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									                                                                                                Sometimes it's the little things that aggravate you in
                                                                                                               the bargaining process

                                                                                            Sometimes it's the little things that aggravate      Essentially,  this memo bars any working
                                                                                            you in the bargaining process... like                group on campus from asking departmental
                                                                                            management arguing that departmental                 assistants for information, even a steward
                                                                                            assistants know more about what's happening          simply asking for the email address of a new
                                                                                            in math and physics labs than the TSSU               sessional instructor. It grew out of a request
                                                                                            members that work in them; or arguing that           from a couple of departmental assistants to
                                                                                            the CUPE members who have access to                  clarify whether or not they had to respond to
                                                                                            sensitive student information don't know the         TSSU requests for information. Bruce
                                                                                            university's privacy policy and haven't been         Anderson, the Director of Human Resources,
                                                                                            trained in the new privacy legislation; or           sent out a letter stating that any information
                                                                                            implying that these CUPE members don't               requests from union members would have to
                                                                                            know that someone's home address is private          come         through         the        Labour-
                                                                                            although their workplace email or phone              Management Committee, as departmental
                                                                                            number is not. The latter two annoyances             staff did not have the authority to hand out
                                                                                            stem from management’s response to TSSU’s            such information. For the union, this creates a
                                                                                            request for Human Resources to withdraw an           poisoned environment in those departments
                                                                                            offensive and heavy handed memo from last            where TA's /TM's and Sessionals have, until
            “The union demands are much too reasonable.                                     year.                                                now, enjoyed healthy, cordial relations with co-
              I need something I can reject out of hand.”                                                                                        workers and departmental assistants in
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                                by your bargaining team
                                                                                                                              Negotiation Progress
As   many of you are well aware, our           Currently, we are bargaining around the
                                                                                            •   Letter of notice to bargain: June 2, 2004        • Workload and Contact Information issues:
Collective Agreement expired on April          issues of workload review and time use       •   Protocol Meeting: June 11, 2004                    August 19, 2004
30th, 2004.           TSSU and SFU             guidelines,     grievance       language,    •   Proposal Exchange: June 18, 2004                 • Evaluation and Training issues: August 26,
Administration began negotiating the new       Sessional issues and access to               •   Language Instructors and renewing $70.00           2004
Collective      Agreement       in    June.    information.      While our contract             tuition credit: June 29, 2004 ---- Renewing      • Workplac e and Facilities issues: September 2,
Immediately, the Administration refused        committee keeps making constructive              request was refused. TSSU members now have         2004
                                                                                                no the $70.00 tuition credit.                    • TSSU has been waiting for messages from the
to renew, even just for the duration of        member-driven suggestions to the             •   Housekeeping and letters of Agreement: July 2,     SFU Administration after presenting a series of
bargaining, the letter which ensures we        Administration, they simply reject our           2004                                               issues, proposals and tentative languages in the
receive a tuition credit from the university   requests. They refuse our attempts to        •   Childcare issues: July 6, 2004                     previous negotiations.
once a semester. This seems to have            clarify the current language and keep        •   Respect and Social Insurance Number issues:      • Contact Information and TUG issues: October
                                                                                                July 9, 2004                                       28, 2004
been a sign of things to come. We              consistency throughout the Collective                                                             • Grievance and Sessional issues: November 9,
                                                                                            •   Grievance and Personal safety issues: July 13,
continued to bargain all summer and            Agreement, leaving loopholes that could          2004                                               2004
signed off on most of the housekeeping         potentially be used to exploit our           •   Summer break July 16, 2004 to August 16, 2004    • Next negotiation is scheduled on Thursday
issues we brought to the table. We also        members.      An example of this is                                                                 November 18, 2004
unloaded a ton of proposals, very few of       adamantly rejecting our proposal to add
which the administration has responded         the words ‘or lab’ to the clause
to with counter proposals. We took a           concerning workload reviews, their sole
hiatus at the beginning of September and       rationale being that this makes the
returned to the table on October 28. The       Collective    Agreement      an     overly
bargaining team is already frustrated by       complicated document. Two words, five
the lack of progress being made.               letters, too complicated.       Can you
                                               understand our frustrations?

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