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									 Simon Fraser University
        Seniors Lifelong
        Learners Society

 The glow of Lifelong Learning has no age limit.

We invite you to become an active member
of the SFU Seniors Lifelong Learners Society.

Our mailing address is:
SFU Seniors Lifelong Learners Society
c/o SFU Continuing Studies
2300 – 515 West Hastings St.
Vancouver, BC, V6B 5K3
Who we are                                                                                        Bene ts of Membership
The SFU Seniors Lifelong Learners Society        • Maintain a liaison with the Senior             By joining the Society, you can help shape
has its roots in the Opsimath (Greek word          Program Director regarding input on            the Society by participating in the election of
meaning “one who learns late in life”) Club        courses that fulfill the unique                 our Board of Directors at our Annual General
founded in the 1970s. In 2005 we became            interests of seniors                           Meeting held each September. You can also
an independent non-profit registered society      • Provide financial assistance to                 become a Board Member and help make
under the B.C. Society Act and our name was        undergraduate students through                 decisions that shape the university’s
changed to SFU Seniors Lifelong Learners           grants from our endowment funds                academic destiny in the area of Continuing
Society. We are governed by our own                                                               Education.
Bylaws and our Board of Directors, elected                                                        Members meet new and old friends through
annually at our AGM. The use of SFU in our       How we do it                                     our encouragement of fellowship and by
name maintains our link to the University        Through the actions of our Board of              their participation in our social and cultural
while representing past and present senior       Directors, the Society provides a link           program. There are intangible benefits, a
students of Simon Fraser University.             between seniors, the Seniors Program, the        sense of belonging, the sharing of
                                                 University, and the community.                   experiences with other seniors with similar
Our Philosophy                                   We provide endowment funds, administered         interests, and the satisfaction of being a
Lifelong learning through active participation   on our behalf by the University, in support of   student in one of Canada’s greatest
in group situations and activities adds          students.                                        universities.
vibrancy and excitement to the life of           Through these endowment funds, the               The Simon Fraser University Seniors
seniors.                                         Seniors Program benefits from receipt of          Program offers intellectually exciting and
                                                 financial support for their non-credit            challenging non-credit courses each term.
Mission Statement                                courses.                                         These moderately priced courses are
To fulfill our philosophy, we are committed       Through our Community Service Award              available to anyone fifty-five years or older,
to:                                              Fund, help is provided to undergraduate          regardless of educational background.
     • Provide and promote communication         students in achieving their educational goals.   The SFU Seniors Lifelong Learners Society
       between seniors, the University, and      The Society supports SFU initiatives directed    and the Seniors Program are committed
       the community                             towards the community, for example,              to working together to enlighten the lives of
     • Foster a feeling of friendship among      educational forums on subjects of interest to    seniors and students.
       all SFU senior students, past and         seniors.
          Membership Application               Donations to Endowment Funds
Please join us by completing the               I would like to make a donation to:
membership form below. Detach and return              The Paul Parkin Fund
with your cheque or money order for $15.00            The Seniors Program Endowment
($25.00 for couple) payable to SFU Seniors            Fund
Lifelong Learners Society and mail to:                The SFU Lifelong Learners Society
       SFU Seniors Lifelong Learners Society          Community Service Award
       #2300 – 515 West Hastings Street        My gift in the amount of $________ is made
       Vancouver, BC, V6B 5K3                  payable to Simon Fraser University. (Please
                                               do not combine your donation with your
_____________________________________          membership fee.)
NAME                                           I prefer to use my credit card:
ADDRESS                                        CARD NUMBER         VISA    MC    EXPIRY
CITY                        PROVINCE           NAME ON CREDIT CARD
                                               CITY                             PROVINCE
                                               POSTAL CODE

                                               SFU Seniors Program
                                               #2300 – 515 West Hastings St.
                                               Vancouver, BC, V6B 5K3

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