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					Altar Work                            Presbyters’ Manual                      W. L. Bonner

                                Altar Work Synopsis
                       COOLJC Holy Convocation, Columbia, S.C.
                            Chief Apostle W. L. Bonner
                                    August 2003

Altar work (AM & PM) at the Holy Convocation is a coordinated holistic plan administered by
the South Carolina Altar Work Team. This plan is designed to effectively assist with altar work
in the areas of monitoring the prayer line, tarrying with souls, encouragement, baptism, and
record keeping. A team of missionaries will function in these five areas as follows:

Prayer Line (Working the Floor)
These Missionaries will be wearing purple ribbons and will be positioned at the front and near
the prayer line, at both ends of the platform, and positioned by each (praying) Elder/Minster.
Their responsibility is to keep the line moving and direct souls to the Elders/Ministers for
praying, to direct souls for tarrying, baptism, or encouragement. They are responsible for making
sure that paper towels, anointing oil, and throw cloths are available at the AM & PM services.
They will also tarry with souls when necessary.

These Missionaries will be wearing red ribbons and will be positioned on the floor near the
(praying) Elder/ Minster. Their responsibility is to tarry with the souls seeking to receive the
Holy Spirit. They are to stay with the soul at all times. If the soul does not receive the Holy Spirit
and needs encouragement, they are to encourage the soul also or direct the soul to the
Encouragement Team. If the soul wants to be baptized, they will take the soul to the Baptism
Committee. Transportation will be provided and coordinated by the Baptism Committee. A
card must be completed on all souls who receive the Holy Ghost, baptism, and/or tarried only.
All completed cards are given to a member of the Record Keeping Team. The Tarry
Worker is responsible for giving each soul a Welcome Package.
      These Missionaries will also be stationed at the designated Prayer Room during the
convention from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm each day to work with souls who want to continue to tarry.

These Missionaries will be wearing yellow ribbons. Their responsibility is to explain God’s
plan of salvation to those who need, to encourage the souls to desire for the receiving of the Holy
Spirit and water baptism.
       The Ministers and/or Terriers will direct these souls to the area of encouragement.
Encouragers will tarry with these souls when tarrying is desired, and if a soul wants to be
baptized. A card must be completed for all souls who tarry, and who are baptized. All completed
cards are given to the Record Keeping Team. Encouragers are responsible for giving each
soul a Welcome Package.

Altar Work                           Presbyters’ Manual                     W. L. Bonner

 These Missionaries will be wearing blue ribbons and will be positioned up front at one side of
the platform. Elders/ Minister, Prayer Line Team, and/or Terriers will direct souls to the
Baptism Team. Their responsibility is to go with the souls and assist in preparing them for
baptism. They will get the necessary baptism garments from the Baptism Committee already
stationed at the pool and assist the baptism candidate. They are to remain with the soul and
complete a baptism card on the soul after the baptism. The completed card must be turned in to
the Record Keeping Committee stationed at the baptism site. Baptism Workers are also
responsible for giving the soul a Welcome Package.

Record Keeping:
These Missionaries will be wearing green ribbons and will be positioned in the seating area
near the front during the altar call and at the baptism location. Their responsibility is to collect
cards at the end of each AM and PM service, make sure that all areas are stocked with cards, pen,
and Welcome Packages. They will do a detailed and summary report of all spiritual activity at
the end of the Holy Convocation and do mailings and follow-ups with Refuge Temple Church,
the Upstate Diocese, and the Palmetto Diocese.

Altar Work                            Presbyters’ Manual                          W. L. Bonner

       Rules That Must Be Followed By Those Who Tarry With Souls
                       Chief Apostle, W.L. Bonner

1. When entering the Prayer Room to tarry with a seeker, the right frame of mind is
   essential. Therefore, it is required that a person pray for at least fifteen (15) minutes
   before tarrying with a seeker.
2. If two persons are tarrying with a seeking, only one of them should be talking,
   offering words of encouragement. It should be done in a low tone of voice, never
   shouting in the ear of the seeking. The second person should be praying, never talking
   to the seeker unless the first person has ceased to encourage the seeker.
3. Here is an expression of encouragement. “Jesus is giving you the Holy Spirit today/
   tonight, just believe!” When a seeker feels the Spirit and it is evident to those tarrying
   with him, it is important that you do not get excited and begin to shout at the seeker.
   Keep encouraging him by saying. “The Holy Spirit is coming in, just yield to Him,
   don’t be afraid, just relax and let the Spirit have His way!” Others in the Room should
   not rush to the seeker who will is receiving the Holy Spirit and shout words of
   encouragement. It is too many voices and will be confusing to the seeker. Everyone
   stays where they are and let the person tarrying with that seeker remain with that
   seeker until he is filled.
4. Anyone with an offensive odor of the body or mouth should not tarry with seekers but
   sit in the room and pray.
5. No one should lay hands on the seeker but the minister.
6. When a seeker is praising the Lord by saying, “Hallelujah” or “Thank You Jesus” and
   is in the Spirit; do not change his praise.
7. No one should run from one seeker to another unless there is a shortage of workers.
8. The Prayer Room is not for teaching doctrine or for long testimonies. The Prayer
   Room is for people to receive the Holy Spirit. All exhortations should be short and
   encouraging to the seeker. It should encourage the seeker to receive the Holy Spirit,
   tell the seeker how to believe, how to have faith and release that faith.
9. If a seeker has been tarrying for an hour or an hour and a half on their knees, they
   should be encouraged to sit up and tarry.
10. Singing helps the seeker. After tarrying for an hour, the saints should sing while the
    seekers tarry. That would be a blessing. You should sing blood songs, faith songs or
    songs of praise.
11. There should never be any expression of disagreement or hostilities between saints in
    the Prayer Room in front of the seekers. The Prayer Room is not the place for this
    kind of situation.
12. If a seeker speaks in tongues and there is no joy, do not receive it.
13. If you are tarrying with a seeker at the Altar and the seeker begins to “purge,” please
    take the seeker to the Prayer Room as soon as possible.

Success: Future                       Presbyters’ Manual                         W. L. Bonner

                  Wisdom Vital to the Future Success of
                  the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ
                          Chief Apostle William L. Bonner

The future of the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith, Inc. is as
important to us as the present. The present is where we are and what we are currently
experiencing. The future is where we are going and what we hope to be. Therefore, we
must make plans to insure a bright and prosperous future. Any institution that fails to plan
for its future will soon become extinct.

        This paper is my effort to leave, in writing, wisdom that I feel is important to the
future success of the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith, Inc., and to
the men who Will follow in the office of Presiding Apostle.

        Over the last thirty years, I have accomplished quite a few things as Presiding
Apostle of this great church. It is vital to the success of the Church that the next Presider
takes it to new heights, new depths, and new breadths. He must lead us into a richer,
more profound spiritual relationship with God. It should be a relationship that is different
from what have, to date, experienced. These new heights and depths are important to the
Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ. We will never be the institution that the Almighty God
has ordained us to be if we choose to be just another organization.

        When I became the Presiding Apostle, I looked back into the past. I wasn't sure
what direction we were to go in until the Lord visited me. He gave me an idea of
leadership that was different from the Founder, the Late Bishop R. C. Lawson. Bishop
Lawson was a latter day pioneer of Pentecostalism. It was under the shadow of this great
leader that I lived. I lived under his shadow long enough to see the man, to understand the
man and to be blessed by the man. This was one of the most exciting times of my life.

        I saw Bishop Lawson on his knees. I saw him in the pulpit I saw him fasting and
praying and I saw him preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. I saw him in tears. I saw him
when he was hurt, wounded and bruised. I saw him rejected and hurt by his own sons. It
was this man that founded the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ who brought us
deliverance. He brought us out of the wilderness of Pentecostalism and into a special
place in the love and grace of God. Bishop Lawson was a spiritual giant. He was a man of
integrity. And, Bishop Lawson was a man of dedication and consecration with an
immense intellectual capacity. He had great wisdom, knowledge and understanding. The
pathway that he led the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ in tells us much about the man.

       Those who followed, those who succeeded, and those who had the opportunity to
walk in the footsteps of the Founder were blessed. I consider myself extremely blessed. I
became a part of the ministry of the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ in my early
twenties. As I observed Bishop Lawson as a preacher, teacher, and leader, I perceived

Success: Future                       Presbyters’ Manual                         W. L. Bonner

him in the same light that Elisha perceived Elijah. I felt in my heart that it was God's will
that I should be blessed by this man. I was sure of it.

        So, I attached myself to him and made myself available to him. I stood where he
could see me. I made sure that he could see me. I was anxious to serve him. Eventually,
Bishop Lawson gave me a job as his chauffeur. As his chauffeur, I had the opportunity to
serve this man of God to the best of my ability. I shined his shoes and took his clothes to
the cleaners. I gave him water when he finished ministering. I drove him backwards and
forwards across the country. I thought it necessary for me to be his Elisha.

        I lived on his farm part of the time. I slept in his house with the rest of his
biological sons, his wife, the beautiful Mother Carrie Lawson, later Mother Effie and
with the wonderful Mother Ora Wade. It was my privilege to live under the shadow of
such a great man. I experienced the past. I was a part of the making of history. I came to
the Church late. There were many sons before me; such as: Bishop Smallwood E.
Williams; Bishop John W. Purnell; Bishop H.D. Jones; Bishop Cooper; and, Bishop
Thomas J. Richardson. I observed their relationship with Bishop Lawson and I decided,
that I wanted to be closer to him than any of his sons ha ever been. Therefore, I charted
my course to be a son to him and did the best I could to be a good son. Apparently our
relationship was that of a father and son. He was the shepherd and I was the sheep. He
was Elijah and I was his Elisha.

        Our relationship continued to develop over time. Bishop Lawson learned that he
could depend on me. He would talk to me about the things relating to the Church of Our
Lord Jesus Christ and about the men who served it. He often shared his views with me on
where he thought the Church was going. We talked about many things during our travels
across the county. I think he was using me as a sounding board. Although, I am not sure
that it was true, this is the way I felt. I am sure of one thing, however, he trusted my
wisdom. When he asked me certain things and I gave my opinion, later I saw him put into
practice the things that we had discussed, using my ideas.

       It is a pleasure to reflect on the life of a man who brought us from infancy to
maturity and to remember that when he left us he said to us "Add Thou To It." He was
saying to us, I have done my best. I have served my time. I have given you the best that I
am able to give. Bishop Lawson's ability to build an institution was not based on a human
perspective, but on a spiritual perspective. He had the anointed ability to build a spiritual
organization. He knew about the Pentecostal Church. He knew how to rightly divide the
Word of Truth and exactly how to preach, teach and evangelize thus causing many souls
to be blessed. He was everything dot a preacher needed to be. He was the greatest
preacher that I have ever seen and known. I honor him and I reverence hirn. I will always
love him. I cherish Bishop Lawson’s memory because the Lord chose me, Bishop
William L Bonner, to succeed him as leader of the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ of
the Apostolic Faith, Inc.

       The Lord chose me to be the Presider of the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ of
the Apostolic Faith, Irtc. Only Bishop Spencer and I have had the honor of serving as
Presiders of this great Church. No one other than its founder, Bishop R-C. Lawson had

Success: Future                       Presbyters’ Manual                          W. L. Bonner

pastored it before us. I don't deserve it. I didn't deserve it. I believe it came to me because
the Lord recognized the service that I had rendered to Bishop Lawson and how I loved
and fought for him. Bishop Lawson was indeed~ a man who stood for the Apostolic
doctrine. Without quivering, I must say that he was a Tiffany of a preacher. He was the
Tiffany of the leaders of the Pentecostal world. I have never seen a man that equaled his
ability to lead, to preach, to teach, to evangelize and to sing. He had many gifts, including
the gift of healing and casting out devils. God mightily anointed him and gave him the
profound knowledge and understanding of the Word. This is the man whom I succeeded.

        For the short time that I was with Bishop Lawson, I took in everything that I
possibly could. Today, as I stand ready to surrender the reigns of leadership to another
Presider, I do it with all humility and respect for the man that you are going to elect to the
office of the Presider of the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith, Inc.
We have three men who have expressed a desire to become the ne)d Presiding Apostle of
the Church, namely; Bishop Frank Solomon, Bishop Matthew Norwood and Bishop
Gentile Groover. These are three wonderful men.

        They are sons of the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ. As sons, they have had an
opportunity to work with me for the last thirty years. They have labored with me and they
have suffered with me. I now honor them because they deserve honor, respect and
admiration. They are a vital part of this institution. Yet, God has chosen only one of them
to be the next leader of the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ. I am sure that whoever is
elected will be the one chosen by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to be the next Pre-
siding Apostle of the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

        There are many temptations, of course, which will cross the new Presider's path.
At times, he will be tempted to go in a direction that is not in the best interest of the
Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ. He will be tempted to compromise by associating with
other institutions that do not have the fundamental beliefs that we share. He will be
tempted to have us become like other institutions and risk losing our identity as a
Pentecostal body. These temptations must be avoided. He must not succumb to these
pressures. The next Presider must be careful not to look at other institutions and fashion
the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ after them. He must consider where the Church of
Our Lord Jesus Christ has come from and what the Lord wants us to be in the present and

        The next Presiding Apostle must also consider the past before he plans the future.
He must take a look at the past and recall the words of that Ah-nighty God spoke to
Israel, and let them speak to him ". . . remember the rock from whence you were hewn
and the hole of the pit from whence your were dug." If he can look back at the past and
remember "the rock from whence we were hewn and the hole of the pit from whence we
were dug," then he will not try to conform this institution to the likeness of other Pen-
tecostal institutions. I do not believe that there is a Pentecostal body on earth today that
we should want to be like. Whether it is The Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, The
Church of God in Christ, Bibleway Worldwide or The United Pentecostal Church. There
is not one institution that I see that we should fashion the Church of Our Lord Jesus
Christ after.

Success: Future                      Presbyters’ Manual                         W. L. Bonner

        We should maintain our Pentecostal identity and our doctrinal and spiritual
standards. We should maintain our total commitment to the Church of Our Lord Jesus
Christ as the body of Christ and to our Lord, who "called us out of darkness into this
marvelous light." The Presider must fight the temptations that may come into his heart
and mind. As human beings, we are attracted to other institutions that appear to grow and
develop in their form of worship. We must be careful to fight temptations because if we
join these institutions then we must conform to them. God forbid that we should conform
to any organization that exists in the Pentecostal world today The Church must not
conform because we have the truth, the total truth and nothing else but the truth- We must
never let the truth go, never. I have stood for the gospel of Jesus Christ
uncompromisingly. I have preached the gospel in Europe, Africa, West Indies and in the
Continental United States, and thousands of souls have been saved.

        I have not changed the gospel. I preach the same Gospel that Paul spoke of in the
first chapter of the Book of Galatians. Here, Paul charges that "though an angel from,
heaven preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let
him be accursed." And, I say to the next Presider, if any other gospel comes into your
mind to preach, to teach or to embrace other than that we have preached, for God's sake,
curse it. We have the truth. We have the gospel of Jesus Christ as handed down to us
from generation to generation. It was handed down by the Apostles of Our Lord Jesus
Christ, the Pentecostal fathers, their successors, their successors and their successors and
so on until this time. We must not compromise this gospel under any circumstances. We
must not compromise. We must not bring down the standard of the Church of Our Lord
Jesus Christ to please ourselves or any other person. Our dedication to the Lord Jesus
Christ and to the Word of God must be maintained at all costs.

        Let us stand fast in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free and let us never
be entangled again with the yoke of bondage. "We must never, never, let go of the Spirit
of Pentecost, and the anointing power of God. We must not be just another group of
preachers or Apostles. We are distinguished by the standard that we have. We are
distinguished by the anointing that the Lord gives to the Presiding Apostle of the Church
of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Since we are distinguished by the anointing that he has given us
and by the gospel that he has committed to us, we must never lose the image and likeness
of the glory and power of Jesus that rests upon the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

       I say to you, we are highly favored by the Lord. The Lord has been with us. And,
the Lord is with us. I have had thirty years of ups and downs, trials and tribulations. I
have had thirty years of pain and suffering. I have had thirty years during which Jesus
Christ has taken me through some of the most difficult circumstances that any man has
ever gone through. I have suffered tremendously mentally and physically. I suppose that I
suffered because God willed that I suffer. I do not regret my pain or my suffering. To
God be the glory, honor and praise.

        There is one doctrine of the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ, in particular, which
is often challenged. It is the position of women in the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ. I
refuse to bend on this doctrine. There will never be a woman on the Board of Apostles,
the Board of Bishops or the Board of Elders. Never! Never! Our future must not change

Success: Future                      Presbyters’ Manual                         W. L. Bonner

on this issue. We must not change our doctrinal position as it relates to men, women or
anything pertaining to the gospel of Jesus Christ and order of the Church as given us
through his Apostles. This was handed down to us. We must preserve the right order of
truth. We must preach it and live it until Jesus Christ comes again.

        I direct your attention to some areas of concern, specifically, the role of women of
the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ. The women, by their share numbers, will influence
the rise and fall of the Church. The women will influence whether we will be a true
Pentecostal body or whether we will compromise and succumb to doctrines and other
religious teachings. They will influence whether we will adapt to women and allow them
to be preachers. I say this not because I am against women, but because of the
tremendous pull external influences can and have had on them; influences that are
diametrically opposed to our biblical position on this particular matter.

        Now, we have many great women in the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ who
have made many major contributions to its success. We have a rich history of women
who have labored in the field and have cried out to the Lord on our behalf. Women
labored with the late Bishop Lawson and women gave their lives to preserve the
Pentecostal doctrine. There are women who suffered on the field, in the home, and in the
churches to help establish this institution. These women, holy and virtuous women,
should not be forgotten. These were and are prayerful women. These were weeping
women who knew how to get a prayer through and knew how to help achieve the goals of
the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ. They are invaluable treasures to the ministry of the
gospel of Jesus Christ. However, the aspirations of women to be preachers should not be
entertained. Women must never be accepted as preacher no matter whom it comes from.

        The women of the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ will influence what happens
to us to a great degree. They will do so through their influence in the home and in the
church. Their personal standard of holiness and integrity should complement the holiness
and integrity of the men in the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

        I am aware that there are women who are of a certain mind and spirit who will
seek to destroy the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ over this issue. I could name them. I
won't name them, but I will call your attention to the fact that they are among us. We
must be watchful and prayerful so that their influence will in no way cause us to
surrender, compromise or depart from the truth of the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Rediscovering the Pentecostal woman is an absolute necessity. Most of the Pentecostal
women today are trained by other institutions. Therefore, the interdenominational groups
whose doctrines as it relates to the woman and her works are opposed to ours. We have
many women in the Church, pastors' wives, missionaries and state mothers who have
their basic training in ministries other than Pentecostal Apostolic schools. Often they are
called "liberated women" in.a Pentecostal setting. Many of these women do not
understand the glory of the Pentecostal woman and what Pentecostalism, is all about. We
have to be careful to provide teaching that prepares a woman to be a biblical Pentecostal
woman in the manner similar to how we try to prepare our men to be Pentecostal pastors.

Success: Future                      Presbyters’ Manual                         W. L. Bonner

        We must be careful to teach women not only the Word of God, but how to walk in
faith and to fully achieve the excellence to which they have been called. We have been
diligent in seeking to train our men but we have been negligent in helping our sisters to
appreciate the call in their lives as mothers, missionaries and prayer warriors.

       I am suggesting that the same effort spent in training pastors be spent in training
missionaries. There are subjects that men take in our schools of theology that prepares
them to be preachers that are not appropriate courses to prepare women for their role as
wives, mothers and missionaries.

        We need to prepare our women to be the women spoken of in the Epistles written
by the Apostles of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. If you have studied the Old
Testament woman and the New Testament woman, you have the same woman. The
teachings relating to women in the Old Testament are no different from the teaching
relating to women in the New Testament. We need very much to establish this type of
teaching ministry for our women. Train them to be Apostolic and Pentecostal women and
then we will insure our future and preserve the true idea of the woman's vital work in the
Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the body of Christ. We need so much to establish this.
It is important to our future that we do it as soon as possible.

        Our future belongs to the young men and women that are on the horizon.
Seventy-five percent of all our pastors are married which means their wives are the future
state mothers and future leaders. You cannot have a successful future unless you have
trained people to lead you into the future. You must train young men and young women
to preserve the spirituality and dignity of doctrine of the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
If we don't, we will lose our identity and our focus. We will become another organization
with lewd standards. We will look like any other group who say they are Christian but
deny the Christian order. This must not happen. We must not become a lewd institution.
The Church must not become lewd. We must maintain the highest possible standard that
we can obtain. We must do that.

       The standard of holiness has never changed. The standard of holiness is the same
in the Old Testament as it is in the New Testament. Therefore, we must preserve this
standard by having our young men on the horizon, our young ministers who are aspiring
to become District Elders and Jr. Bishops who are aspiring to become Sr. Bishops. All the
men in the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ trained to be good brothers, good fathers,
good husbands and good, trustworthy pastors. It is a fact that what you raise on the lower
level will be what you will have on the higher level. Without the proper training,
eventually the Apostleships will be men without the dedication that we see today. It is
important for each of us to understand that the Lord wants us to stay on course.

         We are on course. The Lord has taken us another thirty years and now, I am going
to retire. Bishop Lawson left us a legacy and told us to "Add Thou to It" and I will leave
it to you. I also leave you my legacy. I leave you years of tears, suffering and pain. 'I
leave you years of success in the ministry. I leave you years that you can allude to, that
you can look at and see where Pastor Bonner has traveled. My footsteps have gone ahead
of you and have provided you the opportunity to be the greatest Pentecostal body in these

Success: Future                      Presbyters’ Manual                        W. L. Bonner

United States. I have paid a price for it. I do not mind the price that I have paid. I just
want you, every one of you, young people, missionaries, pastors and evangelist to
remember to preserve what the Lord has given to the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ
lest we become just another institution. I beseech you to stay on course.

Church Growth                       Presbyters’ Manual                 Matthew A. Norwood

                   Success in the Holy Year
       Notes based on the “Purpose-driven Church” by Rick Warren
            Apostle Matthew Norwood—Workshop Facilitator

We approach the Holy Year with a great deal of enthusiasm and excitement. We all wish
to achieve the goals and objectives intended for this Holy Year.

Our stated theme is “Fanning the Flames of Pentecost at Home and Abroad”. We will be
striving to double, triple and even quadruple the memberships of all our churches. In the
process of doing this we will be emphasizing evangelism through the year. Further we
will beseech the Lord for a restoration of the gifts to the church.

In seeking to augment the number of those to whom we minister and lead to a saving
knowledge of Jesus Christ, we would do well to follow the example of Christ’s ministry
in the New Testament.

One of the impressive characteristics of Jesus’ ministry was that it attracted crowds,
enormous crowds. The King James Version calls them multitudes. The following
references are indicative of the crowds to which he preached: Luke 8:42 and Matthew

What attracted large crowds to Jesus’ ministry? Jesus did three things with crowds: He
loved them (Matt. 9:36, etal, He met their needs (Matt. 15:30; Luke 6:17-18; John 6:2
etal and He taught them in interesting and practical ways (Matt. 13:3-4; Mark 10:1, 12:37
etal. These same ingredients will attract crowds today.

Jesus attracted crowds by loving unbelievers

Loving unbelievers the way Jesus did is the most overlooked key to growing a church.
Without his passion for the lost, we will be unwilling to make the sacrifices necessary to
reach them. If we don’t love people, nothing else matters.

Love draws people in like a powerful magnet. A lack of love drives people away.
Growing churches love; loving churches grow. For your church to grow you must be
nice to people when they show up.

Long before the pastor preaches the visitors are already deciding if they will come back.
To monitor impressions of first time visitors, send them a post card with three simple
questions: What did you notice first? What did you like best? What did you like least?

To make an impact on a visitor, love must be expressed in a practical way. Love is more
than a feeling; it is a behavior. It means being sensitive to someone else’s needs and
putting them ahead of your own needs.

Church Growth                        Presbyters’ Manual                Matthew A. Norwood

The pastor must be loving. The pastor of a church sets the tone and atmosphere of the
congregation. In God’s view, great preaching without love is just noise.

Some practical ways that a pastor can demonstrate love to the crowd:

   Memorize names
   Personally greet people before and after services be approachable.
   Touch people. Our world is filled with lonely people who are starved for the
    affirmation of a loving touch.
   Use a warm personal style in writing to visitors.
   Every pastor must decide whether he wants to impress people or influence them.

In order to love unbelievers unconditionally, people must understand the difference
between acceptance and approval. We cannot expect unbelievers to act like believers
until they are believers.

Jesus attracted crowds by meeting people’s needs.

People crowded around Jesus because he met their needs – physical, emotional, spiritual
and financial. He did not make people feel guilty for their needs.

Jesus often established a beach head for evangelism in a person’s life by meeting a felt
need. He frequently asked people “what do you want me to do for you?”

Anybody can be won to Christ if you discover the key to his or her heart. The only way a
church can capture the attention of the un-churched today is by offering them something
they cannot get anywhere else.

A church will never grow beyond its capacity to meet needs. You need to survey your
own community because every area has its own unique needs. When it comes to using
felt needs as an open door for evangelism, the possibilities are limitless.

There are some universal needs that exist among the un-churched. These include the
need for love, acceptance, forgiveness, meaning, self-expression and a purpose for living.
Moreover, people are looking for freedom from fear, guilt, worry, resentment,
discouragement and loneliness.

If your church is meeting these kinds of needs you won’t have to worry about advertising
your services. Changed lives are a church’s greatest advertisement.

Jesus attracted crowds by teaching in a practical, interesting way.

The Bible tells us that it was the custom of Jesus to teach the crowds (Mark 10:1). We
learn that the crowds were amazed at His teaching Mark 7:28

The crowds were profoundly impressed. Matt 22:33 LB

The crowds were enthusiastic about His teaching Mark 11:18 LB

Church Growth                         Presbyters’ Manual                Matthew A. Norwood

The great crowd enjoyed listening to him Mark 12:34 NASB

There has never been a greater communicator than Jesus Christ. To capture the attention
like Jesus did, we must communicate spiritual truth the way he did. He must be the
model for our preaching. In John 12:49 Jesus said “the Father who sent me commanded
me what to say and how to say it”.

We do not have to make the Bible relevant, it already is. But we do have to show its
relevance by applying its message personally to people’s lives.

The gospel is both “good” and “news”. If it isn’t good news, it isn’t the gospel. Crowds
always flock to hear good news. The good news offers lost people what they are
frantically searching for.

While most unbelievers aren’t looking for truth, they are looking for relief; this gives us
the opportunity to interest them in truth. Instead of asking, “What shall I preach on this
Sunday?” Preachers should be asking, “to whom will I be preaching?’ Your audience
determines which truth you choose to speak about. Some truths are more relevant than
others to unbelievers.

People need fewer “ought-to sermons and more “how-to sermons”.

The deepest kind of teaching is that which makes a difference in people’s day to day
lives. Sermons that teach people how to live will never lack an audience.

Jesus spoke to the crowd with an interesting style. The crowd loved to listen to Jesus,
they listened with pleasure and with delight. A sermon does not have to be dry to be
spiritual. To the un-churched, dull preaching is unforgivable. When God’s word is
taught in and uninteresting way, people don’t just think the pastor is boring, the think
God is boring.

Jesus captured the interest of large crowds with techniques you and I can use. First, he
told stories to make a point. There are many benefits to using stories to communicate
spiritual truth.

   Stories hold our attention
   Stories stir our emotions
   Stories help us remember

Second, Jesus used simple language, not technical or theological jargon. Jesus taught
profound truths in simple ways. Today we teach simple truths in profound ways. Simple
sermon outlines are always the strongest outlines. If you want to communicate with most
people you need to keep it simple.

May God bless us as we seek to implement some of these basic principles in realizing the
Holy Year objectives.

Winning Souls                Presbyters’ Manual—Winning Souls                Mark E. Jones

   Preparation for Mission Work at Home and Abroad
                            Apostle Matthew Norwood

The remainder of 2005 and all of 2006 have been declared a Holy Year of renewal
throughout the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ. The goals and objectives of the Holy
year are to increase the membership of our churches through evangelism and outreach.
Moreover, we will be beseeching God for a restoration of the gifts to the body of Christ.

Not only will we be seeking to augment the memberships in our churches in America but
in our overseas missions as well. Our theme is “Fanning the Flames of Pentecost at home
and abroad.”

To this end, we will consider some general guidelines for those who may be planning for
service in the field.

Some pre-requisites for mission work:

   1. Assurance of one’s own salvation. Before you seek to share the message of
       salvation with others, make sure that your own experience of salvation is both
       biblical and authentic.
   2. A genuine passion for souls. One must have a genuine passion for lost souls.
   3. Love for people in general. If we don’t love people nothing else matters
   4. Must be adaptable -Some characteristics of adoptable people are:
       a. teachable
       b. emotionally secure
       c. creative
       d. service minded
    5. The ability to relate to others. If you get along, others will go along
    6. The ability to communicate. Think like a wise man but communicate in the
       language of the people. William B. Yeats. To improve your communication:
        Be candid – open communication fosters trust
        Be quick – when you discover an issue with teammates, finding the first
           reasonable opportunity to address it with them. And invite others to do the
           same with you
        Be inclusive – people are up on things they’re in on. Open communication
           increases trust, trust increases ownership, and ownership increases
   7. Must be competent in the Scriptures. A thorough knowledge of the scriptures
       increases your ability to present the gospel message in an effective manner.
       2 Tim 2:15
   8. Must have a life of prayer. Nothing of any consequences has ever been
       accomplished for God without prayer. God does nothing but in answer to prayer.
   9. Must be disciplined. Discipline means doing the right things at the right time for
       the right reason. Disciplined people must possess: disciplined thinking –
       disciplined emotions and disciplined actions.

Winning Souls                Presbyters’ Manual—Winning Souls                 Mark E. Jones

   10. Must be enthusiastic. Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm –
       Ralph Waldo Emerson: Enthusiastic People: Take responsibility for their own
       enthusiasm, act their way into feeling, believe in what they do, spend time with
       other enthusiastic people.
   11. Must be solution oriented. Consider these truths that all solutions seeking people
        Problems are a matter of perspective
        All problems are solvable
        Problems either stop us or stretch us.
   12. Must be tenacious. Being tenacious means; giving all that you have, not more
       than you have, working with determination, not waiting on destiny, quitting when
       the job is done, not when you’re tired. Never, never, never quit!
   13. Good physical health, emotional wellbeing.       Without this nothing of any real
       significance can be achieved. To those contemplating a trip to the field, this is a
       commendable ambition. Our Lord has commissioned us to “Go ye into all the
       world and preach the gospel…” Mark 16:15-16. There is not a more worthy

   I promise that you will have a life changing experience on the field whether your stay
   is short of long. You will not be the same.

   If you feel that God is calling you to the field make a short term visit and test the
   waters to see whether or not this is your passion.

   The harvest truly is ripe but the laborers are few. It would be a wonderful thing to see
   our overseas missions double, triple and even quadruple their memberships in the
   Holy Year.

   Therefore my beloved, it is imperative that we become involved in missions.

   1. All believers are missionaries or they are not believers.
   2. The church does not simply have missionaries but it is missions
   3. The church does not have a missionary department but a missionary disposition.
   4. We call upon you to support generously not something you ought to be interested
      in but to express yourself as a believer.
   5. Missions are therefore primary not secondary.
      (a) fundamental not supplemental
      (b) essential not optional

Winning Souls                  Presbyters’ Manual—Winning Souls              Mark E. Jones

                              Do Not Say It!
We have much control over how others think about people about whom we care. Because
we have spoken well of our loved ones, when others meet them, they are likely to say:
”I’m so glad to meet you. [Your name] has told me so much about you.”

Telling negative experiences about your loved ones can result in the following: When
someone meets the loved one, the first thing that comes to mind might be (e.g.):

   This is the wife or child abuser.

   He (she) had a child out of wedlock.

   The shotgun wedding!

   How could this godly man have treated my pastor (his former pastor) like that?

Negative occurs in every natural and spiritual family. Hopefully, so many positive
experiences will outweigh the negative ones.

But, your hearer often does not have enough positive information to outweigh the
negative you are supplying. Do not tell it (the negative). The hearer might have been
abused. So when you say Person A abused you (even though God forgave and has
blessed Person A abundantly), the alarm system of your hearer goes off and the hearer
focuses on the negative. Do not say it.

A Question for You

Why are you telling me some unflattering thing about another that happened years ago
and it is now under the blood? Our best strategy for providing negative information by
which others can learn is to find Scriptures that relate it and use the Scriptures:

       I commend you to God and to the word of His grace, which is able to build you
       up and give you an inheritance among them that are sanctified. (Acts 20:32)

Winning Souls                        Presbyters’ Manual                       Mark E. Jones

    Ending Words: “You who know the worth of prayer, pray for me.”

There are people who testify to all in the audience, but end by saying (Ending Words):

                “You who know the worth (value) of prayer, pray for me.”

       The testimony was for all; the ending was not.

An Unnecessary Problem

The greatest problem with these Ending Words is that they divide the audience into two
groups: 1) those who know the value of prayer, and 2) those who do not. And these
words appear to say to those who do not know the value of prayer: Do not pray for me.

       One might conclude that the amplified version of Ending Words is as follows:

                If you do not know the worth of prayer, your praying for me is a waste of
                time, or something bad might happen to me because you prayed for me.

Uncertainty about How to End a Testimony

One may be uneasy about what to say when finished testifying. Some suggestions are the

   Say nothing more and sit down.

   Say: “Pray for me,” and sit down.

Winning Souls                        Presbyters’ Manual                     Mark E. Jones

                            Why Leave God?
Why would people leave God because of how a human treats them? Herein is one reason

       When people know you are godly and used by God and you mistreat them in a
       way that clearly violates Scripture, they might conclude that what you did shows
       God no longer cares about them:

                Internal Thoughts

                How could you, a godly, God-blessed person, do that to me? It must be
                because God has abandoned me.

       Herein the people think; “I am not leaving God; God has left me.”


The godlier we become and the more God manifests Himself in and through us, the more
carefully do we need to treat others!

Vision                             Presbyters’ Manual              Mark E. Jones, reporter

                      The Holy Year Vision
As I thought and prayed about the Holy Year vision that was given to us, twelve things
came to mind:

1.  regular evangelizing
2.  regular Holy Spirit baptisms
3.  regular water baptisms
4.  the regular equipping of Christians so that they become true disciples of the Lord
    Jesus Christ
5. the regular operation of spiritual gifts
6. the working of miracles, signs, and wonders
7. members who are full of the Spirit (Holy Spirit controlled)
8. worship led and energized by the Holy Spirit
9. the engaging of personal and community social concerns that is led by the Holy
10. church membership growth in number
11. church membership growth in number in connection with those who are called by
    God from membership in one congregation to service elsewhere
12. God’s blessing of people so that they, in turn, bless the church and others


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