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					Winter 2006        Vol. 2

The Yellow Ribbon Fund’s          What a Difference a Year Makes
Mission: Welcoming our
                                  Last year at this time many of us who live in the Washington, D.C. community were wondering what
Injured Service Members
                                  we could do for our wounded service members. How could we show our thanks for the volunteers we
into our Community
                                  sent to war to protect our freedom and who lost arms, legs and eyes?
                                  We learned about our community’s military hospitals, and about the Yellow Ribbon Fund’s role
                                  • We passed by Walter Reed Army Medical Center and the National Naval Medical Center with little
                                    thought of who was there, what they did, what they needed, what we could do—until this year.
                                  • We learned that many organizations helped the servicemen and women while they were in the
DAVID J. BRANSON                    hospital but not many helped them get out into the community — we decided to make that the role
JOHN L. ADAMS                       of the Yellow Ribbon Fund.
DOUG COPPI                        • We learned that businessmen and women in our community wanted to help these brave young men
                                    and women make the transition to success in civilian life — that’s the role of the Yellow Ribbon Fund.
                                  We have learned how to show our thanks this past year
                                  • We hosted Opening Day and other D.C. Nationals games, duck hunting, outdoor events, dinners,
                                    lunches, sporting events and other opportunities for our community to show its appreciation.
JOHN L. ADAMS                       See inside, page 3.
   VICE PRESIDENT                 • We showed our thanks with free rental cars, taxicabs, hotel rooms, apartments — all to welcome
THOMAS BOOTH                        injured soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, and coast guardsmen into our community. See inside, page 4.
   SECRETARY                      • We decorated Christmas trees, rooms at the Fisher House homes, and rooms at other Walter Reed
CHARLES TATE                        buildings; we provided babysitters, companions, friends. See inside, page 5.
   TREASURER                      • We offered mentors and internship opportunities to many soldiers and marines to help them
                                    transition from military life to civilian careers while they are still at the hospital. See inside, page 6.
EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR                We learned a lot more about our troops, and about ourselves
MARIE R. WOOD                     • We learned that many service members are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD.
                                    No one recognized PTSD in my brother Bill when he returned from Korea many years ago. I only
DIRECTOR, COMMUNITY AFFAIRS         wish I had known then what we are learning now, because I am sure that I could have helped him
DENNY CLEMENTS                      more, and we both would have been better for it.
                                  The Yellow Ribbon Fund celebrates its first anniversary this February. What a difference a year makes!
Please submit your comments       Your generosity both in time and money is greatly appreciated — and will continue to be needed — as
to Marie R. Wood, Editor,         we carry on our mission of welcoming our injured service members into our community.
at 301-706-9498 or via email at

Yellow Ribbon Fund, Inc.,
10415 Armory Ave.
Kensington, MD, 20895                                                                       Contents
                                                               Profile: Specialist Nicholas Boutin (picture left) ....................2
                                                               Profile: Lance Corporal Joshua Cooley ..................................7
                                                               Pictured above: Servicemen and women enjoy outdoor events and
                                                               Kate Branson at her fundraiser

www.yellowribbonfund.org                                                                                                           page 1
                                                         P R O F I L E S

                                          A Soldier’s Story: Nicholas Boutin

             magine the                                                                                        be attributed to the
             concern of                                                                                        helmet he continued to
             knowing your                                                                                      wear after he entered
         only child is serving                                                                                 his Bradley. Usually
         his country in Iraq.                                                                                  this is not the case.
         Now imagine your                                                                                      According to his
         husband is also                                                                                       parents, the heat in Iraq
         serving there at the                                                                                  is unbelievably intense
         same time as your                                                                                     — 130 degrees
         son, and they are           Specialist Nicholas Boutin (left) with Private First Class Brian Hager    Fahrenheit — rising to
         both attached to the        in Iraq.                                                                 140 degrees inside a
         same brigade — the                                                                                   Bradley. Add to this the
         Third Infantry Division from Fort Benning!                         heavy gear and a flack vest weighing nearly 40 pounds,
                                                                            and soldiers usually can’t wait to shed their helmets the
         This is what Robin Boutin lived with last year, as her             minute they climb inside the Bradley. Miraculously,
         husband, Sgt. Major Peter Boutin, and her son, Specialist          Nicholas didn’t. Thus the explosion pierced his helmet,
         Nicholas Boutin, headed from Fort Benning, Georgia to              not his skull, with the helmet saving his life.
         Iraq in January 2005. It was the second tour of duty for
         Peter, who had already spent seven months in Iraq in               Nicholas’ grandparents Marjorie and Randall Burt made
         2003, as well as six months in Kuwait.                             two trips from their home in Bath, NH, to care for their
                                                                            grandson. The Yellow Ribbon Fund provided free hotel rooms
         Both father and son returned to the United States, but             for them at the Bethesda Clarion Hotel, close to the National
         not under the circumstances they would have chosen: an             Naval Medical Center.
         injury in Iraq caused Nick to spend five and a half weeks
         in the ICU at the National Naval Medical Center in                 Slowly Nicholas is coming back. He doesn’t realize all the
         Bethesda, Maryland last summer.                                    time he has been sick, having spent 32 days in an
                                                                            induced coma. With therapy he is gradually regaining use
         Nicholas was severely injured when a parachute grenade             of his right arm and leg. He faces months of speech
         exploded in his Bradley fighting vehicle in Samarra,               therapy, for his speech was affected by the stroke.
         causing him to lose his left eye. Even though he was               Recuperating from severe trauma can seem agonizingly
         airlifted in twelve minutes to safety, the trauma to his           slow for a 22- year old who loves sports, especially
         body continued. The air pressure from the blast caused             soccer.
         him to develop a slow bleed in his brain. A small stroke
         followed and he sunk into a coma. Doctors performed an Nicholas continues to recover with his parents at their
         emergency craniotomy on him. Later he also suffered an             home at Fort Benning in Columbus, Georgia. He is
         acute respiratory infection in his lungs, probably caused          scheduled to return to Washington for reconstructive
         by bacteria in the Iraqi soil.                                     surgery this March at Walter Reed.

         The Boutins were grateful that Nicholas was still alive
         despite his condition. The fact that he wasn’t killed can        Specialist Nicholas Boutin gave us permission to publish this
                                                                          story and the accompanying picture.

page 2                                                                                                    www.yellowribbonfund.org
   Soldiers, Sailors and Marines                                                                    A Note from Jim Bugg
                                                                                     A missing left arm and a right eye does not make for a level
               Enjoy Duck Hunt                                                       playing field if one is attempting to bring down a fast flying
                                                                                     duck, but it didn’t stop Sean Locker. Nor did a wheelchair
                                                                                     keep Kansas soldier Chad Kueser, a bi-lateral leg amputee,
                                                                                     from being the first to bag his limit.
                                                                                     Jason Kukkola also doesn’t let war injuries cramp his style.
                                                                                     In spite of losing both kneecaps to three grenades dropped
                                                                                     from a window while he was on patrol in Baghdad last year,
                                                                                     Jason persevered. While hunting Jason traded his
                                                                                     wheelchair for a cane and was able to join the group. With
                                                                                     his trusty 12-gauge shot gun he bagged the first duck of the
                                                                                     You may wonder what duck hunting on the Chesapeake
                                                                                     Bay has to do with making the playing field level. Listen to
                                                                                     what one soldier told Barry Yancosek, who runs the
                                                                                     firearms training as well as the fishing and shooting sports
                                                                                     therapy program for Walter Reed’s injured service members:
                                                                                     “This is the first time in years that I forgot about my
                                                                                     wounds and outside world and just enjoyed myself.”
                                                                                     There are many ways that we can help level the playing
                                                                                     field for our wounded service members. Let’s take the men
                                                                                     and women who are wounded out of the hospital if they
                                                                                     are able. Take them to the beach, to the country, take them
Enjoying a duck hunt at Poverty Point are (kneeling from left) Don Huff, father      fishing, skiing or hunting. At a meeting with Secretary of
of SGT Brandon Huff, U.S. Army, James S. Bugg, Sr., Chairman, Yellow Ribbon          Defense Donald Rumsfeld in December, I learned that Mrs.
Fund, (standing from left) Jason Burr, (U.S. Army), Jose Ramos, (U.S. Navy),         Rumsfeld had just taken a group from Walter Reed skiing.
Barry Yancosek, (Director, Firearms Simulation Program at Walter Reed), and
                                                                                     They will have a good time and you will too!
Sean Locker, (U.S. Marine Corps), and (in the foreground) Gunner, Dennis Roe’s
Yellow Lab, who enjoyed retrieving the ducks as much as the warriors enjoyed
hunting them.
                                                                                  In a letter
                                                                                  addressed to         I work c
                                                                                                      patients sely with the am

        uck Season opened with a bang on November 12, 2005. Jim                   Jim Bugg, Sr.,                   f                    pu
                                                                                                      and Opera rom Operation Ira tee
        Bugg, Sr., Chairman of the Yellow Ribbon Fund, invited                                                     tion Endu             q
                                                                                  Barry               program a              ring Free i Freedom
                                                                                                                   imed at               d
        several young servicemen to enjoy a duck hunt at Poverty                  Yancosek           warriors               helping t om in a
                                                                                                                  t                    he wounde
Point, his farm in Maryland (see photo above).                                    wrote:             military o regain the abi                   d
                                                                                                                  s                    li
                                                                                                     injured o ervice weapons us ty to shoot
The group arrived Friday, November 11, 2005, and shot some                                                        r                     i
                                                                                                    prosthese remaining limbs ng their
sporting clays, fished a little, enjoyed a great dinner, and told                                                s.                     and
                                                                                                    The Yello
stories throughout the evening. They also played pool, with                                        big part
                                                                                                                 w Ribbon
                                                                                                                            Fund has
                                                                                                                 o                     b
partners Jim Bugg and Sean Locker besting all comers, although                                     offering f the advanced t een a
                                                                                                                hunting o            herapy by
Sean’s new arm was only two weeks old. The following day, at 4:45                                  combat wo
a.m., it was up for coffee. Then shooters, dogs and guides were                                   warriors nded patients. Th s to
                                                                                                               love the              e wounded
                                                                                                  provided                 opportuni
assigned to duck blinds for a shoot of a lifetime. Everyone enjoyed                                            t                     t
                                                                                                  320 ducks hem, and they ha ies you’ve
using a firearm and shooting at ducks instead of enemy targets.                                                !                    ve shot
                                                                                                 The Yello
Each of the men agreed that there could not have been a more                                                  w
                                                                                                 program i Ribbon Fund int
                                                                                                              s an awe             e
welcome way to enjoy the Eastern Shore of Maryland.                                             the young               some oppo rnship
                                                                                                               men and             rtunity f
                                                                                                with comm                 women to            or
                                                                                                             u                      r
                                                                                                prepare t nity and business eintegrate
A final note: Thank you Ducks Unlimited members! The Ducks                                     selfless em for life afte leaders to
                                                                                                             service t            r
Unlimited National Capital Chapter hosted several soldiers, sailors and                                                  o our co their
                                                                                               Thanks ag                         untry.
marines at its annual 2005 Sportsman’s Dinner at Columbia Country                             wounded s in for all you d
                                                                                                            ervice me            o for th
Club. The entire membership of Ducks Unlimited greeted the injured                                                      mbers.              e
servicemen with a standing ovation. Ducks Unlimited member Dan                                             ,
Callahan decided that the members could offer an even better welcome to                      Barry Yan
                                                                                             Director, osek
the families of the injured service members. Dan held his auction card up                    WRAMC          Firearms
and pledged $100 to the Yellow Ribbon Fund. Soon chaos broke out when                                                             n Program
50 DU members matched Dan’s pledge.

www.yellowribbonfund.org                                                                                                                       page 3
A CommunitySteps Up—
    with Money, Resources,
         ver 300 individuals, companies, foundations, and other                          Corporal Ryan
         organizations in our community have contributed over $250,000                   Groves and his
         to the Yellow Ribbon Fund to benefit injured soldiers, sailors,                 mother Terri at
airmen, marines and coast guardsmen during 2005.                                         Nextcar Rentals in
                                                                                         Wheaton, Maryland,
The Carl M. Freeman Foundation and its Executive Director Cheryl                         with Nextcar
Kagan provided a generous grant and very important mentoring and                         manager
guidance for the Yellow Ribbon Fund as we learn the principles and                       Tim Christian.
practices of good governance of a public non-profit organization.
Other generous donors have given the Yellow Ribbon Fund resources that
enable us to meet the needs of the families of injured servicemen. Several
of these “in-kind” contributions stand out:
Jack Fitzgerald — Fitzgerald AutoMalls/Nextcar Rentals
Jack’s generosity in offering cars to the Yellow Ribbon Fund for almost                  The Pankeys of
nothing has enabled us to give them free to the families who would                       Louisiana, family
otherwise be stuck at Walter Reed or Bethesda Naval Hospital. Because of                 members of the late
                                                                                         Sgt. Wayne Pankey,
Jack, over 200 families have been able to go to the grocery store, go to a
                                                                                         stayed in the
movie, drive to the country with friends — “start to live a normal life,”
                                                                                         Holiday Inn of
in the words of a grateful mother.                                                       Georgetown in
Donohoe Hospitality Services — Holiday Inns of Georgetown                                September 2005.
and Arlington
General Managers Linda Eagon and Bob Gaither have generously
provided over 200 free room nights at their Holiday Inn properties for
families of injured service members who would not otherwise be able to
come to our community to care for their injured soldier.
John Freeman — Rock Creek Springs Apartments                                             Richard Doyle and
John Freeman has arranged for Rock Creek Springs Apartments in Silver                    Melissa Rogers, with
Spring to provide a beautiful, fully-furnished, one-bedroom apartment on                 Ana Magee, Manager,
Eastern Avenue, close to Walter Reed. Thirteen families have stayed in this              in front of Rock Creek
apartment in the past year.                                                              Springs Apartments.
Bill Everngam — Corona Apartments
Bill Everngam has arranged for Corona Apartments, on Sligo Avenue
in Silver Spring, to donate a beautiful two-bedroom apartment to the
families of injured service members at Walter Reed. Six families have
stayed in the Corona Apartments.

I just want to let you know how much I appreciate
                                                                                         Charles Travis, a
all of the help and support that Richard and I received                                  Hurricane Katrina
from you and the Yellow Ribbon Fund. You all are an                                      evacuee from New
inspiration, and Richard and I both appreciate everything                                Orleans, whose son
                                                                                         is at Walter Reed,
that you all have done for us. Keep up the excellent work                                stands in front of the
of helping our soldiers and their families, and I know                                   Corona Apartments,
they will be as thankful as we are! We love Marie Wood                                   where he stayed for
and the Yellow Ribbon Fund! Thank you all so much                                        several months
once again!
                        Sincerely, Melissa Rogers and Richard Doyle

page 4                                                                        www.yellowribbonfund.org
                                                                 Kevin Byrd, a senior at   How You Can Help
                                                                 Georgetown Prep in
                                                                 Rockville, Maryland,      Think of the “Minutemen,” the patriotic
                                                                 interned at the Yellow    civilians of Massachusetts and several other

                                                                 Ribbon Fund during        New England colonies, who were ready at a
                                                                 the summer. Here he       minute’s notice to serve. Let us have a cadre
                                                                 plays with Preston        of our own volunteers ready to act on short
                                                                 Stewart, son of Brandy
                                                                 Stewart and Spec.
                                                                                           notice to help our veterans and their families
                                                                 Mark Stewart, a           in whatever way is necessary – whether it be
                                                                 patient at Walter Reed.   shopping, driving a family member to the
                                                                                           airport, giving young parents a few hours
                                                                                           of time out or taking a soldier hunting.
                                                                                           –Jim Bugg, Sr.

 Deck the Halls                               Photos by Beth Hendricks
                                                                                           The Yellow Ribbon Fund needs volunteers
                                                                                           to provide help to families and mentors,
                                                                                           through the Community Internship
                                      S    anta’s elves came early this year when Yellow
                                          Ribbon Fund volunteers helped to brighten
                                      several Fisher Houses and the soldiers’ barracks
                                                                                           Program, to offer our service members
                                                                                           guidance and an opportunity to use their
                                      at Walter Reed, as well as a two-bedroom             free time to learn job skills with a local
                                      apartment on temporary loan to the Yellow            company. Please fill out and detach the
                                      Ribbon Fund in the Corona Apartments in              form below and mail to:
                                      Silver Spring. Carol Bugg, wife of Yellow Ribbon     The Yellow Ribbon Fund, 10415 Armory
                                      Fund Chair Jim Bugg and co-owner of Interiors
                                                                                           Avenue, Kensington, MD 20895
                                      by Decorating Den, headed up a committee of
                                                                                           or fax to 301-692-1990
                                      decorating mavens who set to work sprucing up
                                      Walter Reed’s Fisher Houses I and II. In the
                                      blink of an eye Micki Scarff and Jan O'Neal          The Yellow Ribbon Fund, Inc. is a not-for-
                                      decorated Fisher House I while Cynthia Ziskie,       profit 501(c)(3) organization.
                                      Bea Hessick and Kathy Everngam applied their
                                      magic to Fisher House II.
                                      Carol led the team determined to bring               Name: ____________________________
 Santa’s magic to Walter Reed’s soldiers’ barracks. Her elves included Marie Wood
 and Beth Hendricks under the direction of Captain Katie Yancosek of Walter                Address: ____________________________
 Reed. Captain Yancosek organized the building’s staff and publicized a night of
 decorating that included hanging up wreaths, putting up a tree, and trimming              __________________________________
 the main living area with garlands and Christmas cards. The Christmas
 decorating party grew quite popular as over thirty soldiers arrived to mingle with        __________________________________
 one another and taste the treats Carol Bugg brought to the event. Each soldier
 had the opportunity to write his or her name on a Christmas stocking which
                                                                                           Phone Number:______________________
 was hung up in anticipation of Santa’s arrival.
 Finally, a team of decorators came to brighten up the two-bedroom apartment               Email address: ______________________
 occupied by the Garrett family: father Staff Sgt. Peter, U.S. Army, wife Bethany,
 and daughters Madeline, Annabelle
 and Savannah. The crew included                                                           I want to help the Yellow Ribbon Fund as a:
 Molly McNamara, Marie Wood and
 Kathy O’Brien. Kathy included the                                                           ❑ Mentor
 girls in creating kid-friendly paper
 decorations which were hung on                                                              ❑ Community Volunteer
 the tree while Molly was careful to                                                         ❑ Donor
 purchase ornaments and decorate
 the apartment with the children’s
                                                                                           Enclosed is my check for ______________
 safety in mind. Long-time YRF
 volunteer Kathy Neill also
 contributed immeasurably to
 decorating the apartment by
 purchasing many of the decorations.

 www.yellowribbonfund.org                                                                                                         page 5
                                            Denny Clements Joins         soldiers at their initial orientation at Walter Reed Army Medical
                                            the Yellow Ribbon            Center. Last fall, Yellow Ribbon Fund Chairman Jim Bugg, Sr.
                                            Fund                         described the Community Internship Program to Maj. Gen.
                                            Denny Clements               Kenneth L. Farmer, Commanding General, North Atlantic
                                            enhances the Yellow          Regional Medical Command and Walter Reed Army Medical
                                            Ribbon Fund with             Center. At that time General Farmer was directing the
                                            outstanding                  reorganization of the transition assistance program, and he
                                            accomplishments. After       suggested that we meet with the management of the Transition
                                            21 years of honorable        Employment Assistance Management Service (TEAMS) to
                                            service in the United        determine how our community could better offer its services to
                                            States Air Force, Denny      soldiers while they are in long-term rehabilitation at Walter Reed.
                                            ran his own successful       After planning meetings over the past two months, TEAMS
                                            insurance and                Director Terry Quattlebaum met recently with Denny Clements to
                                            investment business.         finalize his plans to offer transition planning opportunities to all
                                            Unexpectedly, a tragic       soldiers. Denny Clements will join Mr. Quattlebaum and other
                                            accident found Denny         government officials in the orientation sessions on transition
                                            at Walter Reed, first as a   programs.
                                            resident and now an
                                                                         Successful Transitions
                                            out-patient. He
                                            participates in physical     The following service members have made successful transitions
                                            therapy every day with       into civilian jobs as part of the Yellow Ribbon Fund’s Community
                                            the injured service          Internship Program. SGT Alisha Pegeron has just joined the
Denny Clements, Director, Community Affairs                              Operations Center of the Department of Homeland Security as an
                                            members, where he has
developed a deep appreciation for their sacrifices and the               intelligence analyst. SGT C. Blake Kent, accepted a position with
importance of their families to their rehabilitation. Denny’s            Creative Associates International, Inc., is using his experience in
knowledge of the workings, patients and hospital personnel makes         providing support to Iraqi media in Mosul to participate in
him the ideal choice to be the Director, Community Affairs. In this      planning international development assistance programs for the
role, Denny will direct the Community Internship Program and             U.S. Agency for International Development. LT Eivind Forseth,
provide outreach to the business community in our area. He will          an Army Ranger, will soon join former Ranger Bobby Jackson at
join Marie Wood in providing principal liaison to the two hospitals      the National Safety Council. SPC Preston Routh, who repaired
whose patients we serve.                                                 Blackhawk helicopters in the Army, served as an intern with the
                                                                         aviation section of the Maryland State Police before returning to
The Yellow Ribbon Fund joins TEAMS                                       Mobile, Alabama, where Jim Bugg developed contacts with former
The Yellow Ribbon Fund is the only non-governmental                      military officers in aviation companies to help SPC Routh find a
organization that has been asked to make a presentation to all           similar job in Mobile.

  Changing Needs—

  The Yellow Ribbon Fund was conceived as an all-volunteer
  organization, but we found early on that we needed a                     THE YELLOW RIBBON FUND APPRECIATES THE INTERNSHIP
  committed employee to assure that families get free rental
                                                                                           OPPORTUNITIES OFFERED BY:
  cars, taxi and hotel rooms. We found Marie Wood, and no
  one could do a better job. We later realized that we could
  not perform our principal task—mentoring servicemen and
  women in transition to civilian life—with volunteers alone,                  CRISWELL CHEVROLET • FITZGERALD AUTOMALLS
  no matter how willing. We found Denny Clements, and we                           CREATIVE ASSOCIATES INTERNATIONAL, INC.
  are convinced that no one will do a better job in this area.
  Our other volunteers and I will continue in the Community                 IMPACT ENTERPRISES, INC. • MARYLAND STATE POLICE
  Internship Program, assisting Denny in all his endeavors.
                                                                          D.C. COMMUNITY OF HOPE • NATIONAL SAFETY COUNCIL
                                         —Denis Neill

page 6                                                                                                 www.yellowribbonfund.org
                                                       P R O F I L E S

                                          A Marine’s Story: Josh Cooley

                     hen Christina Cooley first                                           Office, he as a sheriff’s deputy where he
                     arrived at the National                                              volunteered for the SWAT team and
                     Naval Medical Center in                                              she as a courthouse bailiff. While a
      July 2005, she experienced the same                                                 detective in 2002, Josh received the
      stress shared by many military family                                               Sheriff’s Medal of Valor.
      members whose loved ones have been                                                  In July 2003, Josh took a leave of
      injured in Iraq. Her husband, Lance                                                 absence from the sheriff’s office to join
      Corporal Joshua Cooley, a third-                                                    the Marine Corps. He married
      generation marine, suffered a severe         Lance Corporal Joshua Cooley           Christina and became a step dad to her
      head injury in Iraq when a roadside                                                 three-year-old daughter shortly before
      bomb exploded near his vehicle. He sustained shrapnel           being shipped out to Iraq in December of 2004.
      in his head, a double fracture to his right forearm, and
      burns on his face, hands and arm. She was told he might During the time Cooley was in Bethesda his friends and
      remain in the ICU unit for four or five months.                 co-workers held numerous fundraisers in two different
                                                                      Florida counties, including car washes, a steak dinner
      For three and a half months Christina stayed at the Navy        and a silent auction. Another fundraiser was held last
      Lodge in the same room as her mother-in-law and father- November when Pasco deputies organized a motorcycle
      in-law. Ironically, Josh’s dad Ed Cooley himself suffered a     ride called “Cruisin’ for Cooley.” In addition, fellow
      traumatic head injury while serving as a marine in              employees in the sheriff’s office donated sick hours to
      Vietnam.                                                        Christina Cooley so she could stay by her husband’s side.
      Last summer was a time of multiple operations for               Back home, Christina says that “the VA has really stepped
      Cooley, including one involving removing part of his            up to the plate.” The VA offered the Cooleys $11,000
      skull to relieve pressure from his brain. Later in August       towards a brand new vehicle and $50,000 for a new
      doctors at the Naval Hospital removed a piece of                house to make their existing home handicapped-
      shrapnel the size of a credit card from his head.               accessible. The money from the VA for home
      During this time the Marine Corps Commandant came to improvements won’t be necessary, however, for attorneys
      Josh’s room and promoted him, but Christina didn’t think at the Pasco County West Judicial Center in Florida
      Josh understood what was going on. Then in July                 raised enough money from private donors for the
      President Bush visited and awarded Josh the Purple              Cooleys to build a new home.
      Heart.                                                          In spite of support both in the Washington, D.C.
      After three weeks of Josh’s hospitalization Christina heard community and in their home state of Florida, no one
      about help available from the community in which she            ever said it would be easy. “It’s tough, but you adjust
      was residing. After a social worker alerted the Yellow          anyway you can,” says Christina. In October Cooley was
      Ribbon Fund about their plight, the Cooleys became one          transferred to the James Haley VA hospital in Tampa,
      of the first families staying at the Naval Medical Center to Florida. He still cannot walk or talk yet, but he is making
      benefit from the Yellow Ribbon Fund’s free car rental           slow but steady progress in therapy.
      program. “We’re not greedy people,” she told the YRF     ,      Christina remains optimistic as well as grateful for the
      “but we could really use a car to go to the grocery store.”     help she has received. “Being a police officer you deal
      For weeks the Cooleys were eating only one meal a day           with bad people all the time,” Christina noted. “It’s nice
      due to the limited options of available eating facilities on    to know that there are so many good people in all our
      the Naval Hospital base.                                        communities.”
      Their hometown hasn’t forgotten the Cooleys either. Both
      of them had strong roots in their Florida community of
                                                                      Lance Corporal Joshua Cooley’s wife Christina gave us
      Pasco County. Before Josh enlisted in the Marines both he
                                                                      permission to publish this story and the accompanying picture.
      and Christina worked for the Pasco County Sheriff’s

www.yellowribbonfund.org                                                                                                               page 7
                                                                                                                             First Class
                                                                                                                            U.S. Postage
                                                                                                                              PA I D
                                                                                                                           Permit #4889
                                                                                                                           Suburban, MD
           Yellow Ribbon Fund, Inc.,
           10415 Armory Ave.
           Kensington, MD, 20895

What We Do
We want to thank the more than 300              200 free rental cars to these service            WAY S        of   GIVING
individual contributors welcoming our           families, thanks to Fitzgerald
injured service members into our                AutoMalls and Nextcar Rentals.               Lance Corporal Christopher Dyer, USMC,
community.                                   3. The Fisher houses at Bethesda and                was killed in Iraq in August 2005
We also want to recognize the                   Walter Reed are full to capacity, as are       when a roadside bomb exploded near
contribution of the Carl M. Freeman             the other accommodations offered              the amphibious assault vehicle in which
Foundation in helping us to develop             there. So the Yellow Ribbon Fund           he was riding. Dyer was only 19, the youngest
our resources. Your money is spent on           provides hotel rooms and apartments.       of 14 Marines killed in the explosion that day
the following activities:                       Over 90 family members of injured          and one of nine in his Columbus, Ohio-based
                                                soldiers have stayed at hotels                  Lima Company to die in the attack.
1. The service members and their
   families told us their most immediate        provided free by the Yellow Ribbon
                                                                                              His mother, Kathy Dyer, is a franchise
   need is transportation to break the          Fund. Donohoe Hospitality
                                                                                            owner of a Decorating Den International in
   isolation of the hospitals. The Yellow       Services and the Holiday Inns of
                                                                                            Ohio. Kathy asked that in lieu of flowers a
   Ribbon Fund has issued over 1,400            Georgetown and Arlington/Ballston
                                                                                            contribution be made to the Yellow Ribbon
   taxi vouchers for service members            have given families of injured
                                                                                           Fund in her son’s name. To date over $5,000
   and their families. This free                service members over 200 free
                                                                                           has been contributed in honor of this young
   transportation allows service                nights. Your contributions pay for
                                                                                             marine to help wounded service members
   members to go to restaurants,                rooms at other hotels.
                                                                                              during their stay at Walter Reed Army
   movies and sightseeing.                   4. We have a one-bedroom apartment                      Medical Hospital and the
2. Mothers and fathers often travel long        and a new two-bedroom apartment                   National Naval Medical Center.
   distances to care for their injured          for use by family members of the
   sons and daughters. Many suffer              wounded service members. Nineteen            If you wish to make a contribution to the
   serious economic hardship because            military families have stayed at our       Yellow Ribbon Fund, this is one way you can
   they must leave their jobs to stay here      apartments.                                  honor the memory of someone you love.
   for long periods. The YellowRibbon
   Fund has provided the use of over

  page 8                                                                                             www.yellowribbonfund.org

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