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                                 NCA Self-Study Steering Committee
                                 Luncheon with Dr. Robert Appleson
                                     Thursday, October 5, 2006
                                   201 KC, 11:30 am – 12:45 pm

Present:       James Bachmeier, Chick Blue, Maria Cimitile, Catherine Frerichs, George Grant Jr., Carol Griffin,
Julie Guevara (chair), Josh Hilbrand (student representative), Matt McLogan, Bart Merkle, James Moyer, Barbara
Reinken, Ellen Schendel

Guests:      Shari Bartz, Steven Burton, Katie Cross (Student Senator, Educational Affairs Committee),
Kylene Dalton-Koons (GA), Frank Foster (Student Senate President), Jeff Green (Student Senator, Political
Actions Committee), Diana Pace

1)   Luncheon
2)   Introductions:
     Julie asked that all present introduce themselves to Dr. Appleson.
3)   Meeting Discussion:
     Dr. Appleson complimented Julie on the materials that were sent and noted that the Steering Committee
     and Subcommittees are well represented. He then proceeded to discuss the Table of Contents, point-by-
     point, and made suggestions to enhance particular sections. Noted that the site visit team will want to see
     adequate evidence has been supplied to challenges from prior site visit. If we have issues for the future,
     Dr. Appleson suggested that we make a list and get advice from the NCA Consultants.

       Items for the site visit in 2008:
       Supply the NCA consultant team with both paper and electronic versions of the self-study.
       Resource Room – Index of materials in room and where information is located.

       Fall (now) –
            what other information needs to be collected (surveys) – who might be doing surveys we can use –
               IA could be asked for certain information
            draft self-study by end of fall as information will need to be updated
            A competency report will be requested of President Haas.

       Winter 2007 –
           collect data
           add institutional response from 1999 – we have had a focused visit (COE and DPT) and the results
              will be available soon
           recruitment of minorities

           Consultant Team for 2008 will probably consist of 13 members.
           Dr. Appleson suggested that we employ a consultant-evaluator from Michigan to review our self-
              study as an independent evaluator. (He suggested a person from the other side of the State from a
              similar size campus.)

4)     Adjournment: The luncheon meeting was adjourned at 12:45 p.m. leaving a 15 minute break prior to the
       All-Campus Forum from 1-3 p.m., Grand River Room – Kirkhof Center.
                                          All-Campus Forum
                                Thursday, October 5, 2006, 1:00-3:00 p.m.
                                  Grand River Room – Kirkhof Center

Present:      approximately 70 people were in attendance at the forum

Introduction: Julie Guevara introduced Dr. Appleson

    Dr. Appleson gave a brief history of NCA stating that it was established in 1895 and covers 19 states.
     NCA is governed by the US Department of Education.
    Timeline of site visit in 2008:
         o Team will include 13-14 evaluator-consultants
         o Team arrives on Sunday and meet as a group
         o Monday-Wednesday – the team will be on campus and meeting with various persons (campus and
         o Wednesday – exit interview
    Timeline of report:
         o 3-4 months after visit the draft report is sent to campus for correction of errors of fact
         o Self-study goes to readers (other than the site visitors)
         o Results from readers to NCA
         o Final results and report sent to institution
    Chapter 3 of the NCA handbook on Re-Accreditation was handed out. Dr. Appleson highlighted each of
     the 5 Criteria. He noted that adequate evidence is very important to show – don’t leave short.
    Self-study documents are to be sent to the evaluator-consultants 6-8 weeks prior to the site visit.
    The self-study needs to address each of the core components in each Criterion.
    2b will be the largest section of the self-study document
    2c – student outcomes – Institutional effectiveness – recruitment & retention – facilities

      *5 Principals:
           o Every program (degree major) needs to have appropriate (for level) & measurable objectives –
              including Gen Ed (3a)
           o Instruments for these objectives (3a)
           o Faculty participation throughout the institution (3a)
           o Analysis and use of data (4b, 4c and 3c)
           o Assessment program is evaluated (2c)
           o Faculty qualifications related to graduate courses and programs (3b)
      Dr. Appleson then did a brief Q&A.

Adjournment: The Forum adjourned at 2:15 p.m.

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