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									Draft Australian Curriculum
Regional Consultation Forums

                      David Howes
                      General Manager, Curriculum
The new Australian curriculum
Where has it come from?
                Promoting world-class curriculum and

                  a solid foundation in skills and knowledge on
                 which further learning and adult life can be built
                  deep knowledge and skills that will enable
                 advanced learning and an ability to create new
                 ideas and translate them into practical
                  general capabilities that underpin flexible and
                 critical thinking, a capacity to work with others and
                 an ability to move across subject disciplines to
                 develop new expertise

  What is it?

First four subjects P-10   Does it replace the VELS?
•English                   •No
•Mathematics               •VELS will be revised and will
•Science                   continue to provide the
•History                   framework and content for
                           other subjects
                           •VELS content and standards
                           for Eng, Maths, History and
                           Science replaced by national
                           content and standards
Implementation in Victoria

If this timeline is met and Ministers approve the curriculum,
implementation advice and professional development programs and
resources will be available to all schools during 2011. This will include
advice for government and Catholic schools on a new updated structure
for the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS) that will
incorporate both the learning domains and general capabilities set out
in the Melbourne Declaration and the new Australian curriculum
subjects for years K-10. Advice will be provided for independent
schools on how the new subjects can best be incorporated into existing
school-based curriculum programs or recognised alternative curriculum
What is it?

Phase 2 subjects          What if we don’t use the VELS?
•The Arts                 •All schools will be required to
•LOTE                     use the Australian curriculum for
•Geography                English, Maths, Science and
                          History or a ‘well-recognised
Phase 3 subjects          alternative’
•Health and PE
•Business and Economics
What are the timelines?

Final version of English, Maths,       September 2010
History and Science

Professional development and initial   2011
‘opt-in’ trialling

Implementation of English, Maths,      2012
History and Science P - 10

Implementation of English, Maths,      2013
History and Science Year 11

Implementation of English, Maths,      2014
History and Science Year 12

What does it look like?
Some questions
1.   To what extent does the draft document achieve the right balance in terms of the
     amount of content students are expected to learn at each year level?
2.   Will it help or hinder curriculum planning to have the curriculum defined at every year
     level rather than in two year stages?
3.   To what extent does the draft curriculum strike the right balance between being
     overly prescriptive and too general?
4.   Are the proposed strand organisers the best way to organise the curriculum?
5.   Are the purpose, status and value of the content elaborations sufficiently evident?
6.   Are the achievement standards ‘right’ at each level? Is a clear measure of
     progression evident? Is there a clear connection with the content descriptors?
7.   To what extent does the draft document make clear how the general capabilities
     should be taught and learned?
8.   What are the advantages/disadvantages of the on-line format?
9.   When compared with the VELS, is this draft curriculum likely to be more helpful/less
     helpful/make no difference in relation to effective teaching and learning?
General capabilities

Thinking Skills
Intercultural understanding
Ethical behaviour
Social competence
Options/school developed studies

Depth Study 4. The Medieval World
A school-developed study
Schools will develop a depth study of their choice related to
the Medieval world, choosing from societies addressed in
previous depth studies or an aspect of local, national or
world history that relates to this historical period. The
content to be taught must be drawn from either the depth
studies or the overview. The school-developed study could
focus on ONE or more of the following: a significant event,
person, group, movement, mystery or discovery
Indicative design time allocations for writers

What about assessment?

•NAPLAN testing to continue
•Qualifications to remain
responsibility of each state/territory
•Current VCE assessment
structures likely to continue
How do we participate after this forum?

Use staff meetings to discuss and complete surveys on
VCAA website
http://www.vcaa.vic.edu.au/natcurric/consultation.html and

ACARA website
Contact Details

Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority

David Howes
General Manager, Curriculum

email: howes.david.c@edumail.vic.gov.au
ph: (03) 9651 4524


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