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The first International Tour Operators _2_


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									                    The First International Tour Operators Convention (ITOC)

                       24-27 November 2008 - Tehran – Islamic Republic of Iran

Convention Objectives
The Event
Initiated by ITOA, Iranian Tour Operators Association, the first International Tour Operators Convention
(ITOC) 2008 would be a platform to create new relationships and generate product interest between
Iranian Tour Operators and the valuable guests from Europe, America, Asia and Far East.

IRAN, one of the birth place of the human civilization , as one of the tenth potential tourism countries
( According to UNWTO) is a new destination for all abroad tour operators and this event will be an
excellent business opportunities for every guest to establish new business networking.

The main objective of the event is to assemble top Iranian Tour Operators with the interest Tour
Operators from all over the world under one roof for the purpose of promoting business exchange and

The Organization
The preparation and arrangements for the first International Tour Operators Convention (ITOC) 2008
have been licensed by Iranian Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization (ICHHTO), with the
endorsement of a dynamic innovative private Iranian Tour Operators Association ( ITOA).

Participants Countries
Iran ( ITOA MEMBERS) and guests from


       Argentina – Argentine Republic
          Australia – Commonwealth of Australia
          Austria – Republic of Austria


           Belgium – Kingdom of Belgium
           Brazil – Federative Republic of Brazil

       Canada
       China – People's Republic of China
       Czech

       France – French Republic


       Germany – Federal Republic of Germany
       Greece – Hellenic Republic


       Hungary – Republic of Hungary


       India – Republic of India
       Indonesia – Republic of Indonesia
       Italy – Italian Republic


       Japan


       Korea, South – Republic of Korea


       Mexico – United Mexican States


       Netherlands – Kingdom of the Netherlands
       New Zealand


       Poland – Republic of Poland
       Portugal – Portuguese Republic


       Russia – Russian Federation

            Saudi Arabia – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
            Singapore – Republic of Singapore
            Spain – Kingdom of Spain
            Sweden – Kingdom of Sweden


            Taiwan – Republic of China


            United Arab Emirates
            United Kingdom – United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
            United States – United States of America

Convention Program
Sunday November 23.2008
Arriving and Registration
10:00 -24:00 Registrations

Monday November 24.2008
08:00 – 19:00 Convention in Tehran
Fly to Kish Island, Dinner and overnight.

Tuesday November 25.2008
Half day kish Island tour, afternoon fly to Shiraz, a visit to Persepolis, O/N.

Wednesday November 26.2008
Morning flight to Isfahan full day Isfahan city tour, O/N.

Thursday November 27.2008
Workshop with ITOA members.
Optional tour for accompanies - transfer for flight back to home.

Friday November 28.2008
Transfer out.
Convention Information
Participants Registration will be opened at the Lobby or at the Venue on November 22 to 24.2008 .

Name Badges
Name badges will allow access to all official programs and social functions if any. Please wear your
badge all time during the course of the event to avoid any inconvenience.

Business Center
The organizing Committee has made facilities for the delegates to have access for fax, photo copy and
International/Local Call at the Business center in the hotels

Ticketing & Tour Counter
The organizing committee will provide a staff at hotel hospitality desk to assist participants with ticket
Confirmation and tour arrangements during the stay and beyond.
Note: Participants must reconfirm their airlines departures at least 48 hours before departure,
Reconfirmation can be done from hotel room or at the Hotel Hospitality Desk.

Transfer in & Out
The Organizing Committee will provide the transfer in from the airport to the official hotel for the
For transfer out services, participants are required to report to the hospitality desk or at the venue at
least 2 days before departure. Transfer out service is provided only until 29 Nov. 2008.

Visa Process
We require following documents : A copy of your passport first page and the passport
validity must be of minimum 6 month. We also need a complete visa forms.

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