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Scholarships and Internships

   Resources
     Always be on the lookout in and
      around your classes and in various
      organizations you are in (ie. Honor
      Societies, etc)
Udall Scholarship
   There is an exciting opportunity at Purdue for outstanding undergraduates with an interest
    in environmental issues and policy. It is the Udall Scholarship, and it awards
    successful applicants with a $5,000 award for tuition, fees, and room and board for the
    following school year.
   Requirements to apply are:
   1) Must be a sophomore or junior this year
   2) Must have a B average
   3) Must be a U.S. Citizen or permanent resident alien
   4) Demonstrated commitment to careers related to the environment
   ** Note that the student can be from any major, including science, engineering, nat
    resources or liberal arts.
   Required Application materials include:
   1) Nominee info form
   2) Nominee essay of 800 Words discussing a significant speech, law, or statement by
    former US Congressman Morris Udall
   3) Three Letters of reference
   4) Official transcripts from all colleges or universities attended by applicant
   (There is also a separate scholarship for students who are Native Americans or Alaska
    natives - contact me for more info on this if you know a student who would be interested.)
   Purdue can nominate up to 6 applicants for the national competition. Applications are
    due to the Purdue Liberal Arts Honors Office (BRNG 1174) or Prof. Raymond’s
    office (BRNG 2251) by 5:00 pm on FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 24.
   Students who are interested in applying are encouraged to email or see me right away for
    more info on how to create the strongest application packet. Students who work with
    faculty reps on their applications tend to have a much better chance of winning at the
    national level.
   For more info, contact me (Prof. Raymond) or James Nairne, Director of the Honors
    Program and official Faculty Rep for the Udall program at Purdue. Or see the Udall
    website at:
     Dr. Aneta Van Sickle Scholarship

   Deadline: March 1st
   1 Award @ $1000
   The Aneta Van Sickle Scholarship is
    available to any Purdue student who has
    studied at least one semester at Purdue
   Criteria are: merit and Dr. Van Sickle's
    qualities of dedication, caring, patience,
    style, and wisdom.
   For more info see:
PSA Scholarships and
 Howard Penniman Scholarships for
  Graduate Study
 Best Undergraduate Class Papers

 Best Undergraduate Honors Theses

 Visit
  68.cfm for more info on all these
PSA Scholarships and
   Delta Omega Chapter
       Political Science Colloquium
         • Submit a paper from any Pol. Sci. class
         • Papers should be roughly under 30 pages; no
         • All papers must include a complete and
           accurate list of reference
         • Top ten papers will be presented at Spring
         • Papers must be submitted to PSA office or Pol
           Sci main office by 5:00 pm on March 8
         • 1st place: $100, 2nd place: $75, 3rd place: $50
         • Email Maura with any question
Tips for Scholarships
   Apply for as many as possible
       The more you apply for the better your odds are
        of getting some
   Have some really strong letters of
       Work on developing a relationship with some of
        your professors
   Volunteer!!!
       Many scholarships ask for your involvement not
        just at your school but also in the community
       Go to the BVN office and see what opportunities
        are out there
     Purpose of an internship:
       To gain “real world” work
       To learn about a career
       To develop a network that can
        be used later in the full-time
        job search
   Some helpful sites
       CCO Website (has
       Presidential Management
        Fellows Program
       White House Fellows Program
       The Washington Center
   Some more helpful sites
       The Judicial Internship Program at the
        Supreme Court
           ov (click on Jobs)
       The PSA Website
Some tips for finding
   Use your contacts/networks
      You never know who might be able to pull some
       strings for you!
   Have an update resume ready to go
      Visit the CCO office for help with creating or updating
       your resume
   Keep checking with PSA to see if we are able to help
    you in anyway
      We are currently working on using our resources to
       make an increased number of improved opportunities
       available to all of you
      We will be happy to go over your resume or vita with
       all of you during our office hours or any other
       time…just email us!
Wrap Up

 Thanks for coming!!
 Next meeting: Feb 28th
 Keep an eye out for emails about
  upcoming events
 Keep checking the website for
 Have a good night!
 Email us with questions/concerns

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