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Vol. 3, No. 27, 16 August 2001. (c) 1999-2001 Julia M. Case
Editor-at-Fault: Julia M. Case

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  o I stopped in an antique store yesterday [18 July 2001] and
came across a photo album scrapbook filled with family pictures
(most are studio portraits) all identified. A note on the first
page states "Aunt Mary gave me this scrapbook January 16, 1949."
I would guess that the photos are from the turn of the 20th
century through the 1950s-1960s. Here is list (not complete) of
some of the names mentioned: BLAIR (Mary, Dana); VINCENT
(Margaret, Mr. & Mrs. H. E., sons Robert and Henry); RINNEAR
(Woodrow, Ray Fox, Louis, Mildred, Lucien, Bertha, Ruth, and
Lucille); STIANCE (Ruth); CROSSMAN (Yvette, Mary Elizabeth);
JACKSON (Fanny, Mrs. John, Clara, William); EDWARD (Evelyn &
Thomas Edward); MECHLING (Josephine); SNIDERS (Constance). The
price on the album was $45. The owner of the store said it was
bought at an auction in Pennsylvania. For more information,
contact Mike and Sally Vereb at the Nickleville Store, which is
in the Emlenton area of Pennsylvania, 90 miles NW of Pittsburgh.
814-498-2873 or 800-816-1679 or These are
great pictures! Hope someone can make a connection.
                           Bonnie Streyle

  o I found these treasures at a flea market in north Iowa:
  -- Very large family photo of: BLAU, RIHL, HAHN, FEIDER,
STRATTON, and MEYER families of Belle Plane, Minnesota.
  -- Large wedding photo of Henry ELLERT and Anna HARPEL, and
attendants Mary HARPEL and Jack ELLERT.
  -- 1911 class photo of ST. PAUL'S COLLEGE, Minnesota with
names of faculty and all graduates of this class.

  o I have the following certificates for people who turned out
not to be my relatives. I'll send them to anyone who wants them.
  -- Death certificate for Charles BURTON (who is listed as
Black), d. 30 October 1940 in Chicago (Cook County), Illinois,
wife Ida;
  -- Marriage certificate for Charles BURTON and Ida GREEN,
married 31 August 1886 in Chicago (Cook County), Illinois;
  -- Death certificate for Edward FRANKS, d. 25 December 1933 in
Chicago (Cook County), Illinois, wife Victoria.
    I also found an obituary for Charlotte Fantom FISCHER,
formerly of West Bridgewater, Rutland, Vermont, published on
28 November 1989.
                       Linda F. Beebe

  o I recently inherited some old photos and letters from my
father. He collected anything old. There are several photos of
young men and women and children. One is of a horse-drawn fire
engine. There is writing on the back, but I can't make it out.
There are some letters addressed to Mrs. Marie CLARK of Norway,
South Carolina from a friend Ben in Spartanburg, South Carolina
in 1906. All the photos are taken in the late 1800s or early
1900s. There is a photo of a young child named Glenn on a
wooden horse. Marie CLARK also received mail at 926 Main St.,
Columbia, South Carolina. There is a postcard addressed to Mrs.
B. P. PARKER, Sumter St., Columbia, South Carolina, who also
received mail at 631 Chestnut St., Atlanta, Georgia. Other
names: Lizzie CLARK, Ben PARKER, Marie PARKER. Evidently, the
PARKERs lived in Thomson, Georgia in 1911 and 1913. Ben PARKER
belonged to the Atlanta Typographical Union # 48 and evidently
worked for a printing company in Thomson, Georgia. Most of the
photos and cards are in very good condition. I would love to
get this treasure to a member of the PARKER or CLARK family.
There are 103 cards and letters and 36 photographs. Please
contact me if you are interested in these families.
                     Elaine Lathem Ghorley

  o Picture of graduating class June 1920, CLAYTON SCHOOL,
Denver, Colorado. CLAYTON SCHOOL was later renamed STEVENS
SCHOOL and is on the corner of Columbine Street and 11th Avenue.
The building has been converted into a condominium complex.
The names apparently were not written in the order of how
students appear in the picture, but as my aunt remembered their
names. This was probably the class that my aunt Vida BUNCE was
to have graduated with, since her handwriting is on back of the
picture although she does not appear in it. There are 35 persons
in the photo but only 34 names below, and I wouldn't be able to
tell who was left off, as my aunt died at age 95 in 1999. Only
10 of the 35 students were boys. Names in alphabetical order:
Ruth ADAMS; Ronald ANSELMENT (?); Veneda (?) BAUMGARTNER;
Harry CREAN (or CREAM); Larue (possibly Laura?) DODD; Elizabeth
Elma GOODWIN; Virginia HARVEY; Ellen HEICK; Gerard McFARLANE;
Elizabeth MEIGS; Helen MERRITT; Katharyne NASH; Irene NEFF (or
NEIF); Finlay ROBINSON; Edward ROE; Harry SATO (possibly
oriental boy in right side of top row); Virginia SLIPP (or
SHIPP); Colinette SMITH; Catherine STALEY; Raymond STEDMAN;
Margaret SZOLAS; Helene TAYLOR; Catherine TERREE (or FERREE);
                               Bonnie Bunce

  o I have an old Bible (about 1846) with the names David and
Catherine CONRADE engraved on the front cover. There are some
mementos in the Bible, but I can find no other names or dates
in it. If you are a descendant of David and Catherine CONRADE,
I will gladly give the Bible to you.

  o In an old book, probably purchased by my father-in-law more
than 15 years ago in West Virginia, I found some newspaper
clippings of various people, most of them from West Virginia and
Washington, D. C. These handsome folks do not belong to my
family and I would like to return the pictures and newspaper
items to the appropriate families.
  -- If you are a descendant of Annie Price CRAIGHILL of
Baltimore, Maryland, you have a charming legacy. Among the
papers tucked into this book are two poems written in March of
1896 when she was about 9 or 10 years old. At the end of each
poem is the notice "To be saved for my Grand-children." The
CRAIGHILL papers also include a medical insurance statement for
James MORSELL CRAIGHILL. I wonder if he is descended from the
James S. MORSELL listed in the marriage information below.
  -- I have a photograph dated 1884 of Thornton Tayloe PERRY of
Charles Town, West Virginia and his obituary, as well as some
items from the various Episcopal churches he attended.
  -- I have an undated obituary of the Rev. Walter W. WILLIAMS
which appeared in the BALTIMORE JOURNAL OF COMMERCE, and a
clipping describing William F. LUCAS, also of Baltimore, as well
as a eulogy dated June 1883 for Mrs. Annette McCARTNEY, which
lists the names of her husband and parents.
  -- One clipping lists marriages and deaths in the Washington,
D. C. area. Named as married are: James S. MORSELL and Mary Ann
to Ann LYNCH, and James TUCKER to Ann PAYNE. Death notices
include: Jacob LEON and Evan D. JONES, son of Edward JONES.
                    Betsy Lowrey

  o While looking at antiques in Santa Maria, California, I came
upon an old family Bible with a handwritten statement folded up
and tucked into the pages. It reads:
    "Kincarding 13 July 1868
    I hereby certify that by the authority of license I
    have this day joined in the holy bond of matrimony
    Donald PATERSON of the township of Kincarding and Maria
    DeGANG of the village of Kincarding City of Bruce Ontario
    Walter Juglis, CP Church"
Also in the Bible on the page reserved for noting marriages was
written, in pencil: "D. L. PATTERSON & Maria L. DeGANGE"
    Hope this helps someone.
                Merleen S. Gholdston

  o I have a photo taken at Riverview Cemetery in Portland,
Pennsylvania of a gravestone made of stone, but made to look
like a tree stump with a sign tied on with rope. It reads:
AUG. 2, 1890 / MAY 29, 1907
This is not connected to my family. If you are related, I will
gladly e-mail the photo. It is available in digital format only.
                            S. Newton

OF DUTCHESS COUNTY, NEW YORK on eBay. Inside the book, I found
a typewritten letter on the letterhead of the "National Society
United States Daughters of 1812, Chapter Monroe, Rochester, New
York." Dated April 2, 1956, the letter was written by Pearl
DOTY SHARP SMITH (Mrs. Robert W. SMITH) of 48 Presque Street,
Rochester, New York, and was in the Biographical Record in the
"TABOR" section. The letter concerns the WHITE and DOTY family
trees. Persons mentioned in the letter are William WHITE "of
the Mayflower," Charles WHITE and his wife Elizabeth DOTY, a
Mrs. CLAYBORN(E) (named as a distant cousin), Sarah TODD (born
1801) who married Azor TABOR (born May 1799), Paul D. TABOR
(son of Azor TABOR and Sarah TODD), Julia TABOR (daughter of
Azor TABOR and Sarah TODD), who married Robert C. MARTIN, David
DOTY and his wife Judeth BRIGGS, their son Azor DOTY, Thomas
TABOR and his wife Eliphal BELDING.
    Mentioned near the end of the two-page letter is a William
DOTY of Dover (Dutchess County, New York), purported father of
Elizabeth DOTY. In addition to Dover, other places mentioned in
connection with William DOTY are Beekman, 1757-1762; Charlotte
Precinct, 1766-1775; and Washington Hollow, all in Dutchess
County, New York. This letter is not a family tree, but may give
someone a leg-up over a genealogical brick wall. I will gladly
e-mail a scanned copy of this letter to any interested persons,
and would mail the original to a direct descendant of Pearl
Doty Sharp Smith. Please put "Pearl Doty Sharp Smith letter" in
the subject line of your e-mail message.
                                     Susan Brehm

  o On a recent trip through Lake City, Florida, I discovered an
antique dealer who was offering hundreds of old photos for sale.
Most were unidentified and undated. I found one photo that
appears to have been taken in the 1900s and I am guessing it is
of four generations. Written on the back is the name "Eldora."
Underneath that is written, "Grandmother REASLER, Agnes GRAMLY,
Edna EDWARDS and Evangeline EDWARDS." A companion photo of an
infant is identified as "Edna EDWARDS, LeHarpe, Kansas, 1908."
I purchased both photos hoping to reunite them with the family.
                                 Julianne Hare

  o While going through my cousin's pictures we found some of
military buddies of her brother-in-law, J. Harold EVANS. She
would like to return them to the families. I do not know the
name of the crew or where they were located but I do have their
names: LLoyd ELLIS, William G. WILLIAMS, Major D. B. JONES, and
G. W. GRUNWALD. Written on the back of one picture is "To Cowboy
Jesse RUDEL (prospective civilian) Keep your powder (& bottle)
DRY!! Camp Maxey, May 7, 1945." In the picture J. Harold EVANS
is looking out the window in the background. I also have a photo
of Mr. and Mrs. Max SWANSON walking down an unidentified street.
                               Janice Lester

  o George Bill FEWSON, recently deceased, of 701 Main Street,
Parkville, Missouri, left his estate to the City of Parkville,
Missouri to be used for special projects. The City of
Parkville, Missouri hired an auction company to clean out his
house and auction off his estate. The cleaning crew threw a
Mason's apron in the dumpster. My friend who lives next door
retrieved it. We are checking with the local Lodge to see if
anyone there can take it. If not, it needs to go to a family
member, preferably a Brother Mason. There are no known children.
If no family members want it, then it needs to go to a Brother
Mason who will treat it with respect. The apron is believed to
have belonged to George Bill FEWSON's father, George FEWSON.
It is white leather with the Eye in the middle of the triangular
flap; just the square and compass with the G in the middle on
the square part of the apron; trimmed in green silk? satin
ribbon. This should never have been pitched in a dumpster. I
*really* want it to be taken care of by the proper person.
                          Kathleen O'Brien-Blair

  o At an automotive swap meet in Sedalia, Missouri on 14 July
2001, on a table of "junk" I found a photo page ripped from an
old photograph album. The page is 10 _" wide by 6 7/8" long.
  -- There are three 2.5 x 4.25 photos dated 1918: male driver
of auto shown; heavy set man looks to be about age 40-50; two
women, maybe ages in 20s to 40s, wearing fur coats and wide-
brimmed hats.
  -- A photo dated Spring 1919, Mindmoor showing three young
women sitting on a concrete front porch stoop, building brick,
many windows (maybe large apartment building).
  -- On the other side of page there are several smaller photos
hand-dated 1919; two photos of two different young men, each
with a tennis racket, photo taken on same bench with very large
brick building in the background;
  -- a hand-dated 1919 with caption Tom BLANCHE____(4 illegible
  -- photo dated Summer 1918 of possible young soldier, Russell
MURPHY, St. Louis, Missouri;
  -- photo of young man, handwritten name Hugo LAMM 1918;
  -- photo dated 1919 of a young man sitting on grassy hillside
holding a baby;
  -- photo of young man sitting on what looks to be a dock
(faded photo) with handwritten date 1919.
     The man from whom I bought this photo page had "torn it out
of a book for the pictures of the automobile" and knew nothing
of the photos. I will be happy to send the photo page to family.
                               Debbie Beach

  o I have an old photo album which belonged to my great-great-
grandmother HELLENGREEN. I believe the pictures are of friends
living near the family in Strawn, Illinois in the late 1800s.
If one of the following names is familiar and you can give a
description of your family member, I will be honored to pass
these along.
  -- Mr. and Mrs. MATTSON, taken at R. Fenwick Studio,
Bloomington, Illinois;
  -- Individual pictures of a Mr. and Mrs. OLSON taken in
Gibson City, Illinois;
  -- Nels PIERSON taken in Gibson City, Illinois;
  -- Family photo including baby Effie taken in Fairbury,
Illinois and baby pictures of Effie taken in Gibson City, Ill.;
  -- Charlie NELSON taken at Bjorklund Bros., in Paxton, Ill.;
  -- Frank SWANSON, probably in his teens, taken at Bjorklund
Photo. in Gibson City, Illinois.
                             Wendy Savickas

  o I bought these at a flea market in Union, Missouri and want
to return them to the families if possible. I do not want to
be reimbursed; I just want these to go home as other pictures
and documents I have posted have gone home.
 1. a picture postcard of infant; on back is written Vernel
Helen HOFFMAN, born Sept 4th 1920, Taken Jan 4th 1921
 2. photo of young man taken late 1920s or early 1930s; on back
is written Henry LUEHT or LUCHT
 3. picture of man and woman, late 1800s or early 1900s, taken
at J. LEUTWILER studio in St. Jacob, Missouri; on back is written
Christian GILOMEN's parents
 4. a pair of photos, a man and a woman, obviously husband and
wife; on his is written Fred BUCK (Grandpa) and on hers is
written Sophia BUCK (Grandma); on both under the picture is
written another word that looks like Winner with the "inner"
circled. There is no studio name on the holders.
 5. picture of a young couple taken probably taken in the 1920s
or 1930s judging by their clothes; PEMBERTON studio St. Louis,
Missouri; names below picture are Helen and Al NEULIST.
    If you can prove a family connection please contact me.
                                     Ann Wideman

  o A tintype of a little girl, probably taken in the later
1860s, is available for a small fee to anyone who can claim her
as kin. On the back is written "Elizabeth A. HOLMES, about six
years" and "Biog -- HOLMES." The tintype was made in Brooklyn
at Taylor & Co., 105 Fulton Avenue. If she seems familiar,
please let me know. I'd like to see this young lady home safely.
                                 Ellen Wilds

  o I inherited a few boxes of old photos from my HOWELL, HALE,
ANDERSON, ZARING, STARKEY family. Of course, I cannot identify
most of them. This family lived in Illinois, Arkansas, Missouri,
and Texas. Some of the names on the backs are: Mr. and Mrs.
(1927); Lula PARKS; Gette HENDERSON; Johnie COZART (1945,
Memphis, Tennessee); Peachey and Irene GARRIGUN (1930, Hector,
Arkansas); Esther FOUNTAIN (1924); Rhea MC ELROY (1927);
William CHADWELL (1928); Fleeta May FAIR. I would love to return
them to family members. I can send you a scan.

  o Found in an antique store in McMinnville, Oregon, a picture
of a baby 6 weeks old wearing a long white christening gown.
The message on it says: "With love from Gertrude Meredeth JAMES
age 6 weeks." It appears to have been made in the early 1900s.
I rescued it and would like to connect it with someone looking
for information about this person.

  o A correspondent inherited a photo album from her
grandmother, who did not know any of the people in the album.
The first page of the album has the inscription, "Master [or
Mastin] W. T. KEITH." There is at least one picture of W. T.
KEITH in the album. The photos are almost all tintypes.
    If you can help, please contact Don McLatchie, President,
Marion County [Texas] Genealogical Society, at

  o I have a military dog tag for Robert J. LANGOON. I don't
know where it came from but I would like to see it returned to
its owner or his family. Please e-mail me to identify it.
                              Betty Hopkins

  o I have three old photos that need a family to take care of
them. (1) One is a sepia of a young boy in high top button
shoes, tight dark pants, and frilly shirt. The photographer is
Theo BROWN, Mt. Gilead, Ohio. On the back is written "Harley
MIRACLE, son of Asa and Zoe." (2) A sepia of a young woman,
also taken in Mt. Gilead, Ohio, and marked Zoe MIRACLE. (3) A
5 x 7 sepia of Walter LOPEMAN in his World War I uniform.
    Please let me know if these belong in your family album.
                                 Joy Monroe

  o I bought a family reunion picture taken circa 1930. It is
of the MULBARYs in Mansfield. I am guessing it is Missouri
unless there are other MULBARYs. The names on back are: Homer,
Loan, Dillard, Buster, Orpha, Eula, Jack, Eroma, Lorean, all
children of Will and Millie MULBARY. The children are young
adults ages 20 to 40. Three men wear bib overalls; two are in
dress clothes; and the women are in housedresses. The photo is
about a 5x7. I would like to return the photo to family for
postage. I can send a scan if interested.

  o In an antique mall in Des Moines, Iowa, I found a few
pictures with names (many without names) which I purchased.
Anyone interested can have them for what I paid (.50 to $3) plus
postage. I will also be glad to send a scan.
  1. Joan Marie RANDALL, Oct. 1962 -- about age 7, no location
  2. Charlie SMITH -- circa early 1900s, male in 20s, Dawson,
Minnesota photographer
  3. Arther WILSON and Linnie WILSON (GILLETTE) -- teenagers --
no location
  4. Miss Nellie BRINKMAN, Mrs. Mary BRINKMAN, taken Oct. 9,
1917, Barry, Illinois -- on card sent to Mrs. Lena WATKINS,
Atterbery, Illinois
  5. Edwin Harvey and Louisa (THOMPSON) PORTER and Llewellyn
and Sadie. Photographer is Campion & Walfenden, Palace Photo
Studio, no location unless Palace is a place. Couple in late
20s, children circa ages 5 and 6, early 1900s.
  6. Mrs. Lucy WATKINS with a man -- both about age 50, circa
1910. Photographer: Clauser Kros, Havana, Illinois.
  7. Frank BERKEY family -- couple about 35-40, eight children
from toddler to teens, circa early 1900s -- formal portrait, no
photographer or place.
  8. Uncle Sherman McCLURE, man in 20s, circa 1910. Name Ella
written on back. No place.
  9. Snapshot of Mrs. WITTIE and Loyd. June 1, 1923. Boy about
age 12 on bicycle with woman standing beside him.
 10. Snapshot of what appears to be a school group of older
teens circa 1920 -- no place given. Writing is small and my
interpretation may be inaccurate. Lloyd MULHOLLAND, Harold
FIGGINS. The name Edwin is written on the side.
 11. Two large portraits which I did not buy, in large oval
frames: Mr. John W. SUTHERLAND 1824-1916 and Mrs. Eliz.
SUTHERLAND 1826-1916. Older -- probably taken late in their
lives. The portraits were marked $69 each. I made note of the
vendor number. Contact me for further information.
 12. Also, in my mother's things, I found a studio portrait
8x10 of Virginia SHARPLES, age 16, September 21, 1940. The
SHARPLES family lived in Colfax, Iowa in the 1930s, moving to
California in the 1940s.
                                  Joyce Brown

  o I found an old diary in a secondhand store in Florida. It
was written in 1919-1920 by Esther SCHANCK of Hightstrom, New
Jersey, who was born 4 November 1906. The diary is not very long
but is interesting. I will gladly place this in the hands of a
descendant or copy the information in it for anyone who is
interested. Contact me at
                                    Renee Herres

 o About 1986 at an antique store before I became interested in
genealogy, I picked up a picture probably taken between 1890 and
1910 of a little girl aged about 18 months to two years, on a
chair ringing a bell. It is inscribed Jennie SHINDLER, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Fran SHINDLER, Dotson, Prariegordon, Texas. The
picture is free to any member of this family. This little girl
needs to return home.
  o I have some old photos that belonged to my great-grandmother
Sarah H. TAYLOR, of E. Toledo, Ohio. I would like to return them
to descendants of the subjects of the photos.
  -- Margarite and Kenneth PECK (young children), and Margarite
(age 12-18 months), photo made at Smith Studio, Delaware, Ohio.
  -- TURNER family, Warren, Ohio. Father is Joe TURNER, Mother
TURNER; grown children are William and wife of Youngstown, Ohio;
Emma, Hazel, Edith, (another of a younger Hazel). All taken in
Warren, Ohio, some at the Rice Studio.
  -- professional photos taken at the C. M. Hayes Studio,
Detroit, Michigan. Mr. and Mrs. George HARGREAVES and their
grown children: Fannie L., Ada Mary, Rachel, and sons C. R. and
Lawton. Lawton HARGREAVES' photo is from Huntington and Clark
Studio, Detroit, Michigan. All but Lawton's are marked 1900.
  -- professional photos of George I. STURGES (born 22 May 1882)
one picture at age 17, the other at age 22. Photos from New
Haven, Connecticut. I know him to be the nephew of my great-
grandfather, William TAYLOR, of E. Toledo, Ohio. I would love
to hear from this family. There is also a photo of a lady
holding a baby. Words on the back say, Sarah Parker TAYLOR and
Martha STURGES. I don't know which one is the baby.
                      Joyce (Taylor) Brinks

  o While going through some old things during a visit to my
father recently, I came across many photos belonging to friends
of the family. Unfortunately many were not labeled, but I would
be happy to send those that were to anyone who feels s/he is
related to these people, all of whom I believe were from
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania or the surrounding area.
  -- several photos of Frank and Jane TAYLOR and their daughter,
Jane Louise TAYLOR, born in 1937.
  -- a child named Walter REX -- photo looks to be taken around
    There was also a photograph album that my grandfather made
of shipmates when he was in the Navy between 1902 and 1906. Many
were unlabeled, but the following did have names and cities:
O. RIGBY, Elmira, New York; C. J. PALMER, Seneca Falls, New
York; W. P. CLEARY, New Haven, Connecticut; Harry MEADE,
blacksmith, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; W. GRUBB, Philadelphia,
Pennsylvania; J. SKALSKI, Buffalo, New York; E. McGREAVY,
Toledo, Ohio; George HEAMILINCK, 228, Derrom Ave., Patterson,
New Jersey; A. K. BOYD, Havre de Grace, Maryland; S. R. NIXON,
St. Paul, Minnesota; C. URBAN, Detroit, Michigan; F. McNUTT,
Dayton, Ohio; Charles MURPHY, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; F.
FRIDAY, Greenville, South Carolina; E. E. HOWET [I think, the
handwriting isn't clear on this one and there is no home town]
taken April 15, 1905 in Manila, Philippine Islands; and one
that I can [not?] read the first initial, but the second
initial is F. BROWN, 18 W. 6th St., Portsmouth, [the state could
be Ohio but again the handwriting isn't clear]. If you recognize
any of these names, please contact me. I would love to return
the photos to the descendants of these men.
    Also, if anyone is researching the August H. SCHOCH family
of Indianapolis, Indiana, I have several family photos and
letters from August's wife Martha written to my grandmother and
postcards from August (known as Rover) to my grandfather.
    Please contact me for further information.
                              Bette LoPresti

  o I recently bought an old Christmas card on eBay. It is from
Sgt. Richard G. (or C) TRIMBLE to his wife. He was stationed at
Ft. Knox, Kentucky at the time. It is postmarked Dec. 3, 1945.
If this were my parents or grandparents I would give my eye
teeth to have this beautiful card. If you think this belongs
with your family, please e-mail me and tell me what state Mrs.
TRIMBLE was in at the time.
                             Lorraine Williams

  o While browsing in an antique store in Tyler, Texas I spotted
an old photo album. The first item was a memorial card by
F. C. WAID of "Blooming Valley" on 25 July 1888, in memory of
his wife "Eliza C. WAID . . . died July 4 1888 aged 56 years
2 months and 21 days." There were many unidentified photos from
the late 1880s to early 1900s, mostly taken by studios in towns
in Pennsylvania. If you want to pursue this, I'll try to help.

  o A much anticipated death certificate from New York State
arrived and it was the wrong person. If anyone is looking for a
Joseph WATTS, who died May 26th, 1922 at Nassau Hospital,
County of Nassau, Town of Hempstead, Long Island, New York, here
is the information: Age at death 63; widowed; occupation
blacksmith; residence Rockville Centre, New York; born in
Elmont; father ?Hendrick____ WATTS; mother Elizabeth GOLDER;
white; cause of death "Paraplegria from cerebral hemorrhage";
contributory "Arteris-sclerosis"; buried El---- -- Cemetery;
undertaker Geo. FOREBELL.

  o When we moved from Clarksville Base, Fort Campbell, Kentucky
in 1967, a family living next door had already moved and base
personnel found several photos, some studio pictures, in a large
desk drawer in the apartment. The family consisted of Bill or
Jim WRIGHT, Helen his wife, son Jimmy, and a younger daughter
named Cindy. I know the adults were from Pascagoula, Mississippi
and I have tried several ways to get this information to them or
to relatives. I would like to return the photos to them. One
picture is of Helen and looks to be a senior high school or that
era photo, one of the husband and some of the children.
                              Virginia Parker

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