Xbox Doxing Tutorial by quangtuan0302


									                              Xbox Doxing Tutorial

     Today I'm going to teach my fellow member of HF how to Dox xbox 360
accounts, there are a few easy steps which you must follow.

      Now for all the noobies out there I am going to answer a few questions:
What is Doxing? -Doxing is the stealing of accounts through social engineering
Is Doxing easy? -With the right guide anything is easy.

       First thing you must do is find the target that you are going to Dox, once you have
found them it is time to start the hard part. The first thing you need to do is make sure
that you are comfortable on the phone with strangers, if you are not then this is not the
tutorial for you.

       The next thing to do is call 1-800-4MY-XBOX, when the automated messenger
answers say “I have forgotten my email address” then answer the next question “I Don't
Know” Then keep saying the word “Agent” whenever the agent begins talking to you he
will ask you for your gamertag now this is when it gets interesting. You then tell the
agent the gamertag of your victim, he will then begin asking you more questions about
your account, then you make up some silly excuse about having to go to a part at Chuy's
or something like that. You then ask him “can you please supply me with a case number”
when he replies yes you then say “And also can you attach my account information to
the case so it is easier for the next person to find my account.” Now you are finnaly done
with this step of the doxing you can simply hang up the phone and begin the next step,
but remember to keep up with your case number as it is vital to the doxing of the

      The next step is to call msn @ 1 800-386-5550 And then say xbox when asked,
then whenever you get a agent tell them that you have a case number and give them the
number. Then say “I was calling because I did not get a chance to write down my
account information can you read me it from my case?” then when they reply use the
information to recover password with hotmail recovery then change the password to the
account and BAM you have just doxed on XBOX Live.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial by
     -TH3 K1NG 0F TR4D3S

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