chairman
       Darrel Owens, Assistant Chairman
       David Proctor.
       Don H. Shultz.
       Ray Williams.
Officers for next year were elected:
       Bro. Dale Reed was elected moderator.
       Bro. Matt Gholson assistant moderator.
       Bro. Don H. Shultz was elected clerk.
       Bro. Ron Wicher was elected assistant clerk.
       Bro. Michael Roberts was elected treasurer.
       Bro. Dale Walker was elected assistant treasurer.
A motion was made, seconded and passed that an offering be received.
The Christian Education Report was given by Bro. Ron Wicher. A motion was made, seconded
and passed that the report be approved Bro. Ray O. Brooks and Bro. Bill Kuykendall spoke to
the report. The motion passed.
The Youth Report was given by Bro. Daniel Davis. A motion was made and seconded the
report be accepted. Bro. John Pino and Bro. Johnny Williams spoke to the report. Bro. Pino
reported 147 conversions, one young man surrendered to preach and many rededications. The
motion passed.
The Media report was given by Bro. Mike Rice. A motion was made and seconded that the
report be approves. Bro. Daniel Dawson spoke to the report. The motion passed.
The Computer Technology report was given by Bro. Robert Phillips. A motion was made,
seconded and passed that the report be accepted.
The Deviant Lifestyle report was given by Bro. Matt Gholson. A motion was made, seconded
which passed that the report be accepted.
The Treasury repeort was presented by Treasurer Michael Roberts.
The Obituary report was given by the Obituary committee. A motion was made, seconded and
passed that a moment of silence be observed in memory of those who have gone on to glory,
followed by a prayer. Bro. Dale Reed led in prayer.
The Resolution committee presented a resolution of thanks to the Hopewell Missionary Baptist
Church for its great hospitality in entertaining the messengers meeting.
A motion was made, seconded and passed that the time of meeting of the association be
changed from 9:00 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.

Bro. Daniel Dawson led the messengers in the hymn, “He Keeps Me Singing,” accompanied by
Bro. Johnny Williams.
Bro. Pete Thompson read Acts 2:41 and preach on the subject, “Four Simple Steps for Church
Growth according to God.”
Bro. James Grafton prayed the closing prayer.

                                      LOCAL MISSIONS
The work of Missions, local or otherwise, is not so much a matter of geography as it is a matter
of obedience. Our understanding of the work we are given to do as we wait for our Lord's
return is based upon well-known portions of New Testament Scripture. These Scriptures are
both our authorization and our instructions for the work at hand.
Policy and procedure are useful tools, but they are only tools and they must not be allowed to
become more important than the work. In like manner, geographic references to fields of labor
may be useful, but the boundaries they suggest are artificial and they may create notions about
mission work that are not biblical.
Just as we should not think mission work is the exclusive responsibility of those we identify as
Missionaries, so we should not think we may choose one area of labor to the exclusion of
Responsibility for sharing the Gospel Message rests not upon the few, but upon the many. That
message is to be carried by all those who know it to all places they may go.
The Gospel Message has been plainly stated: "Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the
gospel which I preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand; By
which also ye are saved, if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have
believed in vain. For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ
died for our sins according to the scriptures; And that he was buried, and that he rose again the
third day according to the scriptures:" (1 Cor 15:1-4)
Responsibility for sharing that message is equally plain: "And all things are of God, who hath
reconciled us to himself by Jesus Christ, and hath given to us the ministry of reconciliation; To
wit, that God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto himself, not imputing their trespasses
unto them; and hath committed unto us the word of reconciliation. Now then we are
ambassadors for Christ, as though God did beseech you by us: we pray you in Christ's stead, be
ye reconciled to God. For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might
be made the righteousness of God in him. (2 Cor 5:18-21)
We must not allow artificial boundaries and convenient definitions to keep us from obediently
sharing the message of eternal life with unbelievers wherever they may be found.
Trinity Baptist Church Charles French, Pastor

                             GENERAL MISSIONS REPORT
The work of the Lord's New Testament churches is explained to us in Matthew 28: 19-20.
When we look at this passage, we see three aspects of the work of God: 1) "Go" evangelize
people for Christ, 2) "Go" baptize them in water as a token of their faith in Christ, 3) "Go"
teach, indoctrinate them in the Word of God. The purpose of a New Testament church is to
glorify the Lord Jesus Christ and fulfill His command. For one hundred fifty-four years, the
churches of the Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Association have been working together to carry
out the commission of the Lord Jesus Christ. Let each church remain faithful to her Lord and
continue to spread the gospel to those at home and those abroad. As an association of New
Testament churches, let us continue to work together and help send, pray for, and support God-
called, church-sent missionaries.
Respectfully submitted by,
Hopewell MBC, Interim Pastor Darrel Owens

The word "Develop" is a transitive verb. A transitive verb shows action and also has a direct
object which receives the action of the verb. The word "Develop" is defined in several ways but
with the same idea in mind. "To set forth or make clear by degrees or in detail, such as in
developing a thesis; to make visible or manifest; to create or produce especially by deliberate
effort over time; to make active or promote the growth of; to make available or usable; to cause
to unfold gradually; to expand by a process of growth; to acquire gradually". Texas Mission
Development is intended to be a Transitive Verb Figuratively in the Development of the
churches of our Lord Jesus Christ in the Missionary Baptist Association of Texas. TMD has
helped several Missions and Churches of our Lord Jesus Christ over the years and continues to
be of great assistance in the growth of the Lord's Churches in Texas. Therefore.... the Churches
and Mission works of the MBA are the Direct Objects Figuratively, and are Blessed Receivers
of this great work of the Lord Jesus Christ. TMD is far too often unappreciated by many
churches and Pastors, and it's time we all recognize the importance and value of working
together as churches to carry out the Great Commission in Texas. TMD is just one of the many
Figurative Transitive Verbs which the Lord uses to further His Kingdom's Work. May the Lord
continue to bless Texas Mission Development and may we seek God's Guidance in supporting
this worthy work of the Lord Jesus Christ. Special Note..... Where there is NO Direct Object,
the Verb becomes Intransitive, which means there is NO receiver of the action. Let us pray that
TMD never becomes an Intransitive Verb until the Lord Jesus Christ returns to gather His
Respectfully submitted ,
Eastside Baptist Church, Dale Walker, Pastor

                              TEXAS MISSION BUILDERS
In the beginning of the physical year of 2009-2010 a new approach was started for the Texas
Mission Builders program. A new Supervisor and a new phase of building began. Brother Mike
Pearson became our new Supervisor and leader of the jobs. Metal buildings became a part of
the new agenda. Much progress has been made in this new outreach. Bro. Mike Pearson
brought expertise with him in the metal building phase of the work. This has been a great
undertaking with many benefits to the Texas Churches.
All phases of the work have gone well this year and worker turnout has been at an all time
high. There has been much work done by the volunteers and by the regulars that come each
week. Our churches are blessed with men that are mission minded enough to become engaged
in the future of the Texas Missionary Baptist Churches. As the day of our Lord's coming
approaches we must rally together to reach lost souls; having nice facilities to present the
gospel in is very important.
The churches and missions which have been helped through Texas Mission Builders this year
are: Calvary MBC, Baytown Mt. Herman MBC, Center Parkwood BC, Buna Banquo MBC,
Spring Harmony MBC, Houston University MBC, Tyler Vanderbilt BC, Tyler Heartland BC,
Longview Corinth MBC, Timpson
Our needs are still the same. We need workers and financial assistance to insure the continued
success of this program. Please come and work on the projects with us and enjoy the fellowship
and sense of accomplishment awaiting you. God will bless you more than you can know.
Respectfully Submitted, Brooks Chapel MBC Written by Leroy Smith
"I will remember the works of the LORD; surely I will remember Thy wonders of old. I will
meditate also of all Thy work, and talk of Thy doings." (Psalm 77: 11-12)
The psalmist was troubled in spirit, and he cried out to the Lord for comfort. As the psalmist
searched his soul and mind, he was perplexed and troubled. He sought relief, yet only found
more troubles. It was not until he remembered God's deliverance of the nation of Israel in the
Exodus could he find comfort and hope. Such meditation caused the psalmist to be assured in
the ways of God and His mighty love for His people.
As we are in the midst of troubling days, and as the days and years pass, may we as God's
people remember the great and mighty works of the Lord. May we remember the many
wondrous blessings and mighty works that God has performed through His churches. May our
remembrance and recording of such acts be an encouragement to those who follow behind us.
May the Mt. Zion History and Archives Committee help enable such a process and guide in the
compilation of such records.
As of September 30, 2010, the General Fund balance is $53.00 and the Anniversary Plaque
Fund balance is $1,802.72.
The churches of the Mt. Zion Association are asked to supply a short written history compiled
from the records and recollections of its members. Any pictures that could be supplied would
be useful as well (copies only, please).

The written histories and pictures will be uploaded to the Mt. Zion website
( and accessible to those interested in our local history. The written
histories and pictures will then be donated to the Texas Baptist Institute - Seminary Library for
future use.
At this time, no further business is sought by the History and Archives Committee.
Respectfully submitted by the committee:
Matthew Gholson, Chairman
Darrel Owens, Assistant Chairman
David Proctor
Don H. Shultz
Ray Williams

                                  YOUTH WORK REPORT
The Bible tells us in Jude 3 that we "should earnestly contend for the faith which was once
delivered unto the saints." This is a verse that we pride ourselves on in the ABA, but is it a
verse that we practice with our youth? Think with me for a minute, if you ran a family business
of laying carpet, and you one day were going to pass that business down to your child, would
you spend your time teaching your kids how to bake cakes and stufftwinkies? No, you would
teach them about the carpet business and all that goes into it so that when the time is right they
will have the skills to take over the family business. The same should be with the children in
our churches. We all agree that the children of today are going to be the future of our churches,
so are we teaching them the doctrines we hold to, or are we teaching them to "stuff twinkies?" I
fear today that we are more concerned about "shows & programs" then we are about the Word
of God! I am not against shows and programs, but I am a firm believer they should be in
addition to the teaching of the Word of God, and not the other way around. If we really believe
that our children are the future of your churches we better start now teaching them the doctrines
that we hold to so that they can "contend for the faith" for years to come.
Respectfully submitted,
Bethel MBC
Daniel Davis, Pastor
                            CHRISTIAN LITERATURE REPORT
From the beginning of time, man has had an innate desire to know his creator and of His
creation. Scripture tells us that, "The heavens declare his righteousness, and all the people see
his glory (Ps. 97:6). During his quest for this knowledge, records have been documented and
compiled of his findings so that those who follow can learn from them and add to them. This
has gone on all over the world. Thanks to modem technology and new innovations, it has
become much easier to bring all this information together and has opened new doors in the ad-
vancement of the study of the Holy Scriptures.
One such door is modem Bible computer software. Multiple translations of the scriptures can
now be found at the click of a button. Dozens of commentaries, Bible dictionaries, reference,
theology and doctrinal books are but a click away. And with many of these designed to interact

with each other, the student can now saves hours of digging and researching, thereby giving
him more time to gather more information and significantly greater resources to gather it from.
Not only that, with computer software production being less expensive than printing cost, this
software can be purchased at a reduced price giving greater access of more material to more
Another door that continues to expand is the world of the internet. Like Bible software, through
internet access we are now able to view material that may be on the other side of the world
with just the click of a mouse. Maps, documents, records, manuscripts that were once unknown
or were inaccessible can now be seen firsthand via the web, thereby gaining information on a
personal level without even leaving ones home.
Another avenue that continues to be a primary vault of knowledge for churches that align
themselves with the American Baptist Association is the printed publications from Bogard
Press. Publications such as Sunday School, B.T.C., Discovery, Vacation Bible School and other
literature continue to be a great source of doctrinally sound material that enable the student to
expand and elevate his understanding of who God is and His will for all men.
While many of these resources can be a great aid to those seeking to know God, there is but
one ultimate and primary source: the Bible. It alone is God breathed and inerrant in every way.
All other writings must be evaluated and viewed in light of what God tells us through His
Word. Any other writing or source that contradicts or disagrees with the Bible must be seen as
being in error. God, through the Bible alone, tells us who He is and how man can freely receive
an eternal relationship with Him.
Respectfully Submitted,
Jimmy Jones
Longview Missionary Baptist Church

                       THE USE OF COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY
In recent years, we have all heard significant reports of the dangers of developments in
technology such as the internet. These reports are well justified and God's people would do
well to continue to prepare themselves individually and congregationally to address the attacks
of Satan in these areas. However, we must also address the tremendous potential of current
technologies to support, enhance and promote the spread of the gospel and the ministry of each
local church. This potential varies from congregation to congregation, depending on the age,
background, location and convictions of each individual church. Still, the possible use of
computer technology in ministry is limited only by the imagination of God's people.
For years, computers have now been used in church offices and now more than ever present a
significant opportunity for expanded use in church administration. Computer use has grown far
beyond the simple word processors used decades earlier to prepare bulletins, lessons and
sermons. Programs are now available which range in price from free to several hundred dollars
and allow pastors and church officers to track membership, giving and various aspects of
church ministry.
The internet and email offer significant opportunities for congregations to communicate with
their own members and to make their presence known to their communities. It is now a
common occurrence for generations under 40 to use the internet to research and identify
 churches in their community which they might visit. Various services from simple email to pay
services offer church leaders the opportunity to generate newsletters on a regular basis to make
their congregations aware of important information. These opportunities present a significant
financial saving over the cost of production and mailing of printed materials used in the past.
Even social networking sites such as twitter and facebook are now used as communication and
promotion tools.
In addition to local communication, internet messaging software now offers churches the
opportunity to connect with missionaries on a much more regular basis. Missionaries around
the world, even in less developed countries now commonly have access to computers equipped
with web-cameras and microphones which allow for face to face conferencing with pastors and
church leaders without the cost of an international telephone call. For those needing to
communicate in another language, such services can even provide the opportunity to involve a
translator in the conversation. This opportunity provides a quicker, more effective way for
churches and missionaries to interact and cooperate in ministry regardless of the distance which
separates them.
Of course, any discussion of the use of computer technology would be incomplete without
acknowledging the contribution technology may now play in congregational worship. It is very
common to see sanctuaries equipped with multimedia equipment allowing the words to songs
to be projected onto large screens. Every preacher knows the frustration of attempting to find
the perfect sermon illustration and presenting it in such a way to make the point clear. Now, the
availability of multimedia technology allows the preacher's illustrations to literally "come to
life" in video and picture. And while it would be wise for the preacher not to become dependent
on such presentations, their judicious use can certainly enhance the presentation of God's Word
and assist the pastor to communicate it clearly.
It is clear that computer technology now offers a wide range of applications in ministry. While
pastors and churches should exercise discernment and caution in the use of the many
technological tools available, we certainly should not shy away from utilizing the tremendous
potential to further spread the gospel into our own communities and around the world.
Respectfully Submitted, Robert Phillips
Pastor, Parkway Baptist Church

                                  DEVIANT LIFESTYLES
Today's world is filled with excess and ungodly scenes everywhere one looks. From movies, to
TV, to books, to the education system, government, and even religious arenas, unrighteousness
and a general disregard for God and His Word are prevalent. As such, the Lord's churches face
a difficult time as was faced by God's people in the church at Corinth and even in the days of
Noah. We are faced with the U.S. government allowing openly gay soldiers to serve in the
military; schools promoting sexuality as a way of release and art; science promoting heredity as
the deciding factor of one's sexuality, belief system, and overall disposition; and abortion no
longer being murder but a choice. With each passing day, the list seems to grow longer and
more wicked.
Furthermore, all forms of ungodly lifestyles are promoted, even glamorized, through different
forms of media, experts, and even some so-called churches. God's people are inundated with
messages that God's way is old-fashioned or not an absolute standard. People are falling away
from the natural forms of love to an unnatural form that God will judge one day (if not today!).
God has specifically prohibited the sexual, addicted, ungodly lifestyles that trouble us on every
side. Yet, is anyone listening? It seems the answer, for the most part, is "No,"
What are God's people to do in such a world? We are called to be salt and light. We are to shine
 forth Christ, the only hope of a wicked, lost, and dying world. We are to evangelize the world,
and then teach them all things Christ commanded. We are to preach God's Word and what it
teaches about such wickedness. We are called to have compassion and remember from which
we came. We are called to love them - not the sin - but the sinner. We are called to live holy
lives as God said in His Word, "Be ye holy, for I am holy."
May the churches of the Mt. Zion Association forever uphold the word of God in truth, purity,
and example.
Respectfully Submitted,
Ebenezer Baptist Church,
Matt Gholson, Pastor

                         COMMITTEE ON COMMITTS REPORT

Local Missions Tyler Road MBC
General Missions Pleasant Hill MBC
Texas Mission development Longview Drive MBC
Texas Mission builders Enterprise MBC
Christian Education Calvary MBC
Christian Literature Kilgore MBC
Youth Work Landmark MBC
Community Outreach Victory Road
Current Legal Obstacles Sunset MBC

               Obituary Report by brethren Daniel Davis and Dale Walker

Arp MBC : William Stemhouse; Missy Gillespie; Francis Woodward
Bethel MBC: Reba Chisum.
Carthage MBC: Veltya LaGrone
Eastsise MBC: Mangverite Hudson; Vbarbara Howard
Ebenezer MBC: Betty Lou Russell
Greggton MBC: Jack Casida
Kingore MBC: Kevin Arnold
Landmark MBC: Dora Boyd; Jimmie Grubbs; Harold Timmons
Long Branch MBC: Grace Malone; Fay Giles
Longview MBC: Neita Gray; Audrey Gary; Lorraine Graham; Charles Langford
Pleasant Hill MBC: Alfred Gebhart; Lucille Thomas; Sue Fretz
Roquemore MBC:
Tyler Road MBC: Lynn McGlawn
           Treasurer Report Mt. Zion Baptist Association 2009-2010

Balance on hand as of 9/30/09                                              $3,235.45

      Minute Fund & Clerical Expenses
         Received at last session                $1,119.00
         Received during year                    260.00                      1,370.0
      History and Archives
         Received at last session                115.72                       115.72
         Received during the year                4,451.61

        Total Receipts to Account For:                                    $ 9,172.75

      Minute Fund & Clerical Expenses
         Minute Book                             256.26
         Ebenezer Web Site                       114.88
         Michael Roberts                         350.00
         Don H. Shultz                           350.00                     1,071.14

History and Archives
       History and Archives committee            115.72                       115.72

      Corinth Spanish Missions                   4,451.61                   4,451.61

Total Receipts to Account For:                                              5,638.47

Balance on hand as of 9/30/2010                                             3,585.10

                            RESOLUTION COMMITTEE REPORT
Be it resolved that the messengers of the 2010 Mt. Zion Association extend a grateful appreciation
to the members of Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church. Your graciousness and hospitality has
been tremendous and you are to be commended. And it is our privilege as representatives of the
Mount Zion Association to commend you on your new house of worship which also made this a
lovely time for the meeting. Praise God for this church and the love that they have shown us this
Pete Thompson
Michael Roberts.

                            CHURCH DIRECTORY

ARP FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH - 304 W. Front St. Arp, Tx 75750 (903) 859-3642;
PASTOR- Mike W. Rice, P.O. Box 448, Arp, TX 75750; 903-859-2258 E-mail - YOUTH MINISTER - Daniel Dawson 21333 CR. 2207 Arp, Tx 75750
(903) 859-1795 CLERK - Judy Kitchings, 409 W. Alma, Overton, TX 75684; 903-834-6625
SUNDAY SCHOOL SUPT.- Bill Kitchings, 409 W. Alma Overton, TX, 75684; SEC. - Vivian
Phinney, P.O. Box 353. Arp, TX 75750; WOMEN'S AUXILIARY PRESEDENT Judy Kitchings
409 West Alma, Overton, Texas, 75684; MEN'S BROTHERHOOD, All The King's Men, 304
West Front St. Arp TX 75760; MINISTERS IN THE CONGREGATION: David Myers 903-842-
2800; Don Sawyer 903-229-3863.
Increase: By baptism 6; By letter 4; By statement 1; By restoration 3; Total increase: 14.
Decrease: By letter 6; By exclusion 1; By death 2; By deletion 3; Total decrease 12;
Present membership 122; Estimated Active Membership 95.
Minute Fund and Clerk expense $75.00.

BETHEL MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH - P.O. Box 401, Tatum, Tx 75961, (903) 836-
4640; PASTOR- Daniel Davis (903) 694-2676; CLERK- June Dale 16639 FM 1797E, Tatum,
TX 75633, (903) 836-4711; SUNDAY SCHOOL SUPT. Joe Dale, 16639 FM 1797E. Tatum, TX
75633; SECRETARY- Tom Peveler, 9535 US Hwy 79 East, Henderson, TX 75652;
MINISTERS IN THE CONGRGATION: Roy Culley, 402 Whipporwill St. Henderson, TX75652.

Mailing Address- c/o P. Snow 1210 W. Sabine Carthage, TX 75633 PASTOR- Travis Arden
201 Village St. Henderson, TX CLERK- Peggy Snow 1210 W. Sabine Carthage, TX (903)
Glenn Kocurek, Carthage, TX 75633.

CALVARY BATIST CHURCH - 410 N. Marshall Henderson, TX 75652 (903) 657-8153 Fax
(903) 657-8064; PASTOR- Bill Kuykendall 1004 Pamela Henderson, TX 75652, E-mail CLERK- Krista Furtick 100 E. Ramblewood Henderson, TX 75652,
903-657-3624;        SUNDAY SCHOOL SUPT Frank Lane, 109 W. Collins,
Henderson,Texas,76652; SECRETARY Margie Pool 205 Baker, Henderson, TX 75652;
79E., Henderson, TX; MEN’S BROTHERHOOD PRESIDENT Jim Whatley 202 Ravenwood,
Henderson, Texas 75654; MINISTERS IN THE CONGREGATION: Steve Butler, 1202 Jones,
Henderson TX; Frank Lane, 109 W. Collins, Henderson, TX; Keith Lybrand, 1510 Peterson
Lane, Henderson, TX; Keith Gorman, Henderson, TX; Robert Wallace, 1913 Castlegate,
Henderson, TX; Frank Vaughn, 709 Elaine, Henderson, Tx; John Pino, 3386 FM 1798 W,
Laneville, TX; Donald Rivers, 10953 CR 4182 W., Henderson, TX 75654; Dwain Knight 1410
Briarwood, Henderson, TX 75654; Leland Davis, 15993 Big Oak Road, Tyler TX, 75707;
Michael Littleton, 6402 CR 343 E., Henderson, TX 75654; Dennis Humber 1200 Webb St.
Henderson, TX 75654

CARTHAGE MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH - 916 W. Sabine, Carthage, TX 75633, (903)
693-8194, Mailing Address P.O. Box 25, Carthage, TX 75633 Website,; PASTOR- Dale Reed, 916 W. Sabine, Carthage, TX 75633, (903)
693-8089, E-Mail; CLERK- Clementine Lawhorn, 1010 Tyre, Carthage,
TX 75633, (903) 693-6191; SUNDAY SCHOOL SUPT Tony Anderson, 167 PR 802, Carthage,
TX 75633; SECRETARY Kim Miller, 1727 CR 175, Gary, TX 75643; B.T.C. - Ray Brady, 1041
Forsythe, Carthage, Texas 75633; WOMEN'S AUXILIARY PRESIDENT - Joni Reed, 916 W.
Sabine, Carthage TX, 75633 SECRETARY - Julie Jacks, 260 CR 208, Carthage, TX 75633;
MEN’S BROTHERHOOD PRESIDENT - Rusty Coleman, 1623 FM 1794 West, Beckville, TX
75631; SECRETARY - Roy Waits, 606 St. Mary, Carthage, TX MINISTERS IN THE
CONGREGATION: Frank Lane, 804 Heaton, Carthage TX 75633; Ronnie Mutina, 346 FM
1790, Carthage, TX 75633; Glenn Kocurek, 301 Parker, Carthage, TX 75633;
Increase: By baptism – 18; by letter – 9; by statement – 1; Total increase – 28.
Decrease: By By letter – 1; by exclusion – 2; by death – 1; Total decrease – 4
Present membership – 255; Total active membership – 170.
Local missions - $8,746.44; State missions – $3,623.22; Interstate missions - 3,623.22;
Foreign missions –$17,205.20;             Christian education - $9,483,83; Youth encampment -
$5,848.22; Staff salaries - $42,490.00; Visiting ministers - $400.00; Media - $1,950.00;
Property and facilities - $123,656.79; Literature - $2,494.79; Minute fund and clerk hire -
$135.00; General benevolence - $4,156.00; Other - $8,726.08.
Total disbursements …..........................................................................................246,109.41.

75975, (903) 898-2499, PASTOR- Kyle Ross; CLERK- David Sparks; SUNDAY SCHOOL
SUPT Rex Stone; B.T.C. - Garland McLeroy

EASTSIDE BAPTIST CHURCH - 1996 FM 999, Gary, TX 75643, (903) 685-2347, PASTOR-
Dale Walker, 2004 FM 999, Gary, TX 75643, (903) 685-2246. CLERK- Carla Anderson, 292
CR. 1230, Gary, TX 75643,(903) 685-2621; SUNDAY SCHOOL SUPT- Sidney Burns, 3820
FM 10, Carthage, TX 75633; SECRETARY-LaRue Beatty, 1374 CR 129, Gary, TX 75643;
B.T.C DIRECTOR. - Troy Lake, 3820 FM 10, Gary, TX 75643; SECRETARY – Sherry
Woodfin, 418 CR 179, Gary, TX 75643; WOMEN’S AUXILARY PRESIDENT- Gayla Wilson,
4532 FM 10, Gary, TX 75643; SECRETARY - Barbara Wioson, P.O. Box 115, Gary,TX
75643; Total enrollment – 10; Money raised for church, missions etc. - 149.00;

MEN’S BROTHERHOOD PRESIDENT - Maxie Lake, 2433 FM 999, Gary, Texas 75643
SECRETARY – Eric Wilson. 4532 FM 10, Gary, TX 75643; Total enrollment 0 17; Money
raised for chrch, missions etc. - 2,460.00. MINISTERS IN THE CONGREGATION: P.A.
Dubose, Pastor Emeritus, 676 CR 1244, Gary, TX 75643, L.W. Humber, 1236 CR 119,
Carthage. TX 75633; Steve Haney, 205 Garden Lane, Henderson, TX 75652.
Increase: By baptism – 4; by letter – 7 ; Total increase – 11

Decrease: By By letter – 4 ; ; by death – 2; Total decrease – 6
Present membership – 282; Total active membership – 110.
Local missions - $1,989.23; State missions – $7,956.96; TMB/TMD - $240.00; Interstate
missions - $4,440.63; Foreign missions – $20,622.68; Christian education - $24,999,52;
Children's home - $2,000.00; Youth encampment - $1,200.00; Staff salaries - $30,838.44;
Other church employees – 7,962.50; Visiting ministers – 5,315,00; Property and facilities -
$138,966.74; Literature - $3,916.92; Minute fund and clerk hire - $300.00; General
benevolence - $37,853.94; Incidental expense - $34,970.00
Total disbursements ........................................................................................$323,572.56

EBENEZER BAPTIST CHURCH - 3754 FM 3310 South., Henderson, Texas 75654 (903);
657-9143, Pastor - Matt Gholson 3782 3310 South, Henderson, Texas 75654, (903) 657-
0164; CLERK – Krista LaBow, 3754 FM 3310 South, Henderson, TX 75654; SUNDAY
SCHOOL SUPT. Marvin Steveson, 3754 FM 3310 South, Henderson, Texas 75654;
WOMENS AUXILIARY PRESIDENT, Stephanie Ballow, 3754 FM 3310 South, Henderson,
Texas 75654; MEN'S BROTHERHOOD PRESIDENT - Reid Thomas, 3754 FM 3310 South,
Henderson, Texas 75654, MINISTERS IN THE CONGREGATION: Kyle Clinton, 204 Garden
Lane, Henderson, TX; Joe Griffith, 197 Stonebrook Dr. Henderson, TX 75654; Brian Clinton,
206 Evergreen, Henderson, TX 75652; Daniel Branscum, 1415 Longview Dr., Henderson, TX
75652; Reid Thomas, Route 1, Box 195, OVERTON, tx 75684.

75643, (903) 685-2350; PASTOR - Michael Taylor. 112 CR 1912; Gary, Texas 75643, (903)
685-0354; CLERK - Nancy Utzman, 169 CR 195, Gary, Texas 75643, (903) 685-2287;
SUNDAY SCHOOL SUPT., Robert Veazey, 175 CR 191 Gary, Texas 75643; SECRETARY -
Nancy Utzman, 169 CR 195, Gary, Texas 75643; ADDITIONAL MINISTERS IN THE
CONGREGATION - Moody Phillips, CR 193, Gary, TX 75643

CR 373D, Henderson, Texas 75654, (903) 898-2691; PASTOR - David Gatlin, 8460 CR
373D, Henderson, Texas 75654, (903) 898-2202, E-mail DABG56@aol.com3; CLERK -
Sarah Smith, 7051 CR 3133 E., Long Branch, Texas 75669, (903) 898-2670; SUNDAY
SCHOOL SUPT. - Charles Smith, 7051 CR 3133 E., Long Branch, Texas 75669;
SECRETARY -Marie Simmons, 8558 CR 373 D, Henderson, Texas 75654; MINISTERS IN
THE CONGREGATION - William Kyle Gatlin, 8436 CR 373 D, Henderson, Texas 75654.

Texas 75652; PASTOR - Jimmy Simmons, P.O. Box 1325, Henderson, Texas 75653, (903)
657-6545 or (903) 889-2225; CLERK - Linda Henry, 7276 CR 235 North, Henderson, Texas
75652, (903) 836-4559.

GREGGTON MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH - 4600 Tenneryville Rd., Longview, Texas
75615, (903) 759-5016, MAIL - P.O. Box 150277, Longview, Texas 75615; PASTOR – Billy
Turpin, 2686 FM 1402, Mt. Pleasant, TX 75455 903-572-6939. CLERK – Vera Brown, 1414
Judson Rd. Longvew, TX 75601 - 903-452-4414. SUNDAY SCHOOL SUPT. - Billy Stegall,
919 Pelphrey, Longview, TX 75604; SECRETARY - Vera Wallace, P.O. Box 150096,
Longview, Texas 75615; Total enrollment – 39; WOMENS AUXILIARY PRESIDENT - Dora
Ray, 701 Silver Falls Road, Longview, TX 75604; SECRETARY - Nancy Moore, Box 1018,
White Oak TX 75693; MINISTERS IN THE CONGREGATION – C. Bill Voss, P.O. Box 513,
White Oak, TX
Increase: By baptism – 2; by letter – ; Total increase – 2
Decrease: By By letter – 5; by death –1 ; By deletion – 2; Total decrease – 8
Present membership – 60.
State missions – $1,200.00; TMB/TMD - $1,200.00; Interstate missions - $1,650.00; Foreign
missions – $1,650.00; Christian education - $;1,200.00; Staff salaries - $24,996.40; Visiting
ministers – $685.23; Property and facilities - $20,492.80; Literature - $1,503.91; Minute fund
and clerk expense - $350.00; General benevolence - $2,878.00; Incidental expense -
$4,523.80; Other - $409.66.
Total disbursements …..................................................................................$ 67,609.80

75654, (903) 854-4163; Mailing address: P.O. Box 339, Price, TX PASTOR - Steve Layton,
1206 Roy, Kilgore, Texas 75662, (903) 984-5282,; CLERK - Shelesa Armstrong. 8573 CR 475
S, Henderson, Texas 75654, (903) 854-2279; SUNDAY SCHOOL SUPT. Eddie Gray, 14665
FM 782 n., Henderson, Texas; WOMEN’S AUXILIARY PRESIDENT- Rita Wallace, 7684 CR
475 S. Henderson, Texas; SECRETARY - Laura Gray, 14290 Lake Rd. Henderson, Texas.

Box 503, Judson, TX 75660; PASTOR – Ronald G. Witcher, 5946 Gilmer Highway, Longview,
TX 75604, 903-295-0705; CHURCH CLERK – Frances Mitchell, 113 Wood Creek Rd, White
Oak, TX 75693, 903-295-0265; SUNDAY SCHOOL SUPERINTENDENT – Thomas Weaver,
911 Hmby Rd, Longview, TX 75605, 903-663-1074; WOMAN'S AUXILIARY PRESIDENT –
Marsha Witcher, 5946 Gilmer Road, Longview, TX 75604, 903-295-0705.
Increase: By baptism 1; By letter 1; By statement 1; Total increase: 3.
Decrease: By deletion 4; Total decrease 4;
Present membership 42 ; Estimated Active Membership 28.
Local missions - $947.00; State missions – $1,576.00; TMB/TMD - $100.00; Interstate
Foreign missions – $1,576.00; Christian education - $1,576.00; Youth encampment -
$1,576.00; Staff salaries - $31,200.00 ; Visiting ministers – $700.00; Property and facilities -
$149,386.00; Literature - $1472.00; Minute fund and clerk expense - $50.00; General
benevolence - $610.00; Incidental expense - $9,923.00;
Total disbursements …..................................................................................$ 212,319.00
HOPEWELL MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH, 4511 FM 1970, Carthage, Texas 75633, P.
O. Box 83, Gary, TX 75643, (903) 693-5060; PASTOR - Wesley Veasley. CLERK - Kyle
Weatherford, 360 County Road 116, Carthage TX 75643, 903693,4823; SUNDAY SCHOOL
SUPT. - Steve Langford, 618 King St., Carthage, TX 75633; SECRETARY - Judy Wilkerson,
P.O. Box 83, Gary, TX 75643; B.T.C. SUPERINTENDENT - James Mason, 514 County Road
115, Carthage, TX 75633; SECRETARY - Judy Wilkerson, P.O. Box 83, Gary, TX 75643;
WOMEN’S AUXILIARY PRESIDENT - Melinda Leinard, 104 West Sabine St., Carthage, TX
75633; SECRETARY - Monica Mason, 514 County Road 115, Carthage, TX 75633;
193, Gary, TX 75643.; Joe Innerarity, 1784 County Road 164, Carthage, TX 75633; Jody
Windham, 4426 FM 10, Gary, TX 75643.
Increase: By baptism 6; By letter 7; Total increase: 13.
Decrease: By letter 3; Total decrease 3;
State missions – $1,876.00; Interstate missions - $8,721.36; Foreign missions – $6190.26;
Christian education - $3,352.20;                  Youth encampment - $3,098.06; Staff salaries -
$44,550.00; Other church employees – $6,000.00 ; Visiting ministers – $1,625.00; Media -
$2,197.00; Property and facilities - $;20,155.86; Literature - $3,168.22; Minute fund and
clerk expenses - $ 50.00; General benevolence - $6,817,44; Incidental expense -
$2,821.76; Other - $1,461.73.
Total disbursements ….......................................................................................$112,084.89

KILGORE MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH - 223 Harris Ave. Kilgore, Texas 75662, (903)
984-6023, MAIL- P.O. Box 2011, Kilgore, Texas 75663; PASTOR - Mike Gribble, 3412 Pine
Crest., Kilgore, Texas 75662, (903) 984-4842;; CLERK Becky Gabriel, 211 Flenniken,
Gladewater, Texas75647 (903) 984-4942; SUNDAY SCHOOL SUPT. - David Higginbotham,
3298 Hwy. 31 W. Kilgore, Texas; WOMEN’S AUXILIARY PRESIDENT - Peggy Vandiver,
12719 SH 149, Longview, Texas 75603; MEN’S BROTHERHOOD SECRETARY, Charles
Thompson, 896 CR 236 E., Henderson, Texas75652; MINISTERS IN THE CONGREGATION
- Bradley Reed, 100 Anniversary Dr., Longview, Texas 75604, 903-259-9363.
Increase: By baptism 1; By letter 9; Total increase: 10.
Decrease: By letter 9; By death 1 ; By deletion 1; Total decrease 11
Estimated Active Membership 75.
Local missions - $2,085.00; State missions – $600.00; TMB/TMD - $1,200.00; Interstate
missions and foreign missions - $6,000.00; Christian education - $2,475.00; General
benevolence - $750.00; Youth encampment - $600.00; Children's home - $600.00; Minute
fund and clerk exprenses - $50.00.
Total disbursements ….............................................................................$ 137,877.21

LANDMARK MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH - 102 W. Gregg, Mt. Enterprise, Texas
75681; PASTOR - Dean Grisby; CLERK - Lavelle Matlock, 23033 CR 3197 S. Mt. Enterprise,
Texas 75681, (903) 822-3355; SUNDAY SCHOOL SUPT Paul Moore, 625 US Hwy 84 E., Mt.
Enterprise, Texas 75681; B.T.C DIRECTOR. - Matt Moore, P.O. Box 191, Mt. Enterprise,
Texas 75681; MEN’S BROTHERHOOD PRESIDENT, Dale Flournoy, P.O. Box 128, Timpson,
TX 75975. Total enrollment 25. MINISTERS IN THE CONGREGATION - Darrell Owens, 388
CR 3201 West, Mt. Enterprise, TX 75681; Ryan Carlisle, P.O. Box 14, Mt. Enterprise, TX
75681; Cory Page, 1105 North Marshall Street, Henderson, TX 75652 903-649-4656.
Increase: By baptism 7; By letter 15; By statement 2; Total increase 24
Decrease: By letter 23; By exclusion 3; By death 3 ; By deletion 15; Total decrease 44
Present membership ...............................................229
Total Missions – 76,589.00; Staff salaries - $128,538,00; Other church employees –
20,125.00; Visiting ministers – $3,599.00; Media - $500.00; Property and facilities –
$199,091.00; Literature - $7,591.00; Minute fund and clerk expense $60.00; General
benevolence - $18,080.00; Incidental expense - $11,301.00; Other - $19,115,00.
Total disbursements ….......................................................................$484,589.00.

Liberty Chapel Baptist Church - 1766 US HWY 79 N., Carthage, TX 75633; PASTOR -
Ronnie Mutina, 346 FM 1970, Carthage, TX 75633, 903-690-0660 CLERK - Lynn Kirkland,
6251 US HWY 79 N., DeBerry, TX 75639, 903,754,2062; SUNDAY SCHOOL
SUPERINTENDENT - John Kirkland. 6277 US HWY 79 North, DeBerry, TX 75639; Clerk –
Kim Holcomb, 158 CR Carthage, TX 75639.
Present church membership – 43.

75669, MAIL- 936 W. Garrison, Carthage, Texas 75633; PASTOR - Ray O. Brooks, 1706
Longview Dr., Henderson, Texas 75654, (903) 657-4265; ASSOCIATE PASTOR - Don H.
Shultz, 1200 Hill St., Henderson, TX 75654, 903-657-0209,;
CLERK - Joy Cariker, 936 W. Garrison, Carthage, Texas 75633, (903) 693-9123; SUNDAY
SCHOOL SUPT - Allen Cariker, 122 Easy St. Carthage, Texas 75633; SECRETARY - Bobbie
Cariker, 122 Easy St., Carthage, Texas 75633; B.T.C. Earl Whittington 3274 CR 301 South.
Henderson, Texas 75654; SECRETARY - Donna Cariker, 204 Courtland Cir., Carthage, Texas
Increase: By letter 5; By statement 1; Total increase: 6.
Decrease: By death 2; Total decrease 2; Present membership 68 ;
Estimated Active Membership 20.
Local missions - $466.50; State missions – $,1,275.00; TMB/TMD - $300.00; Interstate
missions - $15,577.46; Foreign missions – $8,513.25;; Christian education - $4,881.25;
Staff salaries - $28,100.00; Visiting ministers – 2,534.00; Property and facilities - $7,795.32;
Literature - $685.12; Minute fund and clerk expenses $300.00; General benevolence -
$5,555.85; Incidental expense - $1,359.00.
Total disbursements ….....................................................................................$79,832.35

LONGVIEW MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH - 800 E. Loop 281, Longview, Texas 75605;
PASTOR: Nathan Rogers. 800 East Loop 281, Longview, TX 75605, 903-753-3768;

CLERK- Julie Smith, 271 Lansing Ln., Longview, TX 75605; 903-553-0121; MINISTERS IN
THE CONGREGATION, Tony Harp, Associate Pastor, 1310 Regina, Longview, Texas 75605,
(903) 759-6735; Jimmy Jones, Assoc. Pastor/Minister of Music, 3101 Carrie Dr., Longview,
Texas 75605, (903) 753-3291; Jodie Vesley.

75652; Pastor Lawrence Thompson; Clerk - Linda Sledge, 4943 CR 363 S., Henderson, TX

PASTOR- Leroy Smith, P.O. Box 287, Huntington, Texas 75949 (903) 876-2582; CLERK-
Robbin Moore, P.O. Box 552, Mt. Enterprise, Texas 75681, (903) 822-4099; SUNDAY
SCHOOL SUPT - William M. (Shorty) Harris, 1479 FM 955, Mt. Enteprise, TX 75681;
SECRETARY- Barbara Harris, 1479 FM 955 Mt. Enterprise, Texas.

MARSHALL MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH - 300 Medill St., Marshall, Texas 75670,(903)
938-7879; PASTOR- None at present - CLERK Joyce Garrison, 402 Bays Rd., Marshall,
Texas 75672, (903) 938-3588; SUNDAY SCHOOL SUP. - Casey Howell, 1700 Myrtlewood,
Marshall, Texas; MUSIC DIRECTOR - Keri Holder, 1705 Myrtlewood, Marshall, TX 75672;
YOUTH DIRECTOR - Casey Howell, Marshall, TX, 903-926-2685.

OVERTON MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH - 111 W. North St., Overton, Texas 75684,
(903) 834-3224, Fax (903) 834-3589, MAIL - P.O. Box 262 Overton, Texas 75684; PASTOR
Ryan Estridge; CLERK- Cheryl Harman, P.O. Box 263 Overton, Texas 75684, (903) 895-
2481; SUNDAY SCHOOL SUPT. - Gary Garsee, 207 Henderson, Overton, Texas 75684;
MINISTERS IN THE CONGREGATION - Tom Beene, 22429 CR 2290, Arp, Texas 75750.

PARKWAY MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH - 1600 Blueridge Pkwy, Longview, Texas
75605, (903) 759-0145; PASTOR - Robert Phillips, 1006 Donald Dr., Lonhview, TX 75604,
903-295-0878; CLERK\ - Debbie Miller, 2503 Aspen, Longview, TX 75605, 903-759-8446.

75684, (903) 657-3046; PASTOR- Peter Thompson, 6876 HWY 323 W., Overton, Texas
75684, (903) 646-4799; CLERK- Cloe York, 3278 CR 100 N., Overton, Texas 75684, (903)
657-3661; SUNDAY SCHOOL SUPT., William L. Hughes, 1007 Kilgore Dr., Henderson,
Texas 75652 903-5657-9218; SECRETARY - Vernon Jones, 4046 CR. 102 W., Overton,
Texas 75684; B.T.C. SUPERINTENDENT - William L. Hughes, 1007 Kilgore Dr. Henderson,
Texas 75652; WOMENS AUXLIARY PRESIDENT, Lona Thronton, 11446 FM 838 W. Overton,
TX 75684, 903-895-4384.
Increase: By baptism 5; By letter 7; Total increase: 12
Decrease: By letter 2; By death 3; By deletion 2;Total decrease: 7
Present membership 111; Estimated Active Membership 40

Local missions - $856.80; State missions – $1,760.00; TMB/TMD - $770.00; Interstate
missions - $1,320.00; Foreign missions – $2855.00;                               Christian education - $2090.00;
Children's home - $660.00; Youth encampment - $;715.00 Staff salaries - $33,188.00; Other
church employees – $4,894.55; Visiting ministers –$800.00; Media - $250.00; Property and
facilities - $750.00; Literature - $1,121.19; Minute fund and clerk expense - $270.00;
General benevolence - $; 425.00;
Total disbursements …........................................................................................$ 53,725.54

75652; PASTOR – Steve Owen 1190 CR 342 S. Henderson, Texas 75654, (903) 889-3368;
Clerk - Gail Howeth, 5987 HWY 79 E., Henderson, TX 75652. 903-889-2393. SUNDAY
SCHOOL SUPT. Donald Reynolds, 2810 CR 342 S. Henderson, Texas, 75654, 903-889-
Present membership - 30
Local missions, State missions, TMB/TMD, Interstate, Foreign missions – $17,211.53;
Christian education - $328.37; Youth encampment - $1,440.19; Staff salaries - $ 29,275,00;
Visiting ministers – $150.00; Property and facilities - $8.073.00; Literature - $1,816.18;
Minute fund and clerk expense - $200.00; General benevolence - $902.75; Incidental
expense - $4,883.56; Other - $3,2605.59.
Total disbursements ….................................................................................$ 67,541.17

SMYRNA MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH - at Oak Flat, Texas, P.O. Box 671, Mt.
Enterprise, Texas 75681; PASTOR- Joe Brooks, 190 CR 1427, Jacksonville, Texas 75766,
(903) 586-6713; CLERK- Robert Gholson. 3190 FM 1798 W., Laneville, Texas 75667, (903)
863-2206; SUNDAY SCHOOL SUPT Robert Gholson, 3190 FM 1798 W., Laneville, Texas
75667; SECRETARY- Gladys Blanton, 3493 FM 2496 W., Mt. Enterprise, Texas 75681; B.T.C.
Odis Chapman, 1369 CR 490 W., Mt. Enterprise, Texas 75681; SECRETARY- Lyndall
Milstead, 2773 FM 2496 W. Mt. Enterprise TX 75681; MINISTERS IN THE CONGREGATION
- Gene Hoover, 943 CR 3168 West, Mt. Enterprise, Texas 75681.

Texas 75681, (903) 863-559 PASTOR – Marty Grounds; CLERK - Susan Wilson, 20040 CR
3227, Cushing, Texas 75760, (903) 863-2411; SUNDAY SCHOOL SUPT., Jim Reese, P.O.
Box 310, Mt. Enterprise, Texas 75681, B.T.C. - Mack Duncan, 13851 CR 4175 S. Laneville,
Texas 75667; WOMENS AUXILARY PRESIDENT - Dean Duncan, 13851 CR 4175 S.,
Laneville, Texas 75667; SECRETARY- Susan Wilson, 20040 CR 3227, Cushing, Texas

SUNSET MISSIONARY BAPTIST CURCH - 700 Indian Springs Rd., Marshall, Texas 75672,
(903) 938-2205, MAIL- P.O. Box 953, Marshall, Texas 75672, PASTOR- Michael Roberts,
205 Lynoak. Marshall, Texas 75672, (903) 938-5815, E-Mail ; CLERK-
Amy Patterson, P.O. Box 234, Scottsville, TX 75688, 903-935-6985; SUNDAY SCHOOL
SUPT., Rodney Glawson, 203 Lynoak, Marshall, TX;

TRINITY MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH - P.O. Box 321, Carthage, Texas, 75633, (903)
693-5127; PASTOR - Charles French, P.O. Box 321, Carthage, Texas 75633; CLERK- Jan
Cox, 1211 FM 10, Carthage, TX 75663.

75652, P.O. Box 1262, Henderson, Texas 75653, (903) 657-8155; PASTOR- Robert Brock,
122 S. Estates Cir. Henderson, Texas 75652, (903) 836-4636; 903-657-6543; E-mail; CLERK- Cynthia Stanley, 3852 CR 124 North, Overton, TX, 75684;
122 S. Estates Cir., Henderson, Texas 75652; MINISTERS IN THE CONGREGATION - Jim
Riehl, 212 Wylie, Henderson, Texas; Steve Willis.
Increase: By baptism 2; By letter 1; By statement ; By restoration 1 ; Total increase: 4 .
Decrease: By exclusion 1; Total decrease 1 ;
Estimated Active Membership 35 .
Local missions – 2,070.24$; State missions – $2,142.13; TMB/TMD - $90.00; Interstate
missions - $1,059.09; Youth encampment - $154.00; Staff salaries - $27,872.51; Visiting
ministers – $1,350.00; Property and facilities - $4,930.00; Literature - $445.00; General
benevolence - $100.00; Incidental expense - $609.00; Other – 201.71
Total disbursements …...........................................................$ 40,934.57

UNITY MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH - 1421 N. 10TH St., Longview, Texas 75601, (903)
758-6881; PASTOR- Ray Williams, 418 Hillmont Ave., Longview, Texas 75601, (903) 753-
1850; CLERK - Lea Ann Pointer, P.O. Box 548, Judson, TX 75660, 903-663-2793; SUNDAY
SCHOOL SUPT. Bill Hill, 203 Shamrock Dr. Longview, TX 75604; SECRETARY- Brenda Hill,
203 Shamrock Dr., Longview, TX 75604; B.T.C. - Bill Hill, 203 Shamrock, Longview, TX
75604; SECRETARY- Brenda Hill; MEN'S BROTHERHOOD PRESIDENT - Bobby Pointer;
SECRETARY - Ryan Carlisle, 21966 FM 449, Longview, TX 75605; MINISTERS IN
CONGREGATION - Ryan Carlisle, 21966 FM 449, Longview, TX 75605

75663, (903) 986-8362, MAIL- P.O. Box 978, Kilgore, Texas 75662, 903-986-8362; PASTOR
Johnny Williams, 167 Kingsman Cirtcle, Gladewater, TX 75647, 903-983-1542. E-mail; CLERK- Wayne Kellebrew, 149 Pine #4, Kilgore, TX 75662,
903-932-1913; SUNDAY SCHOOL SUPT. Jerome Denmon, 109 Oak St., Kilgore, TX 903-
984-7509; WOMENS AUXILIARY PRESIDENT, Jennifer Wright, 103 Birdsong, Kilgore, TX
75662, 903-522-0217; MINISTERS IN THE CONGREGATION - Brad Clark, 1397 FM 1252
E., Kilgore, Texas; Frank Hummel, 156 N. Fritz Swanson Rd., Kilgore, Texas; Larry
Robertson, 339 Ann St., Kilgore, Texas.
ZION HILL MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH - 3558 CR 368 E., Henderson, Texas 75654,
(903) 898-2445, MAIL - P.O. Box 58, Minden, Texas 75680; PASTOR - Randy Penney, 10754
CR 366E.,Henderson, TX 75654 903-889-3350; CLERK - Charla Zangarine, 3174 CR 447D,
Henderson, Texas 75654, (903) 854-4945; SUNDAY SCHOOL SUPT - Randy Griffith, 10506
FM 1662 W., Laneville, TX 75667; BAPTIST TRAINING COURSE - Paula Wigand, 672 CR
3206 W., Mt. Enterprise, TX 75681.


                                            Annual        NO. Churches
Year - Church Moderator     Clerk                                      Mentioned in
                                            Sermon        Rep.
1857 - Mt.
               J.H. Rowland N. Conner       R.H. Rowland 19
1858 - New
               J.H. Rowland B.F. Stamps     N. Conner     19
1859 - Mt.
               GW. Rodgers P.G. Whetson J.H. Rowland 18
(No Minutes    Available,   1860-1865           (Civil War Years)
1866 - Mt.                                  J.H.
               TL Scruggs   A.B. Collins                   17         New Prospect
Zion                                        Whitmore
1867 - Holly  G.W.                          Jolm
                            A.B. Collins                   15
Springs       Rodgers                       Sparkman
1868 -        G. W.                         R.M.
                            W.H. Cooper                    16         Zion Hill
Beulah        Rodgers                       Humphrey
] 869 - New   G. W.         RM.             Thomas
Salem         Rodgers       Humphrey        Britain
              W.M.                          Johm
]870 - Shiloh               S.M. Graybill                  18
              Sparkman                      Sparkman
1871 - Union                W.H. H. Hays GW. Rodgers 21
1872 - Six    John
                            W.H. H. Hays J.S. Milstead 25             Pleasant Hill
Mi]e          Sparkman
1873 - New                                  Johm
              Jolm          W.H.H. Hays                               Smyrna
Prospect                                    Sparkman
1874 -        John
                            W.H. H. Heys                  3]          Mt. Hebron
Carthage      Spark man
1875 - Pine John
                            W.R Maxwell Jolm              35          Pine Springs
Hill          Sparkman
1876 - Buena John           W.R.                                      Mt. Bethel,
                                            J.S. Milstead 43
Vista         Sparkman      Maxwell                                   Hopewell
1877 -        John                          G.W.
                            W.H.H. Hays                   38          Friendship
Harmony       Sparkman                      Rodgers


1878 - Bethel                 W.H.H. Hays W.H.H. Hays 46
1879 -          John          Ben F.      W.R.
Concord         Sparkman      Birdwell    Maxwell
1880 - Mt.      John          Ben F.      John
Olivet          Sparkman      Birdwell    Sparkman
1881 - Cool     John          Ben F.
                                          EW.H. Parker 46
Springs         Sparkman      Birdwell
1882 - Union W.H.H. Hays                  1.C. Jones     37
1883 - New                    M.G.
                W.H.H. Hays               A.H. Owens     37
Prospect                      Williams
1884 -                        M.G.                            County Line
                W.H.H. Hays               A.H. Owens     46
Carthage                      Williams                        & Ebenezer
1885 - Union W.H.H. Hays                  M.L. Hines     47   Gum Springs
1886 -                        M.G.        IF.
                W.H.H. Hays                              44
Henderson                     Williams    McLendon
1887 - Bethel W.H.H. Hays                 J.M. Carroll   47
1888 -                        M.G.
                W.H.H. Hays               J.H. McLeroy ?
Antioch                       Williams
1889 - Shiloh W.H.H. Hays                 J.M. Gaddy     42
1890 -          J.F.          M.G.                            Sulphur
                                          J.C. lones     44
Pleasant Hill   McLendon      Williams                        Springs
1891 - Cool     J.F.          M.G.
                                          J..M. Mizzell 39
Springs         McLendon      Williams


                                              Annual        NO. Churches
Year - Church Moderator         Clerk                                    Mentioned in
                                              Sermon        Rep.
1892 - Mt                       M.G.
                J.F. Mclendon                 W.C. Luther   37
Pleasant                        Williams
1893 - Shady
                J.F. Mclendon S.S. Adams      J.H. Mcleroy 41
1894 -
                J.F. Mclendon Lon A Smith J.C. Gentry       44
1895 -
                J.F. Mclendon Lon A Smith W.H. Hendrix 43
1896 -
                J.F. Mclendon Lon A Smith J.H. Mcleroy 46
1897 -
                J.F. Mclendon Lon A Smith R.M. Wilson 42
1898 -                                     J.R.
                J.F. Mclendon Lon A. Smith              38
Macedonia                                  Carmichael
1899 - Shiloh   J.F. Mclendon Lon A. Smith J.H. Mcleroy 39
1900 -
                J.F. Mclendon Lon A. Smith H.E. Harris      32
Pleasant Hill
1901 -
                J.F. Mclendon S.T. Allison    J.A. Long     38
1902 - Bethel J.F. Mclendon                   J.J. Burks    25
                            R. T.
1903 - Shiloh J.F. Mclendon                   W.J. Spivey   35
1904 - Mt                                     R.T.
              J.F. Mclendon E.E. Jones                      30
Enon                                          Hollennan
1905 -                                                                  Brooks
              J.F. Mclendon E.E. Jones        M.L. Vaughn 26
Carthage                                                                Chapel
1906 -
              J.F. Mclendon E.E. Jones        J.J. Burks    19          Murvaul


                                                  NO.        First
Year -                                  Annual
             Moderator Clerk                      Churches   Mentioned
Church                                  Sermon
                                                  Rep.       in Min.
1907 -       J.F.                 M.L.
                      G.W. Cook              24
Concord      Mclendon             Vaughn
1908 - Mt.   J.F.
                      J.H. Waller H.M. Allen 23
Hope         McLendon
1909 -
             J.F.                 G.H.
County                J.H. Waller                 31         Providence
             McLendon             Hiness
1910 -
             J.F.                E.S.
Brooks                J.H Waller                  34
             Mclendon            McLeroy
1911 - Mt.   J.F.
                          J.H Waller E.E. 10nes 29
Bethel       McLendon
1912 -       J.F.
                          J.H Waller J.R. Welch 33
Laneville    McLendon
1913 -       J.F.
                          J.H. Waller HM. Allen 30
Friendship   Mclendon
1914 -       J.F.
                          J.H. Waller ?           28         Enterprise
Antioch      McLendon
1915 -       J.F.
                          J.H. Waller E.E. Jones 39
Bethel       Mclendon
1916 -       J.F.
                          J.H. Waller E.E. Jones 39
Cushing      McLendon
1917 -       J.F.
                          J.H. Waller J.H. Waller 39
Garrison     McLendon
1918-(No     Minutes      Available)
1919-Guy                  Available)
1920 .                    W.W.          I.H.
             A.T. Sharp                           31
Concord                   Keeling       McLeroy


                                             Annual        NO. Churches
Year - Church Moderator       Clerk                                     Mentioned in
                                             Sermon        Rep.
1921 -                        W.W.
               A.T. Sharp                    H.M. Allen    30
Smyrna                        Keeling
1922 -
Sulphur        A. T. Sharp                   1.H. Waller   30          Landmark
1923 -                        W.W.
               A. T. Sharp                   W.H. Pony     30
Liberty                       Keeling
1924 -
               A.T. Sharp     J.R. Welch     lohn Pate     29
1925 -
               J.H. Waller    J.R. Welch     T.N. Fore     29
1926 -
               (No Minutes Minutes           Available)
1927 - Zion
               J..H. Waller   J.R. Welch     ?             31
1928 -
               L.M Sauls      J.R. Welch     Edgar Parker 31
1929 - Gaty    L.M Sauls      J.R Welch      E.T. Howard 29
1930. Mt.
               E.T. Howard J..R Welch
1931 . Maple
               (No            Minutes        Available)
1932 -
               L.M Sauls      J.R Welch      W.C. Koonce 27
1933 -
               L.M. Sauls     J.R Welch      H.M. Dry      27
1934 -
               L.M Sauls      J.R. Welch     RR Scruggs    29
1935 -
               L.M Sauls      J..R. Welch    A.L. Mesdo    28

                                                           NO.         First
Year. Church Moderator     Cleric                          Churches    Mentioned in
                                                           Rep.        Min.
1936 –                                       destroyed
                (Minutes   accidentally                    printing)
Bethel                                       before
Sulphur         L.M. Sauls l.R Welch                    30
1938 -                                       W.G.
                L.M. Sauls J.R Welch                       32
Pleasant Hill                                Griffith
1939-         W.G.                           RE.
                           V.S. Lyles                      38
Glenfawn      Griffith                       Rodgers
1940 -        W.G.
                           V.S. Lyles        Clint Acker 40
Friendship    Griffith
1941 -        W.G.
                           V.S. Lyles        H.L. Groom 39
Landmark      Griffith
1942 -        RE.
                           V.S. Lyles        L.L. Pruitt   35
Isabel Chapel Rodgers
 1943 -       R.E.                           W.A.
                           V.S. Lyles                      33
Smyrna        Rodgers                        Simmons
 1944- Gary                V.S. Lyles        O.F. Reed     31
 1945 -       RE.
                           V.S. Lyles        J.R. Welch 31
Lanevi1le Rodgers
 1946 –
              H.L. Groom   V.S. Lyles        H.L. Groom 37             Calvary
 1947 -                                      W.B.
              H.L. Groom   V.S. Lyles                      36          Longview
Beckville                                    Carraway
 1948 -       G.D.                           C.H.
                           V.S. Lyles                      38
Pleasant Hill Walters                        McBride
 1949-        G.D.                           RE.
                           T.R Allen                       35          Kilgore .
Ebenezer      Walters                        Rodgers
 1950 -
              McBryde      V.S. Lyles        A.B. Croy     24

                                          NO.      First
Year -                          Annual
           Moderator Clerk                Churches Mentioned
Church                          Sermon
                                          Rep.     in Min.
1951 -
           M.H.                 A.J.
Brooks               V.S. Lyles           24       Carthage
           McBride              Kirkland
1952 -     C.H.                 O. W.
                     A.W. Smith           25       Marshall
Landmark   McBryde              Leisinger
1953 -          G.B.            R.O.          G.B.
Carthage        Crawford        Brooks        Crawford
1954 -                                                          Gregston.
                G.B.                      A. T.
Sulphur                         R.OBrooks                  27   Grandview,
                Crawford                  Powers
1955 -          WA
                                R.O. Brooks J.B. Powers 29
Murvaul         Simmons
1956 - Zion     W.A.                          W. Herbert
                                R.O. Brooks                20   Overton
Hill            Sinunons                      Brown
1957 .          L. Chester                    Franklin          Unity,
                                R.O. Brooks                28
Pleasant Hill   Guinn                         Shepherd          Eastside
1958 - Mt.      L. Chester                    James A.
                                R.O Brooks                 30
Hebron          Guinn                         Kirkland
1959 - Mt.      W. Herbert                    George B.
                                R.O. Brooks                29
Bethel          Brown                         Crawford
1960 -          W. Herbert                    Frank L.
                                R.O. Brooks                31   White Oak
Eastside        Brown                         Sununers
1961 - White                                  L. Chester
                Glenn Perry R.O. Brooks                    30
Oak                                           Guinn
1962 -                                        George B.
                Glenn Perry R.O. Brooks                    29
Pleasant Hill                                 Crawford
1963 .                        R.O.            W. W.
                J.W. Griffith                              29
Ebenezer                      Brooks          Robinson
1964 -                        Ray O.          Dwayne
                J.W. Griffith                              29
Carthage                      Brooks          Furlow
1965 -          J.R.          Ray O.
                                              Jim Adams 31
Brooks Ch       Alexander Brooks


                                                            NO.        First
Year. Church Moderator      Cleric                          Churches   Mentioned in
                                                            Rep.       Min.
 1966 -
                J.R Alexander R.O. Brooks RO. Brooks        31
 1967 - Maple                                  James A
                AW. Smith   R.O. Brooks                     31
Grove                                          Kirkland
 1968 - Zion
                H.E. Rhodes R.O. Brooks B.A Grmt            32
 1969 -                                        Calvin
                H.E. Rhodes R.O. Brooks                     32
LandmarIc                                      Hancock
 1970 - New     IIDI H.
                            R.O. Brooks Harold Davis 31
Prospect        Adams
 1971 - White   IIDI H.
                            R.O. Brooks Bill Voss           31
Oak             Adams
 1972 -         G.B.
                            P.A DuBose         Joim Dyer    32
Carthage        Crawford
 1973 -         G.B.
                            P.A DuBose         P.A DuBose   33
Manball         Crawford
 1974 - Mt.
                Harold Davis P.A DuBose        Harold Davis 32
 1975 -                                        George B.
                Harold Davis P.A DuBose                     33         Hickey
Eastside                                       Crawford
 1976 -                                        Caron W.
                W.H. Hilt   P.A DuBose                      32
Hopewell                                       Jones
 1977 -
                W.H. Hilt   P.A DuBose         Gary Roberts 31
Pleasant Hill
 1978 -         G.B.                           Luther
                            Davin Ward                      31         Parkway
Kilgore         Crawford                       Crawford
 1979 -         G.B.        Ronald             Charles
Smyrna          Crawford    Wrtcher            French
 1980 -         Paul        Ronald             Earl
Overton         Patterson   Witcher            Reynolds


                                                           NO.        First
Year - Church Moderator       Clerk                        Churches   Mentioned in
                                                           Rep.       Min.
1981 -          Paul
                              P.A. DuBose J.W. Griffith 32
Calvary         Patterson
1982 - Zion                                   Jack
                J.A Kirkland PA DuBose                     33         Faith
Hill                                          Strickland
1983 - White
                JA Kirkland   Joe Griffith    Darrel Owens 33         Longview
1984 -                                     Darrel
                Roy Culley    Joe Griffith                 34         Fellowship
Kilgore                                    Owens
1985 -                                     Paul
                Roy Culley    Bruce Bailey                 34
Landmark                                   Patterson
1986 -          Frank
                              Bruce Bailey Ray Eastridge 35           Trinity
Landmark        Summers
1987 -          Frank
                              Bruce Bailey J.R. Taylor     33
Roquemore       Summers
1988 -                                        A.D.
                Robert Brock Bobby Neal                    33
Overton                                       Munsinger
1989 -
                Robert Brock Bohby Neal       Ray Williams 31
1990 - Zion                                 Jack
                Jim Taylor    Ray Eastridge            30
Hill                                        Simmons
1991 - Bethel   Jim Taylor    Ray Eastridge Ronnie Ham 32
1992 -
                O.H. Griffith Ray Eastridge Roy Culley     31
1993 -                                        Raymond
                O.H. Griffith Ray Eastridge                33
Landmark                                      Alexander
1994 -          Jack
                              David Proctor Don Shultz     30
Hopewell        Simmons
1995 - Zion     Jack                          Calvin
                              David Proctor                30
Hill            Simmons                       Hancock


                                                               NO.        First
Year - Church Moderator       Clerk                            Churches   Mentioned
                                                               Rep.       in Min,
1996 -                                                                    Arp First
               Ray Williams David Proctor Kyle Foster          31
Longview                                                                  Baptist
1997 - Tyler                                     Don
               Ray Williams David Proctor                      32
Road                                             McPherson
1998 -         Charles
                              David Proctor David Proctor 31
Overton        French
1999 - Zion    Charles
                              David Proctor Mike Rice          28
Hill           French
2000 - Arp
               Bill Voss      David Proctor Joe Brooks         30
First Bapt.
2001 -
               Bill Voss      David Proctor John Moony 29                 Victory Road
2002 -         Don H.                            Aaron
                              Mark Shultz                      35
Landmark       Shultz                            Fortenberry
2003 -
               Don H.         Wesley             Matt.
Longview                                                       30
               Shultz         Veazey             Gholson
2004 -                      Wesley               O.H. Griffith
               Darrel Owens                                    29
Smyrna                      Veazey               (tape)
2005 –                      Wesley               Ray O
               Darrel Owens                                    34
Roquemore                   Veazey               Brooks
2006 –
               David Proctor Kyle Ross           Dale Reed     35
2007 –
               David Proctor Kyle Ross           Dale Reed     35
2008 –
               Matt Gholson Don H Shultz Darrel Owens 35
2009 – Sunset Matt Gholson Don H Shultz Dale Walker 34
2010 –                                           Pete
               Dale Reed      Don H Shultz                     36
Hopewell                                         Thompson


The ______________________church worshiping at__________________Texas, to the messengers of
the churches composing the Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Association when convened
at____________________________________________________sends greeting in the Christ's name.
Dear Brethren, we send as messengers to sit with you in your deliberation and counsel the following:
Physical Address                                 City, State              ____________ Zip
Mailing Address                                      City, State            ____________Zip
Pastor's name                                                      _________ Phone           _
Pastor's Address_______________________________________________Phone________________
                                         Church Clerk
Church clerk's name_________________________________________________Phone__________
Church Clerk's Address____________________________________________________________
                                        Sunday School
Superintendent's Name___________________________________________Phone_______________
Superintendent's address_______________________________________________________________
                                  Baptist Training Course
BTC Superintendent's name_________________________________________Phone______________
BTC Superintendent 's address__________________________________________________________
                                      Women's Auxiliary
Women Auxiliary President________________________________________Phone_______________
President's address___________________________________________________________________
                                     Men's Brotherhood
Men's Brotherhood President______________________________________ Phone_______________
President's Address___________________________________________________________________
Additional preachers in congregation

Done by the order by the church in business meeting_____________________

Last Year - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
       Increase This Year:                                                      Decrease This Year:
       By Baptism                                                               By Letter
          By letter                                                         By Exclusion
           By Statement                                                     By Death
           By Restoration                                                   By Deletion
           Total Increase                                                   Total Decrease
Present Membership - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Estimated Active Membership - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Financial Disbursed To:
     Local Missions                        $                     .

      State Missions                       $                     .

      TMD                                  $                     .

      Interstate Missions                  $                     .

       Foreign Missions                    $                     .

      Christian Education                  $                     .

      Children's Home                      $                     .

      Youth Encampment                     $                     .

      History and Archives                 $                     .

      Staff Salaries (Pastor, Music, Youth, Education)                      $                  .

      Other Church Employees                                                $                  .

      Visiting Minister                                                     $              .

      Media (Radio Television, Newspaper)                                   $                  .

       Property & Facilities (Construction, Insurance)                      $                  .

      Literature                                                            $                  .

      Minute Fund and Clerk Expense                                         $                  .

      General Benevolence                                                   $                      .

      Incidental Expenses                                                   $                      .

      Other (Cleaning, Kitchen, Supplies, Postage etc.)                     $                      .

     Total Disbursements                                                    $                          .

Church Growth (Please briefly describe any plans, ideas, or effective methods of encouraging church growth on back.

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