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London Local Authorities and Transport for London (No.2) Bill

Clause             Adoptable?     Description                          Relevant Department          Proposed By
1 to 3             No             Deals with citation and              N/A                          N/A
4 to 14            Yes (It is     Deals with items deposited on        Community Protection and     WCC (Patrick Rigabie is the
                   proposed that the highway, giving highway           Transportation               instructing officer)
                   this should be authorities in London powers
                   amended so     to remove and dispose of
                   as not to      things deposited on the
                   require        highway for the good
                   adoption)      maintenance of the highway
15 & 16            No             Deals with the attachment of         Transportation               Kensington and Chelsea with
                                  street lamps and signs to                                         English Heritage support
                                  buildings without the need to
                                  obtain consent
17                 No             Makes provision about                Transportation & Community   Bromley/Richmond
                                  damage to highways caused            Protection
                                  as a result of the carrying out
                                  of works on land adjacent to
                                  the highway
18 to 25           Provisions     Makes provision for the              Transportation & Community   Barnet and WCC (Brent Turton
                   concerning     decriminalisation of offences        Protection                   is the instructing officer)
                   demobilisation under the Highways Act 1980;
                   and release    enables the highway authority
                   of builders’   to impose conditions requiring
                   skips require  lights to form an integral part of
                   adoption.      a builder’s skip and to attach
                   Decimalisation lights to an unlit skip and
                   will come into recover the cost of doing so
                   effect when    and to attach an immobilisation

jmv 4fc0945b-f232-4acd-b05a-767cedcb431b.doc
                   the penalty    devise to an unlicensed skip
                   levels for
                   penalty for
                   charge notices
                   have been set
26 to 27           No             Recovery of traffic                Transportation & Environment   Hammersmith & Fulham
                                  management and street
                                  cleansing costs arising from
                                  certain special events
28 to 30           Yes            Clarifies that cyclists will not   Transportation 7 Community     TfL
                                  commit an offence when             Protection
                                  entering advanced stopping
                                  areas from certain feeder lanes
                                  and decriminalises certain
                                  offences committed in such
31                 No             Creates an offence of opening,     Transportation & Community     Camden
                                  closing or interfering with a      Protection
                                  barrier across a road without
                                  lawful excuse
32 & 33            No             Makes provisions about fixing      Transportation & Community     Kensington and Chelsea
                                  level of fixed penalties payable   Protection
                                  by cyclists
34                 No             Pedicabs - makes provision to      Transportation & Community     WCC (Martin Low/Sean
                                  enable enforcement of parking      Protection                     Dwyer)
                                  and moving traffic
35 to 39           No             Enables local authorities to       Transportation & Environment   Hammersmith &
                                  make provision for charging                                       Fulham/Barnet
                                  points for electric vehicles

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London Local Authorities Bill

Clause             Adoptable?          Description                          Relevant Department     Proposed By
1 to 3             No                  Deals with citation and              N/A                     N/A
4 to 6             No                  Decriminalises littering and         Community Protection,   London Councils
                                       certain dog related offences,        Environment & Housing
                                       making contraventions subject
                                       to penalty charge notices,
                                       rather than fixed penalty
7                  No                  Enables the Secretary of State       Environment             Chartered Institute of Waste
                                       to extend the type of premises                               Management, ENCAM &
                                       which may be subject to a                                    Wandsworth
                                       street litter control notice. This
                                       will bring into the scope of
                                       such notices public buildings
                                       and others which are not
                                       commercial or retail premises
8                  No                  Empowers local authorities to        Environment             City of London
                                       make a charge for the use of
9                  Yes (It is          Enables a local authority to         Transportation          Kensington and Chelsea
                   purposed that       calculate the charge for a
                   this should be      s.115 consent according to the
                   amended so          amount of highway occupied
                   as not to
10                 Yes                 Requires the display of food         Community Protection    Lambeth
                                       hygiene documentation on
                                       food premises. (“Scores on

jmv 4fc0945b-f232-4acd-b05a-767cedcb431b.doc
                                       the Doors”)
11 to 20           No                  Power to require remedial            Community Protection     Kensington and Chelsea
                                       action to remedy failure to
                                       comply with notice in respect
                                       of houses in multiple
                                       occupation and carry out works
                                       in default
21 & 22            No                  Amends the powers of entry to        Community Protection &   Camden
                                       premises pursuant to section         Housing
                                       239 of the Housing Act 2004
                                       so as to remove the need to
                                       serve notice of entry on the
                                       owner, except where there is
                                       no occupier; it removes the
                                       need to give notice at all where
                                       any delay in entering is likely to
                                       give rise to unnecessary and
                                       imminent risk to the safety or
                                       health of the occupiers, it will
                                       enable an authorised officer to
                                       enter premises to carry out a
                                       survey or inspection if invited
                                       to do so by the occupier and it
                                       amends the provisions with
                                       regards to officers’
23                 Yes                 Enables local authority to           Community Protection     Tower Hamlets
                                       impose, on notice, a new
                                       condition on existing premises
                                       licences that authorise
                                       regulated entertainment,
                                       prohibiting nudity or partial

jmv 4fc0945b-f232-4acd-b05a-767cedcb431b.doc
24                 No                  Amends a typo in the City of         Community Protection   WCC (Martin McVitie)
                                       Westminster Act 1996 (sex
                                       establishments) and enables
                                       service of summonses and
                                       notices by ordinary post
25                 No                  Enables a local authority to         Community Protection   Hammersmith and Fulham
                                       enter into a contractual
                                       arrangement with a “market
                                       manager” enabling the market
                                       manager to carry out certain
                                       activities, i,e, publicity for the
                                       market, arranging for the
                                       making of applications for
                                       street trading licences and
                                       collecting fees and charges.
                                       (Provides that arrangements
                                       may not make provision in
                                       relation to “reserved statutory
                                       functions” which include
                                       granting, renewing, revoking
                                       and varying street trading
                                       licences, prescribing standard
                                       conditions and charging fees
26                 No                  Makes provision for the sale of      Community Protection   Richmond
                                       motor vehicles over the
                                       internet where the vehicle is
                                       kept on the street to be caught
                                       by the street trading regime.
                                       The intention is to catch
                                       dealers who are selling motor
                                       vehicles as part of a business,

jmv 4fc0945b-f232-4acd-b05a-767cedcb431b.doc
                                       not private sellers
27 to 29           No                  Enables the seizure of certain      Community Protection            WCC (Patrick Rigabie)
                                       goods and equipment that are
                                       deposited in a street in
                                       readiness for unlicensed street
                                       trading and forfeiture without
                                       the need to seek a court order,
                                       in certain circumstances. (For
                                       WCC only, but see below)
30 to 33           No                  Makes identical provisions to       Community Protection            Camden
                                       those above for Camden
34                 No                  Minor amendments to previous        N/A                             N/A
35                 No                  Creates an offence where            All departments that will       N/A
                                       authorised officer acting in the    enforce the provisions in the
                                       exercise of his powers under        Bill
                                       the Act is obstructed
36                 No                  Deals with proving resolutions      N/A                             N/A
                                       in proceedings
27                 No                  Deals with liability of directors   N/A                             N/A
                                       etc. where offence under the
                                       Act is committed by body

London Local Authorities (Shopping Bags) Bill

Clause             Adoptable?          Description                         Relevant Department             Proposed By
1                  The entire Act      Deals with citation and             Environment & Community         Lambeth, Sutton and London
                   will require        commencement                        Protection                      Councils
                   adoption to be
                   brought into

jmv 4fc0945b-f232-4acd-b05a-767cedcb431b.doc
2                  Ditto               Deals with definitions              N/A                       N/A
3                  Ditto               Deals with adoption                 N/A                       N/A
4                  Ditto               Makes provision for the             Environment & Community   London Councils
                                       prohibition of shopping bags,       Protection
                                       which is defined in clause 2 as
                                       being a bag supplied by a
                                       retailer and which has the
                                       primary purpose of carrying
                                       items purchased from that
                                       retailer on the occasion on
                                       which the bag is so supplied
5                  Ditto               Provides for which bags are         Ditto                     Ditto
                                       exempt from the prohibition
6                  Ditto               Makes provision for the service     Ditto                     Ditto
                                       of a penalty charge notice
                                       where bay supplied in
                                       contravention of prohibition
7                  Ditto               Deals with the appointment of       Ditto                     Ditto
                                       authorised officers
8                  Ditto               Creates an offence where            Ditto                     Ditto
                                       authorised officer acting in the
                                       exercise of his powers under
                                       the Act is obstructed
9                  Ditto               Deals with liability of directors   Ditto                     Ditto
                                       etc. where offence under the
                                       Act is committed by body

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