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NEWSLETTER Oct 08 1 by 5o0xy93t


									          Building On A Firm Foundation . . . Sowing Seeds Of Excellence.


           NAS Fall Induction                                               Important Dates to Remember
       Applications being accepted until November 24, 2008
                                                                                       Greeting Cards – Candy Sales
  Achievers if you have friends, who you know are smart just like                      Order and Money due October 20, 2008
                     you, invite them to join.
                                                                                        Dorinda George-Lyght, Chairperson
   If you know students at your church who meet the criteria of
          becoming a NAS member, invite them to join.
                                                                                         NAS Fall Worship Service
                     NAS Parents if your co-workers have students,                     Sunday, October 26, 2008 @ 9:45a.m.
                      who meet the criteria of becoming a NAS                                 Tabernacle MB Church
                            member, invite them to join.                                       615 Tuskegee Street
                                                                                              (Across the street from NIMS)
                    Tell them NAS is a great organization                          Audrey Smith/Justus Smith-Whitehead, contacts
                           to belong to.
                    Induction is scheduled for                                         Achievers Report Cards
                   Monday, December 15, 2008                                    Middle/High Schools go out October 27th
                            7:00 pm                                           Elementary Schools go out October 29th
                           Place TBA                                                Due in the NAS Office
  Contact the NAS office for applications and more information.                       November 14, 2008
                                                                                 Please fax to (850) 487-7194
***************************************                                                      E-mail to
          ***** UPDATE *****                                           
                                                                               or mail to 2757 W. Pensacola Street
     The NAS Office has a New Home                                                Tallahassee, Florida 32304
            We are now in the
     Community Services Portable (14)                                                  FAMU Homecoming Parade
        2757 West Pensacola Street                                                               November 1, 2008
                  (Still at the District Office)                                     Achievers and Parents will work on the float
                                                                                              Friday, October 31, 2008
         Contact Telephone numbers are:                                                Leon County Schools rear parking lot
                          850-487-7159                                                        2757 W. Pensacola Street
                       850-487-7194 ~ fax
***************************************                                                          I-10 CONNECTION
                                                                                                          December 13, 2008
 ****** NAS Meeting Schedule *****                                                                          Tallahassee, Florida
               2008-2009                                                  ***************************************
          All meetings held at Bond Elementary School 6:30 pm                          Visit the NAS WEBSITE
         (alternate sights will be announced prior to the meeting)

        October 20, 2008                    February 9, 2009                                                    NAS Website
                                         (Black History Program)
        November 17, 2008                     March 16, 2009
        December 15, 2008                       April 13, 2009              Blog
            (Fall Induction)
                                                                                               Great Job Web Team
        January 12, 2009                        May 18, 2009                                 Lynette Brown, Web Master
                                              (Spring Induction)
  Continuing Community Service Projects                          THUMBS UP
                                                                 Thumbs up to all of the Achievers and Parents who
                      Toiletries for the Homeless
                                                                 participated in the Fall Carwash I on September 20.
                          NAS Book Share Drive bring books       The Kids had a Blast and we are being noticed in the

       Items can be turned in during Monthly NAS Meetings
                                                                 community. Thanks for your hard work and
                                                                 dedication to NAS.
          Worth Knowing                                              ****KUDOS****
                 Teacher Planning Day                            Kudos to all of our Achievers for having a successful 1st Nine
                       October 17, 2008                           Weeks of School. The 1st Nine Weeks officially ends 10-16-
                   ACT Testing Dates                                                               08.
        October 25, 2008         December 13, 2008
          February 7, 2009           April 4, 2009               ***************************************
                       June 13, 2009
                                                                                      NAS Birthdays
                   SAT Testing Dates
     November 1, 2008                     December 6, 2008                 Miranda Washington – Sept. 9th
      January 24, 2009
        May 2, 2009
                                           March 14, 2009
                                            June 6, 2009
                                                                             Raylon Wicker – Sept. 10th
                                                                             Kaylah Betsey – Sept. 17th
             (Check with your Guidance Counselor                           Ryan Washington – Sept. 22nd
                  for Registration Deadlines)
                                                                            Brittney Simpson – Sept. 23rd
***************************************                                       Vickia Rosier – Sept. 28th
     Achiever Headlines                                                     Tonnette Graham – Sept. 28th
                                                                                Alex Love – Sept. 29th
                      Megan Monroe’s photograph appeared
                         in the Tallahassee Democrat on
                         Tuesday October 14, 2008 (Section                   Ryan Jones – October 4th
                         B, page 6) as she concentrated on                Natasha Trueblood – October 8th
                         her violin lesion inside the                        Ariel Ward – October 16th
                         Character Center. The Character                   Zanani Johnson – October 27th
                         Center is a place where children
                         come not to revel in fantasy, but to     If you want to see your name featured in NAS Birthdays, please fax your
         be practically and philosophically prepared for life       Student Information Update form to the NAS Office at 487-7194, fax
         as productive adults.
             Clark Bogan and Zemoria Johnson were                                         ACHIEVERS
              inducted into SSTRIDE in October, a pre-                     ALWAYS Respect your elders and your peers.
              college advisement program sponsored by the
              Florida State University College of Medicine.                    YOUR attitude determines your aptitude.
                                                                             TELL the truth, it will get you farther in life.
  NAS Students/Parents are encouraged to send news to              WHEN you learn to respect others, you learn to respect yourself., so it can be announced in our
                    monthly news letter.                                                     PARENTS
***************************************                                            Positive behavior begins at home.
                          E-MAIL ADDRESSES                       ***************************************
                                                                              Dr. Malinda W. Jackson, Center Director
                    Would you like to stay informed on                       Sha’Rhonda L. Brown, NAS Coordinator
                    upcoming NAS events and student                       Tallahassee Area Coalition Center of Excellence
                 opportunities via the internet? Please send            2757 W. Pensacola Street, Tallahassee, Florida 32304
                            your e-mail address,                                  Phone: 487-7105 Fax: 487-7385
                           to Sha’Rhonda Brown                                           Email Addresses

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