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Diego A. Silva


									                                                     Diego A. Silva
                                                  1020 E. 45th St. Apt 254
                                                    Austin, TX 78751
                                     (512) 419-6500 (mobile) (512) 419-0250 (home)

Education       The University of Texas at Austin, McCombs School of Business                                        May 2005
                Master of Business Administration.
                 Vice President - Hispanic Graduate Business Association
                 Vice President – Information Management Association
                 McCombs Plus Project – E.&J. Gallo Winery – Consulting

                Universitario Autónomo del Sur Montevideo, Uruguay                                              December 2001
                BS. Computer Science Engineering, Ranked 3rd in class
                Certificate in Business Management, Ranked 2nd in class, March 2002
Winter 2003     The University of Texas at Austin, McCombs School of Business                                  Austin, Texas
                 Set up Internet communication tools that will be used by 300+ students worldwide during Spring 2004.

4/02- 7/03      PIKAN - IT Consulting.                                                                  Montevideo, Uruguay
                 Founded the company, directed project teams and supervised IT, sales, marketing and finance areas.
                 Customers include the Government, Aiwa Latinamerica, Panasonic Latinamerica and Maxell among others.
                 Exported consulting services to Costa Rica and Panama.

9/99-4/02       PSINet Inc. - Creator of the commercial Internet in US and the largest worldwide ISP.   Montevideo, Uruguay
                Sales Manager
                 As the top executive of Uruguay branch, supervised all departments, totaling 25 employees.
                 Implemented risk strategy to alleviate customers’ concerns regarding news of US headquarters entering
                    to Chapter 11. Stopped service cancellations and recovered previous customers.
                 Reduced operational costs by 15%, increased distributors by 50% and sales by 198% in 3 months.
                 Created and launched a highly innovative Internet product that let customers increase/decrease their
                    connection speed on-demand and increased branch total monthly sales by 285% in 3 months.
                 Achieved positive earnings becoming PSINet’s only branch with positive earnings in South America.

12/95-12/98     IFX Networks (formerly MultiRed) - Internet Access Service Provider                          Montevideo, Uruguay
                General Manager
                 Founding Manager of MultiRed ISP Company, an Internet Startup Business.
                 Hired and trained 35 employees to create the marketing, sales, technical and accounting departments.
                 Positioned the company as leader, ex. first company to provide an Internet flat rate and prepaid cards.
                 Achieved the 2nd place nationwide in market share in dial-up access with 1500+ subscribers.
                 In a year, since foundation, reached the break-even point and successfully led the business which had
                   started in 1995 with less than $200,000 in capital and was later sold for $4 million in 1999.

9/00- 7/03      Universitario Autónomo del Sur University
                Professor, Academic Advisor
                 Designed curriculum and taught “Internet Strategies”, “E-business Concepts” and “E-business
                    Implementation” courses. Designed the “Internet Specialization” of the Systems Analist Career.
                 Advised senior students on the preparation of their graduation thesis.
                 Researched and published 3 articles on the Internet economy for national trade magazines.
                 Gave multiple conferences to audiences that included government authorities and the President of Uruguay.

Honors/Awards   Fulbright Foreign Student Scholarship.
                 Merit-based scholarship to study a Master’s degree in the U.S.

Personal           Spanish: Native speaker / English: Fluent / Portuguese: Basic
                   National swimmer.
                   Hobbies: ride horses, photography, play soccer, play piano.

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