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					                Petite, Little, Junior, and Pre-Teen
                Miss Washtenaw County Pageants
                         September 17, 2011
                Saline Middle School Auditorium
Age Divisions: (Age as of pageant date) – Please check which division you will be
competing in.

       _______Petite Miss 3- 4          ______Little Miss – Ages 5-7
       _______Junior – Ages 8-10          ______Pre-Teen – Ages 11-13

Contestant’s Full Name: ___________________________________________________

           Street                        City                   Zip

Phone Number: ____________________ E-mail: ______ ________________________

Parent or Guardian’s Name: _______________________________________________

Birth Date: _____________ Age at time of pageant (9/17/11):______________________

Name of School (If Applicable): _______________________________ Grade: _______

Entry Fees:
$50.00 Pageant Fee ($25.00 deposit due by September 3, 2011)
The pageant fee includes interview, casual and formal wear for all divisions, and talent
for Junior and Pre-Teen.
Optional Events:
             $25.00 Talent * for Petite and Little
             $25.00 Photogenic extra photo’s 10.00 each
             $25.00 Portfolio extra Portfolio’s 10.00 each
             $25.00 Composite extra Composite’s 10.00 each
             $25.00 Fashion Modeling (Outfit of Choice)


What are your hobbies or special interests?

What do you like to do in your spare time?


What is your favorite subject in school?

What do you want to be when you grow up?

What is your favorite TV show? _____________________________________________

What is your favorite book? ________________________________________________

What is your favorite movie?________________________________________________

List up to five Honors or Awards you may have won:


List up to five Community or Volunteer Programs that you are involved in:



Please check which optional contests you will be participating in:

________ $50.00 Pageant Fee – REQUIRED
                (Fee includes interview, casual and formal wear for all divisions and
talent for Junior and Pre-teen)
________ $25.00 Photogenic
________ $10.00 x ( ) number of extra photos
________ $25.00 Composite
________ $10.00 x ( ) number of extra composites
________ $25.00 Portfolio
________ $10.00 x ( ) number of extra Portfolios

________ $25.00 Fashion modeling (Outfit of Choice)
________ $25.00 Talent for Petite and Little
      My talent is __________________________________________
_____ Total Due
_ _______ less deposit due by September, 2011
________ Final amount due at pageant CASH ONLY accepted pageant day

Make checks payable to Junior Miss Washtenaw County Program all mailed entries
must be postmarked by September 3. Mail or email your entry and picture of the
contestant (if mailing wallet school pictures are great) and fees to:

                                    Molly Coy
                      Junior Miss Washtenaw County Program
                         1492 Colony Dr., Saline, MI 48176

                  All fees paid are non-refundable. NO EXCEPTIONS!

             Waiver to be signed by all Parents with children competing

I agree to allow my daughter to participate in the Petite, Little, Junior or Pre-teen Miss
Washtenaw County Pageant, and to abide by the decision of the judges, which will be
final. I further hold harmless from any and all liability arising out of personal injury,
property damage, or similar cause, the pageant organizers, judges, hostesses, committee
members, owners of the facility where the pageant will be conducted, as well as all others
involved in the production of the pageant.

____________________________________________________               __________________
Contestant’s Parent or Legal Guardian Signature                    Date


All contestants will receive a participation award. The overall winners of the Petite,
Little, Junior and Pre-Teen divisions will each receive a banner, tiara, flowers and a $100
award. This is based on your interview, casual, formal wear and talent for Junior and
Pre-teen. And for Petite and Little Miss they will be judged on interview, casual, formal
wear. There will be a winner in each age division for all optional events. An overall
audience choice award will also be awarded.


Parents, friends, siblings, etc. will not be allowed backstage during the competition,
except for the children 4 and under, where 1 chaperone will accompany each child.
Pageant sponsors will provide backstage chaperoning and assistance for contestants.

A titleholder cannot enter and win the same age division more than once.

No make-up except clear lip gloss will be allowed to be worn by contestants in the
Petite, Little Miss and Junior Divisions. Make-up for the Pre-Teen Division is allowed.
However, a natural, fresh look should be maintained.

Contestants must remain at the pageant location from arrival in the morning through the
pageant. Contestants should bring a sack lunch or have a family member bring a lunch

All contestants are expected to behave courteously to one another and staff. Poor
sportsmanship may result in elimination from the pageant or forfeiture of a title, as
determined by the Board of Directors. Any such decision on the part of the Board is

                             AREAS OF COMPETITION:
                              (INCLUDED IN PAGEANT FEE)

Uniform modeling patterns will be taught the day of the pageant. Contestants must
follow this pattern only.

Personal Interview:
 This is your personal interview with the judges and is your opportunity to let your
personality shine. The interviews will take place prior to the onstage competition. For the
3 -7 year olds, you will sit at a table with each judge for 1 minute. For the 8-13 years old,
you will stand at a podium in front of a panel of judges for 3 mintues. This portion of the
pageant provides you with a great opportunity to learn and develop speaking skills. An
age appropriate outfit will be worn for the personal interviews.

Contestants 3 – 13 will be judged on poise, self-confidence and speaking ability.

Casual Wear:
You will wear an outfit of your own choosing that you feel good in and that reflects who
you are. This should be stylish and not too dressy. Jeans are fine, but please, no sweats.
The outfit should be age-appropriate.

Contestants will be judged on walk, posture, poise, display of energy, enthusiasm and a
positive attitude.

Personal Introduction, Poise and Appearance in Formal Wear:
This is the eveningwear competition and your personal introduction to the judges. It is
not the dress itself that is being judged, but your overall poise and appearance in that
dress. A short church or party dress is suggested for the younger divisions. A party
dress or evening gown is suggested for the Pre-Teen divisions. No purses, hats, boas,
gloves, etc. are allowed. Shoes for the younger divisions are not to have heels higher
than one inch. This outfit should not appear to be a costume, but should instead reflect
the real you in a dressy situation. During your time on stage, you will introduce yourself
(3-4 parent may do or assist) and will be asked to state your name, your hometown, and
one interesting fact about yourself, all in one sentence.

Contestants will be judged on walk, posture, poise, gracefulness, sense of confidence,
projection and a positive attitude.

                               OPTIONAL CONTESTS:

The maximum time for your talent is two (2) minutes. It must be a live presentation
performed only by you. Any type of live talent is permissible, such as vocal,
instrumental, dancing, skits, monologues, etc. Only functional props will be allowed.
The costume should be appropriate for the type of talent and must be in good taste. The
pageant will provide a CD player and operator, a microphone and a stand. You must
provide a CD cued for performance. Please be sure it is of good quality. The CD must
have your name on it and be labeled with a description of the performance, example
dance/“Great Balls of Fire.” NO TAPES WILL BE ALLOWED.
After the sound engineer starts the CD, it cannot be stopped until the routine is finished
and the music stops. No re-starts will be allowed.
No one (teachers, coaches, siblings, parents, etc.) will be allowed on stage or behind
stage. You must be able to enter the stage alone and perform your talent without any
prompting from back stage.
You may enter the talent competition more than once. However, each talent must be
different. For example, you could not sing two songs, but you could dance for one talent
and sing for another. Each performance requires a separate entry fee for the Petite and
Little Divisions. Talent is a part of the overall score for the Junior and Pre-Teen
“Miss Photogenic” will be selected from a photo no smaller than a 4x6 and no larger than
an 8 ½ x 11 photo. You will need to bring your photo with you to the pageant
registration. All photos must be labeled with your child’s age and age division. The
photo may be black & white or a color photo (they do equally well), and must have been
taken within the past year. Head shots generally work best. The photo must not be in a
frame but may be submitted in a protective sleeve. You may enter more photos if you
like for an additional fee.
Fashion Modeling
You will model an outfit of your choosing on stage to upbeat music. This is a fun
competition in which you let your personality show. You are not judged on the outfit
itself, but rather, your presentation of the outfit on stage. Accessories are allowed, but no
props. The modeling pattern is your choice, and all contestants will enter stage right and
exit stage left.

For this event each contestant will submit a bound photo album with no more than 10
photos no larger than 8 1/2" X 11". You will need to bring this with you to the pageant
registration. All photos must be labeled with your child’s age and age division. You
may enter additional portfolios if you like for an additional fee.

For this event each contestant will submit a composite photo no larger than 8 1/2" X
11". This consists of 4 to 8 different pictures on 1 page. Composites should not be
framed, but may be submitted in protective sleeves.

            Junior Miss Washtenaw Pageant
                        SCHEDULE OF THE DAY
                            September 17, 2011
           Tentative subject to change with final contestant count

Petite, Little, Junior & Pre-Teen
10:00 AM      Registration for Little Miss, Junior & Pre-Teen (dressing room open)
10:15 AM      Orientation, in auditorium (parents or chaperones welcome) Learn walk
10:30 AM      Rehearse casual wear, evening wear, and fashion modeling (parents or
              chaperones welcome)
              Rehearse opening number (no parents or chaperones in auditorium)
11:45 AM      Talent rehearsals (parents or chaperones welcome)
12:15 PM      Lunch break and prepare for interviews
1:00 PM       Interviews – Petite Miss 3-4
1:30 PM       Interviews – Little Miss 5-7
2:00 PM       Interviews – Junior Miss 8-10
2:30 PM       Interviews – Pre-Teen Miss 11-13
3:00 PM       Prepare for pageant
3:00 PM       Doors open
3:30 PM       Pageant Begins!!!!!


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