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					Ringette Alberta

Job Description
POSITION TITLE: Program Coordinator
HOME BASE: Edmonton, Alberta
CORE STRATEGY AREA: Sport Administration, Program Delivery
SUPERVISOR’S TITLE: Executive Director

Ringette Alberta is a registered non-profit association (1976) responsible for coordinating and delivering
provincial level programs and services throughout Alberta.
Ringette Alberta works in partnership with local, regional, provincial and national sport organizations and
local sport system providers to create a dynamic environment for ringette sport participation through
excellence at all Levels, by integrating RA class athlete, coaching and referee certification, program,
services and long term sport development initiatives.

Reporting to the Executive Director, the Program Coordinator oversees the Administration and
Coordination of all aspects of the association’s administrative program delivery including planning,
organizing, staffing, leading; and managing association programs, volunteers, program registration and
Provincial/National championships.

The Program Coordinator monitors and organizes the programs and services of Ringette Alberta.
In concert with the Executive Director, this position works closely with ringette associations, recreational
facilities, educational institutes, businesses, and specific government organizations to negotiate and
facilitate these comprehensive services aimed at the development of RA athletes, coaches, referees and
association volunteer development.

Through consistent administrative delivery, the program coordinator is responsible for the planning,
development, delivery, management, and assessment of a variety of Athlete, Coach and Referee
Services and ringette development programs, designed to holistically assist athletes, coaches and
referees in the pursuit of RA excellence. Also, the position is co-responsible for cultivating relationships
with local businesses, stakeholders and/or partners to improve RA programs and services.

Administrative Coordination

       Provides or is responsible for the provision of program related staff support to the association’s
        provincial programs; to include greeting and assisting visitors, handing phone calls and inquiries,
        scheduling and maintaining calendars and program related travel arrangements, screening,
        analyzing, and preparing responses to incoming correspondence, handling day-to-day public
        relations and problem solving, and provision of transcription and word processing support.
       Assists the ED in the coordination, supervision and completion of association programs as
       Use computer word processing, spreadsheet, and database software to prepare reports, memos,
        and documents
       Code and file material according to the established class procedures
       Provide administrative support to the Executive Director, Board of Directors and Committee
        Chairs when required

   Performs job-related administrative duties as assigned Quarterly by the Executive Director.
   In liaison with the Executive Director and Committee Chairs, Plan the delivery of the assigned
    programs and its activities in accordance with the mission and the goals of the organization
   Develop new program initiatives to support the strategic direction of the organization
   Develop and implement long-term goals and objectives to achieve the successful outcome of the
   Develop an annual budget and operating plan to support the program
   Develop a program evaluation framework to assess the strengths of the program and identify
    areas for improvement

Plan the Program

   Provincial/National Championship Scheduling; Provincial/National Host site application review;
   Administer the Come Try Ringette program; Ringette Week program; GYM School Ringette
    program; Association Start up program;
   Engage in Provincial Administrative program staff recruitment, training, placement and evaluation;
    Conduct volunteer Orientation training sessions;
   Provide Administrative leadership for RA - Association Seminars, Conventions, Special Events;
    Annual General Meeting and Special General Meeting coordination);
   Quadrennial/Annual administration planning submissions
   Execute Operational Budget Proposal and Review;
   Champion New administrative based program initiatives.
   Present suggestions to improve the working environment and contribute to positive employee
    relations within the RA program coordination area of work and the RA as a whole;
   To help develop and maintain a successful image and profile for Ringette Alberta both in the
    province and nationally and to contribute to communication technical activity – including media
    briefings and publicity of performance activity within the sport.
   To co-operate with measures introduced to ensure there is equity of opportunity, sport equity and,
    in addition, with a management responsibility, to encourage program staff to ensure that they
    comply with all aspects of the equal opportunities in opportunity and sports equity policies and
   To comply with all aspects of any codes of conduct that might apply by virtue of the RA having a
    presence in facilities operated by third parties.

    Organize the Program

   Ensure that program activities are reflective and operate and within the policies and procedures
    of the organization
   Ensure that program activities comply with all relevant National/Provincial operational and
    professional standards
   Develop forms and records to document program activities
   Oversee the collection and maintenance of records on the registered members of the program for
    statistical purposes according to the confidentiality/privacy policy of the organization

    Staff the Program

   In consultation with the Executive Director, recruit, interview and select well-qualified/certified
    program staff and volunteers
   Implement the human resources policies, procedures and practices of the organization
   Establish and implement a performance management process for all program staff
   Engage volunteers for appropriate program activities using established volunteer management

       Ensure that all program staff receive an appropriate orientation to the organization; its programs
        and assigned tasks

        Lead the Program

       Ensure all program staff members receive orientation and appropriate training in accordance with
        organizational standards
       Supervise program staff by providing direction, input and feedback
       Communicate with members and other stakeholders to gain community support for the program
        and to solicit input to improve the program
       Liaise with other committee chairpersons to ensure the effective and efficient program delivery
        and measurement

        Manage the Program

       Write reports on the program for management and for funders
       Communicate with funders as outlined in funding agreements
       Ensure that the program operate within the approved budget
       Monitor and approve all budgeted program expenditures
       Monitor cash flow projections and report actual cash flow and variance to the Executive Director
        on a regular basis (monthly/bimonthly)
       Manage all project funds according to established accounting policies and procedures
       Ensure that all financial records for the program are up to date
       Identify and evaluate the risks associated with program activities and take appropriate action to
        control the risks
       Monitor the program activities on a regular basis and conduct an annual evaluation according to
        the program evaluation framework
       Report evaluation findings to the Executive Director and recommend changes to enhance the
        program, as appropriate;

Leads the administration, planning, development and implementation of programs and services for
Ringette Alberta by;
     Consulting with ringette associations/groups, facility/service providers, athletes, coaches and
        referees to identify program and service requirements;
     With direct liaison with the ED, carry out the designing and implementing of business feasibility
        studies of program requirements, including purpose, scope, costs, potential partners and funding
     Liaising with contracted professionals regarding the administrative aspects and requirements for
        athlete support programs;
     Negotiating costs, partnership contracts and/or funding agreements with service and facility
     Designing and developing programs, policies and procedures;
     Developing annual work plans, measurable objectives and monitoring systems for the programs;
     Implementing annual program reviews, evaluating athlete, coach, referee and stakeholder
        feedback, and reviewing RA goals to assess changing objectives, problems and shortfalls;
     Preparing program assessment reports outlining athlete usage, resource generation, expense
        reduction, partner evaluations, and recommendations for enhancement for management review;
     Directing the development and implementation of program and service improvements;
     Maintaining baseline data on numbers of athletes, coaches, referees, volunteers and community
        groups accessed/serviced;

       Developing and maintaining multiple databases and spreadsheets for storage and interpretation
        of data;
       Assisting in the planning, development and assessment of other athlete, coach and referee
        centered initiatives;
       Liaising with athletes, coaches and referees to inform and "advocate" RA programs and services;
       Coordinating meetings, conferences and workshops aimed at the education and development of
        athletes, coaches and referees;
        Conducting "intake process" and the registration of incoming athletes, coaches and referees;
       Assessing individual needs and assisting athletes, coaches and referees to access appropriate
       Collecting necessary athlete, coach and referee information for records, and input into database;
       Works closely with the Executive Director as necessary to ensure goals of the association are
        being met by: Liaising on a regular basis to maintain objectives, and to foster effective
        communication linkages;
       Providing verbal and written responses to queries and requests for information;
       Arranging dates and times for meetings as well as drafting agendas;
       Assisting the Executive Director and Chairperson’s with day to day program and service
       Creating a variety of documents including letters, reports and memos for publication; and
        monitoring and annually evaluating the RA delivery of services;
       Works closely with the Executive Director, Board Members and Board Committee Members;
       Works with other professional staff or sport groups on projects as required

   Requires limited travel in Alberta to attend meetings or local travel to attend regional athlete,
     coach and referee or volunteer scheduled events;
   Requires a Class 5 Drivers license
   As the Canadian and Alberta sport system is in the process of some major changes in the
     delivery of programming and services (LTAD,C-BET), professional staff must be able to work in it
     is a highly dynamic and flexible membership service environment;
   Located in a typical provincial sport office environment, the Program Coordinator usually works in
     an office environment ,however, the mission of the organization may sometimes take them to non
     standard workplaces;
   The Program Coordinator works a standard work week (37.5) but may be required to work some
     evenings and weekends to conduct/monitor program activities;
   On occasion required to work irregular hours and be on-call for emergencies for time sensitive
     and priority association issues;

    Uses office tools and equipment such as computers, laptops, scanners, photocopiers, calculators,
      fax machines, telephones and sets-up audio-visual equipment for meetings and training events.
    Proficient computer skills (MS Office inc: Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and familiarity with
      access/web based database programs)


Education, Experience and Certification
    Degree in Sports Administration, Physical Education, Recreation or related field
    Demonstrated experience working in Canadian sport system and/or Alberta sport community
    Demonstrated non-for profit sport experience
    Demonstrated (2 year minimum) sport program management and administration experience
    NCCP/NOCP Certification and/or willingness to acquire minimum level 3

Administrative Skills and Abilities
    Demonstrated ability to plan athlete/coach/referee training seminars, prepare proposals, conduct
      surveys, develop and plan regional, provincial proposals
    Demonstrated proficient computer skills
    Demonstrated ability to analyze and resolve multivariable sport issues, conduct program
      evaluations utilizing logic models and performance indicators
    Demonstrated sport administration skills
    Demonstrated ability to prepare and explain (verbal and in writing) information clearly and
      effectively to variety of audiences including athletes, coaches, referee, sports associations and
    Demonstrated ability to present effectively to senior management and governance board level
    Demonstrated ability to establish and maintain effective working relations with all levels of
      professional staff and regional partners and stakeholders
    Demonstrated ability to lead and work effectively as part of a team where enthusiasm, innovative
      ideas and challenges are welcomed
    Demonstrated strong communication (verbal/written) and interpersonal skills
    Demonstrated ability to work in a fast paced environment and organize multiple concurrent
      projects with changing priorities and deadlines, emerging issues, while keeping the Executive
      Director and colleagues informed
    Has a demonstrated ability of leveraging partnerships – works well with a wide
      range of organizations to reach mutually-beneficial outcomes
    Recognizes the relationship with government and stakeholders as an important
      element in the success of RA and can continue to build goodwill

    Working knowledge of the Provincial, National and/or International Sport Systems/Plans
    Working knowledge of Provincial and National Athlete, Coach and Referee Programs and
      Services available
    Working knowledge of program administration and process necessary to lead, manage, maintain
      and develop programs and services in a provincial sport environment
    Considerable understanding of the personal and amateur career needs of athletes, coaches and
    An understanding of and respect for, the roles, responsibilities and innate pressures of the
      provincial, local ringette organizations and regional stakeholders.
    Bilingualism is considered an asset, however, not mandatory.

To apply:

Position Title: Program Coordinator

Position advertisement date: Thursday, June 25, 2009
Closing Date: Friday, July 17, 2009 5:00 pm**
Candidate review/selection dates: July 25-26, 2009
Position commencement date, Monday, August 03, 2009

Position Level: Full Time
Number of positions: 1
Reports to: Executive Director
Provincial Office Location: Percy Page Center, Edmonton, AB
Hours of Work: 37.5 hour work week
Salary Range: $42,000 - $52,000**

Performance Bonus: provided
Premium Benefits Plan: provided
Relocation Expenses: provided
Operational Expenses/Materials: provided
Professional Development: provided
Paid Vacation: provided

Note: Salary will be commensurate with level of experience, skills and qualifications, and subject
to negotiation with successful applicant. Ringette Alberta is an equal opportunity employer.

Please submit your résumé, covering letter and three professional letters of reference in
confidence, by e-mail, prior to Friday, July 17, 2009 5:00 pm**. to: Ringette Alberta

Format: MS Word. Doc (Only)

Send professional résumé and attachments by e-mail: (Only)

We thank all those who apply. Only those selected for the next stage of the interview
process will be contacted.


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