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Vol. XXXIV • Issue No. 24 • Dec. 17, 2009

                                 First Baptist Church of Decatur, Julie Pennington - Russell, Pastor


             CHRISTMAS EVE

 4:30 pm
      Led by our Fresh Start Worship Leaders
    Baptism & Special Features for Children

 6:30 pm
      Led by our 11:00 Worship Leaders
    Christmas Eve Message by Pastor Julie

                                Benevolence Offering Collected

                  “U n t o                   us     a       Child

                                 is          born!”

Merry Christmas From the FBC Staff!
Congregational Life

                                                   Wrap It Up!                                          Sharing in Prayer
                                                   December is a month filled with advent                Congratulations:
                                                   worship services and others things that turn         To Pam and Alan Rountree on the birth of
                                                   our minds to the gift God gave us all at             their twin girls. They were born Dec. 14.
                                                   Christmas.  It is also a time where we give
                                                   gifts to the people, organizations, and              To Abi and Matt Lynch on the birth of their
                                                                                                        son, Jeremy Tristan Lynch on Dec. 12.
                                                   churches that we care about and love.  We
                                                   are thankful for the generous giving of our          To Danny and Debbie Britt on the birth of
                                                   congregation in the past year and ask you to         their new granddaughter. Macie Britt was
                                                   prayerfully consider your gifts  for the             born Dec. 9.
                                                   remainder of the year.   We are in the midst
 Church Office Holiday Closings                     of a stewardship emphasis right now and we           Sympathy:
 December                                          are asking for your help as we strive to wrap        To the family of Bertha McKenzie who passed
  24th - at Noon                                   up some financial goals by the end of 2009.           away on Dec. 16. Funeral TBA.
  25th                                             We are so close to paying off our chillers, our
                                                   long term debt, and also in reaching our goal        Tithes & Offerings
                                                                                                           A Celebration of Gifts
  31st - at Noon                                   to set aside a reserve fund for 2010. 
                                                                                                           2009 Ministry Action Plan
 January                                                                                                   Weekly Need - $22,804
  1st                                              Cash Gifts                                              Received on Dec. 6 - $30,215
                                                    Gifts of cash/checks: All gifts delivered,             Received on Dec. 13 - $30,365
Men’s Ministry Growing                              mailed, or signed by December 31 qualify for           YTD Budget - $1,140,193
There will be two spiritual growth groups                                                                  YTD Received - $1,143,649
                                                    tax deductibility for that year. Cash gifts can
for men beginning in January. Bob Waters                                                                   YTD Income Over Expenses as of
                                                    also be made online at                   Nov. 30 - $7,022
and Joe Sarkesian will lead a
group on Sundays, 6-7:30p
                                                                                                        “Years of Opportunity 2007-09” Campaign
at 3103 Camden Ct, Decatur,
                                  Ordination (Blessing) of Incoming Deacons                               Given to Date - $456,647
beginning 1/17. James                                                                                     Bank Loan Balance - $137,597
Touchton and Joel Gilmore         Sunday, January 24, 2010
                                  (at 9:00 & 11:00)                                                       Owed to FBC Foundation - $ 180,000
will lead a group on
Wednesdays, 6:30-8:00p on         ~
                                                                                                        Missions Offering YTD - $13,483
the second floor of the            Annual Deacon Mini-Retreat
sanctuary building. For           Saturday, January 30, 2010                                            Chiller Fundraising
more information contact          9am - 1:30pm                                                            Total Needed - $289,337
Bob (           Carreker Hall                                                            Received as of Dec. 13 --$217,339
or James                                                                                                                       
                                                                                                        Sunday School Participation
                                                                                                           December 6 - 326
                                                                                                           December 13 - 372
Financial Peace University                         Other Gifts
A new class of Dave Ramsey’s course begins         Gifts of securities: Gifts of stocks, bonds, and
Sunday January 10, 3-5p in Carreker Hall.          mutual funds can be given directly to the
Contact Tifani Haun at                             church.

“Amazing Collection” Groups Take a Break           Questions?
There will be no meetings of the women’s           If you have any questions,
Bible study groups on Tuesdays and                 please contact Beth Thompson                        Congregational Networks Pilot Project
Sundays until 2010.                                ( or
                                                   Nancy Norman (               Friendships and a sense of spiritual
                                                   in our church finance office (404) 370-7694.          community are very important in
                                                                                                       congregations. To develop these to their
                                                                                                       potential it is very important to understand
                                                                                                       the relationship networks within a
                                                                                                       congregation and to act in ways that can
 Go... Be... Do! Missions Corner                                                        NOV/DEC 2009   enhance and expand these. As a follow up
                                                                                                       to the congregational assessment
 Make Someone’s Day - Volunteer at DEAM                                                                conducted by George Bullard last spring,
 Decatur Emergency Assistance Ministry needs                                                           FBCD will be participating early in 2010 in a
 volunteers willing to be trained to interview                                                         pilot project with a company called
                                                              No New Community on
 folks who come in for assistance with groceries,                                                      Community Analytics to uncover the
                                                              Dec. 23, 30 or Jan. 6.
 rent, and utilities. Contact Ann Murphy at                   We will resume on Jan. 13.               relationship networks that exist in our or 404-687-8288 to                                                            congregation and recommend ways they
 find out more.                                                                                         can be enhanced and expanded.  Stay
                                                                                                       tuned for more information.
Youth Spot                                              Kid’s Zone

       2                Big Dates for Youth 
                        March Mission Madness             
    Nursery Schedule
                            March 12 – 14                 
    Dec. 20 -
 Leeth, Fewell, L. Hunter

       0                          Yard Sale               
 Douglas, Hayes
                                 June 10 – 12
      Dec. 27 -
 Bigbie, Balloon
                               Beach Retreat              
                                June 20 – 26              
         2 other volunteers needed

       1               High School Mission Week
                               July 3 – 11

                     Middle School Mission Week

                             July 17 – 24                     Children’s New Community
                         Family Rafting Retreat               DiscoverKids Missions
                              July 29 – 31                    We had so much fun with the children in
                                                              choir! They all worked very hard and we
                                                              loved helping them minister to the
                                                              church. Beginning January 6, we are
                                                              going to start our missions focus. This
    Contact Us
                                                              will be a time when the children will

     Main Office - 404-373-1653
      First School - 404-370-7688                             learn how they can use their gifts to
      Activities - 404-373-2442                               minister to others. We will learn about
      Website—                              field missionaries and other cultures and

     E-Mail—                              do mission projects to help people in our
                                                              area. We look forward to seeing you in
      Staff On Call 
      To reach a staff member for weekend                     January!

     pastoral emergencies, please call 404-373-1653.

     Dec. 18 - Dec. 20 - Ryan Forbes

     Dec. 25 - Dec. 27 - Sharyn Dowd

      Deacon On Call 
      Dec. 18 - Dec. 20 - Don Hammonds

     Dec. 25 - Dec. 27 - Molly Turner
                                  Winter/Spring 2010

Family Night Supper
    Carreker Hall ‐ 5:15 ‐ 6:30
     $5.00 (adults) ‐ $3.00 (students)
     $15.00 (family Maximim) ‐ Kids under 3 ‐ Free

     DiscoverKids                                            Music for Adults
     EducaKon Building 2nd floor (1st‐5th) ‐ 6:30 ‐ 7:30 PM        Handbell Ensemble Rehearsal
     Preschool Area (Birth ‐ K) ‐ 6:30 ‐ 7:30pm                   Sanctuary Balcony – 6:20 – 6:55
                                                                  January 13 ‐  May 5
Youth                                                             Ave’ (Adult Vocal Ensemble)
     Unplugged                                                    Room S226 Music Suite – 7:00 – 7:30
     A worship experience for youth                               January 13 ‐  May 5
     AcKviKes Center ‐ 6:30 ‐ 7:30 PM
                                                                  Sanctuary Choir Rehearsal
                                                                  Room S226 Music Suite – 7:30 – 8:45
                                                                  January 6 ‐  May 19
     Encounters With Jesus –
     An Overview of the New Testament
     Sharyn Dowd
     Carreker Hall – 6:30‐7:30 

     Faith and JusRce Discussion Group
     Bill Neal
     S304 – 6:30‐7:30

     Debt‐2‐Dreams – Financial Fitness Seminar
     Mark Carter and Zeno Douglas
     E210 – 6:30‐7:30
                                                                                       NOV/DEC 2009

     Men’s Spiritual Growth Group
     James Touchton and Joel Gilmore
     Sanctuary Building 2nd floor – 6:30 – 8:00                   No New
                                                                 Community on Dec.
     Marriage MaVers – Engaged or Married up to 3 years          23, 30 or Jan. 6.
     Jeanie and David Gushee                                     We will resume on
     S206 –6:30– 7:30                                            Jan. 13.

     Support Group for Families of Homicide VicRms
     Larry Connelly
     S210 – 6:30‐7:30

     Alcoholics Anonymous – Open Group
     E200 –6:30

     Al‐Anon – Open Group
     E310 –7:30‐8:30

November 29

                                                        ADVENT AND CHRISTMAS SERMON SERIES
The Final Act
Luke 21

December 6
Acts I & II: Good News, Bad News
Genesis 1 & 3

December 13
Musical Christmas
Sing the Season

December 20
Act III: Enter the Hero
Luke 2

December 20
Blue Christmas Service (4pm)
December 24
Christmas Eve (4:30pm & 6:30pm)
December 27
Unfinished Dreams
1 Kings 8
                                                        - 2009

Januar y 3
To Life!
Deuteronomy 30
                  rst baptist church decatur, georgia

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