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									Event Sponsorship Form
Out On Campus [OOC] is the LGBTQ Centre at Simon Fraser University and is a proud sponsor of many
community events. By answering a few questions, you will help us better understand your event and the
type of support you are seeking. OOC’s ability to sponsor events may vary from semester to semester and
participation is determined on an individual basis by the OOC Collective. Please return the completed form
below to the OOC Coordinator at ooc@sfss.ca or fax (778) 782 - 5843. If you have any further questions
please contact the office at (778) 782 - 5933. Thank you for your interest in Out On Campus.

General Information

1) Name of Event:

2) Please list the organization (or individual) that is requesting sponsorship:

3) Contact Person                                        4) Event Details

Name:                                                    Start Date:                End Date:
Phone:                                                   Start Time:                End Time:
Email:                                                   Location:

5) Is this a reoccurring event? (Y/N) If yes please specify:

                      o Weekly                                                 o Semesterly
                      o Bi-Weekly                                              o Annually
                      o Monthly                                                o Other

Event Information
6) Please provide a brief description of the event. What will take place at the event?
Please be specific:

7) Please explain the purpose of the project (e.g.: to raise the awareness of transphobia in
the queer community). What are you trying to achieve? Why is this project important?
What are your project goals and out comes?

8) How many people would you like to participate in your project or attend your event in
order for you to consider your project to be successful?

    o 2-5                                 o 10-25                                o 50-100
    o 5-10                                o 25-50                                o 100-200
Sponsorship Information

9) What kind of support can Out On Campus offer you?

       Volunteers Y/N
             If yes, please specify:
                      How many volunteers?
                      How many hours each?
                      What are the roles of the volunteers?

       Monetary Donation Y/N
             If yes, please specify:
                      How much?
                      Please attach a detailed budget.

       Advertising Y/N
              If yes, please specify:
                          o Email
                          o Poster/Flyer Distribution
                          o Other (please specify): _______________

       Other Support:

10) Do you have additional sponsorship for this project? Y/N
       If yes, please specify:

11) What event documentation can you provide for OOC’s archives?

           o   Posters                                        o Other (Please specify):
           o   Flyers                                           _____________________
           o   Video Recording                                  _____________________
           o   Audio Recording                                  _____________________
           o   Pictures

12) Is there any additional information about this project you would like to share?

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