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Tiaira Johnson
What is a Chatterbot?

 A computer program designed to simulate
 an intelligent conversation with one or more
 human users via auditory or textual
 methods. A robot for chat.
Other Names…
 Chat Bot
 Chatterboxes
 Verbot
 Web bots
 Talkbot
 Avatars
History of Chatterbots
   Origins traced back to 1950

   First chatterbot was Eliza in 1966 by Dr.
    Joseph Weizenbaum

   Term coined in 1994 by Michael Mauldin,
    creator of the first Verbot named Julia.
Chatterbots Importance
 Marketing
 Customer Service & Support
 Call Centers
 Internet Gaming
 Technical Support
Chatterbots Future…

  Many of the people involved in the bot
 communities are youth and students. This
  has the dual benefit that young people will
 grow into adults and will continue to have an
 interest in this technology as they enter their
 careers and will carry the torch of the
 technology into the real world of business.

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