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					              Strategic Intervention, Lesson 19: Lesson 18 Day 5 and Lesson 19 Days 1- 4
REREAD/Rate Your Reading: Day 5- (St. Ed. Story from previous lesson- Pre-teach comp. skill using this text )
REREAD/ Rate Your Reading: Day 1- (Fluency/Phrasing sentences from Lesson 18)
  It was a glorious day on the farm. Kay and Gramps watched the sun rays streak across the
sky. The sun crept slowly over the trees. Kay was thankful that she wasn’t lonely on the farm.
She thought her summer was ruined. Kay could not imagine a nicer summer. She really enjoyed
feeling useful. Kay was careful when she yanked weeds from the field. The trip to the farm
would be a happy memory. She couldn’t wait for her dad to come for a visit.
Day 2- Phonics text, Day 3- St. Ed.(pgs read on Day 2), Day 4- St. Ed. (pgs. read on Day 3), Day 5- St.Ed. (favorite page)
PHONICS and SPELLING: prefixes
              re-                                    un-                             dis-

     undo                                    uneasy                            unhappy
     redo                                   reread                             rebuild
     dislike                                unlike                            displease
     react                                  remove                             uncover
     refill                                 dishonest                          rewrite
     A root word is the main part of a word
     A prefix is a word part that can be added to the beginning of a root word.
     A prefix is usually a separate syllable.
     When a prefix is added, a new word with a new meaning is formed

re- = “to do again” or “again”
un- = “not” or “the opposite of”
dis- = “not” or “the opposite of”

Day 5: (un-) real _________ (re-) work ________ (dis-) appear ________
Day 1: What spelling word means “not happy”?                            ‘Think, Touch, Say’ with spelling words
       What word means “the opposite of like”?

         (Use Day 5 and Day 1 and other days as needed- Story taken from SI Practice Book Phonics/Spelling pg. 78)
   Long ago, giraffes had short necks and unmarked golden fur. They also had loud voices that
were unlike any other animal. But the giraffes became vain about their great voices and their
beautiful color. They bragged about how the lions were unable to see them hiding. The strong
giraffes disliked sharing. They gathered in packs and pushed everyone away from the water.
   Soon, the Powerful Sky heard about the noisy bragging giraffes. She listened to the stories
retold again and again. The Powerful Sky was so disappointed that she decided to remake the
giraffes. She told them, “From now on, your fur will have uneven white spots. Your necks will
stretch so you will be unable to reach the water. And your voices will be removed and you will
be unable to speak again.”
Day 2: (re-) ___do           ___act       ___move         ___write          What do these words mean?

Day 3: He stared in disbelief.            What does ‘belief’ mean?

Day 4: Students write a few spelling words with each prefix on wipe-off boards
VOCABULARY:        Day 5- Loop-Loop Decoding with Vocab. slides (‘I do/they do’), Day 1- Think/Touch/Say/Try with context
clues/vocab. pg from St. Ed., Days 2-4 Think/Touch/Say with definitions, examples (review slides daily as needed)

            suggested                          enormous                          exclaimed

                  vain                               swift                        overheard

                             deliberately                       composed

                            compassion                               gratitude
FLUENCY: Automaticity at the word level (Day 1-2) and phrase level (Days 2-3)

             suggested                                 known                                     dislike
             enormous                                  would                                     uneasy
             exclaimed                                 put                                      dishonest
             swift                                     could                                     rebuild
             vain                                      anything                                 remove
             overheard                                 everyone                                 unhappy
                                                        there                                    undo
   1. Did you wonder / if Half-a-Chick / would be able to help / the swift water?
   2. Half-a-Chick is so vain / that he thinks everyone / will want to see him.
   3. It is easy / to dislike someone / who is dishonest / and unhappy.
   4. If you overheard someone crying, / would you do anything / to help?
   5. Half-a-Chick was willing / to rebuild the fire / until it grew / to an enormous flame.
   6. I wish I had known / that Half-a-Chick was so brave!
   7. The king exclaimed, / “Remove the pot lid, / and put the chicken / in the water!”
   8. The crow suggested / that Hen could stop sitting on her egg / any time.
   9. Do you get an uneasy feeling / when you undo the latch / and peek outside the door?
  10. If there is one thing I dislike, / it is stories / with unhappy endings.
COMPREHENSION: “Half-a-Chick” pages 192-198 Day 2 (1st half), Day 3 (2nd half), Day 4 (reread)

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