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					                                                                                             NAVIGON                             Premium
                                                                                              . ′ display ( . cm) | Australia & New Zealand

                                                                                                        One Click Menu                     Spoken Street Names
                                                                                                        Bluetooth hands-free kit .         Reality View Pro
                                                                                                        Active Lane Assistant              Safety Alerts
                                                                                                        NAVIGON MyRoutes                   Australian & New Zealand
                                                                                                        Lifetime Traffic Updates           maps
                                                                                                        (TMC)                                years NAVIGON FreshMaps

                 One Click Menu                                                              Lifetime Traffic Updates (TMC)
                 Thanks to the new One Click Menu, there is more free space available        Get early warnings of critical road information such as traffic jams,
                 for the map in normal driving mode. Access to the control panel             roadworks and accidents updated live, hrs a day, days a week.
                 and your three favourite POI’s are viewed by one-click of the display.      Your NAVIGON will also recommend the best course of action, either
                                                                                             through or around the traffic incident. Service currently only available
                 Bluetooth hands-free kit .                                                  in Australia.
                 enables you to attach two telephones at once so you can switch
                 between your private and business phones easily. You won’t even             Spoken Street Names
                 have to go through annoying setup processes. So your hands can              not only reads out distances, but also the names of roads and exits –
                 stay on the steering wheel and your eyes on the road.                       to ensure that you can concentrate on the road.

                 Active Lane Assistant                                                       Reality View Pro
                 provides a realistic display of the actual course of the road including     shows roads not as lines, but realistically, with asphalt and with road
                 curves in a dynamic travelling animation. It not only shows what lane       markings. This makes it easier for you to maintain an overview of
                 you need to change to ahead of time but also when. The distances            motorway junctions and exits.
                 between different turning manoeuvres and lane changes can also be
                 easily calculated thanks to this display. All this ensures that you will    NAVIGON FreshMaps
                 be better able to orientate yourself and are well prepared for the road     A months subscription to NAVIGON FreshMaps is included. NAVIGON
                 ahead. You will be safer on the road and will reach your destination        releases map updates every three months, making FreshMaps the most
                 without stress.                                                             comprehensive map update program in Australia & New Zealand.
                                                                                             Valued at $   when sold separately.
                 NAVIGON MyRoutes
                 Recommends the best route every time, adapted to your personal
                 driving style, the day of the week and the time of day. In addition, your
                 NAVIGON also displays up to two further possible routes, providing a
                 clear choice. Take the recommended route or one of the alternatives.

                 Technical data                                                              Important notes
                                  Display:             . ′-touchscreen in       : -format
                                                                                                System requirements: Windows XP, Vista, Windows respectively
                                                                                                Mac OS X . or higher | min.        MHz | min.      MB RAM | min.       MB
                                  GPS:                SiRF Atlas V                              available hard disk space required for the installation of NAVIGON Fresh |
                                  Operating System:   Windows CE                                Additional hard disk space is required for downloads | Internet connection
                                                                                                (optimal broadband connection) | DVD drive | Adobe Acrobat Reader
                                  Memory:              GB Flash /       MB RAM
                                                                                                Languages: Afrikaans, Belgian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch,
                                  Processor:          SiRF Atlas V (     MHz)                   English, Finnish, French, German, Greek , Hungarian, Italian, Latvian,
                   Maps of        Battery:                 mAh Lithium battery
                                                                                                Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian , Slovakian,
                   Australia &                                                                  Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish.
                   New Zealand    Weight:                 g
                                                                                                TMC coverage currently not available in NZ.
                                  Dimensions:            . mm x        . mm x    . mm           Limited coverage for Reality View Pro in NZ.
                                                                                                Spoken Street Names available in: English.
                                                                                                User Manual and NAVIGON Fresh software available for download at
                 Scope of delivery                                                    

                                     Premium | Quick Start Guide
Date of issue:

                 PNA – NAVIGON
                 Car charger with integrated TMC antenna | Car holder
                 Pre-installed map material | USB cable                                      Except for Bluetooth keyboards.

                 Further information is available at

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