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					    LEON COUNTY

Northwest Extension District

Lawrence Heitmeyer, CED
July 2, 2003
                   Who We Are
   Faculty members: 10 (2 4-H, 4 Family &
    Consumer Sciences, 4 Natural Resources,
    Horticulture, Agriculture-Envir. Ed.)
   Staff members: 4 AA’s and 7 PA’s
   Budget: $469,000 + MIS + Facility Mgt.
   Computer upgrades, polycom system,
    Auditorium Equipment
   14,000 Sq. Ft. Agricultural Center
   Florida’s Capital with high interest in quality of
    life issues.
                    Leon County Profile
   245,000 - total population with state government as major employer
   67% White/30% Black/3% Other—Racial Composition
   84,000 - number of households
   80,000 - youth population ages 5-18
   1,231 - number agriculturally classified parcels
   186,000 acres in agriculture-forestry/ 429,440 total acres
   103,500 – national forest natural resource acres
   54,796 – families with 5164 (9.4%) listed as limited resource families
   26,696 - female head of households
   10,185 – children living below poverty level
   10,638 – youth participating in free/reduced lunch
   11,133 – unemployed (rate = 5.7%)
           Listening Session Report
   What we heard in the listening session that was
    1)   Environmental Education (NR, Horticulture)
    2)   Family and Consumer Science Education
    3)   Youth/4-H Education
    4)   Strong Support for all program areas
   What we heard in the listening session that was
    1) Extension supporters think we should do it all
    2) Solutions were often very specific i.e. trees in the
       medians, FCAT help, maintain rural atmosphere
    3) Strong desire of other agencies to collaborate
              Listening Sessions
   How we incorporated what we heard…..
    1) Discussions within Program Areas
    2) Reviewed with Program Area Advisory
    3) Reviewed with Overall Advisory
   What we were unable to incorporate and why…..
    1) Being all things to all people
    2) Taking direct responsibility for FCAT
        scores and policy change needs
    Leon County Plan by Program
   Environmental Education
   4-H & Other Youth
   Family & Consumer Sciences
    Environmental Education Program
   Major Priority Areas
          Environmental Changes because of Conversion of Land Use from Rural to
          Best Management Practices for Protection of Water Resources
   Target Audience(s)
          Urban Homeowners, Rural Landowners and Producers, Government Land
          Managers, Horticultural Businesses, Pesticide Applicators, Tree Care
          Companies, Youth, Landscape Designers and Engineers
   Long Range Goals
          Adoption and implementation of BMP’s for natural resource
          conservation in design and management of urban landscapes
          Adoption and implementation of BMP’s for agriculture & natural resource
          conservation in management of rural lands.
   Outcome Indicators
          Increase in environmental quality indicators
          Increase in adoption of BMP’s
          Certification of pesticide applicators, arborists,
          and other such professionals
                           4H Program Summary
   Major Priority Areas
          Implementing Best Practices For Positive Youth Development
                           -Volunteer Recruitment and Development
                           -Organizational Development Utilizing a variety of delivery methods (i.e. clubs, camps,
          after school, etc.)
          Developing Life Skills for 4-H Youth
                         -Utilizing a variety of subject matters areas (Ecology, Forestry, Shooting Sports, Ag.
          Education, Financial Literacy, World of Work, Public Speaking, Camping, etc)
          Youth Will Develop Life Skills In: Communication,
                           - Record keeping, Teamwork/Cooperation, Decision Making, etc.

 Target Audience – Youth and Adults

 Long Range Goals
        Utilizing resources available, develop and implement innovative, diverse programs that meet the current needs of youth in
        Leon County enabling them to become productive, contributing members of society.
 Outcome Indicators
        Repeat Participants, Observation, Success Stories, District & State Level Participation, Parent and Self Reporting, Changing
        Levels of Responsibility & Leadership
    Family & Consumer Sciences Program
   Major Priority Areas:
        Family and Child Development
        Family Economic Stability
        Food, Nutrition, and Wellness
        Food Safety and Quality

   Target Audience: Families, individuals, and youth of Leon

   Long Range Goals: To strengthen and improve the quality of
    life for Leon County citizens through scientific-based knowledge
    and application in FCS

   Outcome Indicators: Percentage of Leon County citizens
    reporting knowledge gained and behaviors changed resulting in
    an improved quality of life
         Multi State Program Summary
   Major Priority Areas
     Consumer Education: Responsibilities & Rights
     Extension Connections for Children
     Chronic Disease Prevention
     Wildlife
     Livestock
     Horticulture
     4-H Youth (Planning Meeting scheduled)
     Forestry
     Water Quality
        Needs to Accomplish Plans
   County
       -Maintain current staffing and increase PA FTE’s
       -Establish County budget lines for FNP
    Professional development
       -County Travel Support
       -Additional computer hardware and software to
        facilitate educational programming support for
     Needs to Accomplish Plans

 Northwest     District
 Positions-DED assistance and Tech Support
 Professional development-Support of Program
 Implementation Teams involving district faculty
 and multi-state coworkers District 4-H Specialist
            Needs to Accomplish Plans
   State
    Positions- Distance Education In-Service Training technician,
    Housing specialist, 4-H specialist to give leadership to the 5-8 yr.
    old program and the 4-H After school program.
   Professional development- State-wide in-service training system
    with opportunities in various program areas to reduce travel time
    and expense. Training to work with 5-8 year olds, Training in
    conducting events and judging.

        **Also, development of Florida specific 4-H project books on Weather
         and Marine Science & statewide development of a teacher's guide for a
         curriculum or lesson plan to teach the Landscape Best Management
         Practices to youth
                   Summary Slide
   Balanced Needs of Clientele in all Program Areas
   County Partners are very patient but the county
    positions are critical. The Partnership should include
    all partners in decisions relative to staffing/HR, fees
    charged, reporting, training and facilities. Must be cost
   Leon County Extension is dedicated to preserving &
    enhancing quality of life which has made our
    community a desirable place to live, work and raise our
   Promote economic health and safety.
             Thanks from:

          Leon County
       Northwest Extension
Lawrence Heitmeyer
July 2, 2003

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