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					Student Union Services                                                        Fr                         University of Ulster, Students Union CHRISTMAS           EDITION         magee campus
                                                                             Se ee
      STUDENTS’ UNION SHOP                                                          s
                           (Top of MG building)

“Your Students’ Union shop is
here to meet all your needs!”
The Staff in the Students Union shop,
Magee want to wish you all a Happy
Christmas and Prosperous New Year.
                                                                                                 Student Scoop
Everyone is welcome to join the shops
Seasons Greetings on 9th December in the
Students Union shop, where the draw will
be made for the 16” LCD TV.                       Frank Dunleavy
                                                  Financial Advisor                              The finishing line is in sight, congratulations on
                                                  Tel: 028 9036 6056                             successfully reaching week 12 of the first semester

                                                  Frank is here to offer financial advise with         Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas
                                                  regards to student funding, loans, grants
                                                  etc. Frank is on the Magee campus every
                                                                                                       and a Happy New Year from your
                                                  Wednesday, MG036 so feel free to make                Students’ Union.
                                                  an appointment in the General Office.
Want to wish all of the staff and students a

   Merry Christmas

                                                                                                 Well folks,                                        Next Semester has a lot in store with Raise
                                                                                                                                                    and Give week, National Students Survey,
                                                                                                 It’s hard to believe its week 12 of the first      SHAG week, more exciting theme nights and
                                                                                                 semester, with Bill Clinton, the Brown Review,     election time again.
                                                                                                 fees campaigns, Halloween, opening of the
                                                                                                 GUM clinic and lots of snow; its been hectic       So from both your Students Union officers here
                                                                                                 but an enjoyable twelve weeks.                     at Magee, we would like to wish you all a safe,
                                                                                                                                                    fun filled Merry Christmas and a prosperous
                                                                                                 We would like to thank you all for your input      New Year. See you all in 2011!
                                                                                                 and participation with your Students’ Union
                                                                                                 this semester and we will strive to continue our   If any of you have any queries over the
                                                                                                 hard work over the next couple of weeks to         Christmas/January period, don’t hesitate to
                                                                                                 guide you through the stress of exam period,       contact us via our emails or contact numbers
                                                                                                 see you off for Christmas and welcome you          on the website:
                                                                                                 back fresh faced to start Semester two.            Ciara and Rachel x
Magee Site Executive 2010/11
    Deputy Vice President                           Deputy Education and Welfare Officer                                LGBT Officer                                               Mature Students Officer
    Henny Record                                    Lauren Boal                                                         Michael Hillman                                            Alex Gibson
    Email         Email                               Email                     Email

     Throughout this academic year as                                                                                    Hey Everyone, I’m Michael Hillman and
     Deputy Vice President of Site Exec                                                                                  I’m your LGBT Officer for this year. I’m
                                                     I’m Lauren, assistant education &                                                                                               Alex is here to represent the Mature
     Magee I will being working towards                                                                                  here to represent you and to ensure
                                                     welfare officer. If you can’t get in touch                                                                                      students on campus. He is here to
     providing a recognised representative                                                                               that all needs of the LGBT students on
                                                     with Rachel for any reason, I feel free                                                                                         interact with mature students, listen to
     channel between students and the                                                                                    campus have a voice. I want to promote
                                                     to contact me. I will do my best to help                                                                                        your views and organise any campaigns
     University authorities and all full-                                                                                action for any issues raised, equality
                                                     resolve your problems quickly and                                                                                               with relation to mature students. If you
     and part-time undergraduate and                                                                                     for students and support for anyone
                                                     effectively. I assure you I will keep                                                                                           have any problems academically or just
     postgraduate students. I aim to create                                                                              who is having difficulties. If you have a
                                                     anything disclosed confidential.                                                                                                want to talk please contact Alex.
     an approachable and respected support                                                                               question or problem, ask me, it what I’m
     network for all students at Magee.                                                                                  here for. Xx

    Entertainments Officer                          International Students Officer                    Student Union wins                                                                                                     out
    PJ Houghton                                     Feresha Bayramova                                 As most of you are aware we are running a Student shout campaign every week, Tuesday                   student shHEARD
                                                                                                                                                                                                             MAKE YOUR VOIC
                                                                                                      and Thursday. We try and keep the campaigns themed every week to target certain types
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        like to see changed in
                                                                                                                                                                                                              Write here anything you’d
    Email       Email
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 s’ Union
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   YOUR University and Student

                                                                                                      of students and receive important feedback from you all. Your Student Union team try their
     Hi there, my name is PJ. As                                                                      best to listen to what you all say and get problems (if any) sorted out as soon as possible.
                                                     Hey! I’m Feresha and I’m from Russia. I’ll
     entertainments Officer this year my
     principle aim this year is to make the
                                                     try and make international students feel         We provide feedback of what our wins for the students on our Student Shout notice board
                                                     like they are at home! Being international       in the SU foyer, Ufouria magazine, Student Scoop newsletter, website and on
     SU entertaining as you, the student
                                                     myself, I have experience of coming to           our facebook pages.
     body, would want. From seasonal
                                                     a country knowing no one, being away
     arrangements to the themes on a
                                                     from my family, learning new traditions,
     Thursday night, I hope that the ideas
                                                     discovering places, partying it up Irish         Smoking shelter:
     and events will be selected and chosen
                                                     style (woah) etc. So if you have any
     by and for you guys. I’m very open to                                                            This issue was raised at the University and Students Union forum committee. We got
                                                     queries/need advice, I’m always here
     suggestions so get in contact if you’ve
                                                     to help!                                         the go ahead from the Head of Estates, Trevor Glen here at Magee that we can put up a
     an idea.                                                                                         smoking shelter at the side of the Bunker Café. The smoking shelter should be finished
                                                                                                      early weeks of Semester two.

    Disability Awareness Officer                    RAG/Fundraising Officer                           Promotion of Students Union events in Duncreggan Student Village:
    Sarah Glackin                                   Laura Slater                                      This issue was raised with the Head of Residential Services and we got the go ahead to
    Email       Email           put posters up on the notice boards in the student village. This will take place from week
                                                     Hi, I’m Laura Slater and I am this years
                                                                                                      11 in Semester one and onwards. Not only events will be advertised but also educational
     My name is Sarah Glackin and I am a             fundraising and RAG week officer. RAG            events and campaigns. We can also advertise on the homepage when the students log on
     2nd year Social Work Student. I am your         stands for Raise And Give, so if you think       to the net.
     Disability Officer within the Students          there is something we could do during the
                                                     week, don’t hesitate to give me an email.
     Union. I am here to offer support and
     advice to students with disabilities. I will
                                                     Hopefully we will be running Mr. Magee           Slow internet access in Duncreggan Student Village:
                                                     again, so if you think you have a chance and     It had been mentioned to Head of Residential Services that students were complaining
     be campaigning for your needs within            an interesting talent, make sure you enter! I
     the university and I will be your voice to      am also the fundraising officer; so if you are   about how slow the access to internet was. The internet service has now been updated;
     ensure you are receiving nothing but the        interested in running any charity events and     the Mega Bites have been set so each student has the same amount. Over the next few
     best from your Students’ Union.                 need help organising them, or want help with     weeks Megs will be increase meaning more capacity and faster access for students.
                                                     ideas, don’t hesitate to contact me.

                                                                                                      Lighting at Foyle Arts Building:
    Marketing Officer                                                                                 This is being monitored by the Manager of Estates at Magee and will be looked at carefully
                                                    Community Officer
                                                                                                      to see what can be done to improve the lighting.
    Cherith Newell                                  Danny Wilson
    Email          Email
                                                                                                      Tea/Coffee Machine for late evening class:
                                                     Hi, I am Danny and a 2nd year                    Tea and Coffee will be provided from the bar for students attending class late in the
     I’m in my second year of studying
     Accounting and Marketing at Magee.
                                                     Psychology student. I am chairperson of          evenings up until 8pm in Semester two.
                                                     the Psychology Committee and also the
     The Students Union runs lots of great
                                                     Community Officer for the Site Executive.
     events and campaigns all year round
     and as Marketing Officer I hope to help
                                                     That means it is my job to make sure             Shuttle bus from DSV to Students Union:
     Ciara and Rachel promote these to all
                                                     that the relationship between the student        A shuttle bus service will be starting in Semester two taking students to and from DSV and
                                                     and the residents around the campus              Students Union on a Monday and Thursday night. This was introduced for the safety of the
     the students around campus. If any
                                                     are always kept positive and that we try
     students have any ideas or want to get                                                           students and of course to keep you from walking over in the cold wintery months.
                                                     to exist in harmony. I shall see you in
     involved give one of us a shout!
                                                     the union. :)

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