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1            Purpose of the Report                 2

2            Successful Towns and Cities           4

3            Wrexham – The Current Position        6

4            Benchmarking & Performance           13

5            Maintaining Performance              17

6            Action Plan                          19

Appendix 1   Plan Showing Wrexham Town Centre
1.    Purpose of the Report
1.1   The purpose of this report is to examine the effect that Eagles Meadow may have
      upon the town centre of Wrexham and to set out a strategy and action plan for the
      town centre in order to capitalise upon the positive benefits of the new development
      for the continued regeneration of Wrexham.

1.2   Retail-led regeneration is widely recognised as a catalyst to unleash the potential of
      town and city centres, providing investment and infrastructure to sustain the critical
      mass necessary to support other facilities that make a vibrant town centre. Retail-
      led development is recognised as a regeneration initiative that can help to re-brand
      a town, creating quality public space and diversifying the leisure offer. The
      emerging consumer preference is for „shoppertainment‟ and the need for retail with
      additional leisure facilities (The Retail Property Industry, BCSC, 2008). Retail itself
      is a commercial business. In 2007, UK retail sales were worth £265 billion and 1/5
      of the economy. The sector employed over 3 million people (to end March 2008)
      which equates to 11% of the workforce (source: BRSC, 2008).

1.3   There are a number of categories used to define the different sectors within the
      retail industry. These enable those involved with the industry to analyse how the
      businesses are performing and to be able to make judgements about their value to
      the economy. These are described in Figure 1.

      Figure 1: Categories used by the retail industry

       Convenience Retail       This includes retail sale of food, beverages or tobacco,
                                alcoholic or other beverages, confectionery and dispensing

       Comparison Retail        This includes retail sale of cosmetics and toiletries, textiles
                                and clothing, footwear, furniture, household appliances,
                                books and stationery, floor coverings and jewellery.

       Service Retail           Repairs, travel agencies, rentals (equipment, videos etc),
                                dry-cleaning, hairdressing and beauty treatments,
                                photographers, funeral services and other miscellaneous
                                service activities.

       Offices                  Banks, buildings societies, mortgage companies, real
                                estate, accounting and auditing services, and other
                                miscellaneous business activities.

       Restaurant and           Licensed and unlicensed restaurants and cafes, take-way
       Licensed Premises        food shops, public houses, clubs and bars.

       Arts, Culture and        Museum activities, libraries, theatres, cinemas and
       Entertainment            physical well-being activities.

1.4   Local Planning Authorities also identify categories of retail for planning purposes.
      This gives some measure of control over the location of various types of businesses
      within a town or city centre. Since planning permission is required for change of
      use Planning Authorities can exercise control over changes which could affect
      footfall. For planning purposes the key floorspace categories (Wales) are:

      A1 - shops;

      A2 - financial and professional services; and

      A3 - food and drink (for consumption on the premises or of hot food for consumption
           off the premises).

1.5   The plan at Appendix 1 shows the town centre boundary (as defined in the Unitary
      Development Plan for planning purposes and by Experian Goad for retail analysis).

2.    Successful Town and City Centres
2.1   Successful towns and cities are important to national and regional economic growth
      and their importance is increasing (State of the English Cities: A Research Study,
      ODPM, 2006). A study of urban and regional performance by Rodriguez-Pose
      (Rodriguez Pose, 1998) found that metropolitan regions were characterised by a
      high level of qualifications, positive rates of population growth, low demographic
      dependency, low unemployment and a fuller integration of women in the labour
      market. The health of Wrexham town centre must therefore have a direct bearing
      on the overall well-being of the County Borough and its residents.

2.2   Town centres never remain the same; they evolve to meet changing consumer
      preferences and shopping habits. In the 1970s, out of town centres and retail parks
      were developing, creating fears that town centres would be left with vacant shops
      and would lose their role as centres for social interaction. This did not happen and
      by 2000 new retail floorspace in town centres exceeded new floorspace created out
      of town. Town centre sites are often more complicated to develop and have to
      meet the needs of retailers for large floorspace whilst creating attractive urban
      places and spaces. In addition, many retail developments have evolved into mixed
      use schemes (incorporating residential and leisure uses) in order to ensure that
      they attract people in sufficient numbers to be viable. Eagles Meadow is a classic

2.3   Modern retailers require flexible spaces with good frontage and window space in
      order to present their goods to potential customers. The multiples (ie stores with
      chains throughout the UK and beyond) require good sight lines so that potential
      customers can easily see who has a presence. Retail businesses prefer units
      which service from the rear so that the sales area which commands the highest
      rental value is not compromised. This requirement is based upon the way in which
      retail rents are structured – rents are zoned with Zone A being the most expensive
      – the first twenty feet of the store – with reduced rental values in zones throughout
      the store layout. Often traditional town centre properties fail to offer these
      requirements, hence the demand for new premises such as those offered at Eagles

2.4   When making decisions about where they will locate their stores, retail businesses
      will make judgements based upon a range of factors including catchment
      (population and demography), accessibility and rents. The mix of other businesses
      present is also important and varies from business to business as some like to
      locate near to other like businesses and cluster (eg estate agents) whilst some
      prefer to be away from their competition. Some businesses act as key attractors to
      which customers will travel (eg Primark) and this creates footfall and draws potential
      customers through a town centre. The nature of banking has also changed and
      banks now see themselves as being more aligned to the rest of the retail world with
      products to sell to their customers and the need to attract new custom and to be
      more competitive. The evolution of a town or city centre is such that it mostly goes
      un-noticed unless, of course, a major development is completed which has a
      significant impact – like Eagles Meadow. The key point however is that the decision
      of a retailer to stay put, relocate or leave a town centre is a commercial judgement
      and new retail developments are only successful if they satisfy demand.

2.5   Nationally, the high street is suffering because of the current economic climate.
      Retail sales are down like-for-like against 2007, with predictions of down-turn for the
      next year to eighteen months. Investment in new developments has slowed and, in
      some cases, stopped for the foreseeable future. Major new retail led mixed-use
      schemes such as the redevelopment at Northgate in Chester has been shelved and
      there is no future date for re-commencing. The timing of the Eagles Meadow
      scheme has been fortuitous. With the majority of floorspace let or under offer it has
      so far managed to escape the worst effects of the economic downturn.

3.    Wrexham the Current Position
(a)   Changing Preferences

3.1   Wrexham is the main retailing centre in North Wales. The town centre is the main
      destination for shoppers from a wide catchment area which includes the County
      Borough, Flintshire, Denbighshire and much of North Shropshire. Multiple retailers
      in the town centre include Adams, Boots, Clarks, Clinton Cards, Dorothy Perkins,
      Burtons, Marks & Spencer, McDonalds, New Look, Next, Superdrug, Woolworths,
      Wallis, Primark and Peacocks. In addition, there are two small variety stores - Bhs
      and TJ Hughes.

3.2   Wrexham has grown substantially in recent years with four “edge of town/out of
      town” retail parks in close proximity to the town centre at Island Green, Central
      Retail Park, Border Retail Park and Plas Coch which offer large retail units and
      proximity car parking for stores such as PC World, TK Maxx, Staples, JJB Sports
      and Currys. However, prior to the completion of Eagles Meadow, the town centre
      had a relatively small average unit floorspace compared with other centres such as
      Chester and Warrington where there are large units in the prime retail area for
      businesses such as Marks and Spencer and Debenhams.

3.3   A significant part of the rationale for the Eagles Meadow development stemmed
      from retail assessments which identified by deficiencies:

         Convenience floorspace was under represented.

         The town centre had old poorly configured units which didn‟t meet current
          retailers‟ requirements.

         The shops were mostly of the discount variety and there were few shops offering
          high value goods which would attract customers from a wider catchment area.

         Retailers were under spaced because in modern retailing terms they require
          large areas of floorspace and the old units in the town centre are not purpose-
          built for retail but are former houses. This adds character to the town centre but
          means that high value retailers are not attracted to the town centre.

         The number of sales completed was not as high as chain averages due to small
          retail space that means that stores cannot sell their entire range. This in turn
          means that customers go elsewhere as the stores are not as attractive to them.
          In Marks and Spencer, for example, there is limited capacity for the designer
          ranges Per Una.

3.4   In order to address these issues, work commenced on Eagles Meadow in May
      2006 as an extension to the existing town centre. The development, which opens
      on 30 October 2008, comprises a new street and three plaza areas with shops, two
      cafes and a Shopmobility on the ground floor with further retail, restaurant offer,
      bowling alley and cinema above. The street can be accessed from Yorke Street
      over a footbridge, from Salop Road by the Spanish steps and from Smithfield
      Road. The new floorspace created will improve the overall retail offer in Wrexham

      town centre and the challenge for the Council is to maximise the benefits created
      to support the wider regeneration of the County Borough of Wrexham 2009

3.5   The development will provide an additional 306,325 sq ft of retail accommodation
      within the town centre and will provide a new shopping environment which will be
      anchored by an 88,430 sq. ft Debenhams, 51,750 sq ft Marks and Spencer and
      approximately 970 car parking spaces. In addition to the two main anchor stores
      the scheme will provide a further 35 shop units, four restaurants and two coffee
      shops at ground floor level together with an eight screen Odeon cinema and Ten
      Pin bowling alley.

3.6   A number of retailers already represented in Wrexham have chosen to relocate
      within the town centre to Eagles Meadow. All of these have chosen to take
      advantage of the better configured units and have committed to a larger floorspace.
      These businesses currently occupy 61,259 sq ft of floorspace and they will have
      137,047 sq ft in their new stores which is an increase of 124% of floorspace for
      existing businesses. Past experience has shown that Wrexham has a trend of
      successful relocations (eg WH Smith has been located on Regent Street and on
      Hope Street, New Look is in its fourth store in the town centre, each of which has
      been larger, carried more stock and been more successful that the last; and River
      Island moved from Regent Street to Hope Street and will soon relocate again).
      Concerns have been expressed about the relocations to Eagles Meadow because
      they have been highly promoted and because a number of moves will happen at the
      same time and because there will be an element of change that has not occurred
      previously when Marks and Spencer (which has been in its store for over fifty years)
      and Boots, (which has been in the same location for a similar period) relocate to
      their new (larger) premises. In the independent sector, the same pattern has been
      repeated with successful businesses moving to larger premises in the town centre
      (e.g. Richard Hughes Jewellers and Off The Cuff moved from Central Arcade in
      2007 to larger premises on Town Hill).

(b)   Letting and Disposals Strategy for Eagles Meadow

3.7   As part of the Development Agreement between Wrexham County Borough Council
      and Wilson Bowden Developments Ltd, a Letting and Disposal Strategy Schedule
      was agreed. This was approved by the Executive Board in March 2005. The
      Schedule set out a framework for leasing the scheme with a series of thresholds
      and safeguards to ensure that the developer delivered a high quality development
      and attracted new retailers not currently represented in the town centre to ensure
      the viability of the town centre. To do this, Wilson Bowden Developments Ltd was
      prevented from proactively marketing the scheme or letting units to any retailer
      other than those on an approved target list, (however this did not prevent other
      retailers from approaching Wilson Bowden Developments Ltd, which would have
      been impossible to prevent).

3.8   The approved Target Retailer List included Argos; Boots; Arcadia; Clarks; HMV;
      Marks and Spencer; Primark; Superdrug and TK Maxx.

3.9    The Letting and Disposal Strategy has been updated periodically in order to cope
       with the complex demands of the retail sector in a changing economic climate.
       River Island was not included on the approved target list, for example, but because
       it was included in a “basket of retailers” required to secure H&M and Jane Norman,
       it was approached. Without the relocation of River Island (to larger premises) it
       would have been extremely difficult to persuade H&M and Jane Norman to come to
       Wrexham. In the case of NEXT, the store was going to re-brand on Hope Street as
       part of a new range called Lime, but following the opening of a number of pilot
       stores the company has decided not to proceed with the new brand and is
       concentrating on having one larger store in Wrexham at Eagles Meadow. The
       Lettings and Disposal Strategy has been important in preventing further targeting
       and has helped to maintain a strong town centre offer.

(c)    New Retailers to Wrexham Town Centre (including second units) - Eagles

3.10   To date sixteen units, totalling approx. 129,750 sq ft, within the Eagles Meadow
       scheme will be taken by retailers new to the town or retailers taking second units,
       see Figure 2:

       Figure 2 Pre-let units at Eagles Meadow

        Retail                                                       Sq Ft
        Debenhams                                                   88,430
        H&M                                                         17,500
        Orange                                                         750
        Clinton Cards                                                6,300
        Jane Norman                                                  2,000
        Muffin Break                                                   869
        La Senza                                                     3,584
        Bank                                                         1,394
        Starbucks                                                    1,715
        3 Mobile                                                     1,143
        Mountain Warehouse                                           1,801
        Millies Cookies                                                717
        Carphone Warehouse                                           1,394
        Past Times                                                   1,106
        Subway                                                       1,047
        Total                                                      129,750
       Source : Jones Lang LaSalle, 2008

(d)    Relocations within the town centre to Eagles Meadow

3.11   So far a total of nine premises will be vacated when retailers relocate within the
       town centre to Eagles Meadow. In addition, Clinton Cards is retaining one unit and
       sub-letting a smaller unit that it currently occupies and JD Sports is relocating but
       retaining and rebranding its existing store. All of these are taking an increase in
       floorspace within Wrexham.

       Figure 3 Additional floorspace being taken by businesses

        Retailer                  Current (sq ft)        Growth (sq ft)      New (sq ft)
        Marks and Spencer               21,500            30,250               51,750
        River Island                     4,349             4,276                 8,625
        Dorothy Perkins/                 3,706             5,104                 8,810
        Wallis                             700             3,280                 3,980
        Top Shop/Top Man                 2,100             8,418               10,518
        Boots                           12,049             3,015               15,064
        NEXT                            14,632            17,368               32,000
        Clinton Cards                    1,400             4,900                 6,300
        Boots Opticians                    823          See Boots           See Boots
        Total                           61,259            76,611              137,047
        Source: Economic Development Department, 2008

       Projected Vacancies Upon the Opening of Eagles Meadow

(e)    Current and expected vacancies at September 2008

3.12 The total amount of vacant floorspace within the town centre (6.95%) is marginally
     below the national average (9.41%). Current vacancies include some premises that
     have been highlighted by the owners for redevelopment. These include the
     premises on Henblas Street and on Queen Street, which the Hollins Murray Group
     has planning permission to redevelop. The former Burger King premises on Queen
     Street forms part of the redevelopment site and whilst the lease is available (as a
     sub-let) until 2012 its short term availability is unlikely to attract a tenant.

3.13   Change also occurs when businesses cease trading because of financial difficulties
       or go into administration. The national chain store MVC was located on Henblas
       Street but went into administration in 2007. Stead and Simpson (owners of the
       former Peter Briggs on Hope Street) went into administration in February 2008 and
       was bought by ShoeZone which has subsequently closed some stores across the
       UK but in Wrexham has re-branded the store to become a Stead and Simpson
       store. Companies ceasing trading can lead to further change as financial deals are
       struck at high level nationally. For example, it is understood that Qube and
       Monsoon both came to Wrexham because of a deal made when Etam and Tammy
       Girl ceased trading (Tammy Girl was bought as a brand by Bhs) because there
       were two stores in Wrexham. Monsoon has subsequently reviewed its trading
       position across the north-west and no longer has stores in Wrexham, Wigan and

3.14   Other stores become vacant because businesses relocate to better trading
       premises. Game and Vinyl Planet relocated to larger premises and The Doll‟s
       House relocated to the primary shopping area from a tertiary shopping location on
       Brook Street.

3.15   Of the premises that are currently vacant (and also those that are expected to
       become vacant) the majority (23) are under 1,000 sq ft. The larger units (M&S,
       NEXT, Boots) are mostly relocating to larger premises. The main exception being
       Kwiksave which went into administration in February 2007. This property may be
       attractive to retailers currently in the town centre in small units wishing to expand.

3.16   The Council tracks the voids and vacancies, rental terms and conditions and
       amount of floorspace in the town centre in order to keep abreast of the changes in
       the local market. National changes about retail businesses such as business buy-
       outs and businesses going into administration are also monitored to enable the
       Council to highlight opportunities to attract new businesses or to be aware of
       potential problems.

3.17   In many cases, when businesses leave a property for whatever reason (eg no
       longer trading or relocating) they can still be liable for rent and for the business
       rates on the property. In the past, this has contributed to vacancies and landlords
       still received rent from the former tenant and the necessity to re-let on less
       favourable terms was diminished.

3.18   Empty property used to be exempt from business rates but under new legislation
       (The Rating (Empty Properties) Act 2007) which came into force on 1 April 2008,
       there is a three month exemption period after which the owner is liable for the full
       costs of the business rates payable. The owner will pass this cost on to any
       leaseholder, but where there is none, the owner will now have to pay. This will
       provide some incentive to the owner to be proactive in ensuring that a property
       does not remain empty. Business rates are set by the Valuation Office Agency
       (VOA) for a five year period.

3.19   The current revaluation for business rates came into effect on 1 April 2005 and all
       properties had their rateable value assessed on the valuation date of 1 April 2003.
       The next revaluation will be from 1 April 2010 based on market rentals at 1 April

3.20   Figure 4 shows the premises that are expected to become vacant from October
       2008 onwards following the opening of Eagles Meadow:

       Figure 4 Businesses Relocating to Eagles Meadow

        Address                        Retail                           Floor Space (sq ft)
        1 - 2 Hope Street              Burtons/Dorothy Perkins                   3,706
        13 - 16 Hope Street            Marks and Spencer                       21,500
        23 - 24 Hope Street            River Island                              4,349
        26 - 29 Hope Street            Top Shop/Top Man                          2,100
        51 - 53 Hope Street and        Next                                    14,632
        Border Retail Park
        4 Regent Street (part)         Clinton Cards                             1,400
        3 - 7 Regent Street            Boots                                   12,049
        14 - 16 Regent Street          Wallis                                      700
        3 Rhosddu Road                 Boots Opticians                             823
                                                              Total            61,259
        Source : Jones Lang LaSalle, 2008

3.21   The businesses will move in phases with the first stores relocating from 30 October
       2008 (Next, M & S, River Island). The Arcadia Group (Topman/Top Shop, Dorothy
       Perkins, Burtons and Wallis) will open week commencing 17 November 2008. No
       proposed date for Boots or Boots Opticians as yet.

3.22   The visual impact of these businesses relocating will be high because they are
       grouped together (with the exception of Boots Opticians) on Hope Street and
       Regent Street and will all be moving within a short time-frame of each other.
       However, this will also bring opportunities for further relocations, for further
       development and for new businesses to come to Wrexham. The challenge is to
       work with landlords to manage the negative visual impact.

(d)    Jobs in the Retail Sector

3.23   Approximately £265 billion is spent through the retail sector every year. This
       activity supports around three million people (approximately 11% of the UK‟s
       working population) who work in the retail sector. Half of these are sales and
       customer staff and around 10% are managers and senior officials. Other jobs
       include those in finance, security and cleaning staff. Around half of the retail jobs
       are full-time and many enter as part-time staff who then upgrade their skills.

3.24   Wrexham has an economic activity rate of 79% which is higher than Wales (75.1%)
       and slightly higher than Great Britain (78.6%). However, the workforce is generally
       lower-skilled than other areas of Wales. Employers report that they are keen to see
       an improvement in generic skills - technical/practical skills, customer handling,
       communication, problem solving and team working.

3.25   There will be approximately 1000 new jobs created in Wrexham town centre
       because of the new development. Debenhams (including concessions within the
       store such as Principles and Oasis) will employ in the region of 160 people, both full
       and part-time. Marks and Spencer is hoping, for example, to recruit additional staff.
       Some of these will be short-term contracts because the store will open with a
       complete „Christmas shop‟ and extended shopping hours in the lead up to

3.26   At entry level, the retail sector requires people that are customer focused, numerate
       and literate. They require employees that can work well in teams and that are keen
       to learn about the product in order to be able to pass the information to customers.
       There are also jobs within the sector requiring higher levels of qualification such as
       management, team leaders and trainer/assessors. All of the multiple retailers have
       their own in-house training schemes.

3.27   In order to enable people to transfer from other jobs or to progress within their roles,
       a number of training providers in Wrexham offer retail training. These include
       Wrexham ITeC and Yale College. The retail sector has a Sector Skills Council
       called Skillsmart which champions retail skills development.

3.28   The Council has worked in partnership with a Job Centre+ to hold a retail Jobs Fair
       on 3 July 2008 at the Memorial Hall. Over 1,800 people attended the day and there
       was positive feedback from all the businesses which attended. Training providers
       and child-care providers also attended the event with information about the
       assistance available to enable people to take up employment opportunities.

3.29   Caia Park Communities First arranged retail training courses which were provided
       by Caia Park Partnership Ltd. Two courses were attended by 20 people who all
       completed the courses. As a direct result of the training eight people are now in

4.    Benchmarking & Performance
4.1   The question is – how does Wrexham town centre currently perform relative to its
      main competitors and how is it forecast to perform in the future following the
      opening of Eagles Meadow – and why does it matter?

4.2   It matters because a healthy, strong and vibrant town centre provides opportunities
      for the wider regeneration of the County Borough – through increased jobs,
      investment and improved infrastructure.

4.3   Benchmarking Wrexham against its competitors is important in terms of attracting
      future investment. Retailers and retail analysis have access to comparative data
      which they use to inform investment decisions. Getting into the top 100 of the UK
      retail rankings (Javelin) helps to open up opportunities for further investment.

4.4   In a local context the factors affecting performance of the town centre can be
      described under five key categories – the five „C‟s:

      (a)    Competition – competing externally for trade against the attractions for other
             town and city centres and out of town retailing; also to compete to attract
      (b)    Catchment – the economic position and social condition of the area
             Wrexham serves, this largely defines the scale and type of retail provision
             that is financially viable.
      (c)    Character – the physical environment of the town centre and its image or
             perception that makes it attractive, or not, to shoppers.
      (d)    Choice – the range and quality of the retail offer and mix of uses within the
      (e)    Convenience – the ease at which shoppers can reach and move around the
             centre by a variety of means of transport.

4.5   It is the combination or „mix‟ of these factors which defines the form and function of
      a town centre and the actions which are appropriate to enable it to perform more

(a)   Competition

4.6   Wrexham is the main retailing centre in North Wales but faces competition from
      competing retail centres, in particular Chester, Crewe and Shrewsbury. Broughton
      Park is the nearest out of town retail centre, anchored by Tesco and Bhs. The
      relative ranking of Wrexham and these competitors by the commercial companies
      that specialise in retail statistics can be seen in Figure 5:

      Figure 5 – Town Centre rankings
Town          CBRE         Javelin       Total               Distance       Distance
              Shopping     Ranking       Floorspace          from           from
              Pop Ranking 2008           (000‟s sq ft)       Wrexham        Wrexham
              2008                                           (miles)        (minutes)
Wrexham       110          179           909,400
Chester       18           20            1,470               12             20
Crewe         152          166           690                 26             40
Shrewsbury    79           82            1,070               28             48
Broughton     n/a          365           220,000             13             13
      Source: Economic Development Department 2008

4.7    In addition, the town centre faces competition from the following out of town
       shopping centres and additional proposed retail development, as shown in figures 6
       and 7:

      Figure 6 – Competing out of Town Centres
Town                 Total Floorspace    Distance from              Distance from
                     (000‟s sq ft)       Wrexham (miles)            Wrexham (minutes)
Broughton Park       220,000             10                         19
The Coliseum,        130,000             18                         25
Ellesmere Port
Cheshire Oaks        360,000             18                         25
Designer Outlet
      Source: Jones Lang LaSalle, 2008

      Figure 7 – Competing Town Centres – proposed new developments
Town             Scheme            Total Floor  Net Additional Comments
                                   Space        Floorspace
Crewe            Delamere Place 522,000         250,000        To include
Shrewsbury       Raven             100,000      100,000        Links Darwen
                 Meadows                                       and Pride Hill
Shrewsbury       Riverside Mall    238,000      50,000         Pre-planning
Broughton        Broughton         504          197,000        Extension to
                 Shopping Park                                 include 90k sq ft
                                                               Marks and
                                                               Spencer, a 27k
                                                               extension to
                                                               Tesco, 55k
                                                               retail parade.
      Source: Jones Lang LaSalle, 2008

4.8   The most recent assessment undertaken for Wilson Bowden Developments Ltd by
      Javelin Group in 2006, looked at the town centre‟s projected catchment and spend.
      It concluded that Wrexham‟s UK ranking would improve from 179th to 78th following
      the opening of Eagles Meadow. Being in the top 100 UK shopping destinations is
      an advantage when seeking to draw in further investment.

(b)   Catchment

4.9   It is important to recognise the relationship between the health of a town centre and
      its catchment as both rely on each other to thrive. The Eagles Meadow scheme will
      promote Wrexham in the retail hierarchy and as a consequence, the primary
      catchment is estimated to increase to 261,000 from 190,000 at present. As a
      town‟s overall population grows through house building this will, over time, help to
      raise the demand for high quality retail development. Conversely, having an
      attractive town centre and a critical mass of retailing is an important element of the
      package needed to attract new employers into the town. Without new investment
      Wrexham could have stagnated and declined. The improvements to the town
      centre will help to retain spend and reduce leakage to Wrexham‟s competitors.

(c)   Character

4.10 One of the major benefits of traditional town centres is a variety of uses, amenities
     and facilities they offer. One of the most effective solutions to competition both with
     other centres and within existing town centres is through the process of
     differentiation. Wrexham can offer a unique experience by building on its qualities
     including the character of location and also building on the strengths of its markets
     and independent retailers within the town. The introduction of Streetscene and the
     work carried out by the partnership of Crimelink, CCTV and North Wales Police
     ensures that the town is clean, green and safe to visit. Wrexham is already
     encouraging new mixed use development within its core area by aiming to provide
     leisure and residential uses alongside new retail units.

4.11 Wrexham has three indoor markets and a number of successful independent
     retailers in the two arcades and the secondary shopping streets. The New
     Economics Foundation produced a report in 2002 (Clone Town Britain, NEF, 2002)
     that raised concerns over retail spaces in town centres being filled with multiples
     and driving out independent stores. Wrexham is fortunate that it retains its markets
     and independent sector that helps to provide a sense of place whilst new floorspace
     provides the infrastructure required by multiples that also attract visitors to the town

(d)   Choice

4.12 The range and quality of the retail offer together with the mix of uses available in a
     town centre will determine to a great extent how it performs. A centre offering a
     wide enough range of shops and goods with a number of other activities to
     complement retailing will be in a much better position to attract custom and

4.13 There is a general acceptance that town centres need a critical mass of retailing
     including good choice of traders, a good range of outlets together with a range of
     specialist traders and smaller niche retailers to provide sufficient product range to
     meet requirements of their local catchment. Choice not only applies to the
     consumer in the range and mix of retail being offered within the town centre, but
     more importantly to the retailer in the size, configuration and location of available
     shop units.

4.14 The development of Eagles Meadow will attract new retailers into the town centre
     and the scheme has effectively created a new fashion pitch anchored by
     Debenhams and M&S. Alongside the critical mass of retail chains and names that
     will attract customers to the town centre, Wrexham has three indoor markets and a
     wide variety of small independent retailers.

(e)    Convenience

4.15 Good accessibility is a vital ingredient for the success of a town centre. Issues of
     access by private and public transport, navigability, congestion, and so forth,
     determines how convenient a centre might be as a destination in relation to its
     competitors. The relative convenience of a town centre can be summarised in
     terms of access by all modes of transport.

4.16 Good quality, competitively priced car parking is viewed as a major competitive
     advantage. There are approximately 1,000 car parking spaces within the Eagles
     Meadow scheme and the pricing tariff for those spaces whilst not tied in to the
     Council‟s pricing structure is not dissimilar. New infrastructure will be put in place to
     support access by public transport such as providing a bus interchange at Market
     Street with additional raised kerbs and shelters. The increased use of hackney
     carriage taxis in the town centre has resulted in proposals for a number of new
     stands in the town centre for use by the cabs.

4.17 Public transport networks are well-developed in Wrexham. There is a daily bus to
     London as well as local bus routes linking the County Borough to the town and to
     neighbouring towns and cities. Travel on buses within Wales and to Chester is free
     to the over 60s and the disabled. There is a direct rail route from London, Chester,
     Shrewsbury and Birmingham to Wrexham. There are opportunities for the bus
     companies to review their timetables to provide direct and indirect (via the bus
     station and town centre shuttle bus) bus transport to and from Eagles Meadow.

4.18 Wrexham town centre is compact and relatively easy to navigate. The high quality
     public realm in the pedestrianised main shopping streets is high and makes it a
     pleasant walking environment.

4.19 The plan at Appendix 1 shows the walking distances from Wrexham bus station to
     the new Debenhams store at Eagles Meadow (650m). By comparison, the walking
     distance across Cheshire Oaks Outlet Village is 1170m, from Chester Bus Station
     to Woolworths it is 700m and even a walk around Broughton Retail Park is 570m.
     For those with lessoned mobility, the town centre can be easily accessed from
     Wrexham Bus Station or Eagles Meadow by Shopmobility.

5.       Maintaining Performance
5.1      Maintaining Wrexham‟s performance relative to its main competitors will be a
         difficult task. Whilst the economic downturn and worsening retail climate impacts
         on every retail centre, some will be better prepared to adjust than others. The
         development at Eagles Meadow will help by increasing the overall retail floorspace
         in the town centre by about 25%. Most of which is pre-let to new or expanding
         businesses in the town centre, improving the overall offer, helping to reduce the
         leakage of expenditure out of Wrexham, increasing the catchment population by
         16% and increasing the value of the clothing market by £28m.

5.2      In order to maintain Wrexham‟s performance, there have been a number of actions
         undertaken based on the five „Cs‟. Figure 8 shows that the Council has been
         proactive in its desire to see Wrexham town centre maximise its performance – but
         recognises that there is more it can do.

         Figure 8 – Maintaining performance to date
                                                Possible        Already actioned in the town
                                                Further Actions centre

(a)      Competition

     Resist out of town development –                                (Planning policy)
      proactively support retail redevelopment
      in the town centre.
     Differentiation – develop a differentiation                     (eg Real Wrexham)
      strategy promoting Wrexham‟s unique
     Attracting investment – adopt a pro-active                      (eg Eagles Meadow,
      role in identifying and marketing sites,                       working with developers/
      guiding and assisting the development                          agents)
      process to land assembly or acting as
      land-owner or even as developers.

(b)      Catchment

     Retail regeneration – the retail sector‟s                       (Economic Development
      contribution to regeneration of catchment                      Department Strategy)
      is important and having an attractive
      vibrant town centre is an important
      element in the package of economic
      development strategies.
     The opening of Eagles Meadow scheme            (eg Branding
      will expose the town to a much wider          & Place
      retail catchment – engender strategies to     Marketing)
      capture this new audience on an effective
      and sustained basis.

                                                   Possible        Already actioned in the town
                                                   Further Actions centre

(c)      Character

     Urban design and public realm                                 (eg Investment in
      investment – enhance the town centre                         infrastructure, Streetscene)
      through sustained investment in high
      quality urban design, streetscape and
      public realm improvements.
     Town centre management to improve                             (eg Wrexham Town Centre
      Wrexham‟s image and perception.                              Management Initiative)
     Site allocation and land assembly – assist                    (eg pro-active work with
      in land assembly to support further                          Welsh Assembly
      development.                                                 Government, planning

(d)      Choice
 Optimise the balance between national             (eg
    and independent retailers within the town      Independent)
    centre and attracting high quality             retailers
    independent retailers (eg marketing            strategy)
    fashion, jewellery and designer furniture
    furnishing shops may prove fruitful) by
    developing a strategy to encourage a
    diverse offer, perhaps as an alternative to
    the limited range of multiples.
 Targeting national retailers, achieve a                           (eg pro-active work with
    critical mass of multiple retailing within                     developers/agents)
    the traditional core.
 Retail led development – improve retail                           (eg Eagles Meadow)
    choice by increasing floorspace and
    providing larger store units suitable for
    providing modern requirements.
(e)      Convenience
 Improving accessibility by developing a           (eg Parking
    programme of improvements.                     Strategy)
 Comprehensive pedestrian signs exist                              (eg Finger posts, town
    throughout Wrexham town centre. These                          centre maps)
    are being reviewed as part of the Eagles
    Meadow development.

6.    Action Plan
6.1   To deliver continued improvement in the performance of Wrexham Town Centre,
      the Council has identified a number of tools and processes which will form the
      foundation of its action plan to deliver its strategy for a renaissance which will
      benefit the whole of the County Borough. These include:

         Understanding key retail trends in the national retail market.
         Identifying Wrexham‟s role in the local/regional retail hierarchy.
         Understanding Wrexham‟s consumers.
         Benchmarking Wrexham‟s retail offer.
         Identifying gaps in the retail offer.
         Analysing retail requirements.
         Analysing current vacancies.
         Matching potential requirements.
         Promoting Wrexham Town Centre to retailers and to customers.

6.2   The Action Plan contains a series of activities under broad headings which are
      related to the 5Cs. These include:

         Information and knowledge – to inform future planning and activity;
         Marketing and Promotion – campaigns for Wrexham town centre to promote the
          town centre to a wider audience;
         Event Management – facilitating and organising events throughout the year as
          an added attraction to visitors;
         Support for Businesses – both direct and indirect;
         Physical Regeneration – carrying out or facilitating improvements to the physical
          infrastructure of the town centre to improve its attractiveness and accessibility
          for visitors;
         Cleanliness, attractiveness and safety – making Wrexham clean, green and safe
          for visitors; and
         Accessibility – improving access within the town centre for visitors, people
          arriving and leaving Wrexham.


           1.      COMPETITION

           (a)     Information and Knowledge

Action                            Activities                              Timescale      Cost/funding   Lead          Outcome/output               Monitoring
1.1a   Extend the appointment     (i)     Incorporate the                 October 2008   £10,000        Economic       Ability to interact with   Task and
       of specialist advisors             Sociovision Consumer            – September    (Economic      development     the retail and leisure     finish.
       Jones Lang La Salle in             Model to provide a clear        2009.          Development    department,     sector to identify
       order to use its retail            direction for the town                         Department).   WCBC.           gaps/opportunities.
       and leisure expertise to           centre in terms of its retail                                                Ability to target key
       ensure that the strategy           positioning and the needs                                                     retailers/investment
       and action plan remains            of the local market.                                                          decision makers.
       focussed and effective.    (ii)    Understand the                                                               Improved target
                                          demographic make up of                                                        marketing at primary
                                          Wrexham using ACORN                                                           catchment population.
                                          consumer classification
                                          tool by the commercial and
                                          financial analysts CACI
                                          and predict population
                                          growth to 2018.
                                  (iii)   Monitor Wrexham town
                                          centre‟s performance
                                          relative to its competitors
                                          in the national and retail
                                          centre rankings
                                          (Venuescore and CACI) to
                                          better understand its
                                          competitive position.
Action                     Activities                                         Timescale   Cost/funding Lead             Outcome/output               Monitoring
                           (iv)    Utilise CACI gravity model to define
                                   Wrexham‟s catchment area market
                                   share to show the changing size of
                                   Wrexham‟s shopper population (the
                                   number of people who shop there on a
                                   regular basis). With the significant
                                   change to Wrexham‟ retail landscape
                                   with Eagle Meadow, model the impact
                                   this has on the shopper population and
                                   the new position that Wrexham holds in
                                   the national hierarchy.
                           (v)     Geographically map the demographic
                                   and market share information to indicate
                                   where Wrexham‟s trade is coming from.
1.2a     Work with         (i)       Category analysis – eg jewellers         Jan- June   See 1.1a.       Economic         Information about        Six months.
         specialist                  convenience etc.                         2009.                       Development       which retailers to
         advisors to       (ii)      Occupier analysis – key multiples                                    Department,       target.
         analyse the                 currently not trading.                                               WCBC.            Identification of gaps
         retail gap in     (iii)     Independent analysis – key regional                                                    in retail provision
         Wrexham town                and independent brands which are a                                                     enabling the Council
         centre and to               target market that matches Wrexham‟s                                                   to target key
         target support              shopper profile.                                                                       retailers/investment
         and help grow                                                                                                      decision makers.
         key sectors.
1.3a     Undertake         (i)      Monitor retailers requirements.           Ongoing.    Officer time.   Economic         Knowledge of which       Monthly.
         analysis of                                                                                      Development       retailers to target.
         retail                                                                                           Department,      Identify potential new
         requirements                                                                                     WCBC.             retailers for Wrexham
         on a local,                                                                                                        town centre.
         regional and
         national basis.

Action                   Activities                        Timescale      Cost/funding         Lead                  Outcome/output                    Monitoring
1.4a      Continue to    (i)    Monthly list and           Ongoing.       Officer time.        Economic                 Information on how well       Monthly.
          analyse               analysis of type of                                            Development               Wrexham town centre is
          vacancy/void          vacancies/voids in                                             Department, WCBC.         performing to enable
          trends and            Wrexham town centre.                                                                     potential retailers to be
          rates and                                                                                                      targeted.
          requirement                                                                                                   Track change in local
          matching.                                                                                                      market.
1.5a      Footfall       (i)    Undertake physical         End July       £2,200 pa            Economic                 Increase data on              Annual.
survey.                         count at six strategic     each year.     (Economic            Development               pedestrian numbers to
                                sites in the town centre                  Development          Department/               Wrexham town centre.
                                to ascertain pedestrian                   Department).         Transportation and       Monitor key flows and
                                traffic routes and                                             Asset Management,         identify changes.
                                number of visitors to                                          WCBC.                    Monitor footfall and enable
                                the town centre.                                                                         comparisons to national
                                                                                               Economic                  trends.
                                                           Longer term.   Approximately        Development
                                                                          £7,000 pa (further   Department/
                         (ii)   Locate permanent                          report required).    Transportation and
                                footfall counters in the                                       Asset Management
                                town centre to monitor                                         Department, WCBC.
                                footfall and to give
                                comparisons with the
                                national picture.
1.6a      Retail         (i)    Monthly analysis of        Ongoing.       Officer time.        Economic                 Identify peaks and troughs    Monthly.
          performance.          retail performance in                                          Development               in retail performance year
                                the town centre “Like                                          Department, WCBC,         on year which can inform
                                for Like” against the                                          Wrexham Town Centre       marketing and promotion
                                previous year.                                                 Forum.                    decisions/ campaigns.
1.7a      Goad maps      (i)    Purchase electronic        2009 and       £500 pa              Economic                 Improved and up to date       Annual.
          and                   links to Experian Goad     ongoing.       (Economic            Development               information on the town
          information.          maps through GSI in                       Development          Department, WCBC.         centre.
                                order to be able to                       Department).
                                update and utilise.

            (b)        Support for Business

Action                   Activities                                                      Timescale      Cost/funding Lead                Outcome/output Monitoring
1.1b     Town            (i)     Monthly newsletter to all businesses informing          Monthly.       Officer time.     Economic          Businesses         Monthly.
         Centre                  them of local/national retail trends, events and                                         Development        supported and
         Newsletter.             other retail information, (eg information on training                                    Department,        kept in touch
                                 and top tips for increasing footfall/conversion).                                        WCBC.              with national/
                                                                                                                                             regional and
                                                                                                                                             local trends.
1.2b   Business          (i)     Keep up to date with changes to BIDs legislation        Ongoing        Cost to set up    Economic          Provide            Ongoing.
       Improvement               and experience elsewhere.                               with a view    BID upwards       Development        development
       Districts         (ii)    Engage/consult with business community within           to potential   of £30,000        Department,        of a BID if
       (BIDs).                   Wrexham town centre.                                    development    (further report   WCBC/Private       agreed by
                         (iii)   Seek Members‟ views on the proposals.                   of a BID in    required).        Sector.            businesses.
                                                                                         2011- 2012.
1.3b     Business        (i)     Collect business crime statistics.                      Ongoing.       Officer time.     Economic          Provide            Monthly.
         Crime.                                                                                         (Potential for    Development        Baseline of
                                                                                                        funding from      Department,        crime statistics
                                                                                                        JAG if            WCBC/JAG.          to inform policy
                                                                                                        required).                           and target
1.4b     Business        (i)     Provide Business Counsellor support for individual      Ongoing.       Unknown           Economic          Supported and      Ongoing.
         Advice.                 businesses on request.                                                 depends on        Development        more
                                                                                                        demand            Department,        successful
                                                                                                        (Economic         WCBC.              businesses.

            2.      CATCHMENT

            (a)     Physical Regeneration

Action                    Activities                                   Timescale Cost/funding Lead                        Outcome/output                Monitoring
2.1a   Economic           (i)    Identify and develop the role and     2008-2011.   Officer time.    Economic              Focus on the retail         Annual.
       Development               importance of retail in the local                                   Development            sector in terms of
       Department                economy.                                                            Department,            employment and
       Strategy.                                                                                     WCBC.                  growth.

            (b)     Marketing and promotion of Wrexham Town Centre

Action                    Activities                                   Timescale Cost/funding Lead                        Outcome/output                   Monitoring
2.1b   Public relations   (i)    Undertake public relations campaign   Ongoing.     Officer time.    Leisure, Libraries     Positive PR generated.        Weekly.
       campaign.                 of positive news stories about                                      and Culture
                                 Wrexham.                                                            Department/
                          (ii)   Respond to letters in the Wrexham                                   Economic
                                 and Evening Leader to portray                                       Development
                                 positive aspects of Wrexham Town                                    Department/
                                 Centre.                                                             WCBC, Private
2.2b   Development of     (i)    Directory of businesses in the town   October      Officer time.    Economic               Number of hits on-line.       Six monthly
       online directory          centre with search facility by:       2008 –                        Development                                           for set up
       of businesses.             business name;                      March                         Department,                                           and
                                  street; and                         2009.                         WCBC/ Wrexham                                         thereafter
                                  type of business by category.                                     Town Centre                                           weekly.
                          (ii)   Working with businesses to develop    2009/2010.   Further report                            Additional promotion for    Monthly.
                                 a web domain for shopping in                       required.                                  businesses.
                                 Wrexham and the online directory.
                                 To provide, by subscription, such                                                         E-vouchers will drive up
                                 additional features as stock                                                              footfall and the number of
                                 information, photographs and e-                                                           vouchers reclaimed gives
                                 vouchers.                                                                                 management information.

Action                   Activities                                    Timescale Cost/funding Lead                         Outcome/output                Monitoring
2.3b   Shopping bags.    (i)   Provision of environmentally friendly   October        £5,000            Economic            Number of bags issued       6 months.
                               shopping bags to promote Wrexham        2008 –         (Economic         Development          through the markets and
                               markets and Wrexham town centre.        February       Development       Department,          through the independent
                                                                       2009.          Department).      WCBC.                stores.
2.4b   Tourism           (i)   Development of promotional/advisory                                      Economic            Promote Wrexham to          Quarterly
       promotional             publications:                                                            Development          wider audience.             and annually
       documents.                                                                                       Department/                                      as required.
                               (a)    Real Wrexham.                    Annual         £28,000           WCBC
                                                                       publication    (Economic         Sponsorship/
                                                                                      Development       Flintshire and
                                                                       .              Department)       Denbighshire
                               (b)    Wrexham Borderlands              Annual         £25,000           County Councils/
                                                                       publication.   (Economic         Welsh Assembly
                                                                                      Development       Government.
                               (c)    What‟s On.                       Quarterly      £4,710
                                                                       publication.   (Economic
2.5b   Business          (i)   Brochure for retailers and for retail   February       £5,000            Economic            Information for agents/     Six monthly.
       brochure.               agents setting out the demographics     2009.          (Economic         Development          retail sector.
                               and available rental space in the                      Development       Department,
                               town centre.                                           Department/       WCBC/
                                                                                      Private).         Sponsorship and
2.6b   Marketing Plan.   (i)   Produce annual town centre              Annual         £12,000           Economic            Marketing Wrexham and       Annually.
                               marketing plan utilising key retail     ongoing.       (further report   Development          promotion of Wrexham
                               dates including Christmas, Easter                      required).        Department,          town centre.
                               and days including Father‟s Day,                                         WCBC.
                               Mothering Sunday, Valentine‟s Day
2.7b   Wrexham           (i)   Continue to be point of contact for     Ongoing.       £23,429           Economic            Information for visitors/   Monthly.
       Tourist                 visitors within town centre.                           (Economic         Development          businesses.
       Information                                                                    Development       Department,
       Centre.                                                                        Department).      WCBC.

Action                     Activities                                   Timescale Cost/funding Lead                        Outcome/output               Monitoring
2.8b   Christmas           (i)    To produce Christmas supplement       November    £2,300            Economic              Promotion of town centre   February
       Supplement.                (NW Newspapers).                      2008.       (Economic         Development            and information for        2009.
                                                                                    Development       Department/            visitors re town centre
                                                                                    Department).      Leisure, Libraries     access etc.
                                                                                                      and Culture
                                                                                                      Transportation and
2.9b   Advent              (i)    Sponsorship of an advent calendar     December    £5,000            Economic              Increased footfall.        February
       Calendar.                  supported by businesses.              2008.       (Economic         Development                                       2009.
                                                                                    Development       Department/
                                                                                    Department/       Private Sector.
2.10b Production of        (i)    Work with Yale College to produce     October –   Officer time/     Economic              Positive promotion of      March 2009.
      material for                „vox pop‟ images for use on the       December    Yale College      Development            Wrexham and the recent
      internet/intranet.          internet.                             2008.       time.             Department/Yale        changes.
2.11b Temporary use        (i)    Work with property owners and Yale    October     Private Sector.   Economic              Create interest and        September
      of shop                     College to produce temporary highly   2008 –                        Development            activity in empty shops.   2009.
      frontage.                   visual displays in empty shop         September                     Department,
                                  windows.                              2009.                         WCBC/Yale
                           (ii)   Consult with planning and business    October                       College/Private
                                  rates re above.                       2008 –                        Sector.

           (c)     Event Management

Action                  Activities                                    Timescale     Cost/funding            Lead             Outcome/output         Monitoring
3.1c   Eagles Meadow    (i)     Opening event in Queens Square        30/31         Private Sector.         Private Sector    Increased visitor    One off
       Development.             and French Market.                    October                                                  numbers.             event.
                                                                      2009.                                                   Promotion of
                                                                                                                               Wrexham town
3.2c   Christmas        (i)     Lights Switch-on                      October –     (i)–(iv) £25,000        Economic          Increased visitor    Annual.
       events.          (ii)    Opening of Santa‟s Grotto.            January       (Economic               Development        number.
                        (iii)   Victorian Christmas Market.           each year.    Development             Department,       Promotion of
                        (iv)    Camels and Carols.                                  Department/ Private     WCBC/              Wrexham town
                                                                                    Sector).                Sponsorship/       centre.
                        (v)     Christmas Lights Contract.                          (v) £45,000             Business
                                                                                    (Economic               partners.
3.3c   St David‟s Day   (i)     Programme of events to celebrate St   March 2009.   £10,796 excluding       Economic          Promotion of         Annual.
       events.                  David‟s Day.                                        sponsors (Economic      Development        Wrexham Town
                                                                                    Development             Department,        Centre.
                                                                                    Department/Private      WCBC.
3.4c   Wrexham          (i)     Development of Programme of 70+       October       £80,000 (2008) =        Economic          Bring together       Annual.
       Business Week.           events covering a wide range of       2008 and      £20,000 Economic        Development        high profile
                                business topics and events.           ongoing.      Development             Department,        business
                                                                                    Department).            WCBC.              speakers and
                                                                                    £60,000 (Private                           experts to provide
                                                                                    Sector/other public).                      information to
                                                                                                                               local businesses.
                                                                                                                              Promote
                                                                                                                               Wrexham to a
                                                                                                                               wide audience.
3.5c   Wrexham Arts     (i)     Week of activities celebrating the    May 2009.     £15,000 (mostly         Leisure,          No of events.        Annual.
       Festival.                arts.                                               external grant          Libraries and
                                                                                    funding).               Culture

           3.      CHARACTER

           (a)     Physical Regeneration

Action                   Activities                                     Timescale Cost/funding           Lead                   Outcome/output      Monitoring
3.1a   Local             (i)    The potential of sites and buildings    Not known.   Officer time.       Planning Department/    Continued         Dependent
       Development              development/redevelopment sites                                          Economic Development     development of    upon project.
       Plan.                    within the town centre.                                                  Department/              town centre.
                         (ii)   Consider redefining town centre                                          Transportation and
                                boundary to include Eagles Meadow.                                       Asset Management
                                                                                                         Department, WCBC.
3.1b   Environmental     (i)    Environmental improvements and          2008/09.     Total               Transportation and      Enhance quality   End 2009.
       improvements             improved traffic management in                       £2,663,000          Asset Management         of environment.
       St George‟s              phases.                                              (WCBC/Welsh         Department/Economic     Improved
       Crescent/                                                                     Assembly            Development              access to
       Smithfield                                                                    Government/         Department, WCBC.        Wrexham town
       Road/Salop                                                                    Private Sector).                             centre.

           (b)     Cleanliness, Attractiveness and Safety

Action                   Activities                                     Timescale Cost/funding             Lead             Outcome/output          Monitoring
3.1b   Pride in Your     (i)    Work with Streetscene to ensure that    Ongoing.     Environmental         Environmental     Creation of a         Monthly.
       Streets.                 the public realm is clean and free of                Services              Services           cleaner
                                graffiti.                                            Department.           Department,        environment within
                                                                                                           WCBC.              the town centre.
3.2b   Wales in Bloom.   (i)    Participate in Wales in Bloom           Ongoing.     £15,000-£20,000       Environmental     Enhancement of        Annual.
                                annually.                                            pa (Environmental     Services           the environment
                                                                                     Services              Department,        within the town
                                                                                     Department).          WCBC.              centre.

Action                Activities                                  Timescale   Cost/       Lead            Outcome/output                     Monitoring
                                                                              funding                                                        Frequency
3.3b   Business       (i)   Engage with Town Centre               Ongoing.    Officer     Economic         Provide town centre              Monthly.
       Support              businesses.                                       time.       Development       businesses with a collective
       Wrexham Town                                                                       Department.       voice in order to provide co-
       Centre                                                                                               ordinated response to
       Management                                                                                           problems/opportunities and to
       Initiative.                                                                                          help improve the image and
                                                                                                            perception of the town centre.
3.4b   Purple Flag    (i)   To assess the benefits of             2009/10.    Officer     Economic         Creation of a safer/ cleaner     To be
       Award.               participating in the Civic Trust‟s                time to     Development       environment for the evening      confirmed.
                            Purple Flag Award for the evening                 develop     Department,       economy.
                            economy.                                          case.       WCBC.            Achievement of Purple Flag
                                                                              if the
                                                                              to pursue
3.5b   Crimelink.     (i)   Continuing to develop Wrexham         Ongoing.    Officer     Economic         Reduction of crime within        Monthly.
                            Crimelink with Wrexham town centre                time.       Development       Wrexham Town Centre.
                            businesses.                                                   Department,
3.6b   Nightsafe      (i)   Participation in and development of   Ongoing.    Officer     Environmental    Create a safer environment for   Quarterly.
       Initiative.          the Nightsafe initiative.                         time.       Services          evening economy.
                                                                                          WCBC/ Private

           4.        CHOICE

           (a)       Providing a good retail mix

Action                    Activities                                    Timescale Cost/funding           Lead             Outcome/output            Monitoring
4.1a   Markets (indoor    (i)   Market Proofing – Ensure that the       Ongoing.     Officer time to     Transportation    Strategy and Action     Annual.
       and outdoor              Markets are considered in all aspects                develop the         and Asset          Plan to help ensure
       including                of the Strategy and Action Plan.                     strategy (further   Management         successful markets
       specialist/                                                                   report required).   Department/        as part of a vibrant
       continental).                                                                                     Economic           town centre.
4.2a   Independent        (i)   Work with the independent sector to     2009-2010.   Officer time        Transportation    Strategy and Action     Annual.
       Sector                   develop a strategy and action plan to                (further report     and Asset          Plan to help ensure
       (including               help support sector.                                 required).          Management         that a vibrant
       Arcades).                                                                                         Department/        independent sector
                                                                                                         Economic           helps to add to the
                                                                                                         Development        diversity of the town
                                                                                                         Department.        centre and prevent
                                                                                                                            „clone town‟

            5.       CONVENIENCE

            (a)      Accessibility

Action                     Activities                                       Timescale      Cost/funding            Lead             Outcome/output       Monitoring
5.1a   Promote             (i)     Work with rail/bus providers to          2009.          To be confirmed.        Transportation    Improved           Annual.
       transport links.            promote the transport links that exist                                          and Asset          knowledge for
                                   in Wrexham.                                                                     Management         customers/
                                                                                                                   Department,        visitors.
5.2a   Real time           (i)     Explore the opportunity to provide       2010           Scoping and             Transportation    Reduce             Annual.
       signage for car             real-time signage for car parks in       onwards.       preparatory work to     and Asset          congestion and
       parks.                      Wrexham to indicate the availability                    be carried out          Management         help visitors.
                                   of spaces and to direct customers to                    (further report         Department,
                                   the next nearest car park if need be.                   required).              WCBC.
5.3a   Car parking         (i)     Develop a Strategy for car parking       2009/10.       Officer time.           Transportation    Reduce             To be
       strategy.                   within Wrexham town centre                                                      and Asset          congestion and     confirmed.
                                   including residential, park and ride,                                           Management         help visitors.
                                   on street etc.                                                                  Department,
5.4a   Park and Ride       (i)     Temporary park & ride from opening       October 2008   £4,300 minus any        Environmental     Reduce             February
       (Christmas).                of Eagles Meadow to New Year             – January      fare income             Services           congestion and     2009.
                                   (30/31 October and 8 Saturdays from      2009.          (Transportation and     Department,        help visitors.
                                   1 November).                                            Asset Management        WCBC.             Improve access
                                                                                           Department).                               to Wrexham town
5.5a   Shopmobility.       (i)     Continue provision of service at         Ongoing.       £50,000 2008/09         Economic          Improve            Monthly.
                                   Wrexham Bus Station.                                    part-funded by          Development        accessibility
                           (ii)    Open Shopmobility office in Eagles                      Wilson Bowden           Department,        within town
                                   Meadow.                                                 Developments Ltd.       WCBC/Private       centre.
5.6a   Public transport.   (i)     Discuss routes with commercial bus       Ongoing.       Officer time (further   Transportation    Improve            Annual.
                                   companies.                                              report required).       and Asset          accessibility to
                           (ii)    Ensure appropriate infrastructure in                                            Management         town centre.
                                   place.                                                                          Department,
                           (iii)   Review provision of taxi ranks in the                                           WCBC.
                                   town centre.


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