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Taking Life For Granted…Or As Granted

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									VOLUME 12.1         AUGUST, 2007

                Taking Life For Granted…Or As
                Father David G. Bissias

                TREAT YOUR LIFE AS GRANTED? It is a crucial question for
                The difference, of course, is whether we acknowledge our life
                comes from God. Then the question is whether we live our
                life independently of God, or dependent on God. And if we
                are dependent on God, does this mean for what we want or for what God wants for us.
                    We can admit that God            Or we may look to the Lord    favorite are those who call on
                exists and created the world      to help us in time of need or    the priest at those times of
                (and us) without it having the    special occasion, but the rest   danger or death and want Holy
                least bit of an affect on our     of the time go about our own     Communion or a funeral for a
                lives. This is the attitude of    business. This is also the       loved one, but who have long
                the agnostic and the “non-        behavior of many so-called       ignored the communion of the
                religious” believer, so-called.   Orthodox Christian who come      Church. Indeed, there is an
                God made us but now leaves        to Church for baptisms,          opportunity for repentance in
                us alone. In fact, this is how    weddings, funerals, and holy     such cases, but if we are
                many      Orthodox    Christian   days, but ignore the Church      honest, it usually does not
                behave during the Summer.         the remainder of the time. My             (Continued Next Page)

                Greekfest                         ’07         A       Great
                Success!                                                                INSIDE:
                                                                                        Vacation Bible
               Thanks to our Great God and           friends)!                          School Report
               Lord, great weather, great                Our efforts resulted in a      Picnic Info
               helpers, great food, a great          total,    net     income    of
               band, great fireworks, great          $66,849.75 when we include         Church School &
               games, and great guests, our          to our booth sales a net profit    Greek School
               2007 annual festival was a            of $26,025 from our raffle         Registration
               tremendously great success!           and $8,430.00 in donations         Future Fund
                   Chairperson Kris Sakelaris        before, during, and after the      News
               did another excellent job in          event! Friday night added
                                                                                        Outreach News
               organizing the event, while she       about $18,000 in gross
               credits and thanks all our            income (and was the biggest        Liturgical Notes
               volunteer workers for a smooth        day for the bar).                  & Calendar
               (relatively) operation that built
               on our many past successes and           For more festival               And More!!!
 incorporated new ideas (and new faces and           information, see inside on
pageoccur. Most seem to be just
truly 4!                                hear the petition and exhortation:      Church of our Savior. Perhaps for
hedging their bets on an afterlife.     “let us commit/commend/entrust/         too long we have been lax in
But at least it provides the chance     hand over our whole life to Christ      upholding such standards, for so
for the priest to teach something       our God” (the Greek parathometha        many who claim to be Orthodox
about the true nature of the Church.    means all these at once). It means      Christian—like so many others who
A similar situation exists among        to dedicate everything in life to the   do not know the truth—take life for
those who come to the Church for        source of our life, the Life of the     granted.
social activities or cultural ties—as   world who is Christ Jesus so we do          Don’t be counted among those
important as these are, or to bring     not take His Life for granted.          who live in such manner, as if God
the kids to Church School (to learn       When that occurs—and only             does not care what you do and how
to be “good people”), but are absent    then—can Christ’s life become our       you live from day to day!
when such programs are dormant          own. Then we will have all that the         And for those who desire to be
(as in Summer).                         Lord and Giver of Life intends for      members of the Body of Christ, do
   These are the cases where            us, our ever well-being in His          not fool yourself: the standards are
people take the Church for granted,     Kingdom. This is what salvation         high.       We often have high
which is just the same as taking        truly means for us.                     expectations of God, but the more
Christ for granted, for the Church is       This state and mode of              important issue for us are God’s
nothing less than His own Body.         existence, this manner of life—         expectations of those who are
This is why over and over in every      treating our life as granted—is the     joined to Him in the communion of
worship service of the Church we        manner of true membership in the        His Body, His Church.

     And bring a box of breakfast cereal for our Outreach Breakfast Drive!

        “ORTHODOXIA”= THE ACT OF WORSHIPPING CORRECTLY                                    LITURGY AND
                                                             Weekly Services
                                                             August—September, 2007
Saturday Evening
Vespers                                                      8:15 am Divine Services (Matins/Orthros &
Great Vespers on Saturday evening each week will re-                 Divine Liturgy)
commence on Saturday, September 8. Vespers begins at         Note: On Sunday, August 26, we are scheduled to
5:00 p.m. Services, usually lasting approximately 45         celebrate the Divine Liturgy outdoors at White Oak
minutes to an hour at the longest (depending on the          Park in Munster, IN, beginning at 9:30 a.m. In case
Sunday) are conducted in the language required by those      of rain, we will commence at Saint Demetrios at
in attendance (as all services at Saint Demetrios!).         10:00 a.m.
Great Vespers is the start of the ecclesiastical day, and    Wednesday, August 29
thus Saturday evening marks the beginning of our             The Beheading of Saint John the Baptist
worship on the Lord’s Day! There is no better                8:30 am Divine Services
preparation for receiving Holy Communion at the
Sunday Eucharist than worship!            It is also an      Saturday, September 8
appropriate preparation for Holy Confession (to be           Nativity of the Theotokos
scheduled in advance by contacting Father David). We         8:30 am Divine Services
hope you will join us!                                       5:00 pm Great Vespers
Four Aspects of Worship                                      Sunday, September 9
You Need to know                                             First day of Church School.
                                                             Following the Divine Liturgy, a Blessing of the
Worship is the central purpose and action of our             Waters will mark the start of our 2007-2008 Church
life in the Church. It is not, however, isolated from        School and Socrates Greek School year.
other aspects of the Christian life, but rather
presupposes them. These are:                                 Thursday, September 13
1. Worship requires Community. There is no such              Vespers of the Holy Cross
thing as an act of worship that does not entail our          Celebrated at the Holy Cross Church of Justice, IL,
“connection” with others in the Church, even when we         beginning at 7:00 p.m.
worship alone or pray alone “in our closet” (actually a
misunderstood word in scripture). When Jesus taught          Friday, September 14
his disciples to pray, the prayer was in the first-person    The Universal Exaltation of the Holy Cross
plural: “Our Father…Give us…Forgive us…as we                 8:30 am Divine Services
forgive…lead us not…deliver us…” The Christian life is
                                                             Note: The Procession with the Holy Cross will
a life of communion (literally, “common existence”) with
                                                             commence at the conclusion of Matins/Orthros
all the members of the Body. Even our most personal
                                                             immediately preceding the Divine Liturgy.
prayer should include petitions for others!
2. Worship requires Ascesis (spiritual exercise).            Your contribution of Sweet Basil (Vasiliko) will be
This includes the physical and spiritual efforts by which    appreciated. Please bring before September 14!
we set aside our passions, control our urges rather
than letting them control us, control our thoughts.          And May You Have A Blessed Beginning of
Fasting is a most important example, but so is regular       the New Ecclesiastical Year!
prayer life, reading Holy Scripture and edifying
literature, and so forth. Attendance at worship services
is also a form of ascesis, though worship is properly its   struggle we undergo to maintain our Christian lifestyle.
fulfillment. Yet these exercises are not a substitute for   It presumes constant self-examination to work on our
worship or an end in themselves.                            weaknesses. It points to the fact that to entrust our life
3. Worship requires Nēpsis. This word means                 to Christ means constant effort against backsliding.
vigilance and spiritual sobriety. This points to the        4. Worship requires Philanthropy

       “ORTHODOXIA”= THE ACT OF WORSHIPPING CORRECTLY                                 LITURGY AND
We cannot praise, thank, and glorify Christ unless we   giving, but giving as a fulfillment of Christ’s love for us.
practice his commandments, chief among them to “love    “Freely have you received: freely give!”
one another.” Philanthropy is not simply charity and

        “ORTHODOXIA”= THE ACT OF WORSHIPPING CORRECTLY                                     LITURGY AND
                        Searching the Scriptures Bible Study

                        We will be reconvening our parish Bible Study on Thursdays this fall at 7:00 p.m.
                        beginning on September 20. We hope you will be joining us as we search God’s
                        sacred words, leading us to the WORD. Whether you are new to our fellowship or
                        ongoing, we invite you and welcome you. Bring a bible and friend!

                    Beginning this Fall, we will be discussing the Sacraments of the Church
                    according to the Evangelist John: Baptism, Chrismation, Marriage, the Eucharist,
Repentance, Ordination and Healing.

Liturgical Notes:                                                   the Rites of
The Churching (Forty Day                                                   Blessing)         and Holy

     The entry into the world of a new human                               prescribed a forty-day absence from
life is a blessed, miraculous event. It is also a                        Church, and for no other reason (despite
difficult, perilous event under the best                               “popular” explanations that confuse ancient
circumstances because of the fallen-ness of the                    terminology with modern notions). Today, women
world in which we live. The ecclesial rites of childbirth     often return to daily activities sooner, and so it is
involve both the mother and child. In the former case,        appropriate for the mother to come to the Church for the
we acknowledge the labor and difficulty this blessed          Forty Day Blessing (Sarantismo) whenever this occurs.
event entails. In the latter, we give thanks to the           Church first; work, entertainment, and other activities
Creator of Life for bestowing new life to our communion       second.
in Christ while incorporating (literally meaning to “bring        This service has a dual purpose. The main purpose
into the body”) the child into the Christian community.       is for the mother who has been necessarily absent from
    This begins at birth. There are prayers for mother        the     Church—that        in    strict practice formally
and child on this day: for the mother’s relief,               excommunicates those who are                      absent
recuperation, and survival following a perilous ordeal;       three weeks in a row without
and for the child’s protection, health and well-being         cause. The mother has a
during this first stage of life in the world. Call (or        good reason, and the
designate someone to call) your priest to come to the         Church       welcomes        her
hospital shortly after childbirth so that from the very       back, but recognizes her
beginning the child is “in touch” with the Holy Church        absence       was      for     a
and part of her life. Traditionally, on the eighth day of a   purpose.         The mother
newborn’s life, the child is formally named by the            returns to the Church to
Church. Today this is uncommon. However, the eighth           receive Holy Communion for
day is the “day of new beginnings” even as the Lord’s         the first time in six weeks. The
Day (Sunday) is both the first and eighth day: the first      ancient Church rightly treated this
day of creation and, with the Lord’s Resurrection, the        absence from Holy Communion as a big deal! The
first day of the new creation of God’s Kingdom.               second purpose is to “introduce” the newborn to the
   Today, OBGYNs advise women not to return to a full         Church community, a “presentation to the Church” or,
physical regimen for about six weeks (42 days). Not           “churching.” Contrary to the thought of some, this
only does this allow time for recuperation, but also          introduction is not to a building (the church) but to the
bonding with the child.    This is why the Church             People of God (the CHURCH).

                                                                                Normally, some period of
Booth Income (Gross)                                                       time following this, the baby
          Booth         Friday       Saturday      Sunday       Total      returns for Holy Baptism.
Food                     $4,589.00   $10,266.00    $11,338.02 $26,193.02   Mothers should arrange this
Bar                      $5,146.00    $5,050.00     $5,075.12 $15,271.12   with the priest to occur
Pastries                 $1,470.75    $3,071.00     $2,773.44 $7,315.19    around six to eight months
(includes donations)                                                       after birth, giving time for the
Gyros                    $1,432.00     $2,049.00    $2,292.20 $5,773.20    infant to grow a bit stronger
Loukoumades              $1,031.00     $2,135.00    $2,371.97 $5,537.97    (holding his/her head up is a
Saganaki                 $1,735.00     $1,830.00    $1,906.00 $5,471.00    good measure).         Baptism
Games                    $1,318.00     $1,674.00    $1,975.00 $4,967.00    may be administered earlier
Frappe                     $329.00     $1,014.00    $1,316.13 $2,659.13    if there is a need, but should
Hot Dogs                   $523.00       $877.00      $710.00 $2,110.00    not be unduly delayed
Tiropitas                  $409.50       $926.00      $662.00 $1,997.50    (waiting for godparents is
Bingo                       $74.00       $401.00      $543.16 $1,018.16    not a good reason to
                        $18,057.25    $29,293.00   $30,963.04 $78,313.29   delay!). Contrary to some
                                                                           customs, infants may have
Festival Income                                                            haircuts, for the shearing of
Total Booth Income      $78,313.29                                         hair at the ceremony is
Total Raffle Sales      $41,025.00                                         nothing but their offering for
(1641 tickets @ $25)                                                       the day, and has nothing to
Total Donations          $8,430.00                                         do with the fact that their
Post-Fest Food Sales       $315.00                                         hair has not been previously
Total Gross Income                   $128,083.29

Fetival Expenses
Food & Food Related     $19,414.79

Raffle Prizes                $15,000.00                                                To the left is a report
Bar, Beverage, & Ice          $5,909.75                                                submitted by our Parish
Cleaning/Waste                $4,234.80                                                Council   Treasurer     Mr.
Security                      $2,750.00                                                George Karras at our Parish
Advertising/Printing          $2,105.18                                                Council meeting of August
Tent Rentals                  $1,955.20                                                2, 2007.
Entertainment                 $8,054.67
(games, band, staging                                                                  This accounting does not
fireworks, DJ)                                                                         include some “out of pocket”
Miscellaneous                 $1,209.15                                                expenses paid graciously
Permits & Licenses              $600.00                                                during the festival by our
Total Expenses                              $61,233.54                                 volunteers, and several
                                                                                       significant donations     of
                                                                                       products sold during the
Net Income                                  $66,849.75

                                             The first annual Saint Demetrios VBS (Waterworks
                                             Park) left a big SPLASH to remember! The children's
                                             enthusiasm was expressed every morning with singing
                                             and laughter. Seeing the children participate with such
                                             excitement, made this program an event to remember! A
                                             thank you to all the volunteers who helped us with
                                             VBS. We could not have done this without you. With a
                                             special thanks to Father David and Athena Snarskis for
                                             their continued support, we look forward to Saint
                                             Demetrios VBS next summer, 2008. Make sure to look
event.                                       for the 2008 theme coming soon!

Likewise this report does not included                           Toula Delis Mia Delis
“Tip” income received at the Bar and                             2007 VBS Coordinators
Frappe Booth. These “tips” have been
donated to the Orthodox Christian Mission Center (OCMC), to assist in the expenses of Mr. Alex Floutsis (formerly
of our parish) who has traveled recently on a missionary trip to support the Church in Tanzania. For the past
several years, the “tips” have been donated for charitable purposes of the Church.

Although we believe this report is now final, it is possible that we will make some future adjustments if unreported
expenses come to our attention. The official report will appear at our Fall Parish Assembly held in November.

     On behalf of Father David, Chairperson Kris Sakelaris, our Parish
    Council and all the Stewards of Saint Demetrios, we thank all of our
         volunteer workers, donors, benefactors, guests and customers for a
                                    wonderful GreekFest 2007!


With over 60 enrolled participants each day, “Water Works
Park” VBS would have been impossible without our staff:

On behalf of our entire parish, I thank the planning and organizing committee and all our helpers for a
truly amazing, inspiring and Spirit-filled event and an accomplishment of great proportion for our
                                                                                         —Father David

Katherine Andreatos          Antonia Alexiou       Laura Alexiou
Gigi Chioros                 Voula Chioros         Chrissy Condes
Jordan Dremonas              Helen Condes          Mia Delis
Maria Kioussis               Toula Delis           Anita Douglas
Annie Koulianos              Kathy Fotopoulos      Jennie Gregory
Stefan Kremmidas             Helen Kounelis        Venesa Kounelis
Alexander Martell            Rhea Lindemann        Nancy Nicholas
Nicholas Martell             Elaine Nicolaou       Georgia Pallas
Andrew Nicholas              Nichole Pallas        Pat Siavellis
Jill Nicholas                Tina Simic            Lori Sirounis
Elle Panas                   Athena Snarskis       Bessie Stamos
Daphne Pantazis              Athena Svolos         Kristina “ the Cook” Taylor
Anastasia Papadatos          Matina Theodoropoulos Andrea Tsakopoulos
Sam Pavlakis                 Nancy Vlahos          Kathy Vrehas
B.K. Sakelaris               Angela Weis           Carole Yarovsky
Robert Sakelaris
Nick Simic                   With gracious thanks to many more donors and
George Vlahos                contributors!

                                  2007 Stewards
We are grateful for the 249 Pledges received from our Stewards for 2007 (as of August 10, 2007). We are
averaging $592.65 per pledge, for a total of $147,569.00. Of this, 76% is already paid ($112,768.00)!
Many thanks to the following stewards of 2007:
Fuad & Alice Abu El-Edam            Christopher & Janet Dremonas         Pete & Susan Korellis
John & Angela Alexiou               Lee Dremonas                         Miss Barbara Koremenos
Mike & Antonia Alexiou              Peter & Ann Dremonas                 Frances Koremenos
Spero & Laura Alexiou               Elizabeth H. Fetsis                  Maria Kosmakos
Arist & Helen Andreatos             John Fetsis                          George & Kimberly Kosmas
Jim & Chris Aneziris                Nicole Fetsis                        Ann Kostopanagiotou
George Apostolakis                  Peter Fetsis                         James & Nancy Kostopoulos
Sotirios M. & Tammy Apostolis       Peter & Jane Floutsis                Mrs. Barbara Koufos
Stella Argeroudis                   George & Kathy Fotopoulos            George & Venesa Kounelis
Chris & Ismini Arges                Peter & Katherine Fraggos            Peter & Helen Kounelis
Gus Arges                           Deno & Helen Frankos                 Efthemios & Athanasia
Jim & Deborah Arges                 Angeline Fudge                       Koutropoulos
Christine Athanasoulis              John & Linda Galanos                 Sophia Krinis
Evangeline Athanasoulis             Doris Gavrilos                       Denise & Joe Kus
Gus & Georgia Avgerinos             Gus & Sylvia Gavrilos                Stan & Jennie Kyri
Marguerite Baltages-Ruminski        Thomas & Mona Gavrilos               Vicki Kyriakos
Dennis Barkas                       John & Denise Georgacakes            James & Georgia Lagos
James Barkas                        Gus & Helen Giannakoulas             Bertha Lekas
Caroline Basile                     Mr. & Mrs. Louis A. Gikas            William & Irene Lekas
Bessie Belos                        George & Penny Golfis                Mike & Evelyn Leonakis
Mary Bereolos                       Spero & Jennie Gregory               Nick & Eleni Liaskos
George & Cleopatra Bizoukas         Helen Greven                         Robert & Rhea Lindemann
Nicholas & Diane Bizoukas           James & Ann Greven                   Kristina Livas
Peter Bollas                        Elaine Haltek                        George Loxas
John Botsko                         John & Sofia Halvatzis               John & Margarita Loxas
John & Theoni Boufis                Effie Hanes                          Nicholas J. & Angela Loxas
Costa & Evangeline Boulles          Jerry & Carol Hughes                 Peter & Christine Loxas
George J. Brahos                    Dionne & Steve Hulsey                Peter Loxas
Mary Brahos                         Dessie Jokich                        Zisimos & Dina Loxas
George & Cathy Brousalis            Michael Kambiss                      Tula Lunsford
John & Pella Chioros                Efrosine Kanellakes                  Handa Mallis
Tom & Georgia Chioros               Peter & Tina Karagan                 John & Marion Maniotes
Tom and Niki Choros                 Eunice Karambelas                    Gust & Nitsa Manous
Emily Colias                        Peter & Nancy Karegianes             Perry & Kelly Manous
Nick & Linda Cominos                Steve & Georgia Karnezis             Tessie Manson
Dean & Helen Condes                 Demetrios & Maria Karountzos         John & Tina Margeas
John & Crissy Condes                George & Becky Karras                Michael & Nicolette Martell
Mary J. Condes                      Nathan L. & Kathryn Karras           Barbara & Kevin Martewicz
Finis & Sylvia Coulis               Lynn Karzas                          Cynthia Martin
Paul T. & Becky Coulis              Peter & Pauline Katagas              Thespena Megremis
Philip & Shari Coulis               Thomas & Ann Katsahnias              Chris Metz
Steve & Dena Coulis                 Pete Katsaros                        Nick & Eftimia Milonas
Len & Audrey Covello                Frank & Linda Katsinis               Asimina Mitrakis
Gus & Nancy Danielides              Labrini Katsinis                     Chris & Patricia Mitrakis
William & Merry Kay Davis           Georgia Kavadias                     John & Mary Ann Molchan
Chris & Effie Davlantes             Nick & Helen Kikalos                 John & Jean Morfas
Bill & Mia Delis                    Kathryn Ann Kokotis                  Meta Morfas
Tom & Toula Delis                   Anthanasios & Mary Kollintzas        Peter & Vickie Murdakes
Joanna & Michael Donovan            Jim Kollintzas                       Daphne & Gregory Murzyn
Chris J. & Anita Douglas            George & Harriet Korellis            Harriet Nawrocki
John & Elaine Douglas               Gus & Ann Korellis                   Emmanuel Netos

                                                                    STEWARDSHIP & YOU
Nicholas & Helen Netos             Nikki Sakelaris                       John & Connie Toyias
Michael & Nancy Nicholas           Pete & Stacia Sakelaris               George & Koula Tsakopoulos
Pete Nicholas                      Stelios & Sophia Sakoutis             Tom J. & Andrea Tsakopoulos
Paul Pallas                        George Salatas                        George Tsirtsis
Michael & Anastasia Pantazis       Mrs. Faye Sarrett                     Audrey Tsouchlos
Penny Papadatos                    Arthur & Evelyn Sell                  George & Charlene Tsoutsouris
Peter & Theresa Papanikolaou       Antonia P. Sellis                     Chris & Liz Valavanis
Alex & Argy Papas                  Peter & Andrea Sellis                 Lorraine Vambakas
Elizabeth Pappas                   Nick & Patricia Serentelos            Dhimitri James Vasili
Nick & Beatrice Paravantes         Wayne & Nicky Shick                   Dina Vasili
Michael Parianos                   Peter & Pat Siavelis                  Gussie & George Vauter
Sophie Parkis                      Tim & Kristina Simic                  Tom & Nancy Vlahos
Nick & Jessica Pavlakis            Gus & Mary Sirounis                   Sam Vlamis
Mary Pavlakis                      Peter & Athena Snarskis               Ted & Helen Vlamis
Mike & Olga Pellegrino             Lillian Sobat                         James & Irene Vrehas
Nicole Pellegrino                  Theodore & Barbara Sofos              Mrs. Pat Vrehas
Elizabeth N. Petrov                Panagiota & Andy Sotiropoulos         Theodore & Kathy Vrehas
Demetrios & Helen Pitsas           Peter Sotos                           Lavina Wehmer
Nicholas & Marylin Pitsas          Bill Stamiris                         Angelo P. & Roula Xidias
Anastasia Polite                   Bessie Stamos                         George Xidias
Viola Porter                       John J. Stamos                        Nick Xidias
Bessie Poulos                      John & Kristine Stamos                Chris & Athina Xirogiannis
George & Diane Poulos              Paula Stamos                          George & Helen Yannakopoulos
Mrs. Georgia Poulos                Catherine Stasinos                    James Yannakopoulos
John & Dina Priess                 Konstantinos & Margaret Stasis        Mike & Adamantia Yannakopoulos
Mrs. Susan Ramsey-Smith            Andrew & Debra Stefanik               Debra Yarovsky
George & Dee Raysses               Julian Stefanik                       James & Carole Yarovsky
George & Patricia Rogers           Thomas & Pauline Stevens              Tina Yarovsky
Pete & Ellen Rogers                Constantinos & Maria                  Gus L. & Tina Yiakos
James & Nancy Rondot               Svoliantopoulos                       Mary Yusi
Jim Roumbos                        John & Athena Svolos                  Mary & James Zmuda
Alex & Helen Sakelaris             Mary Szumelda                         Theodora & Dante Zorzi
James & Kris Sakelaris             Thomas & Kristina Taylor              Kathy Zotos

If you have not yet made your 2007 Stewardship Pledge, we kindly ask you to do so as
soon as possible. If your name was incorrectly omitted from our list above, please
contact us so we may correct our error.

                               THE FUTURE FUND
Inheritance and Legacy                                      Κληρονομί α καί Κληροδό τημα
   Established in 2006 as part of our capital               The Future Fund is an opportunity to
campaign following our purchase of 8 1/2 acres          make a most personal testimony to faith.
in Dyer, IN, The Future Fund at our Saint               Your planned giving will make a lasting
Demetrios Church is an ongoing drive for                difference in the future of our community. As
special projects for securing the future                we have been blessed with our inheritance of
development, growth, and welfare of the                 Christ’s Church, so too must we pass it on as
parish.                                                 our legacy to all those who follow us on the
   The Future Fund is not the same as our               path to the Kingdom.
annual stewardship and pledge. Our annual                   There are several ways to help us build a
pledge covers normal operational expenses               legacy for the future. One way is to make an
throughout the year. This ongoing drive is for          occasional gift to the Church.        Another
future development and special projects aimed           powerful statement of faith is planned giving
at our growth and welfare!                              in the future. For more information, see
                                                        the following page!

                                                                                                   - 10 -
                                         THE FUTURE FUND
    Inheritance and Legacy                                               Κληρονομί α καί Κληροδό τημα

PHASE I: Our Immediate Need: September, 2006—June, 2008
In June of 2006, we purchased property in Dyer, IN, as an investment in our future. This is a sign of progressive
thinking and proactive planning. A down-payment of just over $400,000.00 allowed us to finance the purchase with
a short-term loan of $200,000.00. During Phase I, all contributions will be directed to the loan until it is fully repaid.
In addition to repaying the loan, we will need to make some minor improvements on the property for reasons of
safety and protection of our investment. We may also find some temporary uses for the property. There will be
some occasional costs to maintain it.

Our Present Progress
As of August 10, 2007, we have made enormous progress! We have collected 96 commitments to our fund, for a
total of $190,075.01! We have already collected 89% of this amount ($169,437.51) and applied it to the principle of
our loan! Gifts range from $25 to the many thousands of dollars, and we are grateful to every single donor!

Mike & Antonia Alexiou                     Thomas & Ann Katsahnias                     James & Kris Sakelaris
Arist & Helen Andreatos                    Pete Katsaros                               Nikki Sakelaris
Anonymous                                  Frank & Linda Katsinis                      Christine Sellas
George Apostolakis                         Andrew & Margaret Kokotis                   Wayne & Nicky Shick
Stella Argeroudis                          George & Harriet Korellis                   Peter & Pat Siavelis
Christine Athanasoulis                     Maria Kosmakos                              Bobby Sirounis
Dennis Barkas                              George & Venesa Kounelis                    Danny & Lori Sirounis
James Barkas                               Denise & Joe Kus                            Gus & Mary Sirounis
Bessie Belos                               Robert & Rhea Lindemann                     Peter & Athena Snarskis
Mary Bereolos                              George Loxas                                Bessie Stamos
Rev. & Pres. David Bissias                 John & Margarita Loxas                      Paula Stamos
George & Cleopatra Bizoukas                Nicholas J. & Angela Loxas                  Catherine Stasinos
Nathan & Catherine Carras                  Peter & Christine Loxas                     Sam & Angela Stefanopoulos
Tom & Georgia Chioros                      Peter Loxas                                 Thomas & Pauline Stevens
Pete and Staci Choros                      Zisimos & Dina Loxas                        Panagiotis Takles
Tom and Niki Choros                        Tula Lunsford                               Thomas & Kristina Taylor
Dean & Helen Condes                        John & Marion Maniotes                      Mrs Alex Theodore (In memory
Chris & Effie Davlantes                    Gust & Nitsa Manous                         of)
Tom & Toula Delis                          John & Tina Margeas                         William Valavanis
Joanna & Michael Donovan                   Michael & Nicolette Martell                 Chris & Liz Valavanis
Christopher & Janet Dremonas               Thespena Megremis                           Dina Vasili
Spero & Jennie Gregory                     John & Jean Morfas                          Tom & Nancy Vlahos
Elaine Haltek                              Daphne & Gregory Murzyn                     Ted & Helen Vlamis
Order of AHEPA (Hammond)                   Emmanuel Netos                              Theodore & Kathy Vrehas
Effie Hanes                                Michael & Nancy Nicholas                    Mrs. Pat Vrehas
Tina Harris                                Michael & Anastasia Pantazis                George Xidias
Dionne & Steve Hulsey                      Daughters of Penelope                       George & Helen Yannakopoulos
Mr. Brian Hunter                           (Hammond)                                   James Yannakopoulos
Dessie Jokich                              Saint Demetrios Philoptochos                Mike & Adamantia
Michael Kambiss                            Nicholas & Marylin Pitsas                   Yannakopoulos
Mary Karabatak                             Anastasia Polite                            Tina Yarovsky
George & Becky Karras                      Len Covello & Audrey Polite                 James & Carole Yarovsky
Nathan L. & Kathryn Karras                 Alex & Helen Sakelaris
Peter & Pauline Katagas                    Angelo & Katherine Sakelaris

We are thankful for the enthusiasm! We have had tremendous succes to this point! We
give thanks for the generosity of everyone who makes a commitment no matter the
amount! More important than the actual amount is the spirit of generosity that prompts
our giving, “for God loves a cheerful giver!”

                                                                                                                   - 11 -
                                               Reaching Out

                             Assemble a “Gift of the Heart” School Kit
                             to Help Needy Children Worlwide.
                                Can you imagine going to school without a pencil or a
                                notebook? Well, in most of the countries where IOCC works,
                              there are children who do not have even these basic school supplies. Church
                            World Service (CWS), a longtime partner of IOCC, makes it possible to
send school kits to needy children through its CWS service kits program. By putting together a
CWS service kit, you can give a less fortunate child the tools needed to do well in school. CWS
will collect the kits at a warehouse facility, prepare them for shipment and work together with
IOCC to make sure these kits reach these children when needed.

Bags (specific dimensions needed) for the School Kits are available at our Bookstore for $4.00.
A full kit may be purchased for $10.00 or you may assemble your own by filling the bag with…

            o    One pair of blunt scissors (rounded tip)
            o    Three 70-count spiral or tape-bound pads of 8” x 10-1/2” ruled paper or pads with
                 200-210 sheets. Please do not provide loose-leaf or filler paper.
            o    One 30-centimeter ruler (12”)
            o    One hand-held pencil sharpener
            o    Six new pencils with erasers
            o    One eraser, 2-1/2”
            o    One box of 24 crayons (only 24)

Food Drives for Community Outreach 2007-2008
The following drives will be occurring throughout the year to benefit those in need. More
specific information for what is required will be sent home with Church School students
and found in our weekly bulletin.

        Breakfast Cereal Drive:                             August 26—September 9
        Fall Food Baskets:                                  October 7—November 11
        Soup:                                               January 13—February 3
        Pasta Dinner:                                       March 9—March 30
        Peanut Butter & Jelly:                              April 13—May 11
Additionally, we will be continuing our most successful “Gobbler Giveaway” for
Thanksgiving and Christmas, not to mention our Mitten Tree and “Reach for a Star” Gift
Tree for the Christmas Season. We have always appreciated your support and
participation, and will continue to do so as we look forward to another productive year
continuing the Lord’s ministry to those in need!

                                                                                                            - 12 -
                            News To Peruse And Use
           The Saint Demetrios Ladies Philoptochos Society
                        Cordially invites you
          to attend our Dinner and Style Show Presentation
                   Fashion Fanfare
                 Tuesday, September 25, 2007
Andorra Banquets                                                 Fashions presented by
(1112 Indianapolis Boulevard/Route 41,
Schererville, IN)
Cocktails 6:00 p.m. Dinner 7:00 p.m.
                                                              Elizabeth Fashions
Cash and Prize Raffles

Donation $30.00 per personR.S.V.P. Georgia Karnezis (219) 923-9784

Philoptochos Officers & Board: 2007-2008
Upon confirmation of elections held May 1, 2007 by the Archbishop of America, the following are
members of our local chapter’s Board of Directors:
Nancy Vlahos, President                   Pat Siavellis, Treasurer
Bessie Stamos, Vice President             Helen Condes, Assistant Treasurer
Cleo Bizoukas, Corresponding Secretary    Pauline Stevens, Advisor (immediate past President)
Georgia Karnezis, Recording Secretary
Board Members:       Antonia Alexiou      Ismine Arges          Georgia Chioros
                     Helen Kounelis       Maria Sirounis        Koula Tsakopoulos
     We pray for a successful year for all the charitable endeavors of our Philoptochos Society!

                          We’re Hosting: The 50th Annual Choir Conference!
                          The annual conference of the Federation of Greek Orthodox Church
                          Choirs, Metropolis of Chicago, will be held in Hammond, Oct. 11 to 14,
                          2007. Our Saint Demetrios Choir is the hosting choir! The conference will
                          culminate in the celebration of the Divine Liturgy by His Eminence
                          Metropolitan Iakovos of Chicago on Sunday, Oct. 14, at Saint Demetrios.
                          Mr. John Douglas, our long-time Director, will be directing the combined
                          choirs of our Metropolis (John was a founding member of the Federation,
                          and the fourth president who actually held two terms: 1965-66, 1980-
                          For more information see the Federation website at

Parish email:                                    
Transformations submissions (by the 15th of each month):

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