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 ThoughTs & Ponderings

The Theme For The Coming Year
Barbara Williams

       t is not a news flash that we are living through some very       what makes me happy. Showing up for myself and living in a way
       exciting, dismantling and reconstructive times. We all are       that includes those I love and care for, without living to be what
       being forced to look at where we put our attention and how       I think — they think — I should be. Living without the need of
       we spend our money, what we value and where we put our           anyone else’s approval, only doing what brings me happiness.
energy. Do we live out of fear of not having enough or have we          What a concept.
lived in the hope that we are doing what we love and the money
will follow? No matter what the answer, it all seems to be up for          I have become aware of the fact that one of the things that
re-examination. What now?                                               stood in the way of my life being richer is my fear of receiving.
                                                                        I’ve been inflicted with the “I can do it all myself syndrome.” So,
   For many years now, I have done an end of the year evaluation        just a few weeks back I had an opportunity to practice openly
ritual. Looking back at what the year has brought me, where I’ve        receiving. I was going on a trip and I said to myself, “I’m going
gained awareness, what I’ve let go of and what I want to pull in        to ask for help this trip and not attempt to lift my bag up into the
for the next year. What is the theme I want to start the New Year       overhead storage.” It was an amazing experience. Each flight, I’d
off with?                                                               get on the plane and find my seat, then place my under-the-seat-
                                                                        bag down and start looking for space in the overhead. It was my
  As I sat down to begin to write this year, I realized that I had no   intention, to find the space and then ask for help. It didn’t go like
desire to judge my life. I realized that past year reviews have been    that, each flight, as I would start to look for space, a man would
much like Report Cards, “Barbara is trying harder but needs to          stand up and say, “Can I help you?” I’d say “yes” and sit down
learn to share more with the other kids on the playground.” I saw       full of gratitude. On one flight, the same routine, only this time a
that I had made some big changes this year and judging myself           man stood up to offer help before I started to look to see where my
no longer held much appeal.                                             bag would fit. He offered his help and then we made eye contact
  I give credit for the changes I’m experiencing to the work I’ve       and I said, “Thank you very much”. He looked back at me and
been doing with Allan Hardman at Joydancer.com. I’ve been in his        said, “No; thank you” and I really got it.
Toltec Apprentice Program for the last couple of years. Through           I can see how learning to be a good receiver is the balance of
the work I have done with him, I have learned to look at my life        being a good giver. I have done it in the opposite for far too long:
through a new viewer and I’m getting much clearer that the life         trying really hard to give, in hopes that I’d receive back. And I see
I am creating is coming out of how I dream it to be. Up to this         how it is a river of energy that works best when it flows smoothly
point, it has been shaped by unhealed emotional wounds and              in both directions. So that is the theme for this coming year,
judgment of myself and others.                                          remembering to live freely, giving and receiving.
  I’ve come to a point where I’m tired of living life as if it is a      Barbara ❊
contest, as if I’m being judged by some invisible group of people
that I’ve made up in my head. I don’t care what grade I get in the
Mother of the Year Award, The Most Productive, Most Selfless, and         Barbara Williams is the Editor of Balanced Life Magazine. She shares
The Good Person Competitions. I realize they don’t really exist. It       her personal thoughts and ponderings in the hopes that others can
is sad to think of how long I’ve suffered at the fear of these non-       relate and see a bit of themselves in what she writes. Barbara is also a
existent Judges.                                                          Hypnotherapist, Certified Addiction Specialist, and offers Self-Compassion
                                                                          Counseling, including Regression Therapy, to tap inner resources
 So, if it isn’t about all of that, then what? Creativity, I think.       and gain insights and greater self-acceptance. Contact Barbara at
Having the courage to create a life of bliss, where I’m doing                               bw@selfcompassioninaction.com

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  provided, or claims made by contributors or those who advertise their    of nature’s awesome beauty. Her ability to surface hidden
  services and products.                                                   worlds of collective emotions, knowledge and visions evokes
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                                                                           Earth and the Celestial. Painting and mural commissions:
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What is Psychic Channeling?
Evanne Jordan

         sychic Channeling is reading the energy of other         to make their own choices. Channeling is simply reading
         people, spirit guides, animals, or the deceased by       energy and accessing information. Those receiving the
         connecting with one’s own Spirit Guide or higher         information choose to make their own decisions based on,
         energy. When a channeler makes a connection with         or not based on, the information.
another being’s energy, he or she is able to “read” the energy.
The information may come through as words, visions, pictures         If a person asks a “yes” or “no” question, I will usually
or feelings.                                                      provide both scenarios, as in “if you decide to do this…this
                                                                  is how it will play out” or “here are the pros and cons of
     A Spirit Guide is one’s higher or intuitive self. We         either path”. People need to know and believe that they are
access our Spirit Guide or higher energy when we “channel”        more powerful than any psychic power and that they have
or connect with another being’s energy. Everyone has the          free will to change their decisions and courses of action.
capacity to access this level of awareness. Intuitive ability
is simply another form of intelligence, and is accessible           Psychic Channeling changed my life and I believe it will
to anyone who has the interest and desire to utilize that         change the life of anyone who chooses to pursue this
intelligence.                                                     spiritual path. Psychic Channeling did not change who I
                                                                  was as a person. It led me on my life’s path to the real me,
 Psychic Channeling is not fortune telling and does not           to my true dreams and visions, and to my true life purpose.
deal with predictions. All beings have free will and the right
                                                                    I believe that everyone can create their own light and
                                                                  create their own life! If you choose to open up to greater
                                                                  spiritual awareness, you will find a greater clarity in
                                                                  whatever you would like to achieve and how to make that
                                                                  happen. As my Spirit Guide, Ish, told me several years ago,
                                                                  “Create your own light and you can create your own life!”

                                                                   Evanne Jordan has been practicing and teaching psychic work for more
                                                                   than two decades. Under the guidance of Sanaya Roman, author of Opening
                                                                   to Channel, Evanne was introduced to her Spirit Guide "Ish" or Ishmael.
                                                                   Ish is, in essence, Evanne's "third eye" through which she can access
                                                                   her psychic abilities. Through Ish, Evanne is able to contact and channel
                                                                   voices and information from the Spirit Guides of living human beings and
                                                                   animals, as well as the deceased. Her special gift allows her to focus on
                                                                   psycho-spiritual areas such as the inner child, relationships, health, career,
                                                                   dream analysis, past life readings and aura readings. Additionally, Evanne
                                                                   has taught many others how to work with their own Spirit Guides in private
                                                                   sessions and in her “psychic awareness” seminars. Evanne offers readings
                                                                   in person, by telephone, e-mail and audio-tape. She is available for private,
                                                                   corporate, or business events. www.psychicreadings-evanne.com
                                                                                                or (925) 288-9046.

www.balancedlifemagazine.com                                                                                      Balanced Life                7
 naTure's BounTy

Herbs and Menstrual Health
Kami McBride

             enstruation is not usually thought of as a time of honor       The current primary practice in relation to menstruation is to
             or celebration. It is commonly called “the curse”, “that     plow through it as if nothing different is happening. The changing
             dreaded time of the month”, “a bloody mess”, “on             rhythm of our body cycle is not reflected anywhere in the calendar
             the rag” and other derogatory names. These names             or work schedule. U.S. statistics show that more than fifty percent
are a reflection of our thoughts and feelings about menstruation.         of American women are sleep deprived and we have epidemic rates
When we reject a body function as something negative, dirty or            of chronic fatigue and exhaustion related diseases. Menstruation is
insignificant, there is an energetic and psychological separation         a built in cycle that provides us with the opportunity to restore and
from that part of the body. The negative thought patterns associated      rejuvenate each month. It is a time when the female body releases,
with menstruation are indeed part of the reason why so many women         regenerates and heals. Menstruation is a natural part of our cycle
experience unique combinations of over one hundred different              that can take us into the regenerative and contemplative aspects of
symptoms and ailments categorized under PMS.                              the feminine.
  Menstruation is a sign of good health. Without menstruation there         Many women are not consciously aware that menstruation is a
would be no human life. The female body does its monthly cyclical         resource for personal growth, balance and healing. In a culture
dance of fluctuating hormones, releasing an egg, building tissue,         obsessed with output and productivity, one of the gifts of the
thickening the uterus and then menstruating. Menstruation takes           feminine is the ability to stop doing and just be. Menstruation has
place when the female body releases the uterine lining that was built     an inward and downward movement in the body. Part of accessing
up to possibly nourish a new life. Menstruation is a time of releasing    the deep wisdom of the feminine involves moving from the yang
and letting go in preparation to do the dance all over again.             experience of outward expression and achievement, to the yin
                                                                          experience of going inside and listening to the deep recesses of the
                                                                          soul. The menstrual cycle teaches us about harmony between yin
      2008                                                 2009           and yang, dark and light, activity and rest.
     Green                                               Visionary
     Award                                                Awards            When we listen to the wisdom that can arise from paying attention
                                                                          to our intuition and our body’s cyclical needs, we are guided to live
     The Miracle Is In The Coating                                        our lives differently. Menstruation can lead us back to our innate
                                                                          body wisdom. We can reclaim the knowledge of how to truly nourish

     Free Bracelet
Pick from 18 Themes - We only ask that you tell a friend if you LOVE it
                                                                          and care for ourselves during a very important aspect of being
                                                                          female. Imagine a world where rejuvenation, healing and spiritual
                                                                          connection are the experiences associated with menstruation.
         Visit our Website - Click: Free Bracelet                           Finding simple ways to acknowledge and celebrate the flow within
        Use Code: FREEGIFT - (small shipping fee)                         your womb each month is a step toward honoring and loving your
    Essential plant oils in a Liquid Crystal Coating make these
                                                                          natural body cycles. When you love and care for your body, you
  jewels specific and strong. Each Bracelet’s coating also brings         experience your cycles from a more empowered context. Your monthly
       it’s own ‘Natural Batteries’ of Tiny Quartz Spheres.               cycle becomes your ally, a guide to healing and balance.
               They never run out of Good Energy!
                                                                            Making a special herbal tea during your moontime is a great way
                   VibesUP.com                                            to nourish and support yourself during menstruation. As a woman,
            See our website for - A store near you                        you embody the seasons and cycles of the moon and the ebb and
       Listen to talks on the latest UP’s on Vibrations                   flow of the tides. Pick any one of the recipes and make an herbal
       Explore our NEW PRODUCTS - Therapy Bears                           tea once a month to honor the cycles that flow through your sacred
  Meditation Kits - Grounding Mats - Crystal (Buzzy) Cream                female body.
           Divine Soles, Earth Energy Shoe Inserts
                                                                                                                      Continued on next page…

      Balanced Life                                                                                                          (916) 965-7751
…continued from Page 8
 Herbal Tea
  Put herbal combinations into water in a stainless steel or enamel
pot. With the lid on the pot, bring the herb(s) to a boil and then
turn off the heat and let the herbs continue to steep for two hours.
Re-heat the tea when you are ready to drink it.
 High Tide Tea
 3 cups water
 1 tablespoon dandelion leaf
 1 tablespoon oatstraw
 1 tablespoon chamomile
 1 teaspoon raspberry leaf
 1 teaspoon rose petals
 1 teaspoon ginger root

                                       Calming the Moon Tea
                                       3 cups water
                                       1 tablespoon chamomile
                                       1 tablespoon passionflower
                                       1 tablespoon lemonbalm

 New Moon Tea
 2 cups water
 1 tablespoon rose petals
 1 tablespoon hibiscus
 1/8 teaspoon cinnamon

  Kami McBride has helped thousands of people learn to use herbs
  in their daily lives in ways that are healthy, safe and fun. She is the
  director of Cultivating the Herbal Medicine Woman Within, an experiential
  training in using herbs in the home for everyday health. An intuitive and
  inspiring teacher, Kami works to revive the cultural art of home herbal
  care and teaches herbology as a relationship with the Earth and a way
  of life. For a schedule of classes or herbal consultations Kami can be
  reached at (707) 446-1290 or sign up for her free herbal e-newsletter at:

www.balancedlifemagazine.com                                                  Balanced Life   9
 insPiraTional Corner

The Power of Silence
Cerise LaCore

   "In seeking wisdom, the first step is silence...."                   "You may," said the Great Master, "And I have now answered
                - Solomon Ibn Gabirol                                 your only question. Anything else you want to know, you will have

                                                                      to ask your heart. You don't need to travel so far to discover that
          Sufi tale tells of a Turkish man who, upon hearing          silence is the best counselor of all." And he shut the door.
          that a Persian Master held the secret of wisdom, left
          his family, sold everything that he owned, and went in        The time of winter is now upon us. The hustle and bustle of
          search of this Great Master. After years of traveling, he   the holidays draw ever closer and many are caught up in the
finally arrived at the simple cabin in Persia where the Master        exciting and exhausting energy of the season. So why is it that
lived. He knocked on the door and when the door opened, he            we often feel so "out of sorts" at this time of year? Why, when our
came face to face with the Wise Man. "I've come from Turkey"          entire society tells us that now is the time to be social and in a
said the traveler "and I've made this long journey to ask you just    celebratory mood, do so many of us want nothing better than to
one question."                                                        curl up in front of a fire with a good book, a cup of tea, and be
                                                                      left alone? Many might blame stress or the economy, but I believe
  "That's fine," replied the wise one, "you may ask just one          the answer lies in nature. All we have to do is look around and
question." Filled with awe and anticipation, the Turkish man said,    see that this is the time that nature "goes to sleep." This is the
"I have to be clear in what I am going to ask, so may I please ask    time when nature goes inward to renew and replenish itself in the
you in Turkish?"                                                      quiet cold, darkness of winter, under the healing blanket of snow
                                                                      and ice.
                                                                        We humans are part and parcel of this earth and therefore are
   Mastery of Japanese Shiatsu                                        also part of nature. It was not so long ago that we lived more
  Chi Gong with Chakra Healing                                        closely to the earth and were more in tune with her rhythms. Our
                                                                      modern age has caused us to be so far removed from nature that
                                                                      we view it as an enemy, as something apart from us and not to be
                                   • Relief from Pain                 trusted or ventured into. So, our natural instinct is to go inward
                                     Neck, back &                     and rest, but our society, due to it's fear of the dark, has evolved
                                     shoulders                        to make noise, turn on lots of twinkling, bright lights, and hang
                                   • Renewed Energy                   out in crowds, frequently with drunken results. My Reiki students
                                                                      frequently ask why the Universe doesn't seem to answer them. I
                                   • Clarity of Thought
                                                                      tell them, "Because you aren't really listening. You are continually
                                   • Specializing in                  yelling questions at the top of your lungs and are never waiting
                                     Chronic Health                   for the answer. You can't possibly hear its still, small voice over
                                     Issues                           the noise of your own panic." I advise them to get quiet, to stay
                                   Chinese-based                      still and to listen to the silence, to listen to the whispering wisdom
                                   Medicine & Breathing               of nothingness. And in that silence, in that space between the
                                                                      spaces, they will find the restorative stillness they so desperately
                                                                      seek. Then, and only then, will the answers come. Inner silence
        MASTER JOHN MIYATA, DSM                                       allows you to access a source of energy and information you might
         NOW SERVING YOU AT 2 LOCATIONS                               not know you possess. Slowing down your internal chatter can
                                                                      help to ground you. When we learn to access our innate silence,
     Reno: 775-720-7188            Truckee: 775-322-0609              we can find strength in the midst of tragedy, peace in the midst of
                                                                                                                   Continued on next page…

      Balanced Life                                                                                                       (916) 965-7751
…continued from Page 10

chaos. Our higher wisdom becomes available to us and we begin
to trust ourselves, and our own judgments. This helps us to truly
relax and starts us on the path to releasing our fears. When we
are no longer in fear, when we can relax enough to take some deep
cleansing belly breaths on a regular basis, real healing can begin.
 "Be still and know that I am God" Psalm 46:10 ❊

   Cerise LaCore is a fully Certified Komyo Reiki Shihan (teacher) and holds
   regular Reiki Classes and Circles at her office, The Center of Wellness.
   She is currently co-authoring a book on Reiki with her Sensei, Hyakuten
   Inamoto, from Kyoto, Japan. Cerise is also a Certified Massage Therapist
   and a Summa Cum Laude graduate of CCNH. She holds a Bachelor of
   Science degree in Natural Health with a specialization in Homeopathy
   and is continuing to work toward her Doctorate in Naturopathy.
   Visit www.thecenterofwellness.net

                   Gifts of the Spirit
   the convenient & complete source for all your metaphysical needs

          Come in & soak up the vibes,
   you will leave feeling renewed and centered

                                                20 Hillcrest Drive Reno
                                           Located 1 blk South of Plumb on
                                         Virginia St., behind the Shell Station

                                          775 324-2872
     Visit us in person or shop by website at:
www.balancedlifemagazine.com                                                      Balanced Life   11
Heal with Hypnotherapy:
Hypnosis of Negative Core Beliefs on Health & Aging
David Quigley

       n our subconscious minds all of us carry certain core              My personal Alchemist, Brigitta D'Amato, illustrates this
       beliefs about the nature of ourselves and the world.             concept with a fascinating story. It seems that even fleas can
       While many of these beliefs are positive, it's the negative      have core beliefs. In training to join a flea circus, young, newly
       beliefs that limit our potential. These core beliefs are often   hatched fleas are placed under a large glass bell jar. At first the
planted in childhood by parental programming. Sometimes they            fleas jump and bang the jar's invisible walls. But soon the fleas
emerge from adult experience. They may even be implanted by             learn exactly how to jump just high enough to avoid the walls of
past life trauma and conditioning. While the roots of these beliefs     the jar. They learn to avoid the pain of hitting this glass ceiling.
are well beneath the surface of the subconscious mind, it's not         Then the jar is removed. The fleas will continue to jump, but only
hard to hear these beliefs being muttered deep down inside our          within the walls of the now absent bell jar. The fleas are trapped
inner mind, if we are listening.                                        for life not by the bell jar, but by a core belief in the limitation
                                                                        of their freedom. They are free to leap as high as they wish, but
  How often have you heard statements like these emerge                 are prisoners of their programming. We humans are similarly
uninvited from your depths? "I'll never be good enough." "All men
(or women) are like that, so why try?" "I'll never be smart enough      imprisoned by the negative core beliefs imposed upon us in the
to succeed." These are but a few of the core beliefs that limit our     vulnerable years of childhood.
                                                                          In order to clear such core beliefs from the subconscious, it is
                                                                        often helpful to return in a hypnotic trance to the time when "you
                                                                        learned that this belief was true." Then we release the pain of
                                                                        these experiences from the body and then create new memories
                                                                        of safety, love, and freedom to implant these new memories in the
                                                                        tissues of the body. We then use hypnotic suggestion to implant
                                                                        new positive core beliefs that are consistent with these new
                                                                        memories and help the client achieve their therapeutic goals.

                                                                          Our core beliefs about health and our bodies can be especially
                                                                        limiting and painful. When I was first diagnosed with rheumatoid
                                                                        arthritis I suffered from a core belief that kept my disease
                                                                        growing. I believed it was an incurable disease. My doctor told
                                                                        me I would almost certainly suffer from this disease all my life.
                                                                        My parents confirmed this, telling me that my aunt, who was
                                                                        married to a doctor, had been crippled all her life with rheumatoid
                                                                        arthritis. So what made me think I could lick this? Fortunately, my
                                                                        dear friend and noted herbalist Rosemary Gladstar said to me one
                                                                        day in the most matter of fact tone: "Arthritis? You can heal that!"
                                                                        I knew she had herself recovered from a "permanently" crippled
                                                                        state only a few years before, and she was a wise woman, so I
                                                                        believed her. Thank you Rosemary wherever you are! Without her

      Balanced Life                                                                                                        (916) 965-7751
                                                                                      Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis since 1984

                                                                                                $100.00 off tuition
                                                                                             for Balanced Life readers
…continued from Page 12

forthright opinion, I might be living even today like my poor aunt,
in a wheelchair…or like a flea under that invisible bell jar.
                                                                               WINTER RESIDENTIAL
                                                                                      200 hour Intensive
  So what negative core beliefs might be limiting your health
options? Here is an exercise to help you contact some negative                      Feb 6 to Mar 7
core beliefs about your body. Finish each sentence below after                        in Santa Rosa, CA
tuning in to your inner self

 •	 My	condition	is	incurable	because	_______	

  •	 I'll	 never	 be	 able	 to	 lose	 weight	 and	 keep	 it	 off	

 •	 I	can't	be	as	healthy	as	other	people	because_______

   Some of the core beliefs you have just described may be entirely
true. Others may seem completely valid but are simply the result
of negative core beliefs. First, share these sentences you have                           David Quigley
filled out with some trusted friends, and several professional                            Founder and Director
health care providers. Do these statements seem true to them? If
not, these may be negative core beliefs that are sabotaging your               Professional Hypnotherapy training;
health and vitality! If so, it's time to call a hypnotherapist and
                                                                                    Personal Growth Packages
begin your journey to recovery. You can only get as healthy as you
believe you can be! ❊                                                          Specializing in Past Life Regression,
                                                                                         Somatic Healing,
                                                                                   Conference Room Therapies

      David Quigley is the founder of Alchemical Hypnotherapy and
     author of the popular textbook Alchemical Hypnotherapy. He is a
  graduate of Duke University in comparative religion and transpersonal
  psychology, and of the Hypnotherapy Training Institute in Corte Madera,
  California. David has extensive training in Gestalt, primal therapy, group
  process and Jungian psychology, as well as courses in Ericksonian and
  clinical hypnosis and NLP. David teaches throughout the United States             (800) 950-4984
  and Europe, including speaking at the United Nations Enlightenment             www.alchemyinstitute.com
  Society and numerous hypnotherapy conferences. Learn more by visiting
                        www.alchemyinstitute.com.                               quigley@alchemyinstitute.com

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 Allan Hardman on Conscious Relationship

Becoming an Adult
Allan Hardman
  Balanced Life is delighted that Allan Hardman is writing a column
for each issue on Conscious Relationship—this is the eleventh in his
series. We hope you will find it stimulating and useful. Please send
questions, comments, and feedback to Balanced Life Magazine and/
or Allan.

     ’ve been kicking around the idea of “being an adult”              an inside job.
     with my apprentices in TACO, my online apprenticeship
                                                                         Unless we were loved absolutely without conditions and
     program. What does it actually mean to be an adult—to
                                                                       in pure acceptance as children, we adopted strategies
     really be “grown up,” and no longer simply pretending
                                                                       and learned to play roles that would get us the approval,
to be?
                                                                       love, kindness, acceptance, safety, worthiness, or freedom
  In these columns exploring Conscious Relationship, I have            from violence we needed. It wasn’t easy, but we did it. It
written about various ways the child parts of us pretend to            is amazing how resourceful and clever we were—we owe
be what they are not, and pretend to not be what they are, in          those youngsters we once were a big gratitude for surviving,
order to be accepted by the outside world. We are looking for          thriving, and getting us here where we are today.
love, but of course, the real love we all long for is that simple
                                                                         And here we are today. If those strategies and roles were
acceptance of ourselves—just the way we are, and just the
                                                                       needed and worked, we may find ourselves locked into
way we are not. We cannot pretend our way to that love. It is
                                                                       continuing them in our adult lives. When you were young, did
                                                                       you learn to get your needs met by being a star performer,
                                                                       were you invisible, did you rebel, did you learn to argue to
                                                                       defend your innocence, or were you a sneak? Perhaps you

         Sacred Weddings                                               relied on your intellectual mind or your dramatic emotions…
                                                                       were you shy, boisterous, a jokester, or a procrastinator?
       Providing Unique ~ Inspirational                                  Were you a bully to protect yourself? Did you learn to be a
     Traditional or Alternative Ceremonies                             princess to get your needs met? Did you learn to fantasize
            Customized Just For You                                    and drift off into some other world to avoid your present
                                                                       situation? Or did you learn to use drugs, alcohol, food, or sex
                                                                       to deny the pain of being made wrong or numb the fear of
   Pre-Nuptial Energy Clearing
                                                                       being hurt?
        for the Bride & Groom
                   Energy Healing                                        These strategies we learned in childhood often become our
               Memorial Services                                       adult personalities — are you aware of the imprint of your
                                                                       childhood on your “adult” life? Take a moment and explore
       Home & Office Blessings
                                                                       this for yourself. Are there ways you are continuing to use
                                          Rev. Linda Johnston, AM
                                           Divine Right Order®
                                                                       your childhood strategies now? How do they create and affect
                                                                       your relationships? How would your life be different if you let
                     (775) 224-4830                                    go of those strategies? What would you risk if you let go? And
                                                                       what would you gain?
     Serving Washoe County, Truckee & Tahoe
                                                                                                              Continued on next page…

      Balanced Life                                                                                                   (916) 965-7751
…continued from Page 14

  A definition of an “Adult” that emerged from my apprentice
conversations is: “An adult is a human who’s life is no longer
controlled, distorted, or contaminated by the experiences or
wounding of his or her childhood.” When we are possessed
by the dream of the child within, we are that child. When we
are being the child we cannot be the adult.

  Of course there is no good, bad, right, or wrong here, but it
explains the cause of much of the suffering in “adult” lives.
As children we suffered from our experience of powerlessness
in the face of “adults” who dominated us and controlled
us, threatened us, or punished us. When the child within is
projecting that dream out onto the world after our bodies
have matured and our parents and other domesticators are
no longer a threat, we continue to suffer the pains of the
past-- and those pains and fears distort and contaminate
what could be our mature adult reality.

  The work of our personal evolution seems to be about
healing and releasing the past of our childhoods and
stepping fully alive and present into each moment— as
adults, dancing in joy with life.

 May I have this dance? ❊

  Allan Hardman is a relationship coach, author, teacher, and Toltec
  Master, trained by Miguel Ruiz in the tradition of The Four Agreements.
  He is the author of The Everything Toltec Wisdom Book. He will be
  participating in the Reno Psychic Fair, October 24 & 25, with a booth and
  the Keynote at 2:00 pm Sunday, and invites you to visit. For information
  about Allan’s teaching and events, or to subscribe to his free e-newsletter,
  visit: www.joydancer.com. Or call (707) 528-1271. E-mail comments:
  allan@joydancer.com. See Allan’s ad on this page.

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Getting Your Needs Met as a Parent
Amy Edwards

              y husband and I went to a party last week for a              Despite my mother’s warnings, I was mostly unprepared for
              friend’s birthday. As with any “adult” event I attend      the absolute relentlessness of parenting. In most occupations,
              these days, I spent the majority of the evening            there are systems naturally built-in to help inspire passion and
              following my three-year-old twin boys around on            prevent burnout. For one thing, regardless of the tedium of your
their adventures through the house, making sure nothing was              job, or the number of hours in your shift, there is always an end
broken and nobody got hurt. As a result, I didn’t get much of a          to the workday — a time when you can walk away and get some
chance to chat with my fellow party-goers. But every once in a           distance before you start again. Not to mention coffee breaks,
while, as the kids ran through the living room, I would overhear         holidays, weekends, sick leave and vacations. But parenting
a snippet of conversation: “We used our frequent flyer miles…”,          doesn’t “end”.
or “…the new Michael Moore movie…” or “…after my yoga
class…”. When we finally got our over-stimulated, birthday-                Yes, I suppose it is possible for a parent to continue to pursue
caked-up children securely into their car seats, my husband              all of their personal interests, but at what expense? I believe
and I had to laugh as we shared our feelings of “life envy”.             that, in order for a child to thrive physically, emotionally, and
Vacations, movie theaters, exercise…all distant memories for             spiritually, then, as a parent, I must strive to ensure that his/
us. Our experience of life is now focused almost exclusively on          her needs for comfort, connection, trust and respect are met.
the kids, every decision weighed and measured according to the           Thus, there are myriad compromises and sacrifices that must
effect it will have on them.                                             be made. Particularly in the early years, some of the things I
                                                                         once considered important were put on the back burner while I
                                                                         focused on creating a strong foundation for my children.
                                                                           For someone like me, who lived a life of relative independence
                                                                         until becoming a parent, this seemed like a very difficult
                                                                         adjustment. Even though my choice to have children was
                                                                         conscious and deliberate, I still felt “imprisoned” on some level.
  The only clinically tested                                               Things began to change when, during one difficult day, I found
  Dark Chocolate made with                                               myself again lamenting the fact that my needs seemed to always
               unprocessed cocoa
       and Acai Berry                                                    come last. With a little encouragement from my wonderful,
                                                                         supportive husband, I took the opportunity to evaluate exactly
   Business Benefits
                                                                         what it was that I felt I was “needing”. What, above all else,
                                                                         would bring me happiness and fulfillment? And, in doing so, I
   Build passive income                                                  discovered something surprising. I came to realize simply this:
   9 out of 10 people crave chocolate
                                                                         my OLD needs no longer serve me. I have NEW needs. Here is a
   Amazing compensation plan
   Work from home                                                        list of the top three things I prioritized as essential, that I feel I
                                                                         absolutely must have:
                                        Health Benefits
   Shipped directly to clients
   We are international
   Easy to share, easy to build         •   Contributes to weight loss     1. a loving, trusting relationship with my husband and
                                        •   Reduces blood pressure       children
                                        •   Lowers cholesterol
                                        •   Diabetic friendly              2. a supportive, nurturing environment in which my family can
                                        •   Increases energy & stamina   thrive,
       530-412-1751                     •
                                            Combat ageing
                                            Caffeine/trans fat free
   lesliemcquary@sbcglobal.net                                             3. a conscious and compassionate lifestyle, which will serve
                                        •   Super food antioxidant!

      Balanced Life                                                                                                          (916) 965-7751
…continued from Page 16
as a positive model for my children to follow.
                                                                            FOR PARENTING
  Well…if these are indeed my highest priorities, then by
consistently striving to meet my children’s needs, indeed, I
AM accomplishing those goals! MY needs ARE being met!! It’s
                                                                        Do you really know your child?
simply a shift in perspective.                                             Maximize your parenting with clear insight into
                                                                           your children: how they think, how they relate,
  The truth is, the things I used to consider important (like
                                                                          what they need, their special gifts and challenges,
keeping up on my favorite TV shows, for example) just don't
                                                                            and how to best support them to thrive and
have the same appeal anymore. I find it much more satisfying
                                                                                 blossom into happy ful lled adults.
to spend an evening playing with my kids and living a real life
than watching a fabricated/acted story on TV.
  So, rather than hook myself into a victim mentality, spiraling
down into the endless loop that says “What about ME? When is
it going to be MY turn?” and rather than allowing resentment
and lack into my consciousness, I can instead choose to focus
on gratitude for having all my needs met!!!
  Don’t get me wrong – I’m not advocating complete self-
sacrifice or martyrdom. A little “me-time” is important – we
all know that when Mommy’s cup is filled, she is more present
                                                                                                                 (Expires January 31, 2010)
for her children. The need for things like sleep, food, showering
and a little adult conversation are obviously essential. However,       WINTER SPECIAL!
                                                                                   $25 OFF
beyond these basics, a little re-evaluation can put everything
into perspective.
  I absolutely believe that the efforts and sacrifices we put             Parent/Child or Family Reading
into parenting will eventually pay off. Research suggests                                        (up to four people)
that people who felt their needs were respected as children
grow up to be well-adjusted, respectful and confident adults.
Keeping sight of this through the difficult periods can serve as
a guidepost for maintaining a family life in which everybody’s
needs are getting met. ❊

                                                                                                        One-hour sessions
   Amy Edwards is a Parenting Coach, applying the principles                                           by phone or in person
   of Attachment Parenting, Consensual Living and Astrology to help
   parents attain authentic and respectful relationships with their
   children and families. Visit www.astrologyforparenting.com or call
              (916) 212-5501 for a free 15-minute consultation          Call for a free 15 min. consultation

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Forecast for
December to January 2010
Tom Lescher

        or thousands of years the winter solstice                                          calling for us to surrender any excess
        (December 21), the longest night of the year,                                       and simplify our lives. This aspect
        has been celebrated with candles and fires                                           can be a hard reminder that nature
        to symbolize the light that humankind itself                                         can be cruel and it demands that
can/needs to create. Our bodies, feelings, and even                                          we sharpen our swords, wisen up,
thoughts can become sources of light and heat in                                             develop ourselves, and advance or
an otherwise cold and dark world (particularly in the                                       be left, hurt, or wounded by more
northern hemisphere). Let this year be no different!                                       powerful forces. It is a time to be
When we see the darkness ever looming in the outside                                    cautious, careful, and conservative in
world it can serve as a reminder that we must rekindle our                          the good sense of the word, and manage our
own core strengths to further carry the torches our lives                   inner and outer resources considering the long haul
represent.                                                          rather than short-term interests/whims. Some of the simple,
                                                                    old-fashioned, sound advice like “tighten your belt,” “control
 As the Saturn/Pluto square continues through these                 yourself,” or “everything in moderation,” can take on new
months, coming to its second exact square on January                meaning during such times.
31, we may encounter more severe economic hardships

 New Paradigm Astrology
                                                                      However, some among us may begin to thrive, initiate new
                                                                    prosperous enterprises, or expand their current operations.
                                                                    We may also observe others, who despite economic trials

                               Thomas Lescher
                                                                    maintain an air of joy, excitement, and enthusiasm for their
                                                                    lives. This is all reflective of this same Saturn/Pluto square,
                             Give yourself the gift of a personal   as Saturn is symbolic of the judge, or Lord of Karma,
                             chart reading to clarify any           that gives us absolute and obvious signs as to whether
                             unanswered questions, explain your     we are in alignment with truth or bogusly off the path of
                             current life situation, and open you   “righteousness.” If things are not going according to plan,
                             up to the new potential that comes     expectations are not being met, goals are not being achieved,
                             from a deeper understanding of why     results are not what were intentioned, or outcomes fall far
                             you are here. New Paradigm             short of the mark, “LIFE” is telling us something that we
                             Astrology gives you the tools for
                                                                    need to hear! It is time to reflect (Saturn) on our deepest
                             awakening, self-healing and
                                                                    desires, motivations, and core issues to determine the root
                             personal empowerment.
                                                                    cause of our situation.
  Master yourself and you master your Life
 Call now to schedule a Reading by phone or in person                 Fortunately, “Life” (or God, Creator or Source) never leaves
                                                                    us without a way out (or help to go farther in!). During most
           email:   TomLescher@earthlink.net                        of this period the planet Mars is transiting through the
                                                                    sign of Leo. Mars, symbolic of strength, drive, heat, and raw
 Visit our website for information on upcoming classes and events
                                                                    masculine yang energy, is very powerfully suited to the fire
     www.NewParadigmAstrology.com                                   sign of the Lion. The Lion/Lioness has always been seen as the
                                                                                                            Continued on next page…

     Balanced Life                                                                                                 (916) 965-7751
…continued from Page 18

King/Queen of the jungle. They are calm, powerful, confident          you totally throw yourself into what you are doing
and ferocious creatures with no real predator other than              because you LOVE IT, you’re not afraid; you have NO
humankind itself. No animal dares to mess with the Lion. Why?         FEAR.
Besides its physical size and strength there is an energy
about the Lion, an “aura”, that is unmistakable.                         When in this state of being, life can be accepted for what
                                                                      it brings, knowing that it will bring something different every
  First of all, the lion has always symbolized virility; the life     day, and there can be great joy in the mystery. There is no
force streaming through its physical, sexual nature. Secondly,        “failure”, there is Life, there is no doom, there is Life, there
the lion is completely present IN ITS BODY, IN THIS MOMENT.           is no “top” or “bottom”, there is only LIFE, flowing, changing,
The lion lives in the NOW, and is therefore able to throw 100%        rising, and falling, and we are here to LOVE it and LIVE it.
of itself into (or onto) the desired objective at hand in that
moment. Thirdly, the lion is totally SELF-AWARE. It is this self        One big tool for maintaining this state of constant awareness
awareness, this ability to feel every feeling, tune in to every       is BREATH. BE “in” your breath, listen to your breath, watch
nerve, muscle, desire, or need without judgment, shame, or            your breath. Don’t forget to breathe! Watch it, and you may
guilt from PAST conditioning that allows him/her to BE totally        find yourself holding your breath – that is – holding yourself
present! Lastly, this being completely in the body, listening         BACK from LIFE. Draw it in, BIG and FULL. Expand your lungs
to the body, in the now, and self aware naturally reflects the        and you will expand your soul. Want to get out of the past
Lion’s TOTAL SELF ACCEPTANCE. Whether is it old, young, tired,        or the future? Exhale completely and stop breathing. You stop
hungry, bruised, or failed to catch its prey, it doesn’t matter. It   breathing and you’ll stop thinking (ego). I can send you some
walks on with dignity, pride, and determination toward the next       simple breath exercises if you email me at the address below,
opportunity. There is no sense of failure, there is only LIFE, and    to help bring you into your body and into the moment, which
the lion knows that life will continue to bring it what it needs      is the same as bringing you into LIFE! So this winter, if you
as it continues to pay attention and heed the signs that LIFE         get cold, try the breath of FIRE, used in kundalini yoga, it is a
offers.                                                               rapid breathing through the nose where the inhale and exhale
                                                                      equal each other. Try it for a few (11 is best) minutes every day
   This picture can give us much food for thought and reflection      and walk like the Lion/Lioness you truly are. Don’t forget, we
during these winter months. Are we fully accepting ourselves          all have Leo somewhere in our charts and right now Mars is
with all our “animal” desires and needs, or is our self judgment      triggering the Lion/Lioness in all of us. ❊
actually, physically, slowing down the movement of “chi” or the
life force, within us? Are we dwelling so much on past hurts
or victories, future fantasies or plans that they are stealing           Tom Lescher’s blend of intuition with 30 years of astrological background
away our vital forces for dealing in the present moment with            and readings can be a life-changing event for his clients. His leading edge
                                                                        approach to healing spirit, mind, and body through emotional release
what/who is in front of us? Are we ALL HERE, in our body and
                                                                        is changing the face of modern day astrology. In addition to personal
ready to ACT?! Ready to GO?! What is slowing us down? The               readings, Tom presents lectures, workshops and teaches internationally.
Lion is not AFRAID. She/he is not afraid because they’re not            Living in the CA Sierra Nevada foothills allows Tom to use nature for self-
attached to some future outcome that they might lose! They              renewal and natural law as his guide. His work brings balance, love, and
don’t care! They are what they are, doing what they do, and             joy to others and the planet. Visit www.NewParadigmAstrology.com
that’s all they know, need to know, or care to be/do. When                                 or email TomLescher@earthlink.net.

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Professional serviCes direCTory

                                                                 Tahoe City Cabin - Summer Fun At The Lake
                                                                                             Low Daily - Weekend
                                                                                                        - Weekly Rates
                                                                                                         Cozy 3br - 2ba
                                                                                                   Easy walk to Lake &
                                                                                                          Truckee River
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                                                                                                          Photo Gallery
                                                                                                              & Details

                                                                 www.rosslakeretreat.com        530-885-0115

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            From Any Scene Or Memory, Old Or New

                 Hard To Believe Until You Experience It!
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                      Hypnotherapy – Accessing Emotional
                      Blocks and Releasing Compulsive Behavior

                      Past Life Regression – Gaining Deeper
                      Understanding, Inner Resources and Sense
                      of Purpose
                               Free 15-Minute Consultation
                                 Phone Sessions Available
Marcella McMahon
Clinical Hypnotherapist

                                                                             The Whole Picture
                                                                             Wellness Coaching
                                                                 Are your physical health, emotional/spiritual/
                                                                 mental health, and work/family/play life in
                                                                 flux or in balance? Are you as WELL as
                                                                 you could be? I can help you find the motivation
                                                                 to make lasting Wellness Changes. Katie, Cert.
                                                                 Wellness Coach, ACE Personal Trainer.

     Balanced Life                                                                                    (916) 965-7751
   Helena (Nena) Shields
   Independent Distributor                                                                Kiersten Gladding M.S. MFT-I
                                                                                             Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Intern
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 Be      The       Change

Entertainment and Hospitality
Industries Support Volunteerism
Mary Lynn Perry

          olunteerism is “hot “ these days and some                   If you missed these shows which aired the week of October
          interesting connections are being made with both          19th, please visit their special web site to view archived videos
          the Entertainment and Hospitality Industries. Offers      of the show: www.iparticipate.org.
          are being made through the Entertainment Industry
                                                                      Also, Disney Parks is providing free admission to one million
to support volunteerism; offers that can save you money when
                                                                    visitors who complete volunteer hours. The promotion will kick
you are volunteering out of town and offers made as a way of
                                                                    off in January, but you may want to check out the details earlier
encouraging volunteering and give you a reward for giving your
                                                                    to be ready to participate. This offer will be promoted through
time and energy for the help of others.
                                                                    the Hands On Network nationwide, the program is called “Give
  In October of 2009, the Entertainment Industry Foundation         a Day, Get a Disney Day”.
launched their effort to support volunteerism through their “I
                                                                      Starting January 1st, 2010, guests can go to www.DisneyParks.
Participate” project. The networks featured volunteering in their
                                                                    com for the opportunities available through Hands On Network
scripts in some way on a variety of popular shows:
                                                                    and sign up for a day of volunteer service. Many of the
  ABC: All My Children, America's Funniest Home Videos,             opportunities will be for projects that entire families can
Brothers and Sisters, Castle, Cougar Town, Dancing With The         participate in together. This is a first of its kind program,
Stars, Desperate Housewives, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,        offered by Disney in hopes of inspiring families to volunteer in
Flash Forward, General Hospital, Good Morning America, Grey's       their communities during 2010.
Anatomy, Hank, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Modern Family, One Life To
                                                                      “In 2010, we want to recognize and add one more reason for
Live, Private Practice, The Forgotten, The Middle, The View, and
                                                                    celebration: the contributions people make to their communities
Ugly Betty.
                                                                    every day,” said Jay Rasulo, chairman of Walt Disney Parks and
 CBS: Cold Case, Criminal Minds, CSI: Miami, CSI: NY, Gary          Resorts. “We want to inspire one million volunteers — people
Unmarried, Ghost Whisperer, and Numb3rs.                            who will invest time and energy to make their own communities
                                                                    and neighborhoods a better place.”
  NBC: 30 Rock, Access Hollywood, Community, Days of Our
Lives, Heroes, Parks and Recreation, The Biggest Loser, The           Disney is working with Hands-On Network, the nation’s largest
Office, and Today Show.                                             volunteer network. Hands On Network is part of the Points of
                                                                    Light Institute. Hands-On Network has 250 on-the-ground
                                                                    volunteer action centers across the country and connects
                                                                    volunteers to more than 70,000 nonprofit agencies that need
                                                                    their help. Visit www.handsonnetwork.org .
                                                                      The Hospitality Industry is also supporting volunteerism with
                                                                    great discounts at a variety of hotels for qualified volunteer
                                                                    hours. Some 50 hotels across the country are giving away a
                                                                    free night to guests who can prove that they completed at
                                                                    least eight hours of community service between July 1st and
                                                                    December 20th.                            Continued on next page…

22   Balanced Life                                                                                                  (916) 965-7751
…continued from Page 22

  To qualify, you must provide a letter on the nonprofit
organization’s letterhead proving that you’ve completed the                              If you can feel love and
volunteer work at a 501c3 organization. The hotels, all managed
                                                                                        compassion for yourself
by Sage Hospitality, include The Nines in Portland, Ore., The
Blackstone in Chicago and the Sheraton Tucson Hotel and Suites                            for suffering you will
in Arizona. The room must be reserved at least 48 hours before                                  cease to suffer.
arrival. Guests must pay taxes for the room. Blackout dates
apply and there are a limited number of rooms available at                                          - Cheri Huber
each hotel. (When free rooms are unavailable, the hotels also
are offering rooms for half the regular rate.)
  Details on how to book can be found at giveadaygetanight.
  Other participating hotels are the Sheraton Tempe in Arizona;
the Courtyard Monrovia, Courtyard San Diego and Homewood
Suites Brisbane in California; the Courtyard Denver, Hilton
Garden Inn Denver and Residence Inn Denver; the Hilton Garden
Inn, Orlando, Fla.; the Doubletree Atlanta; the Sheraton Chicago
                                                                                  The New 2010 Mayan Datebook has arrived!
NW; the Courtyard Brighton, Detroit; the Fairfield Inn Duluth in                                                 The Mayan Calendar
                                                                                                                 weekly datebook allows
Minnesota; the Sheraton Kansas City in Missouri; the Holiday
                                                                                                                 you to attune and
Inn Omaha in Nebraska; the Fairfield Inn Las Vegas; the Marriott                                                 synchronize your daily
Charlotte in North Carolina; the Fairfield Inn Cincinnati North;                                                 life with the energies of
the Courtyard Portland in Oregon; the Renaissance Pittsburgh;                                                    the Mayan “Lord of the
the Renaissance Providence in Rhode Island; and the Residence                                                    Day”. This is an e ortless
Inn Milwaukee.                                                                                                   daily awareness that
                                                                                                                 results in your day
  As a volunteer, it is always great to be given recognition.                                                    working for you rather
What a great way to celebrate volunteerism, free admission to a                                                  then against you!
favorite theme park or a less costly hotel stay when you travel!
❊                                                                                                               Order your copy today!
                                                                                                                      Only $17.95
                                                                                                                    (775) 324-2872
     Mary Lynn Perry is the volunteer coordinator for the City of Sacramento.
    Previously, she was volunteer services manager for Shriners Hospitals for
 Children Northern California, served as the executive director of the Arts and
                                                                                     Gift Special: Buy 1, get a second for $10
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 Movie MysTiC

Stephen Simon

         emember what it was like to go to a movie           Michael Oher was a homeless teenager in Memphis,
         and cry and laugh and applaud and feel great      Tennessee. His father had disappeared when he was a
         about just being alive when you walk out of the   small child, and his mother was such a hopeless drug
         theater?                                          addict that the state had removed Michael from her
                                                           custody. He ran away from several foster homes and
  I do. And you will too when you run as fast as you can
                                                           simply disappeared off the state radar.
to a neighborhood theater to see The Blind Side, one of
the most touching, wondrous, uplifting, and miraculous       Michael was, even as a young teenager, huge and
movies of the last several years. And, what makes the      athletic. Through a distant relative, Michael was admitted
experience even more delicious is that the film is based   to a small private high school because the football coach
on a true story.                                           saw Michael’s potential as a football player. The coach
                                                           persuaded the school administration to admit Michael
                                                           even though his test scores were well below admission
                                                           standards. Struggling to understand his new environment,
                                                           Michael was a gentle soul lost in a new world, with no
                                                           family and nowhere to call home.
                                                             Enter Leigh Ann Tuohy, a fiercely independent and
                                                           outspoken mother and wife, who not only marched to her
                                                           own drummer, but who heard the music of a completely
                                                           different band. A chance encounter with Michael on one
                                                           cold night convinced Leigh Ann to take the shy teenager
                                                           under her wing, and into her home and family.
                                                             A shy, homeless, and frightened African-American
                                                           teenager moves into the home of a white, wealthy Southern
                                                           family, changing all of their lives forever.
                                                             The film is absolutely hilarious, touching, engrossing,
                                                           and brilliant as it follows Michael through his experiences
                                                           in high school. (The Blind Side refers to the position
                                                           that Michael learns to play in football. An offensive
                                                           tackle whose job it is to protect the blind side of the
                                                           quarterback.) The family’s relentless love and belief in
                                                           Michael helps him overcome his learning challenges. He
                                                           also becomes such an incredible athlete that several
                                                           major universities recruit him. SPOILER ALERT: if you don’t
                                                                                                               the film,
                                                           want to know more of the story before you see next page…
                                                                                                  Continued on

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                                                                  Calm Restless Legs
                                                                            Do you experience restless legs?
…continued from Page 24                                            New, from Home to Heal, Restless Leg Syndrome
please don’t read the rest of this paragraph. The story            Oil is a blend of six natural herbs infused into a
does indeed have a fairy tale ending. Michael becomes an                    base of moisturizing coconut oil.
All-American at Ole Miss and a first round draft choice of
the Baltimore Ravens. Today, he is the starting blind side          For a sound night's
tackle for the NFL Ravens. Over the closing credits, we see           sleep, rub onto
photos of the actual Michael and the Tuohys.                         restless, tired legs
                                                                   right before bedtime.
  Sandra Bullock was BORN to play Leigh Ann and she is
sensational in the role, as is Tim McGraw as her husband,
and newcomer Quinton Aaron as Michael. The entire cast                 Available at:
is brilliant as is the script, the direction, the photography,   Truckee Meadows Herbs
and everything else!                                                 1170 S. Wells Ave
                                                                 Mystic Rose - 20 Hillcrest
  The Blind Side is quite simply my favorite movie of
2009 and the kind of film “they” used to make. It makes           Drive, Reno Nv 89509
me absolutely crazy when I see the lamestream critics
laud dark, cynical movies and turn up their noses at
positive, inspired looks at the loving, kind, gentle, and
compassionate aspects of our humanity. If that’s now
considered “sappy”, then I am a human maple tree and
proud of it!
                                                                      Finish every day and be done
   The Blind Side is a throwback to a time when movies
illuminated the beauty of life, rather than glorifying its            with it. You have done what
ugliness. It should be an Oscar contender for Best Picture          you could. Some blunders and
and I will certainly use my vote in the Academy to nominate
                                                                  absurdities crept in. Forget them
it as such.
                                                                    as soon as you can. Tomorrow
  Please see it right away. Tell your friends and family, too.
I absolutely guarantee you that you will laugh, cry, and            is a new day; you should begin
feel goose bumps for 2 hours. And you just may love being           it serenely and with too high
human a little bit more when you walk out of the theater.
                                                                         a spirit to be encumbered
What a gift. What a movie. ❊
                                                                         with your old nonsense.
                                                                              - Ralph Waldo Emerson
  Stephen Simon produced SOMEWHERE IN TIME and WHAT DREAMS
  MAY COME. He produced and directed INDIGO and CONVERSATIONS
      WITH GOD and co-founded www.spiritualcinemacircle.com

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