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					S. No.       Organization     Website
         1   Groveware        http://www.groveware.com/index.html
         2   Groveware        http://www.groveware.com/index.html
         3   Groveware        http://www.groveware.com/index.html
         4   Groveware        http://www.groveware.com/index.html
         5   Groveware        http://www.groveware.com/index.html
         6   Quest Software   http://www.quest.com/
         7   Quest Software   http://www.quest.com/
         8   Quest Software   http://www.quest.com/
         9   Quest Software   http://www.quest.com/
     10      Quest Software   http://www.quest.com/
     11      Quest Software   http://www.quest.com/
     12      Quest Software   http://www.quest.com/
     13      Quest Software   http://www.quest.com/
     14      Quest Software   http://www.quest.com/
     15      Quest Software   http://www.quest.com/
     16      Quest Software   http://www.quest.com/
     17      Quest Software   http://www.quest.com/
     18      Quest Software   http://www.quest.com/
     19      Quest Software   http://www.quest.com/
     20      Quest Software   http://www.quest.com/
     21      Quest Software   http://www.quest.com/
     22      Quest Software   http://www.quest.com/
     23      Quest Software   http://www.quest.com/
     24      Quest Software   http://www.quest.com/
     25      Quest Software   http://www.quest.com/
     26      Quest Software   http://www.quest.com/
     27      Quest Software   http://www.quest.com/
     28      Quest Software   http://www.quest.com/
     29      Quest Software   http://www.quest.com/
     30      Quest Software   http://www.quest.com/
     31      Quest Software   http://www.quest.com/
     32      Quest Software   http://www.quest.com/
     33      Quest Software   http://www.quest.com/
     34      Quest Software   http://www.quest.com/
     35      Quest Software   http://www.quest.com/
     36      Quest Software   http://www.quest.com/
     37      Quest Software   http://www.quest.com/
     38      Quest Software   http://www.quest.com/
     39      Quest Software   http://www.quest.com/
     40      Quest Software   http://www.quest.com/
     41      Quest Software   http://www.quest.com/
     42      Quest Software   http://www.quest.com/
     43      Quest Software   http://www.quest.com/
     44      Quest Software   http://www.quest.com/
45   Quest Software             http://www.quest.com/
46   Quest Software             http://www.quest.com/
47   Quest Software             http://www.quest.com/
48   Quest Software             http://www.quest.com/
49   Quest Software             http://www.quest.com/
50   Quest Software             http://www.quest.com/
51   Quest Software             http://www.quest.com/
52   Quest Software             http://www.quest.com/
53   Quest Software             http://www.quest.com/
54   Quest Software             http://www.quest.com/
55   Quest Software             http://www.quest.com/
56   Quest Software             http://www.quest.com/
57   Quest Software             http://www.quest.com/
58   Quest Software             http://www.quest.com/
59   Quest Software             http://www.quest.com/
60   Quest Software             http://www.quest.com/
61   Quest Software             http://www.quest.com/
62   Quest Software             http://www.quest.com/
63   Quest Software             http://www.quest.com/
64   Quest Software             http://www.quest.com/
65   Quest Software             http://www.quest.com/
66   Embracadero Technologies   www.embarcadero.com
67   Embracadero Technologies   www.embarcadero.com
68   Embracadero Technologies   www.embarcadero.com
69   Embracadero Technologies   www.embarcadero.com
70   Embracadero Technologies   www.embarcadero.com
71   Embracadero Technologies   www.embarcadero.com
72   Embracadero Technologies   www.embarcadero.com
73   Embracadero Technologies   www.embarcadero.com
74   Embracadero Technologies   www.embarcadero.com
75   Embracadero Technologies   www.embarcadero.com
76   CORE Digital Pictures      http://www.coredp.com/
77   CORE Digital Pictures      http://www.coredp.com/
78   CORE Digital Pictures      http://www.coredp.com/
79   CORE Digital Pictures      http://www.coredp.com/
80   CORE Digital Pictures      http://www.coredp.com/
81   CORE Digital Pictures      http://www.coredp.com/
82   CORE Digital Pictures      http://www.coredp.com/
83   CORE Digital Pictures      http://www.coredp.com/
84   Logi Software
85   BrightSpark                http://www.brightspark.com/
86   BrightSpark                http://www.brightspark.com/
87   BrightSpark                http://www.brightspark.com/
88   BrightSpark                http://www.brightspark.com/
89   Netmobs                    www.netmobs.com
90   HRO Core Inc.              http://www.hrocore.com/
91   Prognex Corporation        http://www.prognex.com/
92    EnStream                                  http://www.enstream.com/en/index.php
93    EnStream                                  http://www.enstream.com/en/index.php
94    EnStream                                  http://www.enstream.com/en/index.php
95    EnStream                                  http://www.enstream.com/en/index.php
96    EnStream                                  http://www.enstream.com/en/index.php
97    EnStream                                  http://www.enstream.com/en/index.php
98    Allegro Mobile Solutions                  http://www.allegrowireless.com/welcome.html
99    Allegro Mobile Solutions                  http://www.allegrowireless.com/welcome.html
100   Allegro Mobile Solutions                  http://www.allegrowireless.com/welcome.html
101   Allegro Mobile Solutions                  http://www.allegrowireless.com/welcome.html
102   Allegro Mobile Solutions                  http://www.allegrowireless.com/welcome.html
103   Allegro Mobile Solutions                  http://www.allegrowireless.com/welcome.html
104   Allegro Mobile Solutions                  http://www.allegrowireless.com/welcome.html
105   Allegro Mobile Solutions                  http://www.allegrowireless.com/welcome.html
106   Allegro Mobile Solutions                  http://www.allegrowireless.com/welcome.html
107   The Mobile Experience Innovation Centre   http://www.meic.ocad.ca/index.htm
108   Mobi Marketer                             http://www.mobimarketer.com/default.asp
109   Evolution in DesignZ                      http://www.evolutionindesignz.com
110   Codesta                                   www.codesta.com
111   Codesta                                   www.codesta.com
112   Codesta                                   www.codesta.com
113   Codesta                                   www.codesta.com
114   Codesta                                   www.codesta.com
115   Codesta                                   www.codesta.com
116   Codesta                                   www.codesta.com
117   Codesta                                   www.codesta.com
118   Codesta                                   www.codesta.com
119   Rypple                                    www.rypple.com
120   Rypple                                    www.rypple.com
121   Rypple                                    www.rypple.com
122   Rypple                                    www.rypple.com
123   Rypple                                    www.rypple.com
124   Rypple                                    www.rypple.com
125   Rypple                                    www.rypple.com
126   Rypple                                    www.rypple.com
127   Rypple                                    www.rypple.com
128   Rypple                                    www.rypple.com
129   Rypple                                    www.rypple.com
130   Rypple                                    www.rypple.com
131   Spreed Inc.                               www.spreedinc.com
132   Spreed Inc.                               www.spreedinc.com
133   Spreed Inc.                               www.spreedinc.com
134   Spreed Inc.                               www.spreedinc.com
135   Spreed Inc.                               www.spreedinc.com
136   ANGOSS Software                           www.angoss.com
137   ANGOSS Software                           www.angoss.com
138   ANGOSS Software                           www.angoss.com
139   ANGOSS Software                www.angoss.com
140   ANGOSS Software                www.angoss.com
141   ANGOSS Software                www.angoss.com
142   ANGOSS Software                www.angoss.com
143   DJiNN Software Inc.            www.djinnsoft.com
144   DJiNN Software Inc.            www.djinnsoft.com
145   DJiNN Software Inc.            www.djinnsoft.com
146   Maves International Software   www.maves.com
147   Maves International Software   www.maves.com
148   Maves International Software   www.maves.com
149   Maves International Software   www.maves.com
150   TLI Software                   www.tlisoftware.com
151   TLI Software                   www.tlisoftware.com
152   TLI Software                   www.tlisoftware.com
153   PEER 1                         www.peer1.com
154   PEER 1                         www.peer1.com
155   PEER 1                         www.peer1.com
156   PEER 1                         www.peer1.com
157   PEER 1                         www.peer1.com
158   PEER 1                         www.peer1.com
159   PEER 1                         www.peer1.com
160   PEER 1                         www.peer1.com
161   PEER 1                         www.peer1.com
162   PEER 1                         www.peer1.com
163   PEER 1                         www.peer1.com
164   PEER 1                         www.peer1.com
165   PEER 1                         www.peer1.com
166   PEER 1                         www.peer1.com
167   PEER 1                         www.peer1.com
168   PEER 1                         www.peer1.com
169   PEER 1                         www.peer1.com
170   PEER 1                         www.peer1.com
171   PEER 1                         www.peer1.com
172   PEER 1                         www.peer1.com
173   PEER 1                         www.peer1.com
174   PEER 1                         www.peer1.com
175   PEER 1                         www.peer1.com
176   PEER 1                         www.peer1.com
177   PEER 1                         www.peer1.com
178   PEER 1                         www.peer1.com
179   PEER 1                         www.peer1.com
180   PEER 1                         www.peer1.com
181   PEER 1                         www.peer1.com
182   M.R.S. Company Ltd             www.mrscompany.com
183   M.R.S. Company Ltd   www.mrscompany.com
184   M.R.S. Company Ltd   www.mrscompany.com
185   M.R.S. Company Ltd   www.mrscompany.com
186   M.R.S. Company Ltd   www.mrscompany.com
187   M.R.S. Company Ltd   www.mrscompany.com
188   M.R.S. Company Ltd   www.mrscompany.com
189   M.R.S. Company Ltd   www.mrscompany.com
190   M.R.S. Company Ltd   www.mrscompany.com
191   M.R.S. Company Ltd   www.mrscompany.com
192   M.R.S. Company Ltd   www.mrscompany.com
193   M.R.S. Company Ltd   www.mrscompany.com
194   M.R.S. Company Ltd   www.mrscompany.com
195   M.R.S. Company Ltd   www.mrscompany.com
196   M.R.S. Company Ltd   www.mrscompany.com
197   M.R.S. Company Ltd   www.mrscompany.com
198   M.R.S. Company Ltd   www.mrscompany.com
199   Alt.software inc.    http://www.altsoftware.com/index.php
200   OpenX Technologies   http://www.openx.org/
201   OpenX Technologies   http://www.openx.org/
202   OpenX Technologies   http://www.openx.org/
203   OpenX Technologies   http://www.openx.org/
204   OpenX Technologies   http://www.openx.org/
205   OpenX Technologies   http://www.openx.org/
206   OpenX Technologies   http://www.openx.org/
207   OpenX Technologies   http://www.openx.org/
208   OpenX Technologies   http://www.openx.org/
209   OpenX Technologies   http://www.openx.org/
210   OpenX Technologies   http://www.openx.org/
211   OpenX Technologies   http://www.openx.org/
212   OpenX Technologies   http://www.openx.org/
213   OpenX Technologies   http://www.openx.org/
214   Idee Inc.            http://www.ideesoftware.org/
215   Idee Inc.            http://www.ideesoftware.org/
216   Idee Inc.            http://www.ideesoftware.org/
217   Idee Inc.            http://www.ideesoftware.org/
218   Idee Inc.            http://www.ideesoftware.org/
219   Idee Inc.            http://www.ideesoftware.org/
220   Idee Inc.            http://www.ideesoftware.org/
221   ezWare Systems Inc
222   Farelogix.com Inc.   www.farelogix.com
223   Farelogix.com Inc.   www.farelogix.com
224   Farelogix.com Inc.   www.farelogix.com
225   Farelogix.com Inc.   www.farelogix.com
226   Farelogix.com Inc.   www.farelogix.com
227   Farelogix.com Inc.   www.farelogix.com
228   Farelogix.com Inc.   www.farelogix.com
229   Farelogix.com Inc.                     www.farelogix.com
230   Veltion Logistics Execution Software   www.veltion.ca
231   Amdocs                                 http://www.amdocs.com/os/home/home.htm
232   Amdocs                                 http://www.amdocs.com/os/home/home.htm
233   Amdocs                                 http://www.amdocs.com/os/home/home.htm
234   Amdocs                                 http://www.amdocs.com/os/home/home.htm
235   Amdocs                                 http://www.amdocs.com/os/home/home.htm
236   Amdocs                                 http://www.amdocs.com/os/home/home.htm
237   Amdocs                                 http://www.amdocs.com/os/home/home.htm
238   Amdocs                                 http://www.amdocs.com/os/home/home.htm
239   Amdocs                                 http://www.amdocs.com/os/home/home.htm
240   Amdocs                                 http://www.amdocs.com/os/home/home.htm
241   Amdocs                                 http://www.amdocs.com/os/home/home.htm
242   Amdocs                                 http://www.amdocs.com/os/home/home.htm
243   Amdocs                                 http://www.amdocs.com/os/home/home.htm
244   Amdocs                                 http://www.amdocs.com/os/home/home.htm
245   Amdocs                                 http://www.amdocs.com/os/home/home.htm
246   Amdocs                                 http://www.amdocs.com/os/home/home.htm
247   Amdocs                                 http://www.amdocs.com/os/home/home.htm
248   Amdocs                                 http://www.amdocs.com/os/home/home.htm
249   Amdocs                                 http://www.amdocs.com/os/home/home.htm
250   Amdocs                                 http://www.amdocs.com/os/home/home.htm
251   Amdocs                                 http://www.amdocs.com/os/home/home.htm
252   Amdocs                                 http://www.amdocs.com/os/home/home.htm
253   Amdocs                                 http://www.amdocs.com/os/home/home.htm
254   Amdocs                                 http://www.amdocs.com/os/home/home.htm
255   Amdocs                                 http://www.amdocs.com/os/home/home.htm
256   Amdocs                                 http://www.amdocs.com/os/home/home.htm
257   Amdocs                                 http://www.amdocs.com/os/home/home.htm
258   Amdocs                                 http://www.amdocs.com/os/home/home.htm
259   Amdocs                                 http://www.amdocs.com/os/home/home.htm
260   Amdocs                                 http://www.amdocs.com/os/home/home.htm
261   Amdocs                                 http://www.amdocs.com/os/home/home.htm
262   Amdocs                                 http://www.amdocs.com/os/home/home.htm
263   Amdocs                                 http://www.amdocs.com/os/home/home.htm
264   Amdocs                                 http://www.amdocs.com/os/home/home.htm
265   Amdocs                                 http://www.amdocs.com/os/home/home.htm
266   Amdocs                                 http://www.amdocs.com/os/home/home.htm
267   Amdocs                                 http://www.amdocs.com/os/home/home.htm
268   Amdocs                                 http://www.amdocs.com/os/home/home.htm
269   Amdocs                                 http://www.amdocs.com/os/home/home.htm
270   Amdocs                                 http://www.amdocs.com/os/home/home.htm
271   Amdocs                                 http://www.amdocs.com/os/home/home.htm
272   Amdocs                                 http://www.amdocs.com/os/home/home.htm
273   Amdocs                                 http://www.amdocs.com/os/home/home.htm
274   Amdocs                         http://www.amdocs.com/os/home/home.htm
275   Amdocs                         http://www.amdocs.com/os/home/home.htm
276   Amdocs                         http://www.amdocs.com/os/home/home.htm
277   Amdocs                         http://www.amdocs.com/os/home/home.htm
278   Amdocs                         http://www.amdocs.com/os/home/home.htm
279   Amdocs                         http://www.amdocs.com/os/home/home.htm
280   Amdocs                         http://www.amdocs.com/os/home/home.htm
281   Intelliware Development Inc.   http://www.intelliware.ca/index.html
282   Intelliware Development Inc.   http://www.intelliware.ca/index.html
283   Intelliware Development Inc.   http://www.intelliware.ca/index.html
284   Intelliware Development Inc.   http://www.intelliware.ca/index.html
285   Intelliware Development Inc.   http://www.intelliware.ca/index.html
286   Intelliware Development Inc.   http://www.intelliware.ca/index.html
287   Intelliware Development Inc.   http://www.intelliware.ca/index.html
288   Intelliware Development Inc.   http://www.intelliware.ca/index.html
289   Intelliware Development Inc.   http://www.intelliware.ca/index.html
290   Intelliware Development Inc.   http://www.intelliware.ca/index.html
291   Intelliware Development Inc.   http://www.intelliware.ca/index.html
292   Intelliware Development Inc.   http://www.intelliware.ca/index.html
293   Intelliware Development Inc.   http://www.intelliware.ca/index.html
294   Intelliware Development Inc.   http://www.intelliware.ca/index.html
295   Intelliware Development Inc.   http://www.intelliware.ca/index.html
296   Intelliware Development Inc.   http://www.intelliware.ca/index.html
297   Intelliware Development Inc.   http://www.intelliware.ca/index.html
298   Mayford Technologies           http://www.mayford.ca/
299   F5 Site Design                 www.f5sitedesign.com
300   Venngo Inc.                    http://www.venngo.com/
301   Venngo Inc.                    http://www.venngo.com/
302   Venngo Inc.                    http://www.venngo.com/
303   Venngo Inc.                    http://www.venngo.com/
304   Artiso Corporation             http://visualcase.com/index.htm
305   Avanti Computer Systems        http://www.avantisystems.com/index.htm
306   Avanti Computer Systems        http://www.avantisystems.com/index.htm
307   Avanti Computer Systems        http://www.avantisystems.com/index.htm
308   Avanti Computer Systems        http://www.avantisystems.com/index.htm
309   Avanti Computer Systems        http://www.avantisystems.com/index.htm
310   Avanti Computer Systems        http://www.avantisystems.com/index.htm
311   Avanti Computer Systems        http://www.avantisystems.com/index.htm
312   Avanti Computer Systems        http://www.avantisystems.com/index.htm
313   Avanti Computer Systems        http://www.avantisystems.com/index.htm
314   A.I.M. Group Canada Ltd.       www.aimgroupcanada.com
315   iVedha                         www.ivedha.com
316   iVedha                         www.ivedha.com
317   iVedha                         www.ivedha.com
318   iVedha                         www.ivedha.com
319   iVedha                          www.ivedha.com
320   iVedha                          www.ivedha.com
321   iVedha                          www.ivedha.com
322   Omazo Ventures Inc.             www.omazo.com
323   Omazo Ventures Inc.             www.omazo.com
324   Omazo Ventures Inc.             www.omazo.com
325   Omazo Ventures Inc.             www.omazo.com
326   Omazo Ventures Inc.             www.omazo.com
327   NetShelter Technology Media     www.netshelter.net
328   NetShelter Technology Media     www.netshelter.net
329   NetShelter Technology Media     www.netshelter.net
330   NetShelter Technology Media     www.netshelter.net
331   NetShelter Technology Media     www.netshelter.net
332   NetShelter Technology Media     www.netshelter.net
333   NetShelter Technology Media     www.netshelter.net
334   NetShelter Technology Media     www.netshelter.net
335   NetShelter Technology Media     www.netshelter.net
336   NetShelter Technology Media     www.netshelter.net
337   NetShelter Technology Media     www.netshelter.net
338   JLA Ventures                    www.jlaventures.com
339   JLA Ventures                    www.jlaventures.com
340   JLA Ventures                    www.jlaventures.com
341   JLA Ventures                    www.jlaventures.com
342   JLA Ventures                    www.jlaventures.com
343   JLA Ventures                    www.jlaventures.com
344   Celtic House Venture Partners   www.celtic-house.com
345   Celtic House Venture Partners   www.celtic-house.com
346   Celtic House Venture Partners   www.celtic-house.com
347   Celtic House Venture Partners   www.celtic-house.com
348   Celtic House Venture Partners   www.celtic-house.com
349   Edentity Web Systems Inc.       www.edentity.ca
350   Edentity Web Systems Inc.       www.edentity.ca
351   Edentity Web Systems Inc.       www.edentity.ca
352   Lucid Communications            www.lucidcommunications.ca
353   Enomaly                         www.enomaly.com
354   Enomaly                         www.enomaly.com
355   Enomaly                         www.enomaly.com
356   Enomaly                         www.enomaly.com
357   Enomaly                         www.enomaly.com
358   NetSuite, Inc.                  www.netsuite.com
359   NetSuite, Inc.                  www.netsuite.com
360   NetSuite, Inc.                  www.netsuite.com
361   NetSuite, Inc.                  www.netsuite.com
362   NetSuite, Inc.                  www.netsuite.com
363   NetSuite, Inc.             www.netsuite.com
364   NetSuite, Inc.             www.netsuite.com
365   NetSuite, Inc.             www.netsuite.com
366   NetSuite, Inc.             www.netsuite.com
367   NetSuite, Inc.             www.netsuite.com
368   NetSuite, Inc.             www.netsuite.com
369   NetSuite, Inc.             www.netsuite.com
370   NetSuite, Inc.             www.netsuite.com
371   NetSuite, Inc.             www.netsuite.com
372   NetSuite, Inc.             www.netsuite.com
373   NetSuite, Inc.             www.netsuite.com
374   NetSuite, Inc.             www.netsuite.com
375   NetSuite, Inc.             www.netsuite.com
376   NetSuite, Inc.             www.netsuite.com
377   NetSuite, Inc.             www.netsuite.com
378   NetSuite, Inc.             www.netsuite.com
379   NetSuite, Inc.             www.netsuite.com
380   NetSuite, Inc.             www.netsuite.com
381   NetSuite, Inc.             www.netsuite.com
382   NetSuite, Inc.             www.netsuite.com
383   NetSuite, Inc.             www.netsuite.com
384   NetSuite, Inc.             www.netsuite.com
385   NetSuite, Inc.             www.netsuite.com
386   NetSuite, Inc.             www.netsuite.com
387   NetSuite, Inc.             www.netsuite.com
388   NetSuite, Inc.             www.netsuite.com
389   NetSuite, Inc.             www.netsuite.com
390   NetSuite, Inc.             www.netsuite.com
391   NetSuite, Inc.             www.netsuite.com
392   NetSuite, Inc.             www.netsuite.com
393   HomeStars                  http://homestars.com
394   HomeStars                  http://homestars.com
395   HomeStars                  http://homestars.com
396   HomeStars                  http://homestars.com
397   Fonolo                     http://fonolo.com
398   Fonolo                     http://fonolo.com
399   Fonolo                     http://fonolo.com
400   Advanced Utility Systems   www.advancedutility.com
401   Advanced Utility Systems   www.advancedutility.com
402   Advanced Utility Systems   www.advancedutility.com
403   Advanced Utility Systems   www.advancedutility.com
404   Advanced Utility Systems   www.advancedutility.com
405   Advanced Utility Systems   www.advancedutility.com
406   Advanced Utility Systems   www.advancedutility.com
407   Advanced Utility Systems           www.advancedutility.com
408   Advanced Utility Systems           www.advancedutility.com
409   Advanced Utility Systems           www.advancedutility.com
410   Advanced Utility Systems           www.advancedutility.com
411   Fusepoint Managed Services         www.fusepoint.com
412   Fusepoint Managed Services         www.fusepoint.com
413   Fusepoint Managed Services         www.fusepoint.com
414   Fusepoint Managed Services         www.fusepoint.com
415   Fusepoint Managed Services         www.fusepoint.com
416   Fusepoint Managed Services         www.fusepoint.com
417   Fusepoint Managed Services         www.fusepoint.com
418   Fusepoint Managed Services         www.fusepoint.com
419   Fusepoint Managed Services         www.fusepoint.com
420   Fusepoint Managed Services         www.fusepoint.com
421   Fusepoint Managed Services         www.fusepoint.com
422   Fusepoint Managed Services         www.fusepoint.com
423   Fusepoint Managed Services         www.fusepoint.com
424   Fusepoint Managed Services         www.fusepoint.com
425   Fusepoint Managed Services         www.fusepoint.com
426   Cybernomics                        www.cybernomics.net
427   Cybernomics                        www.cybernomics.net
428   Cybernomics                        www.cybernomics.net
429   Cybernomics                        www.cybernomics.net
430   T4G Limited                        www.t4g.com
431   T4G Limited                        www.t4g.com
432   T4G Limited                        www.t4g.com
433   T4G Limited                        www.t4g.com
434   T4G Limited                        www.t4g.com
435   T4G Limited                        www.t4g.com
436   T4G Limited                        www.t4g.com
437   T4G Limited                        www.t4g.com
438   T4G Limited                        www.t4g.com
439   T4G Limited                        www.t4g.com
440   T4G Limited                        www.t4g.com
441   T4G Limited                        www.t4g.com
442   T4G Limited                        www.t4g.com
443   T4G Limited                        www.t4g.com
444   T4G Limited                        www.t4g.com
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Elena        Neroslavskaya
Vincent      Smith
Douglas      Garn
Paul         Garver
Aggie        Haslup
Kim          Kinnison
Carol        Fawcett
Billy        Bosworth
Brett        Howser
Jerid        Johnson
Melanie      Kacerek
David        Mastren
Jeff         Thorpe
Anthony      Moillic
Daphne       Kent
Lora         Deeds
Krystal      Jones
Sara         O'Malley
Betsy        Mendenhall
Amy          Kemnic
Vineetha     Abraham
Dirk         Wahlefeld
Oren         Yomorta
Jim          Gary
Nick         Harman
Ashley       Tackett
Marty        Loveless
Tony         Hughes
Angi         Eagan
Paul         Salerno
Scott        Gedicks
Alexander    Stepanoff
Pamela       Jorgensen
Patrick      O'Keeffe
Branko       Vukosavljevic
Daniel       Norwood
Blake        Reikofski
Jill         Mastroianni
Jason        Chang
Tom          Willis
Rakesh      Jain
Chad        Froomkin
Deb         Randel
Doug        Wright
Jamie       Manuel
David       Christian
Tim         Fritz
Eddy        Ng
Anna        Morris
Michael     Ruggieri
Jeff        Currier
James       Cheung
Mike        Plavsky
Dan         Clifford
Doc         O'connor
Alexey      Korotich
Ian         Davidson
Doug        Snow
Dirk        Muller
Elizabeth   Byers
Stephanie   Dorame
Wayne       D. Williams
James       Pitts
Tony        Lama
Michael     Swindell
Jan         Liband
Nigel       Brown
David       Intersimone
Michelle    Chase
Lisa        Flores
Elissa      Walkey
Justin      Ottley
Kyle        Menzies
Lisa        Bechard
Bret        Culp
Candice     Day
Sean        Kim
Robert      Munroe
Paul        Waggoner
Vadim       Katcherovski
Mark        Skapinker
Tony        Davis
Sophie      Forest
Jack        Milunsky
Jeremy      Wrigh
Bryan       Burns
Yang        Yu
Robin      Dua
Sanjay     Dhawan
Aran       Hamilton
Elayne     Miles
Emmett     Batke
Trevor     Young
Mark       Steen
Wayne      Hammerschlag
Eric       Rutherford
Lisa       Cheng
Savino     Griesi
Russ       Newth
Gary       Lamb
Gajendra   Ratnavel
Anthony    D'Errico
Michele    Perras
Carey      Mende-Gibson
Ronnie     Chatterjee
Andy       Mutz
Joseph     Molnar
Pat        McCarten
Rob        Osborne
Dan        Bowman
Joe        Nowak
Oliver     Chan
Eric       Boyer
Jordan     Brown
Daniel     Debow
David      Stein
George     Babu
Tihomir    Bajic
Ryan       Dewsbury
David      Priemer
Nat        Rottenberg
Austin     Tam
James      Tam
James      Wu
Adam       Little
Jay        Goldman
Patrick    Keefe
Anthony    Novac
Suhail     Mirza
Dave       Coleman
Rami       Michael
Lon        Vining
Mamdouh    Refaat
Eric       Apps
Brandon      Kane
Jeffrey      Noronha
Roxanne      Cole
David        Stott
David        Robert
Brian        Labelle
Dave         Cherkassky
Juliana      Dickie
Richard      Forkun
Tim          Holmes
Aaron        Laird
Geoff        Newman
Aneesh       Kumar
Viola        Jacob
Dominic      Monkhouse
Lance        Tracey
Fabio        Banducci
Gary         Sherlock
Ted          Smith
Robert       Miggins
Tricia       Hollyer
Jad          Jebara
Ryan         Murphey
Rajan        Sodhi
Dave         Mccrossen
Emma         Lauder
Paul         Ellison
Stewart      Culbreth
Lee          Hadsock
Gregory      Napier
Jorge        Quintero
Traynor      Alexander
Owen         Morley
Anthony      Vila
Debbie       Rook
Ryan         Cole
Cliff        Akridge
Chris        Diganci
Michael      Mazzei
Jason        Mosher
Alessandro   Douvis
Marco        Prechel
Marcela      Peake
Matin        Rahman
Alex        Perklin
Gerry       Gelsing
Ramesh      Jackpaul
Mario       Zaborski
Gus         Manios
Peter       Morrison
Mark        Eagleson
Mark        Reddy
Karim       Ayache
Göran       Alm
Sureshwar   Mahey
Elizabeth   Gruening
Krissy      Johnson
Phoebe      Marshall
Elena       Korennaya
Karim       Ayache
Dan         Joncas
Tim         Cadogan
John        Linden
Jason       Fairchild
Scott       Switzer
Rick        Gombos
Al          Duncan
Michael     Lum
Matt        Plummer
Chris       Pirch
Melany      Libraro
Joanna      Mazgaj
Mariusz     Benedyk
James       Kung
Steve       Dang
Andrei      Stoiciu
Abdolreza   Yousefi
Hans        Trautmann
Carolann    White
Moez        Mharouech
Martine     Vong
Hendrik     Knaepen
Peter       Chambers
Jim         Davidson
Rajiv       Aggarwal
Tim         Reiz
Dana        Moo-Young
Sue         Carter
Nancy       Moore
Elizabeth   Gonzalez
Michael     Zumdieck
Anthony     Halkeas
Anthony     Piniella
Holly       Rossetti
Thomas      O'Brien
Ravi        Parab
Swati       Pimpalkar
Jackie      Swanson
Eliav       Kling
Donna       Rowlands
Eyal        Dlugovitzky
Joe         Nichols
Eyal        Schneid
Drew        Kelly
Chris       Stephenson
Shiva       Ramachandran
Dean        Silverman
Kevin       Russo
Alon        Segal
Christian   Kolinug
Sharada     Nandakumar
Ron         Montgomery
Rod         Boothman
Sameer      Soman
Ariel       Eshkol
Tal         Givoly
Nir         Hezroni
Eran        Maya
Alex        Girshovich
Dov         Zirinsky
Dalit       Shapira
Ela         Radzi
Adi         Weshler
Ofer        Aviam
Spencer     Ballard
Semen       Tremsin
Miri        Duenias
Uri         Shamir
Sharon      Geppert
Yaal        Sela
Seth        Nesbitt
Hani        Berger
Amir        Karmin
Rajali      Petkar
John        Skow
Allon      Dafner
Sergei     Berezovsky
Limor      Zausnitzer
Yossi      Cohen
Avner      Cohen
Anat       Stern
Yossi      Zohar
Greg       McKenzie
Greg       Betty
Glen       Johnson
Bruno      Schmidt
Steve      Wargalla
Robert     Mitchell
Steve      Wargalla
Lawrence   Ludlow
Maria      Trautmann
Caren      DesBrisay
Craig      Medland
Cesar      Farell
Chris      Kay
Keith      Shiner
Darrin     Parker
David      Jones
Gordon     Cameron
Dave       Rooney
Paul       Rooney
Amel       Kurmally
Chris      Davis
Brent      Stucke
Tom        Iulis
John       Lucas
Steve      Rapp
Michele    Toohey-Reed
T.J.       Walia
Stephen    McWilliam
Josh       Perkins
David      Ball-Quenneville
Cathey     Kilner
Zehava     Tyberg
Tim        Dol
Mark       Groulx
Ross       Pestell
Kumar      Ratnam
Sandy      Ozols
Rohit      Sharma
Vijay       Chellakumar
Steve       Williams
Badsha      Banerjee
Alan        Mcmillan
Anton       Rhyn
Paul        Lupinacci
David       Longden
Nick        Serhiyenko
Michael     Lamattina
Patrick     Houston
Derek       Moulaison
Brian       Cronin
Derek       Moulaison
Richard     Brindley
Nicole      Lauderdale
Pirouz      Nilforoush
Stephanie   Hamid
Eric        Kazanjian
Laura       Gaffney
John        Albright
Tawfiq      Arafat
Pierre      Donaldson
Marc        Faucher
Kevin       Patterson
David       Dufresne
David       Adderley
Brian       Antonen
Roger       Maggs
Tomas       Valis
Julie       Fallon
Michael     Assad
Joel        Varty
Justin      Lafontaine
Michelle    Calvert
Richard     Reiner
Reuven      Cohen
George      Bazos
Lars        Forsberg
Derek       Anderson
Mei         Li
Evan        Goldberg
Zach        Nelson
Jim         Mcgeever
James       Ramsey
Tim         Dilley
David       Downing
Hajime      Tamura
Stephen     Sydes
John        Foerster
Douglas     Picard
Bob         Capriles
Christian   Marbella
Frank       Vettese
Trevor      Mactaggart
Dan         Voss
David       Geilhufe
Daniel      Chang
Joni        Angkasa
Christina   Rohall
Mike        Remington
Patricia    Mercado
Jay         Lad
Chris       Schafer
Erik        Pfeifle
Christian   Marbella
Eileen      Tobias
Jennifer    Ponciano
Prabhat     Behera
Steve       Clode
Malin       Huffman
Joanne      Coleman
Cathy       Cadigan
Mayumi      Stroy
Derec       Davies
Nancy       Peterson
Andrew      Goodman
Brian       Sharwood
Jodi        Showers
Shai        Berger
Jason       Bigue
Mike        Pultz
Shannon     Campbell
Steven      Hammond
Peter       Fanous
Bob         Campbell
Stacey      Aukamp
Karla       Musick
Sophie      Peios
Steven      White
Virginia    Moraru
James       Rankin
Terry       Ridyard
Roger       Hamshaw
George      Kerns
Dante       Scocchia
Martin      Landreville
Randy       Fougere
Jean-Yves   St-Arnaud
Melanie     Leclaire
Karen       Edwards
Yanik       Coppenolle
Roland      Windisch
Marie       Bédard
Mladen      Jovanovic
Bogdan      Popazu
John        Pitkin
David       Gao
Richard     Talbot
Leslie      Park
Michael     Kolodziejski
Jean        Baudry
Geoff       Flood
Paul        Barter
Michael     Cottenden
Mark        Fraser
Shawn       Crabtree
David       Saevitzon
Steve       Walintschek
Tricia      Macleod
Darren      Schisler
David       Baxter
Evan        Sommerville
Alice       Lam
Irene       Yeung
Cynthia     Vossah
Ernie       Taylor
Rodney      Steeves
Lianne      Giswold
Bruce       Mcewan
Karl        Sewlochan
Micheal     Dine
Steven      Darling
Kevin        McIntoshq
Richard      Underwood
Alex         Sirota
Steve        Ekstrom
Michael      Wright
Kara         Vernon
Rachel       Harris
Paul         Goldenberg
David        Tessler
Kevin        Kimsa
Geoff        Wells
Jeff         Koets
Gregory      Parsons
Shiyamalan   Sundarananda
Daniel       Tate
Satyam       Patel
Nick         Lisi
Adam         Rubin
Richard      Singh
Jim          Barcza
Ann          Mooney
Jessica      Kosmack
Chris        Castle
Prateek      Dwivedi
Brain        Cole
Paul         MacKenzie
John         MacKenzie
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President and CEO                                  hrair@groveware.com
Manager Marketing                                  murilo@groveware.com
Manager Marketing                                  danb@groveware.com
Communication Manager                              laurieh@groveware.com
Communication Manager                              elenan@groveware.com
Executive Chairman                                 vinny.smith@quest.com
Chief Executive Officer and President              doug.garn@quest.com
Vice President, Public Sector                      paul.garver@quest.com
Vice President, Worldwide Marketing                aggie.haslup@quest.com
Vice President, Worldwide Support                  kim.kinnison@quest.com
Vice President, Global Information Services        carol.fawcett@quest.com
VP & GM, Enterprise Database Unit                  billy.bosworth@quest.com
Sr. Director, WW Sales Operations                  brett.howser@quest.com
Director, Technical Support                        jerid.johnson@quest.com
Director of IP Management                          melanie.kacerek@quest.com
Director, Technical Support                        david.mastren@quest.com
Director, MS Global Alliance                       jeff.thorpe@quest.com
Technical Director                                 anthony.moillic@quest.com
Manager, Analyst/Public Relations                  Daphne.Kent@quest.com
Manager, Analyst/Public Relations                  Lora.Deeds@quest.com
Manager, Analyst/Public Relations                  krystal.jones@quest.com
Manager, Analyst/Public Relations                  sara.omalley@quest.com
Manager, Analyst/Public Relations                  betsy.mendenhall@quest.com
Manager, Analyst/Public Relations                  amy.kemnic@quest.com
Manager, Software Development                      vineetha.abraham@quest.com
Manager, Solution Architect                        dirk.wahlefeld@quest.com
Territory Manager                                  oren.yomorta@quest.com
Program Manager                                    jim.gary@quest.com
Product Manager                                    nick.harman@quest.com
Manager Direct Marketing                           ashley.tackett@quest.com
Product Marketing Manager                             marty.loveless@quest.com
Manager, Technical Support                            tony.hughes@quest.com
Manager, Operations and Facilities                    angi.eagan@quest.com
Application and Database Performance Manager          paul.salerno@quest.com
Customer Solutions Manager                            scott.gedicks@quest.com
Senior Manager, Software Development                  alexander.stepanoff@quest.com
Partner Manager                                       pamela.jorgensen@quest.com
Senior Development Manager                            patrick.okeeffe@quest.com
Territory Manager                                     branko.vukosavljevic@quest.com
Product Manager                                       daniel.norwood@quest.com
Professional Services Manager                         blake.reikofski@quest.com
Marketing Manager                                     jill.mastroianni@quest.com
Marketing Operations Business Analyst/Project Manager jason.chang@quest.com
Sr Manager, Software Development                      tom.willis@quest.com
Development Manager, QA                             rakesh.jain@quest.com
Territory Manager                                   chad.froomkin@quest.com
Campaign Project Manager                            deb.randel@quest.com
Senior Manager of Software Development              doug.wright@quest.com
Product Marketing Manager                           jamie.manuel@quest.com
Mgr, Software Development                           david.christian@quest.com
Manager of Solution Architecture                    tim.fritz@quest.com
Software Development Manager                        eddy.ng@quest.com
Technical Support Manager                           anna.morris@quest.com
Regional Manager                                    michael.ruggieri@quest.com
Manager - Strategic System                          jeff.currier@quest.com
Support Manager                                     james.cheung@quest.com
Sr Mgr, Software Development                        mike.plavsky@quest.com
Manager                                             dan.clifford@quest.com
PSO Database Solutions Mgr                          doc.oconnor@quest.com
Senior Program Manager                              alexey.korotich@quest.com
Manager Solution Architect                          ian.davidson@quest.com
Sr. Manager, Software Development                   doug.snow@quest.com
Partner Manager                                     dirk.muller@quest.com
Benefits Manager                                    elizabeth.byers@quest.com
Manager, Demand Generation                          stephanie.dorame@quest.com
Chief Executive Officer                             wayne.williams@embarcadero.com
Chief Technology Officer                            james.pitts@embarcadero.com
SVP of Worldwide Research and Development           tony.lama@embarcadero.com
Vice President of Products                          michael.swindell@embarcadero.com
Vice President of Marketing                         jan.liband@embarcadero.com
Vice President and General Manager, International   nigel.brown@embarcadero.com
Chief Evangelist, Developer Tools                   david.intersimone@embarcadero.com
Communication Manager                               michelle.chase@embarcadero.com
Communication Manager                               Lisa.flores@embarcadero.com
Communication Manager                               elissa.walkey@embarcadero.com
Communication Manager                               ottley@coredp.com
VP of CORE. Digital Pictures                        kyle@coredp.com
Director of Production                              lisa@coredp.com
Head of VFX                                         bret@coredp.com
Executive Producer                                  candice@coredp.com
Technical Director                                  sean@coredp.com
CEO                                                 robert@coredp.com
Technical Director                                  paul@coredp.com
President                                           vadim@logicsoftware.net
Co-founder and Managing Partner of Brightspark.     mark@brightspark.com
Co-founder and Managing Partner of Brightspark      tony@brightspark.com
Managing Partner                                    sophie@brightspark.com
Chief Operating Officer                             jack@brightspark.com
President                                           jeremy@netmobs.com
CEO                                                 bryan@hrocore.com
CEO                                                 yangyu@prognex.com
President                                robin.dua@enstream.com
Vice President, Finance                  sanjay.dhawan@enstream.com
Vice President, Strategic Partnerships   aran.hamilton@enstream.com
Director, Marketing & Communications     elayne.miles@enstream.com
Marketing Manager                        emmett.batke@enstream.com
Manager, Product Development             trevor.young@enstream.com
Marketing Manager                        mark@allegrowireless.com
Marketing Manager                        wayne@allegrowireless.com
Marketing Manager                        eric@allegrowireless.com
Marketing Manager                        lisa.cheng@allegrowireless.com
CEO                                      savino@allegrowireless.com
Marketing Manager                        russ@allegrowireless.com
Senior Solutions Architect               gary@allegrowireless.com
Project Manager                          gajendra@allegrowireless.com
Director, IT                             anthony@allegrowireless.com
Project Manager                          mperras@ocad.ca
Marketing Manager                        carey@mobimarketer.com
General Manager                          ronnie@evolutionindesignz.com
Founding Director                        amutz@codesta.com
Founding Director                        jmolnar@codesta.com
Managing Director                        pmccarten@codesta.com
Director of Engineering                  rosborne@codesta.com
Associate Director                       dbowman@codesta.com
QA, Manager                              jnowak@codesta.com
Manager, Software Development            ochan@codesta.com
Manager, Software Development            eboyer@codesta.com
Manager, Software Development            jbrown@codesta.com
Co-CEO                                   ddebow@rypple.com
Co-CEO                                   dstein@rypple.com
Corporate Development Director           gbabu@rypple.com
Development Manager                      tbajic@rypple.com
Development Manager                      rdewsbury@rypple.com
Product & Community Manager              dpriemer@rypple.com
Marketing & Communications Manager       nrottenberg@rypple.com
Development Manager                      atam@rypple.com
Development Manager                      jtam@rypple.com
Marketing & Communications Manager       jwu@rypple.com
Front-end Designer & Developer,Manager   alittle@rypple.com
Marketing & Communications Manager       jgoldman@rypple.com
Co-Founder                               patrick@spreedinc.com
CEO & Co-founder                         anthony@spreedinc.com
Co-Founder                               suhail@spreedinc.com
Director of Marketing                    dave@spreedinc.com
Senior Architect,Manager                 rami@spreedinc.com
Chief Financial Officer                  lvining@angoss.com
Director                                 mrefaat@angoss.com
President                                eapps@angoss.com
Senior Manager, Software Development           bkane@angoss.com
Marketing Manager                              jnoronha@angoss.com
License Manager & Sales/Marketing Manager      rcole@angoss.com
Director, Product Management                   dstott@angoss.com
Owner                                          drobert@djinnsoft.com
Senior Software Development, Manager           blabelle@djinnsoft.com
VP of Software Development                     dcherk@djinnsoft.com
Communications Manager                         jdickie@maves.com
Manager Business Services                      rforkun@maves.com
Director Marketing & Sales Support             tholmes@maves.com
President                                      alaird@maves.com
Managing Director                              Geoff.Newman@tlisoftware.com
Senior Project Manager                         aneesh.k@tlisoftware.com
Call Center Manager                            viola.jacob@tlisoftware.com
Managing Director                              dmonkhouse@peer1.com
Co-founder and Executive Chairman              ltracey@peer1.com
President and CEO                              fbanducci@peer1.com
Executive VP and CFO                           gsherlock@peer1.com
Senior VP, Operations                          tsmith@peer1.com
Senior VP                                      rmiggins@peer1.com
VP                                             thollyer@peer1.com
VP, IT                                         jjebara@peer1.com
VP, Data Center Operations                     rmurphey@peer1.com
VP, Marketing and Communications               rsodhi@peer1.com
Marketing Director                             dmccrossen@peer1.com
Client Relations Manager                       elauder@peer1.com
Director of Procurement                        pellison@peer1.com
Product Engineering Manager                    sculbreth@peer1.com
Marketing Manager                              lhadsock@peer1.com
Operations Manager                             gnapier@peer1.com
Director, Business Intelligence                jquintero@peer1.com
Data Center Manager                            talexander@peer1.com
Data Centre Manager                            omorley@peer1.com
Manager, Atlanta Data Center Operations        avila@peer1.com
Product Manager                                drook@peer1.com
Manager of Client Relations                    rcole@peer1.com
IT Operations, Manager                         cakridge@peer1.com
IT Manager                                     cdiganci@peer1.com
Data Center Manager                            mmazzei@peer1.com
Network Operations Center Manager              jmosher@peer1.com
Manager, Backups and Data Storage Department   adouvis@peer1.com
Operations Manager                             mprechel@peer1.com
Communications Manager                         mpeake@peer1.com
Communications Manager                         matinr@mrscompany.com
President and CEO                                      alexp@mrscompany.com
Chairman & Technologist                                gerryg@mrscompany.com
Director, Consulting Services Group                    rameshj@mrscompany.com
Director, Marketing                                    marioz@mrscompany.com
Director, Technology & Solutions                       gusm@mrscompany.com
Director of Project Management                         peterm@mrscompany.com
Manager                                                marke@mrscompany.com
General Manager                                        markr@mrscompany.com
Manager                                                karima@mrscompany.com
Director                                               gorana@mrscompany.com
Manager                                                sureshwarm@mrscompany.com
Marketing Manager                                      elizabethg@mrscompany.com
Marketing Manager                                      krissyj@mrscompany.com
Manager                                                phoebem@mrscompany.com
QA, Manager                                            elenak@mrscompany.com
Manager                                                karima@mrscompany.com
VP Marketing                                           dan@altsoftware.com
Chief Executive Officer                                tim.cadogan@openx.org
Chief Technology Officer                               john.linden@openx.org
Head of Business & Partnerships                        jason.fairchild@openx.org
Head of Community                                      scott.switzer@openx.org
Head of Finance & Operations                           rick.gombos@openx.org
Head of Communications                                 al.duncan@openx.org
Head of Platforms and Infrastructure                   michael.lum@openx.org
Manager Product Management                             matt.plummer@openx.org
Manager Client Services                                chris.pirch@openx.org
Marketing Director                                     melany.libraro@openx.org
Manager QA                                             joanna.mazgaj@openx.org
Office Manager                                         mariusz.benedyk@openx.org
Product Manager                                        james.kung@openx.org
Sr. Manager - Finance & Business Analytics             steve.dang@openx.org
Executive director                                     andrei.stoiciu@ideesoftware.com
Owner                                                  abdolreza.yousefi@ideesoftware.com
Managing Director                                      hans.trautmann@ideesoftware.com
Manager Opertaion                                      carolann.white@ideesoftware.com
Manager Software                                       moez.mharouech@ideesoftware.com
Manager Software                                       martine.vong@ideesoftware.com
Communication Manager                                  hendrik.knaepen@ideesoftware.com
Communication Manager                                  pchambers@ezware.net
CEO                                                    jdavidson@farelogix.com
VP, Business Development & Marketing                   raggarwal@farelogix.com
CTO                                                    treiz@farelogix.com
Vice President Operations                              dmooyoung@farelogix.com
VP Product Marketing                                   scarter@farelogix.com
Director of Pricing, Ticketing, & Revenue Management   nmoore@farelogix.com
Implementation Project Manager                         egonzalez@farelogix.com
Director of Product Definition                      mzumdieck@farelogix.com
Managing Director                                   ahalkeas@veltion.ca
Director, Corporate Communications                  Anthony.Piniella@amdocs.com
Director, Global Public Relations                   Holly.Rossetti@amdocs.com
Treasure and Vice President of Investor Relations   thomas.obrien@amdocs.com
Resource Management Head                            ravi.parab@amdocs.com
Manager CRM                                         swati.pimpalkar@amdocs.com
Manager Corporate Recruiterment                     jackie.swanson@amdocs.com
Delivery Manager                                    eliav.kling@amdocs.com
Director, Social Media & Customer Communities       donna.rowlands@amdocs.com
Director - Business Development & Marketing         eyal.dlugovitzky@amdocs.com
Manager Application Architect                       joe.nichols@amdocs.com
Manager Customer Service                            eyal.schneid@amdocs.com
AT&T Strategic Initiatives Director                 drew.kelly@amdocs.com
VP & Customer Business Executive                    chris.stephenson@amdocs.com
VP Software                                         shiva.ramachandran@amdocs.com
Director                                            dean.silverman@amdocs.com
Director - Amdocs Consulting                        kevin.russo@amdocs.com
VP Information Management                           alon.segal@amdocs.com
Manager Solutions Architect                         christian.kolinug@amdocs.com
Vice President                                      sharada.nandakumar@amdocs.com
VP, CBE                                             ron.montgomery@amdocs.com
Manager Technical Solution Architect                rod.boothman@amdocs.com
Vice President, Global Strategic Sourcing           sameer.soman@amdocs.com
Project Manager                                     ariel.eshkol@amdocs.com
Chief Scientist                                     tal.givoly@amdocs.com
IT director                                         nir.hezroni@amdocs.com
Test Automation Project Manager                     eran.maya@amdocs.com
Customer Delivery Manager                           alex.girshovich@amdocs.com
Director of Solution Architecture                   dov.zirinsky@amdocs.com
Delivery Manager                                    dalit.shapira@amdocs.com
Integration Manager                                 ela.radzi@amdocs.com
Business Analysis and Delivery Manager                  adi.weshler@amdocs.com
Development Director                                    ofer.aviam@amdocs.com
Consulting Manager                                      spencer.ballard@amdocs.com
Team Leader / APRM Application expert                   semen.tremsin@amdocs.com
User Experience Services Manager                        miri.duenias@amdocs.com
Development and Delivery Manager                        uri.shamir@amdocs.com
Quality Manager                                         sharon.geppert@amdocs.com
Customer Business Manager                               yaal.sela@amdocs.com
VP, Product and Solutions Marketing                     seth.nesbitt@amdocs.com
Quality Manager                                         hani.berger@amdocs.com
Training Director                                       amir.karmin@amdocs.com
Sr Manager - IT software development and implementation rajali.petkar@amdocs.com
Director                                                john.skow@amdocs.com
Product Line Manager                                    allon.dafner@amdocs.com
IT Director                                             sergei.berezovsky@amdocs.com
Project Manager                                         limor.zausnitzer@amdocs.com
Chief Architect                                         yossi.cohen@amdocs.com
Project Manager                                         avner.cohen@amdocs.com
Project manager                                         anat.stern@amdocs.com
Marketing Director                                      yossi.zohar@amdocs.com
Senior Vice President, Operations and e-Health          gregm@intelliware.ca
President & CEO                                         greg.betty@intelliware.ca
Senior Vice President, Product Ventures                 glenj@intelliware.ca
Senior Vice President, Solutions Delivery and Technology bruno.schmidt@intelliware.ca
Vice President, Foundation                               steve.Wargalla@intelliware.ca
Communication Manager                                   robert.mitchell@intelliware.ca
Communication Manager                                   steve.wargalla@intelliware.ca
Communication Manager                                   lawrence@intelliware.ca
Director, Marketing and Communications                  maria.trautmann@intelliware.ca
Resource Director                                       caren.desbrisay@intelliware.ca
Delivery Manager                                        craig.medland@intelliware.ca
Manager Solution Architect                              cesar.farell@intelliware.ca
Solution Delivery Manager                               chris.kay@intelliware.ca
Solution Delivery Manager                               keith.shiner@intelliware.ca
Manager Product Management                              darrin.parker@intelliware.ca
Product Manager                                         david.jones@intelliware.ca
Product Manager                                         gordon.cameron@intelliware.ca
President                                               dave.rooney@mayford.ca
Marketing Manager                                       paul@f5sitedesign.com
Manager                                                 amel@venngo.com
Communication Manager                                   chris@venngo.com
CEO                                                     brent@venngo.com
VP Creative Development                                 tom@venngo.com
Vice President                                          john@visualcase.com
Marketing Manager                                       SRapp@avantisystems.com
Marketing Communications Manager                        mtooheyreed@avantisystems.com
Manager - Technical Support                             TJWalia@avantisystems.com
Executive vice President                                smcwilliam@avantisystems.com
Product Manager                                         jperkins@avantisystems.com
Project Manager                                         dballquenneville@avantisystems.com
Product Manager                                         ckilner@avantisystems.com
Mgr Development                                         ztyberg@avantisystems.com
Team Lead - .NET Development                            tdol@avantisystems.com
President                                               mgroulx@aimgroupcanada.com
Vice President, Resource Solutions                      ross@ivedha.com
CEO                                                     kumar@ivedha.com
Director                                                sandy@ivedha.com
VP - Managed Services                                   rohit@ivedha.com
Resource Manager                                     vijay@ivedha.com
Resource Manager                                     steve@ivedha.com
Manager, Resource Solutions                          badsha@ivedha.com
Managing Director                                    Alan@Omazo.com
Communications Manager                               anton@Omazo.com
Communications Manager                               paul@Omazo.com
Communications Manager                               david@Omazo.com
Communication Manager                                nick@infoconsol.com
Director of Marketing                                michael.lamattina@netshelter.net
SVP Media/Chief Publisher                            patrick.houston@netshelter.net
Director, Advertising Operations & Client Services   derek.moulaison@netshelter.net
Director, Marketing                                  brian.cronin@netshelter.net
Director, Advertising Operations & Client Services   derek.moulaison@netshelter.net
Chief Technology Officer                             richard.brindley@netshelter.net
Marketing Manager                                    nicole.lauderdale@netshelter.net
Co-Founder and President                             pirouz.nilforoush@netshelter.net
Publisher Relations Manager                          stephanie.hamid@netshelter.net
VP, Marketing                                        eric.kazanjian@netshelter.net
VP, Publisher Network                                laura.gaffney@netshelter.net
Founder and Managing Director                        john@jlaventures.com
Director, Marketplace Solutions                      tawfiq@jlaventures.com
Director, Software & Technology                      pierre@jlaventures.com
Director, Communications/technology                  marc@jlaventures.com
Director, Tehnology                                  kevin@jlaventures.com
Director                                             david@jlaventures.com
Director, investor relations                         dadderley@celtic-house.com
Director, technology research                        bantonen@celtic-house.com
VP, Marketing                                        rmaggs@celtic-house.com
President, product strategy                          tvalis@celtic-house.com
CFO                                                  jfallon@celtic-house.com
Co-founder, CEO                                      mike@edentity.ca
Director of Research & Development                   joel@edentity.ca
Director of Web Applications                         justin@edentity.ca
Creative & Managing Director                         mcalvert@lucidcommunications.ca
Chairman and CEO                                     richard@enomaly.com
Founder & CTO                                        reuven@enomaly.com
Founder & CFO                                        george@enomaly.com
Founder & Director of Service Delivery               lars@enomaly.com
Director of Engineering                              derek@enomaly.com
Senior VP, Corporate Communications                  meili@netsuite.com
Chief Technology Officer and Chairman of the Board   egoldberg@netsuite.com
President and Chief Executive Officer                znelson@netsuite.com
Chief Financial Officer                              jmcgeever@netsuite.com
SVP of Marketing                                     jramsey@netsuite.com
Executive Vice President, Worldwide Services and Chief Customer Officer
Chief Marketing Officer                                ddowning@netsuite.com
President                                              htamura@netsuite.com
VP & Managing Director                                 ssydes@netsuite.com
Product Manager, Technology Industry                   jfoerster@netsuite.com
Project Manager                                        dpicard@netsuite.com
Professional Services Project Manager                  bcapriles@netsuite.com
Client Manager                                         cmarbella@netsuite.com
Senior Project Manager                                 fvettese@netsuite.com
Practice Manager, Professional Services                tmactaggart@netsuite.com
Project manager                                        dvoss@netsuite.com
Program Manager                                        dgeilhufe@netsuite.com
Group Product Manager                                  dchang@netsuite.com
Channel Manager                                        jangkasa@netsuite.com
Public Relations Manager                               crohall@netsuite.com
Manager, User Experience                               mremington@netsuite.com
Contracts Manager                                      pmercado@netsuite.com
Practice Manager, EMEA                                 jlad@netsuite.com
Managing Director                                      cschafer@netsuite.com
Support Manager                                        epfeifle@netsuite.com
Client Manager                                         cmarbella@netsuite.com
Director of FP&A                                       etobias@netsuite.com
Office Manager                                         jponciano@netsuite.com
Sr. Implementation Manager, ERP & CRM                  pbehera@netsuite.com
Senior Manager, Software Development                   sclode@netsuite.com
Principal Product Manager                              mhuffman@netsuite.com
Senior Manager, Professional Services Development      jcoleman@netsuite.com
Content Manager                                        ccadigan@netsuite.com
Program Manager                                        mstroy@netsuite.com
QA, Manager                                            ddavies@netsuite.com
Co-founder and CEO                                     nancy@homestars.com
Co-founder and CSO                                     andrew@homestars.com
President                                              brian@homestars.com
CTO and VP Product Development                         jodi@homestars.com
Co-founder, President                                  Shai@fonolo.com
Co-founder, Vice President Operations                  jason@fonolo.com
Vice President Technology                              mike@fonolo.com
Director, Sales & Marketing                            scampbell@advancedutility.com
General Manager                                        shammond@advancedutility.com
VP Sales and Marketing                                 pfanous@advancedutility.com
Manager, Technical Implementation                      bcampbell@advancedutility.com
Senior Project Manager                                 saukamp@advancedutility.com
Project Manager                                        kmusick@advancedutility.com
Project Manager                                        speios@advancedutility.com
VP Research & Development                      swhite@advancedutility.com
Product Development Manager                    vmoraru@advancedutility.com
VP, Customer Service                           jrankin@advancedutility.com
Manager of Implementation                      tridyard@advancedutility.com
Marketing Manager                              roger.hamshaw@fusepoint.com
President & Chief Executive Officer            George.kerns@fusepoint.com
Vice President, Operations                     dante.scocchia@fusepoint.com
Vice President, Application Services           martin.landreville@fusepoint.com
Vice President, Marketing                      randy.fougere@fusepoint.com
Vice President & GM                            jean-yves.st-arnaud@fusepoint.com
Director of Service Applications               Melanie.leclaire@fusepoint.com
Service Manager                                karen.edwards@fusepoint.com
Marketing Director                             yanik.coppenolle@fusepoint.com
National Director, Data Center Facilities      roland.windisch@fusepoint.com
Project Manager                                marie-helene.bedard@fusepoint.com
Project Manager                                mladen.jovanovic@fusepoint.com
Project Manager                                bogdan.popazu@fusepoint.com
Director - Client Experience                   john.pitkin@fusepoint.com
Unix Manager                                   david.gao@fusepoint.com
CTO                                            richard@cybernomics.net
Technical Operations Manager                   leslie@cybernomics.net
Project Manager                                michael@cybernomics.net
Founder and CEO                                jean@cybernomics.net
President                                      Geoff.Flood@t4g.com
Vice-President Strategy                        Paul.barter@t4g.com
Managing Partner & Chief Information Officer   Michael.cottenden@t4g.com
Chief Operating Officer                        mark.fraser@t4g.com
Chief Technology Officer                       shawn.crabtree@t4g.com
SVP Business Intelligence                      david.saevitzon@t4g.com
VP Intellectual Property                       steve.walintschek@t4g.com
VP Practice & Project Management               tricia.macleod@t4g.com
VP Communications                              Darren.schisler@t4g.com
VP Innovation                                  david.baxter@t4g.com
Project Manager                                Evan.sommerville@t4g.com
Project Manager                                alice.lam@t4g.com
Director, Business Intelligence                Irene.yeung@t4g.com
Marketing Manager                              Cynthia.vossah@t4g.com
Technical Project Manager                      ernie.taylor@t4g.com
Project Manager                                Rodney.steeves@t4g.com
Project Manager                                lianne.giswold@t4g.com
Project Manager                                bruce.mcewan@t4g.com
Program Manager                                karl.sewlochan@t4g.com
Technical Manager                              mdine@amknetworking.com
Director - Professional Development            sdarling@amknetworking.com
Chief Networking Officer                     kevin@newpathnetwork.org
Manager                                      richard@newpathnetwork.org
Founder                                      alex@newpathnetwork.org
Manager                                      steve@theresultgroup.com
Managing Partner                             michael@theresultsgroup.com
Manager                                      kara@theresultsgroup.com
Director of Marketing & Communications       rachel@redwolfonline.com
Vice President and Chief Operating Officer   paul@redwolfonline.com
President                                    david@redwolfonline.com
President & Chief Executive Officer          kevin.kimsa@audienceview.com
Chief Technology Officer                     geoff.wells@audienceview.com
Vice President, Sales and Marketing          jeff.koets@audienceview.com
Director of Service Delivery                 gregory.parsons@audienceview.com
Manager Development                          Shiyamalan.Sundarananda@audienceview.com
Project Manager                              Daniel.Tate@audienceview.com
Director of IT/Hosting                       Satyam.Patel@audienceview.com
President & CEO                              Nick.Lisi@audienceview.com
Support Manager                              Adam.Rubin@audienceview.com
QA Team lead                                 Richard.Singh@audienceview.com
Communication Manager                        Jim.Barcza@AudienceView.com
Communication Manager                        ann.mooney@audienceview.com
Communication Manager                        jessica.kosmack@audienceview.com
Communication Manager                        chris.castle@audienceview.com
Vice President, Operations                   Prateek.dwivedi@audienceview.com
Technical Manager                            brian.cole@audienceview.com
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Communication Manager                        john@elehost.com

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